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they knew what leaving new york in union meant and they were relying upon m.p.'s to come back and deliver that deal for them and they haven't done of course they haven't because many of them remain as many of them just didn't have the spirit and will to negotiate strongly with the european union up the road the other wing of the party these people traitors to the n.c. europe brigade are fighting tooth and nail to hold a new referendum on whatever ends up happening their numbers are growing and no they do not think they're subverting democracy. i believe strongly that we need to seek the informed consent of the people before we proceed with i've just come from a meeting where there was an expert there talking about food access to food free policy food standards i don't remember that being discussed in any detail in the referendum to sixty and i think if the british public aware of the implications of what we are doing i think they they they may consider. throughout all this the
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government continues to say it is confidence of its plan of its. citizens. it's now been rejected by cope with as of its own party the european union and a vast majority of voters surely cannot last off as conference and on wednesday it will be exactly two weeks until the european union needs to decide if it has any kind of offer from the british that it can go with it isn't even clear it'll be a government in this country then that's alone a coherent plan when the referendum happened to leave slogan was about taking back control you couldn't possibly make it up these people are tasked with determining the future of the u.k. the rights of millions of british and european citizens britain's place in the world in or out remain or leave they don't know if they're coming or going something is going to have to give lawrence leigh al-jazeera burning a. still ahead on al-jazeera waiting for her next meal aid groups struggle to reach
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millions of yemenis facing famine i know has while i hear lebanon goes on the p.r. offensive against accusations from israel. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello again it's good to have you back this hour i do want to take you first over here towards turkey if you notice here on the satellite image all of those clouds pushing through that was our very persistent system that brought a lot of rain and some flooding across much of that area the good news is we are beginning to see that system really to fall apart we can pick up with some residual rain showers across the northern coast of turkey over the next few days but that we're not expected to see any more progression of that rain as we make our way here towards wednesday temptress along the eastern med staying into the low thirty's for
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most areas aleppo at thirty one beirut of thirty and jerusalem is also seeing about thirty degrees for you here across much of the gulf all things about seasonal for this time of year we have a lot of clouds out into the arabian sea but here across much of the gulf there are thirty seven degrees for you here on tuesday abu dhabi about thirty six not really changing but over towards riyadh a little bit warmer than average with a temperature a few of about thirty seven and then as we make our way down here towards the southern part of africa we are seeing some rain showers beginning to push into cape town now was a little bit warmer but now is that front part pushes then we are going to see those southerly winds come into play as well over here towards durban well we're going to sing about twenty eight degrees but that is going to be dropping down to about eighteen which will hence very also seeing mostly cloudy a temperature of twenty six there with sponsored by qatar airways. one suffer because wealthiest country held together with an i am great libya is now torn apart everybody wants to have his share of authority and of the money they
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cannot be ruled centrally just from one city like to put it in the big picture that dissects the roots of the conflict and asks who's to blame in the last bolivia the only job opportunity is to be commission members. coming soon on al-jazeera. you're watching on his ear a reminder of our top stories this hour emergency workers in indonesia have rescued a man trapped under rubble since friday's earthquake it was found in a cavity under a building that collapsed in the tsunami that followed eight hundred forty four people are confirmed dead a figure expected to rise substantially recovery efforts are taking place across
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central so the ways problems. spanish police and demonstrators have been fighting in basra alone on this catalonia marks one year since the referendum on independence for testers want more action from the catalan regional government to push for secession. the deadlines passed for palestinians to leave the village and make way for illegal jewish settlements in the occupied west bank israel ordered the bedouins to clear by midnight on monday amnesty international says it's a wall crime to forcibly remove them. about one million people in northern yemen and living on the verge of famine in makeshift camps there in the navia controlled by rebels is being targeted by a saudi nic coalition and that's making it difficult for aid to get in but it smith reports from neighboring djibouti. you can safely bet with a spoon at the ready this girl is thinking of her next meal but she doesn't know
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when it will be where it will come from in northern yemen as many as a million people are living in camps beyond the reach of age groups while yemen isn't officially in a state of famine it must feel like it here. lunch has been cooking for two hours and it's not ready yet we have no gas or proper firewood here under siege and we have nothing some of these crimes have been here for four years sprouting up as people escaped fighting in towns fell under who think control let's say i don't go to school because my father has no money to buy a sports and pings when i see girls come from school i get jealous i want to be a doctor aid agencies say a combination of armed groups checkpoints airstrikes and bureaucracy often make it impossible to reach these people. we appeal again to the international and humanitarian organizations to respond rapidly to displaced people and effective community many of whom sleep on the ground out in the open with no shelter from the
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summer heat or the called of the winter today's only mirrors a plate of plain boiled rice between the family and some days there's not even this it's nowhere near the amount of nutrition these children need if they're to have any chance of surviving through this conflict the u.n. uses various calculations including the percentage of people dying from malnutrition when deciding when to declare a famine and there are three million children a new mothers in yemen battling malnutrition but declaring a famine makes no difference to people trapped in areas out of the reach of aid groups because of conflict they need a ceasefire and that might only come when the warring parties sit down until bernard smith al-jazeera djibouti. president on trump has praised the free trade deal he struck with canada calling it's the biggest in u.s. history intense negotiations have taken more than a year and it keeps the two nations along with mexico and a three way pact first reached twenty four years ago muslim jordan reports from
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washington d.c. thank you two thousand and sixteen campaign promise delivered ahead of the midterm congressional elections in the united states donald trump says he's negotiated a new trade accord with mexico and now with canada it will be the most advanced radio in the world with ambitious provisions on the digital economy patents very important financial services and other areas where the united states has a strong competitive advantage mexico and canada have agreed to strong new labor protections environmental protections and new protections for intellectual property so important if approved the new u.s. mexico canada agreement would preserve a one point three trillion dollar trading zone u.s. dairy farmers will be able to sell more of their products in canada canada gets to
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keep a dispute mechanism to resolve fights with the u.s. over lumber exports and auto workers in mexico will be paid more to produce parts for the u.s. market that last point mattered to officials in ottawa we have reached an agreement on cars and car parts inspired by creative canadian ideas which as some of you will remember we put forward in our talks in montreal back in january that was a key turning point in this negotiation it's just the draft treaty now heads to parliament in ottawa and to congress in both washington and mexico city we've got the most in the ground during the last a little more and where was it we will make sure it does not contravene the sovereignty of the people. and we will be guarantors of the federalist principles that maintain our republic analysts say there is a reason why canada is joining the deal now its economic future what is important is that we be an attractive place for foreign companies to invest if they fear feel
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that their investment in canada could be shut off and he terms of his access to the u.s. market by two chairs he wanted best year historic but for now it's worth noting that these three countries have succeeded in negotiating a trade deal they can all accept as jordan al-jazeera washington muscle tone is prime minister plans to press ahead with a parliamentary vote on changing his country's name to the republic of north macedonia that's despite sunday's referendum on the issue failing to get enough votes to pass the government hopes the name change will end a long running dispute with greece which has its own problems called muscle in the . iran has had positions in syria linked to a group it suspects was behind last week's attack on a military parade in the city of a. region of eastern syria. in
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a pre-dawn attack six mid range iranian missiles cleared iraqi airspace to hit a target in eastern syria nearly six hundred kilometers away. seven unmanned drones then dropped bombs on the same target iran's revolutionary guard said it was retaliation against those responsible for last week's attack at a military parade. in western iraq gunmen killed at least twenty five people many of them members of the guard the response to the show of such military force it suggested there was a clear target but iran's leaders remain vague about the exact identity of the attackers. if there was supposed to be a public message the i.r.g.c. would have said so in their statement but as it is anywhere in the world any measures taken by a military or politician carry some messages may be obvious messages of iran's decisive will to conduct a permanent and serious fight against centers that produce train and equip
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terrorism at different levels what the i.r.g.c. forces did early this morning was this will in one statement attributed to iran's revolutionary guard the target is said to have been an i sold base which it says has u.s. backing. state t.v. showed a message painted on one of the missiles death to america israel and saudi arabia there is little doubt who leaders in tehran really planned but whether there is some covert american action against iran or not the missile strike was as much about political theater as it was about a military response. that this acuity. is our red line and we won't compromise on the. issue we took tough revenge against american and arab backed terrorist groups they used bullets we responded with missiles and leaders into iran say it's only the beginning it could have gone differently iran could have conducted a ground campaign in tandem with syrian allies but flying its own missiles through
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iraqi air space to hit a target inside syria by itself is about sending a message to everyone with a military presence there think twice before threatening iran. iran. lebanon's government has taken diplomats and journalists on a tour of beirut to try to disprove israeli claims of hezbollah bases israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu told the un general assembly that the group has hidden missile sites near the international airport but lebanon says these are false allegations to justify an attack in a court of reports from beirut. lebanon is on a diplomatic offensive its foreign ministers should brown persil invited ambassadors and the media to tour sites that israel says are hiding has been our missile production facilities there within an area controlled by the iranian backed lebanese armed group in beirut's southern suburbs among them the a head football stadium but
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a political ally of hezbollah is accusing israel of lies to justify an attack against lebanon on this rule that there are many statements made affirming the procession of accurate as well however this does not mean that those missiles present the vicinity of beirut airport. israel's military says the facilities used to convert regular missiles into more accurate guided ones are still not operational but under construction with iranian supervision. israel is accusing has a lot of knowingly jeopardizing the lives of civilians and using them as human shields three alleged missile sites are located in densely populated areas close to the airport there was no immediate reaction from ambassadors of western countries but russia's envoy is calling for calm. we want to prevent war that's why we are
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deploying new weapons to syria there should be no escalation. russia's decision to deploy s. three hundred anti-aircraft missiles follows the downing of its plane last month over syria moscow is blaming israel for the incident. russia is sending as three hundred netanyahu is telling hezbollah this doesn't mean you can operate three we will continue to argue against your activities. over the years russia gave israel room to act in syria it carried out hundreds of strikes targeting alleged iranian bases and suspected iranian arms shipments for hezbollah the lebanese group however says the israeli strikes have been effective. i tell israel no matter what you did to cut the route it is over it has already been achieved we now have decision and not position weapons and all the capabilities to
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arm. lebanon says the tour is about assuring the international community that israel's allegations are false it is not about refuting what hezbollah and its allies believe is it's a right to arms senator. qatar has started legal proceedings against saudi arabia and the world trade organization the countries accuse the saudis of blocking the qatari t.v. channel be in sports and refusing to tackle piracy in a statement katas ministry of economy and commerce said banning cut of the citizens and entities from exercising their basic rights to protect their intellectual property rights is a flagrant violation of saudi international and moral obligations. the legendary french armenian singer charles arsenal has died at the age of ninety four is sold more than one hundred eighty million records in his career spanned seven decades us nor was best known internationally for the seven hundred seventy s.
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hits she and the old fashioned way there's no tasha buffet reports he never forgot his a million. died again. his voice was distinctive full of warmth and often drama his songs could be upbeat melancholy and nostalgia. of all was one of france's most versatile and famous performers singer songwriter and movie actor he recorded a thousand two hundred songs and starred in world in eighty films and t.v. shows in a career that lasted nearly eighty years. as a novel was born in paris in one thousand nine hundred twenty four his parents a settled in france off to fleeing the mass killings in armenia many of his songs recalled growing up as a poor immigrant in one nine hundred forty six he had a lucky break french sing it if piaf was so impressed with his talent that she took him on tour. from there his career took off not just in france but around the world
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he told relentlessly and in twenty seventeen he was awarded a star on the hollywood walk of fame not important for you remember forty three and brought round to nor got my work will remember. despite his success the singing never feel caught his on the news groups he dedicated his spare time to helping the country and became a figurehead for the armenian diaspora. as novel died to tell him in france aged ninety four it returned from a tour in japan and was preparing for shows in europe until the very end his ardent passion for life that fueled his desire to perform and installed fans. and this is all just here at the use of the top stories emergency workers in indonesia have rescued a man trapped under rubble since friday's earthquake it was found in
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a cavity under a building that collapsed in the tsunami that followed recovery efforts are taking place across central sulawesi province eight hundred forty four people are confirmed dead international aid being sent to the region the u.n. says almost two hundred thousand people are in desperate need of help in some areas more than eighty percent of buildings have been damaged or destroyed. spanish police and demonstrators have been fighting in barcelona most catalonia marks the first year since a banned referendum on independence adeline's voted for secession but spain's central government said the poll was illegal protesters want the regional government to keep pushing for a separate state. and if you know when i was going to stay i knew it was important to do something today because throughout this year we have not made much progress the cash led government has not done much and we had to tim and for cash land republic when i knew it would be so very deep in the year since october the first
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we voted then regardless of all the obstacles imposed by a fascist oppressive government that did nothing but assault innocent people who went only with the ballot paper in hand the deadline has passed for the village of palestinians to leave their homes before the israeli forces move in better ones in qana la motta were ordered to pack up by midnight on monday israel wants to demolish the village in the occupied west bank to make way for more illegal jewish settlements u.s. president donald trump has hailed the new united states mexico canada agreement as the most important trade deal in america's history it will cover one point two trillion dollars worth of trade all three countries are calling it a win and i said only as prime minister plans to press ahead with a parliamentary vote on changing his country's name to the republic of north macedonia a public referendum on the issue on sunday was invalid because too few voters turned out the government hopes the name change will end a long running dispute with greece which has its own problems called macedonia
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those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the streamed live from the. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century and they are look we are war climate change and technological destruction they seem reality whatever it is they have to fear is not in me it is in the people of your god and hear their story on talk to hell just. emily could be in the string reso had to the polls on october seventh to vote in the first round of general elections out of sparks polarizing debate about the presidency on the streets and online currently the two leading candidates are joanna belsen r.-o. of the social liberal party and fernando had the workers' party will speak to a panel of journalists about how they have been covering the process but first we
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heard from our resilient community on why they support their candidate. the president our support in the upcoming presidential elections is called war and we're going to from portugal because he's the only one who brings an actual fresh new start for brazil in politics his support of the liberal as a center was a shadow because they're both social movement leaders that have struggled for democracy social justice and human rights on the ground with the people well i'm voting for bush. and he's a very bad person and a very bad candidate but i'm voting for him only because there is a shot that he would decentralize for the republic and will not keep the corruption machine working like the major parties has been doing the day that i support is wrong with from moving parts which is the new party just in two thousand and fifty and that's why i support him because he's the only true outsider in this election.
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the divide in brazilian society was on display this weekend on television some of the candidates sparred over policy and personality by the divide was also on the streets and several protests around the country both supporters and opponents of the controversial can eventually air boats and auto took to the streets marching and chanting our producer beatrice christa pharo sent us footage of one anti both an auto protest in sao paolo on saturday where people marched under the hush ellen now or not him about protests people shouted you can cry women will take you down. to united women will never be defeated.
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they chanted wilson or oh you fascist women will put you in line. feminism is revolution. and some protests are shared why they came to be heard ah. ah . on sunday supporters of wilson are also took to the streets chanting their name for him mito are legend.
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one protester explained why he's convinced wilson r.-o. is the best candidate. lots to discuss today and to help us with that wall is washington correspondent for global news and bremen germany rafael subgoal garcia is an independent journalist he's normally based in brazil and in sao paulo more you see or somebody you see is the brazil correspondent for the associated press welcome to the stream everyone let's begin with what brought so many people out onto the streets these past couple of days how what is it about well scenario that has elicited such large scale
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protests against them and then smaller scale but still sizable protests in support of him well i think it is show how polarized presuming is right now that he's a cool saying it's actually the whole the brazilians are united against the idea that the whole political class is corrupt but why bring a lot of people against most of our industries is like because since he was he came he became a congress man in the beginning of it in ninety it's he's being very controversial he makes a very offensive remark my remarks against women against black people against gays. and he is being in that time over there here ready defend in the back and they return to the military dictatorship in brazil which will resume full sixty four to eighty five in was a very dark mall. much in brazil what a lot of the abuse of human rights in torture here ready defended torture is being the fading in spreading violence and he was recently just
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a victim of violence he was a stand so i think people are united against this idea of hate and intolerance and then daughters they want to vote a lot of people like you are saying one of the one of the voters there in the say he i'm voting for also not oh i hate him but i voted for him because he's a better a lot of people voted for bill so that i can see that in my family it's voting actually for two protests the other side they don't just vote it's not necessarily a boat in sure they don't see the party they are against right now that is a worker's party duwayne rule of spidey. raisin in the polls like we are seeing their candidates now growing in the polls and so does a protest as a fault for protests speaking of protests where you see oh i know that you were out at some of the protests and sao paulo this weekend what were people telling you what are you hearing. well those people that were protesting on saturday they were
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really upset was also not about they were also trying to push their candidates forward that means most of the left leaning candidates in this race and some centrists as well oh of course this was a movement led by women but political parties also wanted to enjoy some some of the electoral dividends of this process you see in the last few days of the campaign trail the candidates using nearly unknown and that has taken their t.v. programs or their internet material as well so i would say that the leaders of the movement were women because of the bosal not alleging that the so aggressive against women in the last years or so but the political parties have also seized the opportunity to try to drive bush from out of out of the out of the runoff that is tragic for the eight of course there is there are slim chance that happens because this works for bush not in the polls is still very high but they're trying to throw some last punches just see if one of these other two this can take his
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place in the world so even to the aggressive agenda against women and i want to share with our audience exactly what that looks like for many people this is one who tweeted and hundreds of thousands of brazilian women protested over the weekend to say i am now against a politician running for president who has publicly called women ignorant to ugly to rape and undeserving of the same salary as men and they share some photos taken by reuters rafael what is it been like to witness this campaign. well. it's interesting that like you'll say that the polarization in britain that is taking place in brazil is important to have in mind we're not talking about extremes. on one side and also not on the other side the from different goals but it's not extreme the workers' party. that had blogs is not an extreme left political party though also not as from the extreme right but this election what we see is a lot of people voting against
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a candidate they're not exactly voting for someone they want but they're forty for someone they give someone they don't want you see thousands of people who take to the streets to protest i also know in a lot of them of the for the workers' party not because they do support them they have a lot of criticisms people from the left they have criticisms i was a workers' party but they actually have to fault they think they have to vote for have died in order to prevent. from waiting to borders off the right also are doing the same support. not just to prevent the workers' party from coming back again and corruption is just the background because you have. political parties for update on both sides so now there's some new announces i guess was another baby by bay here ex-wife there still has the country still has to investigate it's all of their news from the past few days so this is pretty much an election of polarizations of two very different sides don't necessarily stream
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sides. in people halting to prevent the other from we so i want to show what some of that polarization looks like and this is sarah who tweets so sad to see some of my friends dismiss their candidates racist massada nest homophobic sexist comments as unfortunate and equally sad that they say that the important thing is that he will eventually do good for the country when the guy has no consistent government plan and they're using the hash tag against an r o on the other hand though there is this week from michael who seems. not to just be doing a protest vote but he's actually pretty excited about a candidate michael says very excited about the prospect of a presidency but very afraid of the near end of it a belief of the military coup so interesting to put excited in that thought of potential to. break this down for us what do we know about how dodd well the problem would have bad right now is that he's very connected with lula which is a president the brazilian president just sent to jail
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a few months ago and he was the mayor of san paolo. some people like him but a lot like you are saying he's so people thing there for him in order to advance he would have to disconnect himself to from lula in order to be. to be the next president of the thing is both of them are completely very unpopular and they're going to have trouble governing after it because they need to make coalitions with congress in order to go over and they're going to have to make their alliances over there in. this thing with how that is. until now he wasn't a candidate who was a vice of lulay and they use luna's image to appeal for a day or forwarders especially in the north and now the president james to the former president being put in himself as a candidate even though the electrode just says he would not allow that to happen so that is drawing on the pools in this is a scaring
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a lot of people this is why you see what is going oh a lot of people doing disparate right now it seems interesting that you mentioned you mentioned disconnects in their memory so i want to go to you with this because disconnecting himself from but we saw a jail time endorsement result a former president to imprison. endorse this candidate so that seems like a disconnection that it will be hard to make what's your take. i don't think how don wants to make that this connection because that's what makes him so powerful at this moment or like new or not is a political genius of what this process has shown is that he has managed to organize brazil's elections from jail which is just quite amazing but the book concerns that most people have done a sara lee meaning that they will end at the end of the election problem is after the election and there's due to the illegitimacy issue because what's the matter
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has already suggested he will not recognize any results unless he wins and if the workers' party loses they will say well if i had been allowed to run we would have won the election and that makes this election throws well so we're now looking into an election that somehow at least what the poll suggests is tipping toward so i doubt because of the rejection that. few days but it doesn't mean that the election will end resource for your longer the political process the next day as many people express can be a very troubled as well and a headline here for what you just mentioned resells was not all says he will not accept election result if he loses so it's something to look forward to it this has already been pledged. your take on this because that that means almost one that there's a guarantee then that we will see a runoff and two if this happens what does that mean for president. well that tweets that he showed about a military coup is something there are
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a lot of people was really afraid in brazil right now that it might. take place another another coup there's one side you have also now with the support of a lot of military high office in ranks. or supporting his bicycle his mice i really mean his i started it was difficult for his presidency is a general he's a retired general who actually declared dead he would support the idea of. who if there is an iraqi in the country after an eventual also no election if the other side you have. this sort of puppet that's what a lot of people has some criticisms or something to say about that because he's not read it and didn't lay is that it is just the puppet and the military would not accept a victory of a puppet or a victory of someone who was actually in jail because. hoffman is the president of the workers' party repeated lee said that they were going to set live free if they
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win so they'll make a lot of seconds. so i was just going to tell you that does break the news of every every moment there's rick it seems the running mate for a lot of just said it will accept election results just a few minutes ok. and that i had to. so it's just amazing yeah i like to thank you so much for bringing that and it shows really just the fast paced nature of this and i'm going to go back to you but you mention puppet or that some people say that had that is a puppet others say the word i want to share this kind of we got in live from sammy who says why are people only talking about will snarl and had dad had that has alliances he's a doll and all this hand but this this this comment here seems to bring up the fact that there are a lot more candidates in this race than just those two it's a crowded field what do you make of the other candidates. well. you have some
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let's say interesting candidates from all bases from left to right right and you have for the center left you have seen you have my ina on the center right you have family who have all come in which is was the governor some problem but the thing is as the country is really polarized it's normally people are just going to this also not all too long to have that i was going to say a little bit going to have that as the only two viable options because as i said they're not exactly voting for someone they want their whole to against the other so these other candidates over ten different candidates we have a guest thirteen correct me if i'm wrong but i guess we have thirteen candidates. they really don't stand a chance because really the country is voting against someone and this look and so they have said they had an m.a. to presidential they may have to and they were and they are their candidate so as actually using that as arguments to try and get their chance to go to the second round and you were saying that let's not go with trains let's not the radical to
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the right or radical to the left we have options and they were proposing themselves as there's our sense here but there's a stream of. discourse somewhat exaggerated because of her not to have that job though. it belongs in the workers' party which has moved further laughed since two thousand and sixteen when president dilma rousseff was impeached it's hard to say that a party that's played elections and governed for such a long time is anti democratic in the way when we talk about terrible sin out of skin to see which is a new thing there are reasonable concerns based on things that he said in the past about one of the dictatorship what but of but also about what he would do if you were elected president and that's also why i don't that there's not a common element in foreign politics but here we we measure something we call rejection which is how much we don't want someone to be president and it's thirty
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seven it's. about thirty percent also matters it's about forty six forty five forty two different full so if you get one of the forty percent of the boat that's basically impossible to get elected and before that in two thousand and sixteen when brazil was living in the political crisis impeachment of that. fifty seven percent a rejection so let me present. it is very likely that the workers' party of the suv or whatever would have a very slim chance of winning but now that rejection of the most reliable some out of the other candidates that are also part of this race and many say oh and by helen i love that insight there thank you for the idea of a rejection poll that is not something that everyone would be familiar with but i also love hearing your take because you are all journalists covering this and so you kind of have a bird's eye view unfortunately just like in the u.s. and other parts of the world that doesn't necessarily mean that the populace trusts what you say and what your your your audience is they don't necessarily agree with
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what you are reporting so many people in brazil are worried about the spread of rumors and lies being passed off as news take a look at this something but as you surprised me because i want to ask you is a specific is a common. button which you hamas which came to this is not somebody just my space was going to say be happy to see. your column have. a couple going to. be your cup of but as you know so from us the. chief good human there's no way so newsrooms around brazil are monitoring what's really become a birol spread of disinter mention in the run up to this election a project called come pro body take a look at my laptop here it's bringing together twenty four different brazilian media outlets to fact check and to verify information on the instant messaging giant whatsapp you heard him mention just right there the group has. publishing
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power as well so three newsrooms must agree to the facts of any election related story before it's allowed to be published so keep that in mind because we got this live comment from sammy on you tube he says the media is manipulating resilience with big news. it's also that us message is a little like with saw here in the united states he thinks that when we we save facts when we say we reproduce the things he was saying before i guess we may like he would rape a congresswoman because she says you wouldn't rape her because she was. he says that the media is being unfair to him in a lot of these is fake it's fake news but we actually reproduce in effect it's a big problem he's the candidates that come things are also helping to promote fake news but that is a big camping in brazil against fake news like they hire a lecturer couric and frizzy you is staking different of these with other parties
1:42 pm
more than thirty i think it is joy. for it's facebook. is also part of an effort the u.s. is sending at the u.s. i'm sorry i think things from washington are going to brazil to see the impact of fake fake news could have. actual over there in their higher courts in brazil already said it election in the constitution will have a provision to say an election could be cancel if it's proved that result was influenced by fake news so it's a big issue and like you were saying what's up in brazil i think about south of the second biggest market for. in the world to claim that a lot of fake news information get in our hands i receive from my family group or from my friends a lot of information that are not true and they asked me to check this information and the answer is always no i didn't write it because you know what's good coming through and what's out there you see i see you nodding you're your head. seriously
1:43 pm
what the electoral court's this is fake news has been the bundle to brazilian politics since well first of all so now those supporters are spreading those more than but not as you would see it differently but the workers' party supporters have also done that in the past and present other supporters of other candidates at them the same this is been an election that has been tainted by the news from the beginning to the star from the beginning to the end i doubt this is going to have a little impact i'm sure that it's going to be big it's already big now but in the last weeks before the vote there's usually a huge amount of the news you can in previous elections with not what's up with what used to come when email it's time for them to expose the fourteen to knowledge comes of what's up much more quickly i think this is still going to have a bigger impact than we're seeing no and that journalism is being attacked in brazil that's for sure whatever news is them a g two especially. you're going to see a lot of support just protesting against journalists if you're sternal is i'm not
1:44 pm
trying to establish through just the journalism which is risky for democracy but i want to share just two comments from people as we head into the election this is what some voters are thinking about nicole says this election is a true battle between left and right it will set the tone for generations do we want a quality or do we want private profit that only benefits the top another person on that same theme this is jamal who says we need to tackle corruption nothing will work if we can't trust the people who are supposed to represent us they're using the public money for their own benefits they live like royalty which is unacceptable so corruption being among the campaign issues that people actually want to hear about crime unemployment being others rafael employer casting in your crystal ball for us what do you see ahead leading to the election and then between the election and the runoff which is do october twenty eighth. well just one quick comment about that about fitness. to media is being attended attacked in brazil is
1:45 pm
really under attack but at the same time a lot of a lot of times when you girl in trying to check information this information is available it's behind a paywall so it's easier for people to actually believe in what they do what's out because the way they try to check the information when they do try to do so it's behind a paywall so they have to pay to have access that information but concerning the elections from now on. probably more polarization probably more of the only candidates losing votes every new ball you have every couple of days three days you have the other candidates losing votes and i doubt endorse one out of both growing at the same time that the rejection rate of both of them also grow. and i just see maybe a scenario of via political violence in the future it is possible with this there is a ship with demonstrations people taking to the streets to show how discontent they are really will up well it's now but i hate to end on the had to note but i have to
1:46 pm
because that's all the time we have for now thanks to our gas and our community for being part of this conversation and it's one we will be keeping an eye on so until next time we'll see you online. on counting the cost why iraq is failing the power off its electricity grid calls for consumers to wake up to what goes into making coffee plus as google phones twenty one search engines it's. counting the cost on al-jazeera. cape town water running out to fuel for. he said people should use no more than fifty liters of time water per person per day. about
1:47 pm
a third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one you can see in about four percent of the water for generations they've already been collecting it and communal taps all sources say the city will reach daisy on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal councils stay on. the city's taps of fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. gallup where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the province has suffered the worst droughts on record. water saving measures have already postponed a zero bytes three months everyone here is hoping the winter will see bring enough rainfall to make sure they never thought. they were around. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were.
1:48 pm
decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. they gang within on al-jazeera. a survivor is pulled from the rubble of indonesia's quake and tsunami desperate rescue efforts continue after the disaster which has killed more than eight hundred people. come about this and this is all just here
1:49 pm
a live from doha also coming up. violence in barcelona as demonstrators mark the first anniversary of a banned referendum to split from spain. palestinians in the west bank village of qana brace for the demolition of their homes. at the tate modern. after together to reveal the new about migration that's hidden and. emergency workers in indonesia have rescued a man trapped under rubble since friday's earthquake it was discovered in a small cavity under a building that collapsed in the tsunami that followed recovery efforts are taking place across central sort of ways the province eight hundred forty four people are confirmed dead a toll expected to rise substantially international aid being sent to the region
1:50 pm
the u.n. says almost two hundred thousand people are in desperate need of help jamila an indulgence in the port city of on so the ways the island give us an indication of the scale of the problem that the government is trying to deal with there. well robyn spoken to rescuers here those who are trying to make their way to fallujah and i believe that the full scale of this devastation has yet to be realized that is because logistics and security remains to be a critical issue as you know getting to follow it so the airport is difficult not only because of logistics not only because a portion of the airport is broken but also because so many civilians are trying to flee or are waiting by the airport desperate for a need food water and medicines and this is what makes it difficult we've spoken to local officials basically those who are representing different organizations and what they would like to see is security in the airport to ensure so that indeed can
1:51 pm
come in very quickly rob the situation is similar for those who are trying to make their way by land basically even getting access to follow by land is tricky many operations are happening at this point but like you said the man who was arrested here today there's so many men like him that number is expected to go up but now this is really a race against time three major issues here getting logistics sorted out security and of course retch rescue and she will operations from jimena as we were mentioning before there's been a call for international help to try to deal with this situation is there any indication that any of that aid is it released arriving on the island before it's transferred to where it's needed well we what we know is that there are groups there already have come in ahead that the military is working closely with different organizations that they are also taking bringing in members from the
1:52 pm
different aid groups but also to evacuating civilians but again at the end of the day this airplane is going to really go it needs to move very fast in order for more to come in you know the thank you very much indeed. spanish police and demonstrators have been fighting on the streets of boston on eyes catalonia marks a year since a band referendum on independence had voted for secession but spain central government said the poll was in the go reports. right police confronted hundreds of pro independence protesters at the main door of the catalan parliament in barcelona late into the night. these demonstrations fall to marched up police say a truck of more than hundred eighty thousand people earlier in the day tens of thousands marked the first anniversary of the failed bid for secession from spain bringing parts of their wealthy northeastern region home to seven and
1:53 pm
a half million people to a standstill and i know it is what. it has already been a year from october first we voted regardless of all the obstacles posed by a fascist oppressive government that did nothing but assault innocent people who went only with a ballot in hand today we go out to claim that we did we defeated the spanish state by being able to hold and when a referendum spain's constitutional court declared last year's referendum illegal on the day of the referendum spanish white police stormed polling stations across the region and clamped down on protesters hundreds of people were injured the violent crackdown brought international condemnation the cattle and assembly officially declared independence on october twenty seventh but it was not internationally recognized the spanish government dissolved catalonia as parliament and imposed direct rule. a year on pro independence catalans want their declaration of independence to be recognized there also demanding the
1:54 pm
release of jailed government ministers and civic organization leaders who are at the helm of the failed secession drive but if it was it was important to do something today because throughout the sea it was not made much progress the catalan government hasn't done much to tend to make the catalan republic or to make an illegal referendum. madrid's direct rule of catalonia ended in june when petro sanchez replaced prime minister mariano wholly in a vote of no confidence sanchez as against independence but its approach is softer than that of his predecessor his government agreed to move jailed cattle and politicians out of prisons in madrid to ones in catalonia behaviorally feeling there will be an election apache essential is actually good news because he has a softer approach is open to dialogue but it's not clear if he has specific political objectives or he can result situation because he just doesn't have a parliamentary majority. the promise of talks between the spanish and catalan
1:55 pm
leaders has yet to come to fruition so for these demonstrators the fight for independence remains in the hands of the people. on al-jazeera. the deadline has passed for a villager palestinians to leave their homes under orders from israel that ends in qana and ahmad were told to pack up and leave by midnight on monday israel wants to demolish the village in the occupied west bank to make way for more in the grand jury settlements a mistake international says it's a war crime to forcibly remove them are a force that has more from qana lamarr. well he has seen many deadlines come and go in the past it has managed to cling on to his existence by various legal challenges in the past but those legal options have now all been exhausted and this latest deadline by which the israeli army had given the residents of this village until the end of october the first to demolish their own structures has now passed
1:56 pm
so it does now appear to be just a matter of time until israeli forces come in that is certainly the message that we're getting from villages here themselves we spoke to one family and the the grandfather of that family saying that this time it did seem different the grandmother saying it was incredibly difficult having to put her grandchildren to bed and having them come to her asking her is tomorrow going to be the day that the israeli forces come and from now on any morning could be that morning when they do come in and start to take this village apart why it is so important both to the israeli side and the palestinian side is largely about territory this doesn't lie within the settlement plans known as each one plans that area for extended illegal settlement building that that is still in the works but it does live very close to those borders and there are other bedouin villages other bedouin communities in this area as well and so this is seen as potentially the first of
1:57 pm
a domino effect if it does go allowing israel more easily to extend the settlements around the eastern part of jerusalem at which would bring jerusalem even more with illegal settlements and also potentially cut the northern part of the west bank off from the southern parts of palestinian say that this is very important because it could really define what happens to the potential of a future palestinian state now though it does seem just a matter of time until israeli forces move in. the health ministry in gaza says israeli gunfire has wounded thirty seven palestinians at a protest on a beach thousands of palestinians gathered near the london scene in front here with israel to demand their right to return fisherman raised palestinian flags to protest against the book aid of gaza and fishing destructions by israel. still ahead on al-jazeera waiting for her next meal the aid groups struggle to reach
1:58 pm
millions of yemenis facing famine plus. bolivia and chile go to court over an ocean dispute that dates back to centuries. hello again it's good to have you back this hour i do want to take you first over here towards turkey if you notice here on the satellite image all of those clouds pushing through that was our very persistent system that brought a lot of rain and some flooding across much of that area the good news is we are beginning to see that system really to fall apart we can pick up with some residual rain showers across the northern coast of turkey over the next few days but they were not expected to see any more progression of that rain as we make our way here towards wednesday temptress along the eastern med staying into the low thirty's for most areas aleppo at thirty one thirty and jerusalem is also seeing about thirty
1:59 pm
degrees for you here across much of the gulf all things about seasonal for this time of year we have a lot of clouds out into the arabian sea but here across much of the gulf so hot thirty seven degrees for you here on tuesday abu dhabi about thirty six not really changing but over towards riyadh a little bit warmer than average with a temperature a few of about thirty seven and then as we make our way down here towards the southern part of africa we are seeing some rain showers beginning to push into cape town now was a little bit warmer but now is that front part pushes then we are going to see those seventy winds come into play as well over here towards durban we're going to sing about twenty eight degrees but that is going to be dropping down to about eighteen with johannesburg also seeing mostly cloudy a temperature of twenty six. twenty five years after the signing of zero world tells the behind the scenes story of norway's rule in the oslo accords they wanted to have what they phrase in the
2:00 pm
ability and reveals how secret negotiations were skewed. misread in everything that's come out and why there's still yet to deliver on so much that was promised the prions of all slow an al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour workers in indonesia arrested a man trapped under rubble since friday's earthquake it was found in a cavity on the road building that collapsed in the tsunami that followed eight hundred and forty.


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