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nigeria is your development my nigeria. this is my nigeria. my nigeria on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a nation divided republicans and democrats draw different conclusions from an f.b.i. report on president trump supreme court nominee. there can be no doubt. china is meddling in america's democracy china's accused of trying to undermine donald trump by interfering in the upcoming midterm elections. mass burials in recovery
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efforts continue after the earthquake and tsunami on the island of sin always a. plus we meet the italian scientists are hoping to find a way to explain the mystery of invisible objects in the universe. not us democrats have slammed it as a whitewash republicans say they're vindicated an f.b.i. report into a sexual assault allegations against the president's supreme court pick is deepening divisions on capitol hill investigators were called in after a senate committee heard evidence from christine blousy forward to accuse kavanah of assaulting her in a high school claims that he denies well the senate is set to hold a procedural vote on his nomination on friday particle hane as the latest from washington d.c. . anger outrage disgust on display in the nation's capitol assizes. a protest out to tell
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us senators don't vote to put brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. and only came from new jersey to help spread the word and a few signs she believes christine blasi forward who testified before the senate that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school i just fired up about the idea that we would have a credibly accused sexual assailant concerns on the supreme court is unfair unjust to women and honestly men across the country but it's not just the liberal side that is angry about this poll show that the republicans are really fired up in fact before the cabin on nomination a lot of republicans told pollsters they weren't all that excited to vote in the upcoming congressional elections that has changed many polls show democrats and republicans equally excited to vote for their side the vote was delayed by weeks of the f.b.i. could investigate but there classified report has just further deepen the divide is
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a complete report this is a background check i'm confident the f.b.i. did a good job and they were not hindered in any way so it's very frustrating and even the things i read. and i heard the term of the committee say that there is no hint of misconduct in plain english what i just read there are hints of misconduct the f.b.i. didn't interview ford or the witnesses she suggested and many other people who know kavanaugh say they tried to talk to the f.b.i. but were turned away further feeling suspicion and division in a fierce fight that is playing out in the capital and on the streets. for the future of the highest court and likely control of the congress come january. al-jazeera washington. the trump ministration is accusing china of trying to undermine america through political military and economic actions u.s. vice president mike pence said in a speech that china wants to sway the upcoming midterm elections against trump in
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response to tough american trade policies he's claiming alleged russian meddling in elections pales in comparison to what china was doing a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. in the very early days of the trumpet ministration the us president rolled out the red carpet to host chinese president xi at his mar-a lago resort. more than eighteen months later that warmth has been replaced by a trade war between beijing and washington and a strong warning by the u.s. vice president mike pence our message to china's rulers is this this president will not back down. in a fiery speech hence escalating u.s. rhetoric. broadly blaming china for everything from military aggression in the south china sea to intellectual property theft to advance its global interests chinese security agencies have masterminded the wholesale theft of american
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technology including cutting edge military blueprints and using their stolen technology the chinese communist party is turning plow shares into swords on a massive scale u.s. media is reporting that includes inserting microchips into servers used by apple and amazon to spy on u.s. companies pence also accuse china of religious persecution and human rights abuses cracking down on chinese christians buddhists and imprisoning more than a million muslim weekers in government camps. and domestically while the u.s. special counsel robert muller continues his probe into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. pants reiterated president trogs claim made last week at the united nations about china and the upcoming elections to put it bluntly president trumps
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leadership is working and china wants a different american president hence accuse china of election meddling in the twenty eight team u.s. midterm elections and the twenty twenty presidential vote within a labyrinth december mation campaign to influence u.s. voters hence says the trumpet ministration remains hopeful china will come around until then he says it will continue to address what it calls chinese aggression already there are tariffs employees are more than two hundred fifty billion in chinese goods and more are at the ready and could be implemented this early as next year kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house the been signs of life under the rubble of a hotel a week after an earthquake and tsunami ripped through the indonesian island of sin away is that despite the clamor of hope the death toll keeps rising more than fourteen hundred people have died and hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of help the military's been given orders to shoot looters on sight or shortly we'll
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hear from under thomas who where people say they're grabbing what they can to survive but we begin our coverage with wayne hey he's about forty kilometers north in dongola which was the first area to be hit by the tsunami. the people of color have been largely left to fend for themselves their villages have disappeared and there's little else to do but search for anything that may be of value to the tsunami swept down this coast destroying everything in its path for days there was no communication with this area meaning the fate of almost three hundred thousand people was unknown the main road to the nearest city has been reopened but there's no sign of significant aid distribution. we have more food blankets and milk for babies because there's a lot of babies here and people have nothing to do because this is a fishing community and everything is gone so far the government says more than one hundred fifty died in which would have been much worse had the villages not been so
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close to higher ground the epicenter of the earthquake was further up the bay on the other side so this was the most significant population closest to it and clearly the people here felt it very strongly they say when that strike they had just two minutes before the first wave came some who couldn't escape are still unaccounted for but there's no search operation and no heavy equipment the people say they feel neglected in what can seem like hopeless situations they look to leadership for help and in this case it's the indonesian president who visited on wednesday the remains of a house carry a message pleading with joko widodo not to leave behind he promised just over three thousand dollars for each family to rebuild probably going to don i hope the government will take care of us because we're tired of them making promises and not they're moving i hope this time the president is listening to us. right now there are more immediate concerns than rebuilding for the people along this coast it's
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still about survival wayne hay al-jazeera indonesia. wherever they can people are grabbing whatever they can a supermarket warehouse spared by the earthquake and tsunami has instead fall into looters that taking not just food and water or essential if they personally need but anything they think might have value bags of razor blades shampoo nappies even paint i know it's not food but i can sell it it would only have got trampled if i hadn't taken it yet we've had no help no ate nothing cash still buys things even in a disaster zone but few people are working fewer still being paid and with banks an a.t.m. shut there's no way to access a things we've stopped some distance from that same because over the last few days some media crews have been attacked for filming looting but those we've spoken to
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say they don't consider this looting or themselves as robbers but these are desperate times and they're not getting the official help they need. where people aunts looting they're begging the messages on the boxes read we are hungry with. our team gave a little but they and tens of thousands of others need much more. down by the water we found and both soccer walking around where until friday afternoon his house and those of many of his relatives had been he wasn't home at five o two when the earthquake hits but his mother cousins nieces and nephews were some of the children ran to higher ground but he says his mother and five others saw no need they'd run after a previous bigger quake in two thousand and five when no tsunami had followed this time they didn't hear a siren and saw nothing strange happening to the sea twenty minutes later it was much too late to run i didn't want to. i want to see what's left of my home maybe i
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can salvage something we've had no help from the government just some water and noodles from people who have given to the charity. one thing the government says it is addressing is a chronic lack of fuel it's brought in three weeks normal supply of diesel and a week's worth of petrol and is flying in one hundred at the petrol pump attendants to get people through queues faster right now it takes fifteen hours to reach the front under thomas al-jazeera poller indonesia let's go back to our top story now the f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against president trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh for more on this we're joined by the former federal prosecutor sidney powell from dallas sidney powell democrats of criticize the f.b.i. probe saying it was hurried it was too narrow in scope and that key witnesses were not involved in now the f.b.i. stands accused of carrying out a fosco exercise under political pressure what do you make of it.
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it's completely expected the democrats a veiled from day one that they were going to resist and opposed any one the president nominated for this judgeship brett kavanaugh has been one of the most outstanding judges in the country for more than a decade his reputation was completely unblemished until these last minute smear allegations that are totally uncorroborated by any actual evidence so it was totally predictable that they would take this position even though they were lauding the f.b.i. for completing the anita hill investigation with respect to clarence thomas and three days they're complaining about this one no matter what had been done they'd been complaining about it but there were several people that came forward saying they had evidence against cabinet people like judy swetnam who said cap and i was involved in the drugging and sexual assault of girls at parties it seems extraordinary that all of this was ignored. oh it's not been ignored julie
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sweate nick has actually already walked back her claims completely there's nothing about her allegations that credible in any way shape or form the f.b.i. has done extensive background best a geisha ins on judge kavanaugh including four of the highest possible security clearance in the country and he has passed all of them with flying colors there was nothing to corroborate any of the claims made by miss what nic who actually kind of retracted her claims herself or miss ford they've interviewed scads of people hundreds of people in fact this is seventh background investigation and in all of them he came through with flying colors so what do you think will be the political fallout from all of this i mean with midterm elections just a few weeks away is it likely to sway voters do you think i think it will sway voters as best i can tell the republicans are going to prevail even
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more than expected in the midterm elections because everyone's so fed up with the way the democrats have behaved in creating this smear campaign against judge kavanaugh it's completely backfiring on them they don't understand that the people who call the engine of this country and the people who work hard every day and take care of their kids and pay their bills and pay their taxes and some hold down two jobs really appreciate the work this president is doing even though he may be controversial at times they appreciate him trying to protect this country and put america first and they're fed up with these ok when it all cost tactics of the democrats let me get a final thought from you just to touch on judge kevin is kind of his own profession has questioned his judicial temperament of a twenty four hundred no professors in the u.s. have signed a petition saying the senate should not confirm him i mean that's quite telling isn't it that is unprofessional to do that. no not when you're talking about
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law professors law professors rarely actually practiced law and they're among the most liberal people in the country judge kavanaugh has a stellar reputation among the federal judiciary he has placed more of his law clerks as law clerks for the supreme court justices both democrats and republican appointees than the other judges in the country he's what they call one of the top three feeder judges in the entire country his law clerks are most prized position and he's got an extraordinary and exemplary record in every respect so we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your time for them also to come here on the news hour including russian cyberattacks well now western governments unite in condemning the kremlin. zimbabwe takes drastic action as it tries to contain its worst cholera outbreak in a decade and in support christiane amanpour was sponsored allegations he raped
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a woman that's coming up with peta in a sport and of the great. western countries have denounced russia cyber hacking attacks which they say are designed to undermine democracies and some of the strongest language use since the cold war britain warned russia had become a pariah state while the united states want moscow must be made to pay the price for its actions and russia has rejected the allegations calling them propaganda and has our report. the tools of the trade this spy equipment was found in the possession of four russian agents in a car parked outside the headquarters of the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. back in april at the time the o.p.c. w. was independently analyzing the novacek used to attack script palin solsbury as well as identifying the substance used in an attack against civilians in the syrian
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town of duma on the bush the g.r.u. operation was aimed at hacking in infecting the white fine network of the o p c w from close quarters we call that a so-called close access ack operation when they were discovered the russian spies trying to destroy some of their equipment but one of the laptops showed they had also been in malaysia trying to access the investigation into the shooting down of the passenger jet m.h. seventeen over ukraine allegedly by a russian book missile the timing of the dutch announcement came just hours after reports on russian hacking by the british national cybersecurity center part of the government's g c h q spy agency the n c s c assessment concluded that hacker groups calling themselves fancy bear sound wurman voodoo bear actually just the russian military intelligence agency the g r u the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman reacted scornfully to the british statements is going to arouse board
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indiscriminately in one file or maybe an ina richie fragrance file everything was mixed up g.r.u. cyber spies kremlin's hackers what a hellish perfume mix the vivid imagination of our colleagues from the u.k. has no boundaries indeed who comes up with all this but the pressure on russia was further intensified at the meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels what we're doing by acting with our allies by actually isolating russia exposing the fact that these are actions of a state this is acting in a row. clisson indiscriminate manner this is not the actions of a great power this is a van actions of a pariah state and then the u.s. justice department weighed in indicting seven russian g.r.u. agents in connection to a series of hacking attacks as well as charges of money laundering wire fraud and identity theft it is evident from the allegations in today's indictment that the
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defendants believe that they could use their anonymity to act with impunity in their own countries and on the territories of other sovereign nations to undermine international institutions and to distract from their government's own wrongdoing they were wrong most of the world's advanced spy agencies conduct cyber espionage but this wave of intense coordinates a diplomatic pressure on russia highlights the sense that even by the shadowy standards of international spying russia has overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable paul brennan al-jazeera. now brazil's presidential candidates are set to take part in their final debate ahead of the first round of voting on sunday five candidates hold the best chance in a vote that's being described as the most unpredictable in decades far right voice jebel scenario is in the lead his social media following attracted by his tough
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talk on crime and corruption numbers in the millions but both scenarios polarizing remarks on women people of color analogy between individuals could prompt many to unite against him in a runoff trailing behind him is former. fernando dowd he's the workers' party alternative to the silva he's the jailed former president who's barred from running older from the left is the democratic labor party's chito gomez he's a professor who studied at harvard but he's disliked by business elites of brazil's establishment prefers this man instead had a woman he's running on a platform of privatization and social program cuts and finally there's former and brahman minister silva the sustainability network's candidate is a strong voice on green issues well to raise about joins us live now from palo to resist so can this last t.v. debate help the workers' party candidate for them to how to win more votes.
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well we're two days from the election and this final a vegetative all tonight a won't be attending but we do know that the same time the debate is happening every quarter which is a never ever angelika network will be airing an exclusive interview with him so he ever jellicoe charges calling a way for their followers to vote for john edwards and i don't until now the strategy by the workers' party for five member why that has been mostly to link to former president we've seen as you know a lot of in order to increase his chances of becoming results next president while that's throughout the day is expected to change today from on the about is expected to mean much more. gresson in a way we've been seeing some tweets by the workers party saying and telling that it will turn out a voted against for example a poverty fund but never doubted to vote in order to increase his salary there's also tweets that are comparing by the workers' party that are comparing it. with
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health care so obviously there is a change in strategy here both went out oh it's chances of becoming brazil's next president have increased in recent days mostly because of people disenchanted and rage with the workers party with the corruption that happened while the workers' party was in power and also the recession that has been hitting this country for the last two years ok so what about joe the bolts of our attempt to be stopped at all. well even though his lead has extended in the last few days we're talking about a ten point lead between him and fed him out it's not enough yet students on the list say to win in the first round however the situation would be completely different on the second route and that's why we've been hearing some talk about an anti-fascist where in a way center left candidates will start calling for people to bolt for some go about in order to prevent small turnout all from winning the precedent however this
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may not work what we've been seeing so far in brazil is that it works another vote having peace in northeast some brazil for example that used to be and is a stronghold for former president recent us who've seen that and also votes for women and also what i'm going to start saying is that many in brazil right now may be ashamed of saying that they will vote for the son out of my bed on sunday their vote may go for him or at such a reason. to result some too. now zimbabwe has started vaccinating people living in urban areas that tries to contain its worst cholera outbreak in a decade it's already killed forty nine people and infected thousands more the reports. the outbreak of cholera started hearing grenville a pool so that the capital harare around half a million people will receive an vaccine against cholera in the next few days another million doses will be administered in other densely populated areas at the
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capital next week. the government says it's made good progress in containing the outbreak no deaths have been reported in more than a week and the rate of infection has slowed down. we are thankful for the effort the disease is under control zimbabwe's biggest cholera outbreak was ten years ago more than four thousand people died back then health officials and the international community accuse the government of not responding to the emergency fast enough people living in harare say lessons have not been learned. should have reacted faster and they responded late and by then many people had died they should have been much quicker. typhoid and cholera outbreaks occur regularly in zimbabwe because of dilapidated water and sanitation facilities there are concerns that the government's vaccination program which is focused on the capital
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is not comprehensive enough. going out they should also go to the rule areas to give these doses so that this disease doesn't affect the whole country the vaccination program has begun just before the onset of the rainy season which normally increases the risk of new infections the government says is planning to raise thirty five million dollars to treat the current outbreak and to vastly improve harare's water and sanitation system victoria gayton be al-jazeera turkey's foreign ministry has summoned saudi arabia's ambassador over the disappearance of a dissidents journalist saudi official said jamal khashoggi disappeared after he left the consulate building in istanbul the turkish government believes he's still inside saudi had been living in self-imposed exile or writing columns critical of the kingdom and the crown prince. of well jamal because of his fiance hattie's told al-jazeera what happened at the saudi consulate in istanbul on the day he disappeared. because it happened on the second of toben mean
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jamal went to the consulate in istanbul to get some paperwork for marriage jamal went into the consulate and i was waiting near the door of the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get the phone from me but no one came i went to the door and security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lift i called the consulate the saudi men sit and he told me they closed and that no one is inside and you shouldn't white here talk for a short break here al jazeera when we come back we'll look at the efforts the greek government is making to help refugees as winter approaches plus. i was i'm a big dummy then i'll tell you why the fight against isis is still continuing in the amber desert. someone who gets the green light as the first african country to host and under the consent we'll find out how they're planning to make the youth
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games appeal to fans around the world well enough stay with us. hello there we've got severe weather across parts of north america at the moment the satellite picture is picking up lots of cloud in the northern part of our map but then we see the cloud begin to develop further south and it is this which is likely to give us some very large hail some very heavy downpours and maybe your tornado as well it's still going to be with us as we head through the day on friday gradually as you know its way eastwards behind it we've got another weather system that's going to sweep down on drawing forces there as we head through the day on saturday said very heavy downpours here a lot of snow in the north as well the southeast there is staying warm up at thirty one degrees and further west as cooler heads seattle barrett sixteen but do watch out for a few thunderstorms over the rockies at times i mean further towards the south of
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some of us here we've got some very heavy downpours again we have a few areas of low pressure here and you can see this whole mess of cloud that is generated so plenty of wet weather ahead that's going to stick around as we head through the next few days as well for the east also plenty of outbreaks of rain but in between i think we'll also see a good deal of sunshine at times i have to say that for jamaica it doesn't look quite wet for friday and saturday i mean further towards the south and for many of us in south america this fine dry weather nineteen degrees at the moment i'm bored as always but it is far warmer in santiago at twenty six. on al-jazeera. in a new season al jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail
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for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond finding best to gauge the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan move finally hold its parliamentary election but what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the negativity of mama kentucky and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera. such. as tom.
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clancy. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera top republicans say there's no limbs of misconduct in the f.b.i. report and a supreme court nominee but cabinet but senate democrats argue the report into sexual assault allegations is incomplete the senate is expected to vote on coming up later this week. president mike pence has accused china of interfering with american politics and technology he says beijing is using economic and military tools as well as propaganda to advance its interests in the u.s. his comments come up to president trump accuse china of interfering in the upcoming midterm elections. and not as thousands of people are still seeking aid on the indonesian island of so lazy off an earthquake and tsunami hit a week ago more than fourteen hundred people of them killed looting has become a problem in the military has orders to shoot on sight. well qatar is one of the countries delivering supplies to it in the may justify deca has more all the
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international aid effort. the international aid in africa bringing and things here and now we are in doha qatar capital and that we haven't seen it in a minute or one day now that they are the military airport and what they're doing at the moment and they're loading it with aid of course this is desperately needed it's a week off for that tsunami and earthquake hit the indonesian island of the no way these so they're bringing in tens they have medicine here you can see their year and drainage bag is right now on one of them up so they have also poured much needed medicine medical supplies water food items so this is one of the efforts that is now underway of course not the challenges still remain because of the the power of the earthquake and the devastation is that it's very difficult to get to these remote places so this is now going to be flown into jakarta into the capital
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biddies it is then going to be taken to the more remote places and of course tens of thousands of people still remain without shelter so these kinds of efforts desperately needed but still remaining very very difficult to get this stuff to those who need it most now i saw no longer controls towns and cities in iraq but its fight has still operate in the desert regions or on the border with syria iraq's military has launched another offensive to target cells long off of the group lost territory has gained rare access to the bost desert a solid binge of aid reports in the border town of. even after i flew has been defeated the safest way to get to the border between iraq and syria is by air this is iraq's empty quarter the desert which spans most of iraq's more than six hundred kilometer long border with syria i think why do those still hold up here. and soon after. the u.s.
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military. the pilots didn't tell us what they were shooting and didn't see any moving targets they had planned on their failure four years ago and bar was their final destination if this caliphate did not work out which it did not. helping iraqi forces but it insists its role is to aid and assist and not engage in the fight. much of that comes in the shape of intelligence sharing and training iraqi soldiers and nuts of critical importance in hard to reach areas such as province iraq's open desert has valleys and dunes is trying to create safe havens on the rough terrain let me tell you that now we have great knowledge of the desert and we have secured areas i still has launched multiple attacks in the past two months and killed at least seventeen iraqis including soldiers and shia militia fighters iraqi security officials insist that the operations are not just a calm but
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a genuine effort to maintain security. will conduct up to five attacks a month and we call dispose of forces in every area when iraq forces concentrate one busy part to another vacant area iraq wants to spend more than three million dollars to build a fence for the advance and watchtowers to secure the border against who are also known as. a geographical area across the border on the other side. this is very important not just for the coalition forces but really for the iraqi security forces and for iraq to prevent any. from the fighting in syria and coming into coming back into iraq. and to root out isis fighters the coalition backs iraqi troops on one side of the border and the mostly goodish syrian democratic forces on the other side. forward operations bases run inside iraq by the u.s.
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led coalition but the french artillery is hitting targets inside syria the fighting has taken a major dollar in iraq's infrastructure and it's not over yet iraqis in remote parts see that security forces may control the daytime but the night still belongs to. and the real challenge is to counter rising from regrouping in either side of the euphrates river osama bin. the iraq syria border. india has deported seven ringette men it's the first time it's taken such action against the muslim minority for me and all its top court has rejected a petition to allow them to state the opposition accuses the right wing government of using the issue for political gain ahead of elections next year but reports. that being in india for about ten years six of them in a jail charged with illegally entry now these muslim or hindu me in iran they way back to a country with they say they endured five wins and persecution. they told india's
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supreme court nothing has changed for them and me and ma but filed in a petition to force the government to let them stay unfortunately the cork did not listen to this and has dismissed the abnegation that's even the way part of their deport. the seven men is some of the estimated forty thousand who have crossed into india escaping what they describe as years of persecution by me and most government it culminated late last year in a government crackdown that forced hundreds of thousands of returned to flee into neighboring bangladesh the united nations called it a textbook example of eighth nick cleansing the government of young song suchi denied any atrocities happened and said it was defending itself against armed groups. so. india's prime minister not interim adi's government says undocumented
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or illegal immigrants who pose a national security threat and are a drain on the country's resources state governments were told late last year to keep track of them and now for the first time marty's government is moving to deport them and he is opposition accuses the ruling the j.p. party of stoking the issue to harness anti muslim seem to mint ahead of elections next year the un says the decision to forcibly remove the revenger violates international law and that it is not safe for them and me and my but the indian government seems determined to forge ahead maybe on one hand which is here now as winter approaches in greece the government there is moving thousands of refugees from the islands to better housing on the mainland has been prompted by international criticism over the conditions of its migrant comes john psaropoulos reports from northern greece. each man at this card game shows his place at the table to some sort of hardship take mohammed his wife is pregnant and that puts her
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in the vulnerable category grounds for removing the couple from morea camp on the island of lesbos. no good money on my food but. what does. and here yes yes it's good. good. good good very good here good here. good moria is meant to hold three thousand asylum seekers even after hundreds of evacuations it now holds eight thousand international aid groups say it is unsanitary and inhuman this community on the shores of lake northern greece is the first of its kind in the country it is not a makeshift camp but bricks and mortar and here people's humanity seems restored living in hotel apartments means they can fend for themselves this syrian couple
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left the camp because the bomb that killed their two children back in syria had lodged shrapnel in their mother's abdomen they never went to hospital during their seven month stay in morea now they have a hospital appointment after just a week involving the government has had to keep up with new arrivals from turkey so it has moved more than eight hundred thousand asylum seekers this year from the islands to the mainland and it plans to move six thousand more by november the aim is twofold to relieve the islands and offer refugees more humane conditions. here the government has achieved at least the second goal people are visibly relaxed the european union provides them with a small stipend for groceries that and an e.u. rent subsidy for their hotel apartments have helped the local economy which used to rely on a different kind of subsidy. the elderly who came here had social security subsidies that's all been done away with and tourism here is down to
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a quarter of what it was before the crisis or if you jes have brought the work back up to a decent level many of these asylum seekers will end up receiving international protection and staying in greece they will then face the hardships greeks face of making a living in a depressed economy but that will be the normality they miss jobs at all plus al-jazeera. now the winner of this year's nobel peace prize will be announced on friday and there's plenty of speculation about who will win the award jonah hall has more now on the possible contenders. so it's that time of the year again when the nobel committee is preparing to announce the winner of the famous peace prize everyone's trying to guess who's in the running well it's just that it's a guessing game because the shortlist is always a closely guarded secret. among possible winners looking at world events ethiopia's prime minister has been mentioned for peace moves between his country and eritrea
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with war raging and fears of famine in yemen the un's world food program has been suggesting very very very aware of. the refugee crisis and the deaths of those crossing the mediterranean remain in the spotlight with the un's refugee agency the u.n.h.c.r. and groups like s.o.s. meditate on the possibly in the frame the bookmakers favorite seems to be a three way when between north korea's kim jong un the south korean president moved in and yes donald trump for their joint efforts to avert a nuclear war on the korean peninsula but keep guessing because not only are the experts usually wrong but one close peace prize watcher i spoke to said the committee's been getting it wrong for decades they they have entirely forgotten the real alpha nobel the real speaks about the champions of peace. who are doing the work to create the brotherhood of nations disarmament
2:42 am
and peace congresses the core activities of the peace movement at the time this is a prize for the grassroots not for the militarist state leaders lots of people think they got it wrong with anxiety see who won in one thousand nine hundred one with calls for the now leader of myanmar to be stripped of the prize because of military violence directed at the range of people that may cause the committee to play it safe this year who knows and that's the point no one does jonah how al-jazeera in oslo tesla's. musk has appeared to mock a government agency on twitter just days out the negotiating a settlement to keep his job moscow suggested the securities and exchange commission was helping investors betting on tesla stock to fall it sued must last week for alleged fraud after the c.e.o. wrote on social media that he was taking his firm private must agree to pay a twenty million dollars fine and step aside as testers chairman for three years
2:43 am
now researchers in italy have launched an ambitious search for a new force of nature that could help explain the mystery of what scientists call dark matter experiment would allow physicists to identify invisible objects in the universe need bug reports from that's just outside road. we live in a world of matter all the things we can see and touch but the best theory of reality physicists have only explains a tiny amount four percent of our observable universe at its least national institute of physics scientists are launching an experiment to discover the rest including so-called dark matter it's not certain road to unlocking the secrets of the universe. and this is where it begins with a particle accelerator and a theory we just select off from part of our body from for forty five people a beam of positively charged subatomic particles called positrons is fired at
2:44 am
a target a diamond away for a tenth of a millimeter thick and this is the divine one mounted on the positive particles smash into the negative electrons of the diamond wafer they produce photons light. but every now and again the collision between positrons of electrons could produce a dark photon the invisible twin of ordinary light dark matter we are going to have a lean in between this huge kid and water but. it's more normal or is it fair to call this the bridge between the scene and the i don't see it to me yes not problem it's. like night for the allows you to see what you see you normally call the movie allow you to see what is in the dock it's called the positron annihilation into dark matter experiment or part may the short for star wars fans pov may also happens to be the dark lord darth vader's console it's no
2:45 am
coincidence so how do scientists even know to look for something that they can't see well after studying galaxies they believe that there's a force much stronger than gravity holding those galaxies and all the star systems within them together a dark force now up and running the experiment will last for several months if successful it could create an entirely new realm of physics much to the delight of scientists very excited and not because we have. to do it if you're for a few it's. already paid for. it's now down to the experts to share their enthusiasm for complex theories with the rest of us as they begin the hunt for a side of reality hidden from view need park out zero for scotty italy. relations with north korea getting more attention.
2:46 am
2:47 am
thank you very much five time world footballer of the year christiana rinaldo has trained with you ventus for the first time since last week's accusations of rape the thirty three year old denies he assaulted a woman at a las vegas hotel in two thousand and nine pool reese has more. christianne over
2:48 am
naldo pulled into the event as training complex and cheering on thursday the day after using twitter to deny he had a right to woman one of the biggest names in world football has been accused by american catherine majorca of assaulting her in his las vegas hotel room nine years ago she told the german newspaper spiegel that she had been paid three hundred seventy five thousand dollars by rinaldo to keep quiet my oga has now filed a civil lawsuit against the portuguese player whose own lawyers have threatened to sue the newspaper for damages in early two thousand and seventeen we found first traces about this incident in june two thousand and nine and we kept digging and search for more documents and went outside to get some open field research went to las vegas for example and gathered as much information as we could about this case this is a very sensitive case obviously police in las vegas have since reopened the complaint to my oga made at the time in which she didn't identify her alleged assailant her
2:49 am
lawyer says she's now been emboldened to name or naldo because of the me too movement that followed last year's allegations against movie producer harvey weinstein. and which also inspired usa gymnasts to testify against dr lowery last set before he was jailed for sexual assault in january this year the. maid to movement was very important to katherine. in her decision to. consult with us and go forward in this case. i think she looks to the women who are involved in the need to move on as he rose in his tweets on wednesday ronaldo said rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything i am and believe in kane as i may be to clear my name i refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense
2:50 am
a day earlier he had released another denial on instagram fake fake news they want to they want to bring more by my name it's normal. we're not all that has been left out of the squad for his national side portugal for the next two matches under what the team says was a preexisting agreement to proper for the i know christiane or not i well and i fully believe what he says and i know he is in my perspective would not carry out a crime at this kind i do not believe that because of. my old his lawyer says the instant has left her suffering from post-traumatic stress depression rinaldo is due to play in the italian league against it in a.z. on saturday with the date of a possible court appearance in the united states yet to be announced paul race al-jazeera event has have attracted some online criticism for tweeting the support of rinaldo the italian champions posted
2:51 am
a video of an elder scoring in training on thursday and added that quote events allegedly dating back almost ten years did not change their opinion on this great champion. brazilian club through to the semifinals of south americans top club competition the copper limited or us louis philippe scolari's team beach elayne's line color colo to milan wednesday to go through full on aggregate for madison will face either barca juniors or crucero who play the second leg of their quarter final on tuesday stanley cup champions the washington capitals are up and running at the start of ice hockey s new n.h.l. season with a commanding seven nothing beating of the boston bruins the occasion started with the capitals showing off the stanley cup to their fans and for the first time an n.h.l. championship banner was raised to the rafters and then it was down to business after twenty four seconds it was one nothing flat set the tone for an eventual seven nothing route and
2:52 am
a shout out victory on the opening night of the season. to baseball in the new york yankees have set up an american league playoff series with the big rivals the boston red sox and after the yankees thrashed the oakland athletics in their wild card game john carlos stanton a huge home run in this one helping them to a seven two victory so the yankees will now face the red sox in the postseason for the first time since two thousand and four olympic officials are in the argentine capital where no siree is ahead of the start of the youth olympics on saturday four thousand athletes between the ages of fifteen and eighteen will take part in the competition olympic chiefs are always looking at ways to attract a younger and more diverse audience this year's event will feature breakdancing as part of that. senegal has been chosen as the host for the next youth games in two thousand and twenty two will be the first african country to host any olympics and has its own ideas on how to attract young fans.
2:53 am
for the first time in one hundred twenty two years of the modern olympic games an african city will host a version of the event. the cars twenty twenty two utility picks is expected to welcome the best fourteen to eighteen year old world our fleet. sixteen year old swimmer roman till i come are is representing senegal in this years of witness i was games but she says her jack davis to win olympic gold in the car at home. i'm not just proud of representing my nation i'm proud to represent all the girls who don't get a chance to play any sports this is out time to show that because i do it and when she is not alone in wanting to achieve success to meet team exams i'm lions otherwise known as the smart lions the international olympic committee is considering adding eastport to the game. and so the smart lions are preparing for deckard twenty twenty two hoping that by then this will be an olympic sport. the
2:54 am
universal principles and values of the olympics of the same isn't competitive gaming today we fill stadiums for each game in twenty minutes just like any other a limp exporter we are athletes. video gaming is a one hundred eight billion dollar industry and it's blooming with backing from major brands and sponsors but it may be the lympics that e-sports and the revenues that comes with it more than e-sports needs the olympics here's a challenge so in the games are violent and a hard to follow it's not all suitable to broad public so what do you do it's true that some of the games are not suitable for young children committee needs to decide what's right from our perspective youth sports like taekwondo or karate why couldn't you have e-commerce sports to. bring down the fight is to get the city ready for the games and you wrestling in basketball stadium was just inaugurated and the government is building a new city for the event the organizers here say they want to make africa proud
2:55 am
with two hundred million people aged between eighteen and twenty four africa has the youngest properly in the world but despite the lack of sports facilities it continues to produce some of the top athletes on the globe including in sports. teams on lions and other young athletes here bringing the olympic flame home is a victory in itself worth celebrating. it was hawk al-jazeera the car. and that's all the support from us for now we'll have another update for you again later on. peter thank you very much now the busan international film festival has opened in south korea in a new era of dialogue with its northern neighbor the festival will screen three hundred twenty films from seventy nine countries over next ten days rob a bride has more from the red carpet and. it's a fitting opening film for a festival the coincides with what many hope is
2:56 am
a new start in into korean relations beautiful days tells a story of a north korean defector who abandons her husband and son for a new life in south korea the work of an up and coming director from busan it taps perfectly into the current interest in relations with the north. the message of the movie is that regardless of the past when relations of sound have to meet to keep the dialogue going to another movie taking inspiration from north-south relations is the espionage thriller the spy gone north which is among just year's top ten hits at the box office first of all organizers are hoping in future to invite north korean filmmakers to busan and there's even talk of an interest peruvian film festival is dated see these periods or cooperation with the north has been taken up by the city itself. as south korea's second city busan is
2:57 am
at the forefront of efforts to forge closer links developing c. rail connection projects the city's mayor is currently on the delegation to pyongyang to promote closer ties filmmaking could have an important role to play. on a with a. for the film industry the easiest way to collaborate would be the exchange of people working in film the next step could be screening each other's films and even working on a joint film production asia's most important film festival has been marred in recent years by a role with the city's government over the screening. a controversial documentary about the say well ferry tragedy of twenty forty it led to a number of filmmakers boycotting the event but this year no one is staying away it seems the current mood of korean reconciliation is proving an irresistible force. of the pride al-jazeera busan south korea. are that's it for me for the news hour
2:58 am
but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with us on such still minute by thought. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles the health care system to racism and women's rights join us throughout oktober for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. military on all jersey. he lived in brazil's largest favela. one
2:59 am
day the police came for. like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera. it was the world's most wanted underworld banker. until a year long undercover operation finally took him down. when he goes inside the billion dollar bust and how does either. they were wrong and. they were brazen. and for nearly a decade they committed crimes with impunity. they were also decorated police officers. baltimore is once again at the
3:00 am
center of a debate over how to police the police. the gang within on al-jazeera. a nation divided republicans and democrats draw different conclusions from an f.b.i. report on president trump supreme court nominee. also coming up. a little. so either. come to terms with life changing injuries after last week's earthquake as mass burials become a day that. campaigning ends in brazil ahead of sunday's presidential vote as the taliban to put a face each other in a final debate.


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