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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 262  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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if we get that kind of culture with civil a culture of wanting to see truth of wanting to stamp out fake news then it could be a very powerful platform indeed the casper of algiers has been a unesco world heritage site for more than twenty five years but some people living in the old city or at risk of losing their traditional way of living in the arts world craftsmanship as the citadel crumbles from overpopulation and neglect her morgan has won. algeria citadel founded on a hill in the country's capital on the ruins of past civilisations including the berber the roman and later autumn and was made world harry takes sides in one thousand nine hundred two but to reject kyra a local craftsmen says the citadel and some of its features that make it such a treasured site are under threat lieblich look i do a lot of there's a may have to save craftsmen working inside a car because it's flowing into rings we need to restore this area we urgently need
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help without help handicraft is going to disappear several types of crops have already it is a period like the copper where all the ornaments make is coroutines don't act to save it nothing will remain for the cost. but like many of the people who live here rita has worked in many of the structures in because many of them especially those which date from the ottoman era are in an advanced space of disrepair mohamed is one of the few young men to take up traditional craft and has workshops here contributing to some restoration projects. this kind of job is more threatened than ever there are fewer and fewer crossman here there are no schools to learn how to do it i would love any young person who has a father or a relative who is across mint to try to learn what they do so it can last there is a famous saying which goes like when parents die only the school they teach to us remains. some structures were built in the sixteenth and eighteenth century and
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follow the same paths and three stories around a central courtyard and a terrace on the roof algerian authorities have listed age neglect and overpopulation as main contributors to the deterioration they see any work done to preserve the cause will depend on the state of the structure in antiquity and we decided that the priority was to restore ancient castles we also decided to restore engine sites like come on this operation cost a lot of money because those places were dilapidated buildings they were built to fall down so we decided to restore them it's a lot of money and the expertise to do it was also very expensive the cosmos population has doubled in the last fifty years to eighty thousand more than what it was originally designed to accommodate these of these only kind in the cities and many people who are working here were old men most of them did not pass on any of their knowledge they are retired or worse many have died so if you will have to pass on the tradition tradition that is
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a major part in making this fortified place a unesco site but now people fear it could lose its title and they could lose their history he will morgan al-jazeera sports news is coming up next and peter will tell us how africa's best crystal footballers are showing off their skills in nigeria. thank.
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you. well again time for the sports news here is peter green thank you very much as you've been hearing north and south korea have wrapped up their summit and the big
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news for sports fans is that the two countries are planning a joint bid for the twenty thirty two olympics but leaders didn't give details about which cities might host the games or how far they got in their planning but they've still got plenty of time they'll have until twenty twenty five before the international olympic committee announces the hosts germany has already said it will bid for the twenty thirty two games as well brit's been in australia indonesia is also interesting. we're joined now by jules boy coffee is a professor of politics at pacific university in oregon in the united states he's written a political history of the olympics as well jules how significant is this announcement that the two koreas plan to bid to host the olympics. well in terms of the wider efforts to bring peace to the korean peninsula and the possibility of denuclearization it's quite significant i think the announcement about the joint olympic bid should be read as a symbolic goodwill gesture and that is a nash and these wider and very important discussions around
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a peace process it's also significant for the international olympic committee which is very much needs a win right now after all fewer and fewer cities are eager to host the olympics as the downsides become more and more apparent things like overspending stadiums that are left afterwards in disrepair displacement of local populations and even sometimes serious corruption i mean just this week sapporo japan pulled out its bid for the twenty twenty six winter olympics leaving for cities all of which have some significant problems and so you know the i.o.c. has taking credit for what's happened between north korea and south korea point to the two thousand and eighteen chuang olympics that just happened and saying that this was an important step on the road and i think they're taking some measure of credit and i think at the same time i get it must be said that it points up the fact that there's a contradiction in the way that the olympic powerbroker speak on one hand they say
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that the olympics in politics shouldn't mix however right now they are seeing that they're embracing the politics when it suits their interests and the stance it's just a plan to bid what obstacles do they face. yes that's a really important point peter this is very early stages the twenty thirty two olympics are fourteen years away and as you mentioned in the lead up it's typically the host has given seven years ahead of the olympics so plenty of time on the road in first and foremost a hurdle has to be that a joint been relies on long term peace between north korea and south korea and to call that a political thicket is to make a major understatement there another hurdle i have to say coming to you from the united states as u.s. president donald trump and his hyperactive twitter thongs he showed a capacity for disruption and he blends this with a pretty serious an unfortunate lack of understanding of the geopolitics of the region but you know there's a limp dick hurdles as well for starters there's a built in skeptical audience in south korea right now south korea is currently
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experiencing a significant olympic hangover yung chang as i said just hosted the winter olympics earlier this year they went into debt to do so they destroyed ancient forests to make way for a ski run which was tremendously unpopular among many sectors of the population and now they're squabbling over who's going to pay to maintain these venue so there's likely to be some healthy skepticism on the home front not to mention from people that just don't want to have anything to do with north korea and the international olympic committee has never awarded a summer games to a co-hosting bid what would be different in this case. well this sort of thing is actually pressing in the same direction as a lot of the supposed reforms that the international olympic committee is trying to make to cost cuts to cut costs rather multiple city bids and perhaps as we're seeing now multiple country did are really the wave of the future for the olympics
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if the olympics are to have a future just look right now at calgary which is thinking about the two thousand and twenty six olympics they're talking about teaming up with whistler and western canada and vancouver it also looks like a lot via is now offering support for the stockholm did for those twenty eight twenty six olympics so what we're seeing is the wave of the future for the olympics professor jules boyko for was a pleasure having you on thank you so much for your time great to see of peter thank you. the n.h.l. pre-season has taken games to china this year in a bid to increase the sport's popularity in that country beijing will host the twenty twenty two winter olympics and several role players including former star wayne gretzky have been pushing for the league to make its players available for those games there was no shortage of star players on wednesday though in beijing when the boston bruins played the calgary flames a brace by jake to brusque helped the bruins to a three one win in the chinese capital it gives boston a clean sweep of a pre-season series in china the n.h.l. regular season for macy's on october first. i think all right and it was most
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unique to me i'm never sure turn it down over here being so i think it was kind of a small sample size not obviously. business to do well in first teams further falls on her age and their neighbors and. business come way too when. i was you can assure the guys here now we're looking for darcy over. the head of the u.s. anti doping agency says the move to try and lift russia's ban stinks russia was suspended nearly three years ago over a state sponsored program to dope its athletes but last week in an apparent you two in the world anti-doping agency's compliance review committee recommended ending the ban what is executives will put it to a vote in the next twenty four hours at a meeting in the seychelles u.s. anti-doping chief travis tygart is not impressed. you know after years of an open
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and transparent process to try to jam a decision that's a complete reversal you know what we dubbed as that u. turn has been extremely frustrating to all those and also you know the process stinks and it's been extremely shady how it's gone about and then substantively you look at the decision and there's you know no filming of the two remaining conditions and you know it's why you see outrage by athletes all around the world right now at the boss ability that russia could be reinstated under under these circumstances tiger woods says he'd love to compete for the u.s. at the tokyo twenty twenty olympics back problems means he had no chance to make the team for rio twenty sixteen when golf made its a limb to come back but he's had a solid season post-surgery and hopes he can stay fit. be an accomplishment to be a part of the one the top american players. have worked my way back to that point and then obviously it is two years from now and to have played that consistently
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for that period of time. something. put this where i'd like to see that happen i disconnected need to go out there and do it and i just to stay. keep my game at the level it is and will maybe refine a little bit more and stay healthy for that long like tiger u.s. open tennis champion soccer ball so wants to compete at the tokyo olympics but for japan she's in tokyo right now eleven days after winning at flushing meadows she's enjoyed a winning return to the tennis court at the pan pacific open after being given the first round by actually the many possible cover straight six sixty six one to reach the quota for. the men's world number one that i found that only skipping tournament in beijing and shanghai because of the knee injury that forced him out of the u.s. open. cristiana rinaldo has won the champions league for the last three years with real madrid but can he do it with a new team you ventus he's returned to spain with the you've
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a squad for their opening group game against valencia rinaldo school the first two goals for the club in city are at the weekend he's won the champions league five times overall and has a record one hundred twenty goals in the competition in the early games i.x. beat a k. athens well how phenomenal shakhtar donetsk drew two two in the next ten minutes former champions benfica and buy in munich meet in lisbon manchester city take on leon real madrid host rome while manchester united are in switzerland to face young boys and to football of a different variety freestyle football that is the first african freestyle football championships were held in the nigerian city of lagos you're watching ivory coast's abdul cut their corner in action here and this is either true or a of guinea showing incredible strength and skill but it was not enough to take the overall victory after three days of competition won himself three thousand dollars s.u.v. and an all expenses paid trip to the u.k. to perform during halftime at a pretty match. partially done in the that's all the sport all right peter great
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stuff thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour we'll hand you over to our colleagues in london and lauren taylor will be with you in just a moment with much more of the day's news right here on al-jazeera. in. decides the rules of engagement. wineskin permitted competence known competence. severely disabled surveillance. officer times two to four in croatia to confront
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a decision you know sixty minutes massacre. i witnessed. conservation ease helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international beast of a threatened species. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets in the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating
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the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that. people in power investigates how often it's attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection. freed from jail pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif is greeted by jubilant supporters after his prison sentence for corruption is suspended. and our entire this is live from london also coming up. a spectacular enter an historic day after the korean leader of the green mint aiming
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at a nuclear free. i can only say it's a serious issue that says he. continues to defend his court nominee as the woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual assault calls for an f.b.i. investigation. and the u.k. calls on the whole that stance on the irish border at bret's it talks in austria. and former prime minister nawaz sharif has been freed from prison on bail is not about high court ordered sharif his daughter and son in law to be released until their appeal against a corruption conviction can be heard it ruled there were deficiencies in the case presented to the court which sent them to jail in july. one of pakistan's leading politicians now was sharif has served three terms as prime minister is first time
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began in one nine hundred ninety one the second ended with a bloodless coup in one thousand nine hundred nine and in twenty thirty made a triumphant return to win a third term in power but just four years later sharif was forced out amid allegations of corruption and in april this year the supreme court banned him from politics for life in july the anticorruption court found him guilty of the purchase of four luxury apartments in london he was sentenced to ten years jail now he's been freed on bail but still faces two separate corruption charges come out high to his they just from the capital is not at all for the court who are digging a watch jerry for flu or north korea after the city of lahore their expression aircraft arrange for him to carry. a son in law captain and also the former chief minister of the porn job and younger brother of mcdonough wife. of god now as
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a temporary relieved by being out of gain however he is by no means exonerated the political district in the name of god will continue for some time until the final judgment and the ongoing denounce the government on the other hand saying that the court in their country of free they have proven that they are above politics although mr nawaz sharif party had been very critical of the country. the government information minister said that it was evidence that the country will free and fair. yes your state might pump air says talks to end north korea's nuclear weapons program will be completed by january twenty twenty one his comments come after north korean leader kim jong un edge to abolish key missile facilities and close
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its main nuclear complex came a speaking after a third successful summit with south korean president one jane about cheering crowds at the mask games brian reports from seoul. they hailed it as a new era for the korean people both in the north and the south of the peninsula they share a commitment to a denuclearized future was on monday when we agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats. the agreement means north korea will abolish some of its weapons development infrastructure and international verification on. the north has decided to permanently close the tom chang ri engine test sides and missile launches with the attendance of experts from relevant countries. the agreement also says north korea will close the young beyond nuclear facility that's being key to its weapons development but only if the u.s.
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reciprocates with concessions of its own that sounds like the kind of phase denuclearization rejected by more hawkish figures in washington who demanded north korea dismantles its nuclear program unconditionally and there is still no sign of a full inventory of what weapons the north has or a timetable for when it will give them up in spite of the smiles it's far from certain south korean officials have got enough from this summit to restart talks between the north and the us does not mention weapons or fissile material other things and the same thing with delivery systems they offered to close and dismantle a launch pad at a space launch facility but they say nothing about all of their mobile launchers and their submarine launch ballistic missile program for example but this summit has marked a new high into korean relations the military signed an agreement to defuse tensions along the heavily fortified demilitarized zone that separates the two
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koreas by removing guard posts and disarming soldiers who face off against each other between the blue huts of the panmunjom troops village. but what it turned into an unprecedented day had one more first in store on wednesday evening moon appeared as the honored guest at the mass games that are uniquely north korean display of unity through synchronized movements that involve tens of thousands of citizens even more astounding he addressed the crowd. i had the opportunity to see the desperation and feel the urge of the north korean people to build their future i've seen the courage i've seen their determination my fellow koreans korean people are great we are strong people we love peace and we have to live together i do that and you'll see this moment right here and now will
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be remembered beautifully and gloriously in our history for many years to come. it's another twist in this extraordinary diplomatic dance as to leaders seem embarked on a headlong rush into each other's embrace of the bride al-jazeera so. u.s. president donald trump says it would be unfortunate if the woman accusing his supreme court nominee of sexual assault did not appear before the senate judiciary committee christine basie ford says she wants an f.b.i. investigation into brett kavanaugh before she testifies publicly she's accused him of attacking her and high school allegations are threatening to derail cavernous confirmation to the highest court in the united states all the trump has defended him. she shows up as a credible showing that will be there is this a big decision but i can only say this is a generic there's a. very hard this is a good man says that it is a. what's going on at
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a white house correspondent can really help get to committee why is christine basie for pressing for an f.b.i. investigation. well her attorney says that she is pressing because this is a key and pivotal appointment to the supreme court the highest court in the land and so it needs to be investigated particularly given that the culture has changed from thirty six years ago in light of the hash tag me to movement where women's claims and accusations of sexual assault are being taken more seriously than perhaps during the one nine hundred eighty s. when she alleges both were teens and after a night of heavy drinking that she alleges brett kavanaugh groped an attempted to sexually assault her now why is the heavy drinking relevant well it's relevant because it appears that brett kavanaugh the nominee to the supreme court has boasted about the culture of heavy drinking that occurred when he was in high school during his years at georgetown prep take a listen to what he had to say. fortunately we had it we had
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a good saying that we we've held firm to do that to this day as the dream was reminding me before before the talk which is what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown prep spent a good thing for all of us so christine baazi for believes that her story needs to be heard by the senators who will vote on this very key nomination of brett kavanaugh for his part brett kavanaugh says he would also like to tell his story the opportunity is available for both in a public hearing on monday before the senate judiciary committee there's also the option for the accuser to speak privately to senators but this is certainly a problem for donald trump because he is pressing hard for this nomination to be confirmed in the broader senate before the congressional elections in november if that does not happen it would certainly spell trouble for the nomination that's
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because after the congressional elections of democrats take control of congress this nomination could be derailed altogether can be how could thank you very much indeed. british prime minister to resign mayors called on european union leaders to follow her lead and quote evolve their bricks and stance so as to get a good deal from both parties as she made the comments as she arrived at an e.u. summit dinner in the austrian city of salzburg she also welcomed comments from the e.u.'s negotiator me that he would improve a proposal on the northern ireland border. i believe this is the right proposal because it maintains frictionless trade it's the only credible and the goetia will plan on the table that delivers no hard border in northern ireland and also delivers on the votes of the british people when the so. who's in salzburg for us can we expect progress on the island issue. i think it's pretty unlikely if you were to be really charitable you and you were looking for something
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obscene mystically you might say there that there is a bits of a mood among european leaders that they accept the fact that reason may has moved a little bit is caused very heavy damage inside her own party in the u.k. they don't want to no deal bricks it as any cost and so they want to try to find some way of working with her to deliver something in the middle a few european leaders the promise of lithuania for example said we need to be more creative. to avoid a no deal but it doesn't get around the problem that the british position is that they want the free movement of goods across the irish border as three's a major said there but they don't want the movement the free moon anything else people services or anything else and the simple position is that you can have one or not all the rest because they call it cherry picking and so it is it is
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impossible to see how that how anybody can can can square that circle because if the british caving in any more to the european position then it's not it isn't brics it's and if the europeans cave in any more to the british position then they've broken their own rules and the fear is that other countries would want to do the same sort of thing and so it isn't very easy to see how others much room for compromise in the course of the timetable for deciding in october what the european position is and then in the vendor what what the final deal is going to be and if they've got anything by then then the whole thing falls over and it looks like there will be no deal so there is no time left really this or something else and teresa mayes also been talking about those calls for a second referendum. i mean she then repeated what she said fifty times before which is that there will be no second referendum i mean she might say that but then again she want to be prime minister by december because if if it gets to a point where in the event but there is no deal.


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