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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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government to be behind something like this because of course if you look at kind of the wider picture the iranian government i'm talking about the segment of the state which is represented by president rouhani or the foreign secretary mr zarif they have no interest whatsoever to create this kind of controversy in the center of europe after all over the last four or five years they have been constantly saying that actually this deal this nuclear deal is the best thing that could happen to iran in in in the situation and certainly over the last eighteen months since president trump has come to power they have been desperately trying to preserve it in one way or another of course the pressure is mounting on them and the hardliners now blaming them and they say see we told you you should not trust the europeans you should not trust the americans but despite all these pressures
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the government president rouhani is desperately trying to to preserve saw force we don't have any clarity whatsoever but again i wouldn't be entirely surprised if this operation which again we still don't know a great deal about was conducted or organized by a segment or for i.r.g.c. or deliver lucian to guards in order to undermine the credibility of the iranian government but again this is primarily a speculation we can't con a pool with one hundred percent at least twenty people have been killed and more than fifty injured in a suicide bomb attack on an election meeting in afghanistan it targeted supporters of a provincial council member in nangarhar province many of those killed the local elders the candidate has spoken in the past of going after i saw in the region. a senior u.n. official says the killing of palestinian protest protestors at the gaza border fence
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by israeli forces is an affront to human rights the comments were made by michael link the special rapporteurs for human rights in the palestinian territories on monday thousands of palestinians gathered near the frontier with israel to demand their right of return they were fired on and thirty seven were injured more than one hundred fifty have been killed by israeli forces along the fence since the end of march in britain's former foreign secretary boris johnson has called on the conservative party to throw out prime minister to resign may's brags of proposals he says the checkers plan as it's known is an attempt to mislead voters made the comments in an event on the sidelines be an annual conservative party conference johnson has been critical of may's handling of bragg's in negotiations ever since he resigned in july don't be fooled by the suggestion that the e.u. will ultimately reject these proposals for this what they want above all is to demonstrate to any other country that might dream of following suit that you cannot
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leave the e.u. without suffering adverse political and economic consequences and what the check was proposed show is that the united kingdom for all its power and might and lit work with influences around the world for all its venerable parliamentary history was unable ultimately to take back control. all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back how brazil security forces get tough on gang violence in rio slum. an international gathering in kuala lumpur to discuss how to stop some many of us dying from cancer.
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have really should've been a bit of rain thrown off from the eastern mediterranean the cloud certainly suggests that any reporter getting significant but it's an indication of the activity now in the mediterranean as to see this lady changes however in the immediate future it looks pretty similar thirty in beirut but a cloud possibly coming from that side showers are still pretty rare but around in the caucasus and around the southern caspian the what part of iran they're going to be the focus next couple of days baghdad is forty seven is kuwait so it's a nice slow drop in temperature the breeze is coming out of iraq a moving van not a particularly strong one you could really call it so things are quiet on the arabian peninsula but a cloud is possible around the coast of the mom but you cannot call it the hurry for any more somalis warmed up and skies are blue in southern africa you'd not be looking to see spring rains and you'd see it and go to the fairly obvious. that comes out of namibia through botswana and particularly the eastern side of south africa now there's rain forecast to durban as the center if you like on wednesday
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and i think that could be quite significant look at the wind direction it's sort of also from some sort of get circulation always a clue that rain may last only a day and disappears eastwards. since its inception in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over one hundred countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development.
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but again you're watching al-jazeera manner of our top stories this hour more than twelve hundred people are confirmed dead after friday's earthquake and tsunami on the indonesian island of sumatra the military has taken over the local airport to bring in aid and move people who've been injured. france has seized assets belonging to iran's intelligence agency africa kucing it of being behind a failed attack in paris earlier this year that's according to diplomatic sources they say the intelligence unit tried to bomb an exiled iranian opposition rally in june the iranian diplomat was arrested in austria a month later. cholera cases in the yemeni city of the data nearly truck
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tripled this summer save the children report says there were more than thirteen hundred cases in august many of them children under the age of seven. more than sixty two thousand brazilians have died from violent crime in the last year breaking a record number of murders in the country that's largely because of rival drug drug gang. battling for territory but on a sanchez reports from rio de janeiro. thank you another military operation in the streets of rio this is what poor brazilians in hundreds of slums or favelas are going through day here day out i. think you see another genius is there living in fear gives us the answer that i need to track of there any shootouts before i leave my home sometimes i'm not able to go to work and the kids can't go to school it's not safe i preceded michele tomorrow thousands of soldiers and military police
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to break up organized crimes control of the favelas since the military intervention started in february more than eight hundred people have been killed in confrontations with security forces the military has been doing operations in favelas like this one for six months but human rights organizations say there have been changes but for the worse the number of shootings have increased by at least forty percent endangering civilians. even brazilians who live in protected compounds are afraid evie and ellen borgia's are ready to move to portugal with their fifteen month old daughter a morning just interviewing going to mean a fish i have seen robberies shootings thank you situations that i don't need to go through we live in a garden area but i don't want to live in this golden cage. the justice ministry says twenty one thousand persil ians left the country last year because of the violence. seventeen of priscilla's major cities are among the most dangerous in the world experts say the government is staking the wrong approach summing it up and
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getting to the real barrier that arguer still chooses to combat the drug trade with general repression and not by investigating the criminal organizations to track the money and the weapons. the violence has been growing since the economic crisis hit the country four years ago as a result sixty six percent of brazilians favor security operations but some say civilians in the slums are getting the wrong message see two warning don't get together if you position a tank in front of the favela and send in thousands of soldiers you are saying you are the enemy whether there is support or not we think this is illegal it is wrong and immoral. critics say military operations have always been unsuccessful but until a new president takes office in january they will continue and poor brazilians will have to live in the crossfire unable to be a millionaire sanchez i just see that clearly janay to namibia is holding a national conference where land distribution is expected to be one of the main
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topics of debate the government's been planning to transfer forty three percent of land to disadvantaged black citizens by twenty twenty twenty seven percent has already been redistributed according to one local union most of the farmland in the maybe is still owned by the minority white population. new couto be is a human rights lawyer in south africa he says the issue of expropriation is about addressing a colonial past in the region. namibia of course. we are debating now is a unique situation but at the end of the day we've got to look at land as a regional question rather than as a narrow national question the question of land in the media in south africa and in zimbabwe is still reflective of colonial power relations and that is the true issue that must be resolved so this is in fact the time that we in south africa way in the media and we in the bubble at debating how are we going to resolve the legacy
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of colonialism and how are we going to resolve the jordan legacy of certain colonialism and so it seems to me that we have to be focused on the broader question as to how is the namibia learned going to be resolved dozens of people in the democratic republic of congo die every year from flooding caused by rivers and sewage systems and that's because it's blocked by plastic rubbish the government is now banned the manufacturing and sale of plastic banks and bottles but many people in the capital kinshasa say a lot more needs to be done catherine so reports. this is an important river that crisscross. and a tributary to the congo river but look at it state after years of neglect and dumping of much of the city's waste those who live in the township of colombo and i saw all the health and environmentalists but moving away is too expensive.
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everything in the local government is doing is not working tool on the plastic to watch and every time they clear. up. government workers sometimes collect trash and dump it in a landfill at the edge of town but this does not happen often or cover the whole city of twelve million people the local government has been trying to clean up the river it's a difficult task by limited resources but the more it remains cranked the more dangerous to those who live around it in january forty five people died in floods caused by this river. as. father died when the river broke its banks two years ago he was trying to save a drowning child. every time a deer floods. we are forced to relocate the bodies of my
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father and the child of never been found the government banned the manufacture and sale of plastic bags and bottles in july and give people till mid september to clear their stalks. you supermarket. in another of the cities towns ships he says banning plastic is well and good bad or is are milan with our market we should be given affordable or automotive will lose our business it's also the government responsibility to make sure that our garbage is collected and properly dispose of. managing solid waste is not a challenge unique to d.r. congo the un human settlement agency estimates that two billion tons of solid waste are produced every year globally and in some african countries solid waste management is not a parity solid dumping it's not the lit it involves qantas on the continent to the extent that there are many references or with
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a fix the help of individuals and more of this. will to dog fights. back at the town square market cleans up he's working space he sees he's playing his part in keeping the city clean but also adds that those he pays to collect his garbage will probably trash it in bunk on a river katherine sawyer al-jazeera kinshasa. experts from one hundred fifty countries are meeting in malaysia to talk about the latest scientific breakthroughs on cancer the world health organization says cancer is the world's second biggest killer every six deaths in the globe is from cancer related diseases and it says a third of cancer deaths are result of our own behavior like smoking or drinking too much alcohol and eating badly up to half of cancers could be avoided with a more healthy lifestyle or science here are under is president of the union for international cancer control she says greater political world is also needed to
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address the problem. so what we're saying is as countries rise up the development index cancer becomes one of those diseases that is more prevalent and the absence of early detection systems so particularly screening for bell breast and cervical cancers and inherently the infrastructure to provide surgery right therapy and came with therapy manes that most people are diagnosed late and therefore don so we see the biggest. difference in something like childhood cancer where in a developed country the survival is between eighty and ninety percent and in the least developed parts of the world survival is less than twenty percent and those those differences are just not acceptable we say some political will around things like tobacco control and that's a really important strategy but cancer treatments acing as being too expensive and
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part of their treatment for campaign is to show that this economic benefits in preventing premature mortality for the social systems it's one cancer and other. things that tip people into poverty and they listen able to be productive citizens and in addition to that we also have a city cancer challenge that's running that shows how you can bring governments civil society and the private sector together to create solutions at a city level that really can make these treatments available at an affordable cost . amazon is giving three hundred fifty thousand of its workers a pay rise the company says workers in the u.s. will get a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour for next month and it's raising pay for employees outside the united states in the u.k. seventeen thousand employees and twenty thousand seasonal workers will be paid more amazon has recently taken criticism for running low pay high pressure reception
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centers and using contracts critics say are exploiting workers patty cohen has more from washington. this move by amazon could have an impact on the u.s. economy it's one of the larger employers here in the united states three hundred fifty thousand full part time seasonal workers and they're going to see a pretty sizable increase and they're also saying that those who make more than fifteen dollars an hour will also see a pay increase now the way those works here in the united states is there's a federal minimum wage that no company can pay our lee workers less than seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour some counties in some states and some cities have increase that minimum wage there but nationwide it's seven dollars and twenty five cents obviously fifty dollars an hour is quite a bit more than that has been under pressure to do this in part because the founder and owner of the company is basically the richest man in the world he's jeff bezos is worth hundreds sixty five billion dollars and amazon is a very profitable company in one quarter just last quarter they made two point five
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billion dollars in profits and so there's been a lot of especially progressive people say they need to lead the way they need to set an example they need to pay their workers more and attempt to address this wide gap of income inequality in the united states of this year's nobel peace prize in physics has been awarded to three scientists and for the first time in fifty five years a woman is one of the winners. and donna strickland of canada developed a better way to design lasers to allow them to old to matter including improving eyesight and i can also offer ashkan created what's called optical tweezers which allow scientists to better examine molecules and measure forces. this is algeria let's get a round up of our top stories more than twelve hundred people are confirmed dead after friday's earthquake and tsunami on the indonesian island of pseudo ways that
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figure includes dozens of children who died one month slides hit a church camp the military is taking over the local airport to bring in aid and move people who'd been injured andy thomas has moved from palm. it wasn't so much what we saw as we couldn't get to see that much through the dark gloom but we're literally it was what we smelled a pungent smell of decomposing bodies not all the bodies have been buried i can absolutely say that from the smell that we encountered as we got to roughly zero down near to sea level as we came into this city it's very dark city in every sense of the word the power is off there's no water and there is a real sense of menace as well as you drive through a cholera cases in the yemeni city of her day there have nearly tripled this summer save the children report says there were more than thirteen hundred cases in august many of them children under the age of five and it's been more fighting in her data since june as the saudi iraqi led coalition battles who the rebels of france are
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seized assets belonging to iran's intelligence agency after accusing it of being behind a failed attack in paris earlier this year that's according to diplomatic sources they say the intelligence unit tried to bomb an exiled iranian opposition rally in june one in diplomat was arrested in austria a month later u.s. presidents neuer really giuliani and several former european and arab ministers attended the rally at least twenty people have been killed and more than fifty injured in a suicide bomb attack on an election looting in afghanistan the attack targeted supporters of a provincial council member in one province many of those killed are local elders. britain's former foreign secretary boris johnson has called on the conservative party to throw out prime minister to resign may's brags of proposals she says the checkers plan is an attempt to mislead voters he made the comments at an event on the sidelines of the conservative party conference those are the headlines we're
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back in half an hour right now it's inside story. one year after a controversial referendum on capital on secession there are new governments in both madrid and barcelona but how much has really changed on both sides this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hemorrhaging june last year spain's government
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insisted that catalonia as vote for secession was illegal and sent paramilitary police to stop it when the caught a lot of regional parliament declared independence a few weeks later madrid imposed central rule some cuddle on leaders fled to exile others are in prison spain now has a new prime minister but most of the issues raised by last year's vote remain unresolved and again this weekend there were huge crowds of protesters on the streets of barcelona we'll bring in our guests in a moment but first this report from paul chatterjee. right police confronted hundreds of pro independence protesters at the main door of the catalan polman in barcelona late into the night. these demonstrations fall to marched up police say a truck of more than one hundred eighty thousand people earlier in the day tens of thousands marked the first anniversary of the failed bid for secession from spain bringing parts of their wealthy northeastern region home to seven and a half million people to
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a standstill and i know it was today. it has already been a year from october first we voted regardless of the. all the obstacles imposed by a fascist oppressive government that did nothing but assault innocent people who want only with a ballot in hand today we go out to claim that we defeated the spanish state by being able to hold and when a referendum spain's constitutional court declared last year's referendum illegal on the day of the referendum spanish riot police stormed polling stations across the region and comment down on protesters hundreds of people were injured the violent crackdown brought international condemnation the cattle and assembly officially declared independence on october twenty seventh but it was not internationally recognized the spanish government dissolved catalonia as parliament and imposed direct rule. a year on pro independence catalans want their declaration of independence to be recognized there also demanding the
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release of jailed government ministers and civic organization leaders who are at the helm of the failed secession drive but if it was it was important to do something today because throughout the sea it was not made much progress the catalan government hasn't done much to tend to make the catalan republic or to make an illegal referendum. madrid's direct rule of catalonia ended in june when petro sanchez replaced prime minister marianna wholly in a vote of no confidence sanchez is against independence but is approaches softer than that of his predecessor his government agreed to move jill carroll and politicians out of prisons in madrid to ones in catalonia this is below if you're in the real election at petrus and change is actually good news because he has a softer approach is open to dialogue but it's not clear if he has specific political objectives or he can result situation because he just doesn't have a parliamentary majority. the promise of talks between the spanish and catalan
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leaders has yet to come to fruition so for these demonstrators the fight for independence remains in the hands of the people. al-jazeera. all right let's bring in our guests in barcelona jordan villanova he's the national secretary with the cattle on national assembly that's a grassroots organization supporting catalan independence in madrid tony rode on a member of parliament with the c.e.o. that honest party meaning the citizens party and in london gabriel government a researcher with kings college in london who focuses on conflict and nationalism gentlemen welcome to you all gabriel let me start with you how much or how little has changed in spain with regard to this issue in the past twelve months well the house changes a great amount actually we've got changes in both governments we had a very difficult aftermath after the referendum with all the central government
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taking power of the cotton institutions so yeah it has been very difficult yeah trying to both. both act actually finding in a way to keep their own political political agendas i think we are in a kind of a deadlock right now. jordi from your perspective what does it say that one year on there with these large demonstrations and that there were even some clashes that happened. well the issue here is that there's a lot of unrest here in catalonia because people are extremely unhappy with how things have turned out especially after the first of october twenty seventh. the people who protested yesterday throughout the day because it wasn't just the main the main stray ssion in the evening yesterday it was also students demonstrations during the day several demonstrations from catalonia so this is
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a general feeling of. really very serious an unhappiness with with. what's gone on the issue here of course is that after the first of october and the. the suspension of home rule. the government has been pretty much ham strung by. agrees with continuing limitations on the on the budgets without being able to carry on normal government besides the fact that. the although it's an illegal referendum. you know the respect for the opinion of how off the population at least i mean we don't really know. whether it's forty seven percent or fifty two percent or how many there are until
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we have a referendum and madrid is not helping at all i mean the new government in madrid was brought about in fact with the votes of caplin separatists within the spanish congress in the hopes that something could come. but it's apparent that madrid's. hamstrung as well the madrid government is being limited by both feel the loss and the popular party who are shifting right because they're being pressured by vox which is on the extreme right bronte which is bringing cases prosecutions i guess the the parliamentarians who are in prison and the civically this so the situation really is in that locus the of a guest said tony if you could pick up a little bit on what jordy was saying there he was talking about new governments now being in place does that go anywhere towards stopping this political deadlock
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or is this going to continue for some time. but look i do think that the main problem we have. got the money at national used to come actually government has now led by a man called the thought i was the president simply does not respect the rally the views that you have been given money and and that's the name of the problem these guy has written in the past that. people and those of these if we nationalism have some sort of d.n.a. problems. he has got an openly supremacies people though are and those are their mom actually it happens that we get along and i will make that group because i am also i got to learn this by nationally like. we are in we have got four regional elections over the last six seven years.
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got celestially them has never got more than fifty percent of the vote right so they have had their way to express themselves obviously and the constitution the spanish proposition like any other european constitution does not prevent mag's their right of self-determination in their constitution it simply doesn't exist only forcing to them everything in the world. and but they've got their i mean you can change a constitutional right to a referendum but they may be happy we're going to get a say as to express themselves for four hundred times they then get the majority but the him they decided to go ahead and declare unilateral the independence from catalonia on the same rights and these. is basically subverting the spanish constitution it's something extremely extremely great something so extremely
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worried that my rights as a catalan see things in the glass of the spanish and wants to remain you to the end where brutally violated by the decision of the catalan parliament without provision by your. to go ahead with these lawsuits would go back to the constitution and created a couple hundred dollars of the imaginary and the democratic support and that was not approved through the democratic process right and this referendum they need i reject violence i think there were terrible images that they things are fairly managed. by hollywood but it's not true voice of anything you were both three four times in that referendum was organized by the a.n.c. and putting the band in cyprus ninety percent of those facts are basing both is that the s. and there were no democratic that and he's no commie that's guaranteed there's any atrocity of the results show he absolutely invaluable like show we can talk about
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anything but me so we belong to me so we can. rule that we have established. the last forty years to to talk not just when that will mean that i'll use them and in some very different from all the nationalist movement we've seen when you have an problems movement with who knew what was the national debt and government had to come jordy i see reacting to what tony is saying there's i want to give you a chance to jump in what are your thoughts what you were hearing from tony. well basically what they're playing this catch twenty two in other words you can be in the pro independence but you can have independence years ago the former prime minister of spain said that you can talk about anything you like as long as there's no violence the issue is of course that with two anonymous backing on the road runs party for the oppression that's been made obviously i'm using the word oppression
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because that's was made absolutely clear in the police violence during the referendum even if it was considered a mark referendum and it was a legal or even illegal i mean what's the point of beating up old ladies and kids in you know people who just did not lift a finger in violent reaction i mean it's absolutely obvious that this is oppression that this is using a north korea terry and sons which is the full backing of our north throughout so i don't know you know it's pretty laughable when it was done saying this you know it's the fault of. the p.p. government and that they had nothing to do with it and never east sorry it happened that way. the oil has had constant support from feel
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of otherness as long as it was concerning the kaplan movement for greater self-government whether that becomes independence or not that's another issue but there's been absolute stonewalling all the time. ever since twenty ten when the p.p. got the ruling that the former statute had certain illegal articles which absolutely. maimed that conflict kaplan. institution because that effectively the statutes and brain are effectively becomes that you have reporting on this that you i'm sorry that i was signing up but i just i want to go to gabriel for a question because i want to step back for a minute and take the wider view here when it comes to the region i want to talk specifically about the e.u. stance in europe's leaders have shown little sign of budging from their position that catalonia is independence is a matter for madrid is that stance going to remain. well in my opinion there are
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here couple of and of course related i'm in. the spanish state in itself and of course a spanish government house here a political problem and it's not sufficient just to throw nor as a as an answer because law has to be as well adaptive and shaper bill towards the political things going on and of course as a huge there's an important part of the cut in society that wants to have a referendum maybe they want to vote yes maybe they want to vote no but there is a huge part of the cut and population that things that this political conflict has to be solved through a referendum so that's one of the dilemmas of the lem of course is within the pro independence ranks because if you want to have a unilateral referendum you need a huge majority and you need to conceive of the probability of coercion and
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conflict being present so there is no there's not a magical formula as you eat you can get secession in a state with a forty percent of the electorate and without any kind of closure and so that's another dilemma that has to be solved there and then there's of course the whole european union situation. we don't have cause in the european union at least now any kind of any kind of jurisprudence in that regard there was a secession referendum also in the in the u.k. for for scotland the thing that's the one of the ways forward but the european union debate it's to me syria debate because what matters at least in that very moment is how in the spanish state you try to accommodate these different political these different political visions and how you try to articulate that because many people would deny but to me there's
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a clear political problem here. that has to be solved of course both ranks try to bring things to their own political position and try to push for that but at some point a way just need to get an agreement here and try to find a way to solve it then if by any chance there's a proper referendum recognized by the spanish state and european union believes that. a succession is part of that state cannot be directly integrated the european union that would be another another another the bait tony let's talk about the nine council on leaders who are currently in jail and awaiting trial is there any chance that they could be released and is this the major obstacle when it comes to negotiations going forward. look. of these political leaders is something that works perfectly. believe they will
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in the sense that they were saying for a while look i'm going to go ahead we knew that it will claim up in the benjamin's we don't care about what the constitutional court says. number of occasions they will. continue with our were they of the people or means or who do go ahead and break spain was there you go to. the people that he's trying to repress and brace ourselves. that the view from and they went out of the way by the truth is that they were advised they were told if you try to break out of the constitution and break up the country and that all along outside of that you and me become increasingly spectacular economic crises and there will be obviously neagle consequences right i think convinced of the
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democratic inventions off of all of these of some of these leaders. they need to understand that. there is only doubt. there is only callous and there needs to be consequences you tried to break up a country without respecting the democratic process and without respecting the constitution like in other countries we're going to benefactors are not even allowed. you know many friends. saying they use the of you we are representatives they are represented as it's great because there's a very big happy brain is represented every everywhere but when you try to vary the rights and. ignore the rights of the other how vaterland that to not do it for massively and and also violate the rights of all the land of all those funny people
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that voted for a constitution. then obviously the fast consequences right in terms of the dialogue look i think that there needs to be space. because i don't think the biggest economic powerhouse of a sane it's twenty percent of the slimy g.d.p. . they are the half a great amount of autonomy already they manage this badly as the manager the patient they have done in managing language for the see the. i mean we can improve that for sure there are there are ways we propose a number of things to improve investments. and solve a lot of their contributions are some of the reason for this interest the same but this doesn't seem to be. what they want they just want to break up and to recap they don't have a majority and we've seen it as i said been more or for that ready for elections either act they accept reality and they accept that they've been selling like many
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other populists move he's been selling their people's lives one after the other or not simply there is no space for dialogue jordi what kind of headway have talks between regional and national administrations yielded i mean is it is it only economic issues or economic deals have been reached so far. well as mr of them said in germany of this no pro independence there's no comes complaisant of prime dependents that's pretty obvious i mean if we were to belong to the spanish to the german federation i think of the kaplan's would be pretty happy with with the deal the thing is in spain there is absolutely no respect for language for mr mr pro dones t. have been promoting the idea that this should be recent relies ation in fact so it's it's pretty laughable once again how mr dunn says that we have all
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these powers in local governments. and his own party is now advocating re centralization and if we were so happy if we should be so happy it would be extremely yelled that you know how tough the population of catalonia would want to break away from spain not just more power there a harvest at least that's what mr odum says we don't really know until there is a referendum shortage jordi one start rake away from from from spain joining i'm sorry it's extremely all of this i'm sorry to say i would but it's just that we're really starting to run out of time and tony is shaking his head and obviously wants to jump in here so i want to give a little time here to tony if your response to what george is so i mean i wanted to jump in before hand as well i mean the situation here it i mean if you are running a country you have need to ask yourself why it is the power of the population of
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one of your regions wants to leave ok fair enough now tony what's your response to that and just please be mindful the fact that we only have a couple of minutes left here. i'll try to be asfast and i'm clear as far as she will look absolutely false with these member of a in c. saying i studied in back to law that i studied got that and ninety percent of all my subjects leave the base equal or language use in all public schools there's no problem we've got them you're going to spread everywhere really not only that but got a lot of national government over the last forty years have been paying loads of money to promote got and i think the great i've got to learn is a great language just. try to find enemies where they don't exist and so well the crises very very hard the scapegoat that the nationalism found not only through the crises was also too high a number of huge corruption a stand of the had the elites managed to be in these matters where all the problems
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i mean i'm sure many people listening has some memories of what happened breakfast it's not it's not that different it's that all the columns are from brussels brussels is getting on the same story madrid feels that they were mourning they don't respect that it's not true they have been building their narrative on life writing that along the other things that any black surely there must be something wrong. at the disastrous consequences of of a unilateral vote also in the binary vote of yes no the struggle hard to capture all the complexities that people. want to get along in boston on our christmas island some societies more people a n.p.p. they're not all of. the bend in the naturally they don't do that it isn't tony i have a response they want to. i'm going to have to stop you there because we are running out of time one of the last word here to gabriel gabriel could you just quickly we
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only have about a minute left talk about the deep divisions of still remaining in catalonia in society there. well of course captain society is in itself a divided society i mean i don't know any society in the world that is not divided so of course we have complexities of course we have different groups of people believing some things but to me this argument that with more money a better budget and better. you know relationship with the central government and there's this this is going to run out this is completely false in my opinion because to me there's a political problem of course we can talk here vince amounts of nationalism if it's a matter of more than times in which there are reactions to globalization we can debate the nature of it but of course the political problem that comes from a long time ago and cut and society is divided in itself a referendum is not
2:46 am
a good instrument never it is but maybe is the solution are we're going to have to leave it there thanks to all our guests jordy villanova tony rolled on and gabriel go and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from emergency room in the whole team here in doha by for now. i. whether online for humanity has been taken out of its goals as this one told you
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about the number on a spreadsheet or if you join us on the second i guarantee you know what apple has a back story like yours this is a dialogue harmless tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring that into the cell join the global conversation amount to zero. al-jazeera world travels to the lebanese city of tripoli. to meet the widows living in one of the world's most ancient refuges. more than seven hundred years old it's still up holds the charitable tradition of sheltering those with no means of supporting themselves the widows sanctuary on al-jazeera. that's the jealousy they spoke she just exquisitely she's very glamorous it's part
2:48 am
of our culture to need to look our very fairly best for a special occasion and people who we spend money everything you see on the top will be doing this. if there is going to be longevity goals have to come in and tell me things and my mind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the law and have them seek it this is the news hour live from doha it coming up in the next sixty minutes. grading shops for food and water the desperate condition of
2:49 am
thousands of survivors of indonesia's tsunami. stop developing missiles or will take them out the u.s. threatens russia ahead of a key nato meeting. in tensions flare up between france and iran after its accused of being behind a for oil that tack at a paris rally. this is the moment chapter. i think the boris johnson way the former u.k. foreign secretary steps up the pressure on prime minister to resign may's plan to leave the european union. thousands of people homeless and hungry a growing death toll and still not enough rescuers to search for the many who are missing four days after an earthquake and tsunami struck the indonesian island of pseudo ways the stories are emerging of widespread desperation indonesia's disaster
2:50 am
response agency has obviated the death toll to one thousand two hundred and thirty four including dozens of children killed when mudslides hit their church camp and more mass burials have been taking place from the city of dongola pictures of emerged of people searching for food water and medicines and reports say police in palo have been firing warning shots and tear gas to scare off crowds of the military is taking over the airport to help bring in aid and move people who've been injured. it's taken days for our correspondent andrew thomas to reach palo the city worst hit by the earthquake and tsunami he sent us this report this is a city that really has been destroyed virtually every building that i have seen has major damage smashed windows broken roofs collapsed pillars they are everywhere you
2:51 am
see ships where they shouldn't be on the wrong side of roads a good hundred meters away from where the sea as return to this is a very dark city in every sense of the word obviously night time now for there's no power here and there is a very surreal sense of menace you see a lot of soldiers a lot of place with guns a regular reports that aid convoys have been looted raided before they reached the people they were heading for they've been diverted and the guards on those convoys artists try and stop by to make sure you get. we started. to tee of a post through which should have taken us under normal circumstances four hours to get here to apollo sixteen hours we left before dawn we got here well into the night and coming the other way over the mountain range through various landslides
2:52 am
trying to make their way through were thousands upon thousands of cars each with five six people on board trying to get out of the exodus the evacuation of this city is very much on by road and apparently we haven't seen it but it's true of the other road exit points as well and of course at the same time to get even in the traffic jams that we were stuck in for much of chews day with heavy equipment water food doctors ambulances and they took hours to get here but they are getting here. or jimmy duggan has the latest now from the port city of macassar on. a tsunami o.b. littery to the city of the full scale of devastation has yet to be seen so officials here see the death toll could rise that milly's are struggling to find
2:53 am
missing relatives many don't even know where to begin. volunteers are working overtime to rescue those who are trapped according to the united nations almost two hundred thousand people are elite of urgent help food and clean water are in short supply hospitals across by lose juggle with the overwhelming number of those who've been injured and as survivors battled food and hunger the government says there are growing security concerns. there hasn't been any aid there's no food and no water and all these areas. while the dead many on the dead to fight will have to be buried in haste a difficult position even the government admits. therefore today we have decided that all the bodies here have to be buried within the day or the bodies can be taken by their relatives otherwise we bury them in a mass grave that has been prepared so today all the bodies should be cleared. the
2:54 am
central sulawesi administration has declared a fourteen day state of emergency while president dodo promised to send in much needed supplies but these images are painfully familiar the two thousand and four tsunami killed more than one hundred seventy thousand indonesians after which the government promised to be better prepared so many question whether tsunami warnings and evacuation plans were followed. small comfort for the people of but you were even those who are meant to help have become victims. similarly dugit al jazeera accounts are absolute wednesday in geneva. and one fund us is from the charity oxfam in indonesia he's at mccosker where providing clean water to the survivors is a top priority or so i do now with trying to to fallujah.
2:55 am
where we are now. with the market here in order to buy some apply that we need to bring a lot of. water people need down there and what we are going to access is mostly the people that made. clean water the possibility there are some people on the ground with with the. bachner are going to find a good audience where people can access to the clean water and. we have said already that with this impact of the earthquake while by tsunami. and alu we are going through a great who by hundred thousand people. other u.s. ambassador to nato says a preemptive strike against russia would be considered if it continues to develop
2:56 am
a new cruise missile k. bailey hutchison says russia is violating a treaty signed with the u.s. in one thousand nine hundred seven she warned that the u.s. would be forced to consider in her words taking out the missile system if diplomacy fails the ambassador spoke ahead of a nato meeting of defense ministers in brussels on wednesday russia denies it breaking the treaty let's get more on this now from rosalind jordan who is live for us in washington boston. well hossam the ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchinson did make that point but she was very nuanced in describing how the trumpet ministration is looking at what it has believed for more than a year now that russia is trying to build some sort of intermediate range nuclear tipped missile that could reach either a while or europe and the trend has been that this would be
2:57 am
a violation of the one nine hundred eighty seven i.n.f. treaty or intermediate range nuclear forces treaty in which both the u.s. and russia have pledged that they would not use such missiles or even build them and so what. was arguing during this press conference in brussels is that other members of nato the european allies have asked for consultations on this situation because they are obviously very concerned about the threat to their security and the big point holism that hutchinson tried to stress is that the u.s. is looking to its nato allies to help persuade russia through diplomatic means and that only if the situation worsened to a point where they could not be ignored anymore then the u.s. would have to consider that but what she is arguing is that the u.s.
2:58 am
and other members of nato are at the very beginning there trying to persuade moscow that if it is in fact doing this it needs to stop it or else be in actual violation of the i.n.f. treaty all right for the moment roslyn july first there in washington now u.s. defense secretary jim mattis has also spoken the head of aid that nato meeting he has reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to the organization. actions speak louder this the u.s. has acted showing that our commitment to the tranche atlantic alliance remains ironclad our nato alliance is also active every nato ally is awake today to the reality of russia's malicious behavior or fabrice put the a is a chief strategy officer for rest newson global and form a policy director of planning for nato he joins us via skype from santander in spain thanks for being with us so first of all what do you make of the comments by
2:59 am
kay bailey hutchinson. i think it means that the u.s. is going to pressure the iran the breach of by russia of the nuclear forces treaty is not new the u.s.'s come forward already years ago which the nato allies with some intelligence saying that the russia was in breach of that and one nine hundred eighty seven treaty but there was no food endorsement by dia lions and the allies as a whole so i think we are seeing here a kind of a scale ation at least in the rhetoric we have to see out of this defense minister if the other allies who where usually more cautious on the issue of going to endorse the u.s. position and are going to have the food through lage nato official position on recovered a single russian breech of the treaty so i think days clearly some consent on the u.s. side we have to know that cruise me size are really the worst friend of
3:00 am
strategic stability because they are hardly predictable they have a hard to do terror so the moment you introduce a new type of cruise missiles into the european theater you introduce a great deal of instability which is really what the u.s. and other european allies are concept and as far as the the whole issue of funding levels which is something that the u.s. has talked about with it with its nato allies particularly president trump it could they these comments by the u.s. ambassador be seen as a way to kind of scare up the nato ally allies into raising their defense funding levels i think the nato allies in europe where enough that they have to scale up their budget to question is whether they're going to do it quickly enough and well enough in terms of the quantity that you get out of it you spending so i don't figure it's going to change really what is on the allies minds to.


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