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just saw is from the countryside he came to a big hospital and experienced doctors perform the operation for him. how to care for one point four billion people china's unique challenge on the people's health on al jazeera. al-jazeera. into this al-jazeera news hour live from doha that is coming up in the next sixty minutes. don't get into north korea now understands and agrees that into korean relations is really important for the dialogue with the u.s. . south korean president returns to seoul after an historic meeting with north
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korea's kim jong il name pyongyang and. european union leaders discuss new partners in north africa to tackle the issue of migrants arriving on their soil. the fight against terrorism a new report says the blockade on cattle by neighboring countries has a negative impact. plus a display of affection or aggression out as there uncovers the dark truth about the treatment of animals in china's marine parks on polar east with the sport and it's for doping of the world or thirty votes on whether to lift russia's ban make protests from athletes around the globe. now it was an historic three days with north korea's kim jong un and now the president of south korea is back on home soil me. has been speaking to the media to
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address the nation about his trip to the north he said kim wants a second summit with the u.s. president donald trump as soon as possible and he said north korea has asked the south to mediate talks with washington that is how it should or. since the into korean relationship is in line with the development of the relationship between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang asked us to be the mediator they propose to work closely with south korea as well i think the u.s. should understand the position of north korea and resume the talks as soon as possible i believe the accomplishments made at the summit this time will lead to the progress of the talks ok we can bring to our correspondent robert wright and rob you've covered the entire three days haven't you and it's been full of important historic symbolism but what of substance as president moon returned to seoul with. that's right he has certainly been pushed to reveal just
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how far along the road we are towards denuclearization watter has been agreed what is north korea prepared to do is revealed first of all martin just to the extent to which they did talk about denuclearization this he says has been something of an achievement in itself and we know that this is the first summit where they've agreed that it should be on the agenda so that was a good starting point to the point of departure if you like and we have heard from moon that the north koreans are still very much committed to denuclearize ation apparently kim wants to concentrate on the economy as you've mentioned there he does want to visit with from the secretary of state of the u.s. might pompei o also is keen to have that second summit with donald trump and we've been getting those some more detail just about the kind of give and take that north korea is going to expect in any of these negotiations we know that north korea has
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offered to close down the young beyond nuclear facility but in return for concessions and mood has been pushed here quite a lot by the media saying just what kind of concessions is north korea looking for you do get the impression that in all of his conversations with north korea moon has a pretty good idea now what north korea wants to receive from the u.s. in return for the closure of young beyond but he's not revealing that at all he says that the number of measures were possibly discussed a number of extreme measures that north korea might be prepared to take in denuclearization but things that they weren't going to put in their pyongyang declaration you do get the impression that he is very much acting as the go between he knows what the kind of things are that north korea wants but his his role is very much as they would be. d.h. room we know that next week he goes to new york to the united states for
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a meeting on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly when he'll be meeting with donald trump and you assume that it's going to be there that he's going to really start the hard task of trying to act as the go between and trying to get concessions out from the u.s. but it is i think the the take away that we've had so far is it is very much in line with what we have expected from the north koreans that they're not going to act unilaterally unconditionally they are going to expect at every level some concessions from the u.s. and when it comes into korean relations though it does seem as if it's reached an unprecedented high has it the relationship between the two countries but economic economic and gauged and is something that seems have been promised by president moon and in so doing he might be taking himself into rather tricky territory given the level of comprehensive sanctions that are in existence against pyongyang still . he's under
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a huge amount of pressure here is under and pressure to have positively engage with north korea as a way of a vertical any kind of confrontation remember that's why he was almost forced into this embrace with north korea to begin with but he can only go so far because he is part of the international community that has this united front of sanctions against a country that is illegally going ahead with its nuclear program so he has come back from from pyongyang with his large contingent of business people business executives and so on they have been talking with the north koreans about all sorts of projects that they'd like to pursue such as a row across rail links across the d.m.z. or road links that run the length of the of the korean peninsula but all of that is dependent upon sanctions being lifted but he has been very upbeat about some of the other things that have been agreed about the military deal that was signed which is
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meant to defuse tensions along the demilitarized zone try to really draw down the numbers of soldiers that face across from from each other so he has been talking up some of the positive points which goes down very well here in south korea and obviously has been very popular in north korea but he's really been pushed on the central theme which is the whole denuclearization question and you do get a sense of just the manton that there is still to climb in trying to overcome the differences between what north korea wants and what the united states wants all right rob thanks for that robin wright our correspondent there in sell the south korean capital well now we can speak to remco brecker is professor of korean studies at leiden university he's joining us from there light in the netherlands thank you for joining us what's your assessment then of the overall achievements of this three day summit. well in terms of the development of the inter korean
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relationship this trip has definitely been a success military tension is looking to be defused fifty five by space agreement was signed to that effect so in that sense move definitely did good going to come you know i mean terms of denuclearization a missile to misty i don't think any progress has been made and sold at all do you know agreements are already promises that have been. made public percentage are really. just for show. now the missile side to do this now open to inspection according to north korea well that's been open for inspections in singapore so much really so not much has changed in that respect and day but nonetheless president trump in his remarks after day two of this summit he sounded incredibly enthusiastic and indeed meetings have already been shed it seems from.
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some other senior u.s. officials with north koreans particularly at the stuff on the sidelines of the general assembly next week in new york so there is something to work with quite clearly. oh yes now there is something to work with and i mean it's an incredible change i mean you know when you're back to the general assembly of the u.n. down and now it's in comparable there is something to work with moon and. succeeds in drawing tom back into into negotiations into into the ilo core. which is a good thing definitely. but in terms of the knickers sation we're not really much further along and i think one of the toss that moon will have to face the coming time is to basically and that's from know that the nuclear is ation is going to be a very difficult issue and may not be on the table at all and if it measures to do that well we'll probably see more progress if he doesn't manage to do that
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modellers where this is going to go remicade broke at the pituitary thank you very much. now migrant and breck's it high on the agenda of european union leaders who are meeting informally in austria britain's prime minister is there in full for going to try to convince e.u. leaders to be more flexible about the issue of britain leaving the european union and e.u. leaders they will be meeting without mrs may to talk about the blocks next steps and also been again the measures to try to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the. now the host austria says it wants to protect europe schengen free movement zone by forcing asylum seekers out laurence leamer. sits on the german side of the austrian border population seventeen thousand nothing much ever happens or at least it didn't until the great exodus of twenty
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fifteen when two thousand people a day were crossing the bridge which is the border now that bridges quiets an average of two migrants a day make the crossing but the austrians would like to make it zero the whole austrian plan calls for the schengen free movement zone inside europe to be maintained by forcing people who want to claim asylum to do it before they enter the european union the logic of that says that people might have to ask a country they're trying to escape from to help them become a refugee the austrians release the briefing documents in which they said that some single male migrants were characterized by and see freedom or backward looking religious attitudes the whole thing is straight out of the playbook of the populous far right. that also plays very well in small towns like fry lessing and the with a libyan but it would be wise if countries like libya and turkey where they are
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received first had reception centers it's smarter to help those countries register them none of which is to say that this place is unfriendly bashir who fled somalia three years ago is being looked after by locals his journey took him through libya could he really have asked for asylum in germany while he was a sixteen year old in north africa is fairly sure feel fairly sure of it would be really dangerous once you're out of your country nobody does anything for you and you can't go back it's just a whole lot of problems and trouble as it stands the migrant reception center and for the last thing has nothing to do because there are no migrants well over the border austria has gravitated entirely to the points of view of governments like those in hungary and italy which despise any migration with populous parties on the march before european elections next year the austrian presidency seems to be
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validating the most hardline views running go live to lawrence that his at that summit in salzburg and this is the key issue isn't it the issue of migration that is expose this deep full line among european nations and what exactly do you think they're prepared to do at this particular time in order to resolve it or at least paper over it. yeah i think for six months the presidency austria had said plainly it wanted to make it all about migration. and the european has had a problem for some time because any attempt to try to get all the member states to share out asylum seekers' kept falling apart because so many countries in particular hungary in the eastern bloc countries said we're not taking any and so consequently the european has been developing a new strategy to keep them outside the borders and protect the outside borders instead they saw the libya for example to beef up the libyan coast guard but libya is obviously a complete mess and people keep leaving him
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a picks up in the sea and cause a problem for me in other places and so the austrian society looking around to say well if you know libya then who is another country we can call a strategic partner the austrian chancellor donald tusk who's the president of the european council went to cairo last weekend when they met president c.c. and at this summit we're being told and briefed that the european union's new strategic partner to keep migrants out egypt is what chancellor said as he came in this morning your comment yet so far on the phone there are bits with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed code that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived it took them back so it's a very massive say they're trying to. progress with the model that they put in place that taking that they're going to have to throw an awful amount of cash on
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the north african countries if this is the way they want to proceed. yeah and if you are some of these these these hardline countries do you look after refugees they say no if you say to them will you pay someone else or the outcome the wallets you know that they got complete agreement on all this it's embryonic at the moment. briefed by senior u.s. official here this is what would happen under this deal if the boats picked up in the mediterranean come from libya they're going to give us the egyptians and they said well we'd really like that to happen but we don't know yet but with the one thing you absolutely know we'll see things you know first of all is going to make egypt very rich because they they they will be given a lot of money by the european union for doing this and be the european union sees no moral hazard whatsoever in doing this deal with a country which obviously has an absolutely terrible human rights records all right thank you very much for now laurent see our correspondent at that informal summit taking place in salzburg austria now malaysia's former prime minister has appeared
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in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including abuse of power and money laundering prosecutors are accusing najib razak of illegally transferring more than six hundred eighty million dollars from the one n.d.b. state investment fund into his personal account that has until the end of the month to pay the eight hundred fifty thousand dollars if he wants to be released on bail he denied corruption when charged with seven similar offenses last month let's go live now to florence reactors one and who's outside the court in kuala lumpur and thus far this is a massive raft of additional charges being leveled against the former prime minister assuming that he'll be able to make the eight hundred fifty million dollars bail. that's right now these charges are significant because they deal with such a vast sum of money and they also allege that these sums of money came directly
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from one state investment fund that set up when he was prime minister in two thousand and nine and the earlier charges that have been leveled against over the last two months relate to ten million dollars that he's alleged to have received from another state owned s.r.c. international a former unit of one m. d. and this is significant also because no one m.t.v. the corruption scandal surrounding one and the anger that the voters felt a rush over that corruption scandal was part of the reason that. coalition government was defeated after ruling this country for some sixty over years and that led to a new administration led by mahathir mohamad coming into power and since coming into power this new administration has made it one of its top priorities to investigate the corruption scandal surrounding one and. live in kuala lumpur thank you very much indeed. we're going to look. how u.s.
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sanctions have reduced the number of iranians visiting iraq on one of the holiest days for shia muslims pakistan's opposition leader now washer raef returns home to a hero's welcome after a court suspends his corruption sentence and in sport argentina's boca juniors stamped their all for a team in south america's biggest club competition up the details and there's only so was the. turks are being warned to expect lower economic growth over the next two years turkey's finance minister is trying to ease concerns about the currency which last . forty percent of its value against the dollar this year president. has accused the united states of waging an economic war the central bank defied president by raising interest rates last week to try to reduce high inflation in.
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this period is a period when economic sanctions are being used like weapons it's a global each challenge in period on the tenth of august turkey became part of this process because its economy and currency were targeted with a tax we want to make the best out of the five year term bestowed on us by our people and we will realize all these economic measures to make our country stronger more now from our correspondents in them. what the finance minister revealed today as an economic program of the new presidential system in turkey is not what the markets expected some of the economic analysts say and some of them say that this is almost the same the ripper titian of what the previous economy managements of the government have been have revealed in the in the last fifteen sixteen years the minister said that turkey is going to continue its fight against a high inflation rate which is up to double digits right now and he said that took
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him to bring it down to six percent by two thousand and twenty one and they will be creating at these two million new jobs for its citizens and turkey will be able to take under control of the current account deficit it turkey's it current account deficits has been a challenge for for the economy for the last sixteen years because it's the pendant on energy imports mainly from rush azerbaijan and iran which is based on the u.s. dollars and it creates almost half of the current account deficit but of course all eyes are on the decline in turkish fear on whether to whether the national currency is going to gain back its confidence its value against the american dollar or not a turkish lira has lost a lot of fairly following the following diplomatic dispute between washington and ankara for the last couple of months and now everybody. whether turkish lira is going to gain valley or not but of course the minister try to give the message to
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the international markets that turkey is a safe haven't they can come and invest in turkey and the curious see crisis is totally over but of course time will show whether the turkish lira is going to gain back the confidence. the head of israel's air force is jew in moscow following the downing of a russian warplane in syrian airspace russia's defense ministry blames israel for the deaths of fifteen m. and on monday the israeli government has expressed regret its accuses syria of firing in that currently during an air raid targeting hezbollah weapons chalons has more from moscow. this israeli military delegation headed by the commander of the air force major general and macam norton has come to moscow essentially to argue israel's case following the downing of this russian plane and in addition to say to the russians that iran is continuing to attempts to transfer
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strategic weaponry to hezbollah and establish a military presence in syria now regarding the downing of the plane what israel says is that it wasn't their fault their points are that it was extensive and inaccurate air defense fire from the syrian anti-aircraft batteries that down the plane that when these missiles were launched at the russian plane actually the israeli jets were already back in israeli airspace that during the strike that the is ready jets were engaged in the russian plane wasn't actually in the area of operations and that the syrians didn't even try to determine that there were no russian planes in the air so essentially what they're doing is saying to the russians we aren't to blame and also and this is important they're also trying to persuade russians that the current arrangement between russia and israel to
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allow israel to operate against iranian and hezbollah targets inside syria is mutually beneficial for both countries and should be jettisoned then outside despite the anger of the russian defense ministry over all of this there's no sign yet from vladimir putin that he is willing to tear up that deal over this incident . now an exclusive al-jazeera investigation has uncovered widespread abuse of animals in marine theme parks in china a two year investigation by current affairs program where one east reveals the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals at the center of a booming multi-billion dollar industry steve chow reports. i i to the public aquarium performances in china are entertaining mix of hype to find tricks i suppose animals feel i. need some displays of the
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affection i don't need. but exclusive behind the scenes video obtained by one of one east reviews a much darker picture no telling president or joe your union border c.n.r. . workers who asked not to be identified say animals such as seals sick with skin diseases and cataracts are abandoned in places called dining rooms left to swim in their own urine and feces for a horse in his or her so who knows food on you little woman goes i didn't. want to be on. the bench or you just drove the car no you see it the washing be in i all. in and come and be my old boss told you all over two years one when he stuck you mended many more sick and dying in him but
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this beluga whale looks like it's playing with some young visitors now see that's aggression but iommi rose one of the world's best known marine scientists says far from being happy this behavior indicates it's overstressed by captivity. if you see the same animals consistently responding in an aggressive open mount threat way to the people of the underwater viewing window then that starts telling you a bigger story that maybe this whale and particulars under stress she says conditions in china are the worst she's ever seen anywhere with dolphins and baluga swallowing debris and display areas far too cramped the tank for these three balloon guys is so small it's hard for them even just to turn around. roll says not only is there widespread abuse but animals are dying prematurely this is just one way conveyor belt ends and the other end premature death and
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this is supposed to be entertaining managers of the marine park didn't respond to our requests to discuss mistreatment the parks are now so popular there are more than sixty in china with a dozen more being built. there appears no winter china's aquarium park and for their captives no wind to their misery steve al-jazeera china. sea steve chiles program china caging the oceans while this is a twenty to thirty greenwich mean time here on al-jazeera but now it is sweet to chris straight to his head of animal welfare and captivity at the born free foundation and he's joining us from horsham in the u.k. scott thanks for joining us and i imagine that you were completely disagree with some of the scenes that you've just seen in steve chiles report. i mean this is these are scenes of horror dressed up as time and information of its attainment and
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it's it's really a worrying trend that we're seeing so many such facilities being constructed in china around in other countries around the world and that certainly there is an appetite to move away from such or such facilities in western europe north america and that's an interesting distinction that you make of us wondering how representative is all of the images that that steve has provided us with how representative are they of maybe an attitude towards wildlife in china or more broadly in asia well i think you have to look at the the very nature of these captive facilities for whales and dolphins for example and just by their very nature that they are wrong that they are completely misrepresentative of what these animals need their basic needs what they have evolved to utilize in the wild these around and those that live in complex and dynamic social sciences that the troubled past distances and dive to grow depths you cannot replicate even with the best will
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in the world in a captive facility right in the zone so the very latest very nature even before any abuse is discussed that you are dealing with a problem that these animals are expected to live in those conditions in danger you would argue against having any kind of food or any kind of aquarium where wildlife is being kept captive. these animals you have to remember being kept captive for entertainment these facilities are consumers of all whales dolphins and other marine mammals they are not serving any sort of conservation so let's let's park that point if that stops these are abusive and consumptive industries that frankly have no place in modern life and would you would you be confident in saying that this kind of abuse of wildlife does not occur anywhere in the u.k. anymore or in north america for instance and in europe i mean i'm i'm just reminded of
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a an instance of cruelty that scene still to pervade when it comes to the treatment of bears in central europe and there i know most instances of cruelty on a global scale involving captive wild animals it isn't perhaps that productive to make such distinctions on a global level between countries but we know that this activity the particular activity which scribing here in the marine parks and dolphin area inherently involves suffering and cruelty and that is something that is worthy of much further investigation and we would encourage governments to look carefully at their policies on these facilities and take the stance that countries like india and costa rica have done where they've ended the construction of any of these sorts of things the u.k. doesn't help have dolphin area anymore and we hope never to have any again there is also the issue of public attitude people we hope will start to see through the the smiles and the spaces orphans and see that actually suffering. interesting to talk
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to you thank you very much thank you. now reports coming in that the ugandan opposition leader bovey wine has landed back in the country the pop star turned opposition politician has been receiving medical treatment in the u.s. his lawyer had said that he had to go abroad because he was tortured in police custody over the wine is charged with treason for his alleged role in the stoning of the president's motorcade the government has banned rallies that were planned to welcome him home we can go live to our correspondent malcolm where he's in maggette a that's just outside camp all of the capital have you got any kind of confirmation then the wind has indeed touched down. in uganda. we have heard that the plane he's on has touched down and some of his associates are just tweeting on social media on the world who are free to plan but we're waiting for confirmation of that but for his associates have said on social media
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meanwhile we're just outside his house where they gather a crowd gathered of a supporters many of them wearing red berets red t. shirt chanting people power people power just a few minutes ago to pick up trucks the soldiers came here to look around they turned around the left the people here were cheering cheering chanting at them people power people power as they drove away the people here away think point out if. their hero bobby wine is going to be allowed to come home or if he's going to be detained in that case you can expect the and angry rocks reaction from from people like bees all right for now malcolm thank you very much malcolm what will keep us right up to date with the fate of bobby wine as he appears to have landed back home in his country uganda. now in just a couple of minutes we'll have all the weather and also coming up on this out is there a news out. of the sad as the unblemished record this is
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a very tough thing for him and his family donald trump defends his choice for u.s. supreme court judge despite a sex assault godall and his ford wolfie out nothing goes right in a big defeat for the world clears champion paul will have that story just a little bit later in this hour it's. been nice pink skies by the taj mahal. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we've got some severe weather brewing just off the coast of india if you play the satellite sequence you can just see a massive blob of cloud here but within that blob we do have a circulation forming the winds are currently around fifty kilometers per hour so not too strong but it is in a part of the environment which is quite favorable for the development of
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a more intense storm so that means the winds higher in the atmosphere aren't too strong it also means the sea surface temperatures here nice and warm their own twenty nine degrees and that warmth is what's going to be the energy source for this system so over the next few hours then we're expecting this to develop and work its way towards the west come over the shoreline you know around ten hours or so and when it does it should be a tropical cyclone so very very strong winds very heavy rains the winds likely to be around eighty or ninety kilometers per hour but the rain will be the main issue from this system you can see the center of the circulation there just to the north of hyderabad and then that system will work its way towards the west i mentioned though the energy source of this system is the sea so once it's over land it will start to disintegrate that means it's going to drop all the moisture that it's already sucked up from the bay of bengal so this whole region is likely to see a lot of heavy rain as we head through the next forty eight hours or so and there is likely to be some flooding as well at times. the weather sponsored by cats on
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race. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life so that would eventually one fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges the gap that existed in this. nominate your own for groceries here on shine the light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your moment for the international pacer ward two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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obviously take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news out after an historic three days with north korea's kim jong un the president of south korea is now back on home soil. in says north korea has asked the south to mediate in talks with washington and that kim wants a second summit with president trump as soon as possible. european union leaders are meeting in austria with migration and sit high on the agenda they'll be meeting without the british prime minister to resign me to discuss the next steps on the
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u.k.'s exit from the block but also be talking about measures to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the e.u. . former prime minister's appeared in court again to face twenty five additional corruption charges including abuse of power and money laundering. that denies illegally transferring six hundred eighty million dollars from a safe investment fund into his bank account. that the u.s. is partly credited the improved security situation in iraq to a declining global terror attacks in two of the seventeen that's according to a report out by the state department eight thousand five hundred eighty four terrorist attacks were carried out last year and that's down twenty three percent on twenty sixteen well despite that reduction in violence the situation in afghanistan continues to worsen as a result of attacks by the taliban the department name wrong the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism accusing it of intensifying several conflicts in the
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middle east and it says the saudi led. is having a negative impact on regional counterterrorism cooperation. that we can bring to the way is here with me he's the director of the go study center at university thank you for coming in. not really a surprise then that the united the say department report highlights iran's alleged role as being perhaps the main proponent and probably of what it considers to be terrorist activities around the world absolutely no surprise i mean this is iran has been mentioned in the report around five four four times and the context was a repetition of what of what's been mentioned two thousand and sixteen reports were basically linking iran with the sponsoring terrorism in the context where the linkage between iran has been around hammers and what's happening in syria some of the militias brought by iran. and i think that is that is reconfirming the
1:38 pm
perception of iran in the united states we cannot you know ignore the fact that the united states since the withdraw of the nuclear deal is sort of very clear policy of. bringing iran back to the square where it is you know a rogue state with the state isn't actually supporting terrorism and sort of demonization of iran if you want to call it and yet the policy has been incrementally increasing are saying and the appointment of particular hawks are particularly hawkish towards tehran i jumbled and next week obviously the u.n. general assembly gets underway in a mist and that is where we can expect to see a lot more another tranche if you like such as that this week the second other stage of confrontation i think the narrative we were here in new york will be very interesting from trump and from the iranian president let's remember last year
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trump speaking about north korea and why he wants to wipe korea of both korea of the map so let's see what we would do see about iran the stunt then the interesting thing also. that was the mention of the blockade which has been undertaken by four regional countries against cattle and saying that that is actually counterproductive when it comes to its fight against terrorism this is absolutely confirming words the united states tried to do in the. june two thousand seventeen united states actually signed very clear you know agreement with butter on the counter terrorism the report is actually confirming that steps and and the measurements taken by the government. it shows that home as you know that iran is cooperating with the united states and delivering on their notes on the promises there is very clear message not only to the country to the world that is actually
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a serious fighter against terrorism in the region i think that is something for a country need to take it seriously by james wary thank you very much my pleasure. shia muslims worldwide are commemorating assura that's the annual mourning for the prophet mohammed grandson imaam hussein was killed in the battle of karbala in what is now iraq and that was thirteen hundred years ago hussein's death was a major factor in the split into two main sects of islam sunni and shia the anniversary is commemorated worldwide on the tenth day of the first month in the islamic calendar some share every year beat themselves to express their grief for the pain hussein suffered. u.s. sanctions have made it harder for a rainy and shia muslims to travel to iraq to mark a shura our correspondent rob matheson reports from the iraqi capital baghdad the two. intense and vibrant assura in the iraqi city of kabul.
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the crowds which used to pack the shrine of imam hussein are smaller because thousands of iranians can't afford to be here. we came to iraq because we love to visit the holy shrines but the economy crunch means many iranians can't afford to visit karbala on ashura day. iranian shia worshippers usually travel to kabul at this time of year but iran's been hit by u.s. sanctions since august the value of its currency the reaal has plunged for the iranians getting to karbala is expensive now and for some even the price of a hotel room is simply too much of in their cars off the hotel business in karbala in previous years was booming now we can only make ends meet last year we had more than two hundred seventy big iranian religious groups staying at my hotel alone and now there are just seven small groups. from the economic point of view the u.s.
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economic sanctions on iran have really affected iraq's religious tourism when iranians come to my shop to buy souvenirs most of them can't pay i sure is marked by prayers for sessions and food handed out at stores like this one all over iraq is held on the tenth day of the holy was of the heart of the death of a mom for sale one of the grandsons of prophet muhammad who many see almost as the third. he died thirteen hundred years ago in a battle where the city of karbala now stands for mine here put a year ago iran's currency was in good shape and now we have financial problems but ryan's will strive to come here during the holy month of. for shia muslims the show to is a time of reflection and remembering i many iranian worshipers may also the members this uses it as a time of financial hardship matheson al-jazeera back to. jubilant crowds of supporters of pakistan's former prime minister as now as sharif was freed from
1:43 pm
his ten year prison sentence islam about high court ordered his release on bail along with his daughter and son in law until their appeal the head judges found deficiencies in the prosecution's corruption case involving the buying of luxury homes in london come all high the reports from outside cherries. in the hall. off to his release from jail by the order of the high court with. the sentence for no washer. and son in law captain. have been hauled to a rousing welcome at the airport from where they drove to their farmhouse on the out of the city of lahore and it took quite. a month of more hard around security. to be taking out on the ninth and tenth. and therefore maximum security in place
1:44 pm
now why should the fourth quarter. were a week ago he will be receiving gates for. why did not like need to give any political statement for the next few days after that it is likely that he will go to his board and try to win as many seats in the by election which is due and a month of all. that great also be a litmus test for his popularity and may for the problem in case they go back a number of seeds. which will make the situation for the new government even more precarious because they have a coalition and it's lamb of god but legal experts also warn that the legal order still hanging over their shady family and he may still be found guilty and other different which are under way and the national accountability bureau. canadian
1:45 pm
government leaders are urging more flexibility from the united states as time runs out to agree a new trade deal to replace nafta canadian negotiators are being pressured by the trumpet ministration to make concessions if a new agreement is to be signed by the end of the month the us president's already agreed with mexico to revise parts of nafta the north american free trade agreement which he says has been a disaster for american jobs. nafta is a very complex agreement which governs the largest trading relationship in the world it governs choose billion dollars worth of trade every day. for an agreement of this scale thirteen months for a very deep water rise ation of the kind we're working on is absolute. trade agreements do take some time both to negotiate and to update because the economy's complicated trade agreements are complicated and we're out salute we committed to
1:46 pm
getting this right and to getting a good deal for canada the president said it would be unfortunate if the woman accusing his supremes cool nominee of sexual assault didn't appear before the senate judiciary committee christine blasi ford says she wants an f.b.i. investigation into her allegations before she testifies publicly. reports. of an optimistic donald trump surveying the damage in north carolina from hurricane florence but back in washington trump was dealing with a very different storm surrounding his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is such an outstanding man very hard for these you imagine citizens to cavanagh's been accused of sexual assault by this woman christine blazin ford ford says she was fifteen when a drunk seventeen year old cavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom at a party groped her attempted to remove her clothing and held his hand over her
1:47 pm
mouth to prevent her from screaming three years ago cavanagh hinted at the culture of his exclusive high school georgetown prep based on a very familiar phrase what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown prep. senators say for deserves to tell her story congress has given her the chance to speak privately with senators or publicly at a hearing on monday i just want to say to the men of this country to shut up and step up do the right thing but ford has not yet committed to a hearing and is pressing for the f.b.i. to first investigate the thirty six year old claims republicans are accusing democrats of playing politics deliberately drawing the process out to delay a hearing and to rail kavanagh's nomination if she shows up as a credible showing that will be various procedures up to make a decision an investigation of ford's allegations could take months and would be
1:48 pm
devastating for republicans eager to push this nomination through before november elections when democrats could potentially take control of congress can really help at al-jazeera the white house. by the world. here. against.
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1:50 pm
from the source he is now his full saying thanks very much the world anti doping agency water is meeting now to decide whether to reinstate russia's drug testing or thorough it would be the first step to allowing russian athletes to compete under their own flag again at international competitions russia's anti-doping agency rosado has been suspended for almost three years after an investigation revealed state sponsored doping of athletes but there's some question over whether the russian agency has followed a so-called road map put in place for its change anti-doping agencies from the u.k. and u.s. have called on water to mattel maintain their ban and so have top athletes are fleets including shop valerie adams and. signed their names to a letter which said we recognize that russian sport has taken significant steps forward on the road to compliance however given the severity of russia's agree just violations to the integrity of sports the conditions of the road map are
1:51 pm
appropriate our request is simple follow the rules that you've created the same way we are expected to you owe it to all clean athletes to be the guardians of clean sports so let's take a look at the history of russia's anti doping agency in november twenty fifth day in an investigation found evidence of state sponsored systematic doping of russian athletes on a massive scale led to track and field athletes being suspended indefinitely from international competition reports published by investigative richard mclaren six months later said that more than a thousand. and russian athletes benefited from the doping scheme to cover up positive tests over a five year period it details how urine samples were switched russia denied the allegations but last december their olympic committee was suspended ahead of this year's winter games and russian athletes could only compete under the olympic flag to be reinstated the russian anti-doping agency has been given several conditions
1:52 pm
to adhere to namely to accept the findings of the mclaren report and allow water inspectors into their moscow lab or there's some question on whether they've actually done this our sports correspondent lee wellings joins me now live from london leigh how's risotto complied or are the athletes correct to be upset. this is how it looks it looks like it was a bending towards russia being compliant towards russia rather than the russians or the bow and complying with what water was asked them to do their work a things that people know that the russians were asked and how they complied with them they were said i wanted needed to publicly accept findings of the macaron report that involved that it was a government backed cheating conspiracy to house russia ever actually accepted that the answer would have to be no also proper access to the moscow did that ever
1:53 pm
happen again we have got no evidence of toll that the investigators were given the access that was needed this is what's being discussed right now in the seychelles the how they haven't actually got to fully discussing the findings of their compliance with committee yet but when they get on to that they've got internal division we have a vice president of wada said they're not voting for russia to be reinstated in the more division there is the more problems water has they need to be seen to be in this together and they know they're going to get criticism and the athletes have a right to be upset because there is of course an extremely wary attitude still to russian for the competing not yet under their own flag now why do want to seem to be keen for russia to come back into the fold. well you got to realize the amount of pressure that water is always suppose we can have a misconception that water is above sport and mike this isn't everyone has to comply with in fact water often finds itself almost begging for money needing to be
1:54 pm
funded properly and to conduct a proper investigations into look for a clean a sport now has to have a really strong relationship with the international olympic committee doesn't have that at the moment no it doesn't at all and the i.o.c. we know want russia to actually be properly back into the fold of the high level it's always been uncomfortable for the international olympic committee that russia are on the outside that's why they've been really relatively soft with them with such things as p.r. china where effectively that russian saying that was competing there not under its own flag that was russia so what has to be very careful with that look so it's part of war there's duty to try and make sure that there is rehabilitation and to bring chips back into the fold not just exclude them so you can see boy they're under a lot of pressure but also you can see why there is such an amount of criticism about anything it appears that for them being soft on russia. given all those influences is what a fit for purpose does it need
1:55 pm
a whole new independent body to be put in place we are getting close to this being the biggest crisis for water and there are many people including the international olympic committee that feel that it's had its of course what is the replacement how long would it take to put in i bought either properly governance or so i do think water is in a lot of trouble and they really could do without actually being closer together on this decision but the people that really suffer as per usual with you and i love you is people who are watching sport hoping that it's clean because this political maneuvering that's happening is not showing clean sport lee wellings our correspondent in london thanks very much we'll be monitoring not throughout the day . christine and i were naldo could miss a return to play his former club manchester united after being sent off in his first european much fear ventus the champions league record goalscorer was shown a straight red after an off the ball incident at valencia it's the first time he's
1:56 pm
been sent off in one hundred fifty four champions league games events are still went on to win to nail juniors have kept up their campaign to win a seventh cup at liberty doors title with a crucial win in the quarterfinals the argentine giants who ousting brazilians cruzeiro in the first leg out to lob on one at a former syria and premier league forward mario's or are put them one nil up in buenos aires pablo perez emphatically sealed the win in the second half. an hour away goals for the brazilians who host the second leg in belo on his own chase in october. continental club football is carrying on in venezuela despite the economic crisis there caracas f.c. hosting athletico pardon and say in the corporate suit americana rafael vega getting both goals for the brazilian visitors in this quarter final. last year's world series win as the houston astros have had that charge to the playoffs told
1:57 pm
they lost nine nothing to the seattle mariners on wednesday night not helped by miss feel that the plate by catcher martin maldonado nor were they helped by this kyle seeger hits coming straight back at pitcher dallas at one hundred sixty kilometers per hour great reactions to get his glove in the way it was nothing went to plan for houston three mariners players at home and the astros still lead the oakland a's by three games at the top of the west. four world heavyweight belts will be on the line when defending champ anthony joshua steps into the ring in london on saturday joshua is back at wembley stadium for the first time since beating bottom a klitschko in april last year he holds the w.p.a. i.d.f. w.b.i. and i.b.o. heavyweights high falls the man trying to take them off him is alexander ovechkin of russia. and i will have more lighter back to you marty wolf thank you very much indeed and that's all for this al jazeera news hour thank you very much for your
1:58 pm
company but don't go anywhere because laura will be in this chair much more of that they say that it. decides the rules of engagement. wineskin and permitted competence known competence severely disabled civilians. officer returns to divorce in croatia to confront a decision he made to no known history minette massacre. a
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witness documentary. discover the stories you didn't know about. you we miss the life changing scenes. no just the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be a part of it. refocus al-jazeera balcones international documentary film festival saturday from twenty first to twenty fifth september marine theme parks are making a big splash in china. but are there death sentence for the ocean's most majestic and. when an east investigates. on al-jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human point in
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the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. a show of unity south korean president one day and returns to sold off to a historic meeting with north korea's kim jong. il or them or a colossal this is al sara live from doha also coming up european union leaders discuss new partners and north africa to tackle the issue of migrants arriving on the soil. for malaysian lead in the faces new challenge.


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