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has fresh drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by solely on emergency aid learn and get lots on our list but there was a lot that we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the u.n. we don't have the instruction needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering thinks of such a dry arid and infertile place the natural focus though of aid agencies is across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more and more critical. in remote yemeni village they continue to take leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides more maybe a day for their extended family and it's a choice between malnutrition or eating leaves.
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you alone are not enough of the children are suffering from constant diarrhea translates and fever we don't know how and where we can treat them we get no help no one there is no relief organization in our area when we go asking for help we get nothing. some of the children and babies from the village of as lyman had to province have ended up here in this medical clinic. you can see what aid agencies warn is a crisis for the young weak and hungry that's growing bigger. well. you know the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was there are reported on the clinics work this little girl's a fish. was waiting for treatment she has since died. the
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medical staff are fighting against one of the consequences of. the losses are higher now than ever before andrew simmons al-jazeera in juba and. still ahead on al-jazeera from rome to mexico a touch of the vatican will soon be gracing the ceiling of a church in mexico to meet the artist who painted a new rules. why sri lanka's former president is accusing the government of mismanaging its finances. hello again welcome back we're here across the southern part of asia we are watching what is happening in the philippines very carefully they are pretty dry right now but if you look up there on the edge of the chart we are looking at a typhoon making its way to the west incident northwest now we don't expect
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a landfall there but we do expect to see some rains over the next few days so sunday not too bad as we go towards monday still clear but winds are going to begin to pick up and then as we go towards tuesday you notice that we are picking up more clouds and rain so i think by mid-week we're going to be seeing even more of that even though the storm is making its way towards the north well here across australia really not looking too bad at all in terms of any clouds across much of the area we did have some clouds pushing across perth another system making its way towards the tasman sea and we're going to be seeing a little bit cooler conditions down here towards melbourne even though we are in the springtime about fifteen degrees winds coming out of the south and brisbane not looking too bad at about twenty four well here across the parts of new zealand we're going to be seeing much of that rain starting to push over here towards wellington ten degrees for you over the next few days and then up here towards the north well darwin is still going to be quite warm at about thirty three degrees and then over here towards perth we are expecting to see another front coming through an eighteen degrees is going to drop by the time we get to wednesday.
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it captures memory and present reality. the camera as a. photographer and often. now have a voice. well
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour voting is underway in the maldives in the presidential election seen as a test for democracy for the iraqi president of the yemenis seeking another five year term the opposition says this poll is not fair they accuse you mean of silencing dissent. iranian president hassan rouhani is accusing the united states and some gulf countries of creating instability by backing ethnic groups in iraq comments come a day after an attack at a military parade killed at least twenty five people an army has warned the u.s. will regret its aggressiveness. the u.n. humanitarian chief says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of the population twenty two million yemenis need some kind of humanitarian assistance because of the war. in the united states the stage is set for a showdown between
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a supremes court nominee and the woman who's accused him of sexual assault both are expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday christine blair's a ford says brett kavanaugh assaulted her party in one thousand nine hundred two when they were high school students he denies the allegations john hendren has more from washington. it was a nail biter of an end to a congressional game of chicken on thursday the woman who initially came out anonymously to accuse brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her thirty six years ago will speak under the full glare of a congressional committee the senate judiciary committee there was an agreement on saturday that the two sides will come together on sunday they are meeting again to hash out some details but it appears that it will happen on thursday now she had wanted this is christine blazin forward she had wanted this to happen on thursday she got back but she also one of the questions to be asked by the senators
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themselves and she wanted to speak after brett kavanaugh the u.s. supreme court nominee the committee one of this to happen on wednesday they conceded that point the one of the questions to be asked by a staff counsel that is a woman because all of the republicans on that committee are men and they want to cavanaugh to go second those may be among the details to be hashed out on sunday but meanwhile there was something of an embarrassment for the republicans on that committee and that is that a young man who had been a spokesman for the republicans on the committee has resigned and that was after it was discovered that he had been fired from a previous job because of a sexual assault sexual harassment allegation of his own so as we go forward mitch mcconnell the senate leader on the republican side has said that kavanagh will be confirmed mike pence said he also believes the vice president of the united states that kavanagh will be confirmed so this will all go forward on thursday and presumably if the committee has its choice after that they will simply move forward
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as soon as possible to a vote in the committee and then eventually in the full senate. in the philippines has temporarily suspended operations across the country off to two mining sites were hit by separate landslides within a week rescuers in the city of naga continue to search for possible survivors after thousands of homes were buried by a collapsed mountain on thursday more than forty villages remain missing but hopes of finding them alive fading. a more rain is expected into near zero where heavy flooding has killed at least one person many families have no shelter in the northeast region of the google deep water has cut all roads and rail links from the region to the capital tunis. or the european union's delegation in libya is warning armed groups not to break international law by deliberately targeting civilians or they will face the consequences the battle for control of the capital
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tripoli in the past month has killed one hundred fifteen people and injured almost six hundred many by stray artillery fire fighting has continued despite a u.n. brokered cease fire agreed three weeks ago. the annual conference of britain's main opposition labor party is starting with breaks it causing lots of arguments leader jeremy corbyn is threatening to force a general election because of the failure of prime minister theresa may critics say she was humiliated by e.u. leaders in salzburg three days ago when they rejected her plan to leave she says talks have reached an impasse with just six months to go before departure date we will challenge this government's on whatever to you it brings back all our six tests on jobs on living standards on environmental protection and protection of those jobs and the ability of an incoming labor government to infest and intervene in an economy it's a pretty decent wages jobs and full employment. and if this
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government can't deliver then i simply say centuries or mary the best way to assert all this is by having a general election. or paul brennan is in liverpool where the labor party is holding its conference support how significant is the change from jared jeremy corbin on breaks it. i think it is significant because jeremy colvin stance towards a vote of people's votes on the record has been extremely ambivalence he's basically said his strong preference in the party strong preference party leadership from preference is for a general election you heard it there but today in the morning newspapers and here at a conference he has been under intense pressure to soften that stance and recognise the wishes of the party members and given the fact that he's staked his leadership and his reputation on making the labor party more democratic he simply can't ignore
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those wishes a crucial part of it will be this that the grassroots movement momentum which at the last year's conference blocked a vote on the bracks it's a referendum a second referendum this year they're not going to do that they're going to allow any vote to pass and so what we have is a situation where labor although it's preference remains a general election if the more than one hundred constituency parties to put forward measures motions here at this conference get their way but labor will vote on opening up the idea of a people's vote as part of official party policy one critical thing will be though what will be the wording of that vote will it tie the hands of the leadership in a yes no binary way or will the actual language of the motion that is eventually passed here in the next couple of days will be a little bit more of a fudge allowing the leadership a bit more wiggle room and this conference comes at a crucial period six months away from from breaks in it and they could very well be
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a snap election one of the challenges facing the labor party that. well there are several challenges first of all is the preparedness for a general election if one comes down i don't think can the indications are that the prime minister ismail is not willingly going to call the tenor of the election which may well be bounced into it by events depending on how the negotiations with the european union go in the next couple of months and what kind of brics it. she gets there forget this check is plan that has been put forward by the prime minister has been rubbished by her own parties of the left in the right of the party and at the salzburg summit by the e.u. leaders as well so the czech his plan is looking in somewhat of disarray that said what happens next and of course labor is not just talking about direction here they have policies on representation of workers on boards they want living standards to be increased the official slogan of the conference is rebuilding britain for the many not the few so it's not just a bricks
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a conference they really want to be seen at this conference as being a potential government in waiting. for running life for us there in liverpool thanks. now sri lanka's former president is accusing the government of mismanaging the economy the rupee has plummeted against the dollar in recent months and inflation is at an all time high finance reports from colombo there were jayawardene opened a big green colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but his wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increase stuff lives increase because our customers know what price we offer certain items that so each time we come increasing thought as a result we absorb the cost. the price increases have been many. fuel sugar even bus fares commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in
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four months. it may be a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the man. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected. the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. for them because from. where we are monitoring it just waiting i mean if you want to really discuss. you want to. know what the first thing is do i would look for the operating twenty. government ministers or dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former administration caused the problems this from this year's debt repayment eighty
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three percent of the. fever and of course we would have had to we have had to pay. lawns in order to previous to this. but while doing that while doing all this while grappling with my own good of the. we have also managed to bring me who. while the government and opposition trade accusations about schools to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the job or the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds. al-jazeera colomba. israel has given people living in a palestinian village seven days to move out earlier this month the supremes court
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approved its demolition to make way for illegal settlements about two hundred people live in the bed when village of qana lamarr in the occupied west bank israel says they should tear down their homes or they'll be demolished after october the first. it's taken eighteen years to complete but a little bit of the vatican has made its way to latin america mexico city will be opening its own replica michelangelo's sistine chapel work to the public this week and it's been a labor of love for a retired graphic designer who painted the ceiling of his local church here lot of donations from friends and parishioners to finance the mules here's a story. you know but in the differences in my c.s. my name is me again francisco my c.s. i am to person that painted the replica of the sistine chapel here in mexico. it took me eighteen years to finish it and today we are very happy celebrate that yes i'm a little bit sick if it's to. see me get out of what i thought if it took me four
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years it's going to take me about six or seven but i didn't have any money so fifth a lot longer than i did it so that many people who may never go to rome could have a little piece of european art a little of the renaissance of michelangelo the duke and admired one of the greatest and most beautiful works in the world. the freshness of it. well people did not know what it was so they said how is this possible how come that are paintings of naked people in the church i showed them the pictures and people started to understand because they didn't know what the sistine chapel was. coming from with and as you can see the canvases are very large they're full of detail i had to divide it into fourteen canvases three metres by fifty metres. opiated with the fish with if you look at clubbing is very difficult i mean very difficult because i have to walk in michelangelo's shoes do the same brush strokes
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so let me be this they said it's crazy are you crazy because really without help without being paid without nothing what are you going to do. i'm very grateful to all the people who helped i would have done half of it on my own it's like you look at it that's the help i received from god i did not send engines with wings but young people who supported me and feel the same way i did. i'm not moved by money i need it but i don't do things to get money it's something inside something bigger than my work because this is a moral commitment i didn't sign any papers like i've said before this is not my work it is the work of god nothing else i'm just his instrument nothing more. this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories voting is taking place in the mold leaves it is the
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country's third multi party presidential election seen as a test for democracy the president of the late i mean his running for a second term but since taking office he's been accused of silencing dissent and consolidating power the opposition says this election will not be fair. iran's president is warning the u.s. against trying to create instability in his country a follow saturday's attack on a military parade in which at least twenty five people died has been rouhani says the u.s. is trying to cause problems within iran by backing some gulf states the support ethnic arab groups he says the u.s. will in his words regret its aggressiveness the u.n. humanitarian chief says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of the population that's about twenty two million yemenis need some kind of humanitarian assistance because of the war. more rain is expected in tunisia where heavy flooding has killed at least one person many
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families have no shelter in the north east region of nabila deep water has cut all roads and rail links from the region to the capital tunis israel has given people living in a palestinian village seven days to move out the supremes court approved its demolition to make way for illegal settlements earlier this month but two hundred people live in the bedouin version of han a lot more in the occupied west bank israel says people there should tear down their homes or they'll be demolished after october the first. the annual conference of britain's main opposition labor party is starting with briggs it causing lots of arguments the party leader jeremy corbyn is threatening to force a general election because of the failure of prime minister to resign may critics say she was humiliated by e.u. leaders in salzburg three days ago when they rejected her plan to leave she says talks of recent impasse with just six months to go before departure day. those
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are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's viewfinder latin america. discover the stories you didn't know about. be a witness to life changing scenes. notice the changes that affect all of us. experience our world and be a part of its. refocus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival sad it was from twenty five to twenty fifth september viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local. around the globe .
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giving children. reclaim their street and it's. on the street of the viewfinder latin america series now this is. october on al-jazeera. in and you see then i'll just hear a correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he says time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultfinding best to gate the story beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghan is don't move. finally you hold its parliamentary elections to what direction the country will take with a new two part series the big picture examined the negativity of monmouth county school and the facts of his demise. on al-jazeera.
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the frightening. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up
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in the next sixty minutes iran's president accuses the u.s. and some gulf states of trying to destabilize his country after an attack on a military parade left twenty five dead. the opposition h.q. raided opponents in exile the maltese votes to choose a president. struggling to survive with no let up in the war yemenis forced to take extreme measures just to stay alive. and the call to get police out of u.s. schools a new report says there's bias and brutality against some groups. in sports tiger woods says insights of a first title in. woods hole championship by the restructure heading into sunday's final round. ok let's get going the fallout from an attack on
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a military parade in iran is rippling around the world diplomats have been summoned by iranian officials as the blame game is stepping up again at least twenty five people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a parade in the southern city of ours there on foreign minister summoned the. following a tweet by a prominent political scientist which said the attack was not an act of terrorism envoys from the u.k. the netherlands and denmark of also being called into the foreign ministry in tehran with those governor. accused of harboring opposition groups to gulf countries are being blamed for backing the group which carried out the attack senior iranian military officers a point in the finger at saudi arabia the president says the u.s. is intent on creating instability within iran and rouhani says the u.s. will quote regret its aggressiveness he's on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york revolutionary guards and spectators were killed when
6:51 pm
a gunman opened fire on the parade marking the starts of the iran iraq war more than sixty people were injured the united nations kuwait and qatar have all condemned the attack as in basra is live for us this hour in tehran zain so we're into this loop of claim and counterclaim where do we think this is potentially heading. well this attack and the diplomatic fallout has really laid bare the regional conflicts that let me give you a sense of the diplomacy that went on shortly after the attack and overnight into today the foreign ministry of iran summoned the ambassadors of netherlands and denmark and the shores affair of great britain saying to them that they were complaining that they were harboring leaders and members of a law was the ethnic arab separatist group. that wants to separate khuzestan province from iran he also summoned the foreign minister also some and as you said
6:52 pm
the shores affair of the u.a.e. now normally the u.a.e. and iran in the past have been close partners in terms of business and close friends in the region but they've been pitted against opposite on opposite sides of the conflict in yemen and that really has been a strain on their relationship in the past perhaps the tweets of an academic would not have created the kind of political rift that they have now but shortly after the attack took place within hours of an attack that claimed twenty five lives this political scientists and and regional analysts became to tweet about how it was not terrorism as the iranian government claimed it was saying that it was an attack by an arab separatist group on a military target therefore it could not be terrorism now we have to say at this stage that there were many civilians among the casualties in yesterday's attack the academic in his tweets also said that attacking iran off the traditional
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battlefields that it's been involved in in recent years is something that is beginning to happen in will continue to happen now are these the independent analyses of an academic based in the u.a.e. or is it something different clearly the reaction by the foreign ministry seems to suggest that iranians believe that it is a thinly veiled. by the u.a.e. to put out what it is currently what is its current standing policy with regards to iran so certainly a very heated time politically following the attack on saturday within this conversation inside the conversations and you get the sense there that any of the diplomats from outside countries are trying to bring to bear and in mali and effect is anyone trying to take the temperature out of this. well i think that's what we're going to see in new york at the u.n.
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general assembly this week we're really going to see how things play out president hassan rouhani making very strong statements ahead of his departure this morning saying that the terrorists should expect a strong reaction by the iranian government in his defense minister in no doubt at work history to political effort echoing those remarks so iran is certainly taking a strong stand and explaining to its international partners that the definition of terrorism for european and western nations needs to be the same for iran zain thanks very much let's talk now to be touchable he's an iran affairs analyst and the managing partner at international that's a vienna based strategic consulting firm he joins us now from vienna beach on country port does this only in the short term to escalate regional tensions. it certainly well unfortunately there are enough hard line elements on all sides to try to use this as a vent to escalate tensions and that's definitely to the detriment of all players
6:55 pm
including international players so i hope that there will be attempts to deescalate . and as your reporter said the u.n. general assembly is definitely an opportunity to deescalate their relations at this stage ok donald trump clearly the u.s. president is going to be there the u.s. is standing accused however of going well well beyond its stated opposition to the iranian nuclear deal is there any substance in your mind to those claims coming out of tehran. well there are enough psychos that show in that direction in don't forget the u.s. national security advisor john bolton actually sets last year that effort similar to the efforts of the and the a group of the group that claimed responsibility for this attack should be supported. and yesterday while this attack was happening rudy
6:56 pm
giuliani president trump's lawyer was actually speaking at an event of another excited group or terrorist group or any cheney and that kind of relationship both between mr bolton and any case i know who was here and also mr giuliani and also so after statements that have come out of the. state department in the past point in that direction that the u.s. is going far beyond diplomatic efforts to try to put pressure on iran and to weaken iraq so i think there is enough substance to start a conversation to to say these things of activities these types of activities are not. should not be tolerated anywhere in the rules interesting you talk there about rudolph giuliani rudolph giuliani of course he's mr trump's personal lawyer at the same forum the same get together yesterday he is being quoted as having been
6:57 pm
speaking about a quote successful revolution in relation to the administration's last government in tehran can i suggest to you that's quite subtle language in a situation that really does require very subtle language particularly as this relationship between washington and tehran continues to evolve and change. i agree i think i mean is that not the first time that we hear on such a language from mr trump and i'm his closest confidants and i think there should be a strong message from all the other international players sure as the united states to say that these types of rhetorical attacks and also support for terrorist organizations are counterproductive and on all levels i mean they may think that they are actually trying to put pressure on iran but this type of tension as we are seeing right now creates additional regional tension in
6:58 pm
a region that desperately needs the escalation on all levels ok we have to leave it there because john many thanks thank you many opponents are in exile the european union wouldn't send observers because of concerns but a presidential election in the mall the is now into its last hour the vote is being seen as a test for democracy in the indian ocean islands country about two hundred sixty out of the four hundred thousand people living in the maltese are eligible to cast a vote the choosing between president abdullah. who is looking to secure a second five year term and the opposition leader mohamed salah of many international observers say they're not expecting sunday's vote to be free or fair . the mall deaves has been rife with political turmoil since democracy was introduced ten years ago mohamed nasheed became the country's first freely elected president back in two thousand and eight but he was forced to resign in a coup four years later in twenty fifteen
6:59 pm
a sheed was sentenced to thirteen years in prison on terrorism charges he says were politically motivated now the current president mean came to power in twenty thirteen during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in alleged unfair trials with most potential rivals out of the picture i mean has only one opponent mohamed salah has a coalition of four opposition parties whose leaders are either in jail or they are in exile now on the eve of the vote his campaign office was raided by the police but no evidence of electoral fraud was actually on covered the opposition leader says this election is quote the last chance to restore democracy in the mall deaves junaid muhammed is a journalist with the multi-verse independent news website he joins us on the line from the capital mali welcome to the news hour here on al-jazeera just give us
7:00 pm
a sense of what the turnout and the atmosphere is like today. to have on the turnout from untold turkey that for the. three hours ago very much of commission spokesperson told me about thirty eight percent of a lot of had turned out to work at that point which was. packing and around eight in the morning. and like you pointed out earlier reports of quote in an hour that secure the long periods outside oh our politicians we have in the capital and every hour you can attend the courts from. the session across across the country as well . junaid the people they're voting on the basic ordinary predictable electoral issues or are they voting on the state of democracy in the country i think it.


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