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out of the view find latin america series on now to zero. zero. zero welcome to the news hour live from my headquarters in doha i'm fully back t. ball coming up in the next sixty minutes dozens of people are dead after an overloaded ferry capsizes on lake victoria in tanzania. use we need strong north african portman's storms and the fish in countries like egypt rwanda others could egypt provide the key to europe's migration crisis e.u. leaders considering new north african partnerships as they meet in austria also this hour. celebrations in uganda as pop star
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turned politician bobby wine returns home from the u.s. where he receives medical treatment for injuries he suffered in custody and the world anti-doping agency lifts a ban on russia after a three year suspension. thank you for joining us at least forty people have died in a ferry sinking in tanzania but that number is expected to rise when rescue operations resume on friday morning the accident happened in lake victoria will carry island a warning that some of you might find the following images disturbing estimates suggest hundreds of people were on board the boat when it capsized but the national ferry service is operators says it is hard to get precise numbers of passengers as a person dispensing tickets is among the dead overloading has been the cause of
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a number of other previous deadly ferry sinking on lake victoria. catherine sori has more now from nairobi in neighboring kenya. i've just spoken to the home affairs minister who says this rescue operation has been suspended till friday it's been very difficult for the rescuers to work in the dark i also spoke to a journalist based in the capital the rest alum and he's been talking to people in the ground including a fisherman who told him that he saw many bodies being retrieved from the lake president michael fully has also issued a statement condoling with the bereaved asking tanzanians to keep calm as a rescue operations continue through the coming days and also as you know investigations into what exactly happened to begin but what we do know from witnesses is that this ferry appeared to have been overloaded it has
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a capacity of about a hundred people we're told it was carrying way more than that including many bags of cement and goods as well and it seems to have been toppled over by a very bad weather now this is the fast serious incident in many areas to happen in that lake the last time there was a major incident was back in one thousand nine hundred six when another ferry capsized killing up to a thousand people it was also said to have been overloaded in other world news e.u. leaders are warning britain's prime minister that time is running out to agree on a bracks a deal the warning came on the final day of the informal you summited songs birth austria with just six months to go european council president donald tusk says aris amazed her pozole is unworkable but maine says her deal the so-called check is plan is the only one on the table. yes concerns have been raised i want to know what those concerns are there's
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a lot of hard work to be done but i believe that there is a willingness to do a deal but let nobody be in any doubt that as i've always said you know we are preparing for no deal there is no counter proposal on the table at the moment that actually deals delivers on what we need to do and respects the integrity of the united kingdom and respects the result of the referendum. ever about the shirt of the viewer the positive elements in the czech proposal the framework for economic cooperation. not least because it risks undermining the single market the irish question needs something more than only good intentions i mean we need a. clear and precise guarantees. siddhis what you probably didn't bridget is the choice of the british people and it's pushed by some who predicted easy solutions but it tells us one think and i fully respect the british
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sovereignty by saying this it has shown us that those who think that they can easily do without europe that it will go very well and that it will make a lot of money outliers. europe's migration crises was also high on the agenda in salzburg a subject that's divided the e.u. well now the bra could soon be turning to egypt for help after chancellor made the suggestion lawrence the reports from salzburg this is the man to whom the european union is now looking to solve its migration issue president sisi of egypt. it was a surprise development at the salzburg summit the idea was driven by the rightwing austrian chancellor sebastian coe it's who visited c.c. last weekend he's come back full of praise at how good egypt is at stopping refugees from leaving your comment yet so far on the phone our bit with egypt we have for the first time a country in north africa that is willing to intensify talks with the european
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union egypt has proven that it can be efficient since two thousand and sixteen it is managed boats that leave egypt for europe and when ever they have lived it took them back. the thousands of men women and children who have drowned in the mediterranean bear witness to the total lack of a strategy from the e.u. either to help rescue them or to find a reliable partner in libya to help instead europe now has many leaders whose biggest priority is to keep asylum seekers out egypt c.c. looks to be in. the european union has found it absolutely impossible to persuade individual member states to share out asylum seekers between them but if you ask those same countries would you pay somebody else to do it then they all reach for their wallets in terms the new european migration plan is to outsource the whole thing to egypt and they see no moral hazard in getting a country with such a poor human rights records to do it. the e.u.
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if it means that egypt will run migrant detention centers whether asylum claims for europe will in future be done in cairo and they say it's still early days but more summits focusing on egypt are being planned for december and february there is no one size fits all solution to this indeed if it is the case that there is good migration management in egypt and it seems to be the case well and good but it does not mean that it's automatically the solution for libya where there's a very very completely different set of circumstances different issues of governance in fact almost no government in many cases so you can't simply say we'll do we're going to do what we did over there over there you have to apply you know principles of humanitarian principles and support for the human rights of those who are involved if there was unity about the need to keep asylum seekers out there was just as much on trying to stop the u.k. from leaving the e.u. or at least the continued flat rejection of the british prime minister's proposed plan she now has under
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a month to come up with something new. south korean president says a declaration officially ending the korean war should happen as soon as possible his comments follow a historic three day summit n.p.r. now moon has turned to mediator between donald trump and kim jong un to help fulfill the promise of a nuclear free korean peninsula rob mcbride reports from seoul. this summit ended as it began rich in symbolism president moon j.n. of south korea and his north korean host kim jong un top of mt peck to the highest peak of the korean peninsula spiritually significant to all koreans into korean relations have seen many false starts with attempts at reconciliation often returning to threats of war but there's a strong sense muna and kim want to forge a bond so strong that they can never slip back to the acrimony of the time.
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we adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal and tragic confrontation and hostility. some weapons facilities will be closed but there's little detail on how to fulfill them or they promise to make the peninsula you clear three it's enough though to breathe new life back into the store negotiations between north korea and the united states and could lead to a second summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump but many believe to make real progress it's now time for the photo ops to give way to detailed discussion i mean it's going to be really really difficult and the president and kim jong un don't know these things any kind of detail which is why we keep getting these some of declarations that are very short because the detail has to be worked out by the experts. more skeptical observers suspect north korea now with south korean support may have other reasons for pushing for a summit and this is
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a significant diplomatic success for moscow area because in a few months we should disband to make preparations was a summit and during the summit itself we are not going to see any confrontation and this is exceptionally. that kicks their major goal is to await donald trump alt as soon as moon returned to seoul he broadcast live to south korea. he revealed that kim has offered a number of unspecified steps towards denuclearization but would be expecting concessions from the u.s. in return. the detail measures or the appropriate measures are things that must be agreed upon between north korea and the u.s. . it underlines moon's vital role now as go between the north koreas negotiations with the u.s. as he prepares for a meeting next week with trump whatever the outcome this summit with kim has
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revealed to leaders building a home grown man and then term for a change that may be difficult to stop robert bride al-jazeera so. the british foreign secretary has met with the leader of myanmar and son suchi jeremy hunt says they addressed atrocities in rakhine state that forced nearly seven hundred thousand range of muslims to flee to bangladesh. but it talked about the importance of speaking out for due process and for justice but we should remember that she doesn't control the military in this country and the person i wanted to meet that wasn't referred to me is the commander in chief of the military minong lane and if i'd seen what i woulda said to him is that it is absolutely essential that the perpetrators of any atrocities do have accountability that there is justice and that the world is looking to see if that happens and if it doesn't happen it will hold him accountable hand says they also spoke about to why it is journalists who
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were jailed recently for their reporting on the military's attacks on ranges this is something that has caused us enormous concern the british embassy here attended most of the trial we are supporters of believers in freedom across all over the world and i raised with exciting switching my concerns that due process had not been followed in this particular case and she said that she would look into it. the white house says it's authorize new cyber operations against foreign countries ahead of november november's midterm elections u.s. national security advisor john bolton who made the announcement did not say which nations would be targeted or specify the nature of the operations the move is part of a new cyber strategy the white house says will protect the nation. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including the fight against terrorism a new report says a blockade on qatar by neighboring countries has
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a negative impact plus how u.s. sanctions affected the number of people visiting iraq's karbala on a shura by the show holiest days for shia muslims and russia's doping ban has been lifted paedo have the details in sports. first ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine has found to keep fighting the government or die trying he was speaking to crowds of supporters outside his home near the capital kampala after returning from a medical trip to the united states malcolm webb has more from company. these people want change in uganda. and they think pop star turned politician robots are you loni can bring it he's better known as bobby wine very popular among young people because it is home to wait for his return from the u.s.
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so what do you mean the president of uganda is coming to. us and is fighting for us this government of ours. everything they use. we citizens who don't have guns they use many form. and the men in uniforms made it clear that people were not allowed to gather in the street just being in the wrong place at the wrong time was enough to get beaten. well the wine says soldiers tortured him when they arrested him last month fiame denies it in america for medical treatment i assume he landed at the airport police bundled him into a car and rushed off the last thing they want to crowds of thousands of his supporters gathering on the airport road that leads into the capital kampala. back at his home supporters came to welcome him his popularity the threat to
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seventy four year old president you know rima seventy who's ruled for more than three decades will be one survived was inside a fellow there just integrate the thankfully there was so over the course they are very excited see the they don't know as well now the crisis they were accompanying her over there for the police they gave her only allow we don't know any of the they kill her that's the president of the earth the police didn't want to take any chances so they pulled him away to his front door. three quarters of ugandans around thirty years old many of them are running out a pop stop it was the change of massive appeal i have come to continue exactly where i stopped i am going to fight on and like i say that we must get our freedom always out so i will get i will treat. his wife and children hope it won't come to
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that but you can that and never have a peaceful change of power you will be winds being charged with treason. to a bigger crowds than any politician in the government attempts to stop him only seemed to make him more popular malcolm webb al-jazeera come pala uganda alex vines is the head of the africa program at the think tank chatham house he believes the ugandan government will not back down and keep up the pressure on bobby wine. president seventy of uganda sees him self as the liberationists of uganda he sees himself as the father figure and bobby wine represents a challenge to his thirty two years in office so there will be continued intimidation and harassment maybe a bit more subtle hopefully not torture but probably one's going to find himself having a difficult time coming i think the ugandan youth and urban ugandans many of them are very sympathetic to bobby one but if you look at the electoral pattern uganda
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is still a very rural society and so the president in a seventy the incumbent leader still has quite a significant amount of support in the rule areas so i think the challenge for bobby wine is how to translate this now into rural support and also to unite the opposition to become a true figurehead there's no doubt he's won the argument in the urban areas in amongst you that he hasn't done that yet and the rule there is there's no doubt that mr mustafa knee and the ugandan government are under significant pressure at the moment and there is some fragmentation going on in their security forces poppy wine is just one of number of headaches you gunder is facing just now the u.s. state department says it's not responsible for paying the medical costs for palestinians receiving treatment in east jerusalem this comes two weeks after president donald trump ordered that twenty five million dollars earmarked for eastern ascends hospital network be redirected to higher priority projects at the
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end of august the trump administration cut all funding to the un's relief agency for palestinians on raw. the united states government does not believe that it is responsible for paying for the hospital bills now that may shock some people to hear that the palestinian authority is the one that actually incurs these bills on behalf of palestinian citizens and others who seek treatment at that hospital the palestinian authority is solely responsible for paying for the treatment of palestinians in those hospitals historically they have neglected to pay the bills at their hospital of those individuals and other bills related to the hospital are funding in the past has generously shored them up. the p.a. though we have seen the palestinian authority is prioritizing pain its debts. has pro failed to prioritize paying its debts and has instead put money into
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funding things like payment to families of terrorists and payment to. as you all were or well aware of the taylor force act and payment to families of those who have been imprisoned the u.s. government says a twenty four percent drop in the number of terrorist attacks last year was due in part to the defeat i saw in iraq the u.s. state department's latest on your survey details around eight and a half hours and attacks half of them in five countries including afghanistan where the taliban's been staging a resurgent campaign the other four countries are iraq the philippines india and pakistan the u.s. again accuses iran of being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and the state department says the fifteen month sounding led brocade on qatar is hampering regional counterterrorism efforts by jobs where he is the director of the gulf study center at qatar university he says the report reveals a lot about america's perception of iraq. run has been mentioned in the report
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around five four four times and the context was a repetition of what of what's been mentioned two thousand and sixteen reports are basically linking iran with the sponsoring terrorism in the context where the linkage between iran has been around him and what's happening in syria some of the militias are brought by iran. and i think that is that is reconfirming the perception of iran in the united states we cannot you know ignore the fact that the united states since the withdraw of the nuclear deal there is a sort of very clear policy of. putting iran back to the square where it is you know a rogue state where the state is not actually supporting terrorism and sort of demonization of iran if this is absolutely confirming what the united states tried to do in the since june two thousand and seventeen the united states actually signed very clear
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you know human to. counter terrorism the report is actually confirming that steps and and the measurements taken by the government. it shows that how much you know the iran that is cooperating with the united states and delivering on their notes on a promises there is very clear message not only to the country to the world that is actually a serious fighter against terrorism in the region i think that is something for a country need to take it seriously. a senior u.n. humanitarian official for syria says air raids and ground offensives likely to continue despite a plan that has delayed any major military offensives russia and turkey is still working out the details of a fifteen to twenty kilometer wide to militarize chord or it's designed to keep government troops and rebels apart but as seventy deca reports among taqiyya many confuse about how it will work. the demilitarized zone agreed on by turkey and
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russia is due to be established around fifteen kilometers from here it's a topic on everyone's mind one of the. demilitarized zone will be a separate zone between us and the regime turkey will ensure our side and russia will ensure their regimes in order to prevent any battle i think all the factions will accept this because turkey is pushing forward and we are with turkey but these fighters a coalition called the national liberation front are believed to be backed by turkey and getting them to fall in line will be easy the problem may be with groups that have been deemed terrorist organizations like the hill formerly known as the nostra front and accused of having links to al qaeda. i don't think hyatt to rielle sean will disappear they will break up and join the other factions there is no way that turkey will accept them staying in a loop so what if h.t.s. and other groups refuse to abide by this deal their positions remain unclear what
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will turkey do and what happens next will government forces be taking over these areas over time there are many more questions than answers. that confusion is also felt in madison newman the city about ten kilometers away from the agreed demilitarized zone i gave i feel i don't live in the congo or what's happening a lot of foreign states are involved and we don't know anything so. this is not the end of the revolution there are twenty million people who want to the region to fall that twenty million wanted to liberate syria there are twenty million who want to see the victory flag on the presidential palace but it is seen to be the last stand of the armed opposition how much of it lives future will be decided militarily and how much will be decided politically remains unclear what is clear damascus is adamant it will take it back stephanie decker or jazeera on taka. the
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u.s. has called on turkey to release a former nasa scientists who was arrested after the failed call in two thousand and sixteen second goal cho was arrested in his home city of atlanta and was later sentence to seven years in prison on wednesday a turkish court reduced it to five years he is accused of having links to the u.s. based cleric the two and a girl in home turkey blames for a coup attempt on president rochette type. shia muslims around the world are commemorating assura the annual mourning for the prophet mohammed's grandson. was killed in the battle for in what is now iraq thirteen hundred years ago hussein's death was a major factor in the split into two main sects of islam sunni and shia the anniversaries commemorated worldwide on the tenth day of the first month in the islamic calendar some shia beat themselves expressed a grief for the pains hussein suffered and this was a scene in a suburb of lebanon's capital beirut thousands of people marched through the
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streets beating their chests and heads as a sign of mourning and there were similar scenes in pakistan's capital islamabad thousands gathered commemorating the seventh century death of a mammal seen with massive public graduations. iranian shia muslims say u.s. sanctions have made it too expensive for them to travel to iraq to mark a shura math and reports now from baghdad. intense and vibrant assura in the iraqi city of kabul. the crowds which used to park the shrine of the moment hussein are smaller because thousands of iranians can't afford to be here. don't we came to iraq because we love to visit the holy shrines but the economy crunch means many iranians called forward to visit kabul assured. iranian shia worshippers usually travel to kabul the at this time of year but iran's been hit by u.s.
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sanctions since august the value of its currency the real has plunged for the rain ians getting to karbala is expensive now and for some even the price of a hotel room is simply too much of in their cars off the hotel business in karbala in previous years was booming and now we can only make ends meet last year we had more than two hundred seventy big iranian religious groups staying at my hotel alone now there are just seven small groups for a from the economic point of view the u.s. economic sanctions on iran have really affected iraq's religious tourism when iranians come to my shop to buy souvenirs most of them can't pay i sure is marked by prayers processions and food handed out at stores like this one all over iraq is held on the tenth day of the holy was of my heart and i did watch the death of a mom for say one of the grandsons of prophet muhammad who many see almost as the third in line. he died thirteen hundred years ago in
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a battle over the city of kabul that now stands for mind here put him on a year ago iran's currency was in good shape and now we have financial problems but ryan's will strive to come here during holy month i'm hot around. for shia muslims the show is a time of reflection and remember i many iranian worshipers may also the members this is a show that is a time of financial hardship matheson algis in fact. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour. i made off the coast of wales where campaigners say that potentially radioactive sediment from a nuclear project in good is being dumped by ships like this. and more on the high stakes standoff in washington where donald trump supreme court nominee will see if he's accusing. official. come forward. and joshua and profiting trade verbal blows one more time ahead of saturday's big heavyweight
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title fight find out what they say in sport. hello there were some heavy rain over parts of north america at the moment mostly generated by this little feature here it was a tropical depression and now is disintegrating over parts of mexico but it's throwing plenty of cloud ahead of it and we're seeing plenty of heavy rain across the northern parts of the u.s. and over parts of canada as well so here's that system as we head through the day on friday still too real sections to it one towards the north and then stretching down over texas as it works its way eastwards it will be really dragging down the temperatures say for toronto instead of twenty eight degrees on saturday will be just seventeen for cooler for us then and the rain clearing away dallas will also see the temperatures begin to tumble twenty four will be our maximum lots of heavy
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rain around to the central americas plenty of sunshine here but also quite a few showers some particularly lively ones over parts of cuba and across into jamaica as well and then for us further west there's been some very heavy downpours here panama city has seen some flooding and they'll be more showers as we head through the day on saturday on saturday against some of the outbreaks of rain really do very very heavy as we head down towards south america there's been plenty of rain here particularly over parts of and across into brazil a few more showers a lightly on friday to the south it's generally getting warmer. with.
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part of. a clandestine world of illegal trade what you have here is not just archaeological objects you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collections the barrier for selling artifact is where finance is the be headings and muslims in the middle east don't sal don't that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the back to our in mind of our top stories at least forty people have died after a ferry sank in tanzania it happened on lake victoria railway island estimates suggest hundreds of people were on board the boat twenty capsized a number of dead is expected to rise when rescue operations resume on friday morning. leaders are warning britain's prime minister that time is running out to agree on a back seat deal with just six months to go european council president donald tusk says teresa mayes proposal is unworkable but main sister deal the so-called checa span is the only one on the table and hundreds of supporters of the ugandan opposition politician bobby wine have gathered outside his home in kampala has just returned from the u.s. way he receives medical treatment for injuries he says he suffered in custody. as
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a high stakes standoff underway in washington d.c. a woman has accused the nominee for the u.s. supreme court of attempted sexual assault is up against the president and the republican establishment party cohen explains what's happening behind the scenes. where the testimony you're about is confirmation seem certain brett kavanaugh poised to cement a conservative supreme court for generations i do until this woman went public with an allegation she says kevin sexually assaulted her in high school christine blasi forward said she would testify before the senate the house to confirm him but first she wants the federal bureau of investigation to look into the matter any witness who lied to them would be committing a serious crime but republicans said no they suggested gaited about six cents for every single girl that's not true the f.b.i. could investigate if president donald trump told them to. he won't have the floor
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republicans had demanded that she testified next monday her lawyer responded she'll testify next week just not on monday where i'm focused right now is doing everything that we can to make dr ford comfortable with coming before our committee democrats say this is just simply unfair and charge republicans don't actually want to know the truth someone who is lying does not ask the f.b.i. to investigate their claims we have to get to the bottom of this as americans before we put someone on the supreme court for life this is high stakes and not just because of what it will mean to the highest court in the land right there are women took to the streets in record numbers after trump became president angry at his treatment of women if republicans are seen to be mistreating a woman now with less than two months until the congressional elections they risk this year showing up next at the ballot box way. a point brought home
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thursday by a fresh round of protests and arrests over this controversial nomination political hand al-jazeera washington. environmental campaigners in the u.k. say they'll keep fighting to stop mud from a nuclear facility being dumped into the sea wastes from the hinkley point plant is being dragged and released into the bristol channel but has not been reports a legal challenge is underway. not far from the welsh coast environmental activists keep a close saw on a huge belgian registered ship we make here in sixty four feet outside the. it's come from a nuclear plant that's being built on the coast of somerset in england and campaigners say the mud it's dumping at sea could contain dangerous radioactive materials they also say it's dropping its load outside a designated dumping area which lies less than two kilometers off shore the
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campaign is a legal battle in the courts is still going on but they failed to get an injunction imposed on that means that ships like this can carry on the dredging and dumping off the wells coast on an almost daily basis. french energy giant e.t.f. along with a chinese partner is building a nuclear power plant known as point c next to two existing facilities the new plant should begin generating electricity in twenty twenty five and the company says the dredging will allow six huge vertical shelfs to be drilled for the cooling water system and a.d.f. spokesperson told our all the permissions needed for dredging the hinkley point c. are in place and the mud is no different to sediment found anywhere else up and down the coast they think the point c. project team welcomes public discussion and has been open and transparent about the facts around this activity. but this independent member of the welsh assembly argues that it's not clear a thorough environmental impact assessment was ever done it only done one kind of
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testing and so identify the uranium and the plutonium particles which may or may not be in the mud they need three types of testing yell for the must watch on the tree they only get gamma so therefore they just don't know and in that building over there is a huge amount of ignorance as i say they they've allowed this country to beach treated like a colony the welsh government says international standards have been met but in recent weeks hundreds of people have demonstrated outside the assembly one hundred thousand signed petitions calling for the mud dumping to stop. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. there is no argument. there for the precautionary principle so i think to be. the last government in this case for the people taking the most people for granted the people behind the protest say they have the law and increasingly public opinion saw
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eat their legal challenge is set to resume next week. at least twenty one more people have been killed in the philippines after a landslide buried dozens of homes into the ledges near city it's not known how many more are trapped under the rubble a landslide was triggered by heavy monsoon rain just days after northern philippines was battered by its most powerful typhoon. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has reacted to twenty five additional corruption charges by saying i'm not a thief he denies illegally transferring around half a billion dollars from a state investment fund into his personal bank account for and so he has a latest from kuala lumpur. arrived in court to face twenty five new charges including money laundering and abuse of power he's pleading not guilty to receiving hundreds of millions of dollars prosecutors say the money in
2:38 am
his bank account came from the state investment fund one m d be set up by nudge it eight years ago. the issue of the two point six billion ringgit has been used to store lender in new salt mean today's charges will give me an opportunity to clear my name and prove that i am not a thief. the new charges i'm addition to seven others for allegedly receiving ten million dollars from another state owned entity police in at least six countries are investigating transactions involving one m. d. the us department of justice alleges not just and his associates stole at least four and a half billion dollars from the fund and go over the corruption scandal helped defeat not jobs coalition government in the general election in may and during the sixty year rule of the bars a national party a new government led by former veteran prime minister mahathir mohamad wasted no
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time in reopening the investigation into one m. d. b. which not tipped had stopped believing malaysia issued an arrest warrant last month for a man named lowe take joe investigators say the fugitive is an important suspect in the one m.t.b. corruption scandal. the malaysian government recently seized a multi-million dollar yacht that they say was bought with money stolen from one m.t.v. and anticorruption detectives have questioned not. wife ross my months old and his stepson. the court has set bail at eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars toward the end of the month to make full payment florence louis. kuala lumpur. and al-jazeera investigation has uncovered shocking animal abuse in china's marine theme parks current affairs program want to spent two years looking into how animals are being mistreated in a multi-billion dollar industry steve child has
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a story. i think the public aquarium performances in china are entertaining mix of hype to find tricks i suppose and most feel i need some displays of apparent affection i don't need i. but exclusive behind the scenes video obtained by one of one east reviews a much darker picture no telling president or joe your union and border. workers who asked not to be identified say animals such as seals sick with skin diseases and cataracts are abandoned in places called dining rooms left to swim in their own urine and feces for. so who knows food on you will warm and. i don't want. a warm bench or you. know you
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can be in i all. in and come and be my old bottle deal over two years one of the nice documented many more sick and dying enemy. this beluga whale looks like it's playing with some young visitors now see that's aggression but iommi rose one of the world's best known marine scientists says far from being happy this behavior indicates it's overstressed by captivity. if you see the same animals consistently responding in an aggressive open mouthed threat way to the people of the underwater view then that starts telling you a bigger story that maybe this whale and particulars under stress she says conditions in china are the worst she's ever seen anywhere with dolphins and baluga swallowing debris and display areas far too cramped the tank for these three balloon guys is so small it's hard for them even just to turn around.
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roll says not only is there widespread abuse but animals are dying prematurely this is just one way conveyor belt and ends into the other end premature death and this is supposed to be entertaining managers of the marine park didn't respond to our requests to discuss mistreatment the parks are now so popular there are more than sixty in china with a dozen more being built. there appears nowhere in the china's aquarium park and for their captives no wind to their misery steve check out al-jazeera china and you can watch steve chiles program china caging the oceans while tonight at nine thirty g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera now palestinians in jordan say they're being prevented from traveling to saudi arabia to perform muslim holy rice the saudi arabian
2:43 am
embassy in amman has refused to comment that palestinians say the message is clear they tory gave him the reports the harsh pilgrimage is a religious duty old muslims hope to fulfill at least once before they die it's one of the five pillars of islam saudi arabia is the guardian of its holiest sites including the kaaba in mecca. palestinians living in jordan say saudi arabia is allowing politics to taint rituals which should be sacred saudi arabia is fighting the palestinians and islam at the same time other palestinians even with a jordanian passport say they're being banned from visiting saudi arabia if they don't have a national id number two company representatives in jordan were wary of speaking on camera because of potential repercussions in saudi arabia but this operator agreed so long as his identity was concealed. passports of all been rejected by the saudi
2:44 am
consulate they informed us not to bring these passports again to get a visa to go to saudi arabia so this has been get it really affected to talk and please. the saudi arabian embassy in a man refused to comment but palestinians off furious i don't live in a very good joke the decision represents no respect us the latest on a conference any reason to petition for such a decision. more than two million palestinians live in jordan and the hashemite kingdom has become their second homeland it's long been believed that israel would like to make the state permanent hoping palestinians would then forfeit their so-called right to return to palestine but that are not out of trouble this is a decision by trauma it's an absolute american decision amos to give the jordanian citizenship to the palestinians this is just the latest in a series of u.s. setbacks the palestinians including moving the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem palestinians say the eastern part of the city should be the capital of
2:45 am
their future state and the u.s. government stopping hundreds of millions of dollars for palestinian refugees from the united nations relief and works agency. whatever saudi arabia's reasoning many palestinians and others say they should be allowed to fulfill the sacrosanct obligations as muslims big turia gay to be algis their. london art exhibition is exploring the science behind addiction it looks at traditional subjects such as drugs and alcohol but it's also examining the rising addiction to social media jessica baldwin has more a table made of sugar by the dutch artist known as a tell you a one no he's making a point about our dictions to consumer products just like sugar having the latest phone can make us feel good for a short time but when it fails. daniel
2:46 am
reagan's art is very personal and looks it is addiction to self harming constructive regardless of what it is it's self destructive and then be off the mark when dealing with the guilt and shame that leads to more overwhelming feelings which links back to guilt and shame the show spans art and science contemporary artists using the expertise of neuroscientists psychologists to get a better understanding of all addictions including new obsessions like social media and screens. gallery visitors are taking part in further research for t.v. this is where the coffee begins to its effect of an income. was formed out of. it's a blind test of caffeinated versus decaf to study the placebo effect it's an important component in drug studies. technological innovations like detailed brain scans
2:47 am
are helping scientists to figure out why some people get addicted and eventually even predict who's at risk there with children sky. in their adolescence before school to zero we had a look at that reading reward system and in fact you can predict who is going to use alcohol more and who's going to become who's going to use alcohol less. than. a creepy video considers how we calculate our self-worth does our social media feed truly reflect us or is it a fabrication of happiness. artist catriona beals video game looks at how we are enticed to engage as long as possible rewards are drip fed. the online experiences can be enjoyable but like all addictions the brain's chemicals react respond and at some point want more. jessica baldwin al-jazeera london.
2:48 am
2:49 am
time for sports now he's peter. thank you very much the world anti-doping agency is facing mounting criticism over its decision to end russia's three year ban for state sponsored doping waters executive committee voted overwhelmingly to end the suspension at a meeting in the seychelles it paves the way for russian athletes to once again
2:50 am
compete under their flag at international events this used in flies in the face of several athletes and anti doping bodies who feel russia have not done enough to earn reinstatement namely preventing access to their labs and refusing to publicly accept the mclaren report which on covered the government backed doping of more than a thousand athletes the water presidency craig reedie said today the great majority of waters exco decided to reinstate to solder as compliance with the code subject to strict conditions this decision provides a clear timeline by which water must be given access to the former moscow to barratry data and samples or he says they will reinforce the ban so russia's lair but must still allow access but as you can imagine over in moscow the chief of rue solder welcomed the reinstatement by wada. purpura sure it's the first step and a significant one it opens the way to international competitions for athletes and
2:51 am
federations moreover opens the possibility of competitions to be nominated in the russian federation in fact this is a result of very very hard work risotto are happy but there is widespread dismay among many athletes and n.t. doping bodies who before the vote urged water to stand firm against russia in fact they were to no votes within water itself including its vice president to linda hello and she said it was wrong and so welcome restart a back until they had fully and transparently met the roadmap today we failed the clean athletes of the world. there's a similar feeling from the chief of the u.s. anti-doping agency travis tygart who says water put the wishes of a handful of sports administrators above the rights of millions of clean athletes and the dreams of billions of sports fans and more strong words from the whistleblower who expose the russia doping program in the first place dr gregory of through his lawyer jim walden he described what his decision as the greatest
2:52 am
treachery against clean athletes in a limb pick history. our sports correspondent lee wailings has more to help unpack a story on what's been one of waters toughest stays in its eighteen year history wilder's reputation is in a very difficult position here you could say this is close to being the biggest crisis that ever had you remember that one doesn't sort of sit above all sports water is actually funded largely by the international olympic committee so they have to study in with the i.o.c. and have to try and get on with them and they have been under pressure from the i.o.c. on the very cozy relationship with russia at a high level to find a way to win state them and of course this goes against the incredible findings originally where there was over a thousand russian athletes in different sports were implicated so you can see people looking at this as usual the public that are watching these events and
2:53 am
watching these sports wondering can i trust any of this now of course let's not make the mistake of talking just about russia the only russia that has athletes who died be the first to say that this is a widespread problem throughout many nations and throughout such a large range of sports but i think what's happened here is that over the last few years so widespread so wide scale was the russian doping that if proper action could have been taken then to ban russia in these sports for a year is. can we trust anything we see in sports doping has been a topic of conversation ahead of saturday's wall heavyweight title fight between anthony joshua and alexander povetkin the russian fighter who failed to drug tests back in twenty sixteen but after serving a short ben he's got the chance to take all four of joshua's belts if he wins their fight in london joshua admits it's not good for the sport and wants tougher sanctions. my opinion is you know if you're if you're on drugs you get banned
2:54 am
simple as that yeah and then number two it's not for me to make that decision are not part of committee by this do you believe in a fair fight you know i mean it's not like. i'm just trying to prove my swing i'm going in there to enhance my performance and knock you out damages my opponents help me they should be more severe. i've always been in the business in boxing those folks in on myself not worrying about what the committees if they're not a judge's order referees in there and you know me so much as my opinion it should be a bit more civility. my job in this issue is to show. the non-drug she is a strong woman that's what i have to do next why out of why. they were so you know concerned about drug cheats and he would have been a president. obviously the powers that be have let it happen and he seems to be a man that she and i just have to deal with that tiger woods has a share of the lead of the season ending p.g.a.
2:55 am
tour championship be carded for birdies and an eagle on the way to an impressive five under par opening round of sixty five that was matched only by fellow american ricky fowler woods in with a great shot of ending a strong comeback season with that elusive eighteenth p.g.a. tour title and still technically has a chance of winning the fed ex cup ten million dollars bonus over on the european tour sergio garcia also had a five under par opening round of the portugal masters warming up nicely for next week's ryder cup week it's a wildcard pick for europe but he's three shots behind the leader straining lukas herbert's who went eight under on thursday to lead outright shot clear of the field . the ladies europeans who are paid an emotional tribute to spanish amateur player a kid who was murdered in the united states this week play was suspended for a minute's silence at the mediterranean open in spain twenty two year old back in one the european ladies' amateur championship earlier this year on monday she was
2:56 am
found dead on a golf course in iowa where she was studying at university a homeless man has been charged with first degree murder it's exactly one year so the day until the rugby world cup kicks off in japan. the tournament organizing committee held an event in turkey on thursday to mark the three hundred sixty five day countdown it'll be the first rugby world cup held in asia and the first hosted by a nation outside rugby traditional top tier it all kicks off with hosts japan against russia on september twentieth twenty nineteen. we begin our final countdown with confidence but not complacency every second counts and i know that the passion of the people the dedication of the government the cities and the organizers we can and will deliver a very special and a game changing rugby world cup arigato but bad news for any
2:57 am
players heading to the world cup with tattoos world rugby is asking to cover them up in japan so as not to offend the japanese locals who have long associated tattoos with than the tortillas you're koos a crime syndicates. now in sport there often seems to be one team or player with an unfair advantage so you might think that this is the epitome of that take a look at this a race between a fighter jets private plane and electric car a formula one car and a supervisor the five competitors face still fed an airport runway in turkey and it was not the jet or the plane that crossed the line first instead the superbike took first place there and that's all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later on peter thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera as always much more news and analysis on our website at al-jazeera dot com i'll be back with more world news on al-jazeera very shock.
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in. he decides the rules of engagement. when it's canon permitted competence known competence severely disabled civilians a danish officer who returns to divorce in croatia to confront a decision he made during the no sistine minette massacre. i witnessed documentary on al-jazeera. it was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the
2:59 am
quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail. is a popular film and location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker it's nanny dearie is reclaiming its image by putting its younger is that in behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who live them. in the news
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this is europe on al-jazeera. dozens of people are dead after an overloaded ferry capsizes on. tanzania. this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead terisa make came to salzburg expecting support for. the e.u. countries delivered a very different message plus. celebrations in uganda pop star turned politician bobby wine returns home from the u.s. where he received medical treatment for injuries he suffered in custody and a show of unity south korean president one j.


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