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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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hundreds of people confirmed dead after an earthquake and tsunami hit the indonesian island of. life my headquarters in doha with me also ahead. emotions run high on capitol hill as brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination moves forward. undermining world order big accusations thrown at the u.s. from russia's foreign minister as he delivers a scathing attack at the u.n. and another major breach more than fifteen million facebook users may be affected.
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the death toll from the tsunami and earthquake in central indonesia has risen drastically in the past hour that these three hundred eighty four people have been killed and hundreds of others are injured waves of up to three metres high swept through the way sea island after a magnitude seven point five earthquake struck off shore on friday and the death toll is expected to continue to rise with communication and power lines cut off and coastal areas worst hit by the tsunami residents are being urged to stay outdoors with more aftershocks expected. i've already instructed the coordinating minister for political and security affairs to coordinate all resources including the national disaster agency i've also called the chief of the forces to work to get.
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either in handling the emergency situation including the search and rescue operation evacuation and preparing basic needs let's get more on this now we're joined by tommy subject a journalist in jakarta very good to have you with us on al jazeera saw the death toll in the past hour has risen from fifty eight to nearly four hundred what are you hearing about these deaths and where they have taken place. but that three hundred eighty four and also the number of injures five hundred forty have been confirmed in. just over an hour ago and it needs to be told that this number coming specifically only from one area which is the provincial city of power lou we haven't heard any updates in terms of casualties from the. outlying areas particularly from the hardest hit coastal town dongola now.
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in the it fearing for more tolls and the national disaster agency spokesperson that say that. situation. is quote unquote far worse than the ones in other. areas which they have been minutes to to be in touch. officials are now on their way emergency officials have been on their way by road and also by through waters as well. we know that an emergency military plane carrying. medical supplies left to qatar this morning and also separately military ships depart from provincial city of macassar which is. which is further down in the south and not affected by the quake it left last night he has yet to reach. waters around the. hardest hit areas and after they reach palu how difficult is it going to be for them to get to dongola
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and other areas that have been affected and given the reports we have a lot of major roads being damaged. the local officers in the admitting they're already saying there is going to be a difficult task even reaching do even reach into apollo is already a difficult task because they need the money for their ways or with the close of of so many major roads now major provincial roads from palo connecting to nearby towns are already close we heard reports of residents we heard reports of massive traffic jams cost by residents who have been fleeing the provincial city of power who have been stuck points. due to due to the roads that's been completely it's now even going to dongola itself for even more. and even
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more monumental task because right now as we speak we're only hearing a little updates we're only hearing pictures coming up from we don't know what the extent of the damage is in the. first seeing the worst and there are fearing the worst in terms of the damages we don't know yet in terms of. just how lots kill the infrastructure is in is being damaged so yeah it's going to be a monumental task just delivering the just delivering the the aid to the main city of lowe's or the area which is in. or out mr subject to thank you very much for your time on this that is journalist tommy joining us live from jakarta. now triflin trauma has made landfall on japan southern island of okinawa on saturday strong winds and heavy rains forced the cancellation of nearly four hundred flights and caused massive power outages forecasters say it's now headed
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towards the mainland western japan is already recovering from typhoon gebbie which tore through the country earlier this month it was the strongest typhoon to hit japan's mainland in over twenty five years. to the us talent president donald trump has agreed to a limited f.b.i. investigation off his supreme court nominee the senate judiciary committee made the probable condition of its approval of brett kavanaugh and that's to lang about why the full senate as well as lynn jordan reports from capitol hill to me to know what you're thinking another day of political drama intrigue and emotion on capitol hill only because of brett kavanaugh is nomination to become the next u.s. supreme court justice chief value the truth on friday morning two women who call themselves sexual assault survivors confronted arizona republican jeff flake a swing vote on cabinet they called on flake not to allow a man accused of sexual violence to sit on the supreme court after that flake voted
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to send kavanagh's nomination to the full senate and he insisted the vote be delayed by a week so that the f.b.i. could investigate the several sexual assault charges against the nominee we ought to do what we can to make sure. that we do all due diligence with that in nomination this important. shockingly the republican party leadership agreed they had been stonewalling similar calls from democrats and survivor groups. what may have helped an apparent change of heart on friday from u.s. president donald trump who had also called such an investigation unnecessary i'm going to let the senate handle that they'll make their decisions and they've been doing a good job and very professional development comes at the end of a contentious hearing to recommend capitals nomination with demonstrators getting arrested and senators walking out in protest the big argument whether the republican controlled panel was taking seriously christine blazin ford's allegation
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that cavanaugh tried to rape her in one nine hundred eighty two democrat said the panel was ignoring blazin ford because it wasn't demanding an f.b.i. investigation. when it came to these allegations they wanted to cut off that process and you have to ask why you have to ask them but republicans said kavanagh's previous f.b.i. background checks never found any signs he sexually assaulted women and so there was no need for a new investigation all i can say about miss ford i feel sorry for her. and i do believe something happened to her and i don't know when and where but i don't believe it was brett kavanaugh congressional republicans and president donald trump say this new f.b.i. investigation can only focus on what they call credible allegations that's certain to set off a whole new world of arguments with russian all democrats what is certain is that
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public pressure to find out whether brett kavanaugh ever assaulted any woman has yielded results at least for now roslyn jordan al-jazeera capitol hill. russia's foreign minister says the u.s. is undermining world order and that relations between the two an all time low. was addressing the u.n. general assembly he defended multilateral organizations and warned against u.s. protectionist policy he also developed that moscow would do everything possible to save the iran nuclear deal. with the. onslaught of believe drink or a vision is against the modern system of international law attacks have been launched against the basic principles of the middle east peace process the joint comprehensive plan of action on the iranian nuclear program the commitments within the world trade organization framework the multilateral climate agreement and many more baseless accusations of interference into internal affairs of certain countries are being made at the same time as overt endeavors to undermine and and
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topple democratically elected governments. announce that russia is big on delivering a new missile defense system to sivia russia as one of syria's president bashar assad's main allies a diplomatic editor james bays was at the u.n. and he asked about the last rebel held stronghold and syria. can i ask you about a question about syria and about the important deal that you did russia did with turkey there is a question in that deal which is what happens to the fighters from the group they used to call themselves. so can you explain to us how they are going to leave and if they don't leave who's going to force them to leave and where they're going to go. compassions of being transported out of the demilitarized belt as well as heavy weapons yes indeed there is a question about what is going to happen next next turkey as you probably know if
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you read the memorandum signed in sochi has taken upon itself an obligation to separate the opposition which is prepared to take part in the political process from. this is not a simple task. seven palestinians including two children have been killed by israeli troops in gaza and the deadliest day there and moms thousands of people are rallying along gaza's barrier fence with israel and responds to calls by hamas the palestinian group for charles the territory israel says it was responding to people from grenades and explosive devices and wrong concept that's not take from ramallah and the occupied west bank. the israeli army have been criticized by both the international community and the palestinians are using heavy handed tactics against these protesters since these protests began on march thirtieth at least one hundred ninety two palestinians have been killed now the israelis are using a mixture of live fire drawings for both surveillance and to not take us and take
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gas canisters being shot from israeli army jeeps and cross the border protests on friday began in six different locations these are common occasions that have been used before where these there palestinian protesters have effectively pushed towards the border now have mass have also reacted as well what they've said through a spokesman. whom is that all clear message is that we will never retreat we will never get broken but we will carry on with all our might until we break this siege and end the suffering of our people these protests since march i've always had one message at the end of the siege of gaza must come so and this is a clear message to the israelis that the siege is illegal both on the international law and is contributing to this. of people within gaza itself now these protests don't show any sign of slowing down a stable in number however the longer this goes on the palestinians we are hoping that they'll get their message across to the international community will be forced
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to react however we are saying a number of palestinians every week every friday being killed by the israeli security forces needs race goes force is coming under as i say a lot of criticism for the heavy handed crowd dispersal techniques still ahead on the bulletin a new out of china convention machines in the democratic republic of congo are supposed to cut costs and help from june electoral fraud in the upcoming elections bought the opposition hasn't convinced and on foreign ministers meet for the first time and over a year have passed there's no end in sight to the region's crisis. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze you are. however still warnings in the mediterranean around greece and italy for the remains
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of the mint medicaid which is still there is a circulating rather deep and the still cold part of going to eastern europe is a change of season is upon us and september shifts is quite obvious kids are twelve and book after twenty two so that's where the line lies behind it though it's not going to get any colder audience in the back up to eighteen in london fifteen in berlin still in spain and portugal enjoys the late summer thirty still in madrid and that's probably want two big shots in the french riviera just on the spanish side of the water and here is the result of that medicaid as it is by this time in the igi and now still strong all the winds coming down the east coast of greece and huge amounts right ending up two hundred millimeters over the three day period this thing will survive and i think about. we get through sunday it will be on its last legs but still plenty of rain to come from it now it's drawing a lot of cloud out of libya's just a potential a few showers in the middle the desert effectively weren't too far east egypt is
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also drawing wants a piece of up to thirty eighteen carre the reverse stories were down to about twenty seven in tunis and twenty five knowledge is hardly code to be honest and still sunny. the with the sponsored by qatar. i'm his story. every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter and see the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening posts on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on these are our top stories an earthquake and tsunami in central indonesia have left nearly four hundred people dead and more than three hundred. three meters high swept through subtle ways the island after a magnitude seven point five earthquake struck off shore on friday the death toll is expected to rise of communication and power lines and many areas. dollar trump has ordered an f.b.i. investigation into the sexual assault allegations made against his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that means a vote by the full senate on his confirmation will be delayed for at least a week and seven palestinians including two children have been killed by israeli troops and in gaza thousands of people were rallying along gaza's barrier fence with. a mass of palestinian territory israel says it was responding to people.
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and explosive devices. facebook says up to fifty million accounts including that of c.e.o. mark zuckerberg have been affect. by a security breach the social media giant says unknown attackers were able to take control of users accounts through a vulnerability in a feature phone as view as it allows users to see what their profile looks like to others facebook says the security flaws have now been fixed while jenny gebhardt is the associate director of research at the electronic frontier foundation and she explains how it was possible for hackers to exploit certain facebook features. at this point technical details are slim but from what we can understand like you said it revolves around a view as feature which allows folks to see what their property is going to look like from another person's point of view great for making sure your privacy settings are where you want them to be it was the view as future interacting with a few other parts of facebook interacting with
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a video uploading feature interacting with single sign on facebook like and and what happened the way it were kind of counter-intuitively if someone used to view ads to look at their profile from the point of view of another person that other person would be become rollerball so you know we have als and alice is using the view as future to see what her grandpa looks like to bob and it's bob's account there's exposed and the thing the exact thing that was exposed is a thing called access to ok so an access token is kind of like a. control your logon information and keeps you've logged into facebook so an access token is the reason that you don't have to constantly log in every time you go to the app or visit the web site so in these exposed attackers get hypothetic we get into your account and you anything that you could do while you're locked in. the us is going to cause of consulate in the iraqi city of basra citing threats from iran secretary of state mike pompei has blamed iranian backed fighters for
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recent attacks on the consulate which is inside the city's airport compound he says he'll hold iran directly responsible for any harm to americans or its diplomatic facilities. now as foreign minister says a proposed u.s. middle east security alliance won't be credible because of unresolved regional tension last year egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. and behind enforced a blockade on copper cutting diplomatic economic and political ties but the country's foreign ministers did meet on the sidelines of the un general assembly. reports from new york. where gathering of gold fry vel's. this is the first time qatar's foreign minister has come face to face with his counterparts from saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt since the fall countries imposed a land sea and blockade on qatar in july last year. no
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handshakes no smiles and no news conference at the end of the meeting that lasted almost one hour. two days ago saudi foreign minister. accused qatar of financing extremism adding that his country will be ok even if the crisis goes on for another fifty years but that can wait also but we have to address the challenges in our region first before we talk we talk about just by going like this diplomacy in these communications meaning is engaging and this is why did you feel like you said i was doing was going to ask you a question thank you very much but the war of words between gulf rivals put the united states of america in a difficult position the trump administration is scrambling to put together a regional alliance of countries against iran which she sees as a growing threat in the middle east during the past few days the u.s.
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has ramped up its rhetoric describing to her as the world's leading sponsor of terrorism as far as america is going is a sions dishonest by iran and saudi officials blame iran for destabilizing the whole region and the whole. saudi arabia believes that in order to achieve peace and stability in the middle east what is needed is to deter iran in its subversive policies this is sectarianism and interference in the internal affairs of the region such aggressive conduct constitutes a glaring breach of all international laws and treaties with sergeant crown prince mohammed bin said and will meet on saturday with the i meet of kuwait who is trying to mediate in the gulf crisis but there's no indication of a breakthrough anytime soon. the u.s. wants to address major challenges in the middle east including wars in yemen syria
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instability in iraq and what it sees as he runs growing into ones in the region but its chances of building a united front remain slim as long as the g.c.c. quizes considers. new york. there are going concerns that flash is defeated by iranian forces during the seven campaign for now regroup and talk of them at home and has been awake since twenty five people were killed in the city of one gunman opened fire during an event to commemorate the iran iraq war the same reports from. a week after gunmen attacked a parade for veterans from the nineteen eighties iran iraq war one of iran's most powerful men told the country exactly who was to blame for the friday prayer podium the second in command of iran's revolutionary guard corps took aim at the united states israel and their gulf allies energy memoir out i'm telling the regime of the u.a.e.
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and saudi arabia who are the main perpetrators behind this direction in our country and wish to bring in security into our territories that you will not succeed in your attempts if you cross our red lines we will definitely cross your. fingers it was a speech designed to fire people up for the government approved public protest that followed the matter who the actual attackers on the ground may have been many iranians are all ready convinced of who is to blame for attacks in their country. the incident was funded by saudi arabia and planned by america with israeli support tree of them were involved because america it was done by america the great satan. it was america israel and saudi arabia in the days after the attack the intelligence ministry said a network of suspects was in custody all signs investigators said pointed to the separatists while one group claimed the attack another denied it. i saw also came
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the attack and released videos of the men they said carried out but iranian leaders have remained vague about the exact identity of the attackers one former revolutionary guard commander says a coordinated conspiracy involving all of iran's enemies is to blame because that at all through the based on experience in iraq and syria palestine lebanon and yemen we know that there is a war that is really officers americans and out of countries and this war room is guiding the attackers different opposition groups are present in this room there is concern in tehran that pointing the finger at any number of outside threats takes focus away from dealing with more immediate ones like violent separatist groups and drug traffickers operating along iran's eastern borders but for now it seems that with every protest the list of names iranians rail against gets a little longer i saw israel the u.k. saudi arabia and of course the old favorite america. form.
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a u.s. federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit against president trump can proceed congressional democrats accusing trump of violating the constitution by doing business with foreign governments while in office. many u.s. communities are still dealing with severe flooding two weeks after harken florence made landfall more than forty people died in the storm and its aftermath many in the state of north carolina and as andy gallagher reports from goals for us some a still waiting for help. hurricane florence has passed but the so-called storm of a lifetime is still being felt in the carolinas rivers continued to quest following record breaking rainfall in north carolina the cleanup is underway and the fears of long term consequences toxic coal ash pits are scattered across north and south
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carolina the byproduct of the coal industry contains arsenic lead and mercury activists say storms like florence make contamination unavoidable but they still got a beer with the six million tons of poisonous cola and that's probably jones's long campaign to tighten laws around the coal industry and says every storm makes things worse i'm a christian so i just think sit back and let people be treated like this. and not say or do anything about and call myself a christian important communities there are concerns about the rate of recovery many residents couldn't afford to leave when the storm came but now that aid is here some being ignored there's not a lot of truth someone to a minority in the neighborhood other one of the problem that i'm hearing is that they're not get into service that day me and hopefully the world to get out and there will change but if this is the problem it's estimated that the cost of
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hurricane florence could reach fifty billion dollars it's a storm that will long be remembered here and is still lingering hurricane florence may have long since departed but the threat from the storm remains in neighboring south carolina rivers are expected to crest leading to yet more flooding more evacuations and more suffering and here is the waters recede they're exposing potential environmental problems and a long slow recovery for the poor and gallacher al-jazeera goldsboro north carolina . opposition leaders in the democratic republic of congo are concerned about the credibility of the upcoming presidential election that warrant that electronic voting machines which are being years for the first time in the country will be manipulated to read the result catherine sawyer reports. are on their way to baghdad and in the west of democratic republic of congo for three strange is sharing this barge with many others on a two day journey home along the congo river. is the only way for them to travel
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cheaply in a country with crumbling infrastructure in december they go to the polls hoping that whoever the elect will improve their lives they will for the first time use electronic voting machines. i do not know anything about this machine. the only thing i have is my voters card opposition leaders and other civil society groups say the new system is not secure enough the technology was created by a south korean company which built similar machines while actions in argentina last year but the devices were then rejected because of security issues that made them vulnerable to hackers. russian what is no. one requires it in. we we speak. about.
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electoral commission officials deny suggestions the machines could be used for wreaking and say changing the system means delaying the election they have the support of members of the ruling coalition. every mission has been taken by the electoral commission to ensure that the process is secure opposition politicians are going is this afraid they will lose. about one hundred thousand machines will be distributed across this vast nation the second largest in africa to be used by forty six million registered voters most people live in rural areas of this port in the capital kinshasa travellers tell us that they are worried about the election in the new voting system but on many also say that they are more concerned about the basics food shelter security and better ways of getting home then this week. we are expecting
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a lot from this election this division in the country's most people are suffering. with less than three months to go before the polls changing the system seems highly unlikely but opposition leaders are standing their ground that are not for media and questionable technology will only dent the credibility of the vote catherine soy al jazeera. hello again i'm elizabeth how would the headlines on al-jazeera an earthquake and tsunami in central indonesia have left nearly four hundred people dead and at least five hundred and forty others injured waves up to three meters high swept through the way sea island after a magnitude seven point five earthquake struck off shore on friday and the death toll is expected to rise with communication and power lines cut off in many areas
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thomas a chip who is a journalist in jakarta he says there's been no new information yet from the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. the death toll is only coming in from only which is a worrying development because also. that are the areas have not we've not been able to get clear information from the areas now the hardest hit area and the most worrying part of course is the coastal part in a town named. so far we haven't heard any news in terms of casualties or damages coming up from. nearly four hundred flights have been canceled after typhoon trami made landfall on japan southern island of okinawa on saturday forecasters say the storm is now headed towards the mainland western japan is still recovering from typhoon gebbie which tore through the country earlier this month it was the strongest typhoon to hit japan's mainland in over twenty five years donald
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trump has ordered an f.b.i. investigation into the sexual assault allegations made against his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh that means a vote by the full senate on his confirmation will be delayed for at least a week seven palestinians including two children have been killed by israeli troops in gaza thousands of people were rallying along gaza's barrier fence with israel and response to calls by hamas the palestinian group which rules the territory and russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of undermining world order and says relations between the two are at an all time low all those are the headlines on al-jazeera the listening post is coming up next thank you for watching. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities what is there to fear is not in me it is
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in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to how disease. for centuries it may went. to get stuff i'm. sure your class to tell. a british paper just about. the plan. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week brings out the worst in the british papers brussels does not approve but the satirists strike it rich. and mahathir journalists in malaysia wonder what's in it for them and the country's media space and more than two years after their publication the panama papers are still making news britain is more than two years into the painful process of negotiating its way out.


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