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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is. a law and has a secret this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the international court of justice says the u.s. should lift sanctions on iran that affect humanitarian aid and civil aviation. as a cleanup gets underway in indonesia harrowing tales of survival. is an end in sight to iraq's months of long political uncertainty there's finally a prime minister. hoping to convince her party she's got her legs it planned right
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u.k. prime minister to resign may prepares for a crucial conference speech. alone we begin this news hour with a ruling from the un's top court saying the u.s. should lift its sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran the decision by the international court of justice in the netherlands is a victory for iran which had pursued the case the u.s. is penalizing companies trading with iran after it re imposed sanctions earlier this year the united states says the i.c.j. has no jurisdiction in the matter drew from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal this year as a mistrial he joins us live now from the iranian capital tehran so zain what does this mean for iran from a practical standpoint and is it is it what they were looking for.
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well it's definitely a dramatic decision it's not exactly what iran was looking for iran was hoping that this would this case it's basically an appeal to temporarily remove sanctions while the court considers iran's lawsuit against the united states to her for having brought sanctions against it in the first place and this is all related to the united states pulling out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal earlier this year now what it means for iran practically on the ground. the cynic the realistic will tell you actually nothing because not only does the international court of justice have no policing mechanism the united states pulled out of the volunteer system of the i.c.j. in one thousand nine hundred six overruling the i.c.j. made against the united states regarding war reparations for nicaragua so really in terms of practical impact it has no likely effect but it is sort of symbolic and moral victory for the iranian side on an international stage once again gives iran
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the opportunity to illustrate the fact that every opportunity that the americans have to respect and international institution with the united states taking the opposite decision now let me walk you through sort of exactly what the court ruling means the united states would have wanted to thrown out any case that iran has brought against the united states with regards to nine hundred fifty five french a treaty based on that the court hasn't recognized in the past that didn't happen so it's not exactly what the americans wanted it doesn't involve the temporary lifting of all sanctions either so it's not exactly what the iranians wanted what the court ruling does say is that the u.s. must remove by any means of its own choosing any impediment to the free exportation of goods regarding humanitarian concerns that includes medicine and medical equipment for lifesaving needs it involves the food and agriculture stuff and it also refers to parts replacement parts as well as equipment for civil aviation as well as services for civil aviation and with regards to aviation specifically the course said that the united states must remove any banking transfer or any
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impediment. or punishment for people that move money around to help make that possible but again even though this is a very positive ruling for iran the i.c.j. has no police or no army to carry out its orders it has no effective way to actually implement these sanctions and the united states has said over and over again it does not only not recognize the authority of this court but that anything that is doing against iran is a national security matter and that's america's business so while it is certainly another moral victory practically on the ground it represents almost nothing so while this is seen as as a kind of moral victory as you say symbolic victory for iran how does this help their overall efforts to maintain. trading relations with those western powers that have said that they will continue to commit to the nuclear deal with iran and for iran not to be. put out in the cold as it were.
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absolutely since the united states has been talking about pulling out of the deal and since it has pulled out of the of the deal iran has done a few different things simultaneously this is one of the prongs of a sort of public relations push to try to internationalize its problem with regards to the nuclear deal and internationalize its fight with the united states over the nuclear deal you know we've seen at the u.n. g.a. just a week ago iran and its and the remaining signatories to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the joint comprehensive plan of action announce a mechanism to try to get around american banking sanctions to help iran continue to participate in the global marketplace through a bypass method so that's one of the one of the practical steps they've taken but really this is all about making sure that on the international stage when you're looking at the footnotes of history that iran is seen as the actor that appealed to all international partners that sort of had a broad based view of how to deal with its problems on the international stage and this is all part of iran trying to further isolate the united states that is the united states care about being isolated or not well under the. presidency of the
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american president donald trump it seems that that's really not an issue for his administration but nonetheless iran is looking at the long view and hoping that once the trumpet ministration is over that it will be in a position to be a stronger player on the international stage backed up by its partners to once again talk to the united states on matters related to the nuclear deal or otherwise zain thanks for that. now to our other top story indonesia has put out a plea for more body bags as fear of disease adds to the worries of people on the island of sort of more than four days after an earthquake and tsunami authorities say scores of uncounted people are likely to still be buried in collapsed buildings the death toll has now reached one thousand four hundred and seven aid supplies are starting to trickle out around the island of the indonesian military has taken over
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control of a power city's airport to wayne hey is there for so wayne. you're there at the at the scene right now what is the how are they dealing with. the the operations of the airport is it is a fully operational now. well it's certainly become one of the if not the busiest place in town in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake it was a fairly chaotic place actually because a lot of people rushed here to try to get their hands on any aid that may be arriving into the airport parts of the terminal building were looted and that certainly needed the security forces the military to step in and take over to maintain control if they were to mount any serious sort of search and rescue and recovery operation in the affected areas and that's certainly what that done setting up something of a command center here to allow the flights to resume mainly humanitarian at the
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moment we're seeing some commercial activity but mainly it is indonesian air force planes coming and going to be able enable them to bring in aid and to take people out of there and that's one of the main jobs is to get the thousands of people who are coming to the airport out of the affected areas out of danger and off to safety . there is an exodus taking place from central sulawesi thousands are leaving the quake can see. nami ravaged communities boarding military planes from palu all with traumatic memories oh. it was so crazy i wasn't conscious for a long time because the ceiling fell on me. the airport was severely damaged in the quake and inoperable for a time but the military has taken over allowing the indonesian air force to come and go aboard one plane was the president who made his second visit to the disaster areas this time his first stop was just outside the cracks terminal building where
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hospital ward has been set up with the sick and injured wait to be a lifted just tell us what the priority is the more intense the recovery of course to that is if the after that they have they shown an. action. among the patients. who gave birth three days before the quake she and her family lost their home and walked for four days to get help now they have no choice but to leave. everybody was running from the houses when the quake happened my home is completely destroyed and we had to sleep on the street. for now the remains of the airport offer some comfort that one chapter of their ordeal is drawing to a close for those who choose to stay help is gradually arriving at least to the airport as well as getting people out of here the military planes have been bringing in but getting it from the airport to the communities the people that need
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it most seems to be a slow process. much sits at the airport awaiting distribution but for an increasing number of people the wait for a place on a flight to safety is over as they leave they perhaps contemplate an even longer wait before they'll be able to return home and when we understand the indonesian president has been speaking what do we have to say. yes he has been here for much of the day actually this was as you just heard his second visit to the affected areas and he left from the airport back to heading back to the capital jakarta just a few moments ago before he left he did make some comments speaking to some of his fellow members of government who were here as well he said that the handling of survivors has been good he says that managed to get most of the injured people out of the affected areas out of through this airport and down to the southern city of
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still on the island of. he says logistically though they still need improvement he said there are some areas that still connect cannot be accessed because the roads are damaged but he's made some orders that those difficulties should be overcome as soon as possible has and one of the areas he went to was dong which is to the north of here very close to the epicenter of the earthquake there has been much concern for the population there which numbers almost three hundred thousand because communication and access to that area has been largely cut off since the quake and tsunami on friday some of the communication has been restored now but many areas still have not seen any aid any medical supplies any food any water so they're crying out for help and they're saying they're basically being treated like second class citizens because they feel the people in power who have been getting all of the assistance and they have been missing out so the president went there today directly to talk to some of those residents and hear some of the concerns as i'm.
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going to a live for us there in port thanks miles. well soldiers have been placed at petrol stations now and supermarkets long lines of people have been queuing through the night for fuel and supplies in paolo on tuesday police fired tear gas and warning shots as they tried to stop people from ransacking shops distressing stories continue to emerge like that. he was able to identify his wife among the bodies scattered outside the hospital he managed to get his children to safety as the tsunami came ashore to turn back to see his wife swept away by the waves but took our correspondent andrew thomas several days to reach but he is there live for us now so. just tell us about what you've been seeing and hearing there.
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well i've now seen this city. and at night it's very different feeling in the daytime the feel is a real sense of security there are plenty of soldiers around with machine guns that guiding and dollars being the convoys that are coming in at night there is a real sense of menace and you do get warned constantly be very careful because people do want to say whatever they can because they desperately been without food and water now in some cases for five days and his wife said in his report that while the latest sitting at the airport is not yet reached even parts of the city that a lot of. people assigned there haven't had not more so they haven't had enough food they haven't seen what they need all have been so you are housing estates on wednesday it does states perhaps seventeen hundred homes in it but during the earthquake the ground's sensually liquefied the pressure on the soil was so great that it turned that soil into water or liquid anyway and the building's on top of it a collapse in on themselves it was something that i really appreciate when we got the drone up over it to film from above because when you're
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a ground level you can't really see where the house is wanted but when you get up above you can just see the destruction that rules right across the city buildings very very badly damaged not all of them some are still standing but many many have collapsed and the stench as you go around is in the air as we've been saying they don't really have enough body bags but we have seen plenty of bodies being carried into ambulances and being taken away it's not a pretty sizable dignified site to be honest but it is a necessary one the really being realistic there are no more living people buried under the rubble none has been found for two days now but there are still plenty of bodies to be found and we've seen as well some dramatic pictures of ships that have been pushed ashore in the tsunami that followed the way so this is a city that really does need that i that why this thing is sitting at the airport is gradually getting very far more people have made the decision to the. i'm with
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flying but also by land because one of the things that has come into the city in the last twenty four hours in a much bigger way than it was coming in if you will people simply didn't have the fuel to drive their vehicles out but i guess you get now on the traffic jam leaving all day on tuesday and wednesday have been quite dramatic tens of thousands of people now evacuating from the city. grim picture all around to andrew thomas in palo city thanks and. now laura and go fontayne is a senior communications officer for the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies she's joined joins us now on skype from geneva thanks very much for being with us so where do things stand now as far as your efforts to to get aid to people where. it is so yeah we're five days into this disaster and our red cross teams are pushing hard to really affected areas we're still
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conducting search and rescue just this morning tragically our red cross teams came across a village called patel though it is on the border of palu and siggy it is a village that has been completely obliterated it was once home to fire one hundred people and they have just recovered fourteen bodies and they're continuing their search and rescue efforts and how what are some of the challenges that you your organization has been facing in terms of getting so much of that aid to people obviously so many roads are impassable bridges collapsed or all the rest of it how much of a challenge is all of that. it's a tremendous challenge you said it the access to these areas are is difficult we've actually tried to come up with very creative ways we've actually we've deployed three ships full of supplies and goods which should be reaching palu today with things like tents mobile kitchens mosquito nets things that people can use it
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as well as tragically body bags to recover the dead. and what about. assistance or aid the you've been getting from from outside. in order to to to coordinate all of this and get it to people is there but has there been enough of an international response to this. i think the international community is responding the international federation of red cross red crescent societies along with the indonesian red cross we've launched an appeal are revised an appeal for twenty two million swiss francs. now you are indonesian red cross has been on the ground since the wake of this disaster and we have three ball three hundred volunteers pushing through these affected areas bringing medical care to two villages such as in city we have a mobile. these are the most urgent needs were seeing people who are living outside
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with no shelter and you know most of the survivors are women and children with broken bones terrible bruises and injuries requiring requiring emergency medical assistance. talking to us lauren go fontayne joiners thank you from geneva thank you. a plenty more ahead on this news hour hoping to convince her party she's got a plan right u.k. prime minister theresa may preparing for a big conference speech. so all that still ahead but first iraq finally has a new prime minister after months of political back and forth former or minister did not have he has been asked to form a government i mean i don't reports from baghdad. i mean after all
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five month long delay iraq finally has a new president. of the post feel to keep union of kurdistan one two hundred twenty votes from the two hundred seventy three lawmakers houghton to tuesday's session saw how the various ports in there are big government of the of saddam hussein including as the particular minister under former prime minister nuri al maliki saleh was among twenty kind of dates for the post including one from the rival kurdistan democratic party fought the same who withdrew from the rest during the second round in the monitor what happened in the iraqi parliament today is unusual and against past agreements particularly among kurdish pacifists that's why the vote is unacceptable to us we will give the full response later and i'm on the official agreement dating back to the two thousand and three us led invasion iraq's presidency is held by a good while the prime minister's shia and the parliaments because sunni. the delay
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in electing a president has meant it out this would it about the state of politics in the country frustrating but but then again i mean this is this is iraq really shouldn't be surprised but i'm. optimistic in the sense that at least we are the progress seeing step by step moments after he was elected president topped off oil minister other to form the next government other is considered an independent candidate but he will have to win the support of mid to show a broken parliament to get conformed to the post of prime minister to lead blocks of a much since may elections both of which claim to have most sits in parliament and therefore their right to form a government one is led by the current prime minister hi there and it group supporters of the populous shock clitic said that who's full also want the most
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votes in the election now the blocking kluges put on groups that by former prime minister nuri al maliki in the fall the rumbling among the shia and other factions could further delay the process of confirming the prime minister designate mohamed on the world is either but about. a prominent saudi journalist and critic of the kingdom has gone missing in turkey the washington post says contributor shows the was last seen entering saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul to pick up paperwork the post says it doesn't know if the shows he is being detained for commentaries and criticism of crown prince mohammed bin sandman have been published by several western newspapers turkish authorities have told al-jazeera he hasn't been taken out of the country. britain's prime minister to resign may get her chance to convince her party she's on the right track with briggs it surely she's giving the
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closing speech to the conservative party conference on tuesday her former foreign secretary boris johnson laid down a challenge the government to in his words chuck briggs a plan don't be fooled by the suggestion that the e.u. will ultimately reject these proposals for this what they want above all is to demonstrate to any other country that might dream of following suit that you cannot leave the e.u. without suffering adverse political and economic consequences and what the check was propose. is that the united kingdom for all its power and might and lit work with influences around the world for all its venerable parliamentary history was unable ultimately to take back control jonathan lists is deputy director of british influence
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a political think tank he joins us now from london thanks very much for being with us so what are you expecting to hear from the british prime minister theresa may and what does she need to say. in the world those two things are quite different on a very what i'm expecting it to say is to double down on that strategy to appeal to the right wing tory base to say how much of a success breakthrough will be and bush really none of those things are going to help her in the long run because what she really sweet is how she's going to concede and when. so what what would you think she should say then. what's well she should be saying she should be saying that britain has to abandon its red lines because at the moment britain is heading for an ideal scenario because the all the options she keeps ruling out she rules out of the irish sea she rules out a single market she rules out a customs union and those are things that she needs to be letting in the equation
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not ruling out so the moment she has to capitulate to the e.u. the question is when she does it and how damaging that will be but as it stands she has no leg to stand on she has no power so where does this leave all the divisions over briggs it then they essentially unchanged well in the conservative party each still have the the remaining is who are prepared to accept the check his proposal and the heartbreaks to do want check is to go like boris johnson saying minutes go the problem for treason is the check is unacceptable to the e.u. and they told her that a very very bluntly and publicly just before the conference so she really is starting this speech from the worst possible position because the e.u. saying the only route is dead and therefore she has to concede all sides that party are going to post whatever she does but if we look at those in her party who are the kind of the heart breaks to tears like. like boris johnson who are many have
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said that you know we can we can just leave the e.u. with no no deal and or not the whole no deal is better than a than a bad deal but are there are there even the votes in parliament so that they're really you know very suitable for that and there are plenty of. remain as on the tory party you haven't rebelled so far you said in the open that they will be prepared to rebel to stop and no deal breaks it so here's the thing if theresa may was to be replaced with boris johnson tomorrow it wouldn't change a parliamentary committee tool because there is still no majority for no deal in parliament. so are we heading towards some sort of a fudge then in terms of getting getting a deal with the e.u. . well that's what a lot of people say that they'll be a so-called blindfold breaks it well they'll just have a deal in the leave the future declaration for negotiations the problem with that is that the irish backstop as e.u.
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diplomats insist is on fudge it will and that means that teresa mayes going to have to make solid commitments about the possibility of a customs union or single market or both in order to cecile that withdrawal agreements because there can be no withdrawal agreements without the irish backstop and that's particularly significant because the conservative party has those northern ireland m.p.'s who are essentially propping up her government at least in parliament that's right so that's makes this is what makes it even trickier because ordinarily she might be able to accept a so-called de dramatise irish sea border where there are certain regulations regulatory checks and customs tax between great britain and northern ireland but the d.d.p. the hardiness in northern ireland a propping up a government and they say there are so you know difference between northern ireland great britain would be permissable and therefore she really has no right to go but we're effectively paying a game of chicken now or the d.p. prepared to bring her down and risk a jeremy corbin labor government which they'll hate for many reasons so we're
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interested very interesting period of british politics now where there's the two sides face off against each other and raise the stakes certainly is and we will be bringing that speech from the british prime minister theresa may live as and when it does happen and for the moment. jonathan the least good to speak. thanks very much now in a few moments we'll have the weather with rob but still ahead on al-jazeera. as you just heard there u.k. prime minister theresa may getting ready to address our party will be bringing to you live. from kuwait brisk knows in few weeks. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. this is a welcome sight to the farmers of australia clive's streaming from west to east in the usually cloud this means rain and give the september was the driest year since
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not just months since one thousand nine hundred two yeah one hundred sixteen years ago any rain is going to be good of course the consequence of having dr affectively in new south wales an official drives to and nearing the route. long is you get this sort of thing every time a front comes across it looks like a haboob it effectively it is a small how big a thunderstorm would do this frontal system this is in new south wales just over the border from south australia and it's the red dust in the air so a welcome sight the forecast then brings rain to new south wales but also to western australia this is true for the next two days they sink that ten to fifteen minute bit of pocket so could get one hundred fifty millimeters god really doesn't welcome whereas and will stay on the same line of longer shoot the rain coming from this thing will not be quite so welcome yet another target food no longer a super typhoon but typhoon kong ray is due to head up slightly west of the last.
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moment on saturday will be a category one as it passes science career. the weather sponsored by cats on race. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those captives and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version here all shined a light on what they do and do it not shine
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a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour un's top court says the u.s. should lift its sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran that's after iran took the case to the international court of justice. indonesia is appealing for body bags as more remains are found on the island of aid supplies are starting to trickle out
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more than four days after the earthquake and tsunami the official death toll now stands at one thousand four hundred seven. politician. maddi has been chosen as iraq's prime minister he was picked by the newly elected president kurdish politician but one sally it's hope this will end months of political deadlock after a disputed elections in may. now the level of poverty in parts of brazil has left some potential voters in sunday's election easy prey for politicians looking to buy votes extreme poverty and unemployment rates are rising and not being able to read and write is a big issue you see in human reports from the state of us. sixty five year old mother. can't read or write or even sign her name but what she does know is how to work. i started working in tobacco fields when i was nine my
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father had died and my mother couldn't make ends meet. the story is repeated in the nearby sugar fields generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. i started when i was stand i'm forty four now i couldn't find any better job my father did decide we never went to school but my son does. i hope he will be able to get a better job because this is no way to live. in northeastern brazil is heavily populated which makes it a magnet for politicians seeking election help in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not live in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes
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for as little as ten dollars somewhere there are women with india that is a catholic deacon who works in this slum appropriately named after the virgin of the poor seventy percent of residents are illiterate. of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to people i'm in pairing them and if i'm in pairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are because then they can just keep coming back here at election time with empty promises that people grasp onto in the northeast as in the rest of brazil blacks and mixed race are the most disenfranchised. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental step. thirty that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even more are living in extreme poverty with the boom this economist says a chronic structural problem is to blame i lost them we will stop long term
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development goals for our country investing infrastructure held education and job creation that requires political coordination that always eludes us no matter who's in government. and even if the decks government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. to see in human al-jazeera sprees ill. france has seized assets belonging to iran's intelligence agency after accusing it of being behind a failed attack in paris earlier this year diplomatic sources say an intelligence unit tried to bomb an opposition rally by exiled iranians in june the us president's lawyer rudy giuliani and several former european and arab ministers attended the rally and iranian diplomat was arrested in austria a month later russia has delivered an advanced missile defense system to syria it's called the s three hundred two weeks ago the syrians accidentally shot down
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a russian plane over the mediterranean sea russia blamed the israeli military for the incident israel and the u.s. have warned that the deployment could escalate syria's civil war. are more potential legal troubles for donald trump new york state is to investigate tax fraud allegations a report in the new york times newspaper says he helped his parents of void paying tax which helped enrich his own fortune by over four hundred million dollars newspaper says he set up a fake corporation with his siblings to hide millions of dollars in gifts from their parents the white house says news report is misleading. and president trump has mocked the testimony of the woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there and where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was that i was. ran through a list of what he described as holes in christine blair's the fords testament she
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told a senate she testified to a senate committee last week cavanaugh has denied the incident at the f.b.i. has been given a week to make further inquiries. china's tax authorities have ordered one of the country's top actresses to pay one hundred twenty nine million dollars fan being being hasn't been seen since june reports of emerge saying she's been detained the actress has appeared in the x. men an iron man franchise movies she's also been the face of carty and the savings benz in china in a letter posted on one of her official social media accounts she said she accepted the decision adrian brown has more. well this is sort to be the biggest ever fine imposed on a chinese movie star eight hundred and ninety two million r m b that's almost one hundred thirty million u.s. dollars that's what the tax authorities say fan being being than they say if she
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pays this money back she will not face criminal prosecution fan being being says she hopes to be able to do just that now fan being being is not the best known actress here in china but she's certainly one of the best paid earning some forty three million dollars last year she vanished from public view in june and nothing had been heard of her until now she has issued a statement on way bow which is china's equivalent of twitter she says that she's been experiencing unprecedented suffering i'm ashamed of what i've done and she apologized to her many fans now it could well be that the chinese authorities who've been investigating other stars a sending out a warning that this is what could happen to other celebrities who avoid paying tax it seems that in the case of fan being being she had been understating what she was paid in her contract and the authorities seem to say this is become part of
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a widespread trend that they're determined to deal with south african government is being urged to do more to tackle drug gangs a low policing has increased in some areas many communities say it's not nearly enough to need a militant ports. yes. you know you must get up it was in a room in the small courtyard at elland paki's killed her own son by strangling him ab was addicted to crystal meth or took as it's known in the cape flats he's addiction began at the age of fourteen and continued for seven years ellen says he used to terrorize the family it was after yet another drug binge that ellen says she was pushed over the edge when i close the front door i saw that all of this when i came without her and then i just wondered to stop with what he was doing you know and really just standing with it or even just didn't want to do with but this
1:39 pm
one i put record is together and i put that out but i'm listening inside a home ellen shows us where on one occasion her son instant access to hack. she says he was looking for money or anything he could sell for his next i know that the worst manipulate me in that way but there wasn't even the point of writing to kill him i just want to stop with at that our level deal is a community plagued by gang violence and home and many others are often caught in the crossfire of gang shootouts the home is riddled with bullet holes we're now in hanover park just a few kilometers from lavender hill we want to keep a lookout communities like this one high drug use and addiction is coupled with gang violence often due to turf wars people here say they're being held hostage in their own homes unable to move around freely and safely. here to
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a community troubled by drug addiction the silt on bogs into treats about six hundred addicts every month for two must come here for help to kick her addiction to meth life was chaos i didn't know where that was coming or going with their i was sleeping awake because it all felt the same you know you you. in this the world goes on. but you still. the centers sees more than eighty percent of opioid addicts in the western cape province but people here say they need more help ellen paki's was given a three year suspended sentence and two hundred eighty hours community service for killing his son which she says she'll always regret doing some may say she got of liking. for living and. a film has been made telling ellen story highlighting not only her family's struggle with drug addiction but also a community's desperation yet
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a little has changed her and then she has two other sons who are also addicts she continues to struggle financially she says kept prisoner in a community where drugs poverty and crime are a way of life for me to miller al-jazeera and the cape flats. a court in malta has postponed the trial of a ship captain who rescues refugees in the mediterranean sea class trip to russia's ship the m.v. lifeline is one of three vessels run by n.g.o.s which are being held in port all of the ngo rescue ships in the mediterranean have been stopped from operating. two boats have been detained in malta a tiny island state off the african coast which is the smallest member of the european union it has received nineteen thousand people since two thousand and two almost all were rescued at sea the numbers of those attempting to cross have fallen since ngo ships were barred from operating but official figures make clear the
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result the u.n. says one thousand seven hundred migrants have died at sea since the beginning of twenty eighteen need barker reports now from malta the capital letter the lifeline is in limbo. the refugee rescue ships been impounded here for one hundred days the volunteer crews played a vital role in saving thousands of lives but the maltese all thought he ses being carrying out missions without a proper license there is simply no independent minds for magnussen long central mediterranean route specially bear witness to how many people are drowning. the ship's german captain was in court on tuesday he faces a possible prison sentence proceedings were adjourned to december this case is all about the maltese government wanting to send a european message to n.g.o.s don't think if you see because they're not welcome so they're picking on a legal technicality to send
1:43 pm
a broader political message would disapprove of their opinion makes me very angry. if this is europe. i had another impression from europe before but. just a bit. on the reasons why the people escaped from their homes the wrong way the lifelines not the only private aid ship impounded in malta this is the sea watch the crew say they're being held in arbitrary detention. when lives are at risk on sunday the multi-source fifty eight people ashore including eighteen children and a pregnant woman they were transferred from another rescue ship the aquarius also no longer allowed to operate it's been stripped of its license and ordered to the french port of mass saying there are now no more private rescue ships operating in the area used for crossings from libya to europe smugglers are setting off from the
1:44 pm
coast of libya in increasingly flimsy vessels packed full of people often setting sail without any intention of making it to shore hoping that they'll be picked up by boat sideways but now there are fewer and fewer vessels on the water able and willing to save lives rafique islam was rescued from the mediterranean by the multis coast guard the end of a two and a half year journey from bangladesh via libya and you saw these people die. one day. and on parts on. two fellow travelers died on route it's a journey many are willing to risk everything for for the promise of very little. their very survival hangs on help that may not. leave barca al-jazeera malta. of the mayor of an italian town who welcomed refugees has been here placed under has been placed under house arrest for aiding illegal immigration domenicali kano
1:45 pm
who is known by his nickname memo was arrested as part of a government investigation prosecutors accuse him of all ranging marriages to allow migrants to stay in italy can a small town of one thousand five hundred people has taken in five hundred refugees . i want to america's largest employer is amazon is raising pay for its work as there are those in the u.s. will be paid a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour company had been criticized for its labor practices act eco he reports from washington. america has a problem the divide between those with the least and those with the most is growing and the gap is just getting wider the economy is doing well but wages are not rising that statistic might soon see a bump one of america's largest employers amazon has announced that everyone who helped send these smiley boxes around the country will soon be paid more at
1:46 pm
a minimum fifteen dollars an hour more than double the national minimum wage it's not cheap it's going to cost them a billion dollars i think per year it's not that they're able to raise prices or pass it through to customers this is something their shareholders are going to fund but i think that a lot of amazon shareholders think this is the right thing to do that's what amazon said was behind the move it was the right thing to do but it's also facing a lot of criticism in large part because of its founder jeff bezos he is the richest man in the world worth one hundred sixty five billion dollars breaking that down he makes about two hundred seventy five million dollars each and every day and amazon is hugely profitable in the second quarter of this year it had a profit of two point five billion dollars so we can afford the raises i was low unemployment it might have to pay more to get enough workers to move their merchandise still the raise is being praised by amazon's toughest critics what mr
1:47 pm
bezos today has done is not only enormously important for amazon's hundreds of thousands of employees it could well be and i think it will be a shot heard around the world not every economist thinks pay. workers more will actually help decrease income inequality on the one hand yes workers in amazon will benefit from this this increase in basic but in the longer time amazon is exactly the type of company which we don't match and would invest in automation i would be much more difficult for the companies traditional retailers to match this kind of offer america can often seem like two different countries divided between the haves and have nots economists will be watching to see if amazon's move does anything to heal the divide. washington. all right when we come back on
1:48 pm
find out which team won the longest imo takes all playoff game in baseball history that's coming up in school.
1:49 pm
all right let's get all the sport now as far as and thank you so much real madrid coached you'll end up taking has admitted his round madrid team have a problem scoring goals as the champions league winners were stunned by cisco in moscow on choose day they went down one nil in group g. it's the third match in a row in all competitions they've failed to score in and the result sees them fall to second in the group did however defend misfiring center forward karim benzema
1:50 pm
who is without a goal and six games total go for the next how much they are going for the fact that we don't have the goals is not down to the able it's a problem for all our french players he combat this responsibility alone and with the chances we create and some point to start scoring our own style scoring and not just him and work. there were plenty of boos at the final whistle as manchester united played out a goal a straw with valencia follows two straight losses in all competitions for jos amory neo's team united have made their worst start to a domestic league campaign and three decades but they are unbeaten in europe and second in their group after this results i'm pleased with that have felt i'm pleased with the commitment. i'm pleased with the improvement. and. i'm not i'm not pleased of course it's with the results we choose not to good
1:51 pm
results but is not the best result. the suspended cristiana rinaldo watched on as teammate paolo di scored a hat trick to help eventis young boys three now os vegas police have reopened a sexual assault investigation involving ronaldo that dates back to two thousand and nine american women say she was attacked by him in a hotel room rinaldo is dismissed the accusations as fake news. byron munich are level on points for the top group e.t.a. played out a draw could only draw at home again shaq dar but lead group by a point man city are second silva scoring a late goal to get them into one win over hoffenheim much as city's a fantastic club but he doesn't stick east or italy's discolor situations for many circumstances that's why would happen today in the peach give me a lot of good singles. for our future like a club because we felt against absolutely everything. he. ever ball will take our
1:52 pm
napoli in italy later on wednesday liverpool began their group campaign with a three two win over p.s.g. while napoli male and their opener with red star belgrade. we were three is one of the top the. there is the final the past the advantage that they follow. at the end of the last season continued. his organisation and there started really well this is a series of i like carlo ancelotti i was back in the lot and he's a fantastic guy was a world class players worked as a manager and how we germany's the use of those years mob fox. giving all these very positive things about us and then say all these ny things about be the burra game. it's nice. but.
1:53 pm
it's played to a phase gremio in the semifinals of the cobra liberty adores south america's premier cup competition they beat rivals independent in the second leg of their tie and went to saris to decide stream no mail in the first leg last month river who won the tournament in twenty fifteen started off the scoring and after training goals in the second half were proved too strong for independent n.t. beating the green line. over in brazil gremio eased into the semi's with a four no thrashing ten man. to come out in the second leg of their fixture whence the sorrow and all scored against the argentinian side while a one hundred sanchez scored an own goal going from six point zero zero on aggregate arraigning team persepolis have taken a big step towards reaching the asian champions league final they won the away leg of their semifinal with catorce sad one know a late penalty decided this game in doha with poor holding his nerve for persepolis
1:54 pm
. i thought he'd grab a late equaliser but this effort was ruled out for dangerous play. and i felt player eric reid says he will continue to protest against racial injustice the former teammate of calling cabernet is taking legal action after claiming he wasn't being employed because of his opinions but reid has now been signed by the carolina panthers as you start a call and that nothing will change unless you talk about it so when consumer talk about it we're going to continue to hold american to the standard that is in paper that we're all created equal because there's not there's not there were no. we don't keep pushing towards that. colorado have eliminated cargo from the major league baseball playoffs after beating them in an epic wild card game the rockies outlasted the cubs to one in thirteen endings to win their national league wild
1:55 pm
card game it was the longest winner take all playoff game in major league history colorado now face child seed milwaukee brewers in the best of five nationally division series which begins thursday in wisconsin. but tyson fury is expecting dante wilder to give him a far rougher fight them vladimir klitschko the undefeated briton being played to go on point in twenty fifteen to win two major world heavyweight title of theory has the chance to be a world champion again when he faces while they're in l.a. on december first it's the biggest fight since returning in june following a two year doping bad like fury wilder is also and. thanks for taking live now to birmingham where british prime minister theresa may is about to speak to the conservative party conference listening. thank you thank you very much for that warm welcome now can i just say you will have to excuse me
1:56 pm
if i do cos during the speech. i've been up all night super doing the butter all. the area in mind you i suppose if i'm missing happens i could just ask to borrow the voice of just recall was not fantastic thank you there are some things about last year's conference that i tried to forget. but i will always remember the war i sell to everyone in the hall you supported me all the way thank you thank you. this year marks
1:57 pm
a century since the end of the first world war just a few hundred yards from this conference center stands a hall of memory built to honor the sacrifice of men and women from this city in that terrible conflict inscribed within it are some familiar words at the going down of the. and in the morning we will remember than we do remember then we remember the young man who left their homes to fight and die in the mud and horror of the trenches we remember the sailors who shoveled coal into hell fires thoroughness is in the bowels of battle ships we remember the selflessness of the remarkable generation whose legacy is the freedom we enjoy today i think of hubert grant my father's cousin in whose
1:58 pm
owner he was named. hubert fortune's died at passchendaele at the age of just nineteen last year at the service to mark the seventeen or e. of that battle i took a moment to find his name on the men in gage alongside thousands of his comrades we will remember them thank you but the builders of that all of memory also wanted us to do something else alongside a commitment to remember they inscribed a command that still calls to us today see to it that they shall not have suffered and died in vain those words express
1:59 pm
a determination that transformed our country a determination that the men who returned from the quagmire hours of passion to their families here in birmingham and across the land should have homes fit for heroes that the women who made munitions kept the buses and trains running so far fighters and police officers should have a voice in our democracy that a country which stood together in solidarity with people of every class share in the danger should become a fairer place a generation later another victory built on shared sacrifice renewed that determination twice in a century britain came together to beat the odds and build a better future a stronger democracy in the mother of parliaments where every person no matter their gender no matter their class has an equal voice a fair economy in the home of the free market where enterprise creates wealth to
2:00 pm
fund great public services. a more secure future in the post-war world where former enemies become friends and the transatlantic alliance makes our world a safer place we must recapture that spirit of common purpose because the lesson of that remarkable generation is clear if we come together there is no limit to what we can achieve our future is in our thanks and that's why we are all in this hall today is the reason we chose to get involved in politics in the first place we believe that by standing up to be counted by working together we can change our communities and our country for the better.


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