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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is the opportunity to understand in the very different way where there are people who don't believe. this is al jazeera. has them seek it this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes scavenging for food in the indonesian city of aid is slow coming five days after an earthquake and tsunami. and there's a new concern for those who survived indonesia's put out a call for body bags and the fears of disease. i have treating the european union
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with nothing but respect the united kingdom expects to say or do it my way british prime minister to resign may gets a standing ovation after laying out how breaks it bottom line parties conference. and time for the u.s. to stop the international court of justice calls for the lifting of sanctions on iran that affect humanitarian aid and civil aviation. follow a fear of disease is adding to the long list of woes on the indonesian island of. five days after it was hit by an earthquake and tsunami a plea is now being made for body bags to be sent the death toll has reached one thousand four hundred seven but authorities say scores of yet unaccounted people are likely to still be buried in collapsed buildings we begin our coverage in
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central city with this report justin. from andrew thomas. the mosques are in part to hide the smile the white tulle pool in is because liquid is dripping through the orange one from the body wrapped inside there's not much dignity in this but in pali right now there is a lot of meat at the row row hotel there searching for between fifty and seventy guests who were inside when it collapsed nearby one of hollywood's biggest shopping centers has been destroyed. elsewhere building damage is less obvious but the reality is worse with individual buildings it's easy to see the destruction from ground level but this wasn't one building it was in a state of seventeen hundred homes and to appreciate what happened here you really need to see it from the air during the earthquake the pressures on the ground grow to such an extent that the soil liquefied collapsing everything in on itself
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hundreds of people i thought to still be buried here. by wednesday afternoon a search team had dug into an area of just four hundred square meters and had already found twenty five bodies there a square kilometers to go among those buried almost certainly is ricardi suffer rutins mother he's found the house she was in it was among those carried hundreds of meters by the way you perceive mud but she has vanished. in looking at all this i know really it's impossible that she's alive but i can't quite bring myself to give up hope. in that he is head of search and rescue operations visited the site on wednesday he saw for himself a child on the sticking out of the debris but says there isn't yet the right equipment to bring her body out some are scattered around we are using all their resources but we are very spread out and we can't just focus here. repairs are
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being made and aid is coming in but it's not yet a functioning city in places some people are digging through the debris in search of food but now fuel is coming in far more a simply getting out andrew thomas al-jazeera palu indonesia. supplies have been trickling out to the tens of thousands in need but there is a long way to go when he has spent the day at palo airport now in control on the military. there is an exodus taking place from central sulawesi thousands are leaving their quake and tsunami ravaged communities boarding military planes from palu all with traumatic memories oh. it was so crazy i wasn't conscious for a long time because the ceiling fell on me. the airport was severely damaged in the quake and inoperable for
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a time but the military has taken over allowing the indonesian air force to come and go aboard one plane was the president who made his second visit to the disaster areas this time his first stop was just outside the cracks terminal building where hospital ward has been set up with the sick and injured wait to be a lifted just tell us what the priority is in terms of the recovery and of course to that is if i wake up and that we have a show and they will get action here. among the patients. who gave birth three days before the quake she and her family lost their home and walked for four days to get help now they have no choice but to leave. everybody was running from the houses when the quake happened my home is completely destroyed and we had to sleep on the street. for now the remains of the airport offer some comfort that one chapter of their ordeal is drawing to
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a close for those who choose to stay help is gradually arriving at least to the airport as well as getting people out of here the military planes have been bringing in a number but getting it from the airport to the communities the people that need it most seems to be a slow process. much sits at the airport awaiting distribution but for an increasing number of people the wait for a place on a flight to safety is over as they leave they perhaps contemplate an even longer wait before they'll be able to return home wayne hay al-jazeera palu indonesia. well that was paolo airport a little earlier in the day is just going to eight pm wednesday there in jamila linda hogan is now live for so to me just bring us up to date on how operations have been going. well here what we're seeing they think elisa said it because of operation now at
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this point it is about nine pm local time here and with so the planes arriving full of volunteers arriving from different countries in fact on the week here we were our flying in with a french rescue was there also you do have a fine believe that the international presence is also means available presence jokily we don't go with you to do anything illegal or that he's quite happy we've now things are moving he says he what you would like to see though is that for the military and rescuers to be able to act in many areas that are really largely cut off but this is a logistical problem right here at this point what we're seeing basically is an influx of forces presence of the military i find a reassurance from the government that life can be picked up here again that security is very much in place and this is exactly what presidential who will go though here today he encouraged local authority local shops to start opening up and not to hear about looting and all sorts of security agencies because the government
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is here rescue operations been telling you it's the fifth day but there is no let up at this point the sign that there will still be survivors in so many areas are slim but many here say they remain undeterred so is it is the sense there that supplies are arriving help me slowly arriving but the issue at the moment the big challenge at the moment is getting it to those areas that need it most with with the whole challenge of infrastructure and collapsed roads and all the rest of it. yes exactly that is exactly what they want to resolve they have brought in a lot of machines a lot of backhoes to clear all the deal this is actually one of the main issues that that's that's part of the rescue and retrieval operations to reach far. and this is what they're working on now hour there is the power outage there is still really no water at this point but there are several hours times
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a few hours today where in there was power at this point majority of the operations here are largely on generator but as assurance by the government and it's only continues to for it to mean as the airport becomes fully operational and all of the roads leading up to here they remain confident that things are going to improve on the ground they have already fixed the very basic things and they will continue to do so to those others all across all over today we saw survivors those who have been injured have been flown not but the military brought to different parts of the region for medical assistance and really where they were at this point we have spoken to some of them there is still no assurance basically when they will be able to go back they are grateful to be alive lethally they're worried about their homes we drove around the exam we start a lot of survivors we decided to stay in their homes but they sleep outside because of the aftershocks so again a sense of insecurity here if you will that's literally hours slowly are improving
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at this point. and they're going live for us in the porch minute thank you now more and go with the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies she says teams there are working hard to reach people who've been cut off . tragically our red cross teams came across a village called to togo it is on the border of pallu and siggy it is a village that has been completely obliterated it was once home to fire a hundred people and they have just recovered fourteen bodies and they're continuing their search and rescue efforts access to these areas are is difficult we've actually tried to come up with very creative ways we've actually deployed three ships full of supplies and goods which should be reaching palu today with things like tents mobile kitchens mosquito nets things that people can use in
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as well as tragically our body bags to recover the dead or theresa may says the u.k. is not afraid to leave the european union without a deal the british prime minister was in an upbeat mood for the closing speech at the conservative party conference may defended her plan for breaks it in six months time and said the united kingdom will be a champion for free trade across the world. no one wants a good deal more than me but that has never meant getting a deal at any cost britain isn't afraid to leave with no deal if we have to leaving without a deal introducing tariffs and costly checks at the border would be a bad outcome for the u.k. and the e.u. it would be tough at first but the resilience and ingenuity of the british people would see us through. well paul brennan was watching it all he is live for us at
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the conservative party conference in a burning him so poor it was a very broad based speech and took on a lot of themes not the least of which was of course brings it to by all accounts it was well received at least inside that party conference. indeed i mean it was actually a remarkably self-assured performance by the prime minister she saw as you saw by the clip that she kind of boogied onto the stage of the cheering of her dancing queen by abba something we would never expect a recent mate to do she was ridiculed for her dancing on a recent visit to kenya and so she was quite deliberately i think making reference to that and she started her speech with a joke but you quite quickly got into the actual meat and bones of it and it was the big takeaway i think from the audience point of view playing quite a tough line and saying that if the negotiations don't work that britain will walk away reluctantly with no deal she's pushed the so-called checkers plan
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that she has come up with with her government as being the best compromise said it was in the national interest but interestingly she didn't mention the word checkers at all on the suspicion here in birmingham is that that was quite deliberate move so that she wouldn't run the risk of somebody heckling go booing that word from the audience because there is a large number of people here within her party that believe the check is planned betrays the bricks it that was voted for back in twenty sixteen by the british people and i think although her performance was good the fundamental problems that she faces are still very serious she has domestic problems from the democratic unionist party over the northern ireland question she has boris johnson on his couple of supporters who are continuing to be a thorn in his side so although the delegates and the activists will leave here happy in the sense that you put on a good television. formants politically she is in still in
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a very very difficult position as regards brooks in the go see a she is an e.u. indeed as you say there are poor some fundamental divisions within her own party on on briggs and so i suppose he remains to be seen whether this speech was just sort of papering over the cracks. yeah i'm she is going to face a continuing difficulty both within and without the deadline is very very tight two weeks from now seventeenth and eighteenth of october that's when she has to go to brussels and theoretically should be in the position of actually finalizing the so-called brics it divorce deal the actual terms of the departure of britain from the european union now given the debate that is ongoing both within the parliament and within the conservative party it's doubtful that she will get to that position in time for that and then there is the question mark as to exactly what her long term future is now she's got universal admiration of most sides i think for her
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tennis it's you have political tenacity but many people dispute that the head direction is the correct direction for britain and that kind of division is a very difficult thing to cope with when you're trying to present a unified front when you negotiate sing with the with the european union program life in birmingham. iran's president has welcomed a ruling by the un's top court ordering the u.s. to temporarily lift some sanctions on iran the u.s. is penalizing companies trading with iran after reimposed sanctions earlier this year the i.c.j. has ruled that washington must withdraw sanctions that are related to humanitarian goods and the civil aviation sector united sates says the court has no jurisdiction in the matter it would drew from the twenty fifth the iran nuclear deal earlier this year was amos rami is live for us in tehran so they are looking at this very
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positively there obviously but in practical terms does it really make a huge difference. well yes though in practical terms on the ground in so far as impacting markets here in iran and impacting iran's ability to trade on the international market and in terms of actual implementation of the american sanctions themselves technically no this this ruling does not compel the united states to abide by it so to speak but in terms of the ability of iran to claim this is a moral victory the ability of iranian leaders to look and point to this and say this is another example of where the united states has disregard for international institutions whereas iran is on the side of turning to the international community to resolve problems it's really in that regard it is another moral victory for the country and even though it doesn't necessarily impact them directly in terms of its
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practical reality and its implementation on the ground they certainly are welcoming this and in a statement from the foreign ministry they welcomed the fact that it was unanimous decision by the world court in iran's favor though even though that is the case it didn't go all the way towards condemning sanctions and it didn't go all the way towards calling for the lifting of all sanctions what the court ruling said was the u.s. must remove by means of its own choosing any impediment for the free exportation of goods with regards to three different categories medicines and medical equipment food and agriculture and parts equipment and services related to civil aviation so really looking at all of the things that impact iran on a humanitarian level and the court also said that any banking transactions that are carried out with regards to these categories of of items and services should not be interfered with by the united states but again without a policing mechanism anything that the court says is really more a recommendation than legal ruling so what will iraq as iranians try to use this
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then as a public relations victory going forward as they continue to try to maintain trade relations with those western countries that that want to keep the nuclear deal that they entered into with iran. absolutely since the trumpet ministration. pulled the united states out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran as does try to internationalize its campaign to keep it alive and make it not just in iranian issue but a global issue that involves the remaining signatories to the joint comprehensive plan of action that way as well as the wider world in so far as the u.s. pulling out of an international treaty unilaterally and this really does help reinforce that sort of international public relations campaign that iran has been carrying on for some time we saw at the u.n. g.a. earlier this week when president johnson rouhani and his delegation announced
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a plan with the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal to develop a mechanism of banking a financial transaction mechanism that helps bypass american sanctions and this will no doubt this ruling today will no doubt help reinforce that desire to make this campaign about the world versus you know the united states the world isolating the united states further isolating the united states internationally and no doubt this helps reinforce that plan by leaders here in teheran xanthus ravi live in teheran for us. plenty more ahead on this news hour why families in the south african city of cape town are urging their government to do more to tackle drug addiction. easy prey for political promises how poverty in brazil is affecting potential voters before sunday's election. and later in school we'll hear from the tottenham striker who's thinking big ahead of his team's champions league game with barcelona.
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so all that still ahead but first turkish government officials say a prominent saudi journalist and critic is still inside the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier the washington post had said he wasn't sure if contributor. was being detained or questioned it said he was last seen entering the consulate to collect paperwork shows commentaries in criticism of crown prince mohammed bin men have been published by several western newspapers. it's called griffin is deputy director of the international press institute he joins us via skype now from vienna thanks very much for being with us now there's clearly a lot about this story that that we simply don't know. at this point but how how concerned are you about the the well for it welfare of mr shows me at this point
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and where he may be. said it's a developing story we don't know what the facts yet but we are concerned obviously hasn't been seen in his lasting injury in the saudi consulate we don't know how he was doing we don't know how it was being treated he's a critic of the current saudi regime we know that we also know that the saddam regime is going after its critics and this is a particularly in my dishes example of someone who went to the consulate according to reports and took a documents he needed to get married and has not been able to leave so this is this is an audacious move and what they're concerned about as well if they're so how concerned are you about the the public's right to know about what is happening inside saudi arabia because of course mr shafiq is somebody who wrote quite extensively about the did the climate there the political climate particularly look it's a big concern i mean i think what this incident shows most of all is the contradiction
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in the silent regimes claims that it is opening up and it is liberalizing we've seen a lot of talk a lot of statements from the side of the officials heading in that direction but when you look at the actions of the government of government we see something very different over the past year this is not what is going on in this temple is not an isolated case you know as i said it's an idea just example that we have many other examples or two who are so critics of the current government to have been. a dud. who are being held currently prison sentences for their criticism of the government and so we see that in fact in many ways things are actually headed in the opposite direction the government is cracking up more than ever and mr cassilis is a long time when a journalist is highly really is well the words he's also someone who has been seen in the past as being close to us for him so i think this is showing really the extremes now the government is going to silence anyone who is questioning. the
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status of the saudi government is taking so i think in terms of the right to know all in saudi arabia i mean the space is shrinking rapidly but what can be done here though given. the fact that the saudi consulate is in istanbul in this particular case is is essentially saudi territory so the turks are a kind of limited in what they can do here. yeah i think there are short term and long term other things in the short term obviously if you do hope that the turkish officials will do what they can to convince saudi arabia to to let him go to free him from the consulate and prevent him essentially from being abducted back to saudi arabia of course we're talking about turkey a government that has jam or journalists than any other in the world so about would be that sort of an interesting twist but i think in the long term what we need to see is we need to see the international community especially calling saudi arabia
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bluff saying look we're not going to accept the sort of the story is about how exciting it is opening up and becoming a more tolerant and it will be want to see action and to tell saudi arabia that. freedom of expression and freedom of the press are part of an open society and those are values that have to be accepted by saudi arabia if it wants to be taken seriously by the international community so we really want to see more pressure. from from other countries from international partners and not just take basically saudi arabia's claims that is opening up at face value. could speak to you scott griffin now joining us there from the they did that south african government is being to do more to tackle drug gangs although policing has increased in some areas many communities say it is not nearly enough for me to miller report. yes.
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you know you must suck it up but it was in a room in the small courtyard at ellen paki's killed her own son by strangling him a.b. was addicted to crystal meth or took as it's known in the cape flats he's addiction began at the age of fourteen and continued for seven years ellen says he used to terrorize the family it was after yet another drug binge that ellen says she was pushed over the edge when i close the front door i saw this when i came without her and then i just wondered in to stop with what the rest during an hour and really just standing with it or even just didn't want to do with but this one i put record is severe and i put that off but i'm listening inside a home ellen shows us where on one occasion her son instant access to hack through all she says he was looking for money or anything he could sell for his next i know
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that the worst manipulate me in that way but there wasn't even the point of writing to kill him but as one who stuck with it that x. eleven deal is a community plagued by gang violence and home and many others are often caught in the crossfire of gang shootouts and the hole is riddled with bullet holes we're now in hanover park just a few kilometers from lavender hill we want to keep a lookout communities like this one drug use and addiction is coupled with gang violence often due to turf wars people here say they're being held hostage in their own homes unable to move around freely and safely. here to a community troubled by drug addiction the silt on bogs into treats about six hundred addicts every month for two must come here for help to kick her addiction to meth. i first chaos i didn't know where that was coming or going with their i was sleeping or awake because it all felt the same you know you you in this bubble
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way the world goes on and the world will soar but used all day in years the centers seize more than eighty percent of opioid addicts in the western cape province but people here say they need more help ellen paki's was given a three year suspended sentence and two hundred eighty hours community service for killing her son which she says she'll always regret doing some may say she got of lightly i think that for a living and the people here. a film has been made telling ellen story highlighting not only her family's struggle with drug addiction but also a community's desperation yet a little has changed for ellen she has two other sons who are also addicts she continues to struggle financially she says kept prisoner in a community where drugs poverty and crime are a way of life for me to miller al-jazeera and the cape flats. town for the weather
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now and now flooding in arizona of all places here's what it tells about this city's blooming desert southwest the remains of an old hurrican we looked at yesterday we looked at again you see the cloud has disappeared through utah as a potential flash floods in the slot canyons but in phoenix in arizona there was flooding in the streets the rivers should turn to capacity every now and again it just goes over which is far and i mean this is this is kopel you expect this every now again this is to southwest monsoon season and somebody took advantage of it surfing on the road now of course this is all great fun it's all finished there the story elsewhere in the u.s. is a rather different one it's more to do with temperature variations a lot of clouds really across the board of encounter in the u.s. not much further south the term for difference there is this is the warmest it's still hard twenty's in washington up to thirteen dollars this is a huge contrast two degrees in calgary now that is telling in calgary fifteen centimeters of snow fell yesterday him the last time we had snow this early in this
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product herit it was about nine hundred fifty four so another unusual occurrence but it's there and it's probably going to stay because the cold air that brought it isn't moving very far if anything it'll probably drift slowly science into worming arda home even the dakotas and the story itself i think in the next twenty four hours we're probably spread eastwards that's the end of it the colder still sits there and there's more snow to come through the northern rockies because thanks robert still ahead on aljazeera is an end in sight. to iraq's months of political uncertainty that's finally a pick for prime minister. tax trouble for one of china's top movie star. and in sport find out which baseball team has won the longest ever sudden death playoff.
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again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour they've been calls for more body bags as the fear of disease adds to the long list the world is on the indonesian island of . death toll has reached one thousand four hundred seventy with a slow to reach some parts of the island people are now scavenging for whatever food they can find. to reset may says the u.k. is not afraid to leave the european union without a deal british prime minister was in an upbeat mood for the closing speech at the conservative party conference may said the u.k. will be a champion for free trade across the world off the brakes. iran's president has
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welcomed a ruling by the un's top court ordering the u.s. to temporarily lift some sanctions on iran the i.c.j. ruled washington must withdraw sanctions related to humanitarian goods and the civil aviation sector united states says the i.c.j. has no jurisdiction matter. in iraq finally has a new prime minister after months of political wrangling former oil minister. has been asked to form a government mohamed atta reports from baghdad. the name of five month long delay iraq finally has a new president but home solid over the past deal to keep union of kurdistan one two hundred twenty votes from the two hundred seventy three lawmakers haughton to tuesday's session saga held various ports in their out big government of the of saddam hussein including as the petition prime minister under former prime minister nuri al maliki saleh was among twenty kind of dates for the post including one from
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the arrival of his time democratic party for what has sane who withdrew from the u.s. during the second round election the monitor what happened in the iraqi parliament today is unusual and against past agreements particularly among kurdish passes that's why the vote is an acceptable to us we will give the full response later and i'm on the official agreement dating back to the two thousand and three us led invasion iraq's presidency is held back while the prime minister's shia and the parliament speaker is sunni the delay in electing a president has meant it out this would it about the state of politics in the country frustrating but but then again i mean this is this is iraq i really shouldn't be surprised but i'm. optimistic in the sense that at least we are the progress seeing step by step moments after he was elected
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president topped off former oil minister other lobdell madded to form the next government other larger than the head is considered an independent candidate but he will have to win the support of mid to show a broken parliament to get conformed to the post of prime minister. to charlotte blocks of the mud since may elections both of which claim to have most sits in parliament and therefore their right to form a government one is led by the current prime minister high the lab and group supporters of the populace she are cleric what does said that who's false want the most votes in the election the other blocking kluges put on groups that by former prime minister nuri al maliki only for the rumbling among the shia blocks and other factions could further delay the process of confirming the prime minister designate mohamed out the world as either but without. a malaysia's former first lady ross mom on saw or has been arrested and will be charged with corruption on thursday was
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detained after being questioned by the anti corruption commission her husband former prime minister najib razak will face trial next year for money laundering and abuse of power it is over billions of dollars that went missing from a state fund known as one and the be. a more potential legal troubles for donald trump new york state is to investigate tax fraud allegations against the u.s. president a report in the new york times says he helped his parents of void paying tax which helped enrich his own fortune by over four hundred million dollars the newspaper says he set up a fake corporation with his siblings to hide millions of dollars in gifts from their parents the white house calls the report misleading. or president trump has mocked the testimony of the woman accusing supremes court nominee brett cavanagh of a sexual assault how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i
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don't know where is the place i don't remember how many years ago once when i was. running through the list there of what he described as holes in christine blair's he forged testimony she testified to a senate committee last week cavanagh has denied the incident but the f.b.i. has been given a week to make further inquiries you can really help is live for us in washington so we really we have gotten used to hearing some very strident comments from from president trump in these in these rallies. that he appears that but this this would appear to be quite an escalation because he had been relatively restrained when it came to talking about christine was the fore. yeah. his comments with regard to her testimony in the media hours and days afterwards was that she was credible there was a bleve by the white house staff that she deserved to be heard so this is certainly a striking tone from the president it may have a lot to do with the upcoming vote that is set to take place in the senate
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following that f.b.i. investigation that we believe is scheduled to wrap up on friday it could be completed sooner sensually this is the president in campaign mode he was speaking there in front of supporters in mississippi and it was some of his strongest attacks to get on christie and glossy ford essentially making the argument that the me too movement that has take me to movement is hurting men that these types of allegations are hurting men making the argument that men are being accused being tried in the court of public opinion essentially being handed down the verdict of social justice versus the criminal justice system which has existed and is sensually that would be available to christie and glossy ford at any time given the statute of limitations allows for her to if she wanted to press this charge in the u.s. state of maryland about these occurrences that happened thirty six years ago so essentially he's trying to plant kind of the seed of doubt in terms of her allegations in the
4:38 pm
minds of his supporters but i can tell you that it's not playing well at least with dr ford's attorney he sent out a statement on tuesday evening calling trump's remarks vicious violent soulless and a profile in cowardice and president trump's remarks who covered quite extensively in u.s. media what effect is this going to have what implications is going to have for republicans for the upcoming as they continue campaigning the upcoming midterms usually about a month away now. yeah that's right and it seems that there has been a bit of a calculation on the part of republicans who know that donald trump's comments with regard to christine glossy forward are not particularly playing well especially when it comes to white suburban women that helped put donald trump in the white house back some new polling suggests that sixty one percent of college educated women particularly white women do not believe the claims of judge kavanaugh that he
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when he says that he did not sexually assault christine blazin ford and this could be very devastating for those republicans that are running for re-election or just running for the house of representatives even potentially the senate but it appears that the calculation has been pushed this nomination through get it through the senate because donald trump has made a promise to his supporters in two thousand and sixteen that he would make more conservative appointments to the courts including this one the supreme court the highest court in the land where this could be a problem though is with some of those republican women who have to make that confirmation decision in the senate particularly lisa murkowski from alaska republican senate female senator and also susan collins of maine these comments by the president may not play well and could affect that vote alternately judge cavanagh's confirmation to the high court so it can really where things stand right now with the f.b.i. investigation which as of now is supposed to be wrapped up by friday. right well
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there is some indication that it could wrap up sooner than that of course there has been some concern about christine bossy for not being able to to fully give her testimony to the f.b.i. there has been some back and forth with regard to that of course the public didn't get to see that testimony. detailed testimony for hours so it appears that the f.b.i. has been working on corroborating those claims with regard to for example mark judge a friend of judge kavanagh's who was allegedly in the room when this sexual assault took place thirty six years ago one that we should point out christine blazin ford says she's one hundred percent sure happened but that she also as tunnel trump pointed out can't remember many of the other occurrences that happened that night so corroborating some of the statements given some of the gaps in the story gaps in her memory potentially is something that the f.b.i. has been focused on once they conclude that investigation it goes to the white
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house it is referred to the senate and then it is ultimately up to the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to decide when that confirmation vote will take place all right kimberly how could live in washington thank you to. the level of comity and possibly zero has left some potential voters in sunday's election easy for a for politicians are looking to buy votes extreme poverty and unemployment rates are rising and not being able to read and write is a big issue you see newman reports from the state of. sixty five year old mother. can't read or write or even sign her name but what she does know is how to work. i started working in tobacco fields when i was nine my father had died and my mother couldn't make ends meet. the story is repeated in the nearby sugar fields generation after generation men work under the merciless
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sun of northeastern state. i started when i was stand i'm forty four now i couldn't find any better job my father did decide we never went to school but my son does. i hope he will be able to get a better job because this is no way to live. in northeastern brazil is heavily populated which makes it a magnet for politicians seeking election help in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not live in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars. with india that is a catholic deacon who works in the slum appropriately named after the virgin of the
4:43 pm
poor seventy percent of residents are illiterate. of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are because then they can just keep coming back here at election time with empty promises that people grasp onto in the northeast as in the rest of brazil blacks and mixed race are the most disenfranchised. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government will step. that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even more living in extreme poverty. this economist says a clonic structural problem is to blame a loss then we will stop medium and long term development goals for our country investing infrastructure held education and job creation that requires political coordination that always eludes us no matter who is in government. and even if the
4:44 pm
decks government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. to see a new an al-jazeera allow gosp resilin. the first visit to egypt by an expert appointed by the united nations human rights council since twenty eleven has concluded un special rapporteur on housing lonny for hospital ten days looking into housing conditions focus was the experiences of street children women people with disabilities and minority groups a sunday professor. and regional planning program at the university of alberta in canada he joins us on skype from edmonton thanks very much for being with us so first of all why is adequate housing why should that be a basic human right we just explain that to us. sure any good housing goes to the very heart of human rights because by having adequate housing and in their
4:45 pm
original can have the dignity the freedom the opportunity which are the key fundamental elements of human rights and adequate housing is in the universal declaration of human rights by the un it's included in the international covenant on economic social and cultural rights so essentially if you have adequate housing it will give individual are a family they motional support the peace and dignity that goes with it so i think adequate housing and humanized are intrinsically connected one of the different ways that you assess housing whether whether a population is getting adequate housing. no it is difficult to assess adequate housing if you look at the the u.n.
4:46 pm
and define adequate housing it has more to do with legal security of tenure what that means so that if you are in a house and a piece of land you know you shouldn't be worrying about being displaced. you know becoming homeless so i think it's more of the security of where you are but it is also if you do with affordability you know how much money you're going to words in the renting will leave your house or owning your house is about accessibility and it is also about you know what you have around you are the schools that your services are the employment so embarrassing sort of forming. elements adequate housing. and then just explain to us some of the differences. that are in operation here like for example if you if you
4:47 pm
look at housing in the gulf region there's very much there's a lot of government involvement in that. sector where where where they are they play a leading role in all of that that they are they are kind of the providers whereas in in other countries like canada where you are in the united states it's more about empowering people to find their own housing to talk about some of the differences there. yes so i have done some work and you know. obviously working here in canada and then you were in and elsewhere that were and what is interesting is. some of the gulf country than you know and especially in the doing and in qatar a bit is that a lot of emphasis on housing and some of the language in specially in the u.s.
4:48 pm
constitution talks about adequate and living out living which in capsule it's housing. but in the us can't the government that is more in providing housing so i have come to project the rather tree lances of looking at how the new approaches so one approaches. you know a supportive or a pro wider approach and an approach eventually where the public sector piglets sponsibility of producing and providing housing to the country's nationals i did begins in the u.a.e. and then perhaps to qatar as well but then you have sort of a hybrid form supporter approach in which the government steps in and helps. the public but it is this change really after the public and the people to figure
4:49 pm
that. is best for them begin the healing approach which is all right we're going to we're going to have to going to have to leave it there unfortunately good to speak with you sandeep agora while joining us there from. edmonton. china's tax authorities have ordered one of the country's top actresses to pay a one hundred twenty nine million dollar bill fan being being hasn't been seen since june and reports emerge that she's been detained the actress has appeared in the x.-men and iron man franchises she's also been the face of katia and was sadie's benz in china adrian brown has more. well this is sold to be the biggest ever fine imposed on a chinese movie star eight hundred and ninety two million r m b that's almost one hundred thirty million u.s. dollars that's what the tax authorities say fan being being done they say if she pays this money back she will not face criminal prosecution funding being says she
4:50 pm
hopes to be able to do just that now thundering being is not the best known actress here in china but she's certainly one of the best paid earning some forty three million dollars last year she vanished from public view in june and nothing had been heard of her until now she has issued a statement on way bo which is china's equivalent of twitter she says that she's been experiencing unprecedented suffering i'm ashamed of what i've done and she apologized to her many fans now it could well be that the chinese authorities who've been investigating other stars a sending out a warning that this is what could happen to other celebrities who avoid paying tax it seems that in the case of fan being being she had been understating what she was paid in her contract and the authorities seem to say this is become part of
4:51 pm
a widespread trend that they're determined to deal with. all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back three time champions river played into the semifinals of south america's top competition and it's.
4:52 pm
all right time now to get a sport here's andy thank you so much as well also champions league football to look for. a means emulate little messes goalscoring record spurs play massey's barcelona in the champions league lights are on this wednesday and has been the premier league's top scorer for the past three seasons schooled six england at this
4:53 pm
year's world cup messi though when he scored a hundred and three champions league goals now that's the second highest total in the competitions history behind christiane. not seeing great form of the moment they are without a win in three games. who set the standard for him of. going above the normal standard that other people and in the years gone past them. when you're scoring as many goes as as he is and. since you go this season as a striker i want to try and match that draw and. i think first of. a lot of respect to tottenham. their coach they did know what it's really really well of course there are some some some guys to play in the league before so we know it will be really really hard. to get the better side in the first game and they
4:54 pm
will try for sure tomorrow we've got people to win their first game last season's finalists liverpool getting ready to take on not pulling in its three liverpool began my group campaign with a three two one of a party sanjay man while napoli juror no no in their eyes and against a red start felt great they were pretty one of the top to europe. they reached the final of all the parts the advantage that they found at the end of the last season continued the. play his organisation and their started really well these series. i like knowledge of audio i was back to him a lot and he's a fantastic guy was a world class players world class manager and tell me germany say he's obviously a smart fox. giving all these very positive things about us and then say all these ny things have all be reborn again. it's
4:55 pm
nice actually but it's. it's techniques. he is feeling the heat around madrid after the defending champions were beaten by sysco moscow on tuesday they went down one million group james the third match in a row right off have failed to score a lot of defending is misfiring striker carrying ben zimmer who's without a goal now in six games boos at the final whistle as man united played out of goals george valencia chose a marine the same might their worst starts with domestically campaign in three decades but they are beaten in europe second in their group after this result is. river play will face grimier in the semifinals of a couple of its abilities so that south america's top club competition they beat argentina rivals independence a in their last eight side after the sides a draw no mail in the first leg river what winning this one three seven seven with defending champions of premier river plate so in
4:56 pm
a sense for the second straight season they won the title back in twenty fifteen. or career with six mil aggregate wins over let's go to commend the brazilians were fighting for this second leg winning. i. will take a narrow advantage into the away leg of their asian champions league semi didn't look likely when we see one blooms of south korea tickets to nearly here in japan pick it back so when three to win it coming up here scored in injury time. the colorado rockies have eliminated the chicago cubs in the longest ever sudden that game in major league baseball took four extra innings to decide this wild card game as the rockies outlast the cups soon born in thirteen earnings colorado i'm outside home a man who is in the best of five national league division series us. and science and fury says he expects to win say walter to be a thought suffer opponent for him to beat them vladimir klitschko the undefeated
4:57 pm
briton defeats klitschko on points in twenty fifteen to win two major world heavyweight titles fury has the chance to be a champion again when he faces while they're in a. december the first it's the biggest fight since returning to the ring following a pact. to make people do very crazy things in the ring so maybe more interesting content just to get in between these big swings. probably for the first time in his career. just show up to know how to adjust to any style any part of bring them on board and . you had to go i had to just every man obviously not all assume the role for a lot small talk from them in the weeks to come i suspect i'm sure there will be we'll look forward to that thanks very much andy that is it for this news hour more news in two minutes they were.
4:58 pm
capturing a moment in time. snapshots of their lives. are the stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes. on al-jazeera. was that one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c.
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in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america heard about the same time but more importantly as well those two cultures north and south america bits of the t.v. great it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be the consequence of war i got ventures and russia was he served in the marine corps for mentioning to nurture not a five that just doesn't go away. for a living out of his truck for the last couple years. his home was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans much i asked by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. new concern for the survivors in indonesia as it puts out a call for body bags amid fears of disease. has a secret this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up time for the us to stop the international court of justice calls for the lifting of sanctions on iran that affect humanitarian aid and civil aviation. i have treated the european union with nothing but respect the united kingdom.


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