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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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on al jazeera. and. al jazeera. i'm fully back to go this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes scavenging for food in the indonesian city of apollo eight is slow coming five days after an earthquake and tsunami. the international court of justice calls on the u.s. to know if some of its sanctions on iran will have reaction from washington also this hour concerns rise over the safety of a prominent saudi journalist a critic of the government has been missing for over twenty four hours and he
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stumbled. in sports her son john struck a name or has scored his first champions league goals of the season heading into the second half of the game with red star belgrade pierce g four mil. the ad. thank you for joining us indonesia has put out a plea for more body bags as years of disease to the walls on the island of soloway see more than four days after an earthquake and tsunami authorities say scores of unaccounted people are likely to still be buried in collapsed buildings the official death toll has risen to one thousand four hundred seven a third of those have already been buried but they offer that number will soar as losses from remote areas are unknown more than two and a half thousand people have been hospitalized with serious injuries and seventy thousand people have been displaced the united nations has expressed frustration at the speed of the response it says hundreds of thousands of people are usually
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require clean water food shelter and fuel al-jazeera is andrew thomas begins our coverage in a central part of with this report. the mosques are in part to hide the smile the white tulle pool in is because liquid is dripping through the orange one from the body wrapped inside there's not much dignity in this but in pali right now the reason a lot of neat at the row row hotel they're searching for between fifty and seventy guests who were inside when it collapsed nearby one of hollywood's biggest shopping centers has been destroyed. elsewhere building damage is less obvious but the reality is worse with individual buildings it's easy to see the destruction from ground level but this wasn't one building it was in a state of seventeen hundred homes and to appreciate what happened here you really need to see it from the air during the earthquake the pressures on the ground grew
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to such an extent that the soil liquefied collapsing everything in on itself hundreds of people thought to still be buried here. by wednesday afternoon a search team had dug into an area of just four hundred square meters and had already found twenty five bodies there a square kilometers to go among those buried almost certainly is ricardi suffer rutins mother he's found the house she was in it was among those carried hundreds of meters by the way use of mud but she has vanished. gone missing in looking at all this i know really it's impossible that she's alive but i can't quite bring myself to give up hope. in the ages head of search and rescue operations visited the site on wednesday he saw for himself a child on the sticking out of the debris but says there isn't yet the right equipment to bring her body out summer scout we are using all their resources but
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we are very spread out and we can't just focus here. repairs are being made and aid is coming in but is not yet a functioning city in places some people a digging through the debris in search of food but now fuel is coming in far more a simply getting out andrew thomas al-jazeera palu indonesia or supplies have been trickling out to tens of thousands of people in need but there is a long way to go away in haiti has spent the day at pando airport which the military now control us. there is an exodus taking place from central sulawesi thousands are leaving their quake and tsunami ravaged communities boarding military planes from palu all with traumatic memories oh. it was so crazy i wasn't conscious for a long time because the ceiling fell on me. the airport was severely damaged in the
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quake and inoperable for a time but the military has taken over allowing the indonesian air force to come and go aboard one plane was the president who made his second visit to the disaster areas this time his first stop was just outside the cracks terminal building where hospital ward has been set up with the sick and injured wait to be a lifted just tell us what the priority is and it's in the recovery and of course to us that is if i wake up at that they have they shown an. action here. among the patients. who gave birth three days before the quake she and her family lost their home and walked for four days to get help now they have no choice but to leave. everybody was running from the houses when the quake happened my home is completely destroyed and we had to sleep on the street.
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for now the remains of the airport offer some comfort that one chapter of their ordeal is drawing to a close for those who choose to stay help is gradually arriving at least to the airport as well as getting people out of here the military planes have been bringing in but getting it from the airport to the communities the people that need it most seems to be a slow process. much sits at the airport awaiting distribution but for an increasing number of people the wait for a place on a flight to safety is over as they leave they perhaps contemplate an even longer wait before they'll be able to return home wayne hay al-jazeera palu indonesia. in other world news the united states has had out of the un's top court for ordering it to left said sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran the u.s. is spinning rising companies trading with iran after rainbow sanctions earlier this year withdrew from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and that's ravi has this
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report from tehran. in the case of iran versus united states of america the fifteen member bench of the international court of justice ordered the american government to make sure that sanctions against iran do not impact humanitarian aid or civil aviation the united states of america in accordance with its obligation is under the nine hundred fifty five treaty of amity economic relations and concert a lot of writers shall remove by means of it choosing any impediment is arising from the measures announced it on eight may twenty thousand to the free exportation to the territory of the islamic republic of iran of medicine is on medical devices food stuff is going to cultural commodities spare parties equipment and associated services including what on
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maintenance repair services and inspection is necessary for the safety of. iran argue that sanctions reimposed after u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal in may violate a little known french agreement that predates the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution the court agreed but didn't call for the complete lifting of sanctions falling short of the resulting decision that iran would have wanted when judges did ask the us not to interfere with banking transactions related to food medicine and air safety. but even as the judge read the ruling its practical application remains a question mark and any history made here by the i.c.j. judges is likely to be symbolic at best both. refrain from any action which might a good heavy or extend the dispute before the court or make it more if it goes towards so with no policing mechanism to enforce its decision in practical terms
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the court's judgment is more recommendation than ruling while the u.s. does not recognize the authority of i.c.j. judges it did take iran to court back in one nine hundred eighty when it was still a voluntary member in a case centered around the u.s. embassy hostage crisis the i.c.j. ruled that the iranian government was bound to secure the immediate release of the hostages to restore the embassy premises and to make reparation for the injury caused to the united states government but after the court ruled it owed nicaragua war reparations in one thousand nine hundred six the united states withdrew from the court's compulsory jurisdiction iran has been arguing that the approach by americans to war to iran has been illegitimate as well as unlawful by taking the case to the core against the united states i think what you want wants to say that that is the americans who have left the negotiating table that is the americans for who are not observing the international law that is the americans who have been
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ignoring the arisen lucian by the united nations security council on monday iran and america will face each other in court again for public hearings over two billion dollars in iranian assets frozen in two thousand and sixteen the latest world court ruling may seem like a hollow victory to many in iran struggling under the punishing strain of american sanctions but it does help illustrate a point that leaders into iran are keen to make as often as possible given the chance they say america under donald trump does not respect international institutions. to her own. well let's bring in kimberly hocket in washington for his committee what's been the reaction from the trumpet ministration to this ruling by the i.c. jenny. well there's no question that we have seen with an initial reaction from the u.s. secretary of state that we'll get to in a moment it's fair to say the top administration is somewhat outraged and the latest evidence of that and manifestation of that is in the comments coming from the white house press briefing room where the national security adviser john bolton
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appeared to make an announcement that not only does the united states not recognize the form of the i.c.j. but that it is in a threat to sovereignty of the united states those points of arguments are certainly not new but what is new is the announcement coming from john bolton where he says that the united states is withdrawing from the optional protocol to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations essentially a dispute resolution mechanism something that goes back to nine hundred sixty three what he says prompted this is even more interesting he says the reason the united states is taking this action is because of the concern of the palestinians challenging the move of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem take a listen to what he had to say i am announcing that the president has decided that the united states will withdraw from the optional protocol in dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations this is in connection with
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a case brought by the so-called state of palestine naming the united states is a defendant challenging our move our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. like distress the united states remains a party to the underlying vienna convention on diplomatic relations and we expect all other priorities to abide by their international obligations under the convention. now that language the so-called state of palestine certainly peaking the interest of a number of reporters who pressed the national security advisor on that he defended those statements saying in fact that he the united states does not believe that the palestine is a state because it does not have independent control of its borders and an independent functioning government that is the u.s. argument obviously that does not bode well for a united states says it is trying to broker a peace plan one that is long awaited and still has yet to be released something national security advisor john bolton says will come into course but that gets us back to the question of the reaction of that ruling of the i.c.j.
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and of course the u.s. secretary of state by calm pay a very strong rejecting the decision of the court with respect to the u.s. plan to level sanctions against iran next month saying that they cannot level sanctions that would in some way impact the humanitarian needs of the iranian people and also aviation that in fact lead to another very strong statement about the united states' position of a nineteen fifty five friendship agreement with iran take a listen to that this is a decision frankly that is thirty nine years overdue in july iran brought america's case in the international court of justice alleging violations of the treaty of amity iran six to challenge the united states' decision to cease participation in the iran nuclear deal and to impose the sanctions that were lifted as part of that deal iran is attempting to interfere with the sovereign rights of the united states to take
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a lawful actions necessary to protect our national security and iran is abusing the i.c.j. for political and propaganda purposes. so essentially the top administration coming out very strong and forceful in its statements not only withdrawing from two key agreements one from nine hundred fifty five the other from one thousand nine hundred sixty three but essentially underscoring a position that donald trump has long held and that is that the view of the united states administration is that the i.c.j. does not have authority over the united states that it is in some ways threatens the u.s. constitution and the sovereignty declared by that constitution and well john bolton was careful to underscore that the united states is not looking for regime change when it comes to iran and there is no dispute with the people of iran what the dispute is is with the form in which not only iran but the palestinians have taken their complaints thank you for that can really help get my force in washington d.c.
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early i spoke to on a branch was a partner and peters and peters and london based law firm which specializes in european criminal law and sanctions she says the ruling could open up new ways to counter america's iran strategy. i don't think that the symbolism should be underestimate and i think it's important to remember that this is a small piece perhaps in a larger whole. when taken in combination with the other efforts being made principally by the e.u. but also by the other remaining participants to j c p a way it could potentially of more significance than might first appear at first blush it remains to be seen whether the united states will comply with the provisional measures that have been ordered but it does pave the way for more ambitious. than we've seen so far to counter
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the american strategy on iran perhaps. the previously quite aggressive stance of the us administration to. it it intends to and for this research act of sanctions. plenty more ahead on this news hour including the british prime minister dances away to defend her breck's a crime at the conservative audi conference costs fifty years on mexico remembers the victims and survivors of a massacre of student protesters and three time champions to river plate into the semifinals of soccer america's top competition and you have it easy and the it was the end. but first concern is mounting for the safety of prominent saudi journalist jamal
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khashoggi who senior turkish government officials say remained inside the saudi consulate in istanbul recently became a vocal critic of the kingdom's leadership. has more. on tuesday jamal khashoggi walked into this saudi consulate in istanbul to collect proof of his divorce so he could remarry he hasn't been seen since but if you know not when the who does feel the one position we are positive he is still inside it we are waiting with his fiancee who is with us here we are staging a sit in here until he is released once an advisor to the saudi royal family he fell out of favor as he became increasingly vocal in his criticism of crown prince mohammed bin salma i still see him as a reformer but he used gathering all power within his hand and it would be much better for him to allow a bidding space for critic for saudi intellectuals for all your active sort of the
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media to debate the most important needed transformation going in the country because jodi left saudi arabia last year as the government began its recent crackdown on dissent arresting clerics intellectuals activists and businessmen in the absence of any reliable information he's website now declares he's been arrested but saudi authorities insist he left their consulate but this is the most of all the contradiction in the saudi regime is claims that it is opening up that it is liberalizing we've seen a lot of talk a lot of statements from saudi officials heading in that direction but when you look at the actions of the government government we see something very different the washington post says it's very concerned about the whereabouts of one of its prominent commentators in a statement the newspaper said it would be unfair and outrageous if he's been detained for his work and we hope that he's safe and we can hear from him soon
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jamal let me start with you are you talking to al jazeera in march because shogi spoke of the changes in saudi arabia it is an important transformation that requires all of us to contribute to it to discuss it and no one should be jailed there is waiting for him outside the saudi consulate in istanbul would agree. well there's been a growing crackdown on dissent ever since mohammed bin salman took over as the crown prince of saudi arabia last year eight women have been in jail after campaigning for the right for women to drive and they remain behind bars even after women were legally allowed to drive in june scholars were also targeted public prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against salman outa he tweeted last year hinting that saudi arabia should restore ties with its neighbor cotta several muslim preachers are behind bars as well saffron how ali was detained after publishing a three thousand page book attacking mohammed bin salman and the ruling family over
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their ties to israel calling it a betrayal. on the set speak to david hurst now who is the editor in chief of the middle east he joins us live from london david good to have you with as i know jamal khashoggi is a friend of yours what do you think happened to him. well i think. he walked into a trap he had had contact with the saudi consulate last week to arrange this visit . however he did take precautions i think he left his mobile outside with his fiance with instructions to call the turkish authorities if he didn't appear within twenty minutes and she was outside all the time so the saudi story is that he left after twenty minutes isn't very believable i think the main point of this is that jamal is a friend of mine but he he is a regime loyalists he would not regard himself as a dissident in fact he really didn't like to be called dissident he's certainly
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a critic of of of the regime but he's a democrat and he's an honest journalist veteran foreign policy analysis analyst who is very comfortable in washington and knows a lot of people in washington and as you say is a is a is a senior washington post commentator and it tells you something about the mentality of the people in riyadh and and the small clique taking charge of saudi arabia that they should regard him as a threat you say he's a regime loyalists why do you have a phone out with a new regime in riyadh. well. regime loyalists he certainly regard himself as a loyalist to the saudi state he supported at least initially the war in yemen he believed like many commentators that iran had pushed too far. into the sunni arab world. he supported the death penalty he. he was no liberal commentator
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about about saudi arabia on on quite a few issues he supported for instance the anti corruption crackdown or least the principle of it if you listen to what he says what he really means is that there should be democracy and there should be buy in to many of the important processes are going away what he's criticizing is the chaos of the leadership not the principle of reform it's quite surprising though david that the saudi government would resist any action on demand. on foreign soil if they did in fact do something to him especially on turkish soil yes it is an extremely risky and reckless action to do this particularly in istanbul if somebody is home to many dissidents i mean jamal himself was not living in this town but he was living in washington you have the syrian opposition you have almost the entire
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gamut of the egyptian opposition a lot of things are going on in istanbul and the last thing that the turks could tolerate is a foreign government lifting its citizens abducting them if that is what has happened on the soil this is a major diplomatic incident and it shows again how how how reckless the leadership in riyadh are david harris thank you very much for joining us from london thank you . the british prime minister has made a spirited defense of her bracks said strategy to a some a says she's not afraid to leave the e.u. without a deal and the u.k. will be a champion of free trade across the world her speech capped off the conservative party's annual conference in birmingham lawrence and has this report all those people who spend their time queuing for the speech might have been forgiven for being a little nervous this was a big moment for their party and their country and their prime minister often looks
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unsure a bit of a robot. so he was to everyone's surprise when sarees i'm a loner to cell phones the stage dancing queen the soundtrack all of it designed to offer her a charisma she's often accused of lacking plainly they loved it as well as being relieved last year she was paralysed by a cough and the sec fell apart behind her doing all this at such an important time in the u.k. took some courage but in the last few years some sort some things changed for the worse i think she then embarks on a speech which painted her as a much softer figure trying to bring together a country at war with itself over leaving the european union but when push came to shove she indicated they would be no more concessions from in the endless negotiation with brussels britain isn't afraid to leave with no deal if we have to thank leaving without introducing terrorists and costly checks at the
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border would be a bad outcome for the u.k. and the e.u. it would be tough at first but the resilience and ingenuity of the british people would see us through the friends and her enemies in government will both of our own something in all of what she said never mind that she made no mention of every financial warning that the u.k. economy could fold in the event of a hard rex it this was rhetoric from the trenches of world war one we stand. at a pivotal moment in history it falls to our party to lead our country through it when we come together there is no limit to what we can achieve. compared to the robot she is often painted as this was a confidence passionate and at times very personal speech which will have gone down extremely well with the party faithful but the bigger things like british ingenuity
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and black spirits will do nothing to persuade the european union that she has a new plan if anything what this speech did was to make no deal rex's much more likely. the other thing this will be seen to have done at least for now is to shore up her leadership as prime minister but both she and the european union sharpening their knives lawrence lee al jazeera burning him during her speech may also told her party conference that britain will not be held hostage by russia britain has joshua russian men police boys and former spice and his daughter yulia on its soil present that important has cost a traitor and denied any russian involvement in what happened. just a spied a traitor to the motherland do you understand you're such a turn traitor to the motherland well he's one of them. looking like you mean he's just a scum bag that's it. there is rory chalons has more from moscow. some
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context for vladimir putin's comments can be found in a documentary program that was shown on russian t.v. earlier this year now in that putin was asked by an interviewer whether he could forgive and he said yes of course he could but not everything when asked what he couldn't forgive putin's answer was betrayal so that suggests that a script how who have lied to me a putin has called a traitor to the motherland and scum falls into the brackets of the type of person that putin might not be able to forgive now putin of course is saying that russia had nothing to do with this and on stage he said that the whole script all case was nothing more than an information campaign that had been artificially blown up but still this is revealing language being used by the russian president.
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still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour an easy prey for political promises how poverty in brazil is impacting potential voters before sunday's election passed tax trouble for one of china's top movie stars we'll tell you why and or find out which baseball team has won the longest ever sudden death playoff game stay with us. has a flash flood risk is returning to the higher drive of the caucuses while the sun caspian not much to the moment you see some clouds but i'm talking about the forecast that's only twenty four hours ahead and we've got the first few showers showing up north a terrine something else maybe in the eastern side of the black sea the eastern med looks fine and cloud for you once again in for example the lebanon and syria but let me take you to friday and all of
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a sudden the green blossoms and the chances are that from maybe as much on southwards you've got a prevalence of big showers thunderstorms possibly the courses months of this ground so fresh will seem quite likely as a result but that's it for the south is still quite humidities of especially high there hoss thirty i would suggest a reform mecca no real sign of clouds building either so almost clouds you can't see blue skies but at least white skies some dust of course being carried in southern africa and we expect to see more and more the way of rain certainly there has been some and this development on this thailand of the frontal system around in the eastern cape and then maybe southern mozambique but once that's gone through we're back to the drawing picture i think cape town is warming up a northerly breeze means twenty four degrees and probably blue skies.
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were. i have didn't get it almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own for us from here on shined the light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international pacer war two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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watching the news out on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories indonesia is appealing for body bags as more remains are found on the island of snow way c. aid supplies are starting to trickle out more than five days after the earthquake and tsunami the official death toll now stands at one thousand three hundred seventy. the international court of justice in the hague has ruled on an appeal by iran to suspend american sanctions while the court said he runs manchuria needs must come first it stopped short of condemning u.s. actions the u.s. is the i.c.j. has no jurisdiction in the matter. and concern is mounting for the safety of
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prominent saudi journalists. will senior turkish government officials say remains inside the saudi consulate in istanbul despite denials from the saudis specialty has recently become a vocal critic of the kingdom's leadership. yemen now and the hoofy rebels have released two sons of the former president salah. have arrived in jordan after oman and the un envoy to yemen martin griffith negotiated their release to two had been detained since former president ali abdullah saleh was killed by the rebels in december twenty seventh when a smith is covering the story from djibouti. lives in the. region said he wants to start talks between. the internationally recognized government of yemen as soon as possible to try out a good. all. who things have said in the past the muslim group is
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a side of the who things have said they are ready to take part in talks so this looks like some sort of goodwill gesture by them but as the who is. the southern tradition transition council is threatening to try and attempt again to take over the institutions of government in southern yemen they want to return to the pre nine hundred ninety seven state of yemen but yes the sea has not been invited to take part in talks it wants to be involved in a talks that might take place and they leader is also in abu dhabi at the same time as martin griffiths so this threat this attempt by the s.t.c. to say they're going to take over those institutions in southern yemen also be an attempt by then to get themselves around the table with who is the internationally recognized government of yemen all of this piling pressure on the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths when i speak some more about this not in a billion koori who's a former u.s. diplomat who served in seventy chief mission in yemen he's fine scott from
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washington thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera what might this move by the who sees releasing the two sons of former president suggests why would they do this now. well i'm told that they were not going to hang on to them forever and were looking for an awkward chilling moment and a convenient place to send them to. this coincides to where the u.n. special envoy trying to work out mutual steps by the warring parties as confidence building measures so this could be seen as an olive branch for sure the u.a.e. to the son of the former president. who lives in the u.a.e. . but also frankly this looks likely possibly a game that they are playing with tarik trial of the nephew of the late
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president saleh was actually leading the charge against them and for data now. tarik hand as two sons are also under captivity and some are so they might be sending him a message look there's the possibility of us releasing your son's birth for that perhaps you can all dolphin attacking us. does this in any way. sorry to interrupt it does this in any way open have diplomatic channels will it change anything from the u.a.e. and saudi side and from the u.s. side. are from the u.s. side i don't think it changes very much the u.s. has not been directly involved. in the complex diplomacy here they have left the yemen fire in saudi hands. from saudi and u.a.e.
9:36 pm
sides and they haven't shine much willingness to. accept the whole key is back into the fall. so at this point i think you're. in better says than saudi and you e.u. signed the bill and there were house do even respond with some goodwill gesture of that on or ignore it and see that this is not an hour. that the host is in fact have more prisoners that they should release that kind of thing i don't expect this to change very much on the ground basically their interests are still or was there in the harden. we'll have to look at. the south and see if it changes his mind about leaving the assault on the huddle and
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now you also have the southern separatists threat threatening again to take over a government institutions just highlighting how complex a situation yemen is just how difficult a task it's a c. a u.n. envoy monograph facing in trying to resolve this conflict can he do it. well it's a very difficult task indeed but i think his main challenge is to get the principles like saudi arabia and the united states government solidly behind the shore so are there really lip service to supporting is the romantic you know hurts but they haven't really made up their minds that they want to end this war once they do lend martin group job will become much easier but right now when you serve knocking years old against hard walls low around could get your insight as always thank you very much for joining us now bill curry former u.s.
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diplomat live there from washington. i mean want donald trump says saudi arabia's king is reliant on u.s. support to stay in power this comes as the u.s.'s pushing opec of which saudis a key member to lower oil prices the u.s. president was speaking at a rally of supporters in the state of mississippi also said other allies need to pay more to the u.s. we protect saudi arabia would you say the rich and the and i love the king solomon but i said king we're protecting you you might not be there for two weeks without us you have to pay for your military or the it was and japan is going to also contributor japan we protect japan they pose a small percentage we protect south korea they pay us and by the way we're doing great on north korea but south korea they're going to reimburse us they're going to
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be a precious it was. nato chiefs meeting in brussels are demanding moscow prove it's complying with a cold war treaty as concerns grow over a new russian missile system in the us ambassador to nato has been forced to clarify that america is not planning a preemptive strike on russia on tuesday kay bailey hutchinson had warned moscow not to develop a new cruise missile attack about the has more from us. what we saw was the nato secretary general un stoltenberg trying to dispel in a way some of that cold war atmosphere which was felt at nato headquarters on tuesday now that was when the u.s. ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchinson said that unless russia stopped developing a cruise missile and it hit with nine hundred eighty seven treaty between the two countries and the u.s. could consider taking out the missile now that was seen as a suggestion that the u.s.
9:40 pm
was ready to carry out preemptive strikes on this russian missile it angered moscow moscow hit back the foreign ministry saying that her words were aggressive and dangerous while later she clarified in a tweet that she had been talking about a preemptive strike which had been talking about was the need for russia to adhere to this treaty and today we heard from the install timberg saying that the u.s. ambassador to nato is a words were very clear for him and there is a real importance he said for all nato members the russia adheres to this important treaty because it's a treaty that abolishes medium range weapons for a serious one caller russia to comply with the on the truth then in a transparent and verifiable way they don't do that now because they're not transparent on what to do when they develop a new missile will start in vogue says the issue of the i.n.f. treaty and russians transparency of the issue will be discussed at
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a defense ministers meeting here in nato on those day. to brazil now and the level of poverty in some parts of the country has left some potential voters in sunday's election easy prey for put politicians looking to buy votes extreme poverty and unemployment rates are rising and not being able to read and write is a big issue a latin america it's a lucy and human reports from the state of our go us. sixty five year old mother. can't read or write or even sign her name but what she does know is how to work. i started working in tobacco fields when i was nine my father had died and my mother couldn't make ends meet. the story is repeated in the nearby sugar fields generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state . i started when i was stand i'm forty four now i couldn't find any better job my father did decide we never went to school but my son does.
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i hope he will be able to get a better job because this is no way to live. in northeastern brazil is heavily populated which makes it a magnet for politicians seeking election help in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not live in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars. wilton via that is a catholic deacon who works in the slum appropriately named after the virgin of the poor seventy percent of residents are illiterate. of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm
9:43 pm
impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are because then they can just keep coming back here at election time with empty promises that people grasp onto in the northeast as in the rest of brazil blacks and mixed race are the most disenfranchised. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government lost. verity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even more are living in extreme poverty. this economist says a clonic structural problem is to blame the loss then we will stop medium and long term development goals for our country investing infrastructure held education and job creation but requires political coordination that always eludes us no matter who's in government. and even as the decks government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. to see a new an al-jazeera brazil. malaysia's former first lady of last
9:44 pm
month's or has been arrested and will be charged with corruption on thursday or asma was detained after being questioned by the anti-corruption commission her husband former prime minister najib razak is set to face trial next year for money laundering and abuse of power it's over billions of dollars that went missing from a state funds known as m a y one m d b. china's tax authorities have ordered one of the country's top actresses to pay one hundred twenty nine million dollar fine for tax evasion funding being hasn't been seen in public since june and there are reports that she's been detained by authorities the actress has appeared in the x.-men and i eman franchises she's also been the face of katia and receive his friends in china adrian brown has more. well this is sold to be the biggest ever fine imposed on a chinese movie star eight hundred and ninety two million r m b that's almost one hundred thirty million u.s.
9:45 pm
dollars that's what the tax authorities say fan being being than they say if she pays this money back she will not face criminal prosecution funding being says she hopes to be able to do just that now fund being being is not the best known actress here in china but she certainly one of the best paid earning some forty three million dollars last year she vanished from public view in june and nothing had been heard of her until now she has issued a statement on way below which is china's equivalent of twitter she says that she's been experiencing unprecedented suffering i'm ashamed of what i've done and she apologized to her many fans now it could well be that the chinese authorities who've been investigating other stars a sending out a warning that this is what could happen to other celebrities who avoid paying tax it seems that in the case of fan being being she had been understating what she was
9:46 pm
paid in her contract and the authorities seem to say this is become part of a widespread trend that they're determined to deal with thousands of armenians after tested outside parliament over what they say is an attempt by their former ruling coalition to hold on to power and peace passed a bill that would make it difficult for the new prime minister nicole pashley and to hold parliamentary elections and lead anti-government protests that forced their former prime minister to resign april a popular leader says he will resign to force parliament to dissolve and for elections to take place by december. no never mind why should there be snap parliamentary elections in armenia because this parliament has been rejected by the armenian nation the people deserve a parliament that represents them and elected by them an election was one of the preconditions of the velvet revolution and it was a part of the new government plan that was ratified by the parliament it says snap
9:47 pm
elections should take place within a year and now i can announce that we will have snap elections at the end of the venda or beginning of december now mexico's government has admitted that state security forces were behind a massacre off student fifty years ago at least forty four students were killed when protesters were fired upon days before the country hosted the big games in one thousand nine hundred home and has a story. the drums began the day of mourning for an unknown number of mostly student protesters killed by snipers in the army and called square it was a dark night exactly fifty years ago that's been seared into the collective memory the protesters were defying the authoritarian regime just before the country hosted the olympics the government decided they had to be stopped. survivors spoke of foreign friends in the years in jail that followed that. remain but that how comrades fell hand that we were unjustly detained we suffered in prison we didn't
9:48 pm
deserve to be seen to a prison for common criminals for young twenty three year old woman yelling justice freedom in the streets. the causes of the protests is full of then democracy and free speech have largely arrived but other outrages since mean the struggle still resonates here this black national flag was a regional they were to moon a movie recent tragedy the kidnapping of forty three students by police in collusion with a gang but has been brought out again tomorrow the son of the story it's really a symbol of the fought the in many areas myths come as a bonus the same old problems of the unit saying when i left could justice remain the president elect came to trust a little co square to promise things will be different under his watch. never ever shall force be used to resolve conflicts differences or social protests that is a poor making no use of force and no repressing of the people. he will be held to
9:49 pm
that when he takes power not just by the survivors of throttle co but the young who continue to take to the streets john home and i was dizzy at a mexico. i am exports and one here from the tottenham strike i was thinking big ahead of the seams champions league game with barcelona to standards.
9:50 pm
thank. you. thanks for says andy thank you so much fully well our son john stark
9:51 pm
a name or has scored his first champions league goals of the season pay s.g. have just wrapped up a big win against red star belgrade name all scored a hat trick in paris as his team recovered after a three two defeats in a group opener against liverpool a couple of weeks ago edinson cavani maria and killing them by also on the scoresheet in this one final score p.s.g. six belgrade style belgrade warm. months of moscow with taking a shower in their group the match that has just finished was worn nil so the german side gets ron paul so he would say missed in that group six other games about to kick off in the champions league last season's finest liverpool are getting ready to take on not only in it's silly no milk in that group not with red star. they were pretty one of the top things in europe. they reached the final the past the advantage that they found at the end of the last season continued the. organisation and they started really well this season i like carlo ancelotti i was
9:52 pm
affected a lot and he's a fantastic guy was a world class player as well as a manager and how we germany say he's obviously a smart fox. giving all these very positive things about us and then say all these ny things about be reborn again. it's lies actually but it's. it's techniques. and caps and harry can says he i mean i mean i leno messi is goal scoring record by messi is barcelona when billy kane has been the premier league's top scorer for two of the past three seasons unschooled six goals for england at this year's world cup messi that was scored a hundred and three champions league goals now the second highest total in the competition history behind christan ronaldo are all slow and not seeing great form of them on their without
9:53 pm
a win in three games. he set the standard for him and. gone above the normal standard that other people. in the years gone past and. you know when you're scoring as many goes as he is and. fully fifty six to go this season as a striker i want to try and match that and try and. do the same. i feel first of for. a little respect to tottenham. the coach the newest slew of course they also have some some goes to blue in leo before so we know it will be we really hope. they get a bit looser than the first game. for sure. tomorrow we've got people to win the first game river plate will face grimmy or in the semifinals of the copper at liberty to doris south america's top club competition reverberating argentinian
9:54 pm
rivals in the pen the n.c.a.a. in their last eight side after the sides drew nil nail in the first like his riverboat winning three want to set up a semi with the defending champions river plate into the semi for the second straight season they won the title back in twenty eight fifteen was premier we're comfortable six now aggregate when it's over let's go to superman the brazilians were home for his second like they wanted for neil. are. taken their advantage into the away leg of their asian champions league simply semifinal didn't look likely when the c. one blew rings of south korea tickets to no late here in japan because she may hit back to win three to the winner coming in injury time. and u.s. golfer brooks kept a has said he's heartbroken about an incident at the ryder cup which resulted in a spectator losing the sights in her right side away with a shot by kept it
9:55 pm
a frenchwoman corrina remand last friday she's running legal action against event organizers for not giving adequate warning but says kept is not supplying the player himself says he hopes to meet up with the victim so he can apologize in person. there's nobody there feels more spotters than i do. it's a charge. i mean come on our program. on our starters. she's not going to be able to see. the drop in the house. so static. i don't know any way to put it just as i recall last. well the ryder cup was an old to give a happier experience for the triumphant european say many of the players involved now in scotland ahead of the alfred dunhill links championship outside andrey says . there's still a lot sochi for the year and still play it's
9:56 pm
a play for the so much to play for now so i think i would take out of it a confidence when i was playing at my most nervous. and i still seem a test really a stunning open i'm playing on the world from a pressure. cooker place a really good golf but. so it's really important just to reset and now try and push on for the rest of the year it was a special week to watch the guys have a different perspective on it really sort of view it a little bit more externally and just watch the boys come together as a team you know we all talk about how great europe are doing not i was starting to think it was maybe a little bit of a fall asleep because the guys don't spend as much time together as they used to you know a lot of guys in the p.g.a. tour and obviously guys scattered all over the world but you know to watch them come together as as a team unit the colorado rockies have eliminated the chicago cubs in the longest ever sudden death game in major league baseball sixty four extra innings to decide
9:57 pm
this wild card game is the rockies out west of the cups to see one colorado now face a more keeper is in the best of five national league division series. it's nice in theory says he expects don't say well that's a be a fart suffer for him to bates than vladimir klitschko the undefeated briton to be declared gone points in twenty fifteen so when sue world heavyweight cycles fury has the chance to be a world champion again when he faces while they're in l.a. in december it's his biggest fight since returning to the ring following. the waltz goes boxing. who can make people do very crazy things in the ring so leave him all that strong interest of i just think i just feel like conflict in between the big swings. one of the same going down probably for the past on in his career. ok we will have the latest from the european champions league threw out the knights but that is it for me and andy thank you very much for that and that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera for me for team thank you for watching. london you sent an expat
9:58 pm
with us. whether online or humanitarian to get out there's goals of this we're talking about . british or if you join us on the say i guarantee no one has a back story like yours this is a dialogue on this tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice. and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell join the global conversation on al-jazeera they were wrong and.
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they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were. decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within on al-jazeera. conservation ease helping kids to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve. touch. traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow
10:00 pm
leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. death destruction and desperation as the clean up operation gets underway there's now a fear of disease heightening the crisis on the indonesian island of soon a way easy. is al-jazeera live from london coming up the un's top court rules the united states should lift its sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran the u.s. responds by terminating a friendship agreement with iran.


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