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tv   The Price of Oslo P1  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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but there is these are things that prison job in has done in the past but pro-government supporters of no such fears the president is not going to lose he has created so much infrastructure projects provided so much for the people the more they've brought them out of poverty more so than any other president in the history of our nation. or a quarter million registered voters in the us whatever the result most of all it is gee this is a make or break the election. alex the topless al-jazeera. u.k.'s opposition labor party is under growing pressure to back a new referendum on bracks it after the government's divorce negotiations with the e.u. has an m.p.'s. campaign as for what they're calling a people's votes have been marching through liverpool where the past is holding its annual conference this week labor leader jeremy corbyn says he'll support a vote on the final deal if that's what the party decides but he also said he'd prefer a general election al-jazeera as paul brennan reports from liverpool. if you listen
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to much of the media coverage from other outlets you'd think that direct it was the be all and end all at this particular labor party conference here in liverpool in fact today they've been mainly looking at internal party procedures such as the recent election of sitting and peace and whether they have to go through a new selection process at every general election but nonetheless pritchett is looming large over pretty much everything that is talked about here in liverpool and the reason why is because the labor leadership has crucially evolved it stands towards the idea of a second referendum whatever deal the prime minister theresa may bring back from brussels initially jeremy coleman was much much more in favor of having a general election based on whatever deal comes back now he's bowing to pressure from both his members and from outside to say look maybe there should be a vote and he said that if the conference members vote for a second referendum then he will act acquiesce with their wishes and make it part of policy at the house been
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a march in central liverpool the people's march some five thousand people in attendance but here's the dilemma for the labor party if they go with the will of the membership do they alienate the wider labor support many of whom still live in bricks in supporting areas still have for you on the program three year olds that he says have battle against hunger in yemen where three courses of the population is in need of a and india's prime minister launches an ambitious new scheme. to give free health insurance to the country's forests. get a welcome back to the national weather forecast for here across europe we do have a very powerful front that's now moving across eastern europe and into western russia you can see the front right there behind it the air is much cooler. in those
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temperatures are dropping with secular forecast map as we go towards monday here those winds right there berlin only getting to about twelve degrees as your high when you factor in these winds right here it's going to feel more like ten to nine degrees above so that is going to be quite cool there down towards vienna at seventeen but still warm down across the med will looking a book or rest at about thirty degrees as well as on her at their degrees as well but that does change once that front begins to push through what we've been talking about the flooding that has been happening across tunisia the best news that we can tell you is the rain has ended across that region and we are going to be looking at drier conditions but the floodwaters still need time to recede so we're going to be dealing with that over the next few days but we are not expecting any more rain across much of that area we do expect to see some clouds down here across libya maybe of tradesmen gazi but over towards cairo things look quite nice with a term to there of about thirty four degrees and then very quickly over here across central parts of africa very heavy rain expected out here towards the west but for
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lagos it is going to be a partly cloudy day in attempt there about twenty eight degrees. getting to the heart of the matter pro three big challenges facing human prime in the twenty first century and there are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such a expansive network people will come to us and actually share the information with the team into their.
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park and back a quick look at the top stories now the maldives opposition leader mohammed slowly says he has won the presidential election leading by sixteen points with ninety two percent of the votes counted this according to the reuters news agency the current president abdoulaye ameena had been expected to cement his grip on power off to jail in almost all of his rivals. iran's revolutionary guard is vowing what it calls deadly an unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack on a military parade which killed twenty five people. and campaign is for a new backseat referendum have been marching in liverpool where the opposition labor party is meeting this week they want the party to buy a second referendum. let's bring you more on the maldives now because the former president who's in exile in sri lanka has already offered his congratulations. i
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like to call going to congratulate him on the ground. the president elect. dreamed the. and it's seems a little bit in the last four or five years especially since i was arrested from almost all the lead the flock yes live our party has brought together all the other parties together. and here was of course brought on to be one of the best yes it's that of a country to never have congratulations little well we go to yemen now where hundreds in the government held city of eight in a been protesting against the saudi m.r.c. presence in the country they say the coalition has become an occupying force saudi arabia and the u.a.e. intervened in two thousand and fifteen to support yemen's government in its war with the who sees since then u.a.e. backed groups have been accused of committing major human rights abuses in
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a network of secret prisons in parts of the country they control the resurgence of fighting around the port city of the data is worsening the country's humanitarian crisis the u.n. estimates that twenty two million yemenis need humanitarian assistance that's three quarters of the country's population more than eight million are severely food and secure they don't know where their next meal is coming from and they rely on food aid to survive and the u.n. says a further ten million are also food insecure but are not being reached by aid operations in recent collapse in the yemeni ryall has made food imports more expensive making the situation even worse and war and hunger have left two million yemenis internally displaced and almost two hundred thousand have left the neighboring countries and are simmons's in a book refugee camp across the red sea in djibouti when two thousand yemenis a struggling to survive. they're hungry like millions of fellow yemenis they've
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left behind these men have just arrived in old book huddled together in some shade having being smuggled out of yemen for two hundred dollars each. it was a laugh and it's a war we don't want to be part of says this man explaining that he and the others fear they be conscripted to join who three rebel forces. this is where they'll end up with families who may have refuge but little else this man has fresh drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by soley on emergency aid learned to get lots all are less but there was a lot we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the u.n. we don't have been through she needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering weeks of such a dry arid and infertile place. the natural focus of aid agencies is
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across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more and more critical. in a remote yemeni village they continue to take leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides for maybe a day for their extended family and it's a choice between malnutrition or eating leaves. you alone are not enough of the children are suffering from constant diarrhea drowsiness and fever we don't know how and where we can treat them we get no help no one says there is no relief organization in our area when we go asking for help we get nothing. some of the children and babies from the village of. the province have ended up here in this medical clinic. you can see what aid agencies warn is
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a crisis for the young weak and hungry it's growing bigger. yeah the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was a reported on the clinics work this little girl's a fish shoaib or mohammed was waiting for treatment she has since died the medical staff are fighting against one of the consequences of war and the losses are higher now than ever before. andrew symonds zero zero zero zero book did you come to. libya's health ministry says at least nine people have been killed in the latest fighting between military groups in the capital tripoli at least one hundred fifteen people have been killed in fighting in the city since late last month the
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violence broke out when libya's seventh infantry brigade accused the tripoli revolution reaper gate of attacking its positions on the outskirts of tripoli. declared cease fire agreed earlier this month has failed to hold flash floods of killed at least four people in tunisia bridges and roads were damaged when the equivalent of nearly six months worth of rain fell on saturday the storm caused water levels in some areas to arrive as surprise as much as one point seven meters . now mass burials of being held for the hundreds of people who died when a ferry overturned in tanzania at least two hundred twenty four people were killed when the of a crowded boat capsized on thursday many of the victims were buried at a mass funeral in a career it's not known how many people were on board the ferry which officials say had a capacity of around one hundred passengers was going to get my child might have been found but i have not seen her i'm waiting for this ferry to be removed so that i can see whether she is there or not but i'm feeling very bad i think god i have
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found my wife my child is still missing so god has every plan. now to india where prime minister narendra modi is launched his ambitious new health care plan a scheme designed to offer free health insurance to the country's poorest dubbed mody care it will get a billion people. access to health services they carney can't afford but critics say the scheme has been rushed out too quickly for political gain and lacks the adequate funds to keep it going. america is going to vary. if we combine the population of america canada and mexico even more than the number of people who benefit from the scheme. well dubious shonen from the university of westminster says modi care is nothing more than a p.r. stunt for the prime minister. the reality of the government for the last four years has not invest in public sector in terms of hold before more the to come up with a theme that looks ambitious and out of your in a people said it's an ambitious plan this is a strategy he all would want to want to portray himself as
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a strong leader with ambitious plans if they feel somehow that he's not that for someone else is at fault for the whole idea behind this campaign is to give the impression that he is again about caring for the poor people but the reality than lost for you have the government have invested really little in public sector in terms of health. now developments in the u.s. lawyers for christine blazin for the woman who's accused us you preen court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault says that an agreement has been reached to testify in an open hearing on thursday a lawyer say for want senators to hear directly from her about the attack which she alleges took place at a high school party in the one nine hundred eighty s. but key issues remain unresolved including who will be called as witnesses cavanagh denies the allegations and i said he wants to testify to clear his name once i'm. well in our development civil rights groups are calling for police officers to be removed from american schools it follows the release of a study that found minority students are routinely the victims of police brutality
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is also increasing concern that the criminalizing of minority students at an early age can lead to a lifetime trapped in the criminal justice system i did joe castro has more words that these are not the images you would expect from school. a police officer responsible for keeping students safe has put one in a choke hold the reason the boy's friends say was because he threw an orange at a wall when you're in the hallways is in atmosphere of tension in slate worry and fear the incident in philadelphia in two thousand and sixteen sparked student protests and demands to remove police. from the city's public schools the school district spends thirty million dollars a year on police deploying about three hundred fifty officers across some two hundred campuses the philadelphia student union says that creates
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a militant environment if feel like oh i have to put on this may i have to make sure that you know i'm not acting out of character or doing anything that's considered to be. bad i guess in philadelphia's public school district eighty five percent of students are of color and black students are three and a half times more likely to be arrested or refer to police officers than white students advocates point of that as a sign of the existence of a school to prison pipeline where minorities are criminalized at a young age and then continue to land behind bars as adults. a spokeswoman for philadelphia school district declined an interview but said in a statement that the safety of students and staff is top priority meanwhile an alliance of educational justice groups reports that across the u.s. school police have assaulted students at least twenty four times in the past two
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years we want to public education system that actually is positive and that. and that reflects the best of all of us in our students and black students that we need to have police should not even be in the question but in reality the opposite is happening the state of florida recently required all schools to have armed security in response to a high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in february how do you keep american schools safe and school shootings if you get rid of all the police officers please don't make us feel safe. police don't protect black and brown students students have a different vision of what school safety looks like to the students that vision is replacing police with counselors having students work with each other to resolve conflicts and teaching coping skills they say the first step to keeping schools safe is keeping the fear of police brutality out. castro al-jazeera
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philadelphia. but francis has paid tribute to lithuanians who died during the nazi and soviet occupations the pontiff is in a three way mirrors the country marks the seventy fifth anniversary of the destruction of the vilnius ghetto the culmination of a nazi campaign that was altered in the deaths of an estimated one hundred ninety five thousand jews several thousand people were also killed during the decades of soviet occupation that followed the pope warned against the rebirth of the initial anti semitic attitudes that fueled the holocaust. now australia's strawberry contamination scandal has spread across the tasman sea after a needle was found inside a packet of strawberries in new zealand and australian source strawberries were purchased a supermarket or clint supermarket chain is now withdrawn the brand of strawberries as a precautionary measure police in australia are investigating more than one hundred reports of sewing needles found in strawberries which of caused demand for the fruit to plummet hundreds of people have packed
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a square in central barcelona to watch teams of competitors forming a human casals the annual competition is part of a traditional street festival held in honor of the city's patron saint the team's attempt different types of towers requiring coordination balance and lots of practice a bit of bravery as well objective is to successfully build and dismantle a tower without it falling apart the tradition dates back to the eighteenth century . a quick look at top stories now the mole deaves opposition leader mohamed sally says he has won the presidential election leading by sixteen points with a ninety two percent of the votes counted he's called on president abdoulaye i mean to respect the will of the people the former president who's in exile in sri lanka has already offered his congratulations did in the last four five years especially
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since i was it just it. brought home a saw that has led the flock you know that our party. he has brought together all the other parties together. and. of course brought on to be one of the best yes it's the double country never have gone originations little. iran's revolutionary guard is vowing what it calls deadly an unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack that killed at least twenty five people dozens more wounded when four gunmen opened fire on the event in the city of la voz commemorating the start of the iran iraq war iran's president has accused the u.s. of healthy support those who committed the attack. will hear the u.k.'s opposition labor party is under growing pressure to back a new referendum on breaks it up to the government's divorce negotiations with the e.u. has an impasse campaign is for what they're calling a people's votes have been marching through liverpool where the party is holding
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its annual conference this week they believe it jeremy corbyn says he'll support a vote on the final deal that's what the party decides. it's news from yemen in the government health of aden where protests have been taking place against the saudi and rati presence in the country the demonstrators say the coalition has become an occupying force saudi arabia and the u.a.e. intervened in two thousand and fifteen to support yemen's government in its civil war with the who's the rebels and india's prime minister narendra modi has launched his ambitious new health care plan a scheme designed to offer free health insurance to the country's poorest dubbed modi care the program will see half a billion people get access to health services modi's rejected criticism scheme has been rushed out too quickly for political gain and might not have the adequate funds to keep it going coming up next talk to al jazeera with indonesian former strongman tony so hot oh i'll have more news for you after that in twenty five
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minutes time see you later. political dynasty is being revived in indonesia twenty years after the fall of the president named as one of the most corrupt and brutal leaders in recent history. the youngest son to this meeting a new political party to run and elections next year.
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are still. the time to give him his proper name is aiming to reinstate the policies on his father and. i could jacket. up stuff awesome in seoul this week on talk to al-jazeera we're following. the regions in indonesia and it's here at the palace in full of a special royal title all to gain popular support despite accusations that his family had amassed billions of dollars of corruption money rule our innovations willing to give and not a chance. on
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the money. yes. my. god. the family me obviously but my sins i did a lot of my life to get back i don't think. i noticed. just but. just. as you know the united nations and also transparency international have sat that president will have to have stolen more from the nation state than any other president has done and asked between fifteen billion to thirty five billion dollars sixty estimate what do you say about that. maybe i don't know a lot of the. swiss that's the. only
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class. we can talk about of the gaps or the. number of. them and when they don't have very very. corruption with the dead then. it's a bugger to see the new the. young young that sort of. caught up. twenty years ago one thousand in the legions are estimated to have died during the riots that destroyed shopping malls and homes in the capital. at least. eighteen
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ethnic chinese women were raped the bloodshed began after the asian financial crisis caused the currency and the stock market to crash the unrest asking me to twenty all just shot for students at the university military and political leaders sad so has to have lost his grip and abandoned him politically isolated he stepped down on may twenty first one thousand nine hundred eighty. five regular your money out of all of the doubt of c.m. the buy the number you may like but i am what i am going to be several that must be had at them that i am. up in the blood only. that i need to and i did i just had a fancy to see. by the men and some of. them that we. number among beringia that we have but that's the best of all know to be
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at the last. home. to the needy mathematic i summon them to the military but in the end when the number of days of them by this well but i said maybe but when we go back to maine one thousand nine hundred eight and your father was forced to step down do you remember what was the situation right then and what were you feeling. yeah it's a game of money but. keep that. thing up the best but less made it up on me. and i put the but i'm not going to let my monkey get on with the date after seeing pandemic i don't to begin libby. may be because he has put the money that he got up there that they did look
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very. violent. in the mission with the. c.d.c. . and among. that. i'm going to begin. then. i could get equipment and. so you're saying this whole thing was organized august racist so who is behind it so that there are men women but i think a lot of. so i bet i know him young. man that i am i did a lot by any means. but then i. think. he had to. have been accusations against former general bull s. actually being a presidential candidate in two thousand and fourteen that he was behind
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a finance is that true. but i will probably not. be having it up when. i get on line and up on that he said he said. but no idea. do that do that and i did everything but we did. what then. and did the. and i did ninety eight exactly twenty years ago thousands of people students took to the street all asking for the resignation of your father don't you think i really wanted him to go. to know your very own if that's the stuff that for the masses what about motorola. going to them what they were this idea and we came up. the most is this of the arc of the. solar wind up and every part repressive about it but i'll. give up on all of.
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them up and then when we win europe we see that as i was caught up in the that it will go up on way house. following so i have to say resignation tens of thousands of students demanded justice for a day sat where human rights violations and widespread corruption more than one million indonesians died during mass killings during his rule in the one nine hundred sixty s. thousands of others were jailed without any legal process. despite the demands for justice and the return of the billions he and his children were accused of stealing from the state the former strongman was never brought to court the united nations and transparency international the clear so have to have stolen more state assets any other world leader known after so hostis down in two thousand and eight supreme court judges order to his family to repaint nearly four hundred million dollars
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that money taken from state companies was transferred to private suharto foundations register a scholarship provide us the money has yet to be returned. if the government for example would establish a team to go look for all this money for all these billions of dollars what would you say. yeah i see that i'm going to know how to but that's not saying that i must have but i didn't want to do that but i thought what the it was the money issue politically and was we put them in the block and then there is the verdict against the foundations to still have to foundations and you are ordered to pay back four hundred million u.s. dollars by the supreme court in two thousand and fifteen until now no money has been returned. but i've never believed it but. yes on the way up on the main. so i mean nobody.
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is going to get mad at me said. you know double number well yes and it's also the. good with that we but i don't not one hundred that it will mean that it. will be. that i'm sort of debris coming up on this one. than that but i think that my understanding that i am. not that young man with. a little bit. the idea of. when one's young woman that it's a long time that especially. now that it will. take a bang do that to someone might be. in the past twenty years has become one of most vibrant democracy with regular elections down
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to the lowest level of government even the speech vocal protest on the street. or widening gap between rich and poor has become the main focus of the opposition parties including those you form work party. to join i mean of the young in mumbai cricket and my son that any young kid that's about over two thousand. pharmacy we. could have up on the tongue and get them to seven and i had. i don't. think we can. read about it because you know when we see.
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you. economically and then. let me be very it play it. by going don't you think too many people are still traumatized by the presidency and the policies of president a hostile and they won't vote for your party. god i was not i don't want to be. and i don't. know what i see that in order but i do think that and then perhaps it is. my when i got into it i mean i don't think that's what i mean what exactly do people miss from the time so fast and. you have to. have this and i said no it is more the end economy will be back again. how did i go but i knew that would be the jungle but many indonesians would say that the reforms have given them more freedoms this democracy there are elections now that you're
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really saying they want to give that up so i get asked. about it do that. democracy . i wouldn't. do that then i don't need it i begin to make money. yes but i see then they put out about a month when needed and. when i've got that we have all the. minimum we can. william when we can open them. so i. don't like. to become with them when they can only be that it's about. i thought about the people back then but about them once again i don't get that made up. but the smell of
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a stadium. when you open. but he didn't but. what about you. to get at the marriott. to get at this minute. but actually the depth at the moment are less than that that's going to time off precedents for hossa which were fifty seven percent off the g. b.p. and now it's less than thirty percent so what you're saying is actually not true yet but it may be about on myself i am going to. kill them with the bit with you know when they. are going to make it better. than. by the time i invest i think i did the initial. money going there was a debate that he. was one of the victims of this.
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as a student activist he became part of the underground pro-democracy movement he was kidnapped in one thousand nine hundred eighty and taken to a secret prison where he was tortured and by so i have to own special forces. few weeks after so i have to step down from power to. the new order raise emotion out of. authoritarianism repressive. and also brutal. so that's for me based on my life experience and i think that is also exactly the reason why i. made two tickets to go. move and rise. and i seem to go and. have
4:37 am
been on then nineteen and the edmund i was abducted by the special on porters of the army. and for did indicate that for two days. and. you know it it. changed my life this is the family of soeharto and i had this like the you know criminal crimi know yes the operator of the people those who stole the people money and his the family of soeharto and you know loss so there is right thing here tell me the. right tell me here as the son of the criminal. also who commit the corruption call us and the coalition and they put these them
4:38 am
after what happened to you during this a hostile regime the torture and the kidnapping how do you feel that his son tommy soeharto is now going back into politics. first thing that's democracy that we have now which is the result of our struggle two tickets ago and everyone has to look at it right to including to establish a political party but i believe that the idea of a five thing they're teaching the practice of the heart of will never be accepted by the admission people what will they sell to the people there is no peace into our time prosperity there is no price but at the as in in suharto time the possibility that the you know they sell to people is fake you know it's not that it's not true that when they said that at that time the price is very cheap of
4:39 am
course at that time was very cheap also because of the failure of money and now is a year but also because why it was cheap at the time is because of the foreign debt you know just subsidy huge subsidy which make us not able to do anything at the time and yet the time is like orderly peace because we are silence. you know because every sailing in our house is like the intelligent if and the people cannot criticize the government even in the family during they are having dinner for example so at the time. country is built on fear if we look at all the students around us they were asking for so have to be brought to court and also to bring back the money that he allegedly had stolen from the indonesian state where now twenty years
4:40 am
later we have never been to court here the money has never been found or returned how do you feel about that we are disappointed suharto and the regime is not yet. brought to court but we are sure that it is a matter of of of time you know that punishment for new order is seen it's not only in the form that so hurtful as a person is brought to court. it can also happen with the show punishment by the people for example that the political parties get into a fight themselves as the political party of three hundred dollars and also people punish the people by the people not for thing on choosing the political party and the young people now are already you know knowing what happened in the past and also in the. short past two tickets ago but what happened in one thousand
4:41 am
in ninety eight and they will be the one to for the election. to have to is the only member of his family convicted of corruption a supreme court judge sentenced him to eighteen months in prison for. an eleven million dollar land deal scam instead of going to jail eighteen years ago so have to son went into hiding soon after the supreme court judge sentenced him. in two thousand and two so high school was again sentenced this time for fifteen years for ordering the charges murder he was released after serving four years. you've been convicted in a murder case a supreme court charge has been murdered you got fifteen years in jail don't you
4:42 am
think this will have a very bad impact on your political party and you're an electability then they are they are they are going to. fire them because they're. going to have to. you could. see that it will be that is how to put it out see what happens i see that before they said you know what they say that the but i think to them it appears. that a lot of them then on the mesa side of i don't know whenever i see them that i could be that. yes how much of the. when you're on them we believe then you have them only be in think clearly but clearly believe that's more value kassam i got you. point and they want to put me in the can. but he might not be so many back at them and. bring them up on my program program.
4:43 am
but he got buttoning up an economy that had a million young young how to get out of the bunker and among people i think. you want them to come to think i've said i'm going to the sailor because i was tired of that idea. but i think it might come much as i could look back and say can i get there michael was better born. but they are coming up that is the. and then. you have. the body but i. had to go up. but there was.
4:44 am
but there was i did. if you're going to be elected president. of a democratic system in indonesia. and i'm among. that young. i question what it's. and does it address how that is a box with yap a high cost and i think that i don't know maybe they see them as. the . but you know they don't move on me to let me to. become what you have been the money for cities that have a similar demand that that least. amy i. wish you to see if i may be able actually to sell a better. english but my stomach on how to. get that.
4:45 am
would let me put them in with. the said jackie please then when i do a pick up do i found that you got me so i don't believe something odd about this you can look at. that most of the. six. feet from the sun roof the funniest thing is
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a common. phrase from issue rules is the name one the words are important the regulars are regular use it is really kind of trip for a very young age it may come from what i feel the. talks of are just its quality books of all people known to those of our trading music as a message that's deeply relevant to. this question try to think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to last questions and generally all three dogs pressure them people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists there goes writes it's my soul or the and it's going to do this on the earth and people on the street see the protest against bush our doorstep sold in rich as a wit and legs and attempts to contradict some of it's. constitutional
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. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square toolkit. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we were able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. counting the cost this week
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tariffs thousands of products the biggest trading giants on the planet escalate the trade war the worst performing currency in asia india's rupee plus what ice cream sales are melting away in cobb. county the cost or a. quick look at the top stories now the maldives opposition leader abraham mohammad soli has says he has won the presidential election leading by sixteen points with ninety two percent of the vote now counted this according to the reuters news agency a current president abdoulaye i mean had been expected to cement his grip on power after jailing almost all his rivals junaid muhammed a journalist with the maldives independent joins me now from mali thank you for
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speaking to us first of all what are you hearing about where the election result stands at the moment. at the moment i just like you said i don't ninety five percent of the work has been called by the local media here and there is a sixteen percent difference between the two candidates able holding steady at fifty eight percent with fifty eight percent of the lot while president obama an immense forty one percent of the what. has that been any initial reaction from people that say this result. i just came back from the position its main campaign sent and mother and hundreds of people gathered dependent crowd calling for president coming to concede defeat and as i was there just a few minutes ago the president elect obama told had i had as well and he was
4:50 am
addressing the crowd just a few minutes ago. does it look as though abdullah you mean will accept defeat will accept this result all might be incumbent try to mount a challenge in some way. i asked the president elect if he was expecting a call from the prevent any time tonight oh maybe tomorrow and he told me that it has already been a little too natural for the call to happen but at the moment from the sciences and i especially to it from the own party parliamentary group you know it said that the ruling party had the courage to accept the other in our loss if it was the will of the modern people about it too soon to tell you what will happen tomorrow thanks very much a mohamad appreciate you taking the time to update us that from them always. waving to her other top stories this hour iran's revolutionary guard is vowing what it
4:51 am
calls deadly an unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack that killed at least twenty five people dozens more were wounded when four gunmen opened fire on the event in the city of ras commemorating the start of the iran iraq war iran's president has accused the u.s. of helping support those who committed the attack an accusation unlikely to help tensions between the two countries leaders at the u.n. general assembly this week. here the opposition labor party is under growing pressure to back a new referendum on breaks it after the government's divorce negotiations with the e.u. has an impasse campaign is what they calling a people's votes have been marching through liverpool by the party is holding its annual conference this week they believe to jeremy corbyn says he'll support a vote on the final deal if that's the policy decides. india's prime minister and around ramadi is launched his ambitious new health care plan a scheme designed to offer free health insurance for the country's poorest citizens dubbed the program will see half a billion people get access to health services modi's rejected criticism scheme has
4:52 am
been rushed out too quickly for political gain. over in the us lawyers for christine blowsy for the woman who accused supremes court nominee brett kavanaugh are sexual assault says agreement has been reached to testify in an open hearing on thursday a lawyers say ford want senators to hear directly from her about the attack which she alleges took place at a high school party in the one nine hundred eighty s. the key issues remain unresolved including who will be called as witnesses cavanagh denies the allegations and has said he wants to testify to clear his name. flash floods of killed at least four people in tunisia bridges and roads were damaged when the equivalent of nearly six months worth of rain fell on saturday the storm caused water levels in some areas to rise as much as one point seven meters. coming up next on al-jazeera it's the people's health china's unique challenge and then i'll have another update for you in about twenty five minutes time do join me then i'll see you a bit later on if you stay with us. seven
4:53 am
billion people live on planet earth and every year six point five trillion dollars is spent keeping them healthy in. the pursuit of good affordable health care challenges governments worldwide and. we go to six very different countries to see the constant battle to successfully deliver the people's health. china has the largest population in the world. and the busiest hospitals. go to the front line of the government's health reform one of china's
4:54 am
oldest hospitals and pioneering primary health centers. with rising living standards and a rapidly aging society china has a unique challenge of scale how to provide health care to one point four billion people. medical hospital or she who is one of the oldest hospitals in china set up to be the best medical center in asia. its new building was finished in twenty twelve and it means a flagship for the rest of the country specializing in the treatment of serious diseases. anyone can walk in here for treatment and they do. hospitals are the first quarter of call for most chinese patients. and mail out. generally our own
4:55 am
maybe. about cultural changes you've made toyota. saying yeah i'll watch as i can it's egypt so much evil eye for an efficient us a phone so can you and hundred twenty one month to get the same thing here in d.c. to talk to. someone includes a.j. here i'll cut you. off. i this serious headaches for both the hospitals and the patients. with its world class facilities and doctors this hospital is a magnet for patients with any sort of complaint and the system gets coked up. because of. this if something goes. wrong.
4:56 am
talk to gain is the head to shake news outpatient department. she has been charged with the additional task of putting in place and the scheme to tackle overcrowding . feel you have in the us yes i could live the way you did should i know that in the down about it that one of the. one hundred patients she had told me that i was sure that i have been. killed because it was being legislated to live through the packages and switches which should. be appliances you could see the team called. sure to go home chante on the edges of the t.v. i don't. have the guts in common he says i should. put it should use you know food and see it should educate us to the. she told me to
4:57 am
eat or that i had to do and now face a hard that you should try. to tell me how to hook. so you. see who you are and. sure. to eat dinner and. found that out he didn't think that he got it if he intended it that's how my t.k. shipping me you've been using those. in the end i have to say that the hot kids are back and should say this feels. good and see how easy a full of shit like this i'll tell you i feel that he hated that he would feel he was a fit and that. this leaves the seriously ill patients
4:58 am
competing for the attention of overstretch doctors often do you know. talk to john is one of china's leading heart surgeons she holds two clinics every week. it's more than half of his patients could be treated in a less specialized hospital and. yet here are come out of the company you all want you don't want are going to treat her and for you or me or come. on through the for the republicans as are you thought you know hopeful for the missing mom even in the listener on the phone who isn't there that not even. the one hundred. two hundred on the phone but she went on to note. here that it is easier to. get a little silver. if you are a lot of. they are here to kind of
4:59 am
make them work for you know you are for three or. six different after a few hundred years you're going to camis missions are going to be under ten dollars an hour to top entente company so who do wonder what the top michigan hayat congress one of the. dominant twenty five opinions of sugar town published on the who thought you wanted what are sure. to be off without of course you know she thought was oh sure the money will go to tom sure as i'm not sure what immediately it will arrive to get her that hamas or share her promise for the other compound there is the floors are all kind of. her to me on ours but your favorite sailors are now shipping done. to ensure don't taze treat patients effectively talk to gays working on ira ferro system. and
5:00 am
having patients who faired by local community health centers or other hospitals to be fast tracked here. what that means i wonder what i've done to let you out in the senate is that even though shared by you what is it to others to see the situation to see. you should see the situation that the mom gave to that incident i should say to give you back yards for the g.i. joes to meet you shoot up. go where you can see even meet the afflicted we did. otieno says i don't see secrets here that we you don't see the stuff we say oh good i just did i don't do it just got to see how much hassle getting to be set on the couch but yeah i always shop you should see dried up i don't quite.


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