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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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as a disaster the us president has blamed the twenty four year old deal for the loss of american manufacturing jobs it was agreed to canada's prime minister justin trudeau held a late night cabinet meeting that will lack reports from toronto canada a good day for his country says canadian prime minister justin trudeau in the absence of detailed analysis his officials insist canada didn't have to give up as much as it feared to an overtly protectionist us president it took more than a year of often acrimonious talks to get here canada u.s. relations once closer than almost any other bilateral ties in the world sunk to new lows mexico made its own deal with the u.s. in august and it took canadian and u.s. negotiators another month to reach agreement just two hours before a deadline that could have excluded canada a key sticking point was canada's protected dairy industry under the new deal canadian farmers will face competition from u.s.
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milk imports they're a powerful lobby group and can be expected to push back canada's automakers will be relieved that the deal means they're not facing the tariffs on car exports that president trump threatened as recently as last week cross border u.s. duties on steel and aluminum also looks set to be lifted which will relieve canadian indeed mexican industries this is a pact covering more than a trillion dollars in trade every year more than half of it between the u.s. and canada it still needs to be ratified by legislators in all three countries and there could still be some resistance the ratification is likely by early two thousand and nineteen daniel ak al jazeera toronto. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salamanders left kwaito after talks with amir shakes afterward the leaders discuss the ongoing gulf crisis has been mediating since saudi arabia the u.a.e. rein in egypt imposed
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a blockade on qatar last year carter denies the accusation it supports terrorism jamal a share has more from kuwait city. this is the first time that a man visits equates since his country together the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain imposed a land air and sea blockade on his have been leading the efforts to mediate this crisis try and find a solution to what many view as an existential crisis for the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council the saudis have been reciprocated positively as far as many observers will point out the fact that this is b.s. as he's widely known his first visit to kuwait since this crisis is an indication of that however some will be hopeful that maybe through these brief discussions that take place between the carbons a man and the emir of kuwait ships obama's obama maybe something positive will come out aside from this crisis the court has also tried to play
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a mediating role when it comes to the war in yemen they did try and host talks with the northeast a couple of years of all those failed but the emir of kuwait is widely respected as a mediator in the region he's known as the wise man of the gulf maybe he will try and use his influence and his respect to try and yield some sort of a resolution when it comes to a breakthrough rather when it comes to the war in yemen and obviously there is aside from the diplomatic crisis that. both these countries share an interest in there is economic ties between the two it is important to note however that saudi does or does view itself as the stronger bigger partner in this relationship they don't lose an opportunity to remind equations that it was them who intervened during the night in ninety gulf war when saddam had invaded kuwait that the saudis had helped the qualities of that time and therefore maybe some observers would say or some saudi critics would say that riyadh doesn't maybe respect kuwait attempts
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or overtures to try and find a resolution in these different prices as much as they should nonetheless this is being hailed here domestically in kuwait as an important visit we'll wait and see if anything significant or tangible comes out of it. still ahead on al-jazeera not enough to check a celebration in macedonia as a referendum on the country's name flails because of low turnout. and u.s. senators accuse the white house of micromanaging an investigation into the president's supreme court pick. hello again welcome back to your national weather forecasts we're here across europe watching that same system we've been watching here across the mediterranean now in the aegean sea bring some very heavy rains across parts of greece as well as
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into turkey now the low is actually weakening over the next few days which is a good thing but we're still going to be dealing with quite a bit of rain across that region and that means flooding could continue and we will be watching that as we go towards tuesday of watch the system makes its way up here towards the northern part of turkey so ankara you'll also be seeing some rain as well then here across the central part of the med we're watching an area of new circulation right here and that is expected to linger for the east from the mid week to the end of the weekend bring some very heavy rain showers here across parts of northern africa well as we make our way towards northern africa take a look at the forecast map here we do have some clouds here across parts of algeria that will continue over the next few days and there is that rain that is beginning here across the coastal areas so we do expect to see flooding for coastal algeria maybe over here towards tunisia which we have seen just over the last ten days across that area then we are going to be seeing clouds anywhere from gazi all the way down across other portions of algeria but over towards parts of iraq things are
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looking quite clear with attempt to there of twenty nine.
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time to recap our headlines now the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has risen to eight hundred forty four that figure is expected to grow into the thousands mass graves are being dug in indonesia's president says he's ready to welcome international help. iran's military says it hit positions in syria linked to the group behind last week's attack on a military parade in the city of bass several. region of eastern syria iran says the targets are linked to an ethnic separatist group funded by two gulf countries. canada the us and mexico have reached a new trade deal to replace the north america free trade agreement or nafta donald trump dismissed as a disaster deal was agreed after canada's prime minister justin trudeau held a late night cabinet meeting ahead of the u.s.
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imposed monday deadline. a bid by the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to change its name has failed sunday's referendum and strong support for the turnout didn't reach the fifty percent threshold needed to make it valid just over a third of voters cast ballots with ninety percent of them supporting the new name the republic of north macedonia the government wanted the name changed to help end a decades old dispute with greece. my blood jeff scott has the latest from the capital skopje. the outcome is showing that macedonia is very deeply divided society and that the disk question about the naming should about about the name of the republic of macedonia is very emotional question especially about the ethnic must've gone on in the country even the prime minister is out on the side of said that these day was successful and that he was satisfied
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with the outcome and they did boycott was organized by the main political party from the opposition in the country though position actually said that the people defeated agreement with the greece so asked him to complain now the situation is very similar the people are here strongly divided seemed. for and against agreement with greece chill the end of this year macedonia shrewed full feel its own obligation on its own part of the agreement three degrees but what is happening now can postponed plans for implementation of these agreements. prime minister as i have said that he expected that the opposition we will support the constitutional change in the country if not there will be early
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eric election in the country that means that you dare is the election the terms for implementation of this agreement will be postponed that macedonia will not finish inspired of the job till till end of this year so reese cannot ratify these documents next in the beginning of next year. for some greeks are also opposed to the proposed change. hundreds marched through the capital of the greek province of macedonia they say use of the name macedonia by the neighboring country implies a territorial claim to greek land. votes are still being counted after parliamentary elections in the kurdish region of northern iraq it's the first time kurds have gone to the polls last year's failed bid for the session that referendum was rejected by the central government in baghdad plunging the region
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into economic turmoil and leaving its leaders deeply divided earlier a member of one of the main groups that p u k said his party will reject the results of the vote charles stratford has more from it will be of. but we understand that this statement was made by a p.t. you k. spokes person was the saudi pira who said that the p u k was going to reject these election results subsequent to that statement being made the leader of the p u k list qubad talabani has rejected this claim and said that it is far too early to come out with statements like that. rejecting results as they are still being counted meanwhile the k d p the k.t. p.d.t. ship in the towns of sunni and shia which a p u k strongholds of come out and make claims about election violations there also i mean i think these incidents obviously just show just how full these palm tree elections are indeed how the a
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for the build up to them has been we have seen these increasing divisions between the two main political players in this region the k d p and the p u k there's always been a if you like an on an easy. leadership agreement if you like in this region and that is full of partisan subsequent to that referendum the failed referendum that we saw last year and also the fact that the k.t. they blamed the p u k as being complicit with the baghdad government the baghdad army when the peshmerga the kurdish full seasons were forced to withdraw from kirkuk last year. the white house has denied reports it's trying to restrict the f.b.i. investigation into the president's supreme court nominee the agency is looking into to allegations of sexual misconduct against brett kavanaugh i choose ations from
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a third woman are not being considered as part of the investigation though white house correspondent kimberly how could explains. on sunday one day before the opening term of the u.s. supreme court justices and government officials like attorney general jeff sessions were spotted heading into a mass designed to invoke god's blessing on those responsible for the administration of justice in the united states. but outside the cathedral protesters gathered showing the divisions that exist around the white house nomination to fill the vacancy on the bench of america's highest court u.s. president donald trump has ordered the f.b.i. investigate the charges against his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh following a ruckus hearing this past week the failed to advance his nomination to the probe will look at just current credible allegations bret's assault on meter actress sickly altered my life that means the f.b.i.
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will investigate dr christine blazin ford's claim kavanaugh sexually assaulted her well the two were teenagers and investigators will speak to witnesses at a yell university party in the one nine hundred eighty s. where cavanagh allegedly exposed himself in front of deborah ramirez but the f.b.i. probe won't include the allegations of a third woman julie sweat nick who says she was gang raped at a party cavanagh attended i think the allegation that she makes is outrageous not one democrat mentioned it but martin judge his neighbor miswired neck as being part of a gang rape and the dragon women will be asked did he ever see this happen or did see cavanagh or gage and last week cavanagh denied the alley. at a senate judiciary committee hearing but i've never done this but given the serious allegations and cavanagh's combative defense that he's the victim of a political smear campaign democrats are questioning kavanagh's temperament for the
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role of supreme court justice it was clearly a college aren't aggressive angry and he revealed himself as a partisan i would think that if i were a democrat going before him i'd ask him to recuse himself president donald trump says he has no backup plan when it comes to the confirmation of judge cavanagh the f.b.i. is currently investigating its report is expected sometime after friday it will be delivered to the white house and then will go on to the senate or senators will then vote whether to confirm the controversy or judge can really help at al-jazeera the white house now a land mine rather has killed three children in eastern ukraine they triggered the device while playing in an abandoned house in the city of live the region has seen heavy fighting between ukrainian forces and russian backed separatist rebels since two thousand and fourteen local politicians say the area is littered with
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explosives from the conflict hundreds of swimmers have been taking part in a race between the senegalese camp for that car and gory island but it's no ordinary competition is involved swimming to a former slave force where africans were once solved and shipped off to slavery in the americas nicholas hock has the story. minutes away from the start one final stretch. allows a bit of advice. and a few words of wisdom. you need training devotion and peace of mind is not easy but it's possible if you give your heart to it first the professional swimmers with. then three hundred amateurs young and old jump into the atlantic ocean for the annual five kilometer open water race to the historic island of gori. as the hours go by the gaps between swimmers widens faced with strong currents pain sets in.
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the swimmers battle cramps and exhaustion. he says my lungs are hurting. for many it's just about trying to complete it and get to goree island so come on a long time and then. it's like a marathon on water the goal is to get to glory which for us is a symbol of our history it's an important event. this stretch of atlantic ocean that separates deckard to korea is a historical importance the island was a major hub for the slave trade where african men women and children were captured boarded on ships to america some in chains tried to escape they were trying to swim to the mainland in what was then shark infested waters. this isn't just a swim race it's a tribute to those who remain defiant refusing their fate as slaves instead of swimming for freedom and so this is also
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a celebration of freedom resistance and the human spirit some ability to overcome adversity. here comes the winner. enjoy are a soldier for senegal the navy. really so not only my own it's a victory not just to may but for all people here in senegal and throughout the world. then slowly one by one others come out of the water each pushing beyond their limits to make it to the other side breathless but happy and proud nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. and let's take a look at some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has risen to eight hundred forty four but
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that figure is expected to go into the thousands mass graves are being dug in indonesia's president says he's ready to welcome international help most of the confirmed dead in the city of polo only eleven from the region of dongola but it's still largely cut off iran's military says it's hit positions in syria linked to a group of its suspects was behind last week's attack on a military parade in the city of avaaz several missiles struck the become our region of eastern syria last week twenty five people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a military parade. canada the u.s. and mexico of reached a new trade deal to replace the north america free trade agreement or nafta that donald trump had dismissed as a disaster the deal was agreed to after canada's prime minister held a late night cabinet meeting head of u.s. imposed monday deadline high video castro has more from washington d.c. this deal that would replace now is called the u.s.
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embassy a short for us mexico canada agreement and it is being trumpeted by senior u.s. administration officials as a win for all three countries major provisions here including benefiting u.s. dairy farmers by opening up the dairy market in canada as well as protections offered to the canadian auto industry to a degree from a possible future u.s. tariffs on argo. a bed by the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to change its name has failed sunday's referendum had strong support but turnout didn't reach the fifty percent threshold needed to make it valid just over a third of voters cast ballots with ninety percent of them supporting the new name of the republic of north macedonia the government wanted the name changed to help end a decades old dispute with greece the european union has urged all sides to respect
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the results of the vote. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentary from impassioned filmmaker. nice documentaries to open your eyes. on al-jazeera. stepping up peace efforts in yemen the un's attempts to revive talks to end a three year civil war find support from key players but what will it take to stop the vicious cycle of violence death disease and hunger in one of the world's poorest countries this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the un's last attempt a few weeks ago to bring the warring sides in yemen to the table failed but who didn't make it to geneva blaming travel problems but the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths refuses to give up and he's hopeful that new talks could now take place of zeros but it smith reports. so yemen's foreign minister khalid money says his government is prepared to recognize the who is this as a political movement through a democratic process he says but what his government is not prepared to accept is the who thinks becoming the yemeni equivalent of the lebanese group hezbollah as ball is a heavily armed iranian backed group in lebanon and it holds considerable influence over political life in lebanon and i know and i'm going to quit with the show i'm
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actually the yemeni government made many concessions during the consultations include wait but there are red lines that cannot be crossed like not allowing in yemen what is happening in lebanon where a party like hezbollah creates hurdles in the political process now and the government could accept the hooty this is a political movement within the political community in the country through a democratic process that reflects their true size. and the foreign minister he's tweeted has tweeted that he fully supports un proposals for new talks soon the u.s. troops are fighting alongside yemeni government forces and the u.n. special envoy for yemen he says that he's convinced the truth is are also prepared to talk so the priority now for martin gryphus is to get all sides around the table as soon as possible it's going to be within weeks i don't think we can allow it to be delayed until kind of over the horizon because the problem with that is and i've
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been reassured this week between people here in new york the people lose the narrative of peace and once you lose the opportunity to talk about a settlement the narrative of war becomes dominant and that's what we must try to get away from for now though the fighting on the airstrikes continue since june much of those airstrikes have been centered around the strategically important port of the data yemen remains blockaded at sea by the un is warning of the country is on the verge of an already there are reports of children dying from malnutrition and this is a conflict where at least twenty thousand people have been killed since the fighting began. well it reminds you of previous un attempts to get the warring parties in yemen together the first round of talks was held in geneva in june twenty eighth fifteen three months of the
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saudi led coalition entered the conflict but that meeting collapsed after yemen's government in exile accused two three representatives of refusing to meet them later that same year the u.n. managed to organize to go see a sions that lasted for six days they agreed a mass prisoner swap but nothing else of significance fast forward to kuwait in april twenty sixth and that's the last time the sides actually met but after one hundred eight days the talks ended with no agreement. let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from london we're joined by andrus creek an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london from sanaa is hussein. affairs analyst and journalist and from bristol. a political commentator and lecturer at the city of bristol college gentlemen welcome to you all address let's start with you as we heard bernard smith say that yemen's foreign minister has said that his government could accept a hoot these as a political movement through a democratic process that highlights their true size but that the who these
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wouldn't be allowed to become like lebanon's hezbollah their red lines that cannot be crossed he said does that get us anywhere if and when the peace talks resume. right i mean for the time being i think these are not peace talks per se i think the first talks will be about a ceasefire because the war still ongoing i think peace talks will come after there is an established ceasefire and some sort of agreement of where this peace talks could actually leave the various parties the issue generally is with the yemeni foreign minister or the yemeni government the officially recognized government is that it doesn't have that much leverage and it's actually not one of the most important players and yemen in many ways it's a puppet or a surrogate of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia so they don't really make decisions on their own it is a good sign to that they are eggs or at least a willingness to accept the who these or answer are law as a political movement and political party that is part of the process because that was one of the things one of the contentious issues that for a very long time they murat is in the saudis have rejected to accept that actually
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there were these are part of yemen and they should be part of any political process that comes after the war the issue however is and that that will be long term the people the peace process will be to determine what is actually the actual weight of the who these in yemen and what is the kind of size that is proportionate to the kind of the kind of political and also public. weight that they have within the country and that's very difficult to determine because obviously now the who these control large parts and some of the most important parts of yemen and you know we'll have to see whether this can be represented if you then say that i'm sort of allies actually something that comes just from the northern province or that the who these are not from the northern province and therefore only represented there and get only a fraction of the kind of political say that they want to have then this obviously is not going to be something that who these will be pleased about but i think this is for a later peace agreement to be determined i think first of all showing good faith
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goodwill in now from both parties to say we're willing to accept the other party and accept that the other party has an input in the hoodies particularly i think is a good sign and that there's a big. ginning to suggest also to the un that there is a willingness to talk right hussein album k.t. in after the collapse of the geneva talks the crisis group accused who these of last minute gamesmanship that sent a clear message that they are not serious which confirm the suspicions of the coalition are the hooty is serious about peace in yemen. of course there are really a serious and we remember that they have accepted to go to the south of saudi arabia for talks as well to kuwait even though kuwait is a part of this coalition a war they did refuse to go to a country that has launched a war against them and about we know that the why it collapsed because. the delegates from sanaa what were not given any gun tease from the united nation for
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their safety and for their safe return and if you just let me mention that. previous caller told saudi arabia if used to lead the yemeni. delegates to come back to sanaa and they were stuck in must cut. about seventy days so they really wanted to go to the stall today they accepted from the beginning but what seems to be the problem that the saudi led coalition actually is you is in this kind of tolex to to to start a new operation or to start anew a new attack we know there was be a stall to before invasion or the attack of aden before the control of four morcha by the coalition forces before we have seen that the attack was conducted on a day that one of the last humanitarian line for the millions of yemeni so i don't
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and i think just too about what the government the foreign minister have said about to accept the hoti if they would and he told about the democratic. election i mean you can talk about those things at this moment you have first if you want you have to look to yemeni civilians was damaged in yemeni civilians their military and applies in yemen you have to agree about a cease fire first and then you can. go to told anyone. oh cool. if martin griffiths the u.n. envoy manages to get these these peace talks together in as little as a few weeks he says kemba who these be trusted to honor any agreement that might be reached in such such peace talks. you know this is the questions in fact to know the hootie have and fact they can read in so many occasions to for
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their signatures but they fail to do so they are not to be trusted at all there are several you know agreements and you know initiatives been signed between the warring you know. teams or sides but the hoses have never ever implemented any one of them and the reason behind that is very clear because they are backed by the iranian regime the enemy of the arabs and especially that of in the gulf countries and he cannot hoti they cannot take their own decisions that are on initiatives because they are in a doing the you know they are the proxies of the iranian regime and the other on the other evidence is the the last you know geneva. talks were supposed to be carried out at that time and people all over the world were hoping that anything
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you know good would come out in a form that enough from that negotiation but unfortunately they abandoned they didn't turn up they didn't come and we were under the mr griffiths and the legitimate. government representative for there for three days and the who see didn't turn up why because they are they haven't got the you know they could in light from the from the from that are regime. you talked about iran there are saudi arabia and the u.a.e. sincere in their design that desire for a negotiated peace in yemen can they be trusted. if what they actually want is is peace on their terms and to rid yemen of any iranian influence. no no this is not true i mean the peace the terms of the united nations resolution twenty two sixteen end of story and this is very clear why not the united nation or mr griffiths you know how our current to implement this your united nations
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resolution twenty two sixteen and the stand of the legitimate so you know governments and the allied forces i mean the. coalition that a coalition is ok the who you are not allowed to be in a two to control the whole yemen you are. a minority or you are in a part of the me yemenis people so if you want to get involved in that in the political process you're most welcome but as a military as a militia ok as a militia armed by iran that their sole enemy of the arabs know this is not accepted. the arabs allied forces they will not accept at all that the who theory will become like cause by law in lebanon or the militias in iraq no way no way they want not accept that at all so it's very clear if you want to do if you want to
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make peace if you are you know your excuse is human to cherry and you know issues ok accept the twenty to sixty sit down and agree but the trouble is they are being used as a playing card by the air in the region ok and they are coming back home for a life with trump administration next sets of embargoes or embargoes and the beginning of november ok address to what extent are we talking about the elephant in the room here where does iran and iranian influence play into the current conflict. huge i mean we have to what make one thing clear because of what i just heard from the previous speakers there's an air narrative of iran as the evil empire and you know this securitization of iran as the most. the most you know the most concerning threat to the world and this is a new conservative narrative that very well resonates with the current from
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administration in the white house and into something that the americans are pushing for across the region with the help of the saudi arabia the u.a.e. against the iranians and in that way the who these have long been stated and overstated as merely a militia that works for the iranians and that's simply not true or too simplistic if we look at it in reality is that the who these are an indigenous yemeni movement they have they have homegrown and they weren't built by the iranians but they have received funding received training and then over the last couple of years actually have become a very extensive part of the iranian war in this on the on the arabian peninsula but that is only after they have already been established for many years so i would say in recent years we have to be very clear that this that the who these are very much only capable to fight with ballistic missiles because they have and fight in a very effective way in urban combat is because they have trainers from iran on the
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ground and they have had extensive support from iran however the who these do not need the iranians per se if there were these are being provided with an alternative some. not turn into where they get guarantees of security and where they can be part of a peace agreement where they get a seat on the table or i think that answer our laws or they who are these in general could be convinced to severe ties with the iranians because they don't need the rain is there for forced for and for first of foremost advancing the interest of sadie's in the north particular group in the north and they have basically gone into that relationship with the rains because they thought it was beneficial now if there is no turnitin of their. shows that political lives in yemen would be more beneficial under a peace agreement and they would have to severely ran for that ties with iran for that they i think that would be very willing to do that also because both sides are something we have to highlight here both sides the coalition as well as the with these are in a merchant mutually hurting stalemate that's to say both of them understand that
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continuing this war as it stands today will hurt them more than a political settlement and i think that's why both sides are interested in it however it has to come with certain guarantees and that is the key problem if there are no guarantees i think though these will continue getting the funding and reach out to the iranians to get that funding but to continue with the narrative of saying the who these are merely an iranian proxy that has to be exterminated is not going to provide any solution to the conflict and i think that the coalition has now understood that or said i'll come to you just a bit but first let me give some a right to reply here would u.s. pressure on iran. alter the outcome of any peace talks on yemen to what extent do the who things need iranian support do you think to maintain their hold on the country one hundred percent i'm a number really surprised to hear this you know from my colleagues from london say that the hooty does not they don't depend on iran they depend on them hundred
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percent they are the proxies or for that you don't yes they can do anything without iran. the husband expert the brigades. so thoroughly the revolutionary guards of iran experts and even fighters they are in sauda they are in there they are amongst the who are these the who sees you knows firing missiles preceded missile us you know to saudi arabia is with the help of the experts from iran so the who three are in fact another brigade of the iranian revolutionary guard a simple as that they represent five percent of the of the emmy's population so your question is the next november is going to be the end of the iranian regime effect and the country believe it or not and under who theories there who says if they want to be to act and to be considered as yemenis under it but sent they have
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to act immediately under stop fighting and and and and and you know surrender not surrender uglies in a pull out of amid the major cities agree to the table you know come to the table to the unit to these token table and say you know anything we need to be meant for twenty to sixteen ok who say hussein you want you want to come in there who things are the proxy of yemen they rely on the. proxy of iran i'm sorry they rely on iran one hundred percent what's your response to that. i mean let's say if if what he said like is true about the proxy for iran and yemen the united arab emirates and saudi arabia is a proxy as well for the united states and united kingdom supplies the although our business from there the the world was declared from washington d.c. was not declared from saudi arabia to keep just blame in iran and iran and iran actually i mean look at this the bull blockade about forty years they controlled or
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yemen sky they destroyed all the airport control the sea. how can it run as you mentioned supply all this weapon so this means that you are blockade actually that you started to stop the flow of weapons as you meant to yemen has failed this mean that you are responsible for all do civilians that have died because of of this idea that coalition in yemen and his previous government he when he spoke about that there was many agreement that has been signed with the jose but during the like the biggest piece told but they haven't like it kept the word he doesn't mention any agreement in if they haven't signed anything the what was in quite it was about they have the political process and they had the security process that's out there that coalition want to start with the security process asking the movement to hunt their weapons and they said then we will start of a political process no one is crazy will hunt is his weapons before before the
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before started forming either a coalition government between between all parties in yemen and what the saudi actually need in yemen they want i think three they want agreement. and we have seen what the saudis have done we would have said i guess that you an. expert report they refuse this report and they even say that we are not going to deal with the with the with the with the u n x better to anymore so they just want a port or of peace. all court anything that is in favor of this over the lead led coalition war in yemen if the united states and the united kingdom actually has not supported this already i don't think they could have even started the war in yemen on is it really silly for someone to ask these which is yemeni to withdraw from cities why we have a for a kind of foreign invasion the that's why they call it so do you that coalition is
4:42 pm
not a civil war is a quote he said made from one of the most dictatorship country and the region who wanted in a state democracy in yemen who can believe that. address i know you want to come back on that we're rapidly running out of time here. i want to ask you would a peace deal between the who sees and yemen's government in the country's civil war and i know you said the first of all we're going to achieve a cease fire but if it got as far as a peace deal could that bring about an end to the civil war and to what extent is the u.s. exacerbating the situation in yemen right now. a lot of questions there i mean first of all yes i said what we need is a ceasefire and this will be a ceasefire between the saudi and u.a.e. coalition the hard the government and the who are these only and that is one war of many wars that are going on in yemen at the moment one big elephant in the room that we haven't spoken about is the southern movement is the s.t.c. are the various proxies of the emirate is in the south they have their own life
4:43 pm
have their own objectives and are pursuing their own agenda which for the most part is very much secession is that when itself will create and will continue to pose a problem as we move along and if we don't address that then a peace deal between the who these and the hard the government and the coalition might bring peace or a somewhat a settlement in the north but will create a whole bunch of other spoilers in the same way that the who these have been spoilers to in a sense to two thousand and twelve you know when the who these drew withdrew from the from the two thousand and twelve from the national dialogue they became spoilers to the conflict the only reason they expanded and were actually able to receive support and also used their military action to gain control of territory was because they were not included in the peace deal afterwards they were excluded and that created the problem now when we have a peace deal now or a peace project or a peace negotiations and we leave all these other actors around in the east and
4:44 pm
then the south out of this process you're never going to create an inclusive process for yemen and i think that is going to be one of the major problem ok a lot of states as far as that the united states is concerned i mean you know with continued arm sales to saudi arabia the u.a.e. by certifying as it did recently that the coalition is meeting the requirements of the national defense or the reservation act is it as the crisis group says sending the wrong message at the wrong time to me that the the coalition can continue to act with impunity. yes because it's part of a war over narratives against iran they have framed the yemen conflict as a war against iran and i think that is misleading because the yemeni war will continue with or without the iranians and so the problem is that the americans are giving support to a coalition that has so far has been has been has been attacked for war crimes and have you know we've got all kinds of evidence for that and a coalition that doesn't seem to so doesn't seem to pursue until now a political process so i think the americans have to put pressure and the reason
4:45 pm
that algebra at an all out the other g.c.c. countries particularly saudi in the u.a.e. are now willing to talk about the political process in yemen is because the trumpet ministration has made it clear that they will have to see a change on the ground in the way they conduct themselves because there's a lot of pressure from congress and also obviously in europe a lot of pressure from the public asking questions of why are we continuously supporting the saudis and the iraqis when they don't stand and stick by international humanitarian law and i think this kind of pressure is now felt in riyadh and up with envy and that's why i think partially they're trying to come around but so far we have it's all talk we haven't seen any action on the ground because the walk continues and so far there is no sign that there will be any political process gentlemen them afraid we must leave it many thanks to work to all of you for being with us address creek hussein al the casey and. cause i. was thank you for watching you can see the program again at any time just by going to the web site al jazeera dot com for further discussion about topics today going to our
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facebook page should find it at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j. inside story for me adrian sort of the whole team here and we'll see you can buy from my. thank. you. thank.
4:47 pm
you. this is our previous isolation where we can find full blown leaves cases every ten days in a busy beijing high gear that might even do with news that would be of. even laboratory appreciates at what he does contribute to the prevention of such we big together many sectors to achieve one goal eliminate the previous island by lifelines the quest for global health on al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human problems in the twenty first century
4:48 pm
and they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to how jazeera. the full scale of disaster begins to emerge in indonesia as mass graves are prepared on sort of the island the tsunami and earthquake. and sam you say damn this is just
4:49 pm
a live from down also coming up around launches missiles at sites inside syria says it's striking back for the attack on a military parade. deal sealed and friends again canada and mexico reach a new trade agreement with the u.s. up to donald trump dismissed the old one as a disaster. and the swimming race in san diego but says much about freedom and history as. mass graves are being dug and indonesia is ready to welcome international help struggles with the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami officially the death toll has now risen to eight hundred forty four people are being warned to prepare for a final toll in the thousands a fourteen day state of emergency has been declared across the islands of solo i
4:50 pm
see so many remote areas still cut off more than eight hundred of the dead have been in the city of power lou only a handful of from the region of dangler which is still isolated there is no road access and no airport for the city of around two hundred seventy thousand people. along the coast around the scene is of kilometers and kilometers of debris on the beach president joke widodo has visited palo and on sunday are graded the disaster you nancy would welcome international assistance people continue to flock to army hospitals as they desperately look for their loved ones or the big need now is for heavy machinery with reports of people still trapped in many buildings collapsed including a hotel and shopping center in palo twenty five year old woman was pulled out alive from beneath the rubble of a restaurant blocked roads and damaged airports and broken telecommunications of made it difficult to bring in the help or be live in indonesia's capital jakarta
4:51 pm
and wayne hay in a moment but first let's speak with andrew thomas who's in paso on his way to partner so andrew understand you're trying to get to palo it's not very easy what's holding things up. in a word sammy feel all the lack of fuel this city two hundred kilometers to the southeast of powder was as close as we could fly there are aid flights going in to palo but so far no commercial passenger planes being out in for opiates reasons are not the priority that we flew to the nearest place that you could fly and then we thought we'd be able to drive the six hours to palo but here the real fuel shortage means that there are queues and use of cause trying to get petrol from petrol stations we've now had two drivers in the car we're hoping to hire who've been in a queue for five hours and until they've got fuel in the car pools we can't get
4:52 pm
there and can't get around and of course that is far more important for those people who live here in a trying to get there to see relatives and survive how they are and to take their own supplies in as well everybody is trying to get in to probably from here at the same time if people are trying to get out to hollywood girls and to people particularly now andrew in a moment wayne is going to tell us the official sort of narrative what's going on but from what you're hearing on the ground close to tell us a little bit about the situation that you're hearing from people. well getting information from hollywood is very tricky we're getting into myths and messages text messages and so on from local journalists there and it does from what we've seen with those messages come through in the brief snippets of conversations police been able to have they seem to suit describe a very chaotic situation just give you an example it does seem to calm down now but three hours ago there was a scene of real chaos at the airport a big hercules military transport plane that brought in eight and was trying to
4:53 pm
take injured people out but it was overrun on the airfield we're told by thousands of people trying to get on that flight to the point where that simply could not take over had too many people swarming around it now we are told that situation has since calmed down but i give you a little snippet of what is going on there at the same time local media crews indonesian t.v. crews who have been able to get into the city over the weekend because they're based more locally to at least and we're hearing possibly a third crew as well have been attacked by lutes is that they were filming people breaking into shops they were filming them the crowd of them turned on the media crews there on the ground so it does sound like a very chaotic situation in that city all right good stuff there thanks so much andrew thomas let's go back to jakarta though as i mentioned wayne haiti is live for us then i understand officials have been talking from the national disaster agency what have they been saying. yes that's right they have just
4:54 pm
a few moments ago wrapped up another update here in the capital jakarta of the situation in the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami as you mentioned the death toll officially has gone up to eight hundred forty four again unfortunately we are expecting that to go significantly higher the official number of people missing is only at ninety at the moment officially because we assume that is the number of people who have gone to the authorities and officially registered friends or family members who missing but again expecting that number in reality to be a lot higher than ninety for example in that last media conference they highlighted their concern about one particular housing complex in polish city called bala row up where nine hundred houses have largely disappeared beneath the mud liquefaction is a big problem in many parts of the palu city particularly in this particular area nine hundred houses some of them have disappeared up to five meters deep in mud in that
4:55 pm
area so they are saying they're having a lot of difficulty getting into that area to assess exactly how many people may have been killed there how many people may have survived and indeed how many people may be missing so it's very difficult to get accurate numbers for the authorities as andrew andrew mentioned still difficult communicating with some of these areas that have been affected. you know. there's a lot of talk about the rescue effort is being hampered by the lack of digging equipment what is the official line on the. well they are saying that it is simply due to difficult at the moment to get some of this heavy machinery that is so desperately needed to speed up the search and rescue operation into the area because all of some of the reasons that andrew highlighted some of the roads in the area are simply impossible it's difficult enough getting personnel into the area to help with the search and rescue operation because of the damage to
4:56 pm
some of those roads and the roads that are not damaged blocked with traffic people trying to get in there to search for their own friends and family members and indeed people trying to get out of the affected areas so they're certainly well aware of the situation there trying to get more heavy equipment in there the governments the disaster agency also highlighting the fact that they need other things they need tents they need our water treatment facilities any generators they need mobile hospitals and in general they need medical teams also highlighting or alluding to the fact that the president has agreed to allow international assistance into the area but it will not be a free for all if you like they are saying that they will pick and choose exactly what they need so we don't get a situation as as we have seen in this region so many times before where the area is simply overrun with too many search and rescue personnel too many aid
4:57 pm
organizations and not enough coordination when can people expect international help to reach some of these remote areas. well i think pretty soon if some of the excess can be cleared up there are problems at the airport as andrew mentioned not to mention the problems on the roads there is international aid on the ground ready to get in there it's just the logistics of being able to get access to the area the airport was damaged as andrew mentioned again some flights are able to land there now so it imagine that getting the aid into the airport into the area won't be the problem it'll be distributing it'll be coordination to get it out to some of those those areas that need it most security again something that andrew highlighted we've seen some looting from some of those shops in palos city would had confirmation from the justice ministry that eight prisons in the affected
4:58 pm
areas were badly damaged by the quake and tsunami and as many as fifteen hundred inmates are now missing which will only add to those security concerns some of those inmates may still be trapped inside some of those prisons some may indeed be casualties of the disaster but they are saying that hundreds of inmates did manage to escape in fact some of them perhaps fled for their lives because they were concerned about the earthquake and tsunami but we know that hundreds indeed out now they did manage to escape those damaged in may so that will add to the security concerns in the area around because some firm thanks so much. iran's military says its his positions in syria linked to a group it's suspects was behind last week's attack on a military parade in the city of advance several missiles struck the will come out of region of eastern syria last week twenty five people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a military parade many of the victims were members of the elite iranian
4:59 pm
revolutionary guard. is live for us in thailand first of all clear one thing up for us saying which group exactly are any officials saying they targeted will come out in eastern syria. well semi that is an excellent question and the fact is that there is no clear answers yet since the attack happened there's been a number of people that have claimed responsibility in a number of people that iran has planned immediately in the aftermath of this attack. a deputy commander from the i.r.g.c. in a past experience tells us it was a separatists and then the islamic state eisel claimed responsibility now the iranian government has not been clear about exactly who it was they've been purposefully it seems vague about the exact identity of the attackers but what they've done is blame. the separatists as well as their backers they've not denied
5:00 pm
that eisel may have been behind it as well but what they have done is lay blame on who they see as supporting different groups acting against iran acting inside iran and they've laid blame squarely on the shoulders of the united states of israel and their gulf allies including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates confusing further who exactly they think they were targeting on one of the missiles we've seen reports that painted on the side of it were slogans of death to america israel and the house of saud so certainly what iranian leaders are trying to do is use this attack as an opportunity to blame any number of of people they think are responsible but in the reporting we've seen about the strike we have heard that they were targeting firies the word that they use for eisel in operating inside syria now one of the former commanders we've spoken to who is a political influence on the current government he's pointed to the fact that there is a war room where all different types.


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