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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 37  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 8:33am-9:00am +03

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so rob a big moment for both countries. and that's right just as we were going on in was going up into it his plane as you just mentioned that has taken off in the last few minutes heading to pyongyang and taking with him on board a larger delegation for this three days of talks is due to arrive within the hour that will then be the start of this summit it's a summit for the two korean leaders but it is you do mention that the first time a south korean president has traveled to pyongyang the last time was in two thousand and seven the south korean officials who've been carefully preparing for this now for many weeks have been very careful to stress the differences between this visit and previous ones they have talked about the changes in protocol that the there are they have lost some of the formality of previous visits jay and does not have to officially be received by the official head of state of north korea
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instead of that he can meet with the ultimate ruler of north korea kim jong un and start talks which is what everybody is interested in some of the other differences that officials are pointing out that the fact that some of these proceedings will be seen live by citizens in north korea now this hardly ever happens this kind of access that north koreans don't have to what's happening in their own country a couple of other points in their agenda obviously it's going to be three days of talks but the south koreans have requested on one of the dinners the official gatherings one of the official banquets is actually held in an ordinary restaurant in pyongyang with ordinary people around them just how warden we that will be in one of the most carefully controlled countries on earth we will have to see but certainly some very interesting things to look out for the next few days hasn't and so rob how much up to me is there in south korea and south korea right now for any tangible benefits from this new dialogue between. north and south because as you
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say we've been down this road before with north and south korea. that's right the people of south korea live with the north korean question sometimes it's the north korean crisis from day to day become very much accustomed to it it's almost something that happens in the background here for most people this whole post policy of engagement has been generally well received by most people in south korea but you do get a sense of a bit of summit fatigue creeping in we're in downtown seoul there here as elsewhere there have been some large screens set up we have exhibitions of photographs from previous summit meetings and posters and so on and people are generally approving of it having said that move in himself his popularity it used to be around seventy percent when he was really pushing very in the early stages of this process it has now taken a nosedive something like below fifty percent and that in part is because of
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disappointment over his economic policy housing prices in seoul and things like that so gradually his popularity has declined and people are asking should you be involved in all the shuttle diplomacy when we've got problems here back at home but clearly. sees his role here is very much the mediator wants to bring back from pyongyang some kind of deal that is going to magically open up again the negotiations between north korea and the u.s. has a way to see what happens for the moment to run the private life versus insult thanks for. when we come back here on al-jazeera and natural disaster is declared in parts of nigeria after flooding kills more than one hundred people. search for survivors in the philippines after typhoon language triggers landslides.
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from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. i was still reading fairly heavily in southwest china widespread flooding from the rains of non-chord which are spread itself out and is dumping the remains of the moisture in southwest china possibly has fallen also stronger this is on tuesday the time we get to wednesday should all of the be flooding on the ground still those already is as you know will start to drain away still a fairly warm and humid picture in hong kong and indeed up in shanghai but not a huge amount of rain by this time forming to the south so we are seeing an increasing likelihood of showers in jakarta could ching and across in singapore been the sun's going sas or was it the possibility of showers that's certainly a likelihood in singapore anywhere in sumatra in the next couple of days so i cannot keep jakarta any more showers in java are turning now as the monsoon trough
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disappears slowly sas out of india you this time you can get second cycle is something develop he in for example the bay of bengal it's still a possibility the next day or so and if it stays out in the water doesn't do a great deal of damage that doesn't harms the rain on the coast of myanmar possibly throw some back on the eastern coast of india for the most part i would looking it dry and less humid weather but its still a pretty help thirty five up in delhi. the weather sponsored my cats are always. arts.
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again you're watching and just a reminder of our top stories this hour the trade war between the u.s. and china has escalated again after president trump announced another two hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports ten percent hike will take effect for next monday they'll then increase to twenty five percent from january next year. syrian state media says its defense forces intercepted missiles fired at the coastal city of latakia they were targeting state run industrial buildings on the eastern outskirts israel is suspected also a russian reconnaissance plane returning to an airbase in letter kira's gone
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missing over the mediterranean sea. south korea's president is on his way to pyongyang for his third summit with kim jong un the first time a south korean leader is traveling to the north in over a decade and talks of a denuclearization are high on the agenda. argentina's former president cristina kirchner has been charged in a corruption scandal the judges are asked for parliamentary immunity to be lifted so she can be detained who is accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes when she was in office last month the senate partially lifted her immunity so she could be investigated. a u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his accuser will be called to testify before the senate judiciary committee next monday kimberly how has that. u.s. president donald trump's nominee to the highest court in the country the supreme court is in doubt in spite of that the president is standing with brett kavanaugh
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he is one of the great intellects and one of the finest people that anybody has known cavanagh is at the center of an explosive allegation that threatens to derail his nomination it came this weekend by this woman christine blasi forward who says cavanagh attempted to sexually assault her in the one nine hundred eighty s. a charge he vehemently denies this is a completely false allegation i have never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone ford's lawyer says her client has taken a lie detector test and is now prepared to testify before congress this is not a politically motivated action in fact she was quite reluctant to come forward and she was in fact outed after she had made the decision not to come poured forth is now a professor in california she says when she was fifteen a drunk seventeen year old cavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom at
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a party groped her attempted to remove her clothing and held her hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming kavanagh's nomination to the supreme court faces a crucial vote on thursday in a senate committee but a number of lawmakers say that vote should be delayed until the accuser is heard something even the president agrees with but it takes a little delay it'll take a little delay it should certainly be very much republicans say they'll give cavanagh afford the chance to be heard by the senate judiciary committee the timing of this nomination is also important any delay is a problem for the white house with just weeks until the midterm election to determine control of congress needs to get a conservative on the bench before it's too late kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house. more than eighty members of the u.s. congress are pushing to get to reuters journalists freed from jail in myanmar they're calling on the trumpet ministration to raise the issue with unanimous
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leader aung sang suu kyi while loan and cure so who were sentenced to seven years in prison earlier this month they were convicted of possessing state secrets for their reporting on the army's campaign against revenge of muslims. of thousands of ethiopians demonstrated in the capital against ethnic violence over the weekend that left at least twenty three people dead police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators seven hundred people have been held in the capital as of the violence the unrest follows a mass rally last week to mark the return of leaders of the formerly exiled oromo liberation front. our u.n. human rights commission on south sudan is calling on the government to set up a hybrid court to try suspected war criminals south sudan's government signed a peace deal last week to end nearly five years of civil war here but morgan reports. it's only days since south sudan's were in parties agreed to end
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a war which has ravaged the world's youngest country but the united nations is keen for the government to take the next big step as soon as possible form a hybrid court to put on trial anyone suspected of committing atrocities during the conflict on what we said in our report the south sudan is a country at war with the citizens because the attacks continue the violations until new the art flow of internally displaced persons and refugees continue and course the number of children were affected by the continued to go on the increase . were began in twenty thirteen when president salva kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup tens of thousands of people have been killed and a third of the country's twelve million population displaced the un has reports of ethnic killings reap and recruitment of child soldiers and has no guarantee those activities won't continue the signed peace deal results for among other things the
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formation of a court so those accused of crimes can be held accountable. but south sudan's government which has denied committing any offenses says the immediate pirates should be on building peace in the country south sudan is now looking for a way out from the conflict to peace and peace agreement has been signed so the international community should now give time for the government and the other political parties that signed the agreement to make sure they implement the peace agreement literally spirit. of accountability doesn't come off the accountability should come as part of the implementation of peace agreement but for many people if justice is seemed to be done it will enable them to move on from the horrors of the past and rebuild their lives here morgan and as their own more than one hundred people have died in flooding across ten states of nigeria heavy seasonal rains caused the niger and bending rivers to burst their banks floods of
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spread across the country over the last two weeks and national disaster has been declared in four states and the governments put aside twenty one million dollars for medical and relief support. rescue teams in the northern philippines are digging through mounds of mud looking for survivors of a landslide it hit a mining area in it's all gone province where many people have been sheltering from typhoon one hundred with heavy rain continuing there is growing concern for those still missing. reports from. these the mountain was indestructible but the force of nature proved too great more than fourteen miners took shelter from the storm in a bunk house built into the hillside these thought they were safe but the landslide triggered by super could bury to forty feet deep this is the town in big province it bore the brunt of the storm's power the devastation is so
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widespread the full scale of the damage is not you know. it's for news about her nephew twenty eight year old arcane told them he would be home but he never arrived a little while oh my go have said you know in a moment will perhaps this is what god intended can we contradict what god has planned for us nobody wanted this to happen this was an accident what the local government is trying to do here is to expedite the process of rescue and retrieve all operations the backhoes here have been working all day trying to clear the road and bishan pave the way for a speedy or process or rescue and retrieval operations they have also set up a temporary emergency and rescue center here there is a board over there that has the list of those who had been missing. rescuers see the chances of finding survivors are slim but they are doing everything they can
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bringing down machines to this site is extremely difficult so volunteers had to dig through the rubble with their bare hands. process there is expected to last many days. it is the number one. is to establish identity. because we are not dealing with just one. but in this case. this more bodies are brought in from the butt and rubble families searching for missing loved ones the rest i was called in and asked to identify one body. she glanced quickly and looked away it was the body of a cane her missing nephew in search of a better life many filipinos climbed these mountains hoping to find gold some were
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lucky but others have paid the ultimate price.


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