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tv   The New Maharajas  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 1:33am-2:00am +03

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the. freedom and independence. occupation we'll go into the darkness of history. be honest by. the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas he was giving his word to the united nations general assembly and he began his speech to the un with the phrase jerusalem is not for sale palestinian people's rights are not for bargaining he went on to say that we will achieve our independence with peace and we want to state with very well defined borders and rights and then we can co-exist with the israelis on the united states and president. said that it's really ironic that u.s. administration still talks about what they called the deal of the century but what is left for this administration to give to the palestinian people he went on to ask
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when they removed from the table jerusalem refugees and security what is left and he also called on trump to rescind his decisions and decrees regarding these three issues jerusalem refugees as well as the jewish settlements he also said that his parliamentary has already asked him to review the agreements with israel and has asked that the palestinians rescind recognition of the state of israel until it excepts a two state solution based on the nineteen sixty seven lines on hamas and possible reconciliation he had this to say we have concluded agreements with hamas either they implement them fully or we will distance ourselves from any agreements or measures that are concluded without our approval and will not bear any responsibility we'll have analysis on our bus a speech coming up right here on al-jazeera that's after we just listen to the
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european union's donald tusk is the president of the european council so we'll hear what he has to say right now to the u.n. general assembly president. their european union is fighting internally to preserve their rules based international order which is currently under great strain and term five to eight security climate change or human rights we say does not on the contrary strongly supporting the united nations about the continent that cares deeply about respect mutual understanding and solidarity between nations as leaders we must they creep the united nations with the means to fulfill its mandate facts faithfully. more unity and collective action are needed in the struggle against conflict poverty and famine terrorism and
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displacement of people of the kind we see in venezuela syria myanmar and many other places to that then the european union firmly supports the current effort to reform the un these reforms are badly needed and of a due diligence is clear and implementation is essential they repeat any union if they can call on more responsibility for security much as we have initiated operation among our own military. we are ready to step up to our neighbor through cry for management missions capacity building and peacekeeping in cooperation with our birth including nato the african union and the organization for security and cooperation in europe the union
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also supports the action for peacekeeping initiative and expected to produce more effective and rethought global security solutions. europe has undertaken action against the increased use of this information and outside propaganda in open democratic elections the unlimited of cyberspace if used by external actors to cloak malicious political interference it's not just europe's problem men are their fear today are similarly affected the united nations should help expose this phenomenon. to be addressed possibility and increase democratic resilience one hundred years since those on monday
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last birth we remember his triumph over up a tide in south africa i am very pleased that this occasion has also going fied it with deeper ties between the african and european union. the summit of our both unions in abidjan last november was key thanks to the excellent cooperation between the african union the european union and the united nations we have fun through today helped over thirty thousand people to leave libya through voluntary humanitarian of returns. we want to expand their work with our partners in other areas for education investment and development climate change and free trade will be at the heart of our future relations africa the continent of great challenges but that does also
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a continent of equally great opportunity. instability in libya has brought the world's attention to the suffering caused by human smugglers and traffickers who take good all advantage of people and weaken their state in which they operate. the security council named sam of world violator of love john day and. should be sanctioned apprehended and brought to justice in the meantime they rip young young honorable work diligently and in good faith with our now of african partner found furch and rescue efforts in the mediterranean on the collective responsibility of effective solutions to global phenomenon such as may gratian and displacement and i
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truly hope that the recent you and debates on the future governance of migration and refugee protection represent in the right direction they will be on the global resettlement efforts including through research women from turkey were just hosting grave u.g. displayed by the fighting in syria as our job done and. the syrian people are suffering as the war continues the memorandum of understanding on it leap needs to be fully implemented to help of avoid humanitarian catastrophe all parties must respect international humanitarian law and show the protection of civilians and allow aid to reach doeth in need. a meaningful political process and that the united nations this is
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a special and you did to bring about the resolution to the conflict sustainable development and increasing continent to continent connectivity will bring countries people and fired leaf clover together. this priority will be crucial in our future relations with africa and also at the next month asia europe meeting which i will be hosting in brussels they go hand in hand with the implementation of the price agreement on climate change and with other international commitments from floods to fires the impact of climate change becomes more visible every year and thirdly we are now measuring the impact in the loss of human life and still even though on a slow progress is being made on our main task namely to implement the power if
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agreement the european union remains fully committed to it and makes it a priority in its relations with our partners and when we talk about the environment let me use this occasion to appeal to all the leaders. to undertake action to protect their water around to be antarctic there is still time to have the natural habitat of men there and danger to species by establishing maritime sanctuaries in the solvent ocean let me say it loud and clear those who can imagine our planet without waves being green found other species will also have to imagine our planet without human nonproliferation as their global challenge we face but here. looking up things
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through multilateral action on sanctions on the korean peninsula a year ago the situation was critical although much depends on the attitude of the d.p. r. k. we have seen that diplomacy can open the way to more comprehensive solutions. a similar situation exists with a joint comprehensive plan of action with iran. while addressing the issue of the deal has also helped to create space for dialogue on now they're called phones like iran's regional behavior and ballastic programs the agreement is good for european regional and global security that this. is committed to maintaining the agreement as long as iran remains fully committed to do it a while ago i mentioned the one hundredth birthday anniversary of the film and.
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in the coming hours the seventy fifth birthday anniversary will be celebrated by another nobel peace prize winner great pole like ours. they are both symbols of a beautiful cause of how to win without violence how to forgive our oppressed of and how in public life to overcome evil with good today when so many people also here in this home. including even the most powerful world leader are starting to give up on freedom solidarity and the democrats let us remember. their laugh and of our message and that regardless of how difficult the situation was they never capitulated in the fight. thank you.
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so that was donald tusk giving his address to the united nations general assembly and he was talking about how the e.u. is fighting intensely to preserve rules based international order which is currently under great strain according to him and he did go on to say that the e.u. cares deeply about respect mutual understanding and solidarity between nations and diplomatic editor james bass is joining us from the united nations so what would you say was the gist of the message that donald tusk was giving to the u.n. general assembly. well it's the message i think we've seen from others at this general assembly certainly from emanuel mark roll the president france who had a longer and perhaps more eloquent speech than the president of the european
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council dull to ask but they're making the same point basically there are as you say there is the world all of this existed for seventy years that is being under threat by populism and nationalism around the world he said at the end there some of the most powerful countries in the world may be thinking of moving away from this there is no actual mention of president trump of the u.s. but i'm sure it was implied in that then when you go through the detail of how multilateralism can work you can see where the problems lie because he talked about the paris climate deal the u.s. has pulled out of that he talked about the iran nuclear deal signed in twenty fifteen the u.s. has pulled out of that too and then he talked about the agreements that they're trying to reach on migration and refugees there's a migration compact at the end of the year supposed to be signed in morocco i can
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tell you on that the u.s. is not involved at all and another country is not involved is in the u. member hungary when it comes to refugees they can't even agree in the european union on what to do with the refugees and certainly two countries hungry in poland are basically not now letting anyone in and so he talks about more to multilateralism but it's certainly trying to do things in a collective way is certainly an idea that sunder some threat right now and change them by for just a moment because right before donald tusk the palestinian president mahmoud abbas spoke and he accused the trumpet ministration of undermining the two state solution through its actions on multiple fronts including shifting off the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and cutting aid let's listen. or would you rather have the unlock of. the neck on in all of these decisions this is ministration has reneged on all previous u.s. commitments and even undermined the two state solution and revealed its false claims of concern about the conditions of the palestinian people it's really ironic
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that the administration still talks about what they call the deal of the century but what is left for this administration to give the palestinian people and the humanitarian solutions because when they're removed from the negotiating table jerusalem refugees and security what is left as a political solution james no real surprises in what mahmoud abbas had to say but he did receive applause a number of times. he got applause a number of times because a lot of people in that room i think support the palestinian cause but he certainly talked about frustration of the current situation the efforts of peace between israel and the palestinians have been led all along by the united states yes you have things like the cortex and you have other bodies involved in this but it's the u.s. has taken the lead since the oslo accords and the u.s. administration the trumpet ministration is doing this
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a very different way and certainly from a palestinian point of view they are already as they're supposed to be negotiating giving in on the key areas to the israeli side and at the same time cutting funding to unruh the part of the u.n. that deals with palestinians and deals with education and health care for palestinians and cutting. money for the palestinian authority money that goes to palestinians so the palestinians feel they're being public punished while the israelis get everything they want and the rest of the world is standing by out of the u.s. is way while the u.s. says it's coming up with some peace deal as you heard president abbas there walked saying what the u.s. call the deal of the century we're now told but it's going to be announced in about four months time we're also told the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has already read the deal and it is a fantastic document but we will have to wait and see but for now president abbas
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is left here very very frustrated with very little he can really do certainly no initiatives announced there by the palestinian president that we haven't heard of before he said earlier in the year he wants an international peace conference he's reiterated that he said he'll reconsider security cooperation with israel he's said that again nothing really new coming from the palestinian side other. no real sense of frustration ok if james bays i think you let's get reaction from the occupied west bank city of ramallah that's where imran khan is joining us from so as james was saying there was nothing really new in our best of speech were people there and those who support our boss expecting him to come up with some new initiative. well i don't know if you can see just behind me but the west screens in ramallah in the main square there showing the palestinian president's speech and there was certainly cheering going on as he was speaking this was very much a speech that had nothing new in it but was
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a round up of the frustrations that the palestinians feel let's just take a look. a look at the beginning of the speech jerusalem he said is not for sale that's very very strong language stronger language than we've heard from him palestinian people's rights are not up for bargaining he kicked off his speech with that sort of very strong speech he also went on to really talk about the agreements with israel including the security coordination agreements saying we'll have to renegotiate all of these interviews will have to review all of these agreements he also took a real critical look at the nation state law to israel introducing israel as a jewish state calling it racist and liking it to apartheid as james was saying there you know he was also talking about what is the deal of the century with there's nothing left to give him he said but without jerusalem without the right of return without security is what is left to give to the palestinian people also there was a message to hamas amassed fails in israel responsibilities then he will not be to
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be held responsible for that and they won't allow gaza to be separated or split from palestine he also talks about the settlement building activity and the village of qana lamarre which is under threat of demolition which he says threatens the continuity of the west bank so it seems that this was a very much a speech that allowed him to vent his frustrations against the u.s. against israel saying we're not viable partners appeal once again to the international community to step in there were as you say no new concrete ideas but there was a reiteration that it's now time for the international community particularly united nations the international criminal court and other organizations like that to take a much more proactive step because the palestinians here simply. i feel that the u.s. is no longer a partner for peace so i think that was very much the message this was mahmoud abbas's chance to really send a message saying we don't believe what the u.s. is doing for us anyway we don't think the u.s. is a partner for peace anymore so we need the international community to step up and help
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and for a promise to me and in where you are and those in the occupied west bank what is it that they want for the palestinian authority to do next and how are they viewing this reported deal of the century that trump is now saying will be revealed in two to three months well there's really two sets of frustrations across the occupied west bank when it comes to what the p.a. what the palestinian president should be doing they want a lot more concrete measures they want something that allows some respite from the occupation and they want the settlements to stop being built none of that is happening there are there isn't a stalled peace process was not going anywhere then you have the official kind of political reaction of cyber account who said i simply don't think there is a deal of the century on the table that's reach rated by a number of other palestinian leaders so you've got to talk to reaction one simply frustration from ordinary palestinians and then palestinian politicians almost
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throwing their hands up in the air saying we simply don't know what donald trump is doing so for on all sides but two very different types of frustration ok imran khan thank you let's get the view from west rusa lemon that is where harry faso is joining us from so he took a couple of jobs at israel harry and he also rejected and condemned the jewish state law passed by the knesset in july before we talk about what to expect from that on yahoo speech how do you think israeli officials are viewing what our boss had to say at the u.n. general assembly. well i think as my colleagues have already expressed they won't be surprised by any of this language it's the sort of thing that we have heard from him before i think from an israeli perspective the the interest now will be exactly what he does when he gets back to ramallah we've heard from palestinian officials and sources before he left for new york that the u.n.
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general assembly speech would mark the point after which he would come back and start to try to take some kind of action on the relationship with israel so we heard there about security cooperation about the potential for about the imbalance that he was saying that existed in terms of wider recognition of the state of israel visibly the state of palestine if you're going to recognize the state of israel which has no borders he said show me the borders of the land of israel then why not recognize palestine so there could be action on that front in terms of. redefining the relationship with israel in some way however it has to be noted that he has used this kind of language before without following through and so the question will be will there be follow through this time around and also i think one other aspect that the israelis will be interested in as well as the palestinians is what happens with the relationship with hamas from now i was recently in gaza there
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is a lot of talk going on around gaza and concern in gaza of further financial action targeting hamas but obviously affecting the people within the gaza strip most. obviously and then he did say in that speech that if there isn't movement from hamas in terms of reconciliation in terms of allowing the powers in of already to take up the proper reins of government within gaza again then they would be held responsible for the consequences of that so that ben potentially signals further punitive action against gaza that's certainly something the people there are worried about and will be looking out for ok hereon as we wait thirty hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in just a few moments or or so tell us what we should expect in that speech any surprises. well the israelis are trailing some kind of revelation or announcement coming in this speech we obviously the last time that they made that kind of hint that was
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head of netanyahu is speech unveiling israeli intelligence findings on iran's nuclear program just around the same time as donald trump was preparing to pull the united states out of the iran nuclear deal i think most observers would expect this speech very much to be centered on iran on israel's continued portrayal of or assessment of iran as a major threats to peace and stability in the middle east about its nuclear ambitions about its activities inside syria so i think that would be one expectation also we like to hear more would warm words for benjamin netanyahu in terms of his relationship with donald trump and the current u.s. administration and we wait to see just how much time he gives to the palestinian
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issue and what he will say if and when he does ok harry foster we will speak to you later thank you let's bring in al jazeera senior political analyst milan bashar he's joining us from london let's just pick apart some of what mahmoud abbas had to say my one and he said this at one point we have concluded agreements with israel they have abrogated all of them either israel or by the by these agreements or we will go back on them is he saying that he is now planning to redefine the relationship with israel and is he going to follow through on this. he's been saying that for a while now or he has not. followed through on it sort remains to be. a puzzle if you will if one where the bus is using the decisions of his own legislative body of the p.l.o. in order to put some pressures on his peace partners if you were like israel in the united states or he really consider them to be the will of the palestinian people
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and hence he must carry through for the time being and judging from sort of the overall approach his discourse his rhetoric and even sort of the spirit of his speech frustration and so on so forth he still bets on the international community and i must say despite everything to the contrary he still bets on the united states on the west on the quarter to come through despite the fact that they have not and despite the fact that in fact they have betrayed the palestinian issue and the peace process he's also betting on the united nations even though he did the recount if i am not mistaken seven hundred fifty seven hundred and five you are in general assembly resolution and eighty six you and security council resolutions that until today none of them have been fulfilled so you can imagine this man who
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of course for the last twenty five years have represented the so-called peace process in the one the signed the oslo peace process also a process in washington back in one nine hundred ninety three is still adamant on maintaining the same course even though this course have proved to be utterly. failing even though when he says that we will not accept the sole american mediation in the peace process he just said this in his speech because the us administration has lost its eligibility do it to its recent decisions are you saying that that is simply not the case practically no he might have a some problems with the with the administration and he.


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