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is better than what you had before but it's still nowhere near enough and how strong is three's a mayor given that she's already lost two cabinet ministers lots of people pouring rubbishing have planned the checkers plan as it's known and how strongly she back home domestically has she seen off the challenge is to. know what she's she's in for a very difficult there's a whole group of bosses inside her own policy who when their party conference happens in the middle of october planning to really undermine her within their own conference it's hugely demeaning for her really she's trying to balance this on balance of all thing between the half of the policy and a half of the country that wants some sort of relationship with the european union and the other half that doesn't it can't be done you know you got to have all of the other and so that's trying to sit in the middle which is what she's doing at the moment pleases nobody at home and it doesn't please the european union and in
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the end she's got to come here tonight and try to sell this message tonight and tomorrow but it's humiliating because they've already said this plan is not good and it's not good enough i'm going to tell it to morrow almost certainly this still not good enough but it's got to go back home and say to people it's still working it puts the u.k. in about as weak a position diplomatically you know for country this was one of the strongest in the world it's really quite pathetic lawrence the live in salzburg austria thanks now uganda's opposition leader bobby wine is expected to return home on thursday after receiving medical treatment in the u.s. his lawyer said the pope's turned politician needed to travel abroad after he was beaten up in custody whine was charged with treason for his alleged role in the stoning of the president's major kate last month police will disclose him from the airport to his home and say they will not tolerate what they refer to as unlawful
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gatherings. surreal and devolves from reality that's how the chairman of the u.n. fact finding mission characterizes me amal's view on more than a year of turmoil and violence more than six hundred thousand ranger have let me amass it's a military crackdown began in august twenty seventeen the fact finding team found that on some two cheese government is silencing critics whilst allowing hate speech against ranger it says military leaders should be prosecuted for genocidal intent the government rejects the findings of the woman accusing donald trump supremes court nominee of sexual assault says she wants an f.b.i. investigation before she testifies at his senate committee hearing christine blasi forward accuses brett kavanaugh of attacking her when they were teenagers in maryland thirty five years ago she says she's received death threats since going public with the accusation governor says the incident never happened. people are
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still picking up the pieces of lives a year after a seven point one magnitude earthquake devastated urban and rural areas of mexico well the three hundred people were killed and some survivors a still living in makeshift tents the rescue efforts on that day relied heavily on voluntary support and we followed one man who was on the front line his his story. my name is it one of the us a bit and i've been a volunteer rescuer with the top international rescue brigade for thirty two years . and then last year we had one of the most intense earthquakes the mexican history i was very worried because i didn't know what i was about to face and from that. took me a while to get through the crowds to reach my colleagues who were already quartered in eating the whole situation. one of the things that. when we find a person alive or dead the first step is to evaluate the risk of getting today the
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risks we face our collapse aftershocks any movement that could create another collapse. on the. when we arrive people tell us i have a missing relative we stick with them to help them and they stick with views they ask you if you need a glass of water if you eat food if you slept already and they help you because we are not superman we also get tired. of this. when i see buildings collapse totally devastated i wonder what am i doing here i could be in my house sitting on my sofa but i want to do something i want to use my hands i have the skills to do it i've trained for that. we don't have a salary nobody pays us we do all this voluntarily. when
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we managed to rescue someone and something i can't describe it to satisfaction an emotion that makes you cry really if they get out of their. everyone wants to.
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pete is here now that means it's time for this will see me thank you so much as you've been hearing north and south korea have wrapped up their summit and the big news for sports fans that the two countries are planning a joint bid for the twenty thirty two olympics the leaders didn't give details about which cities might host the games or how far they've got in their planning but they've still got plenty of time they'll have until twenty twenty five before the international olympic committee announces the hosts germany has already said it will bid for the twenty thirty two games as well bruce been in australia indonesia is also interested to hear some reaction to their potential joint bid from the streets of the south korean capital seoul which hosted the olympics back in one
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thousand nine hundred eight. they are discounting they gave money and there's still a lot of time left until the end so i don't know what will happen between now and then but if these good mood continues and we'll get the opportunity to work together it will be good for us to host the olympics together. it's not really a big deal whether it happens or not we have to take care of issues such as the nuclear program peace treaty and the north korean economic situation first north and south korea have previously used sports events as a tool for the plough mostly on the peninsula south korea host of the summer olympics in seoul in one thousand nine hundred eight in the winter games in kong chiang earlier this year where the two countries marched under a unified flag at the opening ceremony they also field a joint a women's ice hockey team in pyongyang and went further at the asian games in indonesia where they fielded a unified team in basketball canoeing and rowing in the latest joint statement the two koreas also said they're planning to participate jointly international
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competitions including the twenty twenty olympic games in tokyo there's never been a successful joint bid for the summer olympics but we spoke to start or so if you will a house a consultant for south korea's twenty eighteen winter games and he's confident the two koreas have a good chance of pulling this off. let's not darken my mind especially after war with. the old south korea that they have now with. a solid b. and. when the time comes. in front of a very interesting proposal the head of the u.s. anti doping agency says the move to try and lift the russia's ban stinks russia were suspended nearly three years ago for a state sponsored program to dope its athletes but last week in an apparent u. turn the world anti-doping agency's compliance review committee recommended ending the ban waters' executives will put it to a vote in the next twenty four hours at
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a meeting in the seychelles u.s. antidoping chief travis tygart is not impressed. you know after years of an open and transparent process to try to jam a decision that's a complete reversal you know what we don't dob does that you turn as been extremely frustrating to all those and also you know the process stinks and it's been extremely shady how it's gone about and then substantively you look at the decision and there's you know no four spillman are the two remaining conditions and you know it's why you see outrage by athletes all around the world right now at the possibility that russia could be reinstated under under these circumstances russia star volleyball team has been upset by serbia at the mains world championships in italy the european champions were misfiring in this decisive pool match against the eleventh ranked serbians but they did manage to force the decider with the match to say it's all i need to serve you to serve it out and finish second in full see the
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states with russia back in food they do still qualify for the next. u.s. open tennis champion soccer has made a winning return to action in tokyo eleven days after winning in new york the world number seven was back at the pan pacific open of the being given the first round by she was up against the many possible cover beatings of the straights sixty six one to reach the. brazil's defending champions go to a big step closer to the cup on the bitter door of the semifinals of the winning the first leg of the quarter final in argentina. allison got the first goal against italy to go took a month but then the home side went down to ten men said of us your new knee is so originally got a yellow card for fouling allison but the referee changed his mind after checking out the video and seeing that munoz had stamped on his opponent so a red card instead. premier took advantage of everson scoring in the second half so
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the brazilians have two way goals going into the second leg in port leg of a two week. time. cristiana rinaldo has won the champions league for the last three years with real madrid but clearly due to these new events that he's returned to spain with the u.v. squad for their opening group game against valencia fernando school the first two goals for the club in city are at the weekend he's won the champions league five times overall and has a record one hundred twenty goals in the competition. for now those former captain and wales sergio ramos has taken a swipe at french world cup winner and one griezmann getting a madrid striker has claimed to be at the same level as ronaldo and messi. improved from the fools rush in where angels fear to tread every time i hear this kid talking i think of totty buffon maldini raul and yes they can see us players who have won it all who have their homes full of silverware but none of them have the golden ball award everyone can have an expressed their opinion with but i think he
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should hear the advice of his coach diego simeone any or some of his teammates who have certain values that he could use still i've always said he's a great player and i wish him the best of the new york yankees stop their greatest rivals from having a playoff celebration party in their own backyard on tuesday night they were hosting the boston red sox at yankee stadium the sox needed just one more win to make them the first team into the playoffs this season but a three run homer from milwaukee it was the new yorkers who were celebrating might not be for long though the sox are back in the bronx on wednesday. and from one of the fiercest rivalries in baseball to one of cricket's most hotly contested fixtures pakistan and india are meeting in the group stages of the asia cup in dubai india defeated hong kong on tuesday and made any inroads against the pakistanis who won the toss and chose to bat pakistan are one hundred fifteen for six. that's all the sport for us we'll have another update again later on morty
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peter thank you very much indeed and thank you for your company for this hour is there a news don't go away there are we back in just a moment or two with much more of the day's news to say with us. when their on line for humanity has been taken down there's going to hold you about the number. or if you join a sunset i guarantee no one else has a back story like this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell to join the global conversation on al-jazeera.
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spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondent stephen breyer the stories they tell you that this was not good news for the box office but it lets us know. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker and it's nanny dearie this week claiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. this is you're out on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in
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west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. i and historic moment in pyongyang the south korea's president makes a landmark speech value to bring the peninsula together. with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. a pakistani court orders the release
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of the former prime minister nawaz sharif who was jailed on corruption charges. starvation on an unprecedented scale aid agencies say more than five million yemeni children are at risk. and the business of breck's it german comic a b.m.w. brings forward plans to shut down its u.k. plant. in an historic speech to more than one hundred thousand north koreans the president of south korea vowed to bring both countries together the first time a south korean president has addressed a crowd of this size in the north korean capital moon and kim jong un wrapped up the second day of meetings in the capital by attending a special mass games gymnastic event moon praised the north korean leader and
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promised to bring the peninsula together but one. pyongyang citizens my fellow koreans during this visit i've been able to see the development of north korea the achievements of north korea and i've been able to see for myself and feel deeply about the kind of future that north korean people want to have and i had the opportunity to see the desperation and feel the urge of the north korean people to build their future i've seen the courage seen their determination my fellow korean people are great we are strong people we love peace and we have to live together. let's go live now to the south korean capital seoul and our correspondent there rob mcbride he's been following events for us president mean there talking about the achievements of the two day summit so far what do you think is the biggest achievement. i think one of the biggest things to be established here and that will count for an awful lot in the future is just the personal connections the
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personal bonding that seems to being going on over the past couple of days it does all seem extremely genuine the agreement itself it has to be said is quite lacking when you look at it there's very little detail there marty and looking ahead it's probably going to be a tough sell to get the americans on board and to get them back to negotiating with the north koreans but i think it's the spirit in which this has been signed the two sides have come together and have signed this declaration the friendship the bonhomie that seems to have existed and it has pervaded throughout these three days and we're only at the end of day two there's still more to come you do get a sense of it it's you can go slightly overboard when it comes to into korean relations and it's important to keep grounded that have been as we know so many false starts attempts at reconciliation between south korean governments to the north which of only ended back in acrimony and deadly insults threats of war
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being cast across the barbed wire so we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves but you do get a sense with moon and kim that they are trying to push things to such an extent that there will be no return that it will be impossible to go back to those bad old days and we saw some of that in the in the speech tonight you sense the excitement from the crowd also the emotion in the moon's voice when he was talking to the crowds he is from a family of north korean refugees that got displaced during the korean war so he had more than a little connection with the people he was addressing but he was promising that this will be a new era that there will be no more war and that koreans love peace multi and rob this key day affair so far as. really concentrated hasn't it on on providing some cultural symbolic events. photo opportunities basically for want of
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a better term well they have as much resonance in the south of the peninsula as they seem to have had in the north well he has taken a large delegation with them as we know when so as part of this agreement they haven't just been talking about nuclear warheads that actually forms a very small part of the pyongyang declaration as it will now be you know there were talks of all sorts of connections between the sporting front or cultural levels when it comes to the economy on the potential of building roads and rail links so there is an awful lot there to get south koreans excited about it has to be said there is a certain amount of summit fatigue here in south korea but people generally despite moon's popularity taking something of a nosedive recently this is an initiative that still generally has backing in south korea and this this summit hasn't finished yet day three tomorrow thursday we'll
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see jay and go with kim jong un to a very sacred place in your career it was an unshakable part that's just been added to the itinerary to go to. who this is a volcanic mountain way on the northern border with. china that has a special place for all koreans spiritually moving j.n. said he'd never been there before well his wishes come true he will be visiting there before returning to seoul marty from a bride live in the south korean capital seoul thank you and just a couple of minutes ago president trump commented on the summit between the two korean leaders. very good news from the us career south korea. they met and we had a great responses i got a tremendous letter from him jungleland as you know it was deliberate three days ago i would beg to commend his progress with respect to north korea prior to
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becoming president it looked like we were going to war with north korea and now we have a lot of progress we've gotten our prisoners back. we're getting our remains back they continue to come in a lot of tremendous things but very importantly no missile testing no nuclear testing. they've been scenes of jubilation in pakistan after a cold ruled that the former prime minister nawaz sharif could be freed on bail islam about high court ordered sharif his daughter and his son in law to be released until that appeal against corruption conviction can be heard grilled deficiencies in the case presented to an anti corruption coach which sentenced him to jail in july come out hide a report from islamabad. the high court had a grid to brand the president a three time former prime minister of pakistan mr nawaz sharif award found. in
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the field properties. that were being heard by the national accountability accord where send them they were being held at their prison and the city of rawalpindi at our dollar jail it is expected to be a shorter t.-bone of five thousand dollars approximately where they agreed that they were released on bail but will still have to face the ongoing probe by the national accountability court they will by no means be able to take part in political activities directly and also the political ban on mr sharif will continue until the final judgment in the case is pending against them are announced therefore although it is temporary for mr nawaz sharif in the long run he still has to face the full wrath of the law and the accountability cordage read malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has been detained again over
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a corruption scandal is already facing a string of charges linked to billions of dollars that went missing from the state's investment fund millions of dollars were transferred to his personal bank accounts personally has more phone call in the. this is a significant development former prime minister najib razak is expected to be charged in court tomorrow in relation to having received seven hundred million dollars from state investment fund one m d b now he's the first person in malaysia to be charged in relation to one m.t.b. the corruption scandal surrounding the state investment fund that he set up when he was prime minister and finance minister of that country it is also this very fund that the u.s. department of justice alleges not just and his associates had stolen at least four and a half billion dollars from now not already faces several charges ranging from criminal breach of trust to money laundering but those charges are in relation to in total
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a sum of ten million dollars that he had received from a company known as s.r.c. international a company that was formally a unit of one m d b a company under the ultimate control of the finance ministry of which he was in charge now and the new charges expected to be laid against not just on thursday altogether a lot more significant because they involve a much larger sum of money it also involves a more complex investigation investigators say the transactions that led to the money is flowing out from one end and into personal bank accounts were altogether more complex and more convoluted using foreign entities and several front companies save the children says more than five million children in yemen are at risk of starvation as a result of war around eighty percent of yemen's population get their supplies and aid through the port of who days are fighting his regime there following the failure of you him back tolls between the government and the rebels the charity
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says disruption to the ports operations is likely to push up food and fuel prices already the cost of foods risen by sixty eight percent since the year twenty fifteen the more than two thirds of people don't know. the next meal is coming from the charities warning the problems with the supply chain would call starvation on a number precedented scale amanda bryden is the game an advocacy advisor at save the children she says the fighting is making life far worse forget any children. what we've seen. recent days reports from our staff on the ground in her day there is that there's been escalating and fighting around the port city specially around key strategic junctions like sixteen in kill or ten what we're hearing from the country office is that some of our programs have had to be suspended with risks and concerns for staff safety we're also seeing. and hugely concerned about the
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risk to children. if the port city is temporarily closed or we see that lifeline i'm out of the city with the food and fuel supplies going to the rest of the country is cut off or if the porters temple are temporarily damaged we're seeing with our. health clinics where families are presenting with their children some really difficult choices that families are having to make so they can even afford the cost to bring their children or the few other bus fare to get them out to the treatment center for some of their worst children or whether they actually have to you.


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