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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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jews you know. you have a human. search and rescue efforts in full swing in indonesia mouse joining us quake and tsunami killed more than four hundred people. on the madison this is all you see a live from doha also coming up tens of thousands march in brazil against a presidential candidate who says he won't accept the results if you lose its round at the u.n. general assembly refutes saudi and u.a.e. allegations that it supports terrorism. in unmasked steps down as chairman of tesla as part of a settlement with u.s.
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financial regulators. rescue efforts are ramping up in indonesia almost two days after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the island of soloway see more than four hundred people have been killed in the city of pallu alone vice president use of cholera said the toll could rise to thousands houses hospitals and bridges have collapsed with dozens of people thought to be trapped in the rubble of a hotel and a nearby mall in palo jungle fund heads the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies in indonesia he says their field teams have been unable to reach several remote regions. they haven't reached all the affected areas and unfortunately i would think that the number may go up there are still a number of major buildings that are. reviewed. and nobody has been able to get into some of the areas that are more remote so there's towns there's houses there
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all areas there's all along the coast and inland and i would unfortunately suspect that that number may go up they need a lot of things i mean people for to begin with don't have shelter so we have sent trucks of goods so to the major areas that we have there we're giving people are like hygiene kits he can't tarpaulins mosquito nets because of the work stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for or for malaria for dang eight centerfield kitchens tarpaulins chance we have fifteen water tanks we have eighty nine. all in tears and in addition to that health teams a surgical team water and sanitation we have a latrine team there those are solely to build the dreams so that we can try to reduce the health potential health issues that people might have so right now people need a lot we need a lot join us so he sort of zip code joins us now from jakarta thanks very much for being with us i understand the president took over dodos visiting the area or
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intends to what's he been saying about the situation. indeed presidential coalesce for palu from his home town follow about an hour ago he made a statement just before he boarded the plane saying that he will personally inspect situation on the ground now in terms of information on casualties and extent of damage a lot of that information is not coming from the president but it's coming from the national disaster agency now this morning there are the latest updates that receive is first to efforts to find people trapped and the debris has been ramped up because. because some electrical generators have arrived in provincial city of palo now this morning we are also seeing some desperate scenes from the ground of a group of people trying to do to crumble
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a department store now bear in mind that what we saw this morning with was a group of possibly. opportunistic group possibly opportunistic people because what they looted was not what they looted with clothes. or. other accessories i fashion items from from the department store now we did we did see reports of people looting fuel the therefore because there has been a scarcity of fuel now this morning the national disaster agency in this said that they are trying they are actually putting. as a priority in terms of restoring the supply of fuel because the supply of fuel it is very crucial in order to smoothen the logical and also the rescue efforts because as we know the electricity out out that is still happening there is very widespread so officials are relying on fuel from the electrical generators to
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keep their operations going. we were just watching some of the extraordinary pictures from the island as they are as you as you were talking given the fact that this is a region which has experienced this kind of thing before is there a sense that the government is being good to be able to deal with this or is this on a scale that it's not used to. the government has actually seen as a must a larger scale of disaster we saw the two thousand remember the two thousand and four tsunami in that that was that was in fact the province of. which killed more than a hundred thousand people and just over a month ago the earthquake in lombok that's still over five hundred people so far so the. government has been trying to say is they're trying to come they're trying to make they're trying to to give extra assurance to the people that we have this we can handle this very mind the. the power noose incidents the the last recent
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earthquake happened just over a month. from from the from the major quake and number of day is a sense among the communities that there that the capacity of the government might be stretched to the limit because it's situation in we are still are still reeling from the situation in lombok. we still hear reports of aftershocks a number for instance and now we are hit by these major quakes in palo also there's concerns about lack of information coming out from the hardest hit areas such as dongola it's been more than thirty six hours since the first since the quake first struck and yet we still haven't received any updates in terms of casualties or even even the accident of damages from the coastal town of nonviolence and that's actually quite a worrying sign so we're hoping that by the visit of president today at least that
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would expedite some of the search and rescue and not just delivery process. thank you very much. when this from the powerful typhoon trami a battering japan's southern islands as it churns northwards towards the mainland dozens of people have been injured by strong gusts of wind and nearly three hundred thousand homes are without power flights have been suspended and people are being warned to stay inside western japan is still recovering from last month's typhoon gebbie which was its most powerful storm in twenty five years. brazil's far right presidential candidate has been released from hospital in sao paulo three weeks after being stabbed at a political rally the job also noddle flew back home on real addition to rio de janeiro on a commercial flight where he was both cheered and cheered by fellow passengers and while he stepped away in next month's elections thousands of people have been protesting across brazil against him latin america editor alysia newman has more.
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out of brazil's largest city and what you see here just a week of what brazilians go to the polls is an election campaign it's against him and that these people believe would turn back to the dark ages if he were elected law. in every major city in town in brazil and even abroad opponents of ultra conservatives. are taking to the streets. campaign symbol is hash tag not him and this is why. he spews hatred he's against minorities against blacks gays women in a world where that's not acceptable we can't allow him to turn the clock back. as the protests were taking place not a was released from a south hospital and flew back to his home in rio de janeiro twenty three days
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after he was stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally. also noddle is leading in the polls tapping into widespread anger over corruption crime a deep recession and what many view as a loss of. emily values former army captain says he'd rather his son die if he turned out to be gay. but it is women including celebrities like madonna who are his most vocal critics. he's homophobic xenophobia racist and especially sexist he has no problem standing up in congress and telling a woman opponent she doesn't deserve to be raped. others are more concerned about his overtly pro military stance and his praise for brazil's former military dictatorship also not a has vowed to fight crime and violence with more violence which marred five most people here but it's one in plenty of support elsewhere. also not all is at least eight percentage points ahead of his nearest rival in the polls but he also has
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a forty six percent disapproval rating the highest of any candidate one woman's web page called everyone against bush or not obama was three million followers and less than two weeks before it was forced to go by but when it was hacked the battle for public opinion in this the rise next a campaign in recent brazilian memory could not be stronger. syria's foreign minister has called on the us france and turkey to withdraw troops from his country is called the occupation forces jury or speech at the u.n. on saturday what he says is syria's government is close to winning the country's seven year civil war and his words defeating terrorism he says the city is now ready for refugees who fled the fighting to return to their homes. usa there are two ladies and gentleman today the situation on the ground is more stable and secure thanks to progress made in combating terrorism the government continues to
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rehabilitate the areas destroyed by terrorists to restore normalcy all conditions are now present for the voluntary return of syrian refugees to the country the country they had to leave because of terrorism and the unilateral economic measures that targeted their daily lives and their livelihoods chris doyle is the director of the council for arab british understanding and he says the syrian government's stance is nothing new. it was a really very well rehearsed playbook of all the syrian regime narratives that actually echoed exactly what he said last year you could have almost displayed that speech to the u.n. general assembly to be honest it was about you know the regime is winning it's about sovereignty that musk trailer and borders that all from forces must leave except for etc now i think if you're a syrian. living in hope that somehow there's going to be some sort of political solution that can be some sort of exit from the crisis that they're in you're not going to find out any sort of plan coming out of this speech it was
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a blame everybody else but for what has happened blaming the foreign forces i lost count the number of times that you mention the word terrorism you know the regime somehow is the innocent victim of everything that has happened you know to syria that it's other people have used chemical weapons it's others who have adopted terrorism for sure there are you know other parties within syria who have committed crimes who are not less but to deny the primary responsibility of the syrian regime for what's happening in syria of the last seven years there's been a heated exchange between representatives from the united arab emirates buck lane and qatar at the u.n. general assembly the emirates accuse qatar of sponsoring terrorism qatar's representative ahmed al coati has blamed the u.a.e. for spearheading instability in the region. has more from new york. there have been heated exchanges between qatar and its neighbors saudi arabia the united arab
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emirates and behind accused qatar of sponsoring extremism and destabilizing the region accusations strongly dismissed by qatar which said that the emirates is and the saudis are the last one to prescribe about peace and stability referring to the past track record of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates when it comes to war in yemen and its ability in libya and also united states congress inquiry into nine eleven which basically blame saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for lax finest regulations and also for for wide and safe havens for extremist let's listen to what the qatari diplomat had to say about the allegations made by the united arab emirates saudi arabia and bahrain and then with you don't step on our and then at night you do what is cause for suspicion is that we find the states target allegations of us and they don't practice what they preach we do not
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practice respect for state sovereignty and interfere in affairs of other states in fact they terrorize civilians and violate human rights and interfere in domestic affairs of other states in a manner that undermined international and regional peace and security and this has become evident in the repeated attempts by these states to destabilize security and stability in qatar they have plotted and finance an unsuccessful coup attempt in qatar the u.a.e. is representative has accused qatar of fabricating information. god that it is deplorable that kata as usual has adopted political maneuvers an order to exacerbate the crisis instead of respecting its international obligations and settling the crisis has added an international dimension by discussing legal matters that were taken by the united arab emirates and cooperation with bahrain saudi arabia and egypt qatar is trying to disseminate false in roni as information about the measures taken by our countries these measures were
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a response to the destabilizing attitudes of the decades so had an al-jazeera turkey's president opens one of europe's biggest mosques in germany despite protests against his visit. north korea's foreign minister accuses the us of deepening mistrust between the countries. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello again it's good to have you back well this hour we're going to start here in the eastern med and the reason being is there is a system that's bringing a lot of rain across parts of greece that is going to start to make its way towards turkey and bring some heavy rain to parts of istanbul as well as uncorrupt you can see that circulation out there so as we go from sunday to monday notice that system is making its way slowly to the north so that could bring some potential flooding
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across much of the area also a lot of clouds here across much of the middle east here across parts of syria down through jordan even over here towards egypt that could potentially have a few showers in it as well temperature wise quite city well we're looking at you at about thirty eight degrees here on monday and then across much of the gulf thinks not looking too bad for most of us here we are seeing doha about thirty degrees abu dhabi at thirty seven here on sunday but a little bit cooler as we go towards monday most got is going to be quite nice as well with the temperature for you of thirty three and that is a make a way down here towards the southern parts of africa we are seeing very dry conditions across much of the area that's a nice change for many of us and the rain appears towards harare but for cape town a dry day feud winds are coming out of the north the twenty four and as we go towards monday well more clouds in your forecast with a temperature of about nineteen the winds are sponsored by qatar airways.
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what makes this moment you will never see you. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is. widely known that it's a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or any of the like some. there's no way to hide it let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution now banned from retellings on al-jazeera. watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories rescue efforts are ramping up in indonesia almost two days after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the island of soloway see more than
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four hundred people have died in the city of pollock alone dozens of thought to be trapped in the rubble of a hotel and a nearby mall. brazil's far right presidential candidates i have also know it all has returned to rio de janeiro after being released from hospital that have been nationwide protests against his candidacy also now is known for his comments about gays women and black people. that are being strong words exchanged between representatives from the united arab emirates back lane and qatar at the u.n. general assembly in response to a u.a.e. speech which accused of sponsoring terrorism a representative for tata said the u.a.e. is spearheading instability in the region. the u.s. securities and exchange commission has announced on saturday that in all musk funder and c.e.o. of tesla motors has agreed to pay a hefty fine and stepped down as the company's chairman all because the tweet al-jazeera has hired it will cost as more. forty million dollars is the dear price
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for these two hundred eighty characters mosques aug seventh tweet may go down in history as the world's most expensive it announced he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share funding secured turns out according to federal investigators that was a lie within minutes of the first tweet tesla's own head of investor relations questioned whether the communication was even legitimate. investors and journalists contacted tesla and asked whether the tweet was a joke and it was a joke according to the government's lawsuit meant to amuse musk's girlfriend the four hundred twenty dollars price and apparent reference to marijuana culture musk was seen smoking marijuana on a live you tube stream earlier this month i mean it's legal right so legal ok. i'm going to text messages for for a manager and saying what the hell are you doing smoking weed the display didn't
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break california law but did send tesla stocks tumbling now for the august tweet mask and tesla will each pay twenty million dollars to investors who suffered harm musk will also step down as chairman of the board for at least the next three years neither celebrity status nor reputation as a technological innovator provide an exemption from the federal securities laws one must denies he ever intended to swindle investors will remain tesla c.e.o. but under the oversight of new independent directors the f.c.c. is requiring tesla add to the board the settlement is still subject to court approval but is a dramatic marker in musk's recent decline once admired as a maverick and brilliant thinker must also founded pay pal and space x. now the american billionaire is mental stability is in question and so to the future of his company's. castro al-jazeera washington bus it only ends will head
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to the polls in an hour for a referendum which includes a vote on the country's name they'll decide whether to accept an agreement with greece to change the balkan nation's name to the republic of north nasr donia that's because greece insists that it's only proper only its province of macedonia can claim that name only as prime minister has agreed to the change in june after decades of negotiations. president's very proud of and has ended a three day state visit to germany by opening europe's largest mosque in the cathedral city of cologne that was a visit intended to mend ties but it's also exposed deep disagreements between the two countries john holl sends this report. it's said to be the biggest mosque in europe shaped like a flower to signify openness cart funded by turkey. but openness is not what turkey represents to many germans and the visit by president wretch
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a time early one to inaugurate the mosque in cologne at the end of his state visit was not welcomed by all in this liberal town on the banks of the rhine germans joined kurds in protest. he was going to love it. when i heard earlier one will receive a state reception i it was appalled a slaughter of kurds a warrior who invaded syria with the help of german weapons were imprisoned hundreds of thousands without court orders that someone like that is being invited with a state reception made me get up and come here. the third or when supporters were delighted to have him there. were. all my ala i emphasize that we should focus on our common interests with germany aside from recent diverters as opinion. this has been no ordinary state visit undertaken grudgingly it seems by both sides the invitation made to president to one by
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a german government realising perhaps that relations between these two countries with significant common interests had deteriorated simply too far since the failed coup in turkey two years ago but while they reinforced economic ties and agreed on a new initiative to end fighting in parts of syria there were no promises given to release german citizens in jail in turkey nor undertakings me. aide to extradite those earlier one considers his enemies living in germany they will work together they will tolerate one another but this was not as it was sometimes billed beforehand the coming together of old friends joe now al jazeera cologne egypt has sentenced a female activists to two years in jail for a video she posted on social media earlier this year i will fight a complaint online by the egyptian government's failure to protect women against
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sexual harassment thought it was a member of the banned april sixth group which demonstrated during the twenty eleven protests she was convicted of spreading false news that threatened national security a lawyer says she will appeal the ruling. thousands of people have attended funerals in gaza for the palestinians killed by israeli forces on friday seven people including two young boys died while protesting along gaza's body of friends with israel and iran contra points from ramallah. goals and mourns its dead again seven palestinians two of them children were killed by israeli fire on friday was the funerals took place across the gaza strip. and our kids who don't even after pocket money or close to wear to school or even school bags go out there and come back covered in blood. more than five hundred people were also injured many requiring hospital treatment gaza's hospitals already under pressure they're
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running out of equipment and medicines and the struggling to cope with the number of wounded arriving every friday night when. i went to the border in the afternoon to take part in the demonstration i saw the israeli snipers shoot someone in the neck he was close to the border and i went to rescue him but when i got there i couldn't help so i ran back as i ran back i was shot in the leg i love the israeli army has killed at least one hundred ninety palestinians since the protests began on march thirtieth to demand the right of return for palestinians and an end to the israeli egypt's siege of the strip was the israeli army has been criticized by human rights groups and some foreign governments the using heavy handed tactics to disperse the crowds as well as live fire the israeli army used tear gas on the drawings and to gas fired from vehicles. israel says the palestinians are flying what it calls tara kites over the gaza fence that are causing far as and damage to property. however in
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a statement on friday about the latest protest israel confirmed no soldiers were injured and local party damaged friday was the deadliest day the protests have seen in recent weeks and despite that they show no signs of slowing down diplomatic efforts are a standstill so there's no reason to doubt they'll come to an end anytime soon. north korea's foreign minister says continued to u.s. sanctions are deepening its mistrust of america re young whole address the united nations general assembly on saturday and he said pyongyang has taken a significant goodwill measures without a corresponding response from the trumpet administration shihab rattansi has more from the united nations. the north korean foreign minister picked up on a theme that we also heard from the chinese and russian foreign ministers of the un general assembly that the north koreans had shown their goodwill their commitment to denuclearization by dismantling that test site by ending the testing of nuclear
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weapons and missiles it's time for the u.s. to take reciprocal action either easing sanctions or declaring an end to the korean war the north korean foreign minister pointing out that north korea has more reason to mistrust the u.s. than the other way around the u.s. after all is the only country in the world to actually use nuclear weapons against another country and has consistently threatened to annihilate north korea using nuclear weapons it was time for the u.s. now to act to. the i did the changsha is can bring us on our knees is a pipe dream of people who are ignorant about us but the problem is that the continued sanctions are deepening our mistrust the reason behind the recent deadlock is because the us relies on chorus of measures which are lethal to trust building without any trust in the us will be no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances there is no way we'll unilaterally cells first but the u.s. position here at the u.n. general assembly was consistent mike pompei own nikki haley both saying that maximum pressure still needs to be applied on north korea before new craze ation
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and only then would north korea see the rewards however donald trump was very upbeat here in new york saying a great deal of progress has been going on behind the scenes that will be revealed shortly that he's not worried about timeframes so it will be interesting to see whether this latest appeal makes donald trump who after all is the most invested in this process in the white house think again about whether it's time for the u.s. to take reciprocal action mark fitzpatrick is the director of the nonproliferation program at the international institute for strategic studies and he says it would be easy for the u.s. to show they're acting in good faith. you north koreans had been insisting that the united states make a declaration of the of an end to the korean war this is not something that is really too hard for the united states to do they could do it while maintaining sanctions i think they should do it in exchange for a north korean real gesture there what north korea has done to date has been
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without verification there is no legal connection between ending the war and the presence of u.s. forces there under a bilateral treaty with so korea and kim jong un himself said that ending that war would not mean the troops have to leave it's just that there is a certain about political connection that the united states is worried about the north koreans think that they can overcome u.s. resistance by going into the soft spot that they see in donald trump and he so unpredictable and so inclined to withdraw u.s. forces that they may have reason to think that they can make progress ideally with him first journalists in rwanda raising concerns over a new law criminalizing anything that humiliates a government official those who break the law either with words of pictures like cartoons and now face up to two years in prison and a fine but it remains unclear exactly how the law will be policed human rights groups have repeatedly criticized rwanda for clamping down on press freedom.
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nigerian president mohammad a hottie will stand for reelection in february next year the ruling party all progressives congress approved his nomination on saturday the main opposition party has not yet selected a candidate among the hardest challenges of dealing with a group before hot on the economy and his own health problems. this is al jazeera these are the top stories and rescue efforts are ramping up in indonesia almost two days after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the island of soloway see more than four hundred people have died in the city of polish alone dozens are thought to be trapped in the rubble of a hotel and nearby mall when this from the powerful typhoon trami are battering japan's southern islands as it churns northwards towards the mainland flights are suspended and people are being warned to stay inside western japan is still
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recovering from last month's typhoon gebbie which was its most powerful storm in twenty five years. brazil's far right presidential candidate desirable so not all has returned to rio de janeiro after being released from hospital there have been large nationwide protests against his candidacy also nanos known for his comments about gays women and black people many say his views are offensive. syria's foreign minister has called on the u.s. france and turkey to withdraw troops from his country is called them occupation forces during a speech at the u.n. on saturday walid moallem says syria's government is close to winning the country's seven year civil war and his words defeating terrorism he says syria is now ready for refugees who fled the fighting to return to their homes there's been a heated exchange between representatives from the united arab emirates buckling and qatar at the u.n. general assembly in response to a u.a.e. speech accusing caught out of sponsoring terrorism a representative said the u.a.e.
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is spearheading instability in the region. tesla c.e.o. elon musk and the u.s. securities and exchange commission have reached a settlement over fraud charges under the deal musk will remain c.e.o. all but will pay a twenty million dollars fine and stepped down as chairman of the company asks accused of misleading investors afterwards tweeting that he secured funding to take the electric car maker private last month macedonians will head to the polls in about an hour for a referendum on the country's name voters will decide whether to accept an agreement with greece to change the bottom nation's name to the republic of north macedonia because greece insists that only its province of macedonia can claim the name those are the headlines coming up next an al-jazeera it's up front by for now every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking news stories they're listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were called on the stories that matter the most
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listening pounced on al-jazeera hundreds killed thousands fleeing the country so it's nicorette us president daniel ortega facing a legitimate revolution or a violent. i made the house and with allegations of advantages and surrounding the u.k.'s labor party and its leader jeremy corbyn will debate whether the british left has a problem with anti jewish hatred and how much these accusations have to do with criticism of israel but first since april of this year nick regulars faced a political crisis with both supporters and opponents of president daniel ortega clashing in the streets hundreds have been killed and thousands wounded many of them at the hands of pro-government militias according to human rights groups as well.


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