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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i don't know how many times i say this you can believe every week but if you got any more clarity at this point because it's old back and forth isn't it. that's right well the reason that there was an awful lot of media speculation that the deputy attorney general was about to lose his job is because he was spotted here at the white house meeting with the man who typically helps fire people that is the chief of staff john kelly so we do know that the deputy attorney general was here and the reason a lot of people are speculating that he may be losing his job or resigning is because the president suggested as much rather obliquely in a speech before supporters from friday evening when he said that he felt that there was a lingering stench and he needed to get rid of that too will donald trump has not been very happy with the deputy attorney general particularly following media reports that he was secretly trying to record the president to expose some of what he perceived to be chaos in the white house even potentially working with other cabinet members to invoke the twenty fifth amendment which would remove the
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president from office the president not very happy about that and now we're getting reports from the press secretary sara sanders that as a result of those recent news stories president trump and the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein did have a telephone call or rather an extended conversation and they will meet on thursday when the president returns to washington d.c. whether or not that means rod rosenstein will stay in his job is still unclear you mention all those specific things the recent new york times report about the do what he where microphone or invoking the twenty fifth and all that there are those accused events but more broadly kimberly it's the fact that rod rosenstein is in charge of the russian vista cation isn't it always to don't trump and troubled him urges. it's troubled him and he's always felt and donald trump supporters believe this is well that there is sort of this deep state that is running the u.s. government and that rod rosenstein potentially suggesting and we should point out he's denied these reports and if anything many people say the comments were made in
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sarcasm but there is this belief that there is this sort of biased sort of underpinning of the government that is working against donald trump and so that seems to be irritating the president but there's no question about it if ross rosenstein was to be removed from his role at the department of justice it would certainly lead many of the president's critics to think that this is an attempt by the president to essentially harm the probe and that probe of course is the russian vesta geisha whether or not his presidential campaign colluded with russia many would see this as another effort to to try and impede that investigation just as they saw the removal of the f.b.i. director former f.b.i. director james comey thank you kimberly how could in washington d.c. so we're talking about the deputy attorney u.s. attorney general and we've got with us now bruce fein who is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general also author of constitutional peril the life and death struggle for a constitution and democracy what
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a title bars nice to have you with us first of all what do you make of all the talk is going on today in this sort of well thursday showdown i guess at the white house potentially between donald trump and rosie. well i think it's a dress rehearsal for what will happen on thursday when mr rosenstein probably will submit his resignation we need to remember the rosenstein comments and it's not just oral statements it's e-mails and memoranda that were prepared by those who spoke with him including mr mccabe of the f.b.i. indicated certainly a hostility towards mr trump that echoed the exchanges that we've seen between lisa page and peter stroke at the f.b.i. which also indicated rather disparaging remarks towards the president and dismay that he was elected now i don't know whether the rizieq nation will impair mr moeller after all under the department of justice rules the immediate successor to
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mr rosen aside would be the cylinder general no francisco who really doesn't really have any political dimension to him ease just a lawyer and if anything it would mean that mr malvo would simply continue on his investigation i do think however that given the political climate it will be exceptionally difficult to actually nominate and have the senate confirm any successor to mr rosenstein the senate will be out of session during october campaigning for the november elections and that could be very decisive as to a successor because the republicans have just a one vote margin in the senate and if that flips to the democrats it will be very difficult to get a successor confirmed who is not as much beholden to the democrats as mr trump so then judging by what you're saying from rome it sounds like you're saying even if rod rosen signs go it won't affect them all approach but that's surely not what
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donald trump wants he wants to do something or you want something to happen that will get rid of the rush approach the problem for him. they he does but i don't think that will be successful you know he is notorious for saying he wants loyalty to him rather than to the constitution and as someone who has served many many years in the department at the highest levels that's simply not going to happen anyone who took a loyalty oath to the president as a deputy attorney general nominee and you can defend that the senate will ask whether such a an oath was asked will never be confirmed because it makes them disloyal to the oath of office which is to the constitution of the united states and you recall how many times mr trump has said he needs somebody to protect him at the department of justice he needs someone who is loyal to him like he said holder was to mr obama but i can guarantee you especially if the democrats have controlled the senate
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someone like that would never pass muster and in my judgment would also result in a wholesale resignations because that's not the ethos that the department of justice everyone views their client as the constitution not an individual first fun i always enjoy talking to you getting the inside insights that you have thank you for your time. we've got lots more coming for you on this news hour including this . this is a moment before this is a moment of history a surprise victory for the opposition in the multi-use after the president concedes defeat in the presidential race. three jailed saudi human rights activists when what's known as the alternative nobel prize for speaking out against bryant violations in the kingdom and in sports team europe the tennis is the cup for the second straight talk it's here with that and more a little it's. the u.s.
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tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports have gone into effect it is the latest largest round of levies and a growing trade war between the world's two biggest economies the. this is now imposed three rounds of tariffs on a total of two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that means about half of all chinese imports to the u.s. now have these levees on them china has already hit the u.s. bank with tariffs on fifty billion dollars of imports and it says it's going to slap another sixty billion dollars of american made goods has more now on how the u.s. tariffs on chinese products could hurt small businesses in the u.s. how many years is trying to keep this family thirty year old oil business afloat. president donald trump's tariffs on chinese exports aren't helping so we're human scum from tommy jordi of it actually comes from china comes from depending on the brand and where they anticipate to make the production run and there's
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a link to china directly into china. these pop culture vinyl figures are wildly popular with kids and millennialist alike but the new list of tariffs includes toys so costs will go up big corporations are able to adjust which manufactures but you know a small shops like us we have to roll with the punches and try to figure out changing our actual business strategy in order to adapt and evolve president might be pleased to note that you can buy this figurine of him here at tom's models for about eighty dollars and of course it's made in china what he might not be so happy about is the chorus of criticism from businesses large and small over his china trade policy. wal-mart the country's biggest retailer told the trumpet ministration quote the immediate impact will be to raise prices on consumers and tax american
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business the head of the u.s. chamber of commerce which lobbies for big business in washington says a trade war is the single biggest threat to the economy right now very few people in the business community have embraced these tariffs because they see them as not helping them competitively for the most part consumers are bearing the brunt of this one mega company that escaped negative fallout from the china tariffs is apple c.e.o. tim cook huddled with trump at a white house state dinner in april urging him to exempt components for the apple watch and other company products how long will this trade battle last no one knows the one thing that business truly hates is uncertainty back at tom's models tom and yet this is trying to keep calm amid the trade turmoil going to take time
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for the end result to happen to see if these terrorists are beneficial towards the u.s. or detrimental. now. trumps tariffs taking their toll from tech to choice rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. now we've got petty in washington d.c. now outside a rather curious location a woman patty what do you take us through why you're there and what are the remains . but i can tell you that we're here because wal-mart has voiced concerns along with a lot of other retailers telling president trump not to do this a ten percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods and that's just the beginning if there aren't any sort of negotiations in january that goes up to twenty five percent wanted to get the administration's perspective on this so chris garcia he is joining us now he is the former former deputy director of the commerce department now you the president has said tariffs are not going to really hurt consumers but i mean half of the products coming out of china are going to see an
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increase yes so what we're going to see is retailers are going to respond in a couple of ways the first way is that they're going to try to do as much as they can to absorb the cost of goods increase before passing it on to consumers that's going to happen mostly with short term uncertainty but if they see long term uncertainty and they see perhaps not a resolution as quickly as they'd like with this with this tariff renegotiation and the trade to go she was really good she was trying to what they'll do is they'll pass those increases on to consumers so the initial ten percent increase on some of these products from china much many consumers may not feel that immediately but will be should be concerned about is come january first of twenty nineteen perhaps not having a resolution to this trade renegotiation and having that twenty five percent increase that tariff slapped on chinese imports to us i'm going to push back on that for just a minute because people keep saying oh it won't have an impact but the vast majority of americans live paycheck to paycheck and although the president likes to say the economy is doing great that mostly applies to corporate earnings in the stock market so
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a ten percent when your wages have not increased in four decades really that's going to that's going to hurt yeah well so again that the president's taking the approach i think is traded by the taking the approach that if we were to renegotiate the trading arranging with china at any time right now is the time to do it you've got consumer confidence consumer optimism at an all time high many. economic indicators at an all time high certainly the stock markets reached an all time high just this last week and so i think the president his trade advisor saying why not have right now be the time to check china on some of its unfair trade practices when they steal six hundred billion dollars of intellectual property from the united states from u.s. u.s. companies for american workers who who are essentially are employed in those u.s. companies let's do it right now and so i think that the the marginal increase in some of these goods which is which we saw again with the tariff in the steel import tax the tariff that were imposed many consumers had to really realize those increases and so i think that we're not seeing a lot of that right now but again come january first expect the chinese to try to
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delay delay delay as much as they can to get the upper hand if there's a midterm election that swings the house of the democrats look if you any indication that there are chinese are going to sit down and talk they've canceled every meeting well so the chinese are going to have to eventually do it at some point their economy is going to be taking a much greater hit than ours would if we continue to ratchet up these tariffs i think that will take a look at is when the chinese said that they were going to impose twenty five percent tariffs to retaliate on the sixty billion dollars in goods last week they actually didn't post twenty five percent they imposed ten percent so i see that as the ratcheting down of chinese escalation of this of these retaliatory tariffs and that actually could be a good sign so i think that we're going to as the year closes we're going to see a lot more dialogue happening between the united states and china at least that's the bet right off the bat thank you mr garcia appreciate it so you have what comes down to though is the political calculation the congressional elections are just less than two months away if this starts to hurt consumers where it matters in
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their pocketbook they could turn against republicans so it's a very high stakes gamble but one president donald trump is apparently willing to wage thank you patty how the hell hangs out in washington d.c. today. well election many were calling a test of the maldives young democracy is resulted in the president conceding defeat but the you mean appeared on national t.v. to acknowledge he had lost the rights to his only rival the opposition leader ibrahim mohammad sali provisional results show he won fifty eight percent of the vote this from him morgan. many had expected monday's president abdullah yemen to win the election then it was feared that he would not accept the result but hours after early poll results showed that his rival one yemen conceded defeat we're going to be hard deviant people have decided what they want to the results from yesterday. has been in political turmoil under yamin during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the
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eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim mohammed so hales campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that so he won fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s. had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability in the next five years we will consolidate democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful and just society for all the electoral commission will announce the official results in seven days but with president conceding what is left now is to see if the hill will keep its election promises and try to reform the country morgan al-jazeera. three human rights activists jailed in saudi arabia have been
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granted the right livelihood award this is a prize widely seen as an alternative nobel peace prize the foundation says they honored the three men for their efforts to quote reform the totalitarian political system in saudi arabia or three received ten to fifteen year prison sentences for speaking out against human rights violations in the kingdom we have got a live on with us now director executive director of the right livelihood award foundation joining us on skype from stuck on thank you for your time today what i mean that's a that's quite a big thing reforming the totalitarian political system in saudi arabia tell us more about what these men did. it's a daunting challenge they have despite that challenge been able to start organizations working for human rights and working for democracy. why don't create just what political reform would look like in the kingdom for instance
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arguing against the system of male guardianship and. putting forward proposals for a three year society in general. they obviously got put in jail for it but do you think they were successful in a way at least in raising the profile of these issues. yes it's definitely been able to organize its success is not internationally debated and we hope that we can i live with this with the fact that there is a broad spectrum of people in saudi arabia who are providing china to political ideas ideas for political reform because these people need want to instance say that the saudis would say there is political from that say everything that mom had been solomon is doing at the moment is taking saudi arabia down to a new path and there have been some changes things like women being able to drive and then you get these men i guess they're sort of pointing out and saying no or is
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that what they're doing this i know that's not real reform this is what we're reform would look like yeah there's more to real reform obviously i mean now off the mention the most basic rights still is. now hundred and sixty nine even among one hundred sixty sixty seven countries in the international democracy index so there's a lot left to do obviously and they have been consistent for decades in pointing out what the reform agenda ought to be these are not very radical requests these are just political reforms that will be and line with university accepted human rights what was it about what they were these three men and i believe they were also two people in latin america who you gave the prize to was well but what is it that sets them apart when you're looking for winners for this prize what is the. defining thing that you're looking for. well it starts with the
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very opening the nation pauses everybody in the world consensus in the nations and beginning of every year and then we have an international jury that chooses four of them. with the well those looking at the where do we see the most exemplary and practical solutions that we're going to courses of urgent global problems and that is really embodied in the work of these three but also in the work of our other goritz you mentioned work tomorrow and we also have award winners this year from now for us and from australia all of on our school from the right livelihood award foundation really interesting talking to you thank you and you. still ahead for you on this news hour the u.k.'s opposition leader flirts with the idea of supporting another referendum on bragg's it's the biggest competition in the u.k. but not a painting inside a film digital imagery and politics dominating to see as turner prize and in sport reaction to tiger big comeback win gulfs biggest name celebrate his first
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tournament victory in five yes. the weather is steadily dry across the middle east no great surprise is plenty a shower as just showing up just around turkey towards the coaxes yet again the showers lingering on for the past you waste some more than a the next few weeks as well want to see showers there to northern parts of turkey as we go through each tuesday the pleasant sunshine continues around the ceasar the med so i personally think it right the way down into well lebanon into it could pass over israel as well forty celsius about that for kuwait city some attempts to civic i want into wednesday just wanted to say i was into afghanistan and maybe up
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towards where they stand as well by the time we come to what a state that is so showers just pushing their way across the southern shores of the black sea some of the shows they were able to sing a little bit of cloud just drifting in so some of the rain always a possibility but for the price pots places sunshine running three highs here in doha of around forty degrees celsius yet again meanwhile some cloud also drifting across southern parts of south africa still waiting for those rice to set in i'm afraid be some places of cloud and rain a possibility over the next day but for the most part it stays dry fine and sunny. we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need
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champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges a gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child to light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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on the news hour here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories u.s. national security advisor john bolton is calling russia's plan to send a missile system to syria i think nitpick and escalation and he wants russia to reconsider russia's giving the new s. three hundred anti-aircraft system to the syrian military russia says it's about protecting its own plane. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected to attend a meeting at the white house on thursday calling to a white house spokeswoman there had been reports in the u.s. he could be about to lose his job rosenstein been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. and the president of the maldives has conceded defeat in sunday's presidential election provisional results show an upset win for the opposition leader abraham mohammad sali who won fifty eight percent of the vote. stuff from the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees in gaza say they don't have enough money to keep
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going and so thirteen thousand teachers and health workers have gone on strike in protest that's all after the united states decided to pull its funding from the group and one last month for new needs its funding to run schools hospitals camps and social services for millions of palestinians in the middle east u.s. relations with palestine of deteriorated since president trump announced his support for israel recognizing jerusalem as its capital last year or traverse decades of u.s. policy here's more from her for that he's in gaza. we're here at the gaza h.q. of the honor agency you can see some of the thirteen thousand local employees who are on strike this monday the consequence of this strike is being felt all across the gaza strip two hundred seventy four unreal schools serving two hundred eighty thousand children are closed along with sixteen food distribution centers twenty two medical clinics the reason for this strike can be traced back to
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a decision by the us administration to cut more than three hundred million dollars in funding for enron and more recently decided to end its funding of the agency in its entirety the workers here say that the effects are being unfairly felt by them more than a hundred of them already either sacked or put on early retirement with six hundred being started with their jobs being lost by the end of this year they say that an ra could have done more to try to lessen the impact of all that and give people voluntary redundancy voluntary retirement those sorts of options here's how the head of the agency here in gaza responds to that charge the rest of the organization has borrowed us forty five. dollars that we don't have for gaza to allow us to continue food to allow us to continue almost three hundred jobs full time and yes sadly move some two part time we've had to make some adjustments but i believe on the basis of facts i can demonstrate we've done
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a lot to make things as smooth as possible under very very challenging circumstances would be talking to one of the striking employees here and his story does give you a sense of just how deeply these cuts will be felt he says that is twelve hundred u.s. dollar a month salary supports twenty eight family members and that if he does lose his job as he struggled with by the end of this year that's going to have a devastating impact on a huge family and that is a story that is being repeated here many times over so that's why these potential job losses to be felt so widely britain's prime minister tourism aids health her first cabinet meeting since e.u. leaders rejected her brags that plan at that summit in salzburg she told them in a sense to hold their nerve and said her proposal was the only viable one on the table she wants the u.k. to stay a part of the single market for goods but the e.u. says that's not possible without freedom of movement while the opposition labor party meanwhile is meeting at its annual conference and liverpool discussing its
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bragg's it strategy noting babar is there for us. well the new labor text on its bricks it starts came after five hours of difficult talks on sunday chaired by kids star of the party's shadow bricks it negotiate her and many and she breaks it campaign is here sounded extremely happy afterwards because they said that the would had basically taken away the option of the party pushing for a people's vote on any british deal and now it simply says that if there is no general election then the party keeps open all of its options including campaigning for a people's vote of people's votes possibly meaning either accept the deal which the government has come back from brussels with or the status quo remaining in the european union that's what the anti bricks at camp here want and in the last few hours kids starmer has said that that option has not has clearly not been ruled out
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but the shadow chancellor john mcdonald has hinted very strongly in an interview that the the people's votes would simply be on the deal and it would not speak about whether or not britain should stay in the european union one of his big union allies len mccluskey head of unite the union says that the a re running as he sees it of the twenty six the referendum would be seen by many labor voters as undemocratic and damage the party some opinion polls suggest that in fact moving towards that anti bricks and stones would pick up hundreds of thousands of votes around the country the debate here is still going on the party gets to vote for it at conference on choose day but clearly the leadership favorite outcome in the next few weeks or months is a general election where they will say how they plan to take the country out of the european union with the least damage to the economy and to workers' rights that's
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not good enough for some people here but it's all very very much up to play for at the moment. still in the u.k. and testimonies from people infected with hiv and hepatitis c. from blood transfusions have been heard at an inquiry in london thousands died in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's after being treated with contaminated blood. borne that. these are some of the thousands of people infected with contaminated blood i had a postpartum hemorrhage i was rushed into hospital jackie britain's among those sharing her story at the opening of a government inquiry into the scandal in one thousand nine hundred three she was given a blood transfusion after giving birth infecting her with hepatitis c. the virus went undetected for thirty years leading to cirrhosis of the liver else so traumatised. i thought. the next day i could have
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been dead in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's infected blood from the united states was imported into britain some was used to make a clotting protein called factor eight used to treat hemophilia it was given to sufferers including young children to help them live normal lives but some of the blood was made from pooling plasma from thousands of donors including drug addicts sex workers and prison inmates half of all infected hemophiliacs are now dead that's almost three thousand people as many as thirty thousand people may have been exposed to infections through transfusions the victims are ordinary people infected during childbirth or during treatment after road traffic accidents husbands or wives in fact to be parents infected their children care that was meant to have save lives has caused devastating it's a sobering thought that the consequences of what happened there may be
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continuing to cause death. even now. many inquiries are about events which have happened where it is known exactly how many people may have died. few if any this may be the first. deaths continuing the inquiry will examine how and why contaminated blood was widely used and investigate claims of a cover up by successive governments of the one nine hundred eighty s. former prime minister john major and five former health secretaries are under pressure to give evidence. the blood scandal wasn't confined to britain and france and japan officials and drug companies were found guilty of negligence. many british victims have campaigned for years for this inquiry they want justice to leave. london fighting between rival armed groups in libya's capital is now
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forced more than five thousand families to flee their homes the international organization for migration says the numbers leaving have increased hugely in the last three days the battle for control of the area near liberate. tripoli's airport erupted late last month more than one hundred people have been killed in the six hundred injured since it began many of them civilians hit by stray artillery or un brokered cease fire was agreed three weeks ago but it's been regularly breached. well a famine resulting in a huge loss of life could strike at any time in yemen that is coming from the united nations humanitarian chief who says by the time a famine is confirmed it'll be too late to stop it food prices have soared in the battle over the country's keep order of the day there is stopped aid agencies from reaching at least eight million people so far this year we're going back to new york now here is james bays our diplomatic editor with more on this.
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warning this kemal about what might happen in yemen already of very very bad situation in that country let's talk now to lead crime day who is the humanitarian coordinator for the un in yemen your previous job was humanitarian coordinator in iraq you saw the destruction by you saw the damage when they were removed from those areas it's amazing really in this world that there is somewhere to challenge the catastrophe in iraq and that's where you are now posted in yemen how bad is it the united nations considers the humanitarian crisis in yemen to be the worst in the world that's because three quarters of all civilians in that country require some form of humanitarian assistance some protection in order to survive there is no other country in the world for a higher percentage of the population needs help that's why we call it the worst crisis is he.


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