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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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mean. i'm not on that i have. my live bob bob sifted out and says you didn't feed your. daddy how could i would. then feed you could be. pursued labrador and. fish and he she did. not know that the ship was going for bob which is the financial debacle i wasn't given look at them a world of i had to listen for some of them fifteen min about it a tsunami of the lifting and only a washout or was all but then i spoke about what was it on because of the little
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bit of the photos you know that offended most of us what we're going to smash it and how do you get up. event hell you shit up a bet and he had a could have at the to him had. he. could have us as that other to sit out there and campaign as that and say that for sure and that's the message then i think and this is the method and if so a lot of ness of what on the wall what sort of nest fickle. young man had woman much more than an. easy out at that minute just see no. one how would the ending of a man oh yes. yes . it's all about a shot from someone else comes. as just
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you know i mean. award shows with us again with the thought that. something should. come from a special. issue of the. paid for to. begin the legion had to be negative about the show something if not just. because. into the vision that it was going to disappear it was beginning to share something. you know would have left never let her down in. the shaheed place she doesn't look when she is deaf. people do get. somebody they say that because you met this one so i understand it but i'm just what i was really sick and i said that i wouldn't. feel
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a little left a bit the bloody and innocent that i would do well i had. no man business billy sell a bit of a cut of that investment to look good as they have had it with a number that i would have been at the middle to deafen the goods this is a bob that i should not go down i'll not be able to put it well you just like in the. software i don't know the first i'm ready. for you when you look at most of them who have been on wasn't going to promote if you're going to. fall off. the subject that is if i thought about a son i'm going to actually make an official with a list that was just let me go to all and get the sauce they sure would just love
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to share does it usually manage to pursue ownership of god. not by the and. into the use of the book that would be how will she get the most money in the media and she'd been in a bar and had the book feel passionately from saw that movie. the moment that it may not. be true from a good lad lucas and not something. he had shed bad for but the left had some of his a better technique up on the new stuff but not serviceable but he didn't want their mother in the book much them. and those who were in the office knew each other you know so this was going to hurt. their care. of michigan so. it was in the sea of carbon a machine jammed on a bus and in their feet nothing additional but when your series of catch up give.
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you some of the soul to believe that. the mushroom show that without yams i'll be the ship the enemy ship and send as. gentleman the one man a son have been inflicted often over that sizable bar that i have seen other than mr de. and yet under the sun the bulk of the buckets are in the bum the good yes show that we should see him and mr. love a. very good dog. of a gun the. son of a bar it will give. him the most service and i was up
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a. little. the first to. say you know i love the little. nigger and that's the bumps that mislead him but. bosh comes to the bridge good comes of the bridge becomes so the can look. up so big the it cannot be given to those who are down over the field but if you open the windows and it will really close the hood and the phone and i feel it to the other my head of the become a problem for a guy who does this in the front seat. on the little hub of the shuttle i see the work that the men and i think it ended up just that i don't have ignition confluent good to. hear now and if you get dizzy
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to get out but need me i don't know i'll go to some of the others although i was a little busy as all the food and. and i'm sure in the northeast my understanding your. silly question should i just cannot govern. but means i'm going to. play when i was one of. buswell books you got to be on the bus and i was. so fired up about. callin everywhere i did. it why then i think it's. about the. job you have with a lot of the. moment you can be somebody you can work. with a lot of the time in their shemesh kind of fight or mash about the overall mission
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when you. look at i know what i know you don't have enough over one hundred two hundred given who are business. that most of them see me they look to. understand how the mother sounds to me and. whether the president can you know. governor or that's a legitimate question i have to the math. and they can clearly. tell me mad that you can learn one of these if and i bet you can there are the. young. adults in the. us for advice got. a lot of. have gotten some chance of the fall. an ounce of the full. house to solve the house. will look we are in the mold of the little yourself your what if selfish are where some shot in sydney you wish they are what i'm going to send me if i had
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a life. is a fear that ever had a you know i see it as if you think your see. so if you have become as the book i know how hard it is listen never does i do it i know that i got the book about the lotto but gullible i didn't know i should have one of the silver lower than a lot of books about now but thought of of the little throw you in the shove them together in this is a battle buddy to focus out on a limb and get government i'm going to tell you only got the bloody bill but this is about the film come out of the man i thought that awful stuff that i thought of us all folk who thought somehow that i'm sorry didn't open up a shot of jerry it and it has yeah hi jerry look away when they get a little but then how to get it out with their mug. on in the shop and asked the. home i don't know before i saw them you said phil i'm going to without him if that is you one of them been there well well well if that
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i'm still fun but i'm an. awful lot of bolivia violent and do all so it's up to. a younger jim the man you said you need to put. my hand i don't blow yet that which i gots to show the shade as the show. whole another part of. me i am coming down here. at the bottom. and up on but on me to me at him and i've been in them does anybody and i suppose one of them.
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then with none of the kind on us of a novel hallo. make them does and ahead by yemeni germano how about seven micah will head for north and show fanny are the quote a magician for one. of her golden shadows something. that no one a few must see about a loudmouth as the jimmy view shared with me that we shared one mr g. the love so hard what they did get bought and yes you love them ok and yet the how well engineer or not you know me better play the part that i left here in one issue of the kentucky shot acquired savage at the amuse them of a shark some. of the areas where there.
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should be able to assume most should the usher of the general million to that more shark jumping be any good little o.b. will far thought it was better than the law as a man was. a linux would never sell a lot even as you know but. every. time i.
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mean another in a semi session in just thirty i was walking out in the park. yeah according to ny and nj is it taking you back. said be awash in bed you have welcomed us all down up well enough. and went.
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back to where you know this that visit i was that i had it. and i love a message i'm tired of in the silken lead as if the malema can live on the head but then provision off the. yes they got. out of some. of them. lavish and i'm going to anyway. that you know. is this is all. i had and i feel what's the rock and. a whole. nother he.
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says when the power goes out. there's only one humanity trying to save. local heroes to many he steals electricity. but keeping the lights on is dangerous to say. as your forces cracked arm sparks begin to fly. powerless a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. and the president trump finding asylum in the us has become harder than ever i am pretty in place a hero tolerance policy if you are from are going
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a trial then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you coulson's of families escaping violence at home now face separation detention and deportation as the us closes its doors no shelter announces iraq. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up in the
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next sixty minutes. of people his focus and it has spoken decisively for change a major election upset in the multi-verse opposition candidate abraham sali claims victory in a closely for presidential vote. iran's elite army unit val's revenge as president has done rouhani blames the u.s. for saturday's attack on a military parade. for another referendum days after british prime minister to resign may spreads a plan was junks by the e.u. leadership. and it's a marvelous comeback tiger woods wins his first tour championship in half a decade. a moment of happiness hope and a history those are the words of mold deaves opposition leader abraham sully as he declared victory in the country's presidential election the opposition says it was the fifty eight percent of the vote compared to forty two percent for the incumbent
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president abdoulaye yeah i mean who had been widely expected to win with almost half of his rivals in jail a warning shot at bella's report contains some flash photography. opposition leaders and the supporters on the streets of as the leader mohammed saeed. claim victory in presidential elections am. for five years president i believe you mean has been in power they say he has been dethroned and wanted to conceive and this is a moment of happiness this is a moment of hope this is a moment of history for many of us this has been a difficult journey a journey that has lived through a prism so for years of. politics in the most daves has been tumultuous since my home in the shade became its first democratically elected president ten years ago he was ousted in
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a coup the spent most of his time in exile in sri lanka he watched as his friend and ally sunday rallied opposition leaders into a coalition to take power back i like to call their conduct alert on the ground moment so i mean the president elect. you has got that dream the heart and it's jeems i love it that in the last four five years first the inside was arrested. the motif has been in political turmoil under your name during his five year tenure two former presidents the prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials. on the eve of the vote campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered this was a bigger fish what he was hoping and he was aiming was to consolidate power. and with the way that prior to the elections the way that. as i would call it
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manipulated the institutions i think it will fully backfired. vians judge his tenure with a pen and paper and extraordinary numbers turnout was over eighty five to seemed despite. i came to vote eight in the morning and i was waiting in the queue all this time until five o'clock pm so the nine hours before voting. president you mean stayed silent as the votes were counted he had been expected to cement his grip on power but in public view the ballots piled up against him the electoral commission will announce the official results and seven days challenge ballasts al-jazeera iran's revolutionary guard says it will avenge today's attack on a military parade that killed twenty five people dozens more were wounded when four gunmen opened fire on the event in the city of commemorating the start of the iran iraq war iran's president is accused the u.s. of helping support those who carried out the attack and accusation the washington
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denies reports in the capital tehran as he took off for the united nations general assembly in new york iran's president gave a preview of the likely message he was taking to world leaders. undoubtedly the islamic republic of iran does not overlook this crime it is clear to us which group they belong to where they are linked. those who are claims about respecting human rights must be held accountable the small puppet countries that we see in the region about by america and the united states is provoking them and giving them the necessary capabilities to commit these crimes. saturday's attack in a box is having a ripple effect internationally iran's foreign ministry summoned the british danish and dutch envoys and accused their governments of harboring members of separatist groups iran accuses of attacks inside the country and tweets by a political scientist based in the united arab emirates exposed iran's fraught relationship with the. of the halakhah below said it was not
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a terrorist attack because the parade was a legitimate military target even though civilians were among the casualties iran's foreign ministry spokesman said iran warned the shores duff air of the united arab emirates that open support of terrorist operations from people affiliated with the officials is the responsibility of the government and being indifferent about this is unacceptable. senior iranian military officers are blaming saudi arabia while president hassan rouhani says the united states is intent on supporting ethnic arab separatists to create instability inside his country and they can confront us all they want the problem is they don't like the fact that we've called them out we've called them out for ballistic missile testing we call them out for their support of terrorism we call them out for their arms sales and they don't like it and not only that the worst of all we stop the hundreds of billions of dollars that were going to them and allowing them to do these violations and so their economy is plummeting their deals that they had are falling apart and they're getting desperate while
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rouhani is expected to use his time at the united nations to raise what he describes as america's numerous violations of international law the attack in a vase will no doubt influence iran's message. to have. the supreme leader is upset at the activities of countries in the persian gulf especially saudi arabia and the u.a.e. who are playing the role of bad cop in the region even groups inside iran that carried out attacks over the wristed before an attack they confessions of very clear they themselves confessed that they had trained in saudi arabia all the u.a.e. . a day of mourning has been declared across the country and grieving families are preparing funerals iran's foreign ministry said government sponsors of separatist groups cannot hide their role and military leaders warn they reserve the right to respond against attackers and their backers an indication of how angry iranian leaders are came by way of
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a statement from the chief of iran's armed forces major general mohammad buggery said his country is determined now more than ever to hunt down terrorists anywhere in the world and wipe them out zain bus ravi old zero to her own well the attack in iran is likely to heighten tensions between washington and tehran at the u.n. general assembly this coming week al-jazeera as diplomatic as a james bays has more. at this year's general assembly iran i think was always going to be the main subject and the thing that was making all of the headlines and now there is a new dimension to all of this with this attack we have president rouhani in town we have president trump in town he's expected here in new york in the next couple of hours now he will i'm sure talk about iran in his speech to the general assembly on choose day but perhaps more important than that is a security council meeting coming up on wednesday the u.s. has the current presidency of the u.n.
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security council rotates every month and as they have that they've decided to have a meeting at head of state level which will be chaired by president trump with presidents and prime ministers and foreign ministers around the table with him that's first be a meeting on nonproliferation and international peace and security but we already know from the main form of communication from this president what he wants to talk about and that is iran so he very much has iran in his sights while the iranians are very much blaming some of the arab countries in the region saudi in the u.a.e. and their great ally the u.s. well hillary mann leverett is a former u.s. state department official she negotiated with iran during the administration of george w. bush and she joins us live now from washington d.c. hillary the iranians have blamed the us gov states and israel for this attack but the u.s. denies any responsibility so what do you make of the blame game and the diplomatic fallout from this that's at. well it's not really new the united states
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for a long time from when i was in the u.s. government has long supported rhetorically and in the u.s. congress has in fact allocated hundreds of millions of dollars in prior years for various projects to destabilize destabilize iran and to do so through supporting groups that call for or want the overthrow of the iranian government so this is not really something new we've we've seen it for decades i think on both sides i think the iranians have come to really understand that and how to deal with it from the united us side i think we're dealing with a new team here in washington that doesn't quite understand what iran can do to what it calls confront the united states we have people like john bolton who has worked for the m e k has taken money from them to give speeches we have the president's private lawyer who also takes tens of thousands of dollars to give
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speeches to the m e k this this really hardcore anti iran opposition group based in paris these people think that there is a viable opposition to the iranian government and that it is this m e k the mujahideen. that's something that most iran watchers here in washington both in the u.s. government professionals inside the u.s. government and outside think is beyond fantasy that something quite dangerous and unfortunately with this new team in the white house pursuing these same kinds of tactics of trying to destabilize the iranian government we're now we're now in a really dangerous path because you have these very far right extreme hawks with very little experience facing the reality of of an iran that has always been strong and will figure out a way to confront the united states and the interest of this launch to play out at the u.n. general assembly in new york in a few days time i mean u.s. president donald trump will clearly how the rahm firmly in his gun sights. yes and
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he's not the only one there is a group here in washington called the foundation for the defense of democracies which some in washington find a kind of interesting name for the group the group is very much a very hardcore supporter of israel and works very closely with the united arab emirates and saudi arabia as part of their approach to the middle east they are hosting a summit in new york right near the united nations the day after trump gives holds his meeting in the security council and with president iran's president rouhani there they are hosting a summit that will include the foreign minister of saudi arabia the ambassador of the united arab emirates the ambassador of bahrain and the head of the israeli mossad in addition to that on the u.s. side they will have u.s. secretary of state pompei o and the national security advisor john bolton all of these very senior officials from the united states israel saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates will talk about how how maligned
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a line iran's behavior is in the middle east and what they're going to do to confront it so we're going to have a lot of anti iran rhetoric and pledged.


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