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tv   Chinas Unique Challenge  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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described it. the much publicized case of the summer palace bronzes is far from unique more and more pillage countries are demanding the return of their cultural assets the trophies of the renowned museums of the western world. pillaged countries have a legal tool to negotiate for the return of their stolen treasures the nine hundred seventy unesco convention signed in june the era of de colonization imposes on all nations to return objects obtained illegally. in recent years the pressure on renowned museums has intensified. the pergamon museum the most visited in berlin is obliged to know the origins of its collections. you start to understand that what you have here is not
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just archaeological object but it's part of the cultural heritage of the region or of these countries and at that point you realize you're talking about a political dimension or a cultural political dimension as a director i cannot say i don't know when somebody asked me how did your collection actually come into being so my responsibility as director of this museum is to know everything about the objects. well the key documents in this file are the ones that tell us basically that it was ok to take up the object and this we have to do for everything and i'm considering that we have roughly five hundred thousand objects you know that this is. a huge task ahead for us something that has to be done over decades really five hundred thousand objects all and so that's an ongoing
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process that it will take until i'm retiring but the important thing is somebody is doing it every day because you have to have a lot as i was this is september made a new going to close the critics on the present is that explode bush said you know i said that as ideologue vick by example in jest was that a clammy sort of emotional device exacta my dad will be a. professor. and. all the friends you see here have been pretty good. and we would be acquiring stuff and the pergamon stopped acquiring in the one nine hundred thirty s. forty years before the signing of the unesco convention which isn't retroactive this is. so the museum's collection is seemingly protected from demands for restitution but that's not the opinion in turkey especially in the city of tep young guys and they should come. forth so often i leave
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here mr. miller said. that we don't at all my. name is that done and that was why the money was a debated today and there was. a man and a leg and then saying an n. s. and m. is many people and this is from this is made in that way that he did. this black list includes objects on show in the british museum in london but also in the pentagon in berlin although they were all acquired before nine hundred seventy turkey still wants them back. it's not a question of museums anymore because it's a request of the state of turkey. they also are in the process of overcoming. colonial attitudes towards cultural heritage and
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in this process they have started to realize that. countries in the west have not always been upfront about their practices of acquiring collections begin to do yeah savation. there is. a palooka. here's john dowd and they can i know. given busy i'm. busy i'm no gunson shante can play in kent and then just. the visual is said we've been engaged in an online i made. an event to shoot it in this new they are musing in their zen correlation don't know. the pillagers happened over a century ago but turkey isn't ready to forget. like china and italy turkey has made the restitution of its treasures a political priority. within its culture ministry the turkish government has set up
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a special restitution unit. forty or so lawsuits have already been won resulting in the return of over four thousand objects. one of the special units successes is the restitution of this music of orpheus stolen in the nine hundred fifty s. then purchased by the dallas museum of art after several years of legal wrangling the museum was obliged to return it. while pillage nations like turkey have a legal framework to demand reparations this isn't the case in the private sector where only the market rules. in this antique shop window how many artifacts have a perfectly established origin in many cases it's practically impossible to verify
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. does the private antiquities market have its own rules immune to international legislation you know asco had attempted to extend its nine hundred seventy convention to better control private transactions a new convention adopted in one thousand nine hundred five the unit the wired convention on stolen or illegally exported cultural objects obliges sellers to prove the legal origin of an artifact it also obliges buyers to demand proof but although the original unesco convention is recognized by one hundred thirteen nations only thirty seven party states have committed to the united wired convention.
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so the market is winning thriving with its own often shady rules chadian as embodied by the freeport system one of the main thoroughfares of art market trafficking. the best known are here in geneva but the exist throughout the world free ports were originally special economic zones which stocked in transit merchandise to reduce or avoid customs duties are dealers who are soon renting space in these huge warehouses to discreetly store artifacts by allowing people to store all kinds of objects without the slightest control free ports have long been considered as a hub of antiquities trafficking it's estimated there are over a million works deposited here more than twice the number contained in the movie. this swiss establishment guarantees its clients one hundred percent confidentiality
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its high security site is protected from theft but also from prying eyes artifacts can be stored safely here for years simple as up a problem on the. left. is no i mean more join on would you defend or not understood it was in zones should one misread one on source fiske out or when you're a t.v. are would order. the tax. no taxation and appealing advantage for our dealers while the works remain inside a free port they can be sold and bought without being subjected to any kind of tax customs duties are only paid once when a work definitively leaves the freeport a perfectly legal tax haven right in the heart of europe.
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these facilities explain why the gallery phoenix keeps most of its merchandise in free ports and the showcases only a small part of the collection is displayed the gallery belongs to tom one of the biggest antiquities dealers in the world. in twenty ten customs discovered in alley are tons warehouse in the freeport of geneva this is second century roman sarcophagus since then it has been the center of a complex legal battle. the stock of. the tools will awful no or low budget to prevent thank are up on love on do i love on this on the on it off and off on oxygen for that's not hope you bleak put on your own music. so to study this and don't. know jane i'll
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come problem. fesses said proposition to deny soon she miss you don't you have a clue jake don't use it i just don't know depot or both home shop or add me read of get this used extraordinaire in p.s. the medtronic at don't get those the large i made countdown do. in their next year on cities used to get exam play and good news all morning don't say i'm a modest shock silliman they more. often than not their lawyer the killed colleagues pretty near zero lead you cannot as your phony powder mashonas it in success you want of course that the president don't know haven't. really hit me on the pond on a year d.p. do me do mariella kids who are out there here yes just the most ridiculous who belong on get heated this is sucker first elapses did look at what they simply
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cassy live it equivalence in more in the clear early goodness. heavy faced with doubts over the object origin the sale was finally cancelled as the so called because it was probably looted in turkey swiss authorities decided to allow ankara let your key for me do cool let your key sit there. but of course if you. implicity i did a go see aunt jackie man who told they did agree. to set this exposed as short as it for you call the steam percent last year to put it in for it so it doesn't keep as to the tumble blues don't. all of a on a lot that follow the story of it with a document live only the longer to declare they are allowed one or both own them.
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except that after being restored in london the so called figures didn't return to geneva until two thousand and nine so the turkish lawyer heading the case believes it comes under the new swiss law which demands every approachable origins for all works of art imported after two thousand and five in september twenty fifteen swiss justice finally ordered the repatriation of the second office to turkey but tom continues to claim ownership based on a certificate delivered by the company art loss register for years that if you get positive early. book of us by that suit the glare is that if it our last netters does or cope what is a really really classic may see. our. good it. is sucky sucky. due to our for me.
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what is an art loss register certificate the precious open sesame of the art market a document which states that an object wasn't stolen. founded in london twenty five years ago as a private information service with over four hundred thousand listed objects art loss register who owns the largest database of stolen artifacts in the world for a fee any buyer or seller can ask art loss register to verify that a piece is not listed on its database. these registrations these. could also be registration from a museum just in case items ever started on the register them on the database just in case they show up for sale somewhere else and i saw this examples of the thefts from the national museum of iraq in two thousand and three in two thousand and four
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. and what was amazing is they were very careful and you can tell it was well because they went into the basement once they'd stolen everything and they destroyed all the documentation for the objects so that people would know what had been stolen unfortunately the major objects have been recorded elsewhere. he can see actually the different words that we've entered just to help bring that up so here they were thrown they were put. braided have something like that and. in the case of the baghdad museum an inventor we existed so stolen objects could be captured on to the database but in war zones very few museums keep precise invent a reason and there's no way that objects discovered during illegal digs will ever be listed obviously that's incredibly difficult when you're looking it leads you
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don't logical material that has been looted out of the ground if it's taken out of the ground then potentially the only people that even know it's existence of the people who dug it out. and yet this certificate is widely used on the antiquities market as is the case tom's sarcophagus. i wish i had a clue powers. i would say. eight's we've always been very clear about what asa to focus off for and they state very clearly that an item is not in our database and it's not been registered with us but that not every theft or loss or looting event is registered with us say it's not complete the art loss register certificate nonetheless remains the main document supplied by
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a seller to prove his or her good faith a precious certificate which can multiply the price of an object by ten but why is this service provided by a private company and not by a public body at least on a european level changes in national laws to go across boundaries between nation states in the make it very difficult to resolve issues relating to stolen art in particular because suddenly limitation periods change principles of acquiring get tight who change is something that people take advantage of to get around the system.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. a year ago president trump threatened to destroy north korea what will happen this year when he and other world leaders visit new york. this time there's a new dimension champ is expected to chair the u.s. most important body the security council. and he has iran in his sights. extensive u.s. coverage. on al-jazeera. twenty five years after the signing of
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al-jazeera world tells the two part story of norway's role in the oslo accords but a salute to the government of norway for its remarkable role in nurturing discipline in the secret negotiations and why its promise of peace has remained unfulfilled a strong deciding the terms of the negotiations norway can do as a show trial or go home the price of all is low on al-jazeera. i'm sam is a down in dark hole with a look at the headlines here and al-jazeera early official results show maldives opposition leader brahimi has won the country's presidential election he won by a sixteen percent margin over the current president of the year i mean he was
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widely expected to win. a second woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh she's spoken to the new yorker magazine about an incident during his time at yale university cavanagh denies both allegations the beijing appointed hong kong government has banned the pro independence political party it says the hong kong national party is a threat to national security the ban comes under a colonial era law that's been used to prohibit organized crime groups sarah clarke reports from hong kong it's none preceding the move it's an historic move for the hong kong government to make this party bear and set the first time this type of move has been made since hong kong was headed back to china back in one thousand nine hundred seventy and certainly it's quite historic two hundred billion dollars
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in additional u.s. tariffs against china have come into effect it will start at ten percent and climb to twenty five percent next year beijing is accusing the u.s. of being a trade bully the two countries are already levied tens of billions of dollars in terrorists against each other. iran's revolutionary guard says it'll avenge saturday's attack on a military parade in the city of a vase that killed twenty five people the president has accused the u.s. of helping support those who carried out the attack washington denies any involvement. mass burials have been held for some of those who died when the ferry capsized on lake victoria the number of passengers and crew who drowned has risen to at least two hundred twenty four forty one people survived and tiger woods has won the p.g.a. told championship his first title in five years the victory in atlanta is the
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eightieth p.g.a. title of his career he won the tournament by two strokes speaking after woods he said he couldn't believe it. trafficking now.
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with the absence of common legislation and with skyrocketing prices trafficking has taken on industrial proportions. demand that it will be in the mode only they have been initially very good but there is a mental note that this bill is evil i didn't meet them look it up but don't believe it's really just come and join us and repeat this story to us a lot don't be surprised at the sec it just that out of the sec it out on your butt and in the race at the bus if you know if your genetics i don't know is that the teacher there that us earth that these players are callous to complain. that as of
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today new jews have direct access to the market all they need to do is post their object online where it can be sold anonymously in recent years the number of websites selling archaeological artifacts has increased our hundred fold on one of them we found this clay nail probably from a rock officially this type of object has been banned from sale since two thousand and four but on these platforms no one cares about origin export licenses or legal documents it's the final stage of what has become global trafficking. believed to be the third highest illegal trade in the world antiquities trafficking was rarely in the public eye. yes it has gone unnoticed for years but footage of destruction by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused
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a major international commotion. only i being here oh me me me me me new unity. you who. music in. music. live music. on your high i.q. . see. me and. i can talk. on the. tweet. i'll produce song battle of the. i don't going to come i said petition that
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c'mon they're demented. the stage destruction by eisel hides another reality much harder to measure mass looting. since its founding has been suspected of part financing its activities through antiquities trafficking. see poor good it is. now and again my guess would not stay said that they did and that to secure it that in the three said maddon executed it is like you think of that. this was a key subject at a press conference to present the new red list published by i called the international council of museums for fifteen years i come has been publishing lists of rare objects from various countries which threaten to turn up on the international art market this time it concerned antiquities from iraq and syria
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suspected of financing eisel operations as proof that the subject is being taken seriously several international figures attended the meeting including richard stengel representing the us government who would launch the offensive or you might mr ridge and then go and examine john has been the department. also why. are you going to. good evening i'm delighted to be here what we've seen over the last year is i saw as weaponization of information and the cultural destruction that they're practicing is the weapon ization culture so this is a destruction of history and destruction of culture and the destruction of human beings thousands of human beings at the risk of being too graphic. i would say that
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the buying or selling i mean artifact is where finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east. that's one quick solution you. know by sal and it's a very good slogan it's obviously impossible to completely police it and to be certain about it. one of the things that we've seen is that i still is using existing criminal markets that have existed over ten twenty thirty years in the region are using those people as middlemen to finance their operations. but how do we know what exactly is going on in the field absent the association for the protection of syrian archaeology has been recording cases of plundering in syria the association based in strasbourg and founded in twenty eleven at the outbreak of
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the country's civil war is headed by syrian archaeologist. according to information gathered by absa eisel isn't the only armed group plundering sites in syria all the actors in the conflict are to blame to really military. lieutenant talks here youngster. or you dno. more active. an example. feel young again is the. police because. this is the most complex here like you see on the dodge. city in many of the many p.s.u. . sick. young along with siri. what's the extent of this trafficking and how do the local
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networks that supply it operate to find the answers you need to go into the field most makes regular visits to turkey. to meet other members of his association. early in the war his correspondence could easily cross the turkish syrian border but turkey recently closed entry into its territory. because the same your stock of. the c.e.o. but they are. not the sessions on the piece they did tell you there live pushing it up to cover you can't. always see you. come together kitty don't choose it on the case for to increase day before year or you know because last post depressing able to come up it will only define. little easy but little more to mitt
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romney job to sit in a semi auto citigroup they snap you. my limited starting a chip on all my most new vanishing point here is to keep it down to people being only. did not know me. see it can't have it in this world i don't why did you speak . nobody. should have been meant for levied in his tone on those you prove also why he looks one way emmett not to respond it's there you. continue to contact.
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b.s. guy that could go to others or more young. people. not so long ago it was still possible to cross the border and large quantities of merchandise alive here in gaza and ten sixty kilometers from the syrian border. according to several sources this turkish city is a hub for the trafficking of objects plundered by isis. pushed. doesn't have is full of antiquities stores in one window check most spots what he thinks ossified smuggled in from syria. before.
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that it in stride. then you then started the pollution on nationally initials as your table is here so . you know a little bit. but since i didn't and there was a post below sound with music on the unit chemistry happened. there is doing so if you were to sit through the normal mostly diffuse young missive i'd be civil. to syria then the. you. shouldn't. allow this year a lot of the yellow new york going
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a little where there was another the one on the muslim another good drama going on when they're not in the. reactor but an ability to not get real love the gondolas ron marz image i like to get that someone almost. over me. it gives them with a paltry. amount a small group. called one of these objective as you sample it for it who you know is all if. you vashti was so quick to know because we don't want a rope she pulled piece was sure because it wouldn't be on speed equalisation maybe only people who would let me talk live. in or a. little. city react to your blasting the joke. is you but those devil dish announced monday devotees.
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did i think in norman i said the need some part of me a very dizzy. or blanket child they tell me a good deal i make soup. and a community. obs to secure him keep on a lot then buy it if you can actually him but not us if you cannot be. any. records not. stand there but that the sun don't. shine cos accounts on that battle lead the damage some libraries around talmud not this day. yet the cossack of their heritage i cannot sit at the back it was do says she passed say. it's normal good possible to publicly sell all purchase an archaeological object
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without legal documented proof of origin. the pressure on private collectors has increased. any of their acquisitions can be examined at a time. in the service that one. reporters who are. going on the news or is that one also don't know what having your walk on water is perceivably muscle he is a pretty careful you are going to gather the sources say forty killing anybody who says he did this legal. reason question the clues each year and a commitment to case like you are a place group is cool going to see if i move. into the pos room sumanda.
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situated in what i think the north. some don't say i want except that if i'm just a little. old to ski or. awful exclusively with foreigners you get you fired up close enough to put on somebody to get all these up so i suppose and i'm sure i'll survive it because when you call me waiting on. the funny got to call but it was one. of. the last to do employ. since he will probably toward his office from their. rules if he was in the us what is a question when you have as was upgraded to divorce you need an easier repressed moment and when you aladin this your. more difficult sure or maybe
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a guy load to get into either office to which. after an eight hour search the customs officers seized one hundred and twenty three pieces archeologists have estimated the value of the collection at ninety five thousand euros a collector will be questioned further the customs officers is facing three years in jail. she took it as they said was ok. if you are there if your. territory is no interest to. the able to call in order if you are not safe it. suppose he. deployed. illegal the shop. as european dealers and collectors are subjected to a growing number of controls they now represent only a small part of the international antiquities market far behind the chinese
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a new category of collector has appeared every year in europe they flock to specialized options ready to spend fortunes to buy back their national heritage. a spending spree that has seen prices skyrocket yet i guarantee it let it out again at a very good. state of as i spun or sell a day these are modest on the peak of all event all and for the. me puppet who were tons of shit so you may increase he or not is example of it it evolved you guys hope of a gentle in the near leaky belong to the whole thing can only bust like usual boys hold on the emilio meals as a meal to meal. guess is doing you better once you are.
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that's right there you had a better year coming up after noon on a jet sheen. that's it i know is it you don't got boy sitting there up at a yellow she. says so much elated don't. trust softer august second family did they. say good today or not as good put that question right on about their citizens present don't tell and this really present book don't. don't. want to push to be there but did it slip up with their except they didn't measure it defense of a new says so i began. the reason gomez is sure he'll find the nato is prepared to buy this chinese steel is because wealthy chinese buyers are willing to invest fortunes in highly symbolic assets.
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these assets include a good number of plundered national treasures objects with a high financial and ideological value. purchases are driven by a strong pottery arctic feeling and encouraged by the state. in the us. your hundreds. of feet down toward the. lot and sit down there obama when the hot. hot to go drink way you hayat's home being surety you eat . harleigh. this is believes that those who wish to become cultured should invest in safeguarding national heritage she has even founded an association which aims to repatriate historical masterpieces through any means.
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food court records he the. so much he that's oil pressure you don't feed how shitty that means you end up this is your father said don't leak could see him truly that john if it how you shout that evil will. go miss regularly visits mrs barnes home at headquarters to collect the funds necessary for buying back plundered chinese works that are sold in europe i am a foreigner working in china since long time i understood that when there isn't a question of relief when. there is no beyond of china's but only one voice it's a national really it belongs to our national and everybody sings the same things you know is very different than our country's. taken when german soldiers.
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did. better what year that they had to hit the bush would you do it that. beshore coming out the tranny the only just to wash out and up. the sound and the band are told at its own soul credo jail though jennifer usher she. has their fate ha ha. and then a washing. machine that soldier she is out that you know. the message got across in the west to plundered artifacts must be returned to china otherwise sooner or later you will be held accountable former president of the french union of antique dealers christiane did he personally paid the price in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he bought a collection of chinese gold plates the for selling part of it to french businessman hong swapping no for one million euros later the two men donated the plates to the
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queen mainly in paris well. one of the most will come again yearly plissken a few years after their donation the chinese announced that the plates had been looted and beijing demanded the repatriation in two thousand and seven the first lawsuit was filed but not pursued eighty years on did he receive a phone call from the french culture ministry is old you. see news or you'll shoot please of g.d.p. new no. don't sit if they don't also also send you prove i knew did i don't as you me for this and that you'll be doing it. but only real name law accomplices usually momus a condone as you know she is she ok. so christian did cancelled his donation to the green a museum and flew to china to return the plates to the authorities the other
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generous patron of the arts for swapping no would return his plates in person to the chinese ambassador in paris a month before the official visit to beijing by french foreign minister. a model for cultural diplomacy. needs to play the dawn. dani babb. way. of a. civil. lawsuit but. the that is the very image film it is yours which is if we reset a little as all fed will do you need a buzz the i pray you read it deal or guess your loss.
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bargaining that has taken on a new dimension. and. parity is now being used for political leverage as a bargaining chip between states. the status of antiquities has changed once thought of as part of the heritage of all mankind cultural assets are now being held hostage by armed groups and used by states for a narrow nationalist political and economic agenda as. action is needed by imposing tougher rules recognized by all through international organizations cultural heritage may regain its true place in our societies.
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hello again it's good to have you back well we do have some clouds are passing through parts of the caspian right now over back who we do think that things will get a little bit better as we go into the beginning of the week let's take a look at your forecast map here for monday most of the rain is going to settle down here towards tehran and that is going to be light at most we don't expect to see much in terms of accumulation but it will remain cloudy at least until we get to tuesday down here towards quaint city forty two over towards karate it is going to be thirty two degree day for you and then across parts of most of the arabian peninsula fine and dry except when you're down towards the coast those normal clouds for amman down towards lolla muscat is going to be
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a beautiful day here at thirty three and then on tuesday well we're going to be seeing the temperatures start to creep up here a little bit in doha with the temperature there of about forty one degrees and then as we make your way down here towards the southern parts of africa well not looking too bad for cape town over the next few days actually a nice temperature for you of about twenty that's about what the warmest we have seen over the last couple of days but that is not going to be lasting too long because we do expect these clouds down here towards the south to start to make their way towards the north and from twenty degrees down to about fifteen degrees with more clouds in your forecast and then over here towards durban well it's going to be a very hot day for you with temperatures there of about thirty six. what makes this moment that you were living so unique and. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid lively glance and that is
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a formula for authoritarianism and here in the early years the lights are long and there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution no upfront return on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. this is a moment before this is a moment of history celebrations in the maldives as the opposition leader ibrahim a company claims victory in the presidential election.
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has i'm sick of this is a live from also coming up. accused of being a threat to national security hong kong's pro independence party is outlawed. new allegations of sexual misconduct surface against president donald trump's u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. just a grand after block the return of. the comeback kid tiger woods wins the torch championship in atlanta clinching his first tournament win in five years. of the maldives opposition leader abraham how much sully is claiming victory in the country's presidential election with nearly ninety percent of the votes counted results show sol a took fifty eight percent of the vote defeating president mean he has yet to concede that the foreign ministry has acknowledged the opposition's
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victory shallop bellus reports. opposition supporters on the streets of mali is their leader abraham mohammed soulé claimed victory and most deeds presidential elections. for five years president i believe you mean has been in power they say he has been dethroned and wanted to conceive this is a moment of happiness this is a moment of hope this is a moment of history for many of us this has been a difficult journey a journey that has led to a prism so or years of. politics in the mold daves has been to most to a sense mohammed in the shade became its first democratically elected president ten years ago he was ousted in occur in a spin most of his time and lanka he watched as his friend and ally soulé rallied off position leaders into
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a coalition to take power back i like to call good conduct alert on the moment. the president elect. yeah dream the heart and it's jeems the living dead and the lost for. the motives has been a political turmoil under your name during his five year tenure two former presidents the prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials. on the eve of the vote soleus campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered this was a big deal for shockey what he was hoping and he was aiming was to consolidate power. and with the way that prior to be elections the way that you had. manipulated the institutions i think it is from the back fire. means
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tainio with a pen and paper and extraordinary numbers turnout was over eighty five percent despite. i came to vote eight in the morning and i was waiting in the queue for all this time until five o'clock pm so the waiting nine hours before voting. president you mean stayed silent as the votes were counted he had been expected to cement his grip on power but in public view the ballots piled up against him the electoral commission will announce the official results and seven days. al-jazeera. well the hong kong government has banned a pro independence political party saying it's a threat to national security it's the first time a political organisation has been outlawed since britain handed the territory back to chinese rule in one thousand nine hundred seventy the government there has been increasingly cracking down on activists and those who support independence and self-determination it's good morning now from sarah clark who's live for us from hong kong so sara what prompted this ban.
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the initial proposal back in july that it believed that andy chan who's the head of the hong kong national party his party posed a threat to national security saying that they were taking concrete steps to realize independence now and chandan had months to respond to that to put together his case to try and appeal this decision or the push to outlaw his party today the security minister of the security bureau made their final decision as you mentioned it's a first in the city's history it's a first since hong kong was handed back to china in nine hundred ninety seven which is the official handover and made a speech at the foreign correspondents here in august that attracted a lot of criticism from the police and the government stating that he was pushing for independence once again at that particular events that he wasn't looking to to push for any violence also the advocating violence however clearly the security
3:54 pm
bureau agreed with the police in today they've handed down the decision to ban the hong kong national party. and how have we had any any reaction at this point point from the national party about what their next step might be. the channel stated that he will not be making any comment on this decision for now this ruling suggests that he could face or anyone from this party if they do emerge and speak they could be facing up to twelve thousand u.s. dollars fines. as for when the proposal was initially raised yesterday perceived a lot of criticism from pro-democracy groups and the british foreign office who stated that they believe that hong kong's rights should be respected and the hong kong government has said that they are respecting freedom of speech but believed that this operation of this party which was promoting independence from china deposes this national trend so as you can see there is an emerging kind of trend for any pro-democracy groups or independent separatist organizations that are being
3:55 pm
muzzled to a certain extent by the likes of the hong kong government and any probably dependent so any separatism talk is being clamp down on by beijing. so why first there from hong kong. now u.s. tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports have gone into effect it is the latest and largest round of levies in a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies the us has now imposed three rounds of tariffs on a total of two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that that means about half of all chinese imports to the u.s. have these levees on them china has already hit the u.s. with tariffs on fifty billion dollars of imports and it's pledged to slap on another sixty billion dollars of american made goods let's go now to scott hyla who is live for us in beijing so scott this is the day
3:56 pm
that these tariffs are now going to bite what what effect are they having in china . well you have these tariffs on both sides and have gone into effect just in the last couple of hours as you said now collectively tariffs on chinese products going to the u.s. two hundred fifty billion and then the other way chinese tariffs on american products coming in here one hundred ten billion now when you look at the direct immediate impact of these tariffs here in china there really isn't anything that that's really tangible right now obviously there's a degradation in the relationship the trade in economic relationship between these two countries that coming out from the leadership loud and strong the government here put out a white paper today monday explaining their position a little bit really kind of hitting president trump and what they called you know the erosion of good relations when it comes to trade and economics because of the
3:57 pm
way that he has handled the trade negotiations now how are things have being handled right now or how are things being felt right now you know because these different rounds of many rounds of tariffs that have gone back and forth they have really been spelled out well before they actually went into effect so a lot of the companies on both sides of this divide have kind of you know pretty loaded if you will preordered preloaded things so in other words the companies aren't feeling the initial bite the immediate bite i should say so that means that it's not like prices here for i phones in the stores and in beijing have skyrocketed that's not the case there is no chaos there are no lines out of stores just yet but what is the concern is down the line what's going to happen as this goes and it's not looking like it's going in a positive way the trade war what happens down the line and as you said how islam you know we're at two hundred fifty billion. chinese products going to the u.s. president trump has threatened to put in another two hundred sixty seven billion essentially all products from china into the united states would have these heavy
3:58 pm
tariffs initially ten percent then that the beginning of the year twenty five percent for the two hundred fifty already there so you know and now talks are taking place so a lot of pressure right now but as far as the immediate impact everyone is kind of waiting to see how awesome yeah it would look at this point scott. with no end in sight here that they would be more tears to come. absolutely and also more terraces that we've been talking about but also what is concerning is that you know even while we had these several rounds this has been going on since the summer time even though we've had these several rounds of tariffs being imposed on both sides there have been trade talks going on there still have been discussions going on but now there are not there are supposed to be some delegations or eight delegates from china going over to the united states this week that has been called off that was officially announced over the weekend by chinese officials so even though we have this escalating so situation that had been
3:59 pm
going on for the last several months at least there were some discussions going on between those who were doing the negotiation that for at least for the time being for this week has been called off as i'm scott had a lot for us in beijing thanks scott. a second woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh the allegations go back to cavanagh's time at yale university and it comes as the senate judiciary committee is preparing to hold a hearing on thursday for cavanagh and christine as he for another woman who says he sexually assaulted her as a teenager cavanagh has denied both allegations john hendren has more now from washington. it is a bombshell to the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court there are new allegations of sexual misconduct by the judge in an article in the new yorker magazine a woman says that in college and yale from the one nine hundred eighty three to one
4:00 pm
thousand nine hundred four there she attended university with kavanagh at a drunken party she says he exposed himself belligerently to her and she says she did not talk about this previously because she was embarrassed by the incident in felt guilty because she had been drinking cavanaugh outright denies that is ever happened issuing a statement saying this alleged events from thirty five years ago did not happen the people who knew me then know that this did not happen and have said so this is a smear plain and simple and the white house issued a statement saying it stands behind kavanagh saying this thirty five year old uncorroborated claim is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the democrats to tear down a good man well as that was happening there was also a disclosure of a possible third allegation of sexual misconduct by brett cavanagh in that one came from michael evan adi who he is the lawyer for stormy daniels that is the porn star who has alleged she had an affair with president donald trump and in
4:01 pm
a tweet at an audi said quote i represent a woman with credible information regarding judge kavanaugh and mark judge mark judge is also the one who was allegedly in the room.


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