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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 149  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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the tigris and the euphrates rivers were the main water supplies for these once lush rice fields. farmers like raman used to be able to grow up to eighty square meters of rice that's only a little over one percent of the size of an average football pitch but it helped to keep his family alive now he produces barely a fraction of what if you grow before now and you have to look how dry this land is we can't get enough water even the water irrigation canals are empty and. iraq's ministry of water resources says that levels in rivers like the tigris here in baghdad have dropped up to forty percent over the last twenty years they say that partly to blame our dams and reservoirs which are being built in turkey to the north and they're restricting the flow of water southwards but also in the last nine months iraq's only had about half the amount of rainfall it normally gets over the course of a year and that's making things even worse it's estimated iraq's strategic water
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reservoirs contain eight billion cubic meters of water less than the minimum the country needs so the government says it's stepping in the minute i didn't feel when we planned to cultivate around fifty square kilometers of rice as well as sixteen thousand square kilometers of orchards and vegetables for people to use in their homes but we can't provide as much water for crops as we did in previous years. farmers tried digging wells to reach water underground but it's often saturated with salt and that's deadly for plants. in the past we made more profit and we were rich with crops now we can hardly grow enough underground water isn't a solution it's a big problem to not have much water to irrigate your crops many farmers are taking jobs as laborers in the streets and on building sites leaving behind their dealing feelings rob matheson al-jazeera back down. more than one hundred people have died
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in flooding across ten states of nigeria heavy seasonal rains caused the niger and benue rivers to burst their banks floods of spread across the country over the last two weeks a national disaster has been declared in four states and the government has put aside twenty one million dollars for medical and relief support. rescue teams in the northern philippines are digging through mounds of mud looking for survivors of a landslide it hit a mining area and it's a gone province where many people have been sheltering from typhoon one hundred with heavy rain continuing there is growing concern for those still missing as jimmy duggan reports from integral. these the mountain was in destructible but the force of nature proved too great more than fourteen miners took shelter from the storm in a bunk house built into the hillside these thought they were safe but the landslide triggered by super typhoon could bury to forty feet deep this is the town
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in big province it bore the brunt of the storm's power the devastation is so widespread the full scale of the damage is not the nude. beach for news about her nephew twenty eight year old arcane told them he would be home but he never arrived a little while oh my go up sit in an intimate will perhaps this is what god intended can we contradict what god has planned for us nobody wanted this to happen this was an accident what the local government is trying to do here is to expedite the process of rescue and read feeble operations the backhoes here have been working all day trying to clear the road and bishop paved the way for a speedier process or rescue and read feeble operations they have also set up a temporary emergency and rescue center here there is
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a board over there that has the list of those who had been missing. rescuers see the chances of finding survivors are slim but they are doing everything they can bringing down machines to this site is extremely difficult so volunteers had to dig through the rubble with the. bare hands process that is expected to last many days . and it is the number one. objective is to establish the identities of the victim because we are not dealing with just one bodies but in this case seventy about this more bodies brought in from the bite and rubble family searching for missing loved ones the rest i was called in and asked to identify one body. she glanced quickly and looked away it was the body of
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a teen her missing nephew in search of a better life many filipinos climbed these mountains hoping to find gold some were lucky but others have paid the ultimate price. al-jazeera each province northern philippines on the u.s. east coast heavy rains are disrupting rescue efforts in the state's north and south carolina but flash floods from storm florence along the border between the two states are threatening more damage at least thirty one people have been killed in the carolinas where power was knocked out from hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses chris the tsunami has more from wilmington in north carolina. many roads in and out of wilmington are still impassable whether from flooding or downed trees are down power lines power electricity basic supplies around the city remain scarce but things are starting to improve supplies are starting to trickle in but people
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are still looking for places to buy food we found people in line for three hours to get ice to preserve what food they did have and flooding around north carolina is not over yet the rivers have yet to crest in many areas people remain evacuated thousands of them who live alongside of these rivers and rescues have been ongoing for people who refused to leave their homes when the waters rise up suddenly and that's why the governor of north carolina roy cooper is encouraging people not to return to evacuation zones just yet even if it seems like it does here in wilmington that the weather is better and that things have improved there's a lot going on and a lot of hazards out there still a lot of unknown that could pose a threat of thousands of ethiopians demonstrated in the capital against ethnic violence over the weekend that left at least twenty three people dead police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators seven hundred people have been held at the
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unrest follows a mass rally last week to welcome the return of leaders of the formally exiled liberation front. the international criminal court has fined the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial. but will have to pay a three hundred fifty thousand dollars fine then the sentence was reduced to time already served in prison need baka has more from brussels. the international criminal court has sentenced. to twelve months in jail and fined him three hundred fifty thousand dollars but the court said that this sentence should be considered already served after spent ten years in jail in the hague on earlier charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by his movement for the liberation of congo in the central african republic in the early two thousand that only a convention conviction was quashed in june allowing him to be able to return back
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to the d r c to bounce a presidential bid but the electoral committee of the d r c said that he should be prevented from standing as president while this particular verdict was pending well now that the verdict has been given now that it has been considered already served there is in theory nothing stopping bemba from returning to the d r c to be able to mount a presidential bid but he is one of four opposition leaders who have been prevented from challenging the current leadership the possibility for violence should he be prevented from standing is very high indeed ever since the country gain independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty there has not been a single peaceful transfer of power. find out which big sports stars have been. open champion and.
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thank you very much for the champions league is back with a huge game in round one of the group stage last year's finalists liverpool up against the paris sound your man side boasting the world's most expensive player two hundred sixty million dollar neymar was heavily criticised for diving at the world cup and was booked for simulation just last week in brazil's friendly against the usa liverpool's manager you're going club has defended him. i don't think he's
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a person who wants to do to act or something like that because if you are like that you cannot play the football he plays. so i don't think about these kind of things to be honest it's if you played so he got dressed to the weekend so he will he will be one hundred and fresh for us is not injured any more so. we will have we will see the full package their model football player gets and we still have to cope with that liverpool have their own stars of course including mohamed salah they've won five straight games in the premier league and pearce cheese head coach thomas to call knows his team are in for a fight said and failed. then history if you fear god here you see that liverpool has won five five champions league titles so they have experience this in this club on this field and we are still working even against this but that's not the problem but for this we are a challenger in champions league and not one of the favorites in the same group
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napoli place inside a red star belgrade he returned to europe's top competition for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety two before is even called the champions league. it's a great thing for the club and we will give everything to secure positive results we achieved a great goal in getting we don't want to end our journey at this stage in savannah back in the competition after six years away the twenty ten winners in a hard group alongside barcelona. and tottenham if they host in milan on tuesday. but a club with the status of inter must target playing in the champions league every season playing at home and we have to make the most about advantage and look to control possession they have technical and physical qualities they're a strong team and of course they have harry kane or kane and tottenham are in a bit of a shaky run with two straight defeats in a premier league critics have questioned cain's fitness after
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a busy world cup campaign with england but his manager is sticking by curry after four years on the globe. of course. he need to improve but the team need to improve but this is you do blame carly because it's on the front of the team lose. in the asian champions league iranian team persepolis are into the semifinals after beating the hail of cats or three two on aggregate to hail to one nil first like advantage to iran and look for a place in the last four when they took an early lead inside iran but persepolis staged a pretty dramatic comeback scoring the three goals they needed to advance nigerian striker governments are keeping his cool to make the aggregate school three. to the second less. they'll meet another cattery side in the semifinals beating us to go five three and i could give in their last eight times the teton champions were
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leading three want to head of this home leg and a two two draw was enough to see our south go through. and the japanese city of support has pulled out of the running to host the twenty twenty six winter olympics because of this once earthquake on the island of hokkaido forty four people were killed and more than six hundred fifty injured sapporo the first asian cities are host the games back in one thousand nine hundred eighty was badly affected and wants to focus its efforts on the recovery programme but may still bid for the twenty thirty games there's been a big shock at cricket asia cup sri lanka have been knocked out after a second straight defeat afghanistan beating them by ninety one runs sri lanka had already lost their group opener against bangladesh defending champions india are without a star batsman virat kohli he's been arrested for the event they play their first going against tournament since hong kong in dubai on choose day twenty four hours later they take on this rivals pakistan. we have our own block is that because to
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morrow we are all going to obviously focus on that but it will be but once we finish that bit more recently we'll look at. that and weaknesses and. see even for us we haven't. you know the last of all these guys maybe it was. before been it's been a long time. this new in the n.f.l. buffalo bills davis made a big decision at halftime against the l.a. charges the thirty year old decided it was a good song to announce his retirements davis had played in the league for ten years started the game but quit with the bills trailing twenty eight six at half time he said he couldn't compete physically anymore several of his teammates have accused him of letting him down. now for more considered sporting retirements three time n.b.a. champion twain wade has announced that he's calling time in his career but will play for one more season for the miami heat in basketball's top league now thirty
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six wade has been in the n.b.a. since two thousand and three he spent the majority of his career at miami and returned early this year after a brief stints with the chicago bulls and cleveland cavaliers it was right to actually go. to join me for. a while as these. this is it. they are giving me the game everything that i have. and i'm happy about that and i would give it for everything else. the u.s. open tennis champion amir soccer continues to be the center of attention in japan media out in full force and head of the pan pacific open her first tournament since beating serena williams to become japan's first major champion she's also i think so watch some sumo wrestling. during this in my i thought it was really for because there's so flexible and they're also very strong. and they're durian
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one. he kept slapping the guy. so i thought it was really fun to watch and i was really grateful that i got the experience to go there person because i've always watched on t.v. but i never saw it in your life so i thought it was really sort of the ok sports looking find out more later. and that's it for the news hour more news in two minutes. travel off to. my tranquil boards and forests need provide reliable. books if only. i can land long valleys and scotland's. live for adventure. discover new jobs because faraway places closer thing going on since together these cats
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are always. to. the federal treasury. the latest news as it breaks because people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with detail coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was a whole but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry
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a chinese but today marriage is by this on no longer exceptional. my name. ablaze with. calling hold. the ring you know. you know you all. managerial is resilience and is just sort of surprising managerial. yes to every normal. mind nigeria. on al-jazeera. handshakes and hogs the first visit while south korean leader to the north in a decade raises hopes of reviving stalled nuclear talks.
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and welcome to al-jazeera life for my headquarters in doha with me and ron i'm also ahead another escalation in the trade war the u.s. slaps more tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods syrian government forces have downed missiles targeting the coastal city of la to kenya now russia says it's lost contact with a military plane close to the same city and a water crisis in iraq that's destroying its crops and the future of. south korea's president moon j.n. has arrived in pyongyang for his third summit with north korean leader kim jong un the two men are now at the state house without have lunch and later and the day with attend and performance formal talks are likely to take place on wednesday
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north korea's nuclear disarmament will be high on the agenda north korean state media has said that the summit offers a chance to improve relations with the south well let's get more on this now our correspondent rob mcbride is following the story from the south from the capital of seoul and is the view of the talks that are taking place as positive in the south. that's certainly the hope here in the south that it will provide some break in this deadlock especially in the talks between the united states and north korea we know the relationship has been built into korean relationship between north and south korea and we're seeing more evidence of that today an official welcome in pyongyang elizabeth but also in. we said a very friendly one hugs handshakes smiles also breaks with protocol with kim jong un himself coming to the plane the steps of the plane to greet moon j.n. in person this is we are told
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a break in protocol it's just one of the ways that this summit is different to the previous summits that have taken place under previous presidents and according to the south korean officials it gives hope is evidence that unlike previous summits and initiatives this one might indeed be successful we will wait and see over the coming days but let me bring in as a wanker who here who is a commentator who has followed these various initiatives and also following very closely this particular move by moving jay in the third summit now what can we expect from this summit do you think well this is very much a working visit from ones in of course it's very symbolic when whenever a south korean either because it's coming on or we have done before we have done the spectacle of the first summit back in april this time more news on the pressure to deliver the real stuff he needs to get north korea to come out and actually say in detail what it's going to do about denuclearization and whether it's actually going to offer the list of nuclear facilities to us once we know that the south
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korean foreign minister has spoken to her u.s. counterpart pompei oh ahead of this meeting the u.s. and the special envoy for north korea has been here in seoul so moon j.n. and his delegation presumably would know exactly what the bottom line is what the americans want to see from this absolutely south korean government has taken pains to really show that it is always in close consultation with the u.s. when it comes to north korea and this time it has been the scene we know what the u.s. wants they want north korea to take the next step and hopefully in return the u.s. may be willing to give the declaration to end the korean war that north korea very much hopes for if they get those things from this could that then set up the possible. ality of a second trump came the summit in october that's very much been actually publicized at least among commentators there is been such quick progress on the denuclearization front at least when it comes to dialogue with north korea and it
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is entirely possible that we might see trump making their grand gesture before the mid-term election happens in november when you see the friendliness between these two leaders where things have got so far compared with where we were a year ago when things were reduced to shouting across the d.m.z. by megaphone is the only lines of communication that can you ever see relations going back to that i mean obviously there have been these initiatives before but this one does seem different it seems so difficult to imagine that things could go back to those dark cold days this is the fear actually because we have seen how fragile this kind of peace process can be especially with the sunshine policy back in the early two thousand and look at how quickly we turn from there to the decade of tension on the previous conservative governments and i think it's entirely possible we can go back to that and that is why there is such a sense of urgency on the part of everyone the election in november is key ok so
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when the last question here and we are where we are is downtown seoul there are these special crude screens have been set up so people can watch live it has to be said there are very few people here in south korea watching live but there does seem to be after a third summit a bit of summit fatigue is that right that's absolutely right on the one hand this is big news in south korea there's no question about that but at the same time mr moon's a popularity has been falling dramatically over the summer because of what is perceived to be his inability to handle the mystic issues this is in a way one thing he's known for one thing he's very good at and he has a lot of hope riding on the successes in coming out and a lot of pressure to see if he can this time bring back some deal that will boost him in the popularity stakes elizabeth rob. thank you very much for that for now that is rob mcbride joining us live from seoul thank you. let's move on to other news now the u.s. is stepping up its trade war with china president trump announced further tariffs on another two hundred billion dollars of chinese exports and washington's promise
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to hit beijing with even more tariffs of china retaliates. reports. if ever there was doubt of a worsening trade war between the u.s. and china the white house's long awaited announcement made monday put an end to the debate it will be a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states of america a lot of money coming in a lot of money in the form of tariffs on an additional two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports the u.s. government will begin collecting a ten percent tariff on those goods starting september twenty fourth through the end of the year then on january first the terrorists will jump to twenty five percent and of china at any time retaliates the white house says an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of chinese imports practically the remainder of all chinese products sold in the u.s. will also fall under the terrorists the president's view is that to destroy the
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chinese economy we're not trying to put them out of business we're trying to get them to join the international trading nations world and be a citizen out of by by the rules for the first time in some twenty odd years prior to the u.s. announcement china's foreign ministry had warned china would indeed retaliate we're going to china will have to take necessary countermeasures to defend its own legitimate rights and interests the increased tensions will likely scuttle the renewal of trade talks between beijing and washington while about five thousand chinese products including household goods from vacuum cleaners to bikes will be targeted many u.s. businesses are expected to suffer as well three out of four american companies are adversely affected by u.s. tariffs and maybe sixty percent are adversely affected by the chinese tariff so
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that companies and remember these are folks doing business in china experts agree the trade war will not only hurt the u.s. . and china but also the global supply chain with the pain likely spread across the world how do you know castro al-jazeera washington and let's get more on this now a correspondent is joining us live from beijing has there been any reaction. liz with no official reaction on the latest news coming out of washington on late on monday but we know even just twenty four hours before this announcement was made by president trump chinese officials were saying that they will not negotiate this trade situation this trade friction under pressure and obviously adding two hundred billion dollars worth of more tariffs is more pressure one chinese official even characterize it as we're not going to go shit with a loaded gun pointed to our head so obviously there will be some kind of retaliation it's intice
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a paid it's been reported it could be about sixty billion dollars in tariffs focused on mostly focused on i should say supply chains those manufacturers here in china that supply.


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