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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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dr working on ira farrow system. and having patients who faired by local community health centers or other hospitals to be fast tracked here. what that means i wonder what i've done to the drought in this and that is that even those shared by you well then the dozens of others to see the situation in d.c. . you should see the city they say that the most high day the dividends in the united states exist by the arguments of the geologist to make the shoot up. you just go where you can see the even neat believe what did we did to the ocean oh says i don't and see if he gets hit of the week he joins with us so he doesn't say oh good i just you know i don't do that just enough to see how much hassle getting to get the sound of the house at that yeah i always shop easy should he joined us i don't quite. know could patient has been spared.
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the ownership that got us that. fish are you proud of about not letting them play was that god. well now does he see where you go aha you're sure you're out. of high do it as often as should be as all are there to the hope that he could it will it will be a one off if i do it you. gotta do it that way that was comical bob. if. you don't want to you are me own. missy's lose consultation only lasts four minutes. if you sit with up to sixty patients to see in just the morning that is old the doctor can spare her. to
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reduce people's overdependence on big hospitals and the associated high costs government reforms have invested one hundred seventy billion dollars in the last five years to build up a primary health care system. in beijing the plan is to have a local community practice within thirty minutes of every home. this is station and community health center in north beijing saving about fifty thousand local inhabitants. reforms to provide basic medical services that people will want to use without having to wait days or weeks for appointments. this will help to keep the costs of china's health care. are. if you. at all. are.
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your body that oh yes i i j h i'm a delicious young south ah. right to. find out i. seventy five year old mrs don't lives five minutes away. she has just had a heart bypass and a specialist hospital. but if we are one she would have returned to the hospital for her follow up appointments and rehabilitation now she's treated here at her local practice by dr goh. he ought to be of that you know you didn't go there did you little fool. yes we had it they yeah i wasn't here but yeah you have kind of want to
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live in. lagos which he had me. it's one thing that says yeah. no. doctor go is one of a new wave of specially trained general practitioners providing a level of primary care expertise new to china years you know to me yeah i don't know yeah since you know nothing now unlike hospitals community health centers are funded directly by the state and they're not profit driven missy's dongs consultation at the health center costs about forty percent of what a specialist hospital would charge her out of it all. what's more by going to the health center she can claim back more of the costs from her state health
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insurance. or hold our or doctor and brother went here or the ward. where what the people there who are most in that you fall through are the for the three cos all you've got. to deal with or a portion are going to be wow. all are actual to do that and it's here the hour before the end of a hot literally out of water. into it going to the wrong target or bad up out its ass the usual for it into our house either with or without the tootsies untruth. why it's not just the treatment the time the doctor go devotes to her patients and the trust between doctor and patient is also at the heart of china's new primary health reform oh yeah and not just. with her ha. ha. ha ha shin then as she and the.
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legal men to learn to live they should be. able to feel the let me us all know what you'll say i'm a huge. him they would do you dribble the of the issue of. the way you end up with dad the idea was when i don't know what the again how well those that are called there were no human really all of you should. now yell from the beer. why yes. there have been a juror through her federal jail dog years though me of. the third yeah yeah you've been there before you board. i did it while.
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i sat. on the. general practitioners are still new in china and it's not the first career choice for most young doctors you can earn more in specialist hospitals but otoh knows what she wants the my for you out of pocket book open door would be worth maybe a lot for now but what that will be a. drawer that colorful quality then always. the need for a well trained general practitioners has highlighted a major problem while china has two point two four million trained doctors it has one point four billion patients one doctor for every six hundred people. the primary health reform has meant that many retired doctors have been brought back into action was. really
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dr john is in charge of the community centers new rehabilitation units with better living standards the chinese are now faced with more chronic illnesses like high blood pressure stroke and diabetes as in developed countries in the past decade they account for eighty percent of all illnesses and deaths in china and it's the community doctors who are taking on this challenge with western and traditional chinese medicine. it's a long way from where doctors young started forty years ago. to manage all or. charlatan one harsh of you know you don't know what show you sure are a problem for the news when you mention chen and if you. are your future sure though when you hear share a doll. or show me what i want to see and you get cheeky which is what i know we
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want only for your time during an event. she and her dog won in this. barney and the she didn't. on the kosher meat called on earth cool jennifer treacy i was really good you're sure. you know where you are not because i don't have any that i do yeah what do you mean. so you. will caution. us to give him sort of problems here. on a full. one. being should doctors wear the symbol of health care for the majority of chinese people under chairman mao in the one nine hundred seventy s. it was a rudimentary system but it left no one untreated no doctor hopes to master the new
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art of general practice in his retirement with the current position that you're sure you bob dylan and don who tune in the show you bonnie that you know the show you. the. city that being new. to the show whole. going to accord one day what would you rather see me about. condition health center dr lou has also rejoined the health workforce from retirement their role is essentially to help the government meet its targets of getting every family signed up with a general practitioner by twenty twenty. one graph i have to tell only one. that maybe i'm a girl so if you need not tell me what it was that i did i shall be on that so you know something a little more up on the no was all. me
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and has terminal cancer she has already gone through several courses of chemotherapy like many old people in china today she lives alone her only daughter works elsewhere and can only manage the occasional visit. so don't tell you who to hire. these houses it's a critical both for treatment and for keeping her spirits up i know. i'm telling you. the tenor of. your news all i do or. do you know if you're. going to lie. how many are. the facts usually you know
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that you know you have a little guy i'm going to be talking. about my. health insurance well you know they'll say after we got unlucky and now want to get. our citizens. that are going to do that for us i thought of. google but. you choose to tell you that there was a lot of this out do you actually know who all got on because you question. your take i have. say who graduated i mean there's you longevity initiative be here for the city council the sure i'll. see ya i mean. yeah those are some of the i don't know what i am yeah loudly i mean i've talked to them to each team visit as many patients as
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possible it's good for them and of course for the health system. it costs a fraction of the price than it would ten of them hospitalized. with nearly one hundred billion dollars spent on tackling chronic illnesses in the last decade the only way for china to have a chance to provide sustainable health care is to have keepers like dr louis. the past decades have been a rule coaster. for most cradle to grave have fessed up to a profit driven market system in the one nine hundred eighty s. . and it's back to basic health care for everyone every day new initiatives that enhanced e.l.c. are simple which unfold in the new what should you also locally j shiploads insult along faith. being that you can be great and didn't get that message of getting in
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social mission to basically eagles what you don't see that you tell to yourself for days for the portal. joseph i mimicked it was up in the south you go bob i think it's usually. with fifty percent of the population living in the countryside. perhaps the most significant reform has been the creation of riddle health insurance it may well be saving the life of this six year old boy if you're there if i was trying. to do what today is so young sixth birthday but he is facing an eight hour life saving operation on his rear heart condition. yet we. have learned enough that. he and his whole family mother father grandmother grandfather uncle and aunt all peasant farmers have travelled over
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a thousand kilometers from the north on their first ever visit to beijing. childhood has shown. that. you are not in my. mind. to go to school because. i don't. feel that my mates and you know i think i mean if you're going to lose it. or anything more you're going to think i'm stationed on beneath me or have you know how i'm going to be how tiny and tolerant and with him that's are going to target for me at your shoulder with that i'm going to then yes he had pointed out and you know by the manner for there surely must be you are. just a few years ago shout young would almost second they have died. now he is
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a bite to be operated on by one of the leading heart surgeons in china. some way down drawn leases are released that my social shall not only without reason or love them. what should. just go which you all with all the solutions call me gloating but i was a little out of the gold drug kingpins and i don't use the word. shall i. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring
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documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. a year ago president trump threatened to destroy north korea what will happen this year when he and other world leaders visit new york. this time there's a new dimension trump is expected to chair the u.s. most important body the security council. and he has iran in his sights. extensive u.s. coverage. on al-jazeera al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one
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of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. given the count on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london a quick reminder of the main stories this hour the maldives opposition leader abraham ahmed soli says he has won the presidential election with almost all of the votes counted the current president abdullah i mean it's been expected to cement his grip on power off the jailing almost all his rivals for president mohamed nasheed who's in exile in sri lanka offered his congratulations yet in the last four five years especially since i was it just. brought home
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a saw that has led the flock that our party has brought together all the other parties together. and yet has of course proven to be one of the best yes it's that of a country to never have gone originations little. iran's revolutionary guard is vowing what it calls deadly an unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack that killed at least twenty five people dozens more were wounded when four gunmen opened fire on the event in the city of a vase commemorating the start of the iran iraq war iran's president has accused the u.s. of helping support those who committed the attack an accusation unlikely to help tensions between the country's leaders at the upcoming u.n. general assembly. here campaign is for any bricks at referendum of the marching in liverpool where the opposition labor party is meeting this week they want the party to back a second referendum they believe that jeremy corbyn says he'll support
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a vote on the final deal if that's what the party decides but he also says he would prefer a general election. in the us lawyers for christine blazin for the woman who's accused supreme court nominee brett cavanagh of sexual assault says agreement has been reached for her to testify in an open hearing on thursday her lawyers say ford wants senators to hear directly from her about the attack which she alleges took place at a high school party in the one nine hundred eighty s. cavanagh who denies the allegations will testify after her flash floods have killed at least four people in tunisia bridges and roads were damaged when the equivalent of nearly six months worth of rain fell on saturday the storm caused water levels in some areas to rise as much as one point seven meters surging waters carried away homes cars and chunks of road. i'll have more on all of our top stories in the news hour that's in twenty five minutes time i'll see you then the people's health now
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continues. good. luck. let. one. lucky lucky lucky
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. china faces an extraordinary challenge of scale when it comes to its health care system reforms. of one point four billion people over half of him live in the countryside. one of the most important you health reforms has been for peasants it's only in the past twelve years that health insurance has been extended to them. the show family and their sick young son are from a small village a thousand kilometers away from beijing located in the cold far north on the border with russia. it is one of the poorest regions of china and the annual family in colorado is just
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three thousand two hundred dollars one sixth of the national average they used to benefit from barefoot doctors for free but had to pee for all their treatment since the market reforms began in the one nine hundred eighty s. . just six months ago their only child six years old showed young began to feel ill. and you. do it into an apology of all. the hauling. we came to so if i love all your fans as a little hazard the family of all the good it will fuck previously they would have had to pay for the entire treatment themselves. no the new government run rural health insurance pays for up to ninety percent of all local hospital bills. you know i do assume the. rule is
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a little longer term problem even though. you don't even go there. live at the new ball probably you've. made. it. yes and. then that high that they'll. eat in show young's case the local county hospital quickly realized his condition was very serious so he and his mother were unfair to the prevention hospice home. mother and son travel to harbin the provincial capital.
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once they're out of the country the insurance scheme will cover them for seventy percent of treatment. of him and. i thought well that's why i think it was him walking up and. after the examination harbin hospital confirmed to show young has a very complex cardiac condition particularly dangerous for young children and. they're not confident they can perform the operation he needs so that it fair the family to she her hospital in beijing over one thousand kilometers away. from dying and they're all in the lather sure hope. they hog the lab which are a lot gonna have a lot piling show milesian all the two thousand years in the semi that. the family hesitates before travelling to beijing while the health insurance will cover some
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of the cost joe young's mother is worried about the expense of this kind of operation and such a famous hospital what it's all not all they want to show is highly little billy similar to ours has a whole lot. of these are true then they show me ways out of luck through nine other bushels of the saloon. opinion. i haven't driven. show young's condition deteriorated and with that surgery his life was at risk. so the family decides that no matter what the cost of the travel to be showing for immediate treatment.
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shall madness in the us in the us almost all the idea that the whole of the ship was a colony or how this all was in that our interest as well it. brought the. hollow . as it turned out that they travel to be just in time. by an ocean of your whole family a whole new set of chinese whom you i heard in the rather tunnel hora and therefore there are a lot of european even i think. if you know i'm not going to leave the whole game and if you know. your daughter board or. the operation in beijing will cost them about twenty five thousand dollars which is equal to eight nears income for young's whole family. if you know of this or what you write or out of. the work done to you paul would only go to iraq and if you are
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a while harsh on the young boy or whether you were pulled out all the beer in the ring for the wrong idea about your book and all but your lack of coming. share who hospital like most hospitals in china has been a profit making business since the early one nine hundred eighty s. . the new health reform means that even those young family must take a huge loan to cover the treatment they hope they can claim at least some of it back through the insurance scheme. you know the who was here last year for not will and aren't being there for i don't draw on enough for you know that alas. died. of a heart about life. as the operation approaches and the risk of losing the family's only child becomes clear to show young's mother she asks to come in with him.
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well that it all boat is all. the way home always a lot but. that's all you might. say . well. i. don't think. initially i'll allow that our family and. i felt it to be. the operation as a very complex one and the hospital coles and their most experienced staff including the senior needs to test. in one kind of some momentum that
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hijos each other causing them to tell you a gene and this and that so to hell will move the console of the cell so costs are told someone to listen something some of us can go into. the machine and talk that's among us is so it's at those two that i just tell them there could consider that bullshit just let them be sent to find.
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the best doctors in china are no world class but there are still too few of them and they are too concentrated in beijing and shanghai. it will be years before a show young could have such an operation and his regional hospital. show young is still under anaesthetic. the family can only wait at site for the final outcome. so the shots. while you are little.
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there. are several in yourself if. you see her tell her she wants to roll with you hollis is the fearless. as you know she always shaved off a little. bit of pain any connection to the both you. and . the family can stay but they have nowhere to go. we cannot afford to tale zoho stories in the capital so they have to wait at the back of the hospital. is a testing time for the grandparents. i. don't
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. know. what that doctors don't want to do. at the harvard. they were doing. but when they've had the will it be a partner to holla when you call a quarter one of her to go without. me that the yelling on the walls when they yell and then they don't yell resident and they come out of the town with a little face or that. it's really a book or what you're for that might. try. to. trick her. as
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a couple these are due to ego how's the what's in the house. they will see all through the not so actually the ok. the insurance does not cover any of the travel and accommodation costs. illness is one of the most common causes of poverty in china. that it's the way. the dot dot. dot. there's an exaggerator thread now that's higher than that fryer. male. so that there are that they are right that a good way to get. that. dollar an adult male. for someone that. show more visual. aha to.
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lead to is. getting health care to the peasantry has always been a challenge for the chinese government but a new problem is looming with economic success and better health care cheney's people are living longer than ever with life expectancy reaching seventy five years . one third of china's population some four hundred million people will be over sixty within twenty years and the costs of their attendant illnesses are already the largest element of health care expenditure. once again it is
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the reform of the primary health care system that they hope will take the strain. on community health center there is a unit that represents something very new to china. hospice great airman newly ill patients can come to die with dignity and proper care. with most chinese families having only one child hospice is like this could be crucial to reduce the pressure on the hospitals and the families. this is one of the first in amusements that the government hopes to spread right across the country. the inimitable talk to do this in charge for hire working here is not simply a matter of medical treatment but of holistic care when you already know that you
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know they go oh my. we only got once you will get what is what are you going to do that. so. i mean you know that it's you know it's in your own mind it is. a needle yeah look at your phone it's on your arm. that elizabeth is open door to. living my life and she walked off well let me call you was she. being walked off and you know we all sound this isn't even. boys you know i'm looking for some fun elephants denial or. what do you feel a lot of the national radio that you did even back. in college are sounding the whole time male and you make you feel yeah i meet them i'm going to see you don't know enough or will meet ya was
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a major. is or else we would. all go home i hate japanese that town. meeting you also have hopped all up cement i thought it's useful or he was saying that that is true and you will want to do this it will be and for sure if you're going to get. look at these you don't know what i mean to say that i'm not sure times. to our people and. this treatment for the terminally ill. is new and part of dr lee's job is to train volunteers who will keep her patients company in these last days and weeks of their life's. sales are about to go lower than that and we have only to deal with the team was the introduction of being made with their top five c.c.'s of the dollar to be sure you can pay. people. that you are. going to cause you
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need all she. always issue. mission dadi you are not you are mocking the whole woman georgia tech you can jump all that what she how they should follow her that money would have to show are all numbers that should enjoy a share the legit how about that one hundred year old your church or she may tell you all the alternative policy that each of those attention should always it on our economy is not legitimately called without it however what should our sure genitally on be any legacy of. the. marriage elaine's condition has deteriorated. she is able to go into the hospice for care. talk to brings in her old colleague to talk to zhang. together they make sure. it's as comfortable as possible. you know how
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you take the most out of your jewelry or your magician hold on to your three children old doc how do you do that are they really will only latch. in part. dr lou and her nurse's are on hand for their own special brand of reassurance that i didn't. feel. good it's an. inch a hospital. and has made a remarkable recovery after his heart surgery. how
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the family need to get him home as quickly as possible. and look whatever he's done well for. sure wolf. for that or there was a lot of feet on. highly theoretical knowledge on their reach your dad articles all about how to deal with him. for the. fall for total. walker challenging yourself so it's not. as if the way why do you that the hardship that thing. shuttle in the fall is all. they had to be
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home for the harvest to begin to pay back the huge loans they had taken ites to get show yon his treatment. was other than the found a lot this hour here john hart as will or will have the little to no child notice it is as i am up there all of us home while i drive all of. the. people for this eleanor hall they just saw it on. the day after they returned joe young's mother takes him to the kentish ministration to claim the costs from their insurance. at all. the total cost of the treatments for joe young's illness was twenty five thousand dollars both locally and in beijing. of this the insurance covers about half.
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an hour a lot mentally ill i didn't know whether that would doesn't donny being asked for their little legacy and their holding a good hour for what you have they don't listen if. they didn't understand i don't recall anything pretty don't mean the whole invasion they're not at all sure i did post and they say it again that look how they did it. mr yang you've been is in charge of the insurance scheme here. local governments contribute to the scheme but the bulk of the funding comes from beijing. but you know it is within the body and it always been in the article. that he knew . she felt you. were in court with.
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over him that it was that. it was. that he was on a. rather easy it was for you to hold. the . gun for that you know not. the operation and the trip to beijing have left the family in enormous debt. for years to come they will struggle to pay back loans but without the insurance they almost certainly would no longer have a son. from
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the further street cheese of the countrysides to the heart of beijing. the chinese government is facing the costs of its own economic success. rising living standards and a longer life expectancy. health reforms are only the first steps towards affordable and sustainable care for this massive country. healthier china is on its way but there's a long way to go and noory form that seemed at one point four billion people can succeed over night.
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hello again it's good to have you back or across australia we are watching one front about you making its way towards parts of perth you can notice those clouds right there that is going to start to bring in some clouds and some cooler weather but not here on monday we expect to see that a nice day but there's a front there's that weather system right there so as we go from monday to tuesday well we do start to see more clouds and a drop in temperature maybe about eighteen degrees few there out here towards the east we're looking quite nice we're going to be seeing a little bit cooler weather for brisbane most of the active weather pushes out into the tasman sea but for melbourne we're going to be seeing a temperature there of about fourteen adelaide maybe some clouds but you are picking up some winds from the north so that means the temperatures are going to be going up as well as make our way over here towards parts of the new zealand area clouds rolling into the south island the north island not looking too bad but that
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is going to change that whole system pushes through we're going to be seeing a lot of clouds we may even see some snow in the higher elevations of the south island before auckland sixteen degrees there on monday and then we go down to thirteen as those southerly winds come into play and then very quickly up here towards the northern part of asia we are going to be seeing some clouds starting to push into the area all of japan is expect to see some clouds there in tokyo a cloudy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight. marine theme parks are making a big splash in china. but are there death sentence for the ocean's most majestic and. one on east investigates. on al-jazeera. discover the stories you didn't know about. be a witness to life changing scenes. notice the changes that affect all of
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us. experience our worlds and be a part of a it's. a focus al-jazeera balkans international documentary film festival. from twenty first to twenty fifth september. i know i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up opposition candidate abraham mohammad soli claims victory in the maldives presidential election in which the incumbent was expected to win. iran's revolutionary guard val's deadly an unforgettable revenge for the attack on
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a military parade which killed twenty five people also. thousands marched through. main opposition party to back another referendum on the breaks it deal. and i'm far as small have all the day's sport including chelsea dropped their first points of the season the blues were held to with nil nil draw by west ham. we begin this hour in the mold leaves where opposition leader abraham mohammad soli has declared victory in the country's presidential election local media said that with ninety two percent of the votes counted he was leading by sixteen points the current president abdoulaye i mean had been expected to cement his grip on power after jailing almost all his rivals including his own brother who's
5:50 am
a former president of the country was speaking a short time ago soni said the message is loud and clear the people of maldives want change peace and justice i would like to call on president i mean to accept the will of the people and begin a smooth transition of power as the constitution so that's the statement from soli former president mohamed nasheed who was jailed in two thousand and fifteen but is now living in exile in sri lanka echoed that cole. they don't not want to see president ya mean but to his old tricks not also print courts. the martial law. no more and i did see it all. the most up as. we will hopefully again the beautiful country let's get more this hour from janae mohamed a janice with the moldings independent he joins me now from la an unexpected result
5:51 am
emerging in this election how would you describe the atmosphere that now. i discard . what is a celebration going on inside. may not position m.b.p.s. convince him to hundreds of people gathered outside but to just be a festive crowd the president elect is also there it now his running mate is there as well and the leadership of the joint opposition as well and they are saying that there will still have that tonight until the elections commission finishes announcing the official permission orders all that's right now from the promotional materials that has been called by the local media are ninety eight percent of the border has the continent that is around four hundred sixty three books books is out of four hundred seventy two and continuing to see. it's all there the
5:52 am
president elect hold on to a strong lead or sixteen percent right. is managing to maintain his lead he has spoken out and he said that he is hoping for a peaceful transition anyone from president abdullah i mean yet. i have been trying to get in touch with the president of his spokes people for the visa and the so why are. received in terms of. from the president is that the president will give a message sometime maybe tonight member tomorrow of mcdowell's i'm not sure in terms of a message from the who will impart to you we had to lead from the parliamentary leader of the ruling party who said that. it is a very not
5:53 am
a loss the p.p.m. you know the ruling party is a party that has capital has the courage to accept the decision of the modern people. what are the immediate steps now and the challenges facing. i think at this moment. in the outside the m.b.p. office that i was talking to a lot of the chants are inveterately are targeted at the president asking him calling on him to. accept there is oats and and concede defeat so far i think. in this for even in this festive atmosphere i think there is a level of uncertainty or what phil what will the president do and i think because it is taking so long for the president to come out and say something. except that he has lost the election it is becoming more uncertain over time we
5:54 am
also have official word from the elections commission host totted announcing results are just about an hour and thirty minutes ago the chief of the elections commission said that what. the things that this is one of the most peaceful elections we've had. in our. courting him here joe thank you very much thank you very much neighborhood for bringing us all the latest from la let's discuss this story some more with a couple us wanny director of the south asia center at the atlantic council thank you very much for speaking to us as you were hearing that almost all of the results some ninety eight percent of the vote has been counted and we see that abraham the opposition candidate continuing to maintain his lead why have we not heard anything from president yet mean. well i think that's
5:55 am
a great question and the longer president mean waits to concede defeat it's not a good sign for him and it's not a good sign for the democracy and or for that matter it's not a good it's not justice to the people of maldives or at large i think he should come out the people of maldives have spoken and he should come out and concede defeat and be gracious in his defeat and that's a lesson but. that's a that's a bill that. is he likely to accept this result. well i mean i think this was a big this was a big deal for shockey what he was hoping and he was aiming was to consolidate power. and with the way that i think prior to the elections the way that he had. i would call it manipulated the institutions. to exercise his control over the institutions of maldives i think it really backfired
5:56 am
. in the elections overall were a little bit chaos and disorganized and people had to wait longer in lines to where to vote and i think those were raising the transaction cost as possible in the most deviant people to come out and vote and the in the hope that they wouldn't they would give up and return home and the frustration and the awkward. would. that would that would. that would get him the desired result that the whole i think those techniques did not work in his favor and i think those are some things that you'll have to digest and they allowed to work with them and i don't i'm not sure what his advisors right now are telling him and i hope they give him the right advice to be gracious in his defeat come out and concede concede victory to his opposition and move forward and you know. open a new chapter in the maldivian history it's been
5:57 am
a tumultuous few years in the multi somewhat volatile political climate how do you explain the opposition's before in this election when the playing field was stacked against them. well i think you see let's let's put it into a bigger context. and the prior to the transition that we have seen the democratic transition that we've seen in the last ten years i've had an authoritarian regime and then their democracy is that allegedly a new process voting and transition of power has been a new process and in this there has been chromatic incidents for in general you know and with that said and done and you know the as you put it the the opposition did not have a level playing field but the true victory here belongs to the mall devean people and also the opposition to resort include some kind of some kind of a patient struggled sort of speak to own the justice that they are busy today and
5:58 am
we must congratulate them for perceive you are going through the techniques that they know and perceive using through the democratic principles and fundamentals that we all are that we all are familiar and cognizant with and i think we must congratulate the opposition we must congratulate the two to a level the institutions that have been resilient enough to the manipulation techniques of the ruling ruling party and the more given people's resiliency and resolve to see it through a fair and just process waiting through the lines perceiving through the lines through to have had a say. to have had a say in the overall democratic process and i think this is a lesson for all of us in the western society who believe in the fundamentals and principles of democracy all right well thank you very much for sharing your analysis on this for this. director of the south asia center at the atlanta council joining us from washington. oving to our other top story this hour iran's
5:59 am
revolutionary guard is pledging what it calls a deadly and unforgettable vengeance after saturday's attack on a military parade twenty five people were killed including soldiers and civilians when four gunmen opened fire on the event in the city of a vase commemorating the start of the iran iraq war i still has claimed responsibility putting out a video it says shows the gunman on their way to but the attack is generally thought to be the work of arab separatists fight has oil to the arab national resistance also claimed responsibility that's the umbrella name for a number of armed groups fighting for iran's oil rich state of course a stunt to secede a spokesman for one of the groups made the claim on a london based farsi news channel on saturday iran some in the u.k. envoy to protest along with diplomats from denmark and the netherlands accusing all three countries of harboring what it called terrorists president hassan rouhani accused unnamed gulf states of being behind the attacks backed by the u.s. and israel or the accusation is unlikely to ease tensions between him and president
6:00 am
drop of the upcoming u.n. general assembly this week samus ravi reports now from to iran as he took off for the united nations general assembly in new york iran's president gave a preview of the likely message he was taking to world leaders be touted the june would be islam the undoubtedly the islamic republic of iran does not overlook this crime it is clear to us to which group they belong and to where they are linked to those who are claims about respecting human rights must be held accountable the small puppet countries that we see in the region but by america of the united states has provoked and giving them the disarray capabilities to commit these crimes. of. saturday's attack in a vase is having a ripple effect internationally in.


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