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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 6:00am-6:35am +03

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well it doesn't appear to be influencing the republicans on that committee so far you heard mike pence talking there also mitch mcconnell the senate republican leader told a group of supporters that kavanagh will be the next supreme court justice of the united states it sets up a kind of he said she said situation much like the clarence thomas hearings of one nine hundred ninety one in those hearings anita hill you may recall accused clarence thomas of sexual harassment they heard one side from her one side from him and went on and voted to approve him in that committee and then finally in the full senate with the democrats would very much like to drag this out that's because there is a midterm elections coming up in november and they hope to be in control of congress when all of this is over so they can drag this out until january maybe by tanking the cabin on nomination and forcing trump to come up with something else they hope that they can have a much stronger hold on this process but meanwhile we're expecting some kind of
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testimony to be happening next week thank you very much will the latest from washington john hendren. much more still ahead for you on this news hour from london on the eve of them all these presidential election please right the headquarters of the opposition campaign. or in south africa with the forensic scientists who've got rhino poaching in their sights. and liverpool win and what's been a historic start to the season we'll have the details in sport. search and rescue efforts are continuing in tanzania where a man's been found alive in an air pocket two days after one of the country's worst ferry disasters he was among only forty one survivors at least two hundred eighteen people were killed when the ferry capsized close to the shore of lake victoria all day malcolm webb reports from port belle only and inside the lake.
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this is what it feels right to when your loved one among the bodies pulled from the water. the most here the same story a few lucky ones survived. the p.d. overturned very fast on the cover does i was lucky that i was able to see him under the water not knowing where i was see me. as i was seeming to safety i found a number of metal bars that cut my face and back of my head. a ferry made for one hundred people have more than twice that on board was coming into dog when it capsized on thursday in the following hours forty people were rescued alive since then rescue workers who've been recovering the dead. nearly two days after the boat tipped you want to imagine a bull one more survivor found the boat engineer who was trapped underneath maybe
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divers heard a knocking and pulled him out. people here wondering how it was allowed to happen and it's not the first time ferry capsized in twenty eleven and twenty twelve between the tanzania and mainland and the islands of zanzibar hundreds died boats are often in poor condition and overloaded there is a need for regular beijing to make sure that it knows exactly how many people you have been born into limits the number of people and then there is another if for to do in terms of risk you capacities to forget so using our students were it's really really fast. here on the ugandan side of the lake the regulations say that all passengers are meant to wear life jackets and been given some to ride in this pose although not in brilliant condition you can see them or over here but often there aren't enough to go around difficult for the authorities to enforce the rules the
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lakes fast about three hundred kilometers long it's waterways a crucial for trade but everyone here is working on a tight budget boat kept running for decades before they retired this one stopped running after it collided with another in two thousand and five back in tanzania relatives wait for the bodies of loved ones the whole community deeply traumatised the president ordered the boat operators to be arrested but even if they face justice it won't bring loved ones back malcolm webb al-jazeera pork barrel uganda the philippines has suspended all korean operations in seven regions of the country after the latest fatal landslide at least twenty nine people died in rescuers are searching for forty still missing after a hillside collapsed on thursday near a limestone quarry and naga city on island from alan duggan reports. for decades miners have querida first stone here last week the mountain finally
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gave. one soon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best to stand. on the collaboration and it's overwhelming that's why do. you know when the region and of course the national team. many rescuers come from different parts of the country including. who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who were affected by this legislation station is so big i think this one only lasts for a week but it will last for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here
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and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president of the good that they're to visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to acquiring operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. al-jazeera not this city's civil province
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such as philippines a roadside bomb has killed at least eight children in afghanistan and engine six of us all the victims of the explosion in the northern faria province were aged between five and twelve years old they were playing close by when the bomb exploded police a blaming the taliban who often plant roadside bombs to target afghan security forces well after the maldives weapon he said right at the main campaign office of the opposition presidential candidate ahead of sunday's elections president abdullah a yemeni who's been in office since two thousand and thirteen is seeking a second five year term in recent months he systematically silenced opposition voices including two former presidents the country's first democratically elected leader mohamed nasheed was convicted on terrorism charges in two thousand and fifteen and is now in exile in sri lanka the other is young means half brother mamoun abdul gayoom he was sentenced to nineteen months earlier this year accused of joining forces with the opposition to try to oust the president and chief
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justice. and another judge ali hamid were arrested earlier in the year after they delivered a ruling that opposition figures had not been given fair trials and could talk less now reports. it's famous is a holiday on its destination popular with newlyweds of the holy book but in the run up to the presidential election in the maldives on sunday there are allegations by the opposition intimidation and security crackdown we keep saying there are going to be heavy rain but we take part in that believing that all the support is so overwhelming that we will be able to overcome that. despite the alleged intimidation opposition challenger ibrahim ali has been campaigning for votes president abdullah yemenis aiming for a second term declared a fifteen day state of emergency this year provoking concerns the country is sliding towards authoritarianism i would like to call it an undemocratic
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dictatorship now the current regime president whatever he was doing of course it is like kind of authoritarian rule but then what are you doing he's doing through you know the institutional means like he is changing though consideration amending the constitution. as well his going in. given his base to the economy using cheap chinese loans for large infrastructure projects such as the chinese maltese friendship bridge opened last month after four years of construction. the apparent reliance on large chinese loans has raised concerns about china's increasing influence as the chinese buy with india for a say in the strategically situated indian ocean archipelago. topless which is era . junaid muhammed is a journalist for the news website the maldives independent he says there is tight security in mali ahead of the vote. the security presence around the capitol has
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been heightened to do for the election but there is no arms time but in many other buildings especially associated with political electoral votes from the ruling party or the opposition but i would like to read to the police actually sent out a tweet saying that they were conducting an operation to stop illegal activities in the building in the building we're talking about but they have so far refused to answer any other questions about what illegal activities it is or why they are there. the opening of hong kong's first high speed rail link to the rest of china has been greeted by protests for democracy democracy groups are angry that passengers will have their documents stamped by chinese immigration offices and be subject to chinese law while travelling across hong kong express rail link will connect hong kong with shan's and wang joe and give travelers access to forty four mainland stations on the high speed network dramatically reducing travel times it cuts the journey from ongoing to shands in across the border from one hour to
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fourteen minutes the journey from hong kong to beijing via joe was twenty four hours the new express rail will reduce that to around nine hours but critics say it's still longer and more expensive than flying sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it's three years behind sched jewel and three billion dollars over budget the hong kong china high speed rail link is now officially open carry. the city's chief executive kerry lamb was joined by the governor guandong declaring the megaproject a bright light on china's calling card so yes i'd fight so if further perfect this transport system and promotes cultural economic and social exchanges between hong kong and china the express train links hong kong to forty four mainland cities it's hard travel times delivering passengers to go on joe in less than an hour he moves all through this we hope integrate hong kong and macau into the overall development
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plan of china but the project has been shrouded in controversy hong kong's legislative council passed a bill to allow joint immigration checkpoints in the terminal passengers from china will be inspected here not at the border for the first time mainland officials will enforce national laws on hong kong soil around a quarter of the terminal will come on the mainland jurisdiction to be designated signed which will include the joint immigration checkpoints but critics argue importing nationals here in hong kong is yet another attempt by beijing to tighten its grip on the former british territory. by pro-democracy groups have led the protests they say the joint checkpoints undermine hong kong's autonomy under the one country two systems deal adopted when the territory was handed back to china certainly it's damaging to one country two systems and that is what we've been promised. at the basic law and also from you know it should government you know
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back to twenty years ago and now when you look at it that may be just the beginning that's what we're really about the government says the joint immigration checkpoints will save passages clearing immigration twice but it raises alarm bells for pro-democracy groups who believe the city's political future is its. like it appears to be no deterrent to the public though with tickets sold out this weekend sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. six members of a suspected rhino poaching syndicate have appeared in court in south africa they include two policemen accused of helping to kill white rhinos in kruger national park as for me to mineral ports on world rhino day cutting edge d.n.a. technology an expert teams of rangers a succeeding in reducing poaching crimes the remains of a female white rhino and her calf scattered across a remote part of the kruger national park a team of forensic scientists say they were shot and killed by poachers and their
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horns were hacked off close to eleven hundred rhino were killed last year and south africa alone to meet the high demand in asia for rhino horn the crime scene is six days old which has made it difficult for the forensics team to find evidence the caucus has deteriorated because of the hot weather and most of it's been taken apart by scavengers but they're looking for any evidence linking the crime scene to a suspect bullets an empty casings were found but it may be too late to trace any footprints scientists investigate a killing a day on average while that statistic will shock many the totals down from close to three a day two years ago the department of environmental affairs says d.n.a. for in six scientists are making a big difference in fighting wildlife crime and they're able to link individual poachers from one seemed to another even years later between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen rhino experts estimate the number of rhinos poached dropped by
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about twenty four percent. ranges monitor the park day and night using frequent patrols to check for incursions looking for tracks or any other signs of poaches often heavily armed poachers move into the park at night. resist closer to their communities that's where they get off to off the notion of an enough when you come across tracks you don't know where that is porches are on them they're carrying guns or is just one person is going to go rhino one can change hands multiple times before reaching their final destination such as shops in china despite a twenty five year ban on sales their security forces here take a few chances even a fruit truck using the park as a shortcut to neighboring wasn't baek is searched for weapons last year four hundred and forty six poachers were arrested in or around the park and more than two hundred weapons seized
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a major concern is the involvement of park workers and police officers accused of poaching but option my general if you take in consideration what the buy him and to get up to feed is enormous and for that reason we've got a specific department in my unit was focusing on that to address this issue in the book rhino one fetches more than eight thousand dollars a kilo on the black market but investigators are hopeful that this week's arrest of a major poaching syndicate in southern africa will mean more rhino will survive for me to miller al-jazeera at the kruger national park in employment. so i have for you on the program. is a. left wing filmmaker michael moore turns his attention to president donald trump . absolutely not working for his district he's not listening to you as
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a republican running for reelection in arizona who's been savaged by six of his siblings. and in sport the new u.s. open champion is all no way to another final offer to a ten straight win. hello again welcome back to in a national weather forecast for here across europe we are expecting some big changes in terms of temperature over the next few days that's all due to a frontal boundary that's beginning to push down here towards the south now behind the front we're seeing temperatures like berlin a fourteen warsaw sixteen vienna at nineteen but out here towards the u.k. london it is going to be a cold rainy and windy day for you here on sunday but we do have some improvements to talk about as we go towards monday the tempter starts to come up in the sun comes out as well so that is some good news there but out here towards the east it
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is still going to be quite windy and that is going to be moving into the western portions of russia as well where here across northern africa we are seeing some clouds and some rain across parts of algeria over the next few days really the central areas that we're going to be seeing the rain there so potentially it's going to cause some some localized flooding if the drainage is not good in that particular area but up towards the coast algiers at thirty degrees there over towards tunis on monday it is warming a few into respect to see about thirty one and tripoli at about twenty nine and then very quickly across central parts of africa we're seeing quite a bit of heavy rain down here along the coastal regions as this time of year comes down the rain also starts to move down towards the south and lagos a cloudy day for you at twenty seven. when i think of my nature i think of potential when i think of potential i think of what can be what is not i think of young people who need to do to gain control into
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their own and do something that they come to. tell me it's impossible i think of a challenge. to raise my child in the country alex. my name is and this is my chair. my mind on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back quick look at the top stories this hour iran's president has promised a crushing response after a gunman opened fire on a military parade marking the start of the iran iraq war at least twenty five people were killed anyone members of iran's revolutionary guard. a woman who's accused president trump supreme court pick of sexual assault has agreed to testify before a senate committee next week and two days after a ferry capsized in tanzania survivors been found an air pocket in the upturned fassel at least two hundred eighteen people died. after the vessel tipped over close to the shore of lake victoria. and now to sri lanka weather for president has accused the current government of mismanaging the country's finances the rupee has
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plummeted against the dollar in recent months and inflation is at an all time high meanwhile finance has more from colombia there with joe ward and opened a big green colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had beef lands but his wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee of leave things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increased off live in grief because our customers know what price we offer certain items that so each time we come increasing so as a result we absorb the cost. the price increases have been many. fuel sugar even bus fares commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months. very good at not getting at it maybe a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the month. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the
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sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected. the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over all part of the don't fuck with them because after. all god we're not monitoring anything that's radio i mean if you want to discuss. that we want to. own the first thing is. that we operate in twenty. government ministers are dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former administration because the problems this from this year. eighty three percent of. the popular and of course we would have had to we have had. lorne's inaudible said previous of it. but. doing all.
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my own good job. we have also been trying to bring in. who. while the government and opposition create accusations about things to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the job or the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds with the lenders al-jazeera colomba. out some news from venezuela a chinese hospital ship has docked near the venezuelan capital. the peace ark is on an eleven nation mission harmony towards what they're calling it its arrival follows the announcement in august that the u.s. was sending its own hospital ship to neighboring colombia to provide medical
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treatment to venezuelan migrants there and israel and officials say the u.s. deployment is a precursor for military intervention washington says it will announce a new series of actions against venezuela next week meanwhile on friday dozens of people brought the andean city of san cristoval to a standstill when they blocked roads with their cars to protest at gas shortages venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves that we are tired we've been waiting for days in line for the gas truck to arrive this is a country of gasoline and there's no gasoline. or pull dobson is a journalist for venezuela analysis dot com he joins me live via skype from there in western venezuela thanks very much for speaking to us so people obviously very agitated and frustrated with food and gasoline shortages as we're hearing there how would you describe the mood on the ground. well at the moment there's
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a series of economic changes being bored into place in the country and people are generally feeling a little bit of stress because there's a lot of changes in their day to day life and that said people are very patient people are waiting to see and hoping that these economic reforms which the government have boarded how the decided impact and are able to stabilize the economy and prices so they're feeling on the ground is is a little bit frustrated there but a lot of the lot of shopping and changing the day to day way that things are done but generally there is patience and generally there is understanding that some of these are quite necessary measures to just sort out the bigger problem so for what you say there is some disquiet and there are protests but also perhaps some patience with these reforms what does it feel like to be there right now is there a sense that the measures the government are taking a starting to have some effect without a doubt without a doubt it's worth pointing out that the series of measures which the government
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aborted not a single measure there's a whole range of measures of tax measures and other issues of a board in progressively let's say so for example this month in september the price of petrol prices are going to be increased the new wage comes into effect for public sector workers and so on when you pension prices come in so the these are measures which people are getting used to but it's taken later time obviously to understand and get used to them and this is normal venezuela is a very patient people in this respect what about statements we've had from the united states in recent days a great deal of pressure on the government facing not just an economic crisis inside the country but also opposition outside they've spoken about a series of actions in the coming days we know that sanctions have already been stepped up is there a fear of some further sort of intervention. there is a there is a lot of a lot of discussion about this issue here in venezuela not just colombia not just
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the united states but also their allies colombia chile brazil of the european union the measure that they might introduce against venezuela is worth pointing out that the vast majority of minutes wayland's a very venomously against the u.s. led sanctions against a country venezuela is generally understand that these sanctions are not helping the economic crisis at all or they're not helping any solution towards the economic problems which the country is facing and therefore any escalation in these sanctions which is what we're expecting to see we mean the situation is going to get even more difficult here thanks to the white house and their policies. thanks very much for now pulled up some from venezuela analysis dot com. salvage experts say it could take at least ten years just store what's left of brazil's national museum which burned down earlier this month any of its priceless artifacts are lost forever or damaged beyond repair by the fire now experts are
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warning that a lack of funding is threatening other heritage sites in brazil as well from rio de janeiro marianna sanchez reports. only this shell was left standing the fire that destroyed brazil's national museum earlier this month left most of the country's national treasures in ashes. you know school officials are now working to rescue what survived if i'm joined by brazilian and german specialists experienced in the storing pieces damaged in fires and war zones because she is the one to get the expectation of the work of rescuing and digging i think we're talking about months or even years of that process in addition to that what's related to claiming conservation documentation stabilization it could take years. maybe a decade experts say to recover just one part among the losses egyptian mummies frescoes from pompei and brazilian remains nearly twenty million cultural and
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scientific pieces. the fire has focused attention on one of the major problems facing brazil's heritage lack of funds this is of a longer war a harbor where nearly one million slaves arrived from africa in the nineteenth century it is also argue mescal heritage site that new c.l.o. just say it is in danger of being destroyed i other historic buildings are also at risk but the us federal prosecutor says six museums in this city alone are insecure and should be closed to do this because they were going to just restore it was the last of the but i believe what happened is going on in all the museum institutions in brazil the tragedy can happen again because there's no state budget for public museum. the state is not complying with its responsibilities. the loss of the national museum and all its treasures has prompted students to try to save at least memories of the past the appeal to museum visitors to help build up an archive and
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received more than seven thousand e-mails with photos and videos of the museum collections was wrong. what we didn't expect this we are going to prepare an archive with the different collections to show what the museum represented to us with personal memories but all this effort to recover and rebuild will remain in digital form most of the original treasures are gone forward for many innocent. honeydew but as you know the vatican and china have signed a historic agreement recognizing the appointment of seven states appoint a chinese catholic bishops the accord was announced as pope francis arrived in lithuania to begin a four day trip to the baltic states it's a breakthrough in what and what has been frosty diplomatic relations for decades over whether the pope or the government in beijing should appoint china's bishops the vatican spokesman says it's an important step. this is not the end of a process it's really the beginning it's also important to remember that while it's
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come to fruition under pope francis is pope benedict had a letter to chinese catholics in two thousand and seven he was working for the same goal. john paul the second had made legitimate a number of illegitimately ordained bishops so this this is really the work of thirty years and three pontificates officials in north and south carolina are a warning the west flooding from the aftermath of hurricane florence is yet to come towns and cities along waterways and mobilizing rescue crews and putting out fountains of sandbags more than a week off to florence made landfall south carolina has issued more evacuation orders as rivers continue to rise lawrence has killed at least forty people so far across the carolinas and virginia. american documentary maker michael moore has released a film that compares u.s. president donald trump's rise to that of hitler was found height eleven nine is the sequel to his controversial film fahrenheit nine eleven about george w.
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bush and also it's also play on the date on the u.s. election i was on a has moved from new york. he's one of america's most popular documentary makers and he's also one of the most polarizing and focusing his lens on everyone from george w. bush now watch this drive from my dad to the national rifle association to the us health care system it was only a matter of time before michael moore set his sights on america's polarizing president donald trump. how. did this happen in his latest movie fahrenheit eleven nine date of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election michael moore examines the reasons why trump won what seemed at first like an unlikely race to the presidency and most controversially at one point compares his rise to that of adolf hitler in germany in the one nine hundred thirty s.
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richard penus a professor of film studies at columbia university he recently hosted a q. and a with more on the new movie he thinks the comparison is fair here and read statements that are terrifying you know coming from the president or some of his underlings it's important to realize i think that fascism is one thing and like every other system it evolves so i think fascism of the one nine hundred thirty s. would not be fascism in the twenty first century will have its own characteristics the movie is wide ranging in scope using examples as diverse as the parklane school shooting to the polluted water crisis in his hometown flint michigan to get the point across a scattergun approach that he's been criticized for in his past films one of the things about michael's films that there's a certain or shocks quality you know just a guy who has a camera and i'm going out there whatever they think where at least on me in terms of a political tool there's less of that here so i think you really shows what he wanted
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to film very very closely and i think the sequences are are very well constructed. michael moore says he intends fahrenheit eleven nine to be a wake up call to america showing people not only how donald trump got into office but how they can take him out but with so many people having already made up their mind about this proudly liberal filmmaker some argue all he's doing is preaching to the already converted gabriel is on the al-jazeera new york. and the u.s. state of arizona siblings of a republican congress then running for reelection of launched a t.v. ad for that perfect candidate the democrat running against that brother paul's dab saloon not working for his district and he's not listening to you and he doesn't have your interests at heart my name is tim goes are david ghosts or joan goes some are guessing goes are jennifer go sour six.


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