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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 265  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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everyone is really excited for this presidential election this year because this is the first time after the new constitution that a president is being elected just by for the first round because there's only two candidates this time the current president abdoulaye are going to talk a little and the morning were democratic party's candidate also a parliamentarian of love hearing he never knew mr graham was so it's so there's two candidates and eras really excited to go toward also of some people like using the election commission that they will bring this election however according to the information that we have got and according to the things we have. not the knowledge we have got we believe that the election will be free fair and inclusive and everyone will have the right to go out and what there's two legs sixty two thousand one hundred thirty five eligible voters this year so i believe that what's of youth will come out and what this time there's a will is really excited to come out and vote in this election. and this picture
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perhaps sums up the story in the maldives when it comes to this election you have quite a big government and very little people if you're in the maldives do let us know what issues you're most concerned about for this election you can get in touch with us through encrypted messenger on whatsapp and telegram our number plus one seven four five zero one travel one four nine. thanks lee obviously we want to report on these elections from the moldings but the government has made it prohibitively difficult for any media to obtain accreditation now in al-jazeera skase we've already done in-depth reporting on the maldives through our investigative unit stealing paradise which i'm covered corruption at the heart of them all deeds through evidence gathered from the former vice president who was put in jail and you can watch this folder committee for yourself if you just search for stealing paradise it's in the investigations section and also just so you know our friends over at the stream devoting their edition on monday to the maldives story is democracy dead in the maldives you can head to the twitter page at a.j. stream and leave your contributions these are the local time broadcasts times for
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their progress i should say it is at nineteen thirty g.m.t. on monday let's take a look now at some of the stories making news around the world rescue is a still searching for survivors from the second big landslide in the philippines in less than a week dozens of homes were buried on thursday in naga city leaving at least twenty nine people dead and more than forty still missing jamila island organ is there for decades miners have querida fish still in here last week the mountain finally gave . one soon rains chigger to a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best. i understand it's more on the collaboration and it's overwhelming that's why the support from the. in the region and of course the
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national team. many rescuers come from different parts of the country including carl lewis who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's hard when you. are brothers and sisters who were affected by this that slade station is so big i think this one only last for a week but it will last for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president rodrigo detective visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in the querrey were
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a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. dugan al-jazeera not just city several province central philippines it is world rhino day highlighting how wall five species of the heavy weight of the wild are critically endangered and attention is focused on how many are being killed every day including in south africa that's where for me to miller's reporting from d.n.a. technology an expert teams of ranges there are succeeding in reducing some poaching . the remains of a female white rhino and her calf scattered across a remote part of the kruger national park
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a team of forensic scientists say they were shot and killed by poachers and their horns were hacked off close to eleven hundred rhino were killed last year in south africa alone to meet the high demand in asia for rhino horn the crime scene is six days old which has made it difficult for the forensics team to find evidence the caucus has deteriorated because of the hot weather and most of it's been taken out by scavengers but they're looking for any evidence linking the crime scene to a suspect bullets an empty casings were found but it may be too late to trace any footprints scientists investigate a killing a day on average while that statistic will shock many the totals down from close to three a day two years ago the department of environmental affairs says d.n.a. forensic scientists are making a big difference in fighting wildlife crime and they're able to link individual poachers from one seemed to another even years later between twenty fifteen and
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twenty seventeen rhino experts estimate the number of rhinos poached dropped by about twenty four percent ranges monitor the park day and night using frequent patrols to check for incursions looking for tracks or any other signs of poachers often heavily armed poachers move into the park at night. resist closer to their communities that's where they get off their off the notion of in enough when you come across trucks you go where that is porches are on them they're carrying guns or is just one person is going to go rhino one can change hands multiple times before reaching their final destination such as shops in china despite a twenty five year ban on sales there. security forces here take a few chances even a fruit truck using the park as a shortcut to neighboring wasn't beak is searched for weapons last year four hundred and forty six poachers were arrested in or around the park and more than
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two hundred weapons seized a major concern is the involvement of paulk workers and police officers accused of poaching production do. if you take in consideration what the buy meant to get up to flee shuls is enormous and for that reason we've got a specific department in my unit who is focusing on that to address the growing up issue in the book rhino horn fetches more than eight thousand dollars a kilo on the black market but investigators are hopeful that this week's arrest of a major poaching syndicate in southern africa will mean more rhino will survive for me al-jazeera at the kruger national park implement. the i had a message from one of our viewers during their reports on rhinoceros no one says there were any more now well we'll say rhino rhinoceros i mean i realize not really it's actually a summer a producer has written to me it's not of you anyway we're going off the grid now
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with a i'm going to stop talking now taxes are going to make you healthier they're all the sri lankan government thinks that you they can treat longer has a tobacco problem and the government is trying to fix it like moss said with taxes the revenue from those taxes has now reached an all time high so far the government has made six hundred and thirty eight million dollars on tobacco products and they're being taxed ninety percent the government says the point of the tax is to help the entire country last month the health minister said more than one hundred towns across sri lanka have boycotted the sale of cigarettes even still more than five million sri lankans are addicted to it. taxation is considered probably the best way of preventing home from tobacco and to and to reduce tobacco use but clearly among the youth and the poor so what we'd like to see is a situation where the taxation is done according to a calculated formula and done regularly which will result in the government
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increasing its revenue by taxation but at the same time and more importantly for us the consumption of cigarettes and tobacco will go down among the population. well so far men and students actually smoke more than women about twenty eight percent of men do twenty seven percent of students and every week one hundred ninety one men die from tobacco related illnesses it's also still legal to smoke in restaurants and bars now the hash tag no tobacco is being used to spread awareness about the negative health impacts of tobacco and how recently how more taxes can actually help keep people healthier if you are in sri lanka and let us know if higher taxes have changed how much you smoke or if it hasn't or hash tag as always . and elaine has already said actually high taxes and plain packaging seem to be working already in australia thanks for your comment alina she's watching on facebook live and once again for all of you on facebook live the creative approach a hospital has taken to reduce the anxiety in children before surgery that's
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a major plus and then man is here with his sport we're talking about the world heavyweight boxing champion who is yet to find outside his own country first let's check some world weather. on al-jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for election but the main presidential contender is on the phone as he says time in jail the corruption. from the u.s.
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and beyond investigate the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its own and the election what direction the country takes. with the new two part series the big picture examines the legacy of muhammad. and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera in an instant the shifting news cycle of the listening post takes calls and questions the world's media exposing how the press operates and why certain stories take precedence while others are ignored the listening post on al-jazeera.
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well to the movies now and in two completely different places yemen in a moment but first the u.s. and out of the shadows of his two thousand and three film fahrenheit nine eleven comes fahrenheit eleven nine the format was american documentary maker michael moore's skewering of george w. bush and his reaction to the nine eleven attacks i live and nine however is trying to donald trump the numbers referring to the date he won the us election oh and it compares trump to him as well there but i was on the reports. he's one of america's most popular documentary makers and he's also one of the most polarizing focusing his lens on everyone from george w. bush now watch this drive from my dad to the national rifle association to the u.s. health care system so is only a matter of time before michael moore set his sights on america's polarizing president donald trump. is in his latest movie fahrenheit eleven nine the date of the two thousand and sixteen presidential
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election michael moore examines the reasons why trump won what seemed at first like an unlikely race to the presidency and most controversially at one point compares his rise to that of adolf hitler in germany in the one nine hundred thirty s. richard penus a professor of film studies at columbia university he recently hosted a q. and a with more on the new movie he thinks the comparison is fair here and read statements that are terrifying you know coming from the president or some of his underlings it's important to realize i think that fascism is one thing and like every other system it evolves so i think fascism of the one nine hundred thirty s. would not be fascism in the twenty first century it will have its own characteristics the movie is wide ranging in scope using examples as diverse as the parklane. school shooting to the polluted water crisis in his hometown flint michigan to get the point across a scattergun approach that he's been criticized for in his past films one of the
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things about michael's films is there's a certain or shocks quality you know she i'm just a guy who has a camera and i'm going out there whatever after a while they began to i think where at least on me in terms of a political tool there's less of that here so i think you really shows what he wanted to film very very closely and i think the sequences are are very well constructed michael moore says he intends fahrenheit eleven nine to be a wake up call to america showing people not only how donald trump got into office but how they can take him out but with so many people having already made up their mind about this proudly liberal filmmaker some argue all he's doing is preaching to the already converted. al-jazeera you are. and from america is a yemen which is of course going through a three a civil war but that's not stopping some young people from trying to revive the
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culture of going to the cinema tickets have been selling fast for the premiere all the local production and or simmons has more on that from djibouti. perhaps it's a distraction from a daily struggle that attracted so many people to the first public screening of a movie in yemen since civil war broke out tickets costing two dollars or something well despite the broken economy. ten days before the wedding stands out because it's a yemeni production a love story that takes in the wall with many of its effects russia whose wedding plans nearly fell apart because of the conflict falling incomes and rising prices have a big effect feels a mamoun struggles with different issues raising a dowry for example. and. we wanted a movie to show what's going on inside the houses of the city and the whole country how families are affected by the state of the economy how the hopes of young people
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also collapse everyone is worried that if something simple collapses then everything will collapse with it the whole house we tried to portray the mental state of the yemeni people. those viewing are impressed thing to me i heard that this is a beautiful movie so i came with the family to watch it having a movie made in aden is more than just entertainment there is a sense of pride here about the production. facility in when you compare yemen to the rest of the arab world we are maybe more than one hundred years behind on producing movies but this is a milestone and i hope the government in the private sector will continue to support such projects that helped to create a cinematic awareness of the makeshift cinema in aden isn't set in.


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