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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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also offshore entities and that the transactions were really complicated and convoluted ultimately leading from one end via several different layers of transactions and then ultimately into mr personal bank accounts and how will the judicial process proceed from now. well not just we expect will be brought to court tomorrow and he's going to be charged the anticorruption agency has said that he's going to be charged under the same act that he was charged with the earlier challenges in relation to s.r.c. international now and since coming into power the new administration led by former prime minister mahathir mohamad has made has made the investigation into one m.t.b. one of its top priorities remember this is this investigation has been going on for quite some time now and this investigation started we're not just in self was prime minister of this country but it's believed that he he stopped the investigation he
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somehow put a stop to it and the police had cleared him and it was only off to the new administration came into power that this investigation has gathered force so the judicial process is being allowed to continue and to take its own course now not is not the only person that investigators are looking at they're also looking at a man known as joe blow now this man is alleged to be the last to mind behind this hugely complex scheme to defraud the malaysian government but joe's whereabouts are not known there is an arrest warrant out for him now he's known for his lavish lifestyle he threw wild parties for hollywood celebrities he showered his friends with expensive gives and malaysian authorities you just recently took possession of a your that is believed to have been bought with money stolen from one joe has protested his innocence and he said that he does not believe you'll be able to get a fair trial in this country now but ultimately there are questions being asked
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about how much not your brother knew about what was happening at one end but it has to be said that this corruption scandal the biggest corruption scandal that malaysia has ever seen happened during not chips watch as prime minister and finance minister of this country learns to live in kuala lumpur thank you. save the children the aid organizations as more than five million children in yemen are at risk of starvation as a result of the war around eighty percent of yemen's population get their supplies and aid through the port of her danger fighting has resumed there following the failure of un backed talks between the government and to the rebels the charity says disruption to the port operations is likely to push up food and fuel prices already the cost of food has risen by sixty eight percent since twenty fifteen and more than two thirds of yemenis don't know where their next meal is coming from and the charity warns that problems with the supply chain would call starvation on an unprecedented scale. the number of children returning to school in yemen has
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dropped to a new low the u.n. is warning of a lost generation of youth who remain an educated and traumatised andrew simmons has been following developments from nearby djibouti. life has taken a turn for mohammed sori he's a bright teenager and before yemen's war he dreamed of one day being a doctor but his father died but at fifteen years old mohammed has swapped his education for a motorbike he uses it as a taxi trying to support his mother and family. this is where he should be been most school alongside his close friend muhammad bill well. whatever the ceremony nothing can disguise the new school year is attended by only a fraction of the number of last year. elsewhere many schools lie in ruin more
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taken over by armed groups. half a million yemeni children are estimated to have dropped out of school mohammed's friend hopes that studying will bring a better life. mohammed and i are close friends he left to support his family has eased all amanda left to come to schooling fair hospitals and schools not spare in this war but we cannot afford to drop out and lose years and years of our lives. as one teenager puts his efforts into learning the other looks even longer eyeless finding passengers who can afford a bike taxi for. the night and i hope the war comes to an end and i'll be able to go back to school i hope i can live the life i once had if not better. back in school the man who used to teach him isn't so optimistic he's also struggling
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a little bit naming their teachers haven't been paid for months and this is our only form of income so many have lost their jobs there's unemployment and poverty in nearly every household in yemen. they sing the national anthem that's shared by all yemenis whichever side they're on in a country where education like the wall time economy is dying. the principal of the school wants to put out a message to parents in yemen is calling on them to brave harsh times and send their children to school otherwise he says the consequences are dire unemployment poverty and illiteracy andrew simmons al jazeera djibouti. creating dozens of buried a massive landslide in the philippines says it's unlikely any of them would be found in. the business of births it german. brings forward plans to shut down
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educate. south america's biggest club competition. off the pitch and on it champions go to argentina. in support. of that breaking news story from pakistan islamabad high call to suspended sentences against a former prime minister sharif and his family live now to the capital and our correspondent. come on does this come as a surprise. definitely his party supporters are concerned this is a day of jubilation for them because it gives relief to mr nawaz sharif who has
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been in jail since july when he came back to the country and gave himself up after he was sentenced by the national accountability court in the evidence property. case that was being. nice and accountability. it was sentenced to ten years in prison a doctor was content to seventy then a son in law. stood. before the high court for such pains of the sentence and the high court now granting that suspension however there are still major cases against british or if two other cases in the national accountability court so while he will find. relief because he will now be a free man along with daughter and son in law who were released on bail rolled recently and for the funeral of wife maria no watch died in london.
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really for the cherie family but the cases against them are still in the courts and he's also on the exit control means that he can order leave the country for the moment immediate relief for. the street and is guaranteed for now at least but he still faces charges charges of the similar seriousness. absolutely there are two c.d.'s one pertaining to. another to a paper. being taken care of by the national accountability accord richard likely to announce word a. case is read in the next few weeks it is quite porous the birth of mr nawaz sharif may find some relief but maybe sentenced again by the national accountability court and the other cases that are still under way and go back to
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jail for days. from the high court there's definitely being welcomed right now was the border that crossed the gun tree. live in islamabad thank you. now the u.n. mission in libya has condemned another outbreak of fighting in the capital which is threatening a cease fire that was agreed just two weeks ago the latest on the rest of tripoli into darkness as it disrupted the electricity supply well than sixty people many of them civilians have been killed since fighting broke out between rival groups last month. that's two rival groups vying for control of the area around the city's only functioning at full pace but previously aligned to the un backed government in libya the fighting has shrunk the government's area of control to the center of the capital it also falls many residents to stay indoors in the migrants detained in other parts of the city without food. now we can speak to mohammed el job who is
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seeing and co-founder of libya outlook class of research and consulting firm and he's joining us live via skype from to broke in libya thank you for talking to us what exactly is going on around tripoli. what's going on around tripoli yesterday and today to continue where should what started a few weeks or last month we still have the armored hilly armed groups within the capital but also surrounding the southern and the eastern outskirts of the capital tripoli and the only reason that these groups are not a gauge do not call war was because of a ceasefire abid it project will cease fire agreement that was brought her by the united nations mission in libya. the situation as the events of yesterday have shown that the situation is not sustainable and that
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a poor fled war could actually lead to rot in the capital tripoli at any moment and that more edwards from the international community and from the and the u.n. representative in libya a sense allowing other required urgently in order to defuse these tensions but also in order to hold spoilers to account and make sure that those responsible for the violations of the cease fire agreement are immediately dealt with on an international level and that's us and i notice that the head of the presidential council fires out the raj actually address the security committee of tripoli just yesterday just on tuesday and told them it was their responsibility to make sure that the implementation of this cease fire was carried out officially and are they to blame if there's somebody who can be blamed for this what seems to be a continuous outbreak of violence in and around the tripoli area. the presidential
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council is a very unique entity into italy and their control doesn't want to extend beyond a few kilometers in the capital it's also important to remember the presidential council is largely to blame for many of the security shortcomings but also that the children rooting living conditions in the capital tripoli this presidential council has been in the capital tripoli for more than two years but they have failed to deliver on many of their responsibilities and duties and it is one of the reasons why armed groups that are coming from outside of tripoli are able to garner some support and to go and i support in order to to defeat the forces that are aligned with this presidential so finally can i ask you i mean that the picture that you're painting is of a of a country certainly an area that is teetering on the edge on the edge of civil war yet again so is it feasible then to expect that the people of libya will be able to
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take part in anything resembling a free and fair election as was hoped for by the end of the year. the current environment that we have in libya is definitely not conducive of democratic practices for sure and elections is about competition and you have competition in an environment that so it was with armed groups and weapons in this is a recipe for disaster in my view any free and fair elections will require first of all political and institutional unity of some sort in libya but also very importantly it should entails a.d.d. out a process a process by which these militias and these arms are either collected or somehow controlled otherwise anyone who loses an upcoming election in libya will reject the results and we'll just use the arms and it will be adequate of what we have in the past to keep was in the party when we had the election but then those that lost the election used weapons and they did mobilize their militias and take over took over
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the capital tripoli by force and we ended up in a somewhat of a civil war or a low level civil war at the time the conditions are still the same hour and we must work to change these conditions first and then maybe we can go for elections or a referendum on a constitution or any other democratic step that we will be in visually mohamed el jefe thank you very much now the family of a palestinian man who was killed on tuesday is accusing israel of being behind his death mohammed cutty but rym ali died in custody after being arrested by israeli soldiers they raided his house in the occupied west bank but didn't say why he later died in hospital and his mother says the soldiers beat him to death and then own them in fish fresh out of the day they killed him in ten minutes they woke him up and killed him in just ten minutes when they saw the daylight they carried him and went out when they entered the house they attacked him directly and two israeli
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soldiers started beating him. the german car maker b.m.w. says it's planning to shut down its u.k. plant for a month after london leaves the european union it wants to minimize the risk of supply disruption if there's no breaks it deal the announcement comes as british prime minister to resume a heads to a gathering of e.u. leaders in austria trying to shore up support for her breasts it plan lawrence the ripples from munich. if there is a city in europe which signifies muscular success and power then munich is surely it's the economy of the region of bavaria is bigger than all but five countries in the whole european union german exports to britain were worth tens of billions of dollars last year a messy bricks it with no plan could cost the germans a lot so people are worried they also think that britain should be is in danger so relation of it to say a proper light and as he also was
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a big big burden of bureaucracy simply supplementation to make a surge between our members and this is estimate of the cost of this broker suber b. fifty two hundred million every year plus. and if they move production to a different european country they wouldn't have this problem maybe. when to resume a pitches her deal to the european union on thursday the central aim is to persuade them that goods like cars could still move through open borders every other freedom like the movements of people would end and that's the sticking point in britain there's a growing assumption that the european union's about say a vein on all its demands for freedom of movement of everything in order to strike a bargain over breakfast we buy all the german cars say the brits it has of course the germans want to make this work well maybe that's true but maybe it isn't. the
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view from the german bricks it department is that in the end it would be preferable to let britain fall off a cliff and force germany to find new export markets and to break europe's cherished rules of freedom of movement they think the u.k.'s quite important but no more than that there are much more important markets is especially for german cost its first and foremost china where we sell i think one third of. of all german cars it's the united states and other countries as well and so the pritish market is one of the german export markets as if to prove the point b.m.w. announced the day before this summit that it would cease production of the mini in the u.k. for at least a month immediately after breakfast this is all adds to the sense in germany that the u.k. is asleep at the wheel ignoring the attempts of europe to get the car back on the
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road. al-jazeera leading rescue workers in northern philippines are continuing their efforts to find people despite saying there's little chance of finding survivors under a massive landslide family members in the mining town of it are gone have been queuing to identify bodies as that were covered many locals have been sheltering from typhoon mangled in the landslide happened one good the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year has killed at least eighty one people dozens of others remain missing jimmy and has more from its ago this is the fourth day of rescue operations and now they have been focused on retrieval efforts this is the list of those who are missing those or been recovered and those who have survived that list keeps getting longer now behind the here are a forensic experts who have been here since they won. at that time some of the
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bodies they recovered are still identifiable so that the families were able to see clearly but as the day drags on some of the bodies the pieces they've recovered are body parts and now the focus really is on d.n.a. and identification of these bodies but from the very beginning the process of identifying the dead has been in place there's a full medical team here on standby they are here for the possibility of still finding survivors they are here for rescuers and even volunteer groups the police has been the first responder in this operation they were here before the typhoon struck they have reminded those who evacuated and they are still here ensuring basically that security is in place and as you can see supplies from donors have been coming in constantly ensuring basically that everything that is needed is here and i'm going to show you just here is where families of those who are missing are
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waiting they have registered their loved ones and given any identifying information that they could but at the end of the day this is really a waiting game that is unbearable for so many here but they simply do not have any choice. but the bigger question here is whether this disaster is actually going to change anything that is because tragedies like this one has been commonplace in a country of grinding poverty and many experts are actually calling on the government to act with political will in the recent statement president of the good that i did said not much can be done when it comes to the issue of small scale mining operations there have been proposals to ben at to to implement a total ban on the go small scale mining operations but that is easier said than done that is because millions of filipinos are dependent on this for their livelihood and many of them basically have more danger in order to earn a living so unless there is really on the turn that they have there is really not
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going to be an end to this vicious cycle of poverty and devastation. and just a few moments evident will have the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news . neck america run off looking more and more likely in brazil next month's presidential election. the shady princess why russia's possible return to international forces getting slammed by anti doping chases coming up in sport. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. where you have some clear skies across central parts of europe says and goal just september sunshine coming through as i move out of the way we've got some wild wet and windy weather streaming into the northwest this is storm bonnie and it's such
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a punk packing a punch across. scotland northern parts of england winds gusting to the rounds on thirty kilometers per hour at times that damaging winds there will be further destruction as we go through the remainder of today across. that northwestern corner of the year at ten twenty two celsius in london the signs of some warmth this is subtropical ladysmith drawn in across the british isles so there's the warm weather twenty five in paris isn't a bad guy with that glorious sunshine ace that's where the best of the weather will remain if we keep our eye on the the british isles you can see how that stormy weather streams across scotland into the north sea up towards scandinavia long line of cloud on the rain pounding back in behind with more very blustery winds so that strong wind that stays in place as we go through thursday but still seeing those temps getting up to around twenty one celsius at that stage the cloud in the rain that will continue to make its way further east which as you go through friday
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freshening up temperatures at sixteen celsius but there's more wild weather to come by the end of the weekend. the weather sponsored by cat time and peace. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the devotion and fight against corruption and whatever we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this you. know meet your own version here on shine the light on what they do and do it not shine
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a light on your hero when yeoman ation for the international peso war two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. travers take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news one of the leaders of north and south korea have promised a nuclear free korean peninsula and kim jong un says he plans to visit seoul probably before the end of the year kim and the south korean president signed a raft of agreements on the second day of the summit in pyongyang. the former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif's corruption conviction has been overturned
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allowing for his release from prison and the islamabad high court ruled there were deficiencies in the conviction of sharif his daughter and his son in law all three have now been freed. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been detained again over a corruption scandal. ready facing a string of charges linked to billions of dollars that went missing from estate investment fund is expected to face new charges when he goes to court on thursday. that india's supreme court says people who believe they've been incorrectly left off a state citizenship register will be able to appeal it's ruled that people in northeastern state may prove their citizenship with any one of ten documents listed by the court in late july the state government was accused of discrimination when it failed to include four million names on a list of citizens assam has long face ethnic and linguistic tensions over
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undocumented immigration from bangladesh and the state government says the exercise is to identify eagle residents andrew thomas says this from longer gown in. now india supreme courts has. held people go about appealing not being on the list the idea is that people across the states will go regional offices to prove their citizenship but that is easy. said than done in some remote villages like this one nine out of ten people are not on the list and next simply don't have the financial means to go about proving less of this and yet in fact this even bigger than that they might not have the paperwork that proves that not all these people have birth certificates and lawyers if they need them are expensive so people here are concerned that even with the formal appeals process now in place at the end of this process they may remain off the list and that may render them stateless surreal and
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divorced from reality that's how the chairman of a united nations fact finding mission has characterized me and miles for you more than a year of turmoil and violence at home more than six hundred thousand refugees fled to me and mark in the year since the military crackdown began in all the sunday seventeen the fact finding team found that unsung city's government is silencing critics whilst allowing for hate speech against the ranger it says military leaders should be prosecuted for genocidal intent the government rejects the findings well the u.n. mission chairman is marzuki darusman and he criticized the government's response. present the mission of the report. he was given of was priority in interventions and came out with a rebuttal of the report. which of course reflects
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a complete disconnect with what the realities are and whirl and i now are at the moment we have proposed a series of steps to be taken in terms of security sector reform of heredity cation conventions of the reorganization of the armed forces that model who we found to be the most culpable in causing properties over the past decades and the events of august twenty fifth was just a high point. in a series of atrocities that. took place over twenty thirty years past and therefore it was to try to do the just waiting to happen in fact at least twenty one people are dead and fourteen others are in critical condition after suspected alcohol poisoning in malaysia police say the victims drank two
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different kinds of whiskey and beer bought from various shops several people have been arrested and police have been conducting raids on groceries stores are selling alcohol illegally. china has followed through with its threat to retaliate against the latest u.s. tariffs on chinese goods further escalating a trade war beijing says it's imposing levies on another sixty billion dollars worth of american made goods after u.s. president donald trump announced increased tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products president trump says he's open to talking to beijing but won't let it take advantage of the u.s. . president for a presidential candidate is leading the polls ahead of next month's election. not only still in hospital after being stabbed whilst on the campaign trail but support for the opposition candidate for landover dad has risen sharply and he's now in second place marianna sanchez reports from rio de janeiro. like in any food
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to match all time favorite brazilian sport. says the game in the country's presidential elections is surrounded by uncertainty. there's always a question mark with politics in brazil and i think that more than ever we need to change the country's future. but the latest opinion poll puts the former army captain and congressman j.d. not go ahead with twenty eight percent of the vote that's why he's convalescing after being stabbed the nearly killed he says election fraud main concern now although he offered no proof that the elections next month will be wreaked a great group. the big concern isn't losing the vote it's the possibility of fraud there's a real chance of it happening in the runoff and maybe even in the first round. the opinion poll suggests he'll likely face that number that trails behind with
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nineteen percent of the vote a long way short of the forty percent share held by his mentor. before he was banned from running from his jail cell. the highly praised our campaign and said that it is to strengthen this that we want to build a country of peace and harmony focusing on work and education. so neither has made headlines with his mr genest homophobic and sexist comments like he's winning support with his strong stand against corruption and he puts himself as someone else as an outsider so although he's a politician for many years so he strikes i think successfully to conquer this idea that politics is politics is called public by corruption and so here's a very strong speech against corruption and he captures that feeling both as of outsider as someone that is going to solve the problems of the corruption problems
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and a very simple better although many say this is the most unpredictable election since we're still trying to democracy many people here say the one thing they can agree on is that they're fed up with corrupt politicians i they'd like to think a new government will help clean up that image for many the lack of trust in their politicians now runs too deep to think anything will change i guess i'm just. venezuelans reacted angrily after their president was president was pictured enjoying a lavish me on a recent trip to turkey my daughter was filmed at a restaurant in a stamboul and videos show so space and instagram a celebrity chef with sixteen million followers slicing steak for the president venezuela's crippled by rising inflation of food shortages caused by an economic crisis president maduro has defended his actions. in
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istanbul we dined in a famous restaurant from here in venezuela i send a shift my greetings he attended to us personally we chatted and had a good time with him a very pleasant man very cheerful he told me several times he loves venezuela and admires venezuela i send our greetings all the way to turkey. people are still picking up the pieces of their lives a year after a seven point one magnitude earthquake devastated urban and rural areas of mexico almost three hundred people were killed and some survivors a still living in makeshift shacks or tents the rescue efforts on that day relied heavily on voluntary support we followed one man who was on the front line here's his story. my name is it one of the us a bit and i've been a volunteer rescuer with the top international rescue brigade for thirty two years . and last year we had one of the most intense earthquakes he makes you can history i was very worried.


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