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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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potential in our people we must defend the foundations that make it all possible sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived. democracy as ever and. were peace has ever prospered and so we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all when we do we will find new avenues for cooperation unfolding before us we will find new passion for peacemaking rising within us we will find new purpose new resolve and new spirit flourishing all around us and making this a more beautiful world in which to live so together let us choose
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a future of patriotism prosperity and pride. let us choose peace and freedom over domination and defeat and let us come here to this place to stand for our people and their nations forever straw forever sovereign forever just and forever thankful for the grace and the goodness and the glory of god thank you god bless you and god bless the nations of the world thank you very much and. america is governed by americans we reject the ideology of globalism and that doctrine of patriotism so says u.s. president donald trump has just delivered quite a lengthy speech to the u.n. general assembly we're going to bring james base in immediately our diplomatic
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editor here with listening to that what do you think james. well it was sovereignty above everything powerful individual nations that is the way to go and they will work together to make that a better world the trouble with that in history is that powerful nations get more powerful and then tend to have problems with other powerful nations i think there are many who will look at that speech and see echoes of america first the other important line i think was iran there was certainly strong criticism of iran but i think perhaps given the scale of last year's speech threatening to totally destroy north korea if you look at that range then perhaps the criticism of iran was not as strong as it could have been particularly matched with his comments going into the general assembly to reporters where he said said he hoped to have a great relationship with iran and his tweet where he said maybe someday in the future he'd meet iran and i'm sure that the president of iran has an rouhani is
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a lovely man so perhaps the iranians didn't get the full force of president trump remember he has another go in twenty four hours when he will be chairing a security council meeting so maybe that's when he's going to talk further about iran worth also i think dwelling on the fact that a lot of that speech was about trade and he's on happiness with the global trade system of the world trade organization he was very strong in his criticism of china he said president xi may be a friend but he thinks china is being deeply unfair he praised some of the gulf countries it was interesting that he put saudi and the united arab emirates and qatar all in the same phrase and said they done a lot to fight extremism in the region and then he took on those very same countries and said opec was quite appalling and it was raising oil prices yet the united states was defending those same countries so praise in one part of the
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speech and quite strong condemnation. for the oil rich countries in another and then one thing that may not go unnoticed straight away but i think very very important for this body is he said that the u.s. would reconsider its money that it gives to countries around the world in because he says the u.s. doesn't get much money from other people well the reason for that is the u.s. get gives a two to emergencies and to people in dire need in the us happens to be one of the richest countries in the world and then i think something that will really hit home to the secretary general here he said he'd like to see the funding of the u.n. move from assessed contributions to voluntary what does assess contributions mean well currently the u.n. works out who are the richest countries and they pay the most which countries the richest country in the united states it pays the most he wants to move to a voluntary system the problem with a voluntary system if you ask countries how much money you're going to give to the
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united nations they will all because they have tight budgets decide not to give so much to the united nations so i think that's very worrying for u.n. funding going forward yeah it is curious isn't it that he chooses the world stage to talk about everything that is wrong with that premier world body and talks about everything he will pull back james i'm told with actually got a few more minutes to talk because they're taking a five minute break in the general assembly and then we'll come back with president kentucky afterwards i want to go back to the very very start of the transportation that we've got a short clip to play that have a listen today i stand before the united nations general assembly. to share the extraordinary progress we've made. in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's so true.
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i didn't expect their reaction but that's ok. i mean donald trump's laughing and smiling there but it is quite something that the sitting president of the united states at the start of his speech at the general assembly was laughed at by everyone yeah he made bold claim you could call it bluster and there were all double gasps from all of those benches where the various countries the one hundred ninety three countries a sitting in the room the atmosphere was clearly i can't believe he just said that i can't believe he thinks that is true and that was what you heard and then when he laughed about it they laughed about it and then clapped because they like donald trump our diplomats quite a guy james we'll talk to you again soon plenty more speeches to come at the u.n. general assembly if you say reject typo done in turkey not far away in the meantime we're going to mao and bashar
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a senior political analyst here in london who i saw you fiercely writing some notes during donald trump's speech what stuck out the most you know one well look as a former teacher slash professor of international relations look aside from the jokes and the comedy and the bits of news and the balance sheet of this and that conflict iran north korea is right saudi arabia and so on so forth something very important happened tonight it's a continuation of what happened last year and i think we need to address it come out because this is the president the united states addressing the world i think what we heard from him today basically a commitment to end. at least three decades if not seven decades of american led international liberal system this president has argued for what is it forty five minutes he argued for an extreme system of international realism which is based on power military power
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including and is based on self interest not global governance it's based on battery it is not globalism it's based on if you allow me to go further it's based on myka villian hopes and those western philosophers who advocated self-interest first and everything else later they didn't believe and i think president trump doesn't believe in an international global ethical system all rules based system so in one word we are witnessing an american president putting an end to american led global liberal system and replacing it what he would like to see is the global extreme realist system of sovereignties but three it is them and not the kind of ethics that everyone else has been talking about for many decades
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so that was the overview mo and what about any particulars there was as we were discussing with james there was iran there was trade there was venezuela it all sounded pretty much according to script what you would expect to hear i guess from donald trump and it three calls down from this basic principle that we just mentioned. because look at what he did not mention nothing about what various countries could together cooperate in order to resolve the questions that the secretary general of the united nations addressed this morning including global warming including genocide and so on so forth so the end of the day it's america pursuing about an interest with iran venezuela and so on so forth my one of my limbs rub on that right well because we have got some movement at the general assembly in new york it is the beginning of the next session i did take a break up to president trump quite lengthy speech and it is that man due to speak next the turkish president reject the type one. president of the
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republic of turkey if the floors. say moshe thing you know i think it is excellent mr president under bill the secretary general of the on the distinguished heads of states and governments esteemed delegates i have the unit to greet you personally thank you and on behalf of my country and my people. you know at the onset i would like to thank his excellent c nice work for a successful work over the past year as the president of this seventy second session of the united nations general assembly and. i also would like to congratulate him this is a spinoza. who has taken over the presidency of the general assembly. and i hope
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and pray that the session of the general assembly this year will avail an opportunity to bring all that his best to the people of the entire world. just him till he gets. we are holding this meeting on the hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war. the league of nations which was founded after the war was immediately replaced by the united nations in the aftermath of the second world war that. undoubtedly the united nations over its seventy three years of history had carried out enormous endeavors and accomplishing many achievements. of a great extent however it is also a fact that we need to admit that in time the united nations moved away from the cut precedent to meet the expectations of humanity for peace and welfare in
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particular the security council has taken such a form that it started serving the interests of its five permanent seat holders at the security council with veto rights but standing idle to the oppressions in the other parts of the word the massacres in bosnia rwanda somalia recently in my own morally and in palestine as we speak have all taken place before the eyes of the united nations security council. those who remain silent against the oppression of the palestinians who refused the medicare in assistance for them are only increasing. the courage of the oppressors. even if the whole world turns its back we as turkey will continue to be on the side of the oppressed palestinians and will protect the storage pool and legal status of our
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first block which is jerusalem. unfortunately in many parts of the world every day we confront the scenes effectively cleansing and mass slaughter that none of us would wish to see. and likewise from health to education from food to culture. there is a high state of the sets function in terms of the whole world cold work undertaken . by this huge organization. we don't wish to see such an important structure turning into an organisation with a constant reputation for failure and complaints therefore on every occasion we underline that there needs to be a comprehensive reform in the structure and functioning of the united nations particularly at the security council. we believe.
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and when we say the world is greater than the five we are becoming the voice of the common conscience of the entire human race. the world is not the world of the times of the second world war neither the aftermath we have representatives from one hundred ninety four countries under this roof and why. one hundred ninety four countries cannot be represented at the security council why shouldn't they. interrupt ational manner have their permanent seats at the security council we have only five permanent seats olders at the security council and the remainders are just temporary with no power whatsoever. confining the reform of the united nations to the budget will never contribute to the settlement of the real problems nor will it make anybody happy nor content.
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there's a need for increasing the efficiency of this organization which i deem to be very important for the future of the world. in fundamental areas of social equality development and security we need many many reforms to undertake esteemed delegates as turkey when we look at the world beginning with our own geography we see there are many important tasks to be undertaken by the united nations in our understanding just as is above all and it will bring corder salvation and happiness to the entire world in our civilization we refer to a phenomenon as the circle of justice that bases itself on a correct establishment and management of relations between the society law state the power of the state economy and justice. the links
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of the circle are intertwined but however these links are shut it to bits regardless of where you go in the world today. this is why our world today is entrapped by political social and economic instabilities and is constant constantly suffering to enable a peaceful and secure a future for all we have a duty to succeed in the humankind struggle starting with the search for justice and with the establishment of such a justice today when the assets of the wealthiest sixty two people in the world amount to the as it's of the house of the world's population of three point six billion people this means that there is a significant problem that we need to do something about eight hundred twenty
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one million people go to bed. hungry every night but at the same time more than six hundred seventy two million people have been diagnosed with obesity and there's a problem with that two hundred fifty eight million people across the world. are hitting the road searching for better conditions to live and survive and sixteen eight million on a global scale have been displaced pointing out to yet another outstanding told them that we need to do something about them. there is a problem when the early child mortality likelihood of a baby born in africa is nine times greater than that of a baby born here. the famous islamic philosopher rumi started shining a beacon from the city of kanya in the heartland of an atoll. in order to enlighten old the souls across the world once that the following justice means bestowing
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things in its proper place meaning giving someone what he or she needs or desires let us establish a global administration system that will serve as a shield to protect the oppressed the victimized and to lend a helping hand to the hungry and the unsheltered. which will bring hope to the future generations. everything that we did that deliver over this podium all the analyses and all the proposals that we come up with will only make sense if we can. put them into action. again according to the philosopher rumi. an oppressor is the one who does not fulfill their duties but these of the humanity if we want to make the united nations
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a source of justice instead of cruelty we have to dedicate ourselves more fully to the tasks be styled upon as. esteemed delegates turkey is sustaining its efforts towards a fairer world through its global humanitarian diplomacy inside our borders we are currently hosting the four million refugees three point five million of which are coming from syria this is unprecedented on a global scale and they have access to all forms of services that one could ever need we have spent about thirty two billion dollars for the care of the refugees until so far as the republic of turkey furthermore in cities such as general boosts our right and often in syria that we have previously secured. we have provided eight humanitarian aid to millions of people in need just like the deescalation zones that have recently been declared in the city of it the number of
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syrian students attending school in turkey is well above six hundred thousand refugees in our country have access to all the health care services free of charge just like any other turkish citizen. in addition we attend to all of the needs of the refugees that are in the turkish protection centers however so far we have only received six hundred million dollars from international organizations and we have received only one point seven billion euros from the e.u. which is not going directly into the turkish budget but instead these funds are directly allocated to the ngos working for the refugees. the european union previously pledged three billion euros to be allocated to turkey but it's now subject to. projects. we continue providing our
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services to refugees every day without any conditions without. any interruptions whatsoever we expect more generous and flexible support to turkey especially by the e.u. which has prevented the large refugee influx to spill over elsewhere in the world foremost to europe thanks to the opportunities it has provided for the refugees. furthermore. we are providing significant humanitarian development aid in all parts of the world let alone the refugees beyond and within our borders as of this year third to rank sixth in the world in terms of total development aid and first in humanitarian assistance. turkey ranks among the top donors in terms of philip mint and two minute area eight as we are the seventeenth largest economy on a global scale and our commitment is
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a strong expression. how much significance we attach to many tarion eight and helping those in need. as noted by the general assembly's call for this year our world needs global leadership and joint responsibility more than ever for a peaceful equitable and sustainable societies turkey has contributions its substantial efforts in this direction within the united nations the mediation for peace initiative that we had launched with finland in two thousand and ten is now being supported by friends of mediation group consisting of fifty six member states we have also taken serious serious steps in this direction forward within the organization of these line of cooperation all i see every which we are currently the term president of the alliance of civilizations initiative we have launched
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with spain has become a united nations initiative with the parts patient of one hundred forty six members . in helping somalia which is struggling with hunger to get back on its feet we are currently implementing the development program that i believe will be exemplary for the rest of the world. and to help millions of innocent people in our economy which is miles away from our country we have mobilized all of our means and all of our capabilities we have exerted sincere efforts to resolve the gulf crisis in iraq we are encouraging all parties to make efforts for the coming future of the country and in terms of racism xenophobia and islam a phobia we strive to prevent negativities in various parts of the world from emerging especially in europe. we have also adopted an active stance in response to the developments taking place in syria which has now become a place where the majority of the countries in the world export to the radical
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groups residing within their borders. well by means of both our support to the geneva and i start to process these and the deescalation zones that there is dublin we continue to establish. peace and stability in syria and we are trying to make syria a peaceful country once again. by clearing general blues and not allied region is from isis presence and offer a region from the peak it k.p. why the n.y.p.d. terrorist organization presents we have turned an area of more than four thousand square kilometers into a safe and a peaceful place for millions of syrians. quite recently we have signed an agreement with russia which is called the sochi agreement we have prevented the regimes bloody assaults against the deescalation areas in the if the
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province where three point five million civilians live. by preventing direct addition of massacres carried out previously in aleppo in hama homes daraa and eastern goutam we believe that turkey cleared the way for peace and political solution in syria especially in the lip province our goal is to clear the syrian territory all the way from minute bitch to the iraqi border from terrorist presence i hereby call upon all the parties to support a just and a sustainable political solution in syria with a constructive approach we wish to see a principled approach against all terrorist organizations. those who equally terrorists with tens of thousands of trucks and thousands of cargo planes loaded with arms and ammunition for the sake of their tactical interests will most
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definitely feel sorrow and regret in the future for having done so. supporting terrorist organizations and closing borders to refugees all the while putting the entire burden on a few countries like turkey would not give you a more secure and a prosperous future right on the contrary issues deflected in such a way will reach a point where one day the measures at hand will fall short of overcoming them. so let us contribute more sincere and constructive efforts for solutions in current dispute regions such as syria iraq yemen libya afghanistan and ukraine as well as potential ones including the balkans caucuses north africa central africa the gulf and eastern mediterranean please do not forget that if we cannot create a minimum level of peace and prosperity for all all over the world and no one can
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live safely within their own borders esteemed delegates. all terrorist organizations. not all terrorist organizations attain their sole power from their armed actions some of them use more complex more convert and more deceptive methods the fit to what his terrorist organization also known as photo attempted that who on the night of july the fifteenth in two thousand and sixteen. and at the end two hundred fifty one took to civilians were martyred and more than two thousand one hundred and ninety three civilians were wounded. and that is the sort of a terrorist organization that i was previously referring to this terrorist organization is hiding behind glass glossy concepts such as education welfare and dialogue and it continues its operations as n.g.o.s or businesses the leader of the
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stairs organization is currently living in pennsylvania on a land of more than four hundred acres in you in a very well off fashion and the terrorist organization has been growing and developing through deception for the last four decades in turkey and we have seen its true face but when the terrorists felt that they became powerful enough to undertake. a failed coup. they knew she had to consecutive coup attempts first with their own operatives that had infiltrated the police and the judiciary in turkey and then with their agents in the armed forces with the economy and better credit power that they have harnessed over time this terrorist organization has attempted to take control of politics society and the state itself but thanks to the support of our people. and thanks to our resolute fight against
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the federal his thoughts in the last five years we have eliminate that the majority of federal his thoughts in our country we now see that this terrorist organization has carried out similar activities across the globe. we are warning many of our friendly countries around the world and demanding the extradition of the terrorists hiding within their borders however some of our friendly countries are shying away from extraditing the terrorists but the price to be paid at the end for such a theory or will be quite hefty. the threat of the hysteria store going to zation. in the united states is generating somewhere between seven hundred and eight hundred million dollars through their charter schools located in different states. of the country. of course this figure does not include the income generated through
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commercially situations involved in all sorts of money laundering activities and other structures with secret agendas which appear to be n.g.o.s of course i'm hurt that's why i'm frankly warning other friendly countries of turkey and all around the world i invite you to mobilize your efforts in order to fight federal his presence in your country was we must show the same solidarity that we have shown regarding armed terrorist organizations and bloodthirsty teams also towards this in cd was skank as well we are ready to share our experiences and the information we have amassed on this issue with you and with any country that is willing to forge a closer cooperation with us. and seem delegates trade wars have harm to humanity in every age. and are we are. on the brink of yet another. period that we fear again only and none of us can remain silent through
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the arbitrary cancellation of commercial agreements the spreading prevalence of protectionism and the years of the economy sanctions as weapons because the negative effects of these twisted developments will eventually it. fact all countries we must all work together to prevent damage to the world trade regime as a result of such unilateral decisions in the form of sanctions this is a period where we need to work to achieve the united nations' twenty eight thirty sustainable development goals and in this time nobody wants the world to experience a new economy rupture oh it's very easy to create chaos but it's difficult to really establish order and today unfortunately some countries are persistent lee trying to create chaos there's no bigger danger than a world order that has lost mercy conscience truth and hope and that is the danger
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that we're facing now turkey has always been in favor of both free trade and free circulation of persons along with goods every regression in this in this aspect will have the negative repercussions that will be hard to erase for generations to come furthermore the fact that this approach is brought up with the rhetoric of threat of force and by entirely disregarding the history of by the true the relations disappoint says even more. we are in favor of solving our problems through constructive dialogue on equal terms we expect responsible action from all of our friends around the world. we have effective harmonious and constructive cooperation with our counterparts on international platforms such as the w t o g twenty and oh i see along with the e.u. . in the form of customs union. as turkey we always express
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that we are in support of open when it's in our you. know when all of our friends that we do business with around the world are concerned. ours and our approach is very sincere and obvious that's why we deem allegations and pressures against our country unfair we believe that together with the countries i'm the institutions sharing our perspective we can surmount this political and economy chaos that the world is being pulled into we are looking forward to supporting we are looking forward to receiving their support in this aspect and without further ado i'd like to share with you two additional remarks. first we believe that there's a need for the establishment of an agency within the un for the youth as youth ensures the sustainability of our future as turkey we propose the establishment of
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a united nations youth organization as soon as possible and suggest that istanbul one of the symbolic cities of the world history. to become its headquarters we can allocate a youth center which is currently being built in istanbul. to this organization. secondly. in two thousand and five we have hosted the world aging summit in turkey for the first time and then two thousand one hundred was designated as the international year of the elderly. in this respect the united nations international agency for the elderly is being established and stumble and third world assembly for elderly will take place in istanbul that's why i would like to cordially invite you to attend this summit which will be held in the stumble on december the tenth of this year and once again i wish that the seventy
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third general assembly will yield successful results on behalf of myself and my country i salute with respect and wholeheartedly all of the countries and peoples represented here in this come in parliament if humanity thank you and may you prevail in peace and help. on the there we go the turkish president reject tire her to one of his address to the seventy third united nations general assembly started in a very i would say almost philosophical matter talking about any quality in the world the differences in pay in wealth in hungary but then moved on to some of the more pertinent issues to do with reforming the united nations and of course the war in syria and how bad it impacted on turkey we're going to talk to hashem a whole bar another one about team who is the new york listening along to that one let's talk about the syria issue first of all hashem by thickly i think it came down to typo to one saying we need more support in fact i expect his line was we
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expect more support. indeed he seems to be very much concerned about the future of syria he said that the sought should deal with russian president vladimir putin prevent a. humanitarian catastrophe and they have to say this is a sentiment there has been sort of voiced by a different countries yesterday john even. the foreign minister of france said that he's hopeful that deal could further extend and pave the way for the border political settlement that could in a new constitution elections in syria but that the french foreign minister said that ultimately is going to be the united nations security council to finally decide the outcome of any political process. about syria but then come out as you can see from the statement of president. he was still of the same time
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concerned about the situation in syria when it comes to the presence of fighters in different parts of the country and saying that unless we get a comprehensive political settlement the prospects for a peaceful region want to be there asking the international community to come all boards to try to come up with a solution pretty much quizzical of president abbas said critical of the lack of strong action from the international committee he said for example we have been bearing the burden of more than three point five million syrian refugees and therefore the international community has broken most of the promises he's made in the past to provide significant financial assistance for the turkish government and just quickly how soon after speaking about syria reject type two and moved on to. a more personal issue for him and maybe you can just explain again briefly to our viewers about fit to the girl and who is there in the united states as well and still causing problems for president one. and that was for easy comes against the
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backdrop of the bar with the united states of america with different issues but for example the arrest and the trial of the us evangelical pastor and jewel brunson the americans say that he has to be released immediately and this has triggered. a crisis the to the point where the turkish government has been accusing the united states of america of undermining the economy the turkish lira has lost almost forty percent of its value compared to the dollar of the last few weeks of the turkish government has been saying that the americans are trying to use this story of the pastor to try to destabilize turkey now we don't know whether that's case would be resolved any time soon u.s. secretary of state of pompei are said that he is confident that could be resolved at the same time and said that if the americans are willing to solve all these problems they also need to address the issue of who the turkish government describes and accuse of being of the muslim mind of the failed coup attempt into
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a thousand and sixteen i think. today was sending a message to the trauma that this is not going to be an easy or wide and that therefore the americans have to extradite. going in a time soon to be turkey for the turkish government to move forward when it comes to solving the issue of the evangelical pastor but this is not the only problem that a country faces the extends to many issues particularly the u.s. support for syrian militants and for the issue over the future of the p.k. k. and also in the town by the turkish government to buy their brush in defense system as four hundred the americans have warned that that move could for the worse of the relationship with the united states of america we're talking about quite a delicate moment here as far as the relationship between the united states of america and turkey are concerned ok that's ahead. the u.n.
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in new york just commenting on the speech given by turkey's president egypt taipei to one year with al-jazeera live coverage of the united nations general assembly in new york i'm come all santa maria so far we've seen speeches from the u.n. secretary general attorney could tell us we just saw a reject typo on him before that it was and to supply a good speech from the u.s. president donald trump spoke about a lot of things he spoke about north korea he focused a lot on trade a lot on us but the comments we were waiting for at this point were on iran this is some of what he had to say. every solution to the humanitarian crisis in syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that is fueled and financed in. the corrupt dictatorship in iran. iran's leaders so this death. and destruction so let's talk to my senior political analyst about this when
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we expected this would be iran in the crosshairs i i think now and he wasn't quite as strong as we might have expected but still talking about things like saying the iranian people should be outraged that their leaders have embezzled billions and looted the people's religious and dominance. yes i think that's part of the john bolton discourse on iran we've got a pro death in an iran opposition rally it's the kind of discourse that you know it's been going on in the united states about iran as the one of the evil axis or axis of evil but now that iraq is no longer or north korea certainly iran is on the spotlight and that kind of rhetoric we've heard from washington for three or four decades with the exception of the last or second. obama administration when an iran nuclear deal was signed with the united states and the five other powers so i
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think there's a return to that but as you said not all the way because there's a bit of schizophrenia you know with president trump talking about the lovely iranian president and then on the other hand accusing the iranians of everything you just mentioned so i think he's leaving the door open e. and he's putting a lot of pressure on the iranians but also leaving the door open for possible meeting of the like in the future now as we come up to the top of the hour here on al-jazeera let's just reflect on the main thrust of donald trump's speech intellectually quote what he said i think this kind of sums it up america is governed by americans we reject the ideology of globalism we embrace the doctrine of patriotism he chooses to say this on the premium world stage in front of one hundred ninety three other world leaders basically saying it's not about all of you it's about us. exactly and by the way just to mention quickly because you know. they are the one is of course an important leader in the global middle east if you
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will and once upon a time in this also used to be an empire for four hundred years the ottoman empire and so on so forth and the turkish president's discourse was there metrically opposed to that of the american president speaking about international justice speaking about international governance international organization international effort to deal with injustices war poverty inequality and so on so forth so this was very interesting to see one against the footstep of the other really being the image of low post and then trickling down to everything from talking about the growing organization on to iran to sanctions trade wars and so on so forth again there are multiple opposed but back to your point about person top and i think really this is very important point because i think what we've heard from the american president is a staunch argument against and for the end or for ending the international liberal order that the united states has basically formulated established and led for the
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last seventy years at least since the second world war what he's basically saying that this is wrong we are not for global governance we are for patriotism we are not for international norms we are for self interest because if through every one of you meaning one hundred ninety two countries around the world if every one of those states acts in self interest then the world will be in a great shape well look this what a might have been a good discourse before the second world war this might have been a good discourse be force the first world war when every country acted according to their own interests but after the second world war the global community concluded that they need global governance that states need to cooperate even the united states during the cold war did warped. other western democracies against the soviet bloc and the warsaw camp so the idea of global governance the idea of fighting for
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justice the idea for doing something about inequality while not implemented in any serious way but the remaining to be an important symbol or moral or guideline for the international community to abide by president trump in his speech today said i am against that the united states will no longer play by the very rules that the united states established over the last seventy years now in the shower is our senior political analyst in london talking about the speech by u.s. president don't trump at the general assembly in fact here he was a little bit earlier arriving late we should point out he missed his slot he was the second speaker after the gent after the secretary general came in a little bit later and delivered a speech as mullen was saying very much as we expected america first speaking on issues like iran on trade but mostly rejecting the idea and that zone was rejecting the ideology of globalism also the peculiar moment of him speaking earlier about
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all the cheap and he's made in two years as president and the delegates choosing to laugh at him about that we're back in a few moments here on al-jazeera more live coverage from the general assembly more coverage to come. twenty five years after the thousand zero world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's womb in the oslo accords they wanted to have what they present deniability and reveal how secret negotiations were skewed. by your
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cold misread it every day at our compound and why they're still yet to deliver on so much that was promised the price of all is low on al-jazeera. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life so that we venture and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need chapters we need also to shine the light on those chapters and this award bridges a gap that existed in this. nominate your own for us from here on shine the light on what they do and to of not shine a light on your hero with your moment for the international base of ward two
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thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pull first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel. at the u.n. general assembly donald trump talks of a horrible regime in iran since opec is ripping off the world and the need for powerful sovereignty and patriotism. away from joe harvey one i'm come out santa maria with extensive continuing coverage on al-jazeera of the united nations general assembly and the past hour
12:49 am
we've also heard from turkey's president who says more support is needed but syrian refugees plus warnings of famine in yemen millions already short of food but there could be a deal on getting help in via some humanitarian corridors. however when the u.n. secretary general has spoken of a lack of trust and a need for more global unity but u.s. president donald trump went in the opposite direction with a call for stronger individual sovereignty world leaders having their say at the u.n. general assembly in new york in the one so many were waiting for was donald trump who got through a wide range of topics during a thirty four minutes each one of the key themes being what he called principled realism and a need for stronger patriotism. each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture a rich history and
12:50 am
a people back down together by ties of memory tradition and the values that make our homeland like nowhere else on earth. that is why america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination. so let's get into it now with our diplomatic at the james by as i was listening along the new york times we will get into some more specifics on some of the topics that president jiang spoke about and my let's start with the overarching theme america first no surprise there whatsoever but it is always curious that he chooses as i said earlier the premier world stage to talk about everything that's wrong with that stage. yeah absolutely this was a speech about the power of individual nations and how the world will work better if those individual nations work in their own interests and get more
12:51 am
powerful to create a constellation of nations as he put it it is completely markedly different from the u.n. secretary general's speech you said that sometimes people have to work in the common good and see things in order for the international community work because of course the basic problem with having more and more powerful individual nations is their interests collide and potentially then you go down the route of war and conflict so i think this is a speech that will worry many others in the room it will certainly worry the united nations because there were some specifics in there that i think will worry the u.n. in terms of their funding for example the u.s. is saying and the president trump is saying on foreign aid we think it's deeply unfair that we're giving all this aid and we're not getting anything in return well foreign aid is not transactional aid is where people are in hunger are in need are
12:52 am
in conflict and then the richer countries provide money to help those people why is the u.s. not getting foreign aid because it happens to be the richest country in the world on in terms of the un's own funding hidden away in that speech was a line that the u.s. now wants to see the u.n. funded on a voluntary basis not based on assessed contributions because there is some voluntary funding for the u.n. and u.n. bodies but the main funny funding comes from assessed contributions what does that mean will the u.n. looks at the countries of the world it looks who are the richest countries and they pay the most and guess which country pays the most at the moment the u.s. if the u.s. was to move to a voluntary contribution i think it would really cause if there is problems for the funding of this whole body the united nations yeah very interesting that was was and this a slightly buried in the speech ok james that sort of some specifics in fact let's
12:53 am
hear from donald trump first of all this is on iran. every solution to the humanitarian crisis in syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that is fueled and financed in. the corrupt dictatorship in iran. iran's leaders so k.o.'s. death and destruction and then following that james he went on to speak the usual lines about not allowing iran to get hold of a nuclear weapon wasn't as strong as you perhaps expected well i think you have to judge it in some ways by last year's speech and what he said about north korea because this is a president who's prepared to threaten military action in the general assembly he said last year he was prepared to totally destroy north korea so if you judge it by last year's yardstick this was pretty much what he said about iran in the in the
12:54 am
past and he hasn't gone any further and i think that also whether he intended this or not you sometimes wonder what with the loose talk of this president but this seems to have been a little bit of an olive branch to the iranians outside the assembly hall he spoke to reporters on the way in and said he hoped sav a very great relationship with iran he also communicated earlier in the morning by twitter saying he had no plans to meet the iranian president but of her son rouhani then added i'm sure he's an absolutely lovely man so possibly a little olive branch there that i'm sure his national security advisor john bolton and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who would both like to see the current government of iran the current system in iran swept away with a regime change probably don't welcome i'm glad you brought up the speech last year james then the references to north korea totally destroying destroying north korea
12:55 am
because well i have a listen to how he spoke this year. i would like to thank chairman kim for his courage and for the steps he is taken though much work remains to be done the sanctions will stay in place on till the nuclearization occur this special thanks to president moon of south korea prime minister abi of japan and president xi of china. so james from little rock man last year to chairman kim this extraordinary change. extraordinary change although let's just see what he actually has got so far certainly it's good news that we're not trading insults between two nuclear armed nations threatening to wipe each other out that is very very positive change but what has actually changed militarily it's not
12:56 am
necessarily such good news certainly if you compare it again with iran we do not have an internationally negotiated deal to get rid of the nuclear weapons of north korea we're nowhere near that stage at this stage yes they've dismantled some facilities they haven't yet given a full inventory of exactly what they've got in terms of nuclear weapons and missiles and we're at a reasonably early stage in this whole process although it's clear president trump for now is declaring this a victory we believe that there may well be a second summit between trump and kim coming soon and that may well depend on further talks the word is they'll be a meeting between the north korean foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state in the coming days perhaps through towards the end of the general assembly this weekend we think james final thought for you and i'm not going to play this final clip because i think it's pretty much all over everyone social media timelines at the moment but the start of the speech when donald trump
12:57 am
talked about everything he did changed in his last two years as president and it was more than any other u.s. administration in history and essentially the delegates in the audience laughed at him now it could be a moment of levity but i'm sure donald trump won't see it that way and it is quite something that a sitting president is laughed at on this very public forum. yeah and he didn't intend it to be a joke this was the sort of bluster and boldness that you expect from this president at a campaign rally you've never seen anything as good as me but it's not the sort of thing you normally hear in the general assembly and i think there were genuine garces of astonishment is does he believe that's true did he really say that here and then when he made light of it they laughed and politely clapped but i don't think they'd explain expecting a statement like that at the very beginning of the u.s. president's annual address to what is the world all of the nations all one hundred
12:58 am
ninety three net member states of the united nations in one room we will watch the twitter feed for a reaction perhaps later on james great talking to you thank you for all that analysis from new york. so that was president trump that was the second or third speech i think it was of the day and after a five minute break when he finished we went to turkey's president reject typer one he started his speech in a very sort of general man about really talking about a lot of more philosophical issues and about well have a listen to this general chaos in the room. because you can imagine it's very easy to create chaos but it's difficult to really establish order and today unfortunately some countries are persistently trying to create chaos there's no bigger danger than the world or truth that has lost mercy conscience truth and hope and that is the danger that we're facing now. with us here he is the director of
12:59 am
the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute nice to see you let's talk a bit about president reagan as i said the start of his speech he went very sort of waiting for the stuff about syria but in the meantime he's talking about chaos being sown in the world and financial inequality and the fact that there are obese people here and hungry people here and he spoke like a dare i say you know sort of global statesman where he actually gave a rather good lecture in development studies what the inequalities that exist in the world what can be done about them how should we respond as the international community particularly dressing the rich countries but of course it depends on where you stand from his politics the way you perceive what he's been saying whether he's really genuine about it because a lot of issues that he's raised he does face them within turkey in relation to the minority kurdish in his incursion into syria and so on so but overall i thought it
1:00 am
was an interesting speech in particular appreciate the differences he's made to the to the culture and to the islamic culture in particular some of the references to rumi and so all of the work about. justice and and development. government the relationship between all of that so very much as he does to do with turkey position himself between the two worlds if you like i'm sure because he was talking about all the united nations should establish a youth agency or should be based in istanbul i guess trying to show that turkey is a genuine world player i mean i have been across him they have been very active players and they have started a number of initiatives that really took off very well including the alliance of civilizations it was very much a turkish invention oh proposal now i'm not sure about the youth agency on the back immediately of an elders agency i know has already talked about but it was in the he. does look like he is looking for a purpose and the wrong.


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