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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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in this area as well and so this is seen as potentially the first of a domino effect if it does go allowing israel more easily to extend the settlements around the eastern part of jerusalem at which would ring jerusalem even more with illegal settlements and also potentially cut the northern part of the west bank off from the southern parts of palestinian say that this is very important because it could really define what happens to the potential of a future palestinian state now though it does seem just a matter of time until israeli forces move in. police have broken up demonstrations in barcelona on the first anniversary of the catalan independence referendum as night fell there was a standoff on the streets of the city which is capital of the semi autonomous catalan region catalans voted for secession in last year's unofficial referendum but it was ruled illegal by the government in madrid well earlier protesters staged
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a sit in at the entrance of barcelona stock exchange and tried to block roads and railways an estimated one hundred eighty thousand people also marched through the city there not only unhappy with the madrid government they want more action from the catalan regional government to push for independence. but i'm definitely not going to get on the stand and it was important to do something today because throughout this year we have not made much progress the cash led government has not done much and we had determined for cash land republic and i know that the road today it's already been a year since october the first we voted then regardless of all the obstacles imposed by a fascist oppressive government that did nothing but assault innocent people who went only with the ballot paper in hand. still ahead in this half hour lebanon's foreign minister takes some bouncers on a tour of the places that israel says are hiding hezbollah missile sites last. i'm charlie until at the tate modern in london where visitors will have to work
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together to reveal the new artwork about migration that's hidden underneath. a welcome back we're here across australia particularly down here towards the by we are watching a lot of clouds here so sure with the pressure system that's making its way towards the east now what we're going to be seeing over the next day or so is for adelaide particularly winds are coming out. the north and that means you are seeing some warmer conditions there but as we make our way towards wednesday we are going to be seeing the system push east and the winds are going to be coming out of the south so from twenty eight nineteen degrees as your high here on wednesday the system makes its way towards victoria new south wales and clouds and rain are going to be in your forecast there so for melbourne rainy conditions there down towards tasmania as well we do expect to see mostly cloudy and rainy conditions for you
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well here across new zealand things are looking better as that one system makes its way towards the east will be seeing auckland staying in the clouds but as we go through the next couple days maybe tuesday night you're going to start to break out of it and then a little bit of a trough pushes through christ church and you're going to be seeing some clouds in your forecast but by the time we get towards wednesday things are going to be like much nicer with the temperature into the mid teens and then here across japan you can be seeing a lot of clearing as a typhoon and tropical storm has moved now into the russian maritimes so partly cloudy conditions across most of japan here on tuesday really staying quite nice as we go towards wednesday at twenty four for tokyo. it's jealousy that she just exquisitely. very classy it's part of our culture. our very. special. people when you spend money everything you
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see on the catwalk they do it here. if there is going to be longevity they have to come in and tell you things in my mind on al-jazeera. time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of bodies have been buried in a mass grave in indonesia following friday's earthquake sound tsunami which killed at least eight hundred forty four people u.s. president don't trump was hailed a new united states mexico canada agreement or u.s. and cia as the most important trade deal in america's history it will govern trade
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worth one point two trillion dollars and police have broken up protests in the spanish city of boss alona marking the first anniversary of the castle an independence referendum. the lebanese government has taken dozens of diplomats and journalists on a tour of beirut to disprove israeli claims of hezbollah bases there on thursday the israeli prime minister told the un general assembly the armed group had hidden missile sites near the international airport by lebanon accuses israel of making false allegations to justify an attack saying hold of reports from beirut. lebanon is on a diplomatic offensive its foreign ministers are brown brasil. invited ambassadors and the media to tour sites that israel says are hiding hezbollah missiles production facilities there within an area controlled by the iranian backed lebanese armed group in beirut's southern suburbs among them the
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a head football stadium but a political ally of hezbollah is accusing israel of lies to justify an attack against lebanon on this rule but there are many statements made affirming the four session of accurate as well however this does not mean the present the vicinity of beirut airport. israel's military says the facilities used to convert regular missiles into more accurate guided ones are still not operational but under construction with iranian supervision. israel is accusing hezbollah of knowingly jeopardizing the lives of civilians and using them as human shields the three alleged missile sites are located in densely populated areas close to the airport. there was no immediate reaction from ambassadors of western countries but russia's envoy is calling for
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calm. we want to prevent war that's why we are deploying new weapons to syria there should be no escalation. russia's decision to deploy s. three hundred anti-aircraft missiles follows the downing of its plane last month over syria moscow is blaming israel for the incident. russia is sending as three hundred netanyahu is telling hezbollah this doesn't mean you can operate freely we will continue to argue against your activities. over the years russia gave israel room to act in syria it carried out hundreds of strikes targeting alleged iranian bases and suspected iranian arms shipments for hezbollah the lebanese group however says the israeli strikes have been effective. i tell israel no matter what you did to cut the route it is over it has already been achieved we now have decision and not position weapons and other capabilities to
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arm. lebanon says the tour is about assuring the international community that israel's allegations are false it is not about refuting what hezbollah and its allies believe is it's a right to arms senator beirut migrant children in the united states of reportedly being relocated from overcrowded shelters to a tent city in the middle of the night according to the new york times as many as one thousand six hundred children have been moved from shelters to a camp. in west texas since may the numbers of detain migrant children has spiked to more than thirteen thousand that's five times the number last year. the united nation's highest court has rejected a request from bolivia to order chile to negotiate with it over access to the pacific ocean landlocked bolivia lost its specific coastline to chile in
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a war one hundred thirty five years ago and this judgment is a blow to its hopes of reversing that there is a ball has more. from early in the morning least people in the capital waited for a ruling that they claim would help landlocked bolivia regain what it's not had for well over a century access to the pacific ocean. one of those in the crowd they made said he was bitterly disappointed with the ruling one of the gilmore. we only want to be able to sit at the same typo and to negotiate. five years ago believe us president when what i took to the international court of justice in an attempt to force his country's neighbor to negotiate over access to seal its link to the ocean was lost to chile in the aftermath of what was dubbed the war of the pacific. since then the andean neighbors have held occasional talks
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about a possible corridor to the sea by judges ruled that chile is not obliged to actually negotiate one for this reason is because. by two of the voters two or three. find this that the republic of chile did not undertake a legal obligation to negotiate a sovereign access to the bus if you go ocean for the brewery nation of the state of bolivia. even what alice olivia's first indigenous president attended the call truly in the hague and said his country will never stop fighting for see your operators the world. is never going to give up its prosecution the bolivian people know the people of the world know that through an invasion we've been denied so often access to the pacific ocean. for the last forty years and will leave you have
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not had formal diplomatic relations. in spite of this allows bolivia duty free access to the port of arica near its northern border with bill just. insists on continuing on that path to access julian territory sea or land then we will have nothing to discuss but if bolivia understands that treaties assigned so that they are honored they will always have the door open. for now that door to the pacific will not be controlled by will livea its fight to break the landlock it's not just about national pride it's about delivering opportunity and economic growth . at least two people have died after a suicide bomber targeted an e.u. military convoy in somalia several soldiers were also injured by the blast which happened near the fence ministry compound in the capital mogadishu a convoy was carrying italian military trainers al shabaab has claimed
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responsibility. ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine will return to court in december after government lawyers adjourned his case wine appeared in court in gulu on monday to face charges of treason but the case against him and other members of the opposition was the late after the government said it needed more time to investigate weiner who is a fierce government critic is accused of throwing stones at president seventy's convoy in all this. the u.k.'s ruling conservative party is holding its annual conference during the ongoing negotiations to leave the european union with a party seemingly in open warfare over its brakes its strategy all sides in the argument on public display and as lawrence lee reports from the conference in birmingham no one seems willing to compromise. we're told the points abraxas is to make britain grace again restore some rule britannia and victorian global
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significance first top then the people who say the only way is to jettison entirely the european projects they talk of swashbuckling trade agreements with mexico in china we know there were eighty nine people at their meeting because they voted eighty eight to one to reject the government's plan the british people who voted to leave wanted to have a confident vibrant britain back they knew what leaving new york in union meant and they were relying upon m.p.'s to come back and deliver that deal for them and they haven't done of course they haven't because many of them remain as many of them just didn't have the spirit and will to negotiate strongly with the european up the road the other wing of the party these people traitors to the end see europe brigade are fighting tooth and nail to hold a new referendum on whatever ends up happening their numbers are growing and no they do not think they're subverting democracy. i believe strongly that we need
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to seek the informed consent of the people before we proceed with threats i've just come from a meeting where there was an expert there talking about. access to food food policy food standards i don't remember that being discussed in any detail in the referendum it was sixteen and i think if the british public aware of the implications of what we are doing i think they they they may consider. throughout all this the government continues to say it is confidence of its plan. says. that it's now been rejected by the pope will have its own party the european union and the vast majority of voters this surely cannot last off as conference and on wednesday it will be exactly two weeks until the european union needs to decide if it has any kind of offer from the british that it can go with. it isn't even clear if a big government in this country then let alone
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a coherent plan when the referendum happens believe slogan was about taking back control you couldn't possibly make it up these people are tasked with determining the future of the u.k. the rights of millions of british and european citizens britons place in the world in or out remain or leave they don't know if they're coming or going something is going to have to give lawrence lee al-jazeera birmingham. the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to two immunologists for their work on cancer therapies. the university of texas and university. separately discovered and developed treatments which improve the human immune system so the body can better attack cancer cells. people tell me that they have. become healthy thanks to my treatment. to me. makes me realize that my
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research has been truly meaningful and makes me happy. visitors to the tate modern art gallery in london may be leaving in tears after seeing the latest exhibit but the cuban artist. and it's not just because of the subject matter. explains. there is an image of a refugee. that might never be seen unless hundreds of strangers cooperate come together and let the heat of their bodies on the cover it it's an impossible task but. has high hopes for the collective. has transformed the tapes turbine hold a space for risk taking she sees her as an agent of change. is a public debate. and we had to go.
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and. we need. this is how bruguera intends to wake us up to the rising global tide of nationalism. and even provoke a physical reaction. with a number of people his. trying an inside. that literally brings the artist cool. forced empathy and she's trying to provoke a collective emotional response to the migrant crisis. these are the neighbors of the tate modern who collaborated on the project and nominated a local charity worker natalie bell her name is now on the building and on a usually reserved for big donors and royalty i hope this is a celebration of resources being in time and kindness and laugh and compassion. those are resources in their own right they have just as much value it was natalie
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who chose the image that lies underneath it's of use of a syrian refugee wants homeless in london now studying medicine in this space the artist intends to unsettle you from the low frequency base that reverberates around and through you. to the tears at the touch this is a multi said to experience allowing you to reflect on the issue of migration but it's also a call to action to al-jazeera london. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera indonesia is scrambling to get help and to soothe the ways the island following friday's deadly earthquakes and tsunami at least eight hundred forty four people are confirmed to have died in the disaster but that number is used to rise and more than fifty thousand people have been the place rescuers are trying to reach communities closer to the epicenter of the quake
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other communication lines are down and roads have been badly damaged us president donald trump has praised the trade deal that he struck with canada to replace nafta as the biggest trade deal in u.s. history it keeps the two countries and mexico in a way economic pact that governs trade worth one point two trillion dollars. it's my great honor to announce that we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand new deal to terminate and replace nafta and the nafta trade agreements with an incredible new us mexico canada agreement called us m.c.a. it sort of just worked m.q. thank you the agreement will govern nearly one point two trillion in trade which makes it the biggest trade deal in the united states history that deadline has
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passed for palestinians in the village of han hamas to destroy their own homes before israeli forces move in israel gave residents until midnight on monday to pack up and leave it wants to demolish the occupied west bank village to make way for more settlements a move which has sparked international condemnation felisa broken up demonstrations in barcelona on the first anniversary of the catalan independence referendum as night fell there was a standoff on the streets of the city which is the capital of the semi autonomy scotland region catalans voted for secession in last year's unofficial referendum but it was ruled illegal by the government in madrid the un's highest court has rejected a request from bolivia to order chile to negotiate over giving it access to the sea but libya's president ever more on this travel to the netherlands to attend the hearing at the international court of justice those are the headlines that stay
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with out as they are at mine a.j. area is next more news in half an hour see you tomorrow night. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the work. on their own. some are going to be. ok. for. russia.
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my nigeria is few plants beautiful things as well as some things that may be perceived as. a land with potential. my name is d.l.'s stable this is my nigeria. one morning ok where is the one the one was doing. push it back and let me lean back. i think is to stop i think you need to put a line like the line yes yes exactly. that that they get me so well so already she knows exactly yes.
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this is tenney single she is the creative designer four the condé ball under the house. and she also happens to be my daughter my first daughter. while coming back. i mean you get to care about what transpired london's good you know something through. the fact that we have an old t.v. to establish a platform award is. pretty much the premier bespoke. platform
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for many in the u.k. i.e. you here is how we really think is so top drawer. it's not just getting a nigerian brand on savile row it's getting the first female brand on start with. the they are prepared to actually have. some delays to go. on separate room on new windows so that's a that's a nice one to extrude things fool for platitudes supple roads and bridges look at both. difference to count and to see the kids that nanny is a great way that people should be able to buy off the rack with genesee that it's bespoke she just exquisitely it's piece it's great and it's very glamorous things in the few things i stood proud when i went with what's john has
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done over time so. does. clown who came in breaking down that design and making those designs are valuable in. a much more diffuse. form this means that we can have the advantage of come. while the same time reaping the rewards of our we spoke a lot of things. we want to make more scarves so that people can tie this very african guys africans tend to interrupt and it's also a way of just injecting the best of can and. it's exciting working with her she always has a lady's crazy ideas and become through in the chris but what i tried to these sort
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of range in we can mean is that in studying market because that's really what this is about we haven't really actually sat down to it to think about it like wow and what does she think about it. as her walking narrative moves yeah but the thing is that. we compliment each other. where. she and her sisters have briefed a new life into the business because if there is going to be longevity the young have to come in and revive and turn things around. ok so don't you the beautiful skirt don't you. is a little bit i find. there's
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a symbiotic relationship between boot and builder i think it's very healthy twenty's disappeared by her mother's money. doula is i believe freedom inspired by today's. contemporary you know we met several years ago. when she had a legal matter. my first ever into fashion my life. in the mother life she wanted to be immortal and see that. so you see the snow and then when you walk it and walk past the wall it's a fantastic walk out. because that is rich
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colonial must the theater in nigeria this is where all the money to resign but now the notorious. take you know one. that. in the. new buildings and the hov lanes that keep rising every. morning that's kate's my housekeeper. that this is my home welcome to. we tend to be very bad with a morning walk drags on until sold leaves and where and bed and i use and you have to go and wake up who. else do. we help me things and then she jumps
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jumps up and. then she tries to get to the office ahead of me. oh i think i have all the hubbub most lethal. ok most poor huge clients because they still. face are. police along there with. with regard to we always did more for it's hard when you're gone. somebody else out richard. and i save you. from.
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even i am surprised at what i've ended up doing because it was not evil in my product wasn't on the cards for me at all. let me go on my money completely and just treat this ok i studied business administration and got a degree from the university of miami in florida however i was very much drawn towards the arts. and the plan that my parents had was to give their children the very best all education. all that they had children would come back to and reach. the business. baffle all through that and reach the nation morse. parents who send their children.
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a want to go and study that's needed. it was at the back of the lines because most of those friends have businesses. in the private sector. and the children obviously have to come and take over. the businesses so that they can last long into the future. because a lot of. kids used to but. i was glad my time. so i was able to save forty costs with them for with. a group clean up when it's
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a man he expected called me. on to. do my bit to surprise what i was due to. was more down my why yes. but left started my business on the first focus that is to want. to go out and see how many do it does on the road. it isn't there but because it's . my father said this is what you were trained for to come into the family business so i looked at you know i thought. i just don't want to do this. my five a said to me can you come pass. how much it would be making if you
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sold one car compared to sending one dress. if that's what you want to do is. you have to fend for yourself. i'm not going to get informed with this you're thing. we sort of had to part ways where i had to go and find my own purpose. it's part of our culture to to look our very very best four for a special occasion and we have many of such occasions. hair is always a wedding always a birthday party she said to bray show of some sort and for that people will spend money to look very good for that boy. for that one occasion.


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