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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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there and president moves expected to address the crowd making it the first time ever a south korean president has been allowed to address so many north koreans in the capital well earlier today leaders signed a raft of agreements aimed at changing the face of the peninsula they agreed to work together to prevent another war and crucially to make their region nuclear free ride reports from the south korean capital seoul they hailed it as a new era for the korean people both in the north and the south of the peninsula they share a commitment to a denuclearized future so on monday we agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats. the agreement means north korea will abolish some of its weapons development infrastructure and international verification. the north has decided to permanently close the tom chang ri engine test sides and missile launches with the attendance of experts from
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relevant countries. the agreement also says north korea will close the young beyond nuclear facility that's being key to its weapons development but only if the u.s. reciprocates with concessions of its own that sounds like the kind of phase denuclearization rejected by more hawkish figures in washington who demanded north korea dismantles its nuclear program unconditionally and there is still no sign of a full inventory of what weapons the north has or a timetable for when it will give them up in spite of the smiles it's far from certain south korean officials have got enough from this summit to restart talks between the north and the us does not mention weapons or fissile material other things and the same thing with delivery systems they offered to close and dismantle a launch pad at a space launch facility but they say nothing about all of their mobile launchers
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and their submarine launch ballistic missile program for example but this summit has marked a new high into korean relations the military signed an agreement to defuse tensions along the heavily fortified demilitarized zone that separates the two koreas by removing guard posts and disarming soldiers who face off against each other between the blue huts of the panmunjom troops village and kim jong un could become the first north korean leader to visit seoul. both sides appear to be committed to closer relations whether that can continue will depend in part on the reaction of their asian neighbors and the never watchful united states bride al-jazeera so. lots more to come in this news hour including tradition under threat why some crossman in the bar of algeria say they could lose their way of life. needles in strawberries the australian prime minister val's to get tough with those
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threatening the country's fruit industry and in sports south america's biggest club competitions he's fallen off the pitch and on it as brazil's reigning champions go to washington or peter will be here with more. save the children says more than five million children in yemen are at risk of starvation as a result of the war around eighty percent of yemen's population get their supplies and aid through the port of her data fighting has resumed their following the failure of un talks between the government and the rebels the charity says disruption to the port operations is likely to push up food and fuel prices and already the cost of food has risen by sixty eight percent since twenty fifteen more than two thirds of yemen is don't know where their next meal is coming from the
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charity is warning the problems with the supply chain would call starvation on an unprecedented scale well meanwhile the number of children returning to school in yemen has dropped to a new loan the united nations is warning of a lost generation of youth who remain an educated and traumatised andrew simmons has been following developments from nearby djibouti. life has taken a bad turn for mohammed al man's story he's a bright teenager and before yemen's war he dreamed of one day being a doctor but his father died at fifteen years old mohammed has swapped his education for a motorbike he uses it as a taxi trying to support his mother and finally. this is where he should be been most solemn school alongside his close friend mohamad bilel. whatever the ceremony nothing can disguise the new school year is attended by only
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a fraction of the number of last year. elsewhere many schools lion ruin all taken over by armed groups half a million yemeni children are estimated to have dropped out of school mohammed friend hopes that studying will bring a better life. mohammed and i are close friends he left to support his family has eased all amanda left to come to schooling fair hospitals and schools not spare in this war but we cannot afford to drop out and lose years and years of our lives. as one teenager puts his efforts into learning the other works even longer eyeless finding passengers who can afford a bike taxi for. the night i hope the war comes to an end and i'll be able to go back to school i hope i can live the life i once had if not better. back in school
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the man who used to teach him isn't so optimistic he's also struggling. a little bit naming their teachers haven't been paid for months and this is our only form of income so many have lost their jobs there's unemployment and poverty in nearly every household in yemen. they sing the national anthem that's shared by all yemen is whichever side they're on in a country where education like the wartime economy is dying the principal of the school wants to put out a message to parents in yemen is calling on them to brave harsh times and send their children to school otherwise he says the consequences aadhaar unemployment poverty and illiteracy andrew simmons al jazeera djibouti. all we can say to amanda brive now she is the yemen advocacy adviser at save the children thanks for talking
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to us the paint the picture that is painted in your latest report is pretty dark is it what sort of presence is say that children able to have on the ground in yemen and particularly in the who data area. so thanks very much for having me yes save the children has quite a large presence on the ground in yemen our staff are working tirelessly address some of the humanitarian gaps within the crisis we have field offices in our data we're delivering programs and also throughout the country we. are delivering food under two year olds and pregnant mothers we're supporting house centers almost one hundred house in terms of my power plan next and we're also have treating children from malnutrition and health centers around the country and presumably i mean your teams on the ground are severely affected when when there's
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a. spike in fighting like we're currently witnessing at the moment i mean what are your people telling you that what's happened on the ground in data since the failure of those talks that was supposed to be taking place in geneva. so what we've seen. recent days report from our staff on the ground in her data is that there's been escalating and fighting around the port city specially around key strategic junctions like sixteen killer ten what we're hearing from country office is that some of our programs have had to be suspended with risks and concerns for staff safety we're also seeing. and hugely concerned about the risk to children. if the port city is temporarily closed or we see that lifeline out of the city with the food and fuel supplies going to the rest of the country is cut off or if the porters templer temporarily damaged we're
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seeing with our. health clinics where families are presenting with their children some really difficult choices that families are having to make so with that they can even afford the cost to bring their children for the fuel or the bus fare to get them to the treatment center for some of their worse children or whether they actually have to use that money to feed their kids and other children in the family amanda bride of say the children thank you very much. the family of a palestinian man killed on tuesday has accused israel of being behind his death mohammed. remark died in custody after being arrested by israeli soldiers they raided his house in the occupied west bank and didn't say why he later died in the hospital his mother claims the soldiers beat him to death in a dim vision of the day they killed him in ten minutes they woke him up and killed
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him in just ten minutes when they saw the daylight they carried him and went out when they entered the house they attacked him directly and two israeli soldiers started beating him. relative calm seems to have returned to libya's capital tripoli after a rocket and gun fire on tuesday that raised fears that the un brokered cease fire of september the fourth had collapsed the u.n. mission in libya has been calling on rival faction to abide by the terms agreed just two weeks ago to ses armrest plunged much of tripoli into darkness as it disrupted the electricity supply late last month an upsurge in fighting left sixty people dead many of them civilians the two groups have been vying for control of the city's airport. but two rival groups are vying for control of the area around the city's only functioning airport both that were previously aligned to the u.s.
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backed government in libya the fighting has shrunk the government's area of control to the center of the capital it also falls many residents to stay indoors and left migrants detained in parts of the city without food and water and i've been speaking to mohammed al jocker who's the c.e.o. of libya outlook that's a recession consulting firm and he says the situation in tripoli is highly unstable . the situation as the events of yesterday have shown that the situation is not sustainable and that a full fledged war could actually erupt in the capital tripoli at any moment and that more efforts from the international community and from arms mill and the un representative in libya a sense allowing other required urgently in order to diffuse these tensions but also in order to hold spoilers to account and make sure that those responsible for the violations of the cease fire agreement are immediately dealt with on an
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international level if that's possible the presidential council is a very weak entity in too quickly and their control does not extend beyond a few kilometers in the capital it's also important to remember that the presidential council is largely to blame for many of the security shortcomings but also that the children waiting living conditions in the capital tripoli that this presidential council has been the capital chipley for more than two years but they have failed to deliver on many of their responsibilities and duties and it is one of the reasons why armed groups that are coming from outside of tripoli are able to garner some support and to galvanize support it order to to defeat the forces that are aligned with this presidential so. raw and live to the way you see him speaking address eight hundred fifty thousand people
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gathered at the stadium let's listen to him north korean fellow citizens here. present when jane and myself. lynn able to i have been able to make another accomplishment today that will be an important milestone in the history of south of north korea and the future. this is a precious and other step that we have taken at the passion and enthusiasm of a south korean president when jane he serves a deep respect from myself and north koreans. fellow north korean citizens here you know why don't you take an opportunity to.
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round up a pos again to present when jane. president . in commemoration. of historical visit to pyongyang. and it's my pleasure to now a step or two when jamie is going to deliver a speech in front. of the great audience of north korean citizens here today. this moment right now and here will be remembered it beautifully and gloriously in our history for many years to come why don't we gave a huge wellcome to south korean touchtone when jane. from
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your. opinion citizen. fellow brothers and sisters who live in north korea. it is my great pleasure to meet my friend prince it isn't here in pyongyang. the rules as the president of started. way to be a welcome invitation and welcome the north korean leader kim jong il and i'm sure standing in front of my fellow korean and north korean citizens to deliver a speech it is my great pleasure and honor and i think this shows what kind of
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difference we are making to thank you story north in south korea and we are seeing the beginning of a new iraq right now as we speak you know. mr conjunction and myself had a meeting in palm and jump back in april and we had an opportunity to share warm hugs between ourselves and we promised ourselves there will be no more wall no more of violence on the south korea and. we made that stern and farm declaration to the entire world and today entire communities. not only that the destiny of korean people would be in the hands of people and that was the ownership of the state principle that we were able to declare and
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announced to the world when we first met a couple months ago north and south korean relationship would need to be changed fundamentally and profoundly so that we can. lions of the two koreas and while we also committed ourselves to bringing in new where the fate of people would be in the hands of our own people. this term. myself when jay in and steps president of south korea has come to visit. to pyongyang citizens and my beloved north and south koreans today. who will chairman kim jong un and myself. expressed our determination again and also we agreed on
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the detailed and specific procedures that we would be taking to bring an end to the fire on the korean peninsula. also from peck to mountain all the way down to highlight mountain beautiful korean landscape and the nature will protect you from the dangers and the violence of nuclear weapon. and other types of weapons and so that we can test out this beautiful korean nature where descendants for many many years to come. not only that before it becomes too late the pains of the separated families will be and we promised to take a specific actions to bring their union back on the path.
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toward a new phase for the korean people and for the future of the korean peninsula. and myself have been working together and i think that chairman kim jong un truly deserves our. a round of applause and our deep respect for his passion and enthusiasm. for your mission your work. on young citizens my fellow korean waters and during this visit. i have been able to see the development of north korea the achievement of north korea's development and i have been able to see for myself and feel very deeply about the kind of future in the doors korean people want to have and i had an opportunity to see that this relationship and
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doesn't feel the urge of north korean people to build and they are going to build their good future and i say this i've seen the courage and seen at their determination. citizens and my fellow koreans korean people are great you know we are strong people are murders korean people love. and. have to live together. for five thousand years and only used a little together and we've been separated twenty for seventy years today right now and here. i can say. we are going to take.
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big steps for the future where we can live peacefully just like we used to do five thousand years ago. you know chairman kim jong un and myself. again are going to hold hands in hands where thousand north korean people to go for the prize future to build our better future from now and let's walk together in their journey. a lot of money and citizen. young students and children children from kenya. welcomed. me and my delegation.
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with great care and great respect once again i want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you and express my sincere gratitude for the welcoming gesture that you have shown. today. thank you very much again. there you see president mean jayna south korea addressing what is a record crowd of north koreans i'm told for the first time that the south korean leaders address this number of north korea's in pyongyang and made a stadium on the event of the mass games this is this is day two the end of day two with this historic summit historic as it were this of often used but i think it's really appropriate in this particular instance pride is a correspondent has been monitoring this entire. visit from from from
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south korea from the south korean capital and rob as i say we're talking our way about this being history in the making and it really really has been big in terms of the symbolism and the gestures. you know it's worth martine just taking a moment just to realize what this is this is the mass games in the may day stadium in pyongyang it is hugely symbolic it involves tens of thousands of people weeks of preparation to set up with this mass displays of synchronized gymnastics turning of cards to create these huge pictures and this in the stands of the stadium there's often with these events very packed overtones it's a way of showing devotion for the north korea for the party and the family that runs the country and it's very rare for a south korean president to attend they have in the past it's often a very controversial for them thing to do thing for them to do to actually speak at
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an event like this this never happened so this really is unprecedented territory and it is an incredible way to round off what has been yet another incredible day as you said they've had this agreement we know that it's lacking in a certain amount of detail as some critics would say it's a lot of showmanship and theater with very little substance but this is an incredible way to round off that day with. you could actually hear the emotion in his voice he is from a family of north korean refugees that came to the south during the viet. korean war and so he has more than a little connection with the people he is addressing but he spoke there about how his agreement today with chairman kim how it what it spells is that there will be no more war that is the promise he says that he and kim has made to the world he talks about
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a future career that will be determined its destiny shall be shaped by koreans themselves talking about a new era on the peninsula that koreans love peace he says and that they will go forward together and then also talking about the beauty. of the countryside the whole length of the korean peninsula in saying slightly old bleakley that it should never be damaged by nuclear weapons that is a kind of a a very graphic to denuclearize asian without getting into too much trouble some detail but certainly very extraordinary scenes that we've been seeing this wednesday evening from pyongyang indeed i mean it it almost brings to mind the ten years earlier called the sunshine policy that eventually yielded very little the big question for president moon will be what can he take home to seoul in terms of definitive definitive pledge is at least and then. evidence of
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commitment to future action with regard to getting rid of the nuclear program. that is always going to be the problem it has disappointed a number of observers who were watching looking for details in this and as we've been saying throughout the day there haven't been the kind of details no kind of timelines or firm commitments not even just a simple immigrant three years saying what miss north korea actually holds let alone actually giving any of them up because they simply haven't done any or any of that but this this visit continues this was day to day three thursday was meant to be simply a few more photo opportunities a couple of visits then a sendoff and then moon would be coming back now we hear he is off to mt who let me just explain this is a hugely symbolic volcanic mountain in the north of career on the border between north korea and china it is has a huge symbolism it is almost
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a religious significance and that most koreans will want to visit it at some time moon inventions to kim months ago that he would like to go to mount well he's going that thursday morning they will round off this extraordinary visit by a trip to this to this manatee before moon comes back to seoul it's a very quick turnaround because next week he goes to the u.n. general assembly where on the sidelines of that he'll be meeting with president trump when of course he has to try to sell all this to the americans marty all right rob thank you for that rob mcbride is our correspondent in the south korean capital seoul monitoring all of this historic events taking place just up the road in pyongyang. now the german car maker b.m.w. says it's planning to shut down its u.k. plant for a month after the u.k. leaves the european union it wants to minimize the risk of supply disruption if there is no breakfast deal now the announcement comes as the british prime minister
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terry's a may go to austria for a gathering of e.u. leaders to try to shore up support for her idea of how britain can leave the european union currently report from munich. if there is a city in europe which signifies muscular success and power in munich surely it's the economy of the region that varia is bigger than all but five countries in the whole european union german exports to britain were worth tens of billions of dollars last year a messy bricks it with no plan could cost the germans a lot so people are worried they also think that britain should be some danger so relation of it to say a polite and as he also was a big big burden of brokers see it simply circumvent. the makers surge between our members and this is the estimate of the cost of this broker seabird b.
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fifty two hundred million every year plus. and if they move production to a different european country they wouldn't have this problem maybe. when to resume a picture is her deal to the european union on thursday the central aim is to persuade them that goods like cars could still move through open borders every other freedom like the movements of people would end and that's the sticking point in britain there's a growing assumption that the european union's about sich a vein on all its demands for freedom of movement of everything in order to strike a bargain over breakfast we buy all the german cause so the brits it is of course the germans want to make this work well maybe that's true but maybe it isn't the view from the german bricks it department is that in the end it would be preferable to let britain fall off a cliff and force germany to find new export markets and sobre europe's cherished
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rules of freedom of movement they think the u.k.'s quite important but no more than that there are much more important markets is especially for german casts its first and foremost china where we sell i think one third of all german cars it's the united states and other countries as well and so the pritish market is one of the german export markets as if to prove the point to b.m.w. announced the day before this summit that it would cease production of the mini in the u.k. for at least a month immediately after breakfast this is all adds to the sense in germany that the u.k. is asleep at the wheel ignoring the attempts of europe to get the car back on the road. while from germany where lawrence lee was we can now join him in salzburg in austria which is where tourism a lawrence is about to make a pitch it's actually tomorrow but they're going to dinner or something haven't
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they this evening rather informal affair but how far apart would you say the twenty seven and mrs may. well judging by the comments of the european council president donald sask who just gave a very short statements of generalists a half an hour or so ago they're not really still in any particular mood to compromise the whole problem remains for the european side of the irish border because at the moment it's open you know and goods and people in kampala through freely and the thing that they're terrified about is in the events of the u.k. crashing out of the european union and the hall board coming in obviously would jeopardize the good friday agreements and the peace process in the republic of ireland which remains in the european union will not let that happen and the u.k. side has simply not been able to come up with any source of convincing explanation as to what it's going to do to try to guarantee a sort of brics it says it's leaving the european union while keeping the border
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open at the same time and so the european side is basically saying to the u.k. look you know you're trying harder this planet's reason may has is better than what you had before but it's still nowhere near enough and how strong is three's a mayor so given that she's already lost two cabinet ministers lots of people pouring rubbishing have planned the checkers plan as it's known and how strongly she came domestically has she seen off the challenge is there. no she says she's in for a very difficult there's a whole group of bosses inside her own policy who when their policy conference happens in the middle of october planning to really undermine her within their own conference it's hugely demeaning for her really she's trying to balance this unbalanced civil thing between the half of the policy and a half of the country that wants some sort of relationship with the european union
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and the other half that doesn't it can't be done you know you got to have all of the other and so the star the sit in the middle which is what she's doing at the moment pleases nobody at home and it doesn't please the european union and in the end she's got to come here tonight and try to sell this message tonight and tomorrow but it's humiliating because they've already said this plan is not good and it's not good enough i'm going to tell it's a moral almost certainly the still not good enough but it's got to go back home and say to people it's still working it puts the u.k. in about as weak a position diplomatically you know for country this was you were the strongest in the world it's really quite pathetic now and thing live in salzburg austria thanks now uganda's opposition leader bobby wine is expected to return home on thursday after receiving medical treatment in the u.s. his lawyer said the parts turned politician needed to travel abroad after he was beaten up in custody whine was charged with treason for his alleged role in the
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stoning of the president's major kate last month police were let's go to him from the airport to his him and say they will not tolerate what they refer to as unlawful.


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