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people of this country to take this decision politicians try to overturn it those of us who do respect the result whichever side of the question we stood on two years ago need to come together now if we don't if we all go off in different directions in pursuit of our own visions of the perfect breck's it we risk ending up with no bricks it at all thanks and there's another reason why we need to come together we are entering the toughest phase of the negotiations you saw in salzburg that i am standing up for britain what we are thank god we are proposing is very challenging for the e.u.
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but if we stick together and hold our nerve i know we can get a deal that delivers for britain thank alternately that's what it's all about the people we are not interested in debates about the theory of brecht's it their livelihoods depend on making a success of it in practice of rex it might make britain stronger fifty years from now it's no good to you if it makes your life harder today if you work in a factory in pendle you need a break sit that keeps trade friction free and supply chains flowing if you're a fisherman in peterhead you need a breck's it that delivers full control of our waters. if you run an export business in phnom you need a bricks it will open up new global markets if you live in pressure go on the arash border you need a breck's it that keeps it frictionless and community is connected these things
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matter to you so they matter to me you are the people we are all here to and together we will build a brighter future for the whole united kingdom thank god i passionately believe that our best days lie ahead of us and that our future is full of promise we have fundamental strengths as a country english is the global language we can trade with shanghai over morning coffee and san francisco at teatime our costs are incorruptible our university is world leading our soft power unrivaled a driving force in the commonwealth a permanent member of the u.n. security council and soon we will retake our own seat at the world trade
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organization britain will be a chance to thank it it will be a champion for free trade across the globe and i want to thank our fantastic trade envoys for leading that work but our greatest strength of all is the talent and diversity of our people. we have produced more nobel prize winners than any country apart from america we are home to an mazing innovators creators and entrepreneurs a wonderful public servants of the best in the world the compassion of our n.h.s. staff the dedication of our teachers the bravery of our police and the matchless courage of our armed forces thank
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. you we don't have what it takes we have everything we need to succeed and in twenty twenty two we'll put the best of british creativity and innovation culture and heritage on the show in a year long festival of great britain and northern ireland. but you'll see wherever i travel i find a renewed interest in britain let me give you to resume the u.k. prime minister there with what is so far generally being seen as a well crafted speech she started with a joke always a good idea for a political speaker of course she was referring there to a b.b.c.
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drama the bodyguard where a former soldier has an affair with the home secretary of course that's a reference to terry's and may have ing been a home secretary she then went on to do the thing that people were predicting she had to do to get the hall to get delegates on side she didn't talk about bret's it straight off she attacked the opposition labor party she compared jeremy corbin's labor party with previous labor leaders she then went on to give us a break on his party's problems over the past three or four months with anti semitism within labor she said the governing conservative party are patriotic and they are decent for everyone in the country she said we are the party of unity for everyone she then kind of paid lip service to the main body of her speech when she was warming up to her theme getting to the elephant in the room breck's it she was talking about when you are secure and when you have freedoms you have opportunity
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on bricks it she said we will not go for a deal at any cost she said be either or options that are being foisted on her that people are demanding she comes up with one of those would card off northern ireland which she is not prepared to do she will never accept she said either of those choices she will not betray the original referendum she will never break up our country she also went on. on and this is off the back of the reception that she got from of the e.u. leaders at the salzburg summit in austria she said we demand respect our deal will protect jobs she said very specifically on the big big issue of whether it should be a hard border or a soft border between northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland and the irish republic she said the seamless border in northern ireland will see no change whatsoever she then attacks nicholas sturgeon
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the scottish first minister up at holyrood in the scottish capital edinburgh she was saying to nicolas sturgeon you are betraying scotland with your common fisheries policy a second referendum she said would be a politician's referendum and she reminded the whole that she was doing i guess almost a maggie thatcher thatcher right type thing she was standing up for the u.k. in salzburg she said as well and this was another point that speech rights and speech watchers over the past twenty four hours been saying she had to do she said the best days lie ahead will stay with these live pictures of tourism is she maybe starts dancing again she did end dancing literally dancing to dancing queen by will stay with these pictures we'll talk to jonathan list sees deputy director of british influence a political think tank jonathan good to see you again here on al-jazeera your reading of the speech specifically on breaks it. well
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obviously she's very rattled by by the opposition to check is her proposal by boris johnson and she is holding out the possibility there might not be a price to tool that's very interesting as she's saying the people have to come together but they can't come together on the back of this speech because this speech is offering nothing but delusion she's saying correctly identified that the e.u. is offering her two options neither which she can accept well those are the only two options on the table she's saying that the e.u. has to come with counter-proposals they have come we can't. either see border between great britain northern ireland or there are full soft brakes of the single mother the customs union those are her in two options her problem is that she has no power and no leverage because she gave it all up when she triggered article fifty prematurely she correctly identifies that if she were to say to rule out no deal for britain then that would reduce her negotiating leverage the problem is
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she's up see right we don't have any negotiation leverage because no deal is not an option she says that we're ingenious enough and enterprising enough to combat and they deal breaks it but we can't fly aircraft with our hands you know these are physical ramifications of the new deal scenario which she is not able to overcome now how much she tries no matter who takes it from her as prime minister how is she rattled jonathan using that word rattled there once or twice i mean what was she rattled on specifically. well she was certainly rattled by jeremy cooper it was while she kept talking about him but when she was talking about a people's vote using the phrase that remain campaigners have used for for quite a few months the fact that she's even talking about the fact that she was saying those are people's vote that people already do how the people's vote before. is a sign that she's very very conscious that a people's vote is actually very very popular and gaining popularity recent polls
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that have suggested there's a majority in favor of having one and then also voting to remain and then she actually says there is a possibility of no breaks to tool if you don't come together so she's also trying to appeal to her base but they're not actually admitting that breaks in might happen she's actually made a huge concession because i think it's the first time she's actually said on the record that we might stay in the e.u. and that is actually very very significant jonathan with the times let's just have a listen to one of the key segments of the speech no one wants a good deal more than may but that has never meant getting the deal at any cost britain isn't afraid to leave with no deal if we have to leaving without a deal introducing tariffs and costly checks at the border would be a bad outcome for the u.k. and the e.u. it would be tough at first but the resilience and ingenuity of the british people would see us through. jonathan with that speech she had to navigate
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a line that unites the party that party's laughing party is applauding the party in the country the tory base would can i suggest you like that party the fifty two percent of the u.k. population who voted for brics it when there was a second referendum to innovate years ago the first referendum was in the mid seventy's they will like that speech as well so what's the problem with the speech given that she's now going to go to the e.u. in the next ten or fourteen days or so and then come back and try to deliver on that in the house of commons. the problem with this speech is it actually doesn't matter how popular it is with our party and they forget that there might be applause in the in the audience but a lot of those people are very very angry with chuck is a lot of her own pieces said they'll vote against her they support boris johnson for example they are she doesn't change the political reality she will have to go to brussels and actually negotiate
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a deal the fact that there's applause in the room although some pete members of the tory party are opposing her resilience or standing up to brussels doesn't change the bad facts on the ground which are that she has no leverage and she will have to capitulate to the e.u. either with a c. border between great britain northern ireland or a full stop because those are the only two options on offer to her and it's also extraordinary that she is talking about compromise lamenting compromise being a dirty word and complaining that some people are in through to ideology when she is literally saying that she would rather have a no deal of grounded across and potentially cancel radiotherapy than the ability to alter just so she can alter new zealand's dairy tariffs that is not compromise a compromise that these have a stock price it and she if she'd gone down that rich the beginning then she would be in the match she's in now but the thing that plays to her and keeps us strong keeps or in place here is to tear surely to number one nobody wants to be
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conservative prime minister at the moment because it is your original political poison chalice and also to number two yes clearly there are people in the auditorium who do support boris johnson but those people cannot support boris johnson stated alternative to checkers to misuse maze checkers plan for bricks it because there is no boris johnson alternative because he's had plenty of opportunity to tell the country and the rest of the e.u. what he would do but he's not told anyone. well he's hardest see the canada so-called idea which is basically it's a free trade agreement the problem with this free trade agreement is that creates you know we go back to beginning it creates a hard border in ireland or it leads to a kind of a division in the irish sea between northern ireland and great britain so really breaks it is that it's based actually very simple there are only four options available to any to eat or one to have divided u.k.
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canonically two to have a full stop writes it which will be very unpopular with a number of leaders and also some remain is three to have a people's vote which actually allows the people to have to ensure that this is what they want the food to have and no deal breaks it which will be overturned by parliament because there is no majority in parliament for that johnson thanks very much a correspondent paul brennan has also been following that speech for us of birmingham paul there were so many variables that she had to get into so many boxes she had to tick did she manage it. i think so so far major still on its feet at the moment but actually it was a broad ranging speech it wasn't just about bret's it in fact there were some speculation that you might avoid substantial amounts of talking about threats it for fear of being heckled one thing she didn't mention at all was the word checkers and given that one of the slogans around here among those bricks it is has been this chance of chuck checkers i think there was a fear that there might be
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a heckle from the audience if she mentioned the word checkers because one of the dissenters might actually stand up and shout out that was avoided by avoiding the word altogether that said there was it was a kind of a broad brushstroke kind of approach to appealing to the traditional values of conservative conservative isn't with a capital c. she spoke in sweeping terms about the principles of freedom and opportunity and security these are kind of the bedrocks of what the conservative party in the u.k. is all about but as far as breck's it goes it was an unavoidable topic and she addressed it by appealing to her party to stick together essentially what she's saying is that if there is dissent then it might not happen and given the fact that even though the right under the middle ground of her party are pushing towards brecht it albeit at different paces and with different kinds of ideas about what kind of threats if they want that would be that would be
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a unifying call that will go down well in the in the in the auditorium and perhaps to put this in context paul maybe we should kind of remember what the speech was like this time last year because this speech last year was a complete disaster people were then questioning basically saying she won't be there in twelve months time she is she has the political tactics at her disposal to kind of make you think she's going towards the precipice and then she steps back from it and people are also saying in the run up to this speech that is still ongoing just looking at the feed coming to us to birmingham people are saying well if it manages to be a speech which is it could have been worse sheila pulled it off. yeah i mean i think one of the things that everybody says regardless of whether you agree with theresa may or not but everybody says about and respects about this her political tenacity you know she doesn't give up she hasn't gone easily she's stuck
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it out despite the slings and arrows of all sides both within her party and outside the party the crowd that has gathered in the auditorium is larger than boris johnson attracted yesterday not least because it's in the main auditoriums and not in one of the large fringe holes but the ability of theresa may to soldier on certainly is something that everybody here regards as admiral admirable in in a personal of way but make no mistake there is pressure on her as pm so that personal admiration does not necessarily translate to political admiration and another tory m.p. has submitted a letter calling for a vote of no confidence in to rescind may's prime ministership and if the conservative party gets a forty eight m.p.'s submitting letters then there will be a vote of no confidence paul thanks very much paul brennan our correspondent there in birmingham more coverage of a series of me and brooks at of course in the coming hours in the meantime we'll move on to some other top stories for you there's been
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a ruling from the un's top court today that the u.s. should lift its sanctions on humanitarian goods going to iran the decision by the i.c.j. that's the international court of justice in the netherlands is a victory for iran which has pursued the case the u.s. is penalizing companies trading with iran after it re imposed sanctions earlier this year the u.s. says the i.c.j. has no jurisdiction in the matter it withdrew from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal earlier this year. indonesia's appealing for body bags as teens find more and try to prevent the spread of disease on the island of so the west sea more than four days after an earthquake and a tsunami aid supplies are starting to trickle out around the island but scores of uncounted people are likely to still be buried underneath collapsed buildings when he has more. there is an exodus taking place from central sulawesi thousands are leaving their quake and tsunami ravaged communities boarding military planes from
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palu all with traumatic memories oh. it was so crazy i wasn't conscious for a long time because the ceiling fell on me. the airport was severely damaged in the quake and inoperable for a time but the military has taken over allowing the indonesian air force to come and go aboard one plane was the president who made his second visit to the disaster areas this time his first stop was just outside the cracks terminal building where hospital ward has been set up with the sick and injured wait to be a lifted just tell us what the priority is in terms of the recovery and of course to that is if i wake up and that we have they shown an. action. among the patients. who gave birth three days before the quake she and her family lost their home and walked for four days to get help now they have no choice but to leave. everybody was running from the houses when the
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quake happened my home is completely destroyed and we had to sleep on the street. for now the remains of the airport offer some comfort that one chapter of their ordeal is drawing to a close for those who choose to stay help is gradually arriving at least to the airport as well as getting people out of here the military planes have been bringing in but getting it from the airport to the communities the people that need it most seems to be a slow process. much sits at the airport awaiting distribution but for an increasing number of people the wait for a place on a flight to safety is over as they leave they perhaps contemplate an even longer wait before they'll be able to return home wayne hay al-jazeera palu indonesia. well staying with that story for you it took our correspondent andrew thomas several days to get to college but he did finally arrive on tuesday night local time as daylight came in on weapon state he saw nothing but destruction is just
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report. these digging machines are on top of what was one of the most densely populated parts of palu what happened here is what's known as liquefaction and without going into the science of aids and earthquakes the pressure on the ground grows to such an extent that the soil essentially turns into liquid and everything gets tossed upside down you see that building up there well that was at ground level where i am now it's a good full meat is five meters perhaps above my head because likewise smashed up everything that was above ground it's gone below ground everything below has come on top hence all the mud and of course among those things above ground where people lots of people but only managed to start a two hundred square meter part of this area and already they found nineteen bodies two bodies while we've been here alone this area is square kilometers in size so they fear that there are dozens if not hundreds of others buried beneath this mud
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is no great sense of urgency here no one is expecting to find anybody a lawyer unfortunately you do though get that pungent smell of decomposing bodies but definitely there now this was one of the most devastated parts of palu but there are similar scenes being repeated right across the city at the same time the recovery efforts are definitely getting underway we've seen people at the top of electricity poles repairing them water and food is getting through but not yet in the quantities people need a lot of people have left this city where the boy oh by road through traffic jams that snake across the mountains and along the coast roads many many people getting out those who remain are scared both of luce's to some extent but also the earth quakes the vast majority of people at night sleeping outside. whether in tents or simply in the open air. turkish government officials say a prominent saudi journalist and critic is still inside the saudi consulate in
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istanbul earlier today the washington post newspaper said it wasn't sure if its contributor jamal khashoggi was being detained or questioned it said he was last seen entering the consulate to pick up some paperwork is common through some criticism of the crown prince mohammed bin man has been published by several western newspapers more potential legal troubles for the u.s. president donald trump new york state is to investigate tax fraud allegations against him a report in the new york times newspaper says he helped his parents avoid paying tax which helped enrich his own fortune by more than four hundred million dollars the white house says the news report is quote misleading. meanwhile mr trump has mocked the testimony of the woman accusing the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was
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it i don't know. where mr trump did run through a list of what he described as holes in christine blousy ford's testimony she testified to that senate committee last week your member mr cavanaugh has denied any allegations leveled at him but the f.b.i. has been given one week to make further inquiries. the tax authorities in china have ordered one of the country's top actresses to pay a one hundred twenty nine million dollar tax bill she's found being being she hasn't been seen since june reports have emerged saying she's been detained the actress has appeared in the x.-men and iron man movies and a letter posted on one of her official social media accounts she says she accepts that decision adrian brown with more from beijing. well this is sort to be the biggest ever fine imposed on a chinese movie star eight hundred and ninety two million r m b that's almost one hundred thirty million u.s. dollars that's what the tax authorities say fan being being than they say if she
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pays this money back she will not face criminal prosecution fan being being says she hopes to be able to do just that now fan being being is not the best known actress here in china but she's certainly one of the best paid earning some forty three million dollars last year she vanished from public view in june and nothing had been heard of her until now she has issued a statement on way bow which is china's equivalent of twitter she says that she's been experiencing unprecedented suffering i'm ashamed of what i've done and she apologized to her many fans now it could well be that the chinese authorities who've been investigating other stars a sending out a warning that this is what could happen to other celebrities who avoid paying tax it seems that in the case of fan being being she had been understating what she was paid in her contract and the authorities seem to say this is become part of
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a widespread trend that they're determined to deal with more news on the web site it's always there for you al jazeera dot com house will keep you company in the coming hours i will see you very soon. october on al jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail
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for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigates the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its pollen and three elections but what direction the country take with a new two part series the big picture examines the negative view of monaco got these boom and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera whether online or humanity has been taken out of its goals as if we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on set and i guarantee you know what apple has a back story like this is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell to join the global conversation on al-jazeera.
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a lot has been seeking in doha the top stories on al-jazeera turkish government officials say a prominent saudi journalist and critic is still inside the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier the washington post said said it wasn't sure if contributed showed he was being detained or questioned it said he was last seen entering the consulate to pick up paperwork for shelties commentaries and criticism of crown prince mohammed bin men have been published by several western newspapers because solo joins us live for more from istanbul so soon and what more do we know
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well has him her i am right in front of saudi consulate in istanbul yesterday john mark karr she actually entered inside this consulate to get a paperwork actually he was planning to get married with a turkish girl turkish woman and he had to get a paper from his national country is to how the office will operate since here to get married with the turkish lady and after he entered inside the building he didn't get out this is what we know and according to turkish awful sources we know that to mark she is still inside turkey he hasn't been brought to any other kountry he hasn't left turkey however i have been speaking to speaking to his fiance of course she's terrified she is very very worried she doesn't know what what's happening to him and she told me that last week to my question she came here to talk about these or fishel paperwork before his marriage and he was very well kept from the saudi officials in the in the consulate building.


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