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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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eighty five but the cost and complexity of hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. to. death destruction and desperation as the clean up operation gets underway there is now a fear of disease heightening the crisis on the indonesian island of. live from london also coming off. the un's top court rules the united states should lift sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran the u.s. responds by terminating a friendship agreement with iran. having
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the time of her life british prime minister to resign made dances on to the stage at the tory party conference tobacco breaks it planned and declare they have better days ahead. south africa's deadly drug habit we meet the mother driven to kill her own son due to the addiction that's ravaged her community. traumatized displaced and starving survivors of an earthquake and tsunami that devastated the indonesian island of sooner ways a digging through debris looking for scraps of food more than fourteen hundred people are now confirmed to have died hundreds more fit to be buried under the rubble and there are fears that disease will break out among the displaced we begin with this report from under thomas city. the mosques are in part to hide the smell the white top all in is because liquid is dripping through
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the orange one from the body wrapped inside there's not much dignity in this but in hollywood right now the reason a lot of neat at the row row hotel there searching for between fifty and seventy guests who were inside when it collapsed nearby one of hollywood's biggest shopping centers has been destroyed. elsewhere building damage is less obvious but the reality is worse with individual buildings it's easy to see the destruction from ground level but this wasn't one building it was in a state of seventeen hundred homes and to appreciate what happened here you really need to see it from the air during the earthquake the pressures on the ground grew to such an extent that the soil liquefied collapsing everything in on itself hundreds of people thought to still be buried here. by wednesday afternoon a search team had dug into an area of just four hundred square meters and had
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already found twenty five bodies there a square kilometers to go among those buried almost certainly is ricardi suffer rutins mother he's found the house she was in it was among those carried hundreds of meters by the way you have mud but she has a banish'd. in it looking at all this i know really it's impossible that she's alive but i can't quite bring myself to give up hope. in his head of search and rescue operations visited the site on wednesday he saw for himself the child on the sticking out of the debris but says there isn't yet the right equipment to bring her body out summer scout we are using all their resources but we are very spread out and we can't just focus here. repairs are being made and aid is coming in but is not yet a functioning city in places some people a digging through the debris in search of food but now fuel is coming in far more
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of simply getting out andrew thomas al-jazeera palu indonesia. of thousands of people are leaving from central sulawesi wayne hay spent the day it how do airport which is now under the control of indonesia's military. there is an exodus taking place from central sulawesi thousands are leaving their quake and tsunami ravaged communities boarding military planes from palu all with traumatic memories oh. it was so crazy i wasn't conscious for a long time because the ceiling fell on me. the airport was severely damaged in the quake and inoperable for a time but the military has taken over allowing the indonesian air force to come and go aboard one plane was the president who made his second visit to the disaster areas this time his first stop was just outside the cracks terminal building where a hospital ward has been set up with the sick and injured wait to be
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a lifted just tell us what the priority is and then the recovery of course to that is if i wake up at that they have vision and they will get action here. among the patients. who gave birth three days before the quake she and her family lost their home and walked for four days to get help now they have no choice but to leave. everybody was running from the houses when the quake happened my home is completely destroyed and we had to sleep on the street. for now the remains of the airport offer some comfort that one chapter of their ordeal is drawing to a close for those who choose to stay help is gradually arriving at least to the airport as well as getting people out of here the military planes have been bringing in a number but getting it from the airport to the communities the people that need it most seems to be
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a slow process. much sits at the airport awaiting distribution but for an increasing number of people the wait for a place on a flight to safety is over as they leave they perhaps contemplate an even longer wait before they'll be able to return home wayne hay al-jazeera palu indonesia. un's top court has ruled that the u.s. should lift its sanctions on humanitarian goods to iran iran has hailed the decision by the international court of justice as a victory and washington says the i.c.j. has no jurisdiction in the matter so mr ravi reports on. its own spree memphis in the case of iran versus united states of america the fifteen member bench of the international court of justice ordered the american government to make sure that sanctions against iran do not impact humanitarian aid or civil aviation the united
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states of america in accordance with its obligation is under the nine hundred fifty five treaty of amity economic relations and consulate right is shall remove by means of it chooses any impediment is arising from the measures announced it on eight may twenty thousand to the free exportation to the territory of the islamic republic of iran of medicine is on medical devices food stuff is an agricultural commodities spare part of this equipment and associated services including what antti maintenance repair services and inspection is necessary for the safety of aviation iran argued that sanctions reimposed after u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal in may violate
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a little known french agreement that predates the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution the court agreed but didn't call for the complete lifting of sanctions falling short of the resulting decision that iran would have wanted when judges did ask the us not to interfere with banking transactions related to food medicine and air safety. but even as the judge read the ruling its practical application remains a question mark and any history made here by the i.c.j. judges is likely to be symbolic at best. with no policing mechanism to enforce its decision in practical terms the court's judgment is more recommendation than ruling while the u.s. does not recognize the authority of i.c.j. judges it did take iran to court back in one nine hundred eighty when it was still a voluntary member in a case centered around the u.s. embassy hostage crisis the i.c.j. ruled that the iranian government was bound to secure the immediate release of the hostages to restore the embassy premises and to make reparation for the injury caused to the united states government but after the court ruled it owed nicaragua
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war reparations in one thousand nine hundred six the united states withdrew from the court's compulsory jurisdiction iran has been arguing that the approach by americans to war to iran has been illegitimate as well as unlawful by taking the case to the core against the united states i think what you want wants to say that that is the americans who have left the negotiating table that is the americans for who are not observing the international law that is the americans who have been ignoring they are is a listen by the united nations security council on monday iran and america will face each other in court again for public hearings over two billion dollars in iranian assets frozen in two thousand and sixteen the latest world court ruling may seem like a hollow victory to many in iran struggling under the punishing strain of american sanctions but it does help illustrate a point that leaders into iran are keen to make as often as possible given the chance they say america under donald trump does not respect international
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institutions. to her on. my pump air responded to the i.c.j. ruling by canceling a treaty with iran. i'm announcing that the united states is terminating the one nine hundred fifty five treaty of amity with iran this is a decision frankly that is thirty nine years overdue iran is abusing the i.c.j. for political and propaganda purposes and their case as you can see even the decision lacked merit given iran's history of terrorism ballistic missile active in the other mind behaviors iran's claims under the treaty are absurd the court's ruling today was a defeat for iran concern is mounting for the safety of prominent saudi journalist jamal khashoggi who has recently become a vocal critic of the kingdom's leadership a spokesperson for turkish president. says he's inside the saudi concert in istanbul but saudi officials say he's not in the consulate nor in saudi custody as
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toxic as will. on tuesday jamal khashoggi walked into this saudi consulate in istanbul to collect proof of his divorce so he could remarry he hasn't been seen since but you know not when the movie does feel one and we are positive he is still inside it we are waiting with his fiancee who is with us here we are staging a sit in here until he is released once an advisor to the saudi royal family who showed he fell out of favor as he became increasingly vocal in his criticism of crown prince mohammed bin selma i still see him as a reformer but he used to go that in all power within his hand and it would be much better for him to allow a breeding space for critic for the intellectuals for all your active sort of the media to debate the most important needed transformation going in the country because jodi left saudi arabia last year as the government began its recent
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crackdown on dissent arresting clerics intellectuals activists and businessmen in the absence of any reliable information to show he's website now declares he's been arrested but saudi authorities insist he left their consulate but this is the show's most of all is the contradiction in the saudi regime is claims that it is opening up that it is liberalizing we've seen a lot of talk a lot of statements from saudi officials heading in that direction but when you look at the actions of the government government we see something very different the washington post says it's very concerned about the whereabouts of one of its prominent commentators in a statement the newspaper said it would be unfair and outrageous if he's been detained for his work and we hope that he's safe and we can hear from him soon jamal let me start with you are you talking to al jazeera in march because shogi spoke of the changes in saudi arabia it is an important transformation that requires all of us to contribute to it to discuss it and no one should be jailed
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there is waiting for him outside the saudi consulate in istanbul would agree. still ahead the mystery of china's missing superstar movie legend being slapped with a one hundred twenty nine million dollars tax fine. i'm just in yemen in northeastern brazil the poorest part of this enormous country and coming up i'll explain why the hopes and needs of these people could determine the outcome of sunday's presidential elections. we're looking at some very useful rainfall for southeastern add for western parts of australia as they go on through the next couple days is that area cloud will
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dive its way down through victoria pushing towards southern parts of the south. camber seeing some lovely showers as well much needed rain focusing the best rains here for around five to ten months is a similar picture into the southwestern corner as we go through the next couple of days showers there even about to go fills because the some really heavy showers as we go on through the next day or so thursday twenty one celsius the full path looking at about twenty degrees as we go through friday that rain becomes a little more organized as it slides its way through the bytes heading towards south australia and we go still some showers affecting a good parts of new south wales sydney could easily say around twenty to forty millimeters of rain as we go on through the coming days and that really will be of some benefit brightens up in victoria melbourne around eighteen degrees sprites and five for a good part of new zealand over the next day or so we have got some wetter weather just topping entirely in the country so either comes back came behind us we go on
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through the next day oh sez i by friday we get to fourteen degrees in christ it's got to be an all clear and with a high of ninety. they were wrong. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were. decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within on al-jazeera.
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along the top story. their fears disease could heighten the crisis on the indonesian island of survivors of friday's earthquake and tsunami scavenge through rubble in a desperate search for food fourteen hundred people are now confirmed dead. the u.s. must temporarily lift some sanctions on iran after they were imposed earlier this year. responded by canceling a nine hundred fifty five. with iran. concern is mounting for the safety of prominent saudi journalist and kingdom critic. turkey says he's inside. saudi officials deny this. the rebels have released two songs of yemen's former president. it's a move the signals an effort to break the deadlock in the ongoing conflict and
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media arrived in jordan after oman and the un envoy to yemen negotiated their release the two had been detained since former president sally was killed by the rebels in december twenty seventeen. head of the united nations a group of experts on yemen says his team has presented a list of human rights abuses to the united nations john dubious told al-jazeera that both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. tried to interfere in their work in the water nation a panel accused all sides in the conflict a rights abuses in a report published in august that was rejected by the saudis the u.a.e. and yemen's government. i did not expect such harsh reactions we've done a professional neutral and objective job all we did was report by based on allegations and actions we collected during our visits from testimonies and reports it's a normal process for any expos we could always discuss the results but this did not
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happen u.k. prime minister to resign may has taken a leaf out of the abba song book and she made the closing speech to her conservative party conference may once again showed off her dance moves to an appreciative audience before she launched a spirited defense of a government strategy earnestly was watching. all those people who spent their time queuing for the speech might have been forgiven for being a little nervous this was a big moment for their party and their country and their prime minister often looks unsure a bit of a robot. so it was to everyone's surprise when sarees m a launched a cell phone to stage dancing queen the soundtrack all of it designed to offer her a charisma she's often accused of lacking plainly they loved it as well as being relieved last year she was paralysed by a call from the sec fell apart behind doing all this at such an important time in the u.k.
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took some courage but in the last few years some some things changed for the worse she didn't embarked on a speech which painted her as a much softer figure trying to bring together a country at war with itself over leaving the european union but when push came to shove she indicated they would be no more concessions from in the endless negotiation with brussels britain isn't afraid to leave with no deal if we have to thank me even with thousands introducing terrorists and costly checks at the border would be a bad outcome for the u.k. and the e.u. it would be tough at first but the resilience and ingenuity of the british people would see us through her friends and her enemies in government will both of found something in all of what she said never mind that she made no mention of every financial warning that the u.k. economy could fold in the event of a hard rex it's this was rhetoric from the trenches of world war one we stand
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at a pivotal moment in history it falls to our party to lead our country through it. when we come together there is no limit to what we can achieve compared to the robot she is often painted as this was a confidence passionate and at times very personal speech which will have gone down extremely well with the party faithful but opinions are things like british ingenuity and black spirits will do nothing to persuade the european union that she has a new plan if anything what this speech did was to make a no deal harder rex's much more likely the other thing this will be seen to have done at least for now is to shore up her leadership as prime minister but both she and the european union sharpening their knives lawrence lee al jazeera burning in. the russian president vladimir putin has denounced the poison double agent so i
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guess triple as a traitor stripper and his daughter survived a nerve agent attack in the u.k. city of saul's brynn march speaking in moscow putin said scruple was no longer of interest to the kremlin r.t. was exchanged in a spy swap in twenty ten and he's just a spied a traitor to the motherland you understand you're such a turn traitor to the motherland well he's one of the. canadian is just a scumbag that's the extreme poverty in some of brazil's most heavily populated areas as make people easy prey for politicians looking to buy votes many of these places lack basic services like running water and sewage disposal but there are a magnet for political leaders who hope to win big in sunday's election one of them is the northeastern state of other go us a latin america editor lucien human reports. sixty five year old mother. can't read or write
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or even sign her name but what she does know is how to work. i started working in tobacco fields when i was nine my father had died and my mother couldn't make ends meet. the story is repeated in the nearby sugar fields generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. i started when i was stand i'm forty four now i couldn't find any better job my father did decide we never went to school but my son does. i hope he will be able to get a better job because this is no way to live. in northeastern brazil is heavily populated which makes it a magnet for politicians seeking election help in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not live in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy
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prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars. border with india that is a catholic deacon who works in the slum appropriately named after the virgin of the poor seventy percent of residents are illiterate people killed or do they have. of course if i'm a politician and i gave culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are because then they can just keep coming back here at election time with empty promises that people grasp onto in the northeast as in the rest of brazil blacks in mixed race are the most disenfranchised. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government just stare. that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even more living in extreme poverty with this economist
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says a chronic structural problem is to blame i lost them. long term development goals for our country investing infrastructure held education and job creation that requires political coordination that always eludes us no matter who is in government. and even if the decks government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit you see in human al-jazeera sprees il the south african government is being urged to do more to tackle drug gangs or they're producing has increased many communities say it's not nearly enough i mean the minimum one mother in cape town who says she had to kill her own son because of his addiction. yes this is. asking you know you must suck it up it was in a room in the small courtyard at elland paki's killed her own son by strangling him
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ab was addicted to crystal meth or took as it's known in the cape flats he's addiction began at the age of fourteen and continued for seven years ellen says he used to terrorize the family it was after yet another drug binge that ellen says she was pushed over the edge when i close the front door i swore that all of this when i came without her and then i just wondered to start with where the restoring are and really just ending with it or even just didn't want to do it but this one i put record is severe and i put that off but i'm listening inside a home ellen shows us where on one occasion her son used an axe to hack through a wall she says he was looking for money or anything he could sell for his next i know that the worst manipulate me in that way but there wasn't even the point of writing to kill him i just want to stop but at that x. eleven deal is a community plagued by gang violence and home and many others are often caught in
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the crossfire of gang shootouts the home is riddled with bullet holes we're now in hanover park just a few kilometers from lavender hill we want to keep a lookout communities like this one drug use and addiction is coupled with gang violence often due to turf wars people here say they're being held hostage in their own homes unable to move around freely and safely. here to a community troubled by drug addiction the suit on bags into treats about six hundred addicts every month for two must come here for help to kick her addiction to meth. life was chaos i didn't know where that was coming or going with it i was sleeping all awake because it all felt the same you know you you in this bubble we the world goes on the world will sort but used all. the sin to seize more than eighty percent of opioid addicts in the western cape province but people here say they need more help ellen paki's was given
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a three year suspended sentence and two hundred eighty hours community service for killing his son which she says she'll always regret doing some may say she got of likely that there is for living and the people. a film has been made telling illand story highlighting not only her family's struggle with drug addiction but also a community is desperation yet a little has changed for ellen she has two other sons who are also addicts she continues to struggle financially she says kept prisoner in a community where drugs poverty and crime are a way of life for me to miller al-jazeera and the cape flats a missing chinese superstars been ordered to pay one hundred twenty nine million dollars in fines for tax evasion found being being hasn't been seen since june or the reports say she's been detained and that are posted on one of her official social media accounts she said she's accepted the authorities decision and is
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ashamed of her behavior actress has appeared in the x.-men and iron man franchises she's also been the face of kathy and mercedes benz in china adrian brown has more . well this is sold to be the biggest ever fine imposed on a chinese movie star eight hundred and ninety two million r m b that's almost one hundred thirty million u.s. dollars that's what the tax authorities say fan being being than they say if she pays this money back she will not face criminal prosecution fan being being says she hopes to be able to do just that now fan being being is not the best known actress here in china but she's certainly one of the best paid earning some forty three million dollars last year she vanished from public view in june and nothing had been heard of her until now she has issued a statement on way bow which is china's equivalent of twitter she says that she's
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been experiencing unprecedented suffering i'm ashamed of what i've done and she apologized to her many fans now it could well be that the chinese authorities who've been investigating other stars a sending out a warning that this is what could happen to other celebrities who avoid paying tax it seems that in the case of fan being being she had been understating what she was paid in her contract and the authorities seem to say this is become part of a widespread trend that they're determined to deal with three scientists to develop proteins used in lifesaving drugs and environmentally friendly biofuels have been awarded the nobel prize for chemistry prizes arnold and george smith from the united states and gregory winter from the u.k. take a joint owner arnold is the only is only the fifth female winner of the nobel prize for chemistry in its one hundred seventeen year history. i am confident that the
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nobel committee will see the brilliance of the women who are coming through chemistry now it's just such a rich resource and as long as we encourage everyone doesn't matter the color gender everyone who wants to do science we encourage them to do it we were good we're going to see nobel prizes coming from all these different groups and women will be very successful. by now the top stories on al jazeera more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead and hundreds a missing after friday's earthquake and tsunami on the indonesian island of pseudo ways the tens of thousands have been left homeless and survive as a digging through debris looking for scraps of food now authorities fear disease will break out among the displaced. excuse me iran's president has welcomed
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a ruling by the un's top court ordering the u.s. to temporarily lift some sanctions on iran the u.s. is penalizing companies trading with iran reimpose sanctions and this year the international court of justice has ruled washington must withdraw sanctions when it had to humanitarian goods and civil aviation your sixers state might pompei responded by canceling a treaty with iran i'm announcing that the united states is terminating the nine hundred fifty five treaty of amity with iran this is a decision frankly that is thirty nine years overdue iran is abusing the i.c.j. for political and propaganda purposes and their case as you can see even the decision lacked merit given iran's history of terrorism ballistic missile activity other malign behaviors iran's claims under the treaty are absurd the court's ruling today was a defeat for iran. concern is mounting for the safety of prominent saudi journalist kamau a jamal khashoggi who's recently become a vocal critic of the kingdom's leadership
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a spokesperson for turkish president richard one says he's inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but saudi officials say he's not in the consulate nor in saudi custody the u.k. prime minister has once again showed off her dance moves during the final day of her conservative party conference in birmingham and her closing speech to reason may made a defense of her government's bricks it strategy saying the u.k. will be a champion of free trade. with the rebels have released two sons of yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh it's a move the signals an effort to break the deadlock in the ongoing conflict salah and monday on sunday arrived in jordan after a man and the u.n. envoy to yemen negotiation their release faultlines is up next to stay with us here as if you can i finish. it is as been described as a bill in. the last years of rubbing against the i around the world. suffer from chicago dregs of blindness it's become
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a russian. business. these crystals al-jazeera travels to africa and it's inspiring individuals who are fighting to eliminate these ideas innocents lifelines the end is in sight. on al-jazeera. three years ago faultlines went to baltimore during the historic uprising following the death of twenty five year old freddie gray and police custody the city's pain in anger over decades of police abuse had reached a boiling point and the nation took notice i can't tell people not to be angry you know to have a rights of being heard this is the time to just accept they could do with it. we were just baltimore flooded the streets to demand accountability and when the federal government launched a civil rights investigation and the officers who arrested gray were charged with
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crimes it looked like some accountability might cop. but at the same time another police scandal was brewing.


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