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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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from the federal security and exchange commission says this all started with a tweet in early august musk tweeted to his twenty two million followers that he was considering taking tesla private at a price per share of four hundred twenty dollars federal regulators say there was never a real basis for musk to make that happen and in fact the way he came up with the four hundred twenty dollars valuation hording to the lawsuit is strange itself it alleges that musk made a general estimate and then rounded that number up to four hundred twenty because of the numbers significance to the marijuana culture claiming. that it would amuse his girlfriend well the s.e.c. regulators say this was not amusing at all to the stock to the shareholders who bought more tesla stocks based on this tweet alone only to have lost their money once must retracted the plan of going private and not only was it not funny
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according to this lawsuit but it was also illegal what it's asking for a judge to do now is remove musk as tesla's see this just illustrates another step in the continued decline in recent months once viewed as a brainchild of brilliant forward thinker and also a good business person he has now been ridiculed in recent months he accused without providing evidence that a diver involved in the rescue of those boys trapped in a thai cave was a pedophile musk is now being sued for defamation for that instance and he went on live internet stream a few weeks ago smoking marijuana that has all the road investors confidence in his company tesla and because of its tethered reputation to that of its eccentric founder and c.e.o. the future of the company now is also in jeopardy. still ahead on the bulletin
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china of talent has back at president trump accusing him of sound all soft. on scott either in sichuan china in a region known for its dinosaur fossil discoveries there's a booming industry making replicas of these prehistoric giants who wants roamed this land that story coming up. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. out of the caspian seas want to generate one of two decent showers there they are just creeping round towards the north and rainy and coast to around looks dry most of iran is trying to be honest you might get a shot in the east side of afghanistan that seems a little less likely otherwise the pictures as you see now for weeks on end not quite as hot in baghdad at forty one degrees much the same in kuwait as slow
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northerly breeze northerly drift if you like it's not the same only in the coast of a training to twenty nine in beirut all that order of things you see little change just yet but temps are starting to come down and there's been a change on the i'm on the coast settlers warmed up we no longer got the daily overcast and the drizzle because the monsoon is retreating so it's relatively warm not solely hot not especially humid for the most part are the nice times yet to be honest that's true for the next couple of days the arabian peninsula. there we should be seeing something really in southern africa see some decent shows recently . but as you can see full cost was a little going to be a breeze really across cape towns and watching the scarred from the porch if you have clouds and the full force coming right but something does develop in the eastern cape or across into southern mozambique cloud could use a shower to someone the johannesburg the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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what makes this moment we're living. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable. leader who. is. widely known that is a formula for authoritarianism and here in the early into the light so. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out is the two state solution no bid up from return on al-jazeera. that have you with us on al-jazeera these are all top stories president trump has reaffirmed his support for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh who's angrily
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denied allegations of sexual assault one of his accusers christine blazin forward testimony she says kavanagh attacked when they were teenagers the palestinian president says the u.s. is no longer and dependent a mediator in the middle east peace process. to use his address at the u.n. general assembly to launch a strong attack on the u.s. and israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu focused his speech on iran and tests on moscow. has been charged with fraud he's accused of misleading investors over a twenty. that said he'd secured funding to take the electric the private financial regulators are trying to remove from his position. now china has accused u.s. president. after he said beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections told the u.n. security council this week that china was interfering because of his tough trade
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patti culhane reports we found that giant it was a new and surprising allegation from the us president it didn't go over well in beijing. we advise the united states to stop this and ceasing criticism and slander of china to stop these wrong words and deeds that damage by the way it will relations and the interests of both countries peoples he is responding to a moment from the u.n. security council they were supposed to be talking about nonproliferation when president donald trump took the occasion to attack china accusing them of trying to interfere in the upcoming congressional elections they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election. he didn't give any
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examples and his aides couldn't give any real evidence talking to reporters afterwards many in the u.s. brushed off the new unfounded allegations but analysts warn china probably won't china has a culture that goes back they can name their own of their emperors going back for five thousand years so they do not think that a president of the united states would say things that are careless worth less so they're going to find a deeper meaning in this than you and i are used to with just kind of donald trump's rant of the moment the president is clearly upset with these ads that china placed in an important newspaper in iowa saying trump was the reason farmers were losing money he recently tweeted china is actually placing propaganda ads in the des moines register and other papers made to look like news that's because we are beating them on trade open markets and the farmers will make a fortune when this is over. the right now u.s.
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farmers are losing big and growing impatient this trade war is hitting the heart of his base and the president is clearly aware and frustrated that could have a big impact on the upcoming election particularly in al-jazeera washington the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei us has sanctions on north korea must be vacuously enforced the u.n. security council that he is concerned by reports that some member states are on the mind of the sanctions by employing north korean workers is the path to peace and a brighter future is only through diplomacy and only denuclearization that means any other path north korea may choose will inevitably lead to an ever increasing isolation and pressure. it is imperative for members of the united nations to take that to heart enforcement of u.n. security council sanctions must continue vigorously and without fail until we realize the fully final verified the nuclearization now the saudi foreign minister
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is also in new york where he discussed the blockade against cutter arabia as one of four countries that cut diplomatic and economic ties with the june last year accusing it of terrorism what to cover denies other larger bit of his relations want to be resolved until the ha agrees to the out of the month or has more from new york the announcement of the saudi foreign minister added and dashed hopes for any political way out of the crisis as far as the g.c.c. crisis is concerned he said that it's. qatar's duty to try to sort of these problems he was saying basically that qatar has to sell financing extremism should stop interfering into the internal affairs of different countries accusations which were strongly dismissed by qatar as politically motivated and fabrication and the timing of the statement comes at
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a crucial moment because on friday the u.s. secretary of state by pompeo is going to meet with g.c.c. ministers of foreign affairs along with the mess as a foreign affairs of jordan and egypt to discuss regional stability and security now we've taken the steps that we took no dealing with. you can't over fly airspace. you can't import things from a market you we will not. have the military or cop cooperation still ongoing because that's you and with the us so we do that but the other stuff is all frozen until that huge and i hope they change and if they don't true we're patient people will wait for ten fifteen twenty years fifty years old i'm going to take you with coast to in cuba we can do the same with otto if you look at the tone of that statement by the saudi foreign minister. it gives us a strong indication that we're not going to see any way out of the political crisis
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in the g.c.c. and the impasse is definitely going to continue despite the fact that the united states of america has made reassurances they will use its political leverage just try to bring all the parties to set aside their differences i don't think this is going to happen any time soon legislators in canada have voted unanimously to strip myanmar's de facto leader of her on a very citizenship symbolic move as a response to a military crackdown against the one hundred minority and myanmar's rakhine state a u.n. fact finding mission recently found that young muslim in the tree was committing genocide against the minority muslim population and that aren't fancier chea had failed in her duty to protect her own citizens obama day she's promised as calling on the international community for help in repatriating over seven hundred thousand ranger she has seen addressed un members saying thirty two ation needs immediate action. no room of the world we are part of what we have seen
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in un reports about atrocities being is they're doing or who have now taken shelter in bangladesh recherche and amount to genocide and crimes against humanity. we expected the international community particularly the un to give do you importance to that atrocities and injustice suffered by the ruling a population in myanmar as a fellow human we can neither ignore nor are the main silent about the plight of the. present mores here mark was told argentinians that made in the terms of a new i.m.f. loan will be painful emotions he law and aims to shore up the country's ailing finances and destroy as a boy reports from boiler side as it comes with stringent conditions. those who govern in argentina are desperate to provide some good news and that's why the mayor of when order. that was proud to show off this new homes for the poor
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. built inside of austerity program impacting every level of government in the country. none of the projects that are underway will be touched by this crisis we are committed to continue with our transformation of the city and this crisis won't affect it. i didn't deny struggling with a financial crisis that has steered memories of two thousand and one when the country defaulted on its sovereign debt it pushed millions of people into poverty. the government wants to make sure investors know the administration of marquis will be able to pay its financial obligations that's why the government. announced the plan to boost its thirty six month financing package for several years of argentina . remains affecting the most. urgent you
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know during the. in this context i am pleased to see a firm commitment to the expansion of protections under the already. obvious you must. be announcement came after a nationwide strike by argentina's most powerfully were unions thousands took to the streets to protest the austerity measures announced by the government. many argentinians blame the i.m.f. for forcing policies in the country which in the end hurt the working class is a mixture of self-inflicted mistakes. and sings with her heritage. but. i think that the objectives of government most is to start fresh clean sheet. trying to top the cheapest that it could turn or just. and try to get rid of the monitoring and try to relaunch
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a program with the objective of reaching two thousand. and a good position argentinians are familiar with what an economic crisis looks like and even though the government is doing its best to prevent the situation from getting worse many are wondering whether it will be enough to prevent the past from repeating itself. twelve people including three officials are facing trial of a portugal's worst wildfires sixty four people died in the fires in the central leiria region june twenty seventh team the accused face charges of negligent homicide amongst the commanders of portugal civil protection agency and employees of a company in charge of the maintenance of a road where some fifty eight people died. police in the netherlands have arrested seven men on suspicion of plotting an attack about four hundred heavily armed policemen invaded home from the talons of on him and when it prosecutors say the
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month long investigation stopped a large attack the suspects were allegedly trying to obtain a k forty seven rifles and raw materials for suicide vests. to china now where merging the ever growing fascination of dinosaur also the pretty stark words of one's home town has been a recipe for business excess but it's got hard live reports from the wealthy capital of dinosaur replicas the challenge of the escalating trade war has some manufacturers worried. as you approach is this going on the main highway is just one problem it's pretty evident what this area is no. it's home to one of the largest dinosaur fossil discoveries in the world the dust formation fascination for dinosaurs put the city on the map drawing in millions of visitors each year but it's ancient history was also the spark for a home grown industry about eighty percent of the world's large dinosaur replicas
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are made in among the first of twenty five companies to start making replicas of some of the earth's first inhabitants was founded by gucci home he was born and raised here. so the goal is a dinosaur time i've been very interested in dinosaurs since i was a kid and i majored in electronic engineering so i wanted more people know more about through our replica that's why i started this business but the business of manufacturing in distributing these prehistoric animal replicas of all shapes and sizes is facing a very contemporary issue tariffs imposed by the united states. now has to pay a ten percent tariff on his dinosaurs going to america and then on january first it goes up to twenty five percent. can you know where they're warm and you can sign you know this will definitely have interactive facts. where we're trying to talk to
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our customers in the states and i try to reduce costs we're trying everything to ease the pressure brought on by the trade or. he says this is one of the biggest challenges he has faced since he opened the factory doors some twelve years ago he hopes to continue shipping two thousand dinosaur's a year without the need to downsize this despite the noise that's being made. by the leaders in washington and beijing. it's got to al-jazeera has gone. down on the promise of the headline. president trump has reaffirmed his support for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh who's angrily denied allegations of sexual assault one of his accusers. emotional testimony she says cavanagh attacked when
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they were teenagers. i believe he was going to rape me i tried to yell for help when i did brett put his hand over my mouth stopped me from yelling this is what terrified me the most and this had the most lasting impact on my life it was hard for me to breathe and i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me well cavanaugh denied ever committing sexual misconduct and said he wouldn't be threatened into withdrawing i'm not questioning that dr ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was. i'm certain of this george the palestinian president says the u.s.
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is no longer an independent mediator in the middle east peace process with our boss used his address at the un general assembly to launch a strong attack on the u.s. and israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu focused his speech on iran tesla c.e.o. elon musk has been charged with fraud he's accused of misleading investors over a tweet an organist that said he'd secured funding to take the electric car maker private regulators to seek financial penalties and trying to remove mask from his position china has accused u.s. president trump of slander after he said beijing was trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. congressional elections told the u.n. security council this week that china was interfering because of his tough stance on trade and twelve people including three officials are facing trial over portugal's worst ever wildfires the blaze in the central lady a region in june last year killed sixty four people accused face charges of negligent homicide well those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is next.
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getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human point in the twenty first century. climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not me it is the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera. for me ok and i really could be here in the stream today election meddling and u.s. relations but from a russian perspective where hear what some washington think about the headlines dominating the us media we also want to hear your take on russia u.s. relations minister comments here twitter or live on you tube. the november midterm elections in the u.s. could end republican dominance in the house and also in the senate u.s.
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media is focusing on campaigns and also on the question of russian meddling will the u.s. see a repeat of the twenty sixteen election interference as alleged by the f.b.i. and to what extent are russia's online trolls trying to influence american voters opinions today we want to hear russian perspectives on how they view this and other news stories as well as the bigger picture of russia u.s. relations and joining us to do that via skype from moscow are number moscow correspondent for the daily beast and newsweek and boston. a ph d. candidate at harvard university she studies social media russian politics and russia's influence on public opinion abroad and in new york. a journalist and contributor to russian media outlets including color sound expert t.v. and t.v. rain welcome to the stream everyone let's start with modeling i want to share a tweet sent to this stream from you while weber associate professor of russian and
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eurasian style. that daniel moore again graduate school here in washington d.c. this is what he says the meddling to whatever extent has dashed trumps and prudence hopes for a pragmatic relationship and turned russia into a partisan issue in the u.s. everything that democrats dislike about trump and his policies can be traced to the original sin in quotes there of russian help during the election are now when it comes to this issue do you agree with what you've also here i do but if we think. and look at things from russian perspective and i've been traveling around the russian regions this year a lot. of people think that america is a threat and they more and more feel concerned about the relationship between the united states and russia getting spoiled more and more people are afraid of of
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the war my text a driver inside near asked me about the war at the warsaw coming and for as long as putin is the president he hopes that the war with the united states doesn't happen i'm just trying to explain to you how ordinary russians see the city they do not. they do not read about miller's investigation they just worried about their future and the future of their children i'm wondering what every day russians think about president trump and he did a particularly high profile press conference yesterday and we play a little clip of it he's talking about russian meddling here and have a look at by the democrats they know what what about the message that's being to do the same thing with the russian investigation they can to try to convince people that i had something to do with russia there was no collusion think of it i mean we
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scotch i mean michigan. i said you were not doing well i won both us states were not doing well let me call the russians to help does anybody really believe that it's a con job and. they are now. to some of russians believe it's a con job is there something to this russian investigation how are you reporting it . well i'd say that generally speaking and it does not seem that. russian media especially of russian state media coverage of the situation with miller is in the suggestion precisely and i'd say for the state for granted in russia they just be and any outside of the country and blame that any need for everything we is not going well it's a very old strategy when you know it's just easier to explain ordinary
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people. why they have to deal with bad things as you know as. weak economy as mania lows that make their lives even more complicated and i'd say. i'd i'd say that the only angle we two against see. if i mean if we talk about the state media i'm not talking about all russian media because as we know there are some professional media outlets who still do their job very very well so when i i just want to emphasize the fact that when i refer to russian t.v. i was from was this tape or began so all all those great shows speak this. thread and obviously i'm. you know it's nothing. that it's sad about us. on that shows but
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at the same time you know when it comes to discussing donald trump and they angle slightly changes so steel i'd say the russian audience. doesn't really have access to quality coverage of the us affairs because while. t.v. is still the last powerful instruments of propaganda only if you. liberals get to see that all i want to newspapers are a sound yeah thank you and it really and i think that's an interesting point you're making about the view from state run t.v. here's a tweet we got from someone named a racer who talks about internet media in russia she says mainstream ones cover the president trumps trade war saying sions military activities and sometimes they do analytics about the political shift in the u.s.
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but collusion is rarely mention as russians consider it to be overrated now of course as someone who is here in boston you know collusion is a term that comes up a lot in the u.s. when it comes to russia can you talk to us about your research why this might be seen as overrated in russia why the collusion term seems to be overrated in russia so it seems to me that although the recent studies like pew research center and believe there was also a gallup poll indicate that russians overwhelmingly do not believe that russia interfered in the u.s. election. also simultaneously believe that something like eighty percent of all russians russian respondents believe that the us on the other hand interferes in elections around the globe and in the domestic affairs of other countries it seems that the average russian citizen believes that in a unit polar world in which the u.s.
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dominates these are sort of the means that are available to the russian state this is what the russian state house at its disposal to counteract that unipolarity just a little bit to just change the balance a little bit in its favor and so because they believe it's a noble goal in this case the ends justify the means right i want to move on a little bit now and have a look deeper into the issue of online trolling have a listen to the twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey and facebook c.e.o. of several sound but they were testifying in front of a senate intelligence committee on this month we found ourselves unprepared and ill equipped for the immensity of the problems that we've acknowledged abuse harassment troll army propaganda through botched and human coordination misinformation campaigns and divisive filter bubbles that's not healthy public
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square when content violates our policies we will take it down and when our opponents use new techniques we will share them so we can strengthen our collective efforts everyone here today knows that this is an arms race and that means we need to be ever more vigilant. a lot of these social problems right now are trying to get rid of but they're trying to get rid of propaganda and influences and news that is i hate the phrase along with a f. unease but news that is not actually news. from this is this is your wheel house this is what you study. from the other side from the east looking across to the west is this a this is this is a fantastic success story to the digital world in russia oh that's that's an excellent question that's it's such a huge undertaking that these social media giants have in front of them because
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it's tremendously difficult to keep up with these accounts that keep springing out so just recently in the news facebook has shared that again you know they're tracking. multiple accounts that are disseminating fake news stories and slanted news stories on syria that are again traced back to russia twitter is constantly dealing with the same it's by no means a success story it's something that is very much an uncharted territory how do you regulate the online space which should be democratic and open to all sorts of voices while at the same time not allowing it to become this sort of a divisive platform that is dominated by narratives that are clearly not conducive to you know to universal norms of democracy and human rights and things like. that and i don't hope i can do you know but i was going to go to you with a tweet and i'm interested to hear you have to say first well you know when i've
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been reporting on troll factory a lot of his he's being based in moscow and kobrin thing years. the factory in st peter's for that. as we now belongs to mr preclusion who is also known on the west this putin's cook has been growing bigger they now can buy bigger building and they employ more people who work on cell arrays who post. messages on facebook and on twitter every day that's their job but i was also recently working much to do. anea where they hire trolls too so if it seems that. trolls has a job you know every day job a troll is a kind of a trend so young people don't mind to be working as trolls and getting paid you
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know for young people in russia energy job is good because they condom is going down and some young people hit the streets and they protest against goods and other kids are ready to. participate and putin's propaganda more for putin's propaganda machine and a do you call trolls trolls in russia what's the rush. yeah yeah you can call them trolls you can also call them propaganda perfect dragons it is with difficult to find they kill himself. that's a good question that will lead to view one troll woman who did not that mean that she was a troll she just. that job she was angry because she was not paid enough money or the money she thought she was meant to be paid and. i should criticize the factory and she described to me hollow the factory looks inside which is very interesting you know every floor she's sat are had
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a special called you could not access. more holes than just the one where you worked you worked in the cubicle but every morning there were slogans some ideas on the wall floor let's call them true to to to get the message you know what they're going to tweet about or to course. about that that day so it's a very much control as far as an stand institution. where young people do not get paid much but they're still willing to highlight a section in jobs. liana i'd like i'd like to point out that russian trolls and russian high carries seem to be different units and while trolls while that that's the job for civilians
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and russian well it wasn't it wasn't news that russia that the russian ministry of defense had started hiring carries approximately in summer of two thousand and thirteen and we didn't really route basically the center essential analysts. getting hacked on a daily basis but we didn't hear about really big stories for a while and i think. the. the story started to maybe in two thousand and fifteen where we all knew for sure no cyber units exist kill and i might intersect a good oh yes so i would like to point out from the point of view of international relations scholar. as far as relationships between states are concerned and sort
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of informational war being one type of war right that a state can wage against another state if you think about it. and army of online trolls is an excellent choice for any state right because these are people who one don't cost very much waging an information war. by hiring a bunch of people who use you know technical expertise need not be greater than just being able to post. you know i facebook post or tweet a tweet our create hashtags or what have you it's really really cheap it's much cheaper than training cyber operations or you know buying missile missiles or creating missiles things like that and the second aspect of this is that this gives the states plausible deniability because whenever you try to sort of pin down responsibility for you know who interest here and when and how the kremlin can
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always plausibly claim that these are people who are just sort of patriotic citizens who are disseminating their own agenda that may or may not coincide with out of the kremlin so from those two points yeah right and here we should remember this story about so-called green people in creamier do latest remember that story and you know there are people wearing green uniform without any signs that would allow to say what country they represent and russia can do nine. those russian soldiers and that and there was another maybe a half a year later there was. fusions press conference when she went to. meet those people russians and basically that's how whatever happens on the u.s. soil they always can take credit for it and then the rest of the world will be
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thinking that oh those russian russian trolls they're really dangerous and that's how you would benefit from this situation early on i think that's an interesting point i want to share a few from our audience listening to this on you tube live backpacker handover rights and i am concerned about trolls negative propaganda aimed at the easily influence creates artificial support for a fake movement so they're saying that unfortunately there are people out there who will be swayed by this so i want to give an example of what that might look like this is be a buzz feed news not an article not too long ago this came out in august this is how russian propaganda actually works in the twenty first century and the reporters went into how the russian government funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in eastern europe to put out stories dictated by the kremlin here's one of the authors of that article holger says the propaganda works and many different layers and part of it is public the other part
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is hidden and meant to look like real and independent news media it takes a lot of effort to hide the financing scheme and the court mission of topics so if you decide not to trust the official propaganda sites you might still take these topics seriously if independent sites cover the same thing either does this surprise you at all and what do you think it says about u.s. russia relations right now that so many americans are going on these sites and then believing this information. yeah i was just thinking actually here about that before you ask. for me personally and my friends my circle of friends are some john lest some are not journalists. a troll is pretty recognizable we've begun to fire child. it's very easy because. messages seem to roberto and you can easily check if it's a troll or not
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a troll writing to you. some people do a really interesting analysis now and there was a helpful post recently or somebody identified trolls among my friends and i think that person for that well let's let's just go back a little bit to the animals talking bartz. russia's getting information wrong from television you know maturity or russians actually do believe or they might be skeptical but they receive information from television and less then seventy percent of russians travel abroad but russian li you know the majority of rich people russia's rich people even moscow the biggest city of the biggest number of billion is their children's daddy abroad and i personally know quite a few official russian officials who have babies in miami who have wife living in london who have huge apartments here and they do fall within years they do
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read news in english and they read the new york times that's right for instance today's list is one of their most read the russians state newspapers talked about trump's conflict with with the new york times correspondent when trump in new york times correspondent had a little argument during can press conference about whether the new york times is a feeling or a very successful in your. yeah that's really intriguing all right so it's such a fascinating relationship between russia and the u. s. i want to show you here the russian foreign minister his name is so gay lover of ladies you already know that the audience just in case you don't on september twenty first he was commenting on the latest u.s. sanctions targeted at russia have a look. as for the new sanctions which the
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u.s. has imposed on some russian legal entities and people have stopped getting surprised about them particularly in regards to sanctions against a russian aircraft manufacturer and factory so these sanctions are nothing else but yet another act of unfair competition and i think we all once again understood that the u.s. dollar system has completely discredited itself. and that the confidence in the dollar is plummeting. on the one hand you've got these u.s. sanctions and on the other hand you have two presidents president putin present trump who seem to be really good bodies and i can show them and say that in public whenever they get an opportunity that seems to me deeply confusing from the russian side looking out to the u.s. is it confusing. i don't know about the russian side i don't know how well they represent that but it certainly is a unique moment in history in terms of the relationship between the two countries
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because we have as you said on the one hand the relationship has nearly hit its nadir right because the two countries have been fairly hostile with one another ever since the annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and the installment of these sanctions that have not gone away then the next big crisis was the interference in the two thousand and sixteen election of course but on the other hand as you pointed out we have the highly personalistic relationship highly interesting product between the two leaders i think it would be overstated to say that president putin feel exactly the same about president trump as vice versa because it seems like on the side of putin there's more amusement toward trump whereas trump sort of sort of really does seem to genuinely admire the guy. it also though i think an important implication of this is that we we see that trump space the
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republican base really follows him in this is testament to russia so even though we see that the u.s. public opinion is still largely negative when it comes to you know do you feel favorably about russia or not republicans are twice as likely to think that russia is good than democrats so at least the president the president's base is following and so at this moment it's really quite unclear to me where this might go maybe this means that there will be you know some sort of a reset of the bilateral relationship and maybe this will mean an improvement in the relationship but a lot of it also depends on what will happen in twenty eighteen right if we observe another late in the you know informational attack which i don't think might happen but if we do i don't see you know any possibility of of improvement that russian trolls having trouble figuring out. that's what they're supposed to say while truong sometimes i don't think that one is a one day. official russia hates trump the other day official russia loves and
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say you're a strong and then then i fish will russia that's a great roar and everything on congress so poor troll is sitting in the factories thinking what am i going to say about today. or what i did i made the right i think there are. ladies the results of what you were talking about represented and this week here i just want to share this before we run out of time you've also as a result of what you all are talking about right now is that there are two different russian policies one of trouble and another of the rest of the government and whenever trump leaves office hostility to russia will how bipartisan consensus i mean even watching an hour. or russian thank you for. it's been very very revealing to see the world from your perspective our conversation continues always online you can find us on twitter at a.j. string you can i will say you see thanks for watching everybody take it.
1:46 pm
to to. you . when i think of my life sure i think of potential when i think of potential i think or what but it's not i think of young people literally to control to their own and i'm going to something that they come to god told me it's impossible i think it was a challenge. the reason a child in the country of. my name is being sold and this is my chair. my nigeria on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
1:47 pm
a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it as you know it's very challenging liberally but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. ups oldest muslim undertakers working here it's a seven day a week job that's grown with a community my father purchase a black ambulance started to do the funerals in london and family we saw stopping bartering to which i became business partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera i'm his story say for the by me speak every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these
1:48 pm
two reuters journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that are demand see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening posts on al-jazeera. i am innocent of this charge that donald trump supreme court nominee gives emotional testimony defending himself before a u.s. senate committee. intelligence their own life or my headquarters in doha with me as a problem also ahead. i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these
1:49 pm
details. brett kavanaugh also accuse a stands by her allegations that he sexually assaulted her in the line. of the united nations general assembly palestine says the u.s. is not an honest broker in the middle east peace process and china's government has back at president trump accusing him of slander. the. u.s. senate republicans say they'll move ahead with a committee vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh on friday that follows a dramatic day of testimony by both cavanagh and one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct christine cavanagh attacked. and has more from washington d.c. . a historic hearing in washington a woman recounting a traumatic event from her teenage years and here today not because i want. and
1:50 pm
terrified versus a man fighting for his future on the u.s. supreme court this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. for it seemed on the verge of tears as she told the senate judiciary committee about what she calls the worst night of her life the night ford says a teenager brett kavanaugh tried to strip her and rape her laughing all the while he was seventeen she was fifteen i believe he was going to rape me i tried to yell for help when i did brett put his hand over my mouth stopped me from yelling. this is what terrified me the most and this had the most lasting impact on my life blousy ford's testimony comes eleven days after her allegation against the supreme court nominee was published in the washington post cavanaugh testified shortly after ford through tears of his own he vehemently denied assaulting ford or anyone
1:51 pm
else i'm here today to tell the truth i've never sexually assaulted anyone not in high school not in college not ever mistaken blocky fort has told senators her allegations are not farfetched and that the trauma has haunted her for decades with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted one hundred percent one hundred percent what is the strongest memory you have the appropriate laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense as for president trump's nominee he was adamant he's not going anywhere i will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process you tried hard you've given it your all during your within moments of the hearings ending trump said he had picked the right man for the job describing his testimony as
1:52 pm
powerful honest and riveting even if the senate judiciary committee votes on brett kavanaugh his nomination on friday it won't immediately affect the supreme court it will start its new session on monday with eight justices and a vacancy and christine blows the forward will learn whether her revelation will have any impact on the confirmation process rosalynn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill . jeff house that is their executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research and he says kavanagh is testimony will be hugely damaging for the republican party. i think this was a disaster for the republican party i think that cavanagh's testimony was completely divisive whereas dr bodys ford's was i think everyone both men and women democrats and republicans all believe she came across as an honest person whereas
1:53 pm
kavanagh i think really only spoke to both not only just the republican audience but just a subset of republicans men and i think that republican women independents who are both men and women and democrats are all going to be pretty appalled by any sort of continuing republican support for judge kavanaugh nomination even if it narrowly passes or if it narrowly fails either way i think the republicans have the associated themselves with abusive behavior and disrespect towards women in a way that is going to be ultimately very damaging to their party but something tells is a form of federal prosecution and dallas texas had a very different reaction to the day's proceedings. even if she had reported what she claimed at the time no prosecutor would have prosecuted anybody for it there were no clothes removed she in fact i find it difficult to even describe it as a sexual assault if you take the names out of it and think of it as
1:54 pm
a fifteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy who'd had a beer or two and or at a party it really didn't amount to any more than a fumble the attempt to make out and that's what teenagers tend to go to parties to do i think americans are outraged over the way they saw the democrats behaved throughout this whole process and i think it will have an effect on the midterms i expect the conservative base to be energized by what they saw today i don't know anyone that wasn't appalled by the whole spectacle and yes the supreme court will be judged kavanaugh will serve brilliantly he is a brilliant man and obviously today a very caring man he has been tremendously hurt by this but at the same time his little girls are even praying for ms ford and you know everybody understands a thing that miss ford something did happen to her somewhere but it wasn't at the
1:55 pm
hands of brett kavanaugh and none of her story jobs with even with common sense. let's move on to other things than the palestinian president has used his speech at the u.n. general assembly to launch a strong attack on the u.s. and israel mahmoud abbas said the u.s. is no longer an independent mediator in the peace process and contrasts israeli promise to benjamin netanyahu barely addressed the issue and has been a diplomatic editor james pace have more. when the israeli prime minister spoke to the un it was one thing he hardly talked about the palestinians he instead focused on iran claiming israel had discovered a new nuclear storage facility in tehran he said when told to post about the strength of his relationship with the trumpet ministration so i want to use this opportunity to express israel's appreciation. to president trump an ambassador here really for the unwavering support they provided israel at the united nations the
1:56 pm
palestinian president gave his message the moment he took to the podium i'll put salacious little jerusalem is not for sale. but how the sharman and the palestinian people's rights are not up for bargaining he went on to express his frustration at the actions of the trumpet ministration a lot and we awaited his peace initiative without most patients but we were shocked by decisions and actions he undertook that completely contradict the role and commitment of the us towards the peace process. it is ironic that the american administration still talks about what they call the deal of the century. the palestinians believe that by his actions it's not just that president trump is not synonomous broker he's actively only israel's side and when you listen to the way it's a news conference before he left new york he described the man he's put in charge
1:57 pm
of peace efforts his own son in law jared kush no it's not hard to see why i think the two state will happen i think we're going to go down the two state road and i'm glad i got it out and jared who is so involved he loves israel he loves his you know but he's also going to be very fair with the palestinians you understand it takes two people to be happy to groups of people to be happy everybody is going to be happy and that's why it's so tough the fact he barely mentioned the palestinians i think shows the confidence of benjamin netanyahu and what's going to come out of the chair of the peace plan which we're being told we revealed in the next four months the palestinians meanwhile already i think believe they're going to have to reject what's in that plan james. at the united nations. the u.n. the agency for palestinian refugees has received contributions of one hundred eighty million dollars after the u.s.
1:58 pm
pulled its funding the agency was facing a financial crisis after president trump cut all support last month the u.s. had begun its largest contributor providing around three hundred fifty million dollars here still needs sixty eight million dollars this year as that helps more than five million palestinian refugees. so we are very much obliged to all our partners who contributed in organizing this event today sweden japan germany the e.u. and turkey today was an expression of a clear and coherent international stance that must continue. it's very important as a step it's also a symbol and hopefully a last push to be able to close the short form before the end of the year you know makes the difference between keeping the schools open or having to close them keeping the clinics open or having to close them and that makes a very big difference for people in the region for decades the u.s. was a key contributor very consistent generous the single largest donor to own right that
1:59 pm
actually enabled us to do a great number of things in terms of human development in the region well there's very palestinian conflict has long been the subject of un resolutions but that hasn't achieved a peace agreement my camera has more from the un no israel exposed your shoe off israel palestine has been debated for decades in the general assembly but for decades to agreement under this roof has been in deep disconnect with the reality the vote condemning the u.s. decision to move its embassy to jerusalem serving a case in point one hundred twenty eight nations voted in favor only nine countries including israel and the us voted against nevertheless this week at least two leaders still regard it as a victory. this is the first time that we meet after the american embassy is being moved. changes to it and you've got your arse. but the
2:00 pm
palestinian leader argues that the u.s. decision just ignores rather than changes history we have concluded agreements with the us administration and the us administration has broken all these agreements it takes two to tango so an agreement should be respected by all the parties among the other un resolutions ignored by the trumpet ministration those concerning the illegality of settlements borders as defined by the one nine hundred sixty seven lines of disengagement and in recent weeks even the questioning of the right to refuse g.'s to return the state the dismay of longtime u.s. allies i don't believe it's possible unilaterally to take a subject like that off the table and it must be part of the.


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