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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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already in nearly every household in yemen. they sing the national anthem that's shed by old yemen is which have aside their own in a country where education like the wartime economy is dying. the principal of the school wants to put out a message to parents in yemen he's calling on them to brave halasz times and send their children to school otherwise he says the consequences are dire unemployment poverty and illiteracy andrew simmons al jazeera djibouti. still ahead here on al-jazeera and dozens of failed barry down from the house of landslide in the philippines and it will mass says it's unlikely any of them will be found alive. and neck and neck runoffs looking more and more likely in brazil and next month's presidential election.
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hello welcome to have a look at the international fall cost things not looking too bad across japan at the moment but some places of cloud spilling out of the yellow sea through the east china sea and that's just going to notch its way towards south korea towards southern parts of japan some more wet weather coming into southern areas of conscious as we go through thursday to the north it is looking generally fine and dry it'll stay that way as we go on through friday but still southern passage japan south korea maybe the possible korea will see some life spells of rain that wet weather stretches this way across into eastern parts of china and place a safer southern areas to china it down south and there quietly and down nicely thirty two celsius there in hong kong and also into highly basin places of cloud and rain rolling back as we make our way through friday the west the weather will be into the central parts up towards shanghai down towards the southeast much of
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southern china but it isn't that bad as we go on through the next few days not too bad too across the philippines want to see showers always a possibility over the next day or so but the west the weather is further south lobby showers coming into northern parts of borneo the usual showers across singapore casie some heavy rain by the time we come to the weekend. twenty five years after the finding al-jazeera world told the two part story of norway's role in the oslo accords the government of mourners or its remarkable role in order to loosen. the secret negotiations. and why its promise of peace has remained unfulfilled to show you the tone of the negotiations norway could do a show trial or go home the point of all is long on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching out there as reminder of our top stories this hour former pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif's jail sentence for corruption has been suspended high court ruled that would deficiencies in the conviction of sherry his daughter and his son and all. the leaders of north and south korea promising a nuclear free korean peninsula kim jong un says he plans to visit so probably before the end of this year kim and south korean president. signed a raft of agreements on the second day of the summit in.
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malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been detained again over a corruption scandal but he was already facing a string of charges thinks of billions of dollars that went missing from state investment one m d b z was expects to face new challenges when he appears in court on thursday. the united nations mission in libya has condemned another outbreak of fighting in the capital which is threatening a ceasefire agreed to two weeks ago and the latest on restaurants must play into darkness as a destructive the electricity supply. more than sixty people many of them civilians have been killed since fighting broke out between rival armed groups last month. or two rival groups are vying for control of the area around the city's only functioning port both were previously aligned to the un backed government in libya the fighting has shrunk the government's area of control to the center of the capital and also forced many residents to stay indoors and left migrants detained parts of the city without food or water. is the c.e.o.
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and co-founder of libya outlets a research and consulting firm he says the situation in tripoli is highly unstable . the situation as the events of yesterday have shown that the situation is not sustainable and that a full fledged war could actually erupt in the capital tripoli at any moment and that more efforts from the international community and from arms melba and the un representative in libya a sense allowing other require urgently in order to defuse these tensions but also in order to hold spoilers to account and make sure that those responsible for the violations of the cease fire agreement are immediately dealt with on an international level if that's possible the presidential council is a very weak entity into police and their control doesn't want to extend beyond a few kilometers in the capital it's also important to remember that the presidential council is largely to blame for many of the security shortcomings but
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also that the children waiting living conditions in the capital tripoli that this presidential council has been in the capital tripoli for more than two years but they have failed to deliver on many of their responsibilities and duties and it is one of the reasons why armed groups that are coming from outside of tripoli are able to garner some support and to govern i support in order to to defeat the forces that are aligned with this presidential so. the family of a palestinian man killed on tuesday is accusing israel of being behind his death will. deny died in custody after being arrested by israeli soldiers they raised his house in the occupied west bank but didn't say why he later died and hospital and his mother says the soldiers beat him to death. and a supreme court says people who believe they've been incorrectly left off
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a safe system will be able to appeal has ruled people in northeastern us some states may prove their citizenship with any one of ten documents listed by the court in late july the state government was accused of discrimination when it failed to include four million names on a list of citizens the state government said they'd have to prove their system a ship or lose their rights. has long struggled with ethnic and linguistic division over undocumented immigration from bangladesh they say government says the exercise is to identify legal residence under thomas has this from. now india supreme court has formalized how people can go about appealing not being on the list the idea is that people across the state were going to regional offices to prove their citizenship but that is easier said than done in some remote villages like this one knowing out of ten people are not on the list mick simply
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don't have the financial means to go about proving this this issue in fact is even bigger than that they might not have the paperwork that proves that not all these people have birth certificates and lawyers if they need them are expensive so people here are concerned that even with the formal appeals process now in place at the end of this process they may remain off the list and that may render them stateless. as you are guess in the northern philippines a continuing search efforts despite saying there's little chance of finding any survivors under a massive landslide. members in the mining town of incident have been queuing to identify bodies recovered many locals have been sheltering from typhoon man good when the landslide happened because the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year has killed at least eighty one people dozens of others a missing. going has more from is has gone this is the fourth day of rescue operations and now they have been focused on retrieval efforts this is the list of
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those who are missing those who have been recovered and those who have survived that list keeps getting longer now behind the here are forensic experts who have been here since they won at that time some of the bodies they recovered as the identifiable so that the families were able to see clearly but as the day drags on some of the bodies the pieces they've recovered are body parts and now the focus really is on d.n.a. and identification of these bodies but from the very beginning the process of identifying the dead has been in place there's a full medical team here on standby they are here for the possibility of still finding survivors they are here for rescuers and even volunteer groups the police has been the first responder in this operation they were here before the typhoon struck they have reminded those who evacuated and they are still here ensuring
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basically that security is in place and as you can see supplies from donors have been coming in constantly ensuring basically that everything that is needed is here and i'm going to show you just here is where families of those who are missing are waiting they have registered their loved ones and given any identifying information that they could but at the end of the day this is really a waiting game that is unbearable for so many here but they simply do not have any choice. but the bigger question here is whether this disaster is actually going to change anything that is because tragedies like this one has been commonplace in a country of grinding poverty and many experts are actually calling on the government to act with political will in the recent statement president of the good it or to says not much can be done when it comes to the issue of small scale mining operations there have been proposals to ban a to implement
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a total ban on illegal small scale mining operations but that is easier said than done that is because millions of filipinos are dependent on this for their livelihood and many of them basically have in more danger in order to earn a living so unless there is really an alternative there is really not going to be an end to this vicious cycle of poverty and devastation. new zealand is celebrating one hundred twenty five years since it became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote premises just sent a joint hundreds of women were white camillia flowers and symbol of the movement she says she was inspired by women like her great great grandmother who signed a petition an eight hundred ninety three paving the way for change. he would twenty five thousand women in print resigned. to. joyce magnus. their mom still
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grandmother. and i signed a petition sometimes a great cost to themselves would be on no no we don't know what it would. brazil's far right presidential candidate has lead in the polls ahead of next month's election polls are narrow is still in hospital after being stabbed whilst on the campaign trail but support for the opposition candidate fernando had that has risen sharply and he's now in second place by the sanchez reports from rags nair. like in any football match all time favorite brazilian sport. is the end game in the country's presidential elections is surrounded by uncertainty. there's always a question mark with politics in brazil and i think that more than ever we need to change the country's future. the latest opinion poll puts the former army captain
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and congressman j.d. both when i go ahead with twenty eight percent of the vote that's why he's convalescing after being stabbed a nearly killed he says election fraud is his main concern now although he offered no proof that the elections next month will be raked agreed to. the big concern isn't losing the vote it's the possibility of fraud there's a real chance of it happening in the runoff and maybe even in the first round. the opinion poll suggests he'll likely face that number that trails behind with nineteen percent of the vote a long way short of the forty percent share held by his mentor for represent the scene before he was banned from running for his jail cell. a highly praised our campaign and said that it is to strengthen this that we want to build a country of peace and harmony focusing on work and education. never has made headlines with his mr genest homophobic and sexist comments but he's winning
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support with his strong stand against corruption. themself as some were as an outsider so although he's a politician for many years so he strikes i think. to conquer the idea that politics is politics is called public by corruption. so here's a very strong speech against corruption and he captures that feeling both about cider. that is going to solve the problem of the corruption problems and a very simple better although many say this is the most unpredictable election we're still trying to get mark murphy many people here say the one thing they can agree on is that they're fed up with politicians i like to think a new government will help clean up that image for many the lack of trust in their politicians now runs too deep to think anything will change i guess i'm just i just
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really have an ego but i see. that as well and angry after the president was pictured enjoying a lavish mail on a recent trip to turkey that was my door i was films dining with a restaurant in istanbul shows sold by an instagram celebrity chef with sixteen million followers slicing steak for the president's positions and says how out of touch he is with the people as well as crippled by rising inflation and food shortages caused by an economic crisis but there are however is defending his actions you can go to people you meet. in istanbul we dined in a famous restaurant from here in venezuela i send the chef my greetings he attended to us personally we chatted and had a good time with him a very pleasant man very cheerful he told me several times he loves venezuela and admires venezuela i send our greetings all the way to turkey. it doesn't seem as former president cristina fernandez de castro has a parent court to face questions over money laundering on monday
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a parliamentary immunity has been lifted so she can be arrested in another case or last america has and they see a new man reports from buenos aires. the it's not the first time that argentina's former president has been summoned to court but this time the corruption charges against her are the most serious inside the courtroom cristina fernandez the kid was accused of leading a criminal network of high ranking officials that it allegedly awarded inflated public works contracts to prominent businessmen in exchange for a multi-million dollar kickbacks the former president who is now a senator responded in writing and published it on social networks she wrote summing up they can keep following my movements my family's listening secretly to my phone calls or digging through all of patagonia or wherever they like they will never find anything to incriminate me because i never appropriated money illicitly . the judge requested that she be imprisoned awaiting trial along with scores of
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other prominent businessman and former government officials the senate would have to vote to lift her immunity from prosecution but that doesn't mean that fernandez the kitchener will see the inside of a prison any time soon behind me is the senate and it is preparing its party that holds the majority leader of the party has made it very clear that it will not even consider lifting for none this the kitchen is immunity unless there is a firm sentence. but the judge believes that the evidence obtained in grades three of the senators luxury homes plus testimonies from businessmen photos wiretaps and videos provide ample proof. this could be likened to brazil's kawai you have public works politicians and big business this tells me it could have a strong political impact sunday finland is the released video in which she says the raids are meant to humiliate and persecute her and she said her home was
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damaged and robbed by federal police she repeated claims that the judge is an enemy and a pawn of the current government i don't know. but with or without immunity from prison the chances of argentina's former strong woman being convicted are strong to the detriment of her plans to run for the presidency again next year you see in human al-jazeera when a site is. now without zero these are the top stories for pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif has been allowed to walk free on bail until his appeal against a corruption sentence is heard in court about high court has ruled there were deficiencies in the conviction of sharif his daughter and his son in law and to law and corruption court sentence them to jail for ten years seven years and one year respectively over the purchase of luxury properties and london. the leaders of
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north and south korea are promising a nuclear free korean peninsula and kim jong un says he plans to visit sold probably before the end of this year kim and south korean president. signed a whole raft of agreements on the second day of the summit in pyongyang. malaysia's prime minister najib razak has been detained again over a corruption scandal that has already facing a string of charges linked to billions of dollars that went missing from estate investment fund one. millions were transferred to personal bank accounts the malaysian anticorruption commission said najib will appear in court on thursday. rescue workers in the northern philippines are continuing their search efforts despite saying there's little chance of finding any survivors under a massive landslide family members in the mining town of gone have been queuing to identify bodies as they're recovered many locals have been sheltering in the mine
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from typhoon mine good and the landslide happened the most powerful storm to hit the philippines this year has killed at least eighty one people dozens of others are missing. the united nations missions in libya has condemned another outbreak of fighting in the capital which is threatening a ceasefire agreed to two weeks ago the latest on rest plunge much of tripoli into darkness that disrupted the supply of electricity all in sixty people many of them civilians have been killed since fighting broke out between rival armed groups last month. the family of a palestinian man killed on choose days accusing israel of being behind his death. died in custody after being arrested by israeli soldiers they raided his house in the occupied west bank but didn't say why he died in hospital and his mother says the soldiers beaten to death. as i had lines to say with us more news continuing here on al-jazeera of the inside story.
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here or no deep it's crunch time for breakfast at the u.k.'s departure from the european union warnings of dire economic consequences if no deal is reached prime minister to resign may arguing her exit plan is the best so is a deal possible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm afraid of that hamid bracks it has been at the forefront of british politics since the country voted in the referendum for a divorce from the e.u. in june twenty sixth it's crunch time for prime minister to resign may she's traveling to solve this week to try to reach a breakthrough with e.u. leaders but many have already pushed back her checkers plan russell's chief negotiator. saying it would spell the end of the e.u. project and just six months ahead of the deadline for brics it they head of the international monetary fund christine like gab has given a stark warning leaving the you with no deal could be costly for the british economy let me be clear compared with today's smooths a single market. all the likely brigs it scenarios will have costs for the u.k. economy and to a lesser extent as well for the e.u.
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the larger the impediments to trade in the new relationship the costlier it will be the range of issues that remains to be address is daunting as is daunting the small time left to address them in july terrorism a presented her planned named after the prime minister's country retreat checkers and she said more than once it's the only deal she is willing to put forward but divorce can be messy and there are many sticking points including how much do you care is willing to pay the e.u. there are estimates the bill for divorce could be more than fifty billion dollars what happens to u.k. citizens living in the e.u. any u.s. citizens living in the u.k. the plan allows for freedom of trade but not for people and what happens to the northern ireland border this remains a major stumbling block the e.u. has called for a border in the irish sea do you cave for
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a customs border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland it's important that we deliver for the people of northern ireland they don't want to hold border between northern ireland on and the only proposal that has been put forward that delivers on the not having a hard border and ensures that we don't carve up the united kingdom is the checkers plan. so let's bring in our guests joining us in warsaw devoted to elise deputy director of the think tank british influence in oxford helen thomas c.e.o. and founder of micro nomic consultancy blong the money and in lancaster geryon jones and the economist at lancaster university a warm welcome to all of you helen let me start with you basically the reason is saying it's my way or the highway that's right she has been appreciated
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as yes my deal or no deal and i think that she's right to pitch it like that not least because we're running out of time and you know there is a deal getting to be on the table we have to see what parliament makes of that and then there's not much time left until the actual deadline next year of course and johnson i mean in a certain way the e.u. is saying more or less the same thing even though not in those words that it's either they get what they want orders no deal either. that's right it's really a contest of a lot of things. saying that the single market can't be divided freedoms. that has to be a possibility of a customs union in northern ireland. that. it can't be a customs union and it can't have removed equal and they can't be rich see so you
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have two sides of the red line a lot of them don't have to get it and the e.u. is more powerful than the u.k. and the last two years is going to be the size in the negotiations and so that looks to be the trend now well garrett you know we're six months away from the deadline and nothing has happened nothing's of stance it has happened so far. do you think that there is a may world be able to push her shuckers plant even within her own constituency images facing a lot of opposition it took the u.k. government a long time to settle on an approach to the present negotiations and when checkers came out a couple of months ago that was very late in the process what it has proposed in checkers is a very clunky system where countries collect border taxes on behalf of each other and where there is also a common rulebook across the u.k. and the european union for the case of gods specifically now whether that breaches
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redlines on the use part in terms of splitting up the pillars of the single market remains to be seen the certainly something there in checkers that there is room for negotiation but we'll need to see how far each of the parties is willing to go well jonathan talking about the fundamentals of the u.s. think the problem one of the main problems here is being that if you can have free movement of goods but you can't have free will when people. absolutely the single market is as far as he used concerned becomes the package and the e.u. states case cohesion on this very point so we're michel barnier he says that eighty percent of the ritual agreement is wrapped up but it's a bit like saying that we share sort of ninety percent of our d.n.a. with the proof like it's the remaining ten to twenty percent that's the clincher
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and so if you if you came six foreigners checked his plan that doesn't include premiums people you can also except it and theresa may is box itself into a corner because she's insisted that i mean no premium to people but if she continues with that lie that you know check is either ok well and. the i.m.f. has been quite consistent relieve some before their brags that vote warning about the negative impact it could have u.k. now christine legarde is painting even believe her picture if there is no deal and so what this terrorism may do at this point. well it's all very well to talk about the economics of the argument but really it's all about the politics. that is what the deal is going to succeed or fail upon is whether you mentioned it earlier in the reason making to invent your own parliament of the merits of the check is
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planned let alone in its negotiations with the e.u. and as far as christina god is concerned i notice in that comment you ran at the beginning of your report she did say that although it would be bad for the u.k. it would also be bad for the e.u. and again there is a politics versus economics that goes on as a calculation on the e.u. side as well so i think we can't purely look at this in just g.d.p. or unemployment terms although clearly that will be significant if we don't get a deal but but really if we're looking at what's going to happen and how it's going to pan out we really have to look at the politics of this and. in your opinion will it have a negative impact or is there difference between deal or no deal when it comes to the british economy. there's a huge difference between deal or no deal and if it's a deal it depends on what the nature of that deal will be checkers is certainly an
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improvement on no deal but it leaves services outside the single market of the european union and that will make it difficult for services to trade within the european union in the case of no deal the big problem berth is that the e.u. will be obliged to and w t o rules to impose tariffs on what it imports from the u.k. and that will make british producers very competitive as they try and export their products to the european union and that threatens employment it threatens jobs it threatens pay it threatens g.d.p. growth in the u.k. and so no deal would be a very bad solution indeed for the u.k. also it would be a bad solution for the european union. doesn't you think actually that no deal is not an option right. no you did it up to be impossible for a very very clear reasons. and it's the saudis it's
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a disastrous outcome for both the u.k. and the e.u. but the u.k. has a lot more to lose than the e.u. because its economy is much more exposed it's so small it's less powerful and cause the u.k. depends on e.u. infrastructure to ensure the basic running of our country like aviation for example so the planes will be grounded according to the european aviation safety agency if we pull out with no deal so if negotiations collapse in december for example then the economy really start to collapse very soon afterwards and public support and if there was any would vanish very quickly and so theresa may would have to then go to brussels and ask for a deal on what you consider to be very very poor terms so really breaks it is a process of elimination we know document note we know that there will be not there won't be you know deal scenario rather so that means there will have to be a deal and from then it's just a question deciding which deal it will be ok so alan when if there is a deal one does get the impression there really specially when looking through
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a bit the details of this checkers plan that there is i'm a basically wants an electorate to many a way she can pick and choose what what kind of relations go in which field she will continue having deals with the end in which which other fields they will be the bit of british britain will go on its own it's quite difficult isn't it to achieve that. oh she's that obviously in a very difficult situation i mean this is the problem of having a minority government it's also the problem because although fifty two percent of the u.k. population they choose to leave. more than half of the parliamentarians in the u.k. parliament voted to remain in fact a significant number more than half a to remain so there is a there's a friction there that it has always dogged these negotiations and unfortunately was made a lot worse by that election last year where she was of course gunning for
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a big mandate and unfortunately got the exact opposite of that so in terms of picking and choosing i mean yes there's often a lot of criticism around what the u.k. is putting forward in terms of you know having cake and eating it but of course in any negotiation as any of us would have gone through you do have to put certain things for would knowing you might get pulled back from what it is that you really want so i would i think it's tough to criticize her check his plan necessarily on cherry picking because a line had to be drawn somewhere and she had to draw it based on the fact that her party is fundamentally split and of course the nation is fundamentally split and that in necessitated trying to draw these red lines and and sort of compromise into a least worst outcome and that means.


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