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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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center was actually serious sure there was a major operation in north of france and a few people have been arrested and the french authorities have not provided a lot of details but according to the existing data it seems that the person in question yeah you are so mean or has been arrested as connection to the islamic republic and he is also known for his anti semitic views so at the moment a lot is happening and of course there is no clarity who exactly was behind basically these failed june operation of course the iranian authorities are completely denying any involvement in in june in paris what according to the french authorities probably some elements of the ukrainian state this could not be necessarily part and parcel of the government for example this could be something
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connected to i.r. do you see that evolution to guard or any other segments of the islamic republic but according to them one segment of the islamic republic was behind a failed attack and it seems that there are very serious to make the iranians accountable for ok so as far as the timing of this then as you say it is it is curious given that. this is trying to to shore up support with with the european allies to keep to keep these to keep trading with them so what does that tell us then about the leadership in iran and the competing factions there could could this have been the work of hard line. elements who are have been opposed to the iran nuclear deal from the beginning. because of course if you look at kind of the wider picture of rainy and government i'm talking about the segment of the state which is represented by president rouhani order for and secretary mr serry they have no
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interest whatsoever to create this kind of controversy in the center of europe after all over the last four or five years they have been constantly saying that actually this the old this nuclear deal is the biggest thing that could happen to iran in in in the situation and certainly over the last eighteen months since president trump has come to power they have been desperately trying to preserve it in one way or another of course the pressure is mounting on them and the hardliners now blaming them and they say see we told you you should not trust the europeans you should not trust the americans but despite all these pressures the government president rouhani is desperately trying to to preserve soft course we don't have any clarity whatsoever but again i wouldn't be entirely surprised if this operation which again we're still don't know
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a great deal about was conducted or organized by a segment or i.r.g.c. or deliver lucian to guards in alder to undermine the credibility of the iranian government but again this is primarily a speculation we can't con a pool with one hundred percent but again as i mentioned if you look at one of the wider picture the government the president the foreign secretary in iran have no interest whatsoever to undertake that kind of action so again based on the evidence it seems basically disses once again a perfect manifestation or even a knee and factionalism iranian political factionalism. in practice when various segments various. factions of the state can of compete not only on the internal states but also on the extend the estates we can actually have a profound impact and profound consequences for the country in the short and long
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term future afshin shay good to speak with you now as the fighting in yemen gets worse so does the cholera the disease has tripled in her day there since fighting escalated in june the strategic port is at the center of a fierce battle between the saudi iraqi coalition and hooty rebels a save the children report says there were one thousand three hundred forty two cholera cases just in august up from fewer than five hundred in june according to the world health organization thirty percent of the cases are children under the age of five people in her data say the increased fighting in june it damaged the water supply which may have caused the summer spike in color about two but naga is spokesman for save the children he gave us a sense of how serious the situation in yemen is our team spoke
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to a mother of two who suffers from acute watery diarrhea and their whole family is forced to drink water from an open and a dirty well because they just don't have any other choice and her husband hasn't been paid a salary for over a year and so they don't even have enough money to buy the cooking gas to boil the contaminated water that they that they collect and this story is repeated hundreds of thousands of times across yemen this is not a unique story so we need to get clean water to these communities and to these families but we also need to urge the warring parties to come to the negotiating table in good faith and actually find a political solution because they're losing an entire generation of children. and about one million people in northern yemen are living in camps on the verge of famine they're in a hooty controlled area that the saudi iraqi coalition has been targeting making it difficult for aid to get in but as smith reports now from neighboring djibouti. you
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can safely bet with a spoon at the ready this girl is thinking of her next meal but she doesn't know when it will be where it will come from in northern yemen as many as a million people are living in camps beyond the reach of aid groups while yemen isn't officially in a state of famine it must feel like it here. lunch has been cooking for two hours and it's not ready yet we have no gas or proper firewood we're under siege and we have nothing some of these comes have been here for four years sprouting up as people escaped fighting in towns fell under who the control let's say i don't go to school because my father has no money to buy a sports and pings when i see girls come from school i get jealous i want to be a doctor aid agencies so a combination of armed groups checkpoints airstrikes and bureaucracy often make it impossible to reach these people. we appeal again to the international and humanitarian organizations to respond rapidly to the displaced people and effective
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communities many of whom sleep on the ground out in the open with no shelter from the summer heat or the called of the winter today's only mirrors a plate of plain boiled rice between the family and some days that's not even this it's nowhere near the amount of nutrition these children need if they're to have any chance of surviving through this conflict. the u.n. uses various calculations including the percentage of people dying from malnutrition when deciding when to declare a famine and there are three million children in new mothers in yemen battling malnutrition but declaring a famine makes no difference to people trapped in areas out of the reach of aid groups because of conflict they need a ceasefire and that might only come when the warring parties sit down and talk bernard smith al-jazeera djibouti. but people have been protesting in the yemeni cities. and i then saw is back to tell us what well yemenis have been
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speaking out against the severe drop in the value of their current scene the yemeni rail has lost more than hof its value since the start of the war in twenty fifteen but it recently took a turn for the was in fact it's a terrible loss to one of the poorest countries in the world and as a result that day the cost of living has gone up by two hundred percent and we're talking about basics like water and food already very hard to find in most parts of yemen and then you have a few shortage as the transport costs of course skyrocketed because of and if you want to have a listen here there are a yemenis that had to say well they had to feel about the situation. everything is related to the dollar it's a dollar goes higher people die here and suffer now we cannot afford to buy the basic necessities and medicine how long is this going to go on we did not doff in the war that we will die from hunger. no not in real suffering basically because of the actions of the coalition and the failed government they starved the entire
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population and where all the policies of the government where is the central bank strategy where is yemen's financial policy why hasn't corruption been targeted i was asking the government the coalition and the saudi king may go to punish you all leave us alone and go away leave a country yeah that's. the yemeni rio's exchange rate is back as it was before in two thousand and fourteen we demand the legitimate government to retire fix this economic situation we're not backing down and i want we're not backing down and i want. to i don't know how you know the coalition has read. the initial introduction on a humanitarian basis but they took a malicious turn starving their many people and fueling the civil enough is enough make no mistake the yemeni people will not give up. all the anger is quite palpable there but demonstrators especially in the south of been demanding that president abdullah wants what has he sank his government over its failure to improve the
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economy then on sunday heads orders an increase in oil exports and a pay rise for civil servants to deal with this currency collapse and then just a few hours ago it was announced that saudi arabia is injecting two hundred million dollars in c.m. and central bank of course in an effort to help shore up the weekend any real despite that though the future still looks bleak and economists believe it's also a result of bad economic planning but it's not the cause of the government pursued a wrong economic plan especially when it came to the devaluation of the currency and the printing of the yemeni currency that led to the black market in freefall of the currency. the problem occurred when the government started printing large amounts of money without the cover of foreign currencies and without any increase in exports and gross domestic product deliberately and knowingly this new production of printed money is not used in commercial activities or for the salaries of state employees as claimed by the had
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a government this newly printed currency is being used to purchase foreign currencies from the yemeni markets and this is what's called generating foreign cash at the expense of the purchasing power of the yemeni rio. oh all thousands are protesting on the streets others like artists. they are taking their concerns to social media to do so and here is a collection of those images that he's been sharing online he's a graphic artist there around the currency crisis is emmett images they tend to be blunt often critical of the media the u.s. and the sound coalition for the devastation in his country now sources in yemen tell us they're planning more process dates of this week and it's a story that we will be monitoring for you including all the latest social media posts from yemen hasn't. thanks are now on sunday we did an inside story on yemen which was focusing on a glimmer of hope for talks to end the three year conflict to be back on track
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please do watch that episode if you have the time of the show titled can the u.n. revive talks to end the yemen war and that is on our web site now in malta a court has once again perspire on the trial of a german ship captain who rescues refugees in the mediterranean sea motors government says klaus peter rush commanded lifeline without a proper license he has denied this several other rescue boats were also held in the port of the letter all some are accused of the same violations to german politicians are calling on maltese authorities to release them volunteers or volunteers who worked on the boat say they won't give up the matter how many obstacles are put in our way with belief that it is. our our duty as human beings to not let others down out there. simply because they have a different passport they come from
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a different part of this world we have the means we as the e.u. have the means to accommodate these people and to find solutions for them and we as the sea rescue n.g.o.s also have the means to go out there and rescue them and it is brenda's that will be kept here while people every day out there in this internet are dying and if barker has more on the trial from of the letter. well the face of the embry lifeline is now in limbo proceedings here in the courts in valencia have been postponed until the end of the year the lifeline is one of three vessels that have been kept in port accused of violating their licenses by conducting illegal search and rescue operations in the mediterranean two vessels are here a third of the aquarius has been deflected sent to the port of bus say in the south of france what does this mean will it now means there are no private no n.g.o.s vessels on the mediterranean able to save lives and then of course
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a tremendous amount of anger and frustration amongst some of the crew of the lifeline court here today in the first seven months of the year around seventeen hundred people died trying to cross the mediterranean according to the united nations the number of people making this perilous trip is actually much lower this year roughly half the number of people the attempted to make the crossing back in two thousand and seventeen but a higher proportion of dying in the process and the result of this court case and the limbo that these vessels are now in maine that there are fewer ships able and willing to save lives and dozens of refugees stranded on another boat for over a week have been allowed to enter the letter but the rescue ship aquarius which had picked them up in the mediterranean is now stuck panama pulled its flag from it a week ago and so it's unable to sail or into the port aquarius is also likely to go through a long winding court battle like the other rescue boats. were earlier i spoke to
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neil files on the defense lawyer for captain klaus peter wright and director of human rights for the editors foundation i began by asking him if he's been told not to talk to the media. well the maddest it hasn't actually said that this is not for the sponsor and so on the media the maddest and warned about what exactly said the media everybody was at the once and that some statements might have been misinterpreted by the general public and by the persons who we have dressed in our comments during the last hearing we have an open relationship with the media at the court hearings are public and will obviously disclosed to anyone what happens in the both of the believe it's in the public interest whether or not contested the request as to what the contest is the fact that the expenses of the move should be borne by our plan and we contest this that the magic met the most of the agreed that the costs should not be. given the fact that the ship is under arrest from the
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court sense where the captain has been given not various ation by the maddest to come and go from more than up depending on the dates of the ports of things so or the technically he's bound to remain in mortal we find the request months ago whereby we are was the court that allowed the captain to go back home in between court hearings and that the quest was acceded to so in between go to the captain is always at home and he comes back to more than the ports hearings when at the moment we're just waiting for the authorities to the wants of the questions that we put to them slowing the exchange the e-mail exchanges between that that government and the more these government whereby emails are exchanged on the nature of the ships at the gates of education we request and that's it that is you present in courts the dutch government did not accept our quest to be present in court so that at the send them questions whereby they with on. the days on which they made their
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statements that that's authorities have not yet so far given us their place of the medicine is giving them another. hole in that in which they need to give us the answers we see that they replace the questions are central to the prosecution's case and even our defense i think the drive behind all of the n.g.o.s who are out at sea rescue refugees is the idea that misspeaking but that's the people living not assoc up. the only way for them to reach here ensures it with safety is by being disputed them essentially so these actions and only on the initiative are self funded funded by the general public who want to see that it is be given the opportunity to reach you in a safe manner and not on the day when it's time to make the work you say is that we're all not n.g.o.s out that's us we are migrants people will continue living in war zones people will continue sleep opposite usually and they will do their best
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to reach a place of safety what indios of doing out at sea making sure that people don't die as they attempt to safety so what they're actually doing is not encouraging people to leave but to simply making sure they don't die as they try to safety in files and speaking to me earlier they're now more on the plight of a refugee who made headlines earlier this year after it emerged that he had been living in kuala lumpur international airport for quite some time sort of tells more about while he's not tom hanks from the hollywood movie the terminal but his name is has an air con tied his syrian and he spent maybe seven months living at the kuala lumpur airport after he was given a three month tourist visa that just recently he got removed and placed in police custody has son had left saratov void the mandatory military service when he came to renew his passport and that's when the war broke out he refused to go home now has some was not ready hiding his day at the airport and said he had been actually
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very active on his social media accounts he was sharing sharing his daily stories using hashtags trying to keep up his morale such as my story has son and also the other hashtag he uses syria syrian struck at the airport capture his life through pictures and videos and in one of his videos he explains how the u.n. hasn't been helping him either. i was always under the impression that the organization who is supposed to help me are not doing so but it's totally different think when i finally get to be so documents is that these guys are not only not i'll be they are actively damaging me betraying and stab me in the back by we have false accusation is just to clear their names. these serious behaviors and actions lead to serious consequences it extends my any human living condition in the terminal i'm now the subject of online harassment and
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receiving thousands of hate racism and real threat messages and comments on social media now the choice of country is not a coincidence because mayor is one of the few countries in the world which grants syrian visa free entry on arrival but it's immigration she said the hot sun was over staying and also staying in a forbidden zone and therefore it was necessary for him to be removed no further details have been given to remains unclear what may have left what may have led rather in concerns removal and arrest now we will be following the story because he was quite average return we're not here from him soon but you can connect with us with the hash tag a.j. grit thanks our you can get in touch with us so we want to hear from you on all of these stories if you send your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter just use the hash tag a.j. news creator hamleys a.j. english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and you can send us a message on whatsapp if you like or telegram at nine seven four five zero zero zero
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one trouble one four nine. all right still ahead a little something extra for those of you watching us on facebook live a graffiti artist artist who's been dubbed thailand's banksy and ahead on the grid the ambitious plan in the democratic republic of congo to save cities choking on plastic. allegation about a bit of rain thrown off from the eastern mediterranean the cloud certainly suggests it's not seen any reporter thing significant but it's an indication of the activity now in the mediterranean as to see it and slowly changes however in the immediate future it looks pretty similar thirty in beirut but a cloud possibly coming from that side showers are still pretty rare but around in
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the caucasus and around the southern caspian with parts of iran they're going to be the focus next couple of days baghdad is at forty seven is kuwait so it's a nice slow drop in temperature the breeze is coming out of iraq a moving van not a particularly strong one you could really call some things across in the arabian peninsula but a cloud is possible around the coast of the mom but you cannot call it the cardiff anymore so not as warmed up and skies are blue in southern africa you'd not be looking to see spring rains and you'd see it and go to the fairly obvious. that comes out of namibia through botswana and particularly the eastern side of south africa now there's rain forecast to durban as the center if you like on wednesday and i think that could be quite significant look at the wind direction it's sort of also from some sort of get circulation always a clue that rain may last only a day and disappears eastwards.
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well i want to tell you about the top stories trending on our website dot com they
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see number one what's new in the u.s. canada mexico trade deal this was the story that broke yesterday of reaction and analysis on that still what that deal means the tsunami in indonesia that was our top story a little bit earlier. saudi economist who criticized. charged with treason this was an economist who had given his analysis of the. upcoming. saudi arabia. he is now facing charges in this. small there for you to go into on our website the top trending stories on dot com. now the check is planned that is the cole from the u.k. former foreign secretary boris johnson urging his party to ditch prime minister to resign may's vision for a break he made the comments at an event on the sidelines of the annual
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conservative party come. in birmingham johnson says the plan is an attempt to mislead british voters but his speech is being seen by some as a possible leadership bid the u.k. is set to leave the european union in march well let's get the latest now from lawrence lee who is live at the conference for a south. lawrence what more did boris johnson have to say there but he didn't even say anything that he hasn't said repeatedly over the weeks in his newspaper column i mean effectively what he did yet again was you can only stick the boot in suits into the prime minister's entire plan he merely portrays himself as in a sort of churchillian way a man who is defending the greatness of britain against against an evil empire frankly with the e.c. is the european union as as very hostile he at the moment thinks the prime minister's plan is basically surrendering to the french and the germans and the
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european union and he just says we should just get out and leave and it'll all be fine and so to his supporters he's passionate and swashbuckling and he and he filled the room and they got an evasion like reason they won't get tomorrow. because he's very charismatic but his detractors and there are very many say he's a complete fraud he has no attention to detail he didn't mention the border once in his entire speech which is the whole reason why it can't work properly because it's so difficult to resolve and he makes promises they can't keep so he can't be prime minister because he doesn't have the votes but what he can do is massively undermine the current prime minister and bring down her plan and in that sense he's still very important here is very much a kind of love him or hate him a figure in the not just in the country but it within his own party so what sort of pressure is this going to put on to resign may then. well i mean clearly massive she's speaking right there in the conference on the
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tomorrow wednesday i think i have to say that this is probably the most important british prime minister's speech for a generation or more clearly she has a part of the war with itself a british public is deeply skeptical of her entire plan a european union that's massively hostile and in so weak some will decide if it can do any business at all with the u.k. and she's got to say what her plan is for the future of the u.k. and its place in the world the entire british economy which some people say might collapse the rights and privileges of millions of produce citizens and europeans and anybody else who might want to come and live in live in the u.k. or travel to europe and i think overwhelmingly the point is she's actually got to get away from the platitudes and the meaningless comments that she's made over and over again over the months things like we have a plan it's the only plan that works with to do a deal it doesn't mean anything and plainly she hasn't got a plan that works at the moment and she's got to say something to convince
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everybody here and in the outside world things are moving yeah make or break speech for the british prime minister tomorrow we know you'll be following out for a slow and sleigh live in birmingham hour taking a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the palestinian village of hanna lamarr is still standing despite an israeli order for it to be demolished israel issued a deadline for them to leave by midnight last night but people there are still still there in defiance and supported by dozens of activists the israeli supreme court approved the demolition last month to make way for israeli settlements. at least twenty people have been killed and more than fifty injured in a suicide bomb attack on an election meeting in afghanistan the attack targeted supporters of a provincial council member in our province many of those killed are local elders the candid it was previously spoken about going after i saw in the region online
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giant amazon is giving three hundred fifty thousand of its workers a raise after weeks of criticism of how the company treats its employees now amazon says workers in the u.s. will now be paid a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour starting next month tens of thousands in the u.k. will also be paid more of this year's nobel prize in physics has been awarded to three scientists including a woman for the first time in fifty five years american arthur ashe frenchmen. and donna strickland from canada have been announced as the winners in stockholm created what are called op to call tweezers which allow scientists to examine molecules better and measure forces will ruin strickland developed a new laser allowing them to alter matter and improve eyesight. photograph of the french president emanuel mccrone posing with two young men during
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a four day visit to send martin has sparked a debate in france are is here to give us details while macron cause control received during his trip to the french territory of scent mountain after appearing in this picture here we've blurred a little bit for you. but the scene alongside a man who is really putting the finger up so with his middle finger the president was meeting families affected by last year's harken now the hash tag micron and see here is what people have been using that means that corn is embarrassing the country including in that is french far right these are money lappin who described the photograph as unforgettable she says there are no words to express indignation adding that france does not deserve this now the french president says the picture has been completely taken out of context he said that his goal was to help all of the young people of sent martin and i quote he said i love every child of the
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republic however foolish they've been he says. marion le pen rather is the far right and the far right the far fight is not the people some say that micron is trying to improve his credit rating and popularity since his proven rating this year went down and earlier we spoke to a senior research fellow at the global policy institute. sixteen months after coming to power to accumulate asian or good fortune an order city president macros look seems to be running out the fair the resilience of enron mr legal or you law. the latter performance of the french economy is of the controversial figure issues brought his popularity ratings down to the same low level as his palaces but michael is not the key it is strong for a parliamentary majority the division of your position we don't know him to stead
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of course and hope that is economic and labor reforms will pay off before the next presidential election of two thousand and twenty two what story that we picked up on social media so that's as nervous anything the think we haven't seen in your local area or even your country to have sex that is aging. thanks are now dozens of people in the democratic republic of congo die every year from flooding caused by rivers and sewage systems becoming blocked by plastic rubbish the government is now banned the manufacturing and sale are plastic bags and bottles but many people in the capital kinshasa say a lot more needs to be done catherine sawyer ports. this is bank on or an important river that crisscrosses. and a tributary to the contrary thought but look at it state after years of neglect and dumping of matter of the city's waste those who live in the township of colombo and
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i saw all the health and environmental hazards but moving away is too expensive it isn't any value don't get everything the local government is doing is not working the bridge is too low and the plastic to go out and every time they clear i'm always washes up. government workers sometimes collect trash and dump it in a landfill at the edge of town but this does not happen often or cover the whole city of twelve million people the local government has been trying to clean up the river it's a difficult task by limited resources but the more it remains cranked the more dangerous to those who live around it in january forty five people died in floods caused by the three of us. as gunnies father died when the river broke its banks two years ago he was trying to save a drowning childs. floods. we
12:35 am
are forced to relocate the bodies of my father and the child of never been found the government banned the manufacture and sale of plastic bags and bottles in july and give people till mid september to clear their stalks. in another of the city's townships he says banning plastic is well and good back or. even afford a war time material will lose our business it's also the government responsibility to make sure that our garbage is collected properly dispose. managing solid waste is not a challenge unique to. the u.n. human settlement agency estimates that two billion tons of solid waste are produced every year globally and in some african countries solid waste management is not a parity. suddenly dumping is the absolute it involves conflicts on the continent
12:36 am
to the extent that i mean refuse is done openly with a fix the help of individuals and more of this the weather cools the dogsleds. back at the town square cleans up he's walking space he sees he's playing his spot in keeping the city clean but also odds that those he pays to collect he's got beach loot probably trash it in bunk on the reef catching saudi al-jazeera kinshasa. just to remind you again about all the ways the you can get in touch with us here on news great you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter just use the hash tag a.j. news great our handle is a.j. english we're also on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one trip or one forty nine now on facebook live one of iraq's most popular instagram is has been killed and she is not the only fashion star to lose her life father will be here
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soon with some sports and we'll look at what's going wrong and manchester united is a special one not so special anymore. thank. you.
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all right now let's find out what people are talking about in sport today as far as and thank you so much josie radios rain as manchester united's boss looks to be on the rocks they face valencia in the champions league later looking to avoid a third straight defeat and there's already plenty of talk online about his future
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his relationship with some of his players looks to be in trouble as well he's admitted some of them have an attitude problem relationship with paul pogba is being closely scrutinized the pair appeared to ignore each other at training on monday last month reno said pogba would never kept in the team again and substituted him during united's three one defeat at west ham on saturday can be loving and be this the said this person in the world and you can be with you the very said series and you can be a fantastic actor and dean side of you you are very healthy so sometimes what you see is not what do gets students if they didn't. i seen. that some care more than others. you'll just know. marino's managed to do his predecessors and has led united to their worst start to
12:40 am
the league in three decades they've lost three of their seven games in the e.p.l. and are down in tenth place if they don't win a trophy this season it will mean a second straight campaign with out any silverware this after this all after united have made a net spend of nearly four hundred million dollars since he arrived in two thousand and six merino as always sparking a lot of traffic on social media and a lot of varying opinions this meant this man united fan tweeted pogba might have come through the ranks but no one is bigger than the club whether the back or not doesn't matter pogba can take a hike he's not bigger than manchester united here's another one you can put marino's career into two categories from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten the special one era elite achievements world class from twenty ten to twenty eighteen a tired manager with tired methods occasional flashes of previous brilliance but steady decline i here's a tweet from
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a desperate fan from africa i would always love to see manchester united win but unfortunately the situation is such that we need more losses for marino to leave a us a.p. well let's talk more about this with our lead welling's in london lee at it's never a good situation when it's the manager versus the star player who do you think is to blame. well i think they both have to accept some blame in this manchester united fans feel the both of the overall have a case to answer i'm intrigued by this idea of splitting james a marine career into two categories i kind of agree with that but maybe i would put it into three the initial special phase then perhaps a second phase worry it wasn't cheating quite so much i think a big turning point for him was how sour it when it chose the there were human relations issues there a cold case every behavior towards a team doctor and i feel from that point he became discredited in manchester united
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appointed him just around that time that may have taken on a man that they're hoping will produce past glories and show his reputation as one of the great coaches of world football but actually it hasn't happened you talk about the worst start for decades and marino whatever its players are doing has to be responsible for that for popal power it's such a modern play recently with nearly thirty million instagram followers over five million on twitter big influence off the page but actually what's given in that extra power is achieving with front of the world cup glory was outstanding and i think then coming back and not doing it for manchester united raises all kinds of issues marino would be aware of although marino insists they have sorted out the training ground disagreement we saw last week where a challenge him over an instagram post it just looks like a relationship is not going to end well doesn't it. do you think united are on the
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verge of sacking marino. well you much started a special club in this instance with how i go about the business business being the key word here owned by the glazes in america the very reluctant to make a change and you know it's a well by sight david moyes after one season but david moyes was in a lot of trouble throughout that season they waited with louis van all there was a point we realised that it wasn't working and i waited and i waited so i actually boast i might look trigger happy actually the record shows that i give someone until the end of a season can buy why this long this time well an international break is coming up and you doing feel the. joy is in or in your house to be judged on results and we might now be getting closer to the stage where even though i will have to think about what i really don't want to do is play compensation so him some of the joes i
12:44 am
might be happy with than to walk away. really well keep an eye on that me welling's reporting live from london we'll talk to you later and we'd love to hear your thoughts you can tweet me directly at f underscore s.y.l. hold me back with more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand she back to has an. thanks very much for the whole hour as you may have heard a.j. newsgroup was nominated for an international emmy for our coverage of the ongoing blockade against qatar the award ceremony was on monday in new york and our very own come our santa maria was there. hello news good please forgive the rather uninspired setting of my hotel room but it's very noisy at the awards ceremony last night couldn't really record anything. what an exciting night it was we didn't win but i can genuinely say no cliche it's yet being nominated being you know being recognised was
12:45 am
a tremendous achievement and i was so proud to represent news grid al-jazeera on this on this stage that the winners of i can't agree with sky news from the u.k. who did some tremendous reporting on the region rakhine state so absolutely no disgrace in coming in behind him an outcast agree and i should point out that under serious fault lines series did win an emmy for one of their programmes about donald trump's travel ban so different successful night for the channel and while we're talking positives it was fantastic to see some newsgroup regulars people like alan fischer and kimberly how could great to see them in person instead of on the other end of a camera and check this out because that measure doesn't reflect so we can see it properly international emmy awards nominee and i'll bring that back to the studio next week. it is just an honor to be on the take and then congratulations to the front lines team as well these are all the ways you can get in touch with us and
12:46 am
that is it for news grid for today join us here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred g.m.t. same time tomorrow. from cutting edge medical technology toxic venom could be. the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. and innovative solutions to global health problems.
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the q. one sufferer. helped to. libya is now up to talks everybody wants to have the. authority. to be. just from. the roots of the conflict and asks. the only. coming soon. they were. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. it's. decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within.
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the official death toll in indonesia jumps to more than twelve hundred as rescuers reach remote areas cut off by friday's earthquake and tsunami. hello there i'm joe hold this is al jazeera live from london also coming up suspected cholera cases almost triple in just three months as the fighting rages on for the yemeni port city how data. the democratic republic of congo has banned
12:49 am
plastic bags and bottles but is it enough to stop rubbish causing deadly flooding. and the nobel prize for physics goes to a woman for the first time in fifty five years one of a trio to win for breakthroughs in laser technology. rescue agencies in central indonesia say time is running out to find survivors after the earthquake and tsunami which struck the ways yolland four days after the disaster more than twelve hundred people have been confirmed dead mostly in the small city of palu at least sixty one thousand others are now homeless and in desperate need of aid and rescue workers have only just managed to reach dongarra close to the epicenter of the earthquake. has the latest now from the port city of my own little ways the island. a tsunami or blitzer rated the city of by
12:50 am
lou the full scale of devastation has yet to be seen so officials here say the death toll could rise that milly's are struggling to find missing relatives many don't even know where to begin. volunteers are working overtime to rescue those who are trapped according to the united nations almost two hundred thousand people are in need of urgent help food and clean water are in short supply hospitals across by lose juggle with the overwhelming number of those who've been injured and as survivors battled food and hunger the government says there are growing security concerns. there hasn't been any aid there's no food and no water and all these areas. while the dead many on the dead to fight will have to be buried in haste a difficult position even the government admits. one hundred therefore today we
12:51 am
have decided that all the bodies here have to be buried within the day or the bodies can be taken by their relatives otherwise we will bury them in a mass grave that has been prepared so today all the bodies should be cleared. the central sulawesi administration has declared a fourteen day state of emergency while president joe dodo promised to send in much needed supplies but these images are painfully familiar the two thousand and four tsunami killed more than one hundred seventy thousand indonesians after which the government promised to be better prepared so many question whether tsunami warnings and evacuation plans were followed small comfort for the people by lu were even those who are meant to help have become victims. get al-jazeera our south sulawesi and. thomas is in he sent this update on the
12:52 am
situation in and around the devastated city. this is a city that really has been destroyed virtually every building that i have seen has major damage smashed windows broken roof collapsed pillars they are everywhere you see ships where they shouldn't be on the wrong side of roads a good hundred meters away from where the sea as a return to this is a very dark city in every sense of the word obviously night time now but there's no power here and there is though a very surreal sense of menace you see a lot of soldiers a lot of police with guns there are regular reports that aid convoys at the looted raided before they reach the people they were heading for they've been diverted and the guards on those convoys artist try and stop that and make sure the eight get people we started to tee of post to which should have taken us under normal
12:53 am
circumstances four hours to get here to apollo it took us sixteen hours we left before dawn we got here well into the night and coming the other way over the mountain range through various landslides trying to make their way through worth thousands upon thousands of cars each with five six people on board trying to get out the exodus the evacuation of this city is very much on by road and apparently we haven't seen it but it's true of the other road exit points as well and of course at the same time to get even in the traffic jams that we were stuck in for much of chews day was heavy equipment water food doctors ambulances and they took hours to get here but they are getting here. a funerals been held for the air traffic controller who died after ensuring a passenger plane took off safely from port during the earthquake twenty one year
12:54 am
old antonio's gu no one stayed in position even as the control tower itself began to crumble around him the pilot has paid tribute to him he stay in his positions until the very last of my departure and until the tower was. shaking very bad and then once you make sure that the aircraft departed safely then he he jumped from the tower to the lower level that's what happened when he broke his arm and his legs and he did a very. actions he did his job professionally and i believe so that he should be honor i call him my guardian angels. suspected cases of cholera in the yemeni city of how data of almost tripled this
12:55 am
summer that's according to a report from save the children which says there were more than thirteen hundred cases of cholera in august that's up from fewer than five hundred suspects suspected cases in june well the port city is at the center of a battle between the saudi and erotic coalition and who the rebels residents say intensified fighting has damaged the city's water supply. is a spokesman for save the children he told us how serious the situation is on the ground. our team spoke to a mother of two who suffers from acute watery diarrhea and their whole family is forced to drink water from an open and a dirty well because they just don't have any other choice and her husband hasn't been paid a salary for over a year and so they don't even have enough money to buy the cooking gas to boil the contaminated water that they that they collect and this story is repeated hundreds
12:56 am
of thousands of times across yemen this is not a unique story so we need to get clean water to these communities and to these families but we also need to urge the warring parties to come to the negotiating table in good faith and actually find a political solution because they're losing an entire generation of children meanwhile hundreds of yemenis have protested in the south western city of tears they're angry about the rising costs of living and the fall in value of the yemeni currency the rio there were also protests in the eastern province of drum art these were broken up when soldiers opened fire on the crowds yemen's president months one hundred he says he's directed government officials to take urgent measures to improve the economy. when the war started in two thousand and fifteen the yemeni rio was worth two hundred fifteen to the dollar well since then it's lost more than two thirds of its value on sunday it reached eight hundred and thirty nine to the dollar and if nothing changes economists are warning it could even climb to
12:57 am
a thousand reals to the dollar in a matter of days meanwhile inflation has sent the prize of basic goods soaring in the main cities goods have risen by two hundred percent the prices of fuel and transportation have also suffered a spike the war has damaged the production and export of valuable commodities like oil which make up eighty percent of yemenis yemen's budget farms factories and companies of also shut down or slowed their production. it's exacerbated the country's preexisting food crisis unicef says twenty two million of yemen's twenty nine million population now need some form of humanitarian assistance and i know martin you know i mean. we the systems are suffering greatly as a result of the actions of the coalition and the failed government they have starved the entire population what wrong has the average citizen committed where the policies of the government where the central bank strategy where was yemen's
12:58 am
financial policy they're all meant to starve the people why haven't they targeted corruption and the corrupt officials may god punish the government and king solomon leave us alone and leave our country and go away. and the. yemeni rio's exchange rate is back where it was before twenty fourteen we demand a legitimate government by the return of already the economic conditions we're not backing down and we're not backing down any will. how do. you know the coalition has radically changed course they entered our country in the first place on a humanitarian basis they have now taken a malicious turn starving the yemeni people and fueling the civil war enough is enough they must fear god make no mistake the yemeni people will not give up we will remain steadfast against the will of the coalition and all other sides. a syrian man who spent nearly seven months living in a malaysian airport to avoid mandatory military service back home has been taken into police custody and could face extradition to syria. was working in the
12:59 am
u.a.e. when the syrian war broke out in two thousand and eleven he refused to return when his passport expired and illegally overstayed until he was arrested in two thousand and sixteen cantarell sieved a new passport in two thousand and seventeen but was deported to malaysia where he remained unsuccessfully applying for asylum in a number of countries. at least twenty people have been. killed on more than fifty injured in a suicide bomb attack on an election meeting in afghanistan the suicide bomber targeted supporters of a provincial council member in one province any of those killed are local elders it comes ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for the for october the twentieth the candidate targeted had previously warned of the growing i still threat in the region. francis seized assets belonging to iran's intelligence agency after accusing it of being behind a failed attack on
1:00 am
a rally of dissident iranian exiles in june iran is accused of trying to bomb a rally of the national council of resistance obvious run taking place near paris an iranian diplomat was arrested in austria a month later the us president's lawyer rudy giuliani and several former european and arab ministers attended the rally in iran denies the french accusations. sharia is a senior lecturer in international relations and middle east politics at the university of bradford he says this news could not come at a worse time for iranian president hassan rouhani. the president on he went to new york last week there and actually when he came back to tehran claimed that he had a diplomatic triumph two more belies the europeans to friends.


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