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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 153  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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if legalization happens so little boys little girls that are in the drug trade what happens to the mothers who are smuggling from one country to the are that the risk of their life so our next step is really proper should not be for the punishment of these of these people reintegration in society development of measures of integration the incoming mexican government is in step with that talking about an amnesty for some of those on the lowest rungs of organized crime as well as possibly legalizing marijuana and opium that's been incredibly controversial and what is still a very socially conservative region but a growing number of countries worldwide are taking a look at what legalization could mean. as more political party has been officially banned in hong kong raising questions about rights and status in the territory governments accuse the group of threatening national security sarah clarke reports . he's the leader of hong kong's national party it's
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a small group promoting independence from china but the government has deemed it a threat to national security the party is now banned in hong kong. what the agenda of the hump on national party. aims to is. in strict contravention to the basic law the national party also. spreads hatred and discrimination against maine and. the police made the initial recommendation the government agreed but the party later says he doesn't advocate violence and made this statement at the city's foreign correspondents club in august due to the nature of how the chinese propaganda machine works the national party was instantly demonized as some sort of extremist group due to this single word independence in reality what the national
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party is chasing after is no different from what many homeowners wish for the dream of democracy the decision to ban this group is unprecedented in hong kong but is considered a strategic move by the government to muzzle the problem dependent sentiment as beijing acts on any challenge to its sovereignty the vast majority of hong kong people do not see the bed independence is a realistic option but there has been increasing the sentiment against a tiny so far these against intervention in hong kong and naturally hong kong people feel that their core values their lifestyles have been sacked a phone call is a semi autonomous territory under the so-called one country two systems deal which is part of the official handover from great britain to china more than two decades ago that means hong kong enjoys freedoms unsane on the mainland including freedom of speech but that space for political dissent is shrinking. pro independence
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activist and a chair was prohibited from standing for election six democratically elected pro-democracy politicians were disqualified from the city's parliament the national party plans to hold a public protest on tuesday but the government says any member of the group will be fined up to twelve thousand dollars or face up to three years in jail if they speak out sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. but the philippines is at risk again of landslides as another typhoon brings more rain the death toll from a landslide last week has gone up to fifty five while forty seven people are believed to be trapped or buried in the rubble families of victims are calling it a manmade disaster gentle and reports from naga city and. a semblance of dignity indeed. this is what families here desperately want for their loved ones. the priest
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tries to comfort them but the reality is too hard for families here to grasp. the mountain gave way while they slept burying thirty homes and about one hundred people in the central philippines city of them and. many of those who died were the sole providers of impoverished families they already had little before the landslide now the survivors say they have nothing. for years they have been calling on the government to stop pouring operations in their communities but because they were poor at the city their appeals for doing. some in the community say recent reported fissures on the mountain should have been a warning sign. but for me a benefit day and i meant i'm accountable to the people i've now got but the thing
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is when and when a technical agency assigned to one of our and rather regularly says that a certain company is that ready career you know what job you could have even you have before sometimes the people to evacuate. but many here say rising above a tragedy is simply not enough we should assume as possible a file case against this these people who are responsible we asked ourselves is the life of a child in naga worth the millions that these companies allegedly contribute to the local economy. these are the first batch of victims and many more are expected for mass burial in the coming weeks the local government says these are the focus now rescue which evolves and burial but this is exactly what many families fear that everything and here. their final resting
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place is right next to the quarry site and so it is clear there is no escaping the influence of powerful businesses here. the dead are too many to be buried in one day. and as they are taken to the tubes one point one families here feel their loved ones have been buried in the state. and they weren't given enough time to see good plan. i've been granted the right. to quote.
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one of america's biggest national. government took the bad.
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but welcome back time for the sport though his forum thanks very much. a moderate chuy's won the best fee for men's player award. around the dreaded midfielder fended off competition from liverpool's mohamed salah and former club teammate bernardo who had won the prize for the last two years moderates was part of reales champions league winning campaign last season and also led this country to being runners up at this year's world cup al-jazeera xli welling's has more. this turned out to be a really unusual award ceremony in that it wasn't one of the best mao prior by either christiane or now though although you know messy who wasn't even nominated not since two thousand and seven has it been the case that one of the hasn't been awarded fief is best player they've also been winning the other big award the ballon d'or but a breakthrough coming from
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a thirty three year old croatian before the world cup started everyone knew that cannot judge was a really good player i don't think people have anticipated quite the impact it had it have as the home plate really of that croatian side and i'm sure with a population of less than five million and he led them into the final and they played really well in large part of the final despite losing to france he just won the champions league with rome which would of course have been a key part of that side and what i like about this is that really is the epitome of attainment and this is recognizing him as an individual and i think that's a really nice thing for someone who just goes about his business without any fuss even though he plays around would you leave in the revenge of the world cup final locomotives doesn't strike you as a superstar like ronaldo messi but this is a proud moment for him and a problem for his country france's did a show was among the other winners he won the coach of the year after leading his country to winning twenty eighteen world cup in russia liverpool's mohamed salah
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won the puskas award for the goal of the year the winning strike being a spectacular effort against everton in the english premier league and brazilian forward marta has been named best women's player for the six time. another goal for a slap down ybor he made that has pushed his l.a. galaxy team within sight of an m.l.s. playoff spot scored a scored goal number five hundred and one of his career in this three nil win over the seattle sounders it ended an eight game win a streak for the galaxy. tiger woods's celebrations have been cut short less than twenty four hours after winning his first p.g.a. title in more than five years the american arrived in france to prepare for the ryder cup words and the rest of the u.s. squad are in paris the usa are the defending champions but europe haven't lost a home match since one thousand nine hundred three the showpiece event kicks off on
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friday but so much of the talk was about tiger's stunning comeback win in atlanta on sunday i guess the amount of attention and the buzz around the p.g.a. championship around the torch championship the crowd on the i still think it was and i thought the eighteenth fairway yesterday. was amazing so i think it is obviously very not that this event needs much more energy or or that brought to it it's probably the biggest the grandest event all golf but it will add that much more excitement i believe you know tiger woods for the game of golf and him winning golf tournaments again that is something that's brilliant and i think we all benefit from it because in the end whatever it is these twenty four guys are going to do this week in the game of golf needs a boost of somebody like him that transcends the game to the masses needs him at the top of the game so for everyone in golf it's brilliant. team europe their world rivals in tennis is laver cup germany's alexander's drive beating south african
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kevin anderson in chicago as you know when taking the trophy thirteen to eight it's only the second time the trophy has been played for but the three day competition now looks to have established itself as an annual fixture. miami star dwayne wade says walking away from basketball's top league will be very difficult the three time and be a champion else to earlier this month that this is sixteenth season will be his last. i could seem to say i'm going to be very uncomfortable with this whole thing i'm going to be very uncalled. farewell tour is not something i want to do people around me know i really really really didn't want this. so i just look at this is me just saying you know more so than anything but. an injured sailors stranded in the southern indian ocean since friday has finally been rescued indian yachtsman tommy was taking part in
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a solo round the world contest called the golden globe race he badly injured his back on a storm severely damaged his boat the australian maritime safety authority had been running the rescue operation and on monday a friendship found him he's now in stable condition and that's all your support for now more later. fara thank you for that that's it for me for the news hour my colleague some is a down is up next with more of the day's stay with. the final.
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and then reported on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. when i think of my life i think of potential when i think of potential i think or what but it's not i think people need to take control. and do something they come to. tell me it's impossible i think of the child. raising the child in the country. and this is my. mind nigeria on al-jazeera.
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when people need to be heard. right he's been there a few jomo still in his life it's not a known show and the story needs to be told we do stories that have been passed on the suspect by testifying that all of the law to make sure that the bad guys behind backs al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new documentaries and live news on air and on the. scud things sanctions world powers come up with a plan to keep trading with iran and void u.s. countermeasures.
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hello i'm sam this is al jazeera. live from the house so coming up. i'm going to be meeting with chairman kim in the not too distant future. the u.s. president raises hopes of getting the story of nuclear talks with north korea back on track. the u.s. condemns moscow's decision to give syria and advanced the air defense missile system. and a stark warning the u.n. humanitarian chief says famine could strike at any time in war torn yemen. in a major snub to the united states the e.u. says it will set up a new mechanism to enable trade with iran to get around washington sanctions it
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follows the trumpet ministrations withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal earlier this year the european union along with other nations that were signatories to the deal signed an agreement to facilitate legal transactions with iran in outspent was made by the blocs foreign policy chief after a meeting with iran's foreign minister e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate illegitimate financial transactions with iran and this will allow european companies to continue to trade with iran in accordance with european union low and could be open to other partners in the woods. when i think a look at some of the key milestones in the iran nuclear deal known formally as the joint comprehensive plan of action in two thousand and fifteen iran and six world powers signed the nuclear deal ending in the early twelve years standoff between iran and western powers to a spearheaded by the obama administration and saw the lifting of international
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sanctions throughout his presidential campaign though dog trump strongly criticized the agreement as a bad deal for the u.s. and in may he pulled the u.s. out of the agreement and announced plans to reimpose financial sanctions on iran from november despite the u.s. withdrawal the european union and u.s. allies say iran continues to abide by the terms of the agreement the international nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. agrees and the e.u. has vowed to stick with the deal its updated legislation to protect european companies from future sanctions al-jazeera should have returned see joins us live from the u.n. headquarters in new york so they want to keep per the world trading with iran how exactly is the new mechanism supposed to work. ah the small print we haven't seen that yet all we have had there is a decision to move ahead with what they call the special purpose vehicle they've
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been discussing this for a month or two now but now tonight what we had was that discussion that ok we're definitely going to do this the gist is and this is how it's been explained to us in the past say italy wants to buy some iranian oil it will contact this into meijer e entity it will wire the money to that entity which will then buy the oil which will then which will then handle the rest of the transaction with iran likewise if iran wants to buy european goods it will contact this entity which will then handle the transaction and why the money to the entity which will then handle the transaction their idea is this will keep things out of the international banking system no central banks will be involved no commercial banks will be involved both of which are terrified of the prospect of the u.s. cracking down on them if they go against the next round of sanctions at the begin in november so this is trying to trying to skirt the sanctions as you suggested by trying to skirt the financial system to an extent by using this intermediary entity
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but we don't actually have many of the details as yet sorry. the big question of course will be how international business reacts to this what sort of signals are we getting so far. i mean not good from the e.u. or around noon or russian chinese perspective they are fleeing iran and there's a list of just came out the other day persia read a doctor telling us air france british airways the merced shipping company they have all been pulling out despite the pressure that the europeans certainly are trying to put on them saying look you know in fact we might even consider legislation if you will punish you if you pull out of of doing business with iran because this deal is so integra to our geopolitical stance and a big part of the j c p o a was iran the iranian involvement in the international economy to help the iranian economy but it doesn't agree having much much success because the us is such an integral part of that that european economy in the u.
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and the europeans even though they've talked about of the past they haven't yet been able to come up with. replacing the dollar with the euro for example or thing else like that so that is a difficult a difficult sell for other companies because even if they go through this entity the u.s. will know who they are on us one assumes and they can the us will be able to sanction them so we have to see how that works it's interesting also the most of the e.u. did say they were going to have this entity open not just to e.u. e.u. companies but also companies around the world if they want to deal with iran or i should have a town say that thanks for that now a year ago the u.s. president called the north korean leader a little rocket man in his debut speech at the un general assembly one year round of trying to striking a much softer tone he said a second summit with kim jong un is likely soon raising hopes of reviving stalled nuclear talks trumps beneath the south korean president moon j.n. at the united nations mike hanna reports from the u.n.
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. president trump arrives highlighting one major change in his position since derisively labeling north korea's leader a little rocket man a year ago. q you wrote a letter of a letter. asking for a second meeting we will be doing that secretary will work that out in the future looks like it will be very very well tremendous progress for north korea certainly since we got here it was a different world it was a very dangerous time this is a lot it's just one year later a much different tact. many periods president trump could prove best disruptive best the intense security measures imposed in midtown manhattan. but no signs of gridlock in the first public event he hosted opening a session on the global drug problem with a few surprise of the united nations and its secretary general we also thank the
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secretary general for joining us and our special guest and as our special guest he's become a great friend and he's doing a wonderful job at a very very complex situation but a beautiful situation and i've always said the united nations has tremendous potential and that potential is being met slowly but surely it's being met little mention at the stage of u.s. action against united nations entities threats to dismantle the human rights council the suspension of funding to the relief and works agency. and the unilateral withdrawal from both the paris climate accord and the iranian nuclear agreement positions at all odds with what many of the leaders view as the problem philosophy of the united nations it should not rely only on the political interests of a few as an impasse between the major powers often impedes the entire organizations
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ability to act. the united nations can only succeed to the degree that we as global leaders provide visionary leadership. that transcends our ideological differences and narrow national interests over the road from the united nations the stark black monolith called the trump international tower which like its owner will loom over the rest of the week's proceedings mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. the us is warning russia it's making a major mistake by deploying its state of the art missile defense system in syria the kremlin is sending the s. three hundred system to syria a week after one of its planes was mistakenly shot down by syrian anti-aircraft fire at the time syrian air defenses were responding to raids by israeli jets in the province of latakia rory challenge reports. russia's s.
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three hundred the air defense system that's russia has held off from supplying to the syrian military until now. within two weeks a modern surface to air missile system the s three hundred will be handed over it's capable of intercepting air assault weapons on a range of more than two hundred fifty kilometers and at the same time can hit multiple aerial targets having an advanced facility and high fire rate the system will strengthen syrian air defense combat capabilities significantly defense minister sure you gave a little down to why the russians have changed their position but you're going. let me make a point at the request of the israeli side and twenty thirteen we halted delivery of the s three hundred which was ready to be shipped to syria while syrian service personnel were given appropriate training today the situation has changed not by our fault the defense ministry holds israel responsible for the deaths of fifteen
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military personnel a week ago there reconnaissance plane was misidentified and mistakenly shot down by syrian air defense admits the confusion of his radio. airstrikes and israeli military delegation sent to moscow last thursday failed to convince the russians it wasn't their fault. but interesting aspects of this rift is the way the ministry of defense approach differs from that taken by the kremlin the m.o.d.e. has kept pushing the view that israel is culpable but. his spokesperson has been soft pedaling saying it was just an unfortunate accident and that the s. three hundred decision is not that israel. israel has previously been able to count on russia turning a blind eye to its airstrikes inside syria of which there have been some two hundred in recent years but if damascus really does get its hands on s three hundreds the israeli military will have to rethink its tactics is the first time in
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the history of the conflict that we see the syrian defense is equipped with the mother in. missile. deprive the israeli air force and from their freedom of movement and the syrian air space part is not just the israelis who will be affected by the move u.s. national security adviser john bolton has called it a major mistake any other country operating in the region will now have to realize that syrian airspace isn't theirs to use it will rory chalons al-jazeera moscow still had an al-jazeera trade war. to trumpet ministrations sells more weapons to taiwan and ratchets up the pressure on china. and strike in the gaza strip un relief agency staff protested cutting u.s. funding.


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