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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 40  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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it's really being recognized not just with ac you have more on the higher level in the mountains with facebook. you know the last couple of weeks how people really hard about quality is crazy i feel this understaffed and that fierce. home burned thus far. fifty seven hours was like over six hundred sixty looks like it's not one for ok so our latest five is eighteen hours and forty five that's very good because our turnaround time for this queue is twenty four hours. so that means we have to get everything done with twenty four hours. or so within the high risk area but there be anything that i. say someone saying i'm going to crisis in ten minutes. i would yes. any reports that related to somebody at risk of suicide would not have gone into the q. where there was a backlog they would have gone into
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a high priority queue where we were meeting the standards we've checked since you brought this issue to us and we're very confident that even in that period where we had a backlog in the normal q we did not have a backlog in the suicide q so the c.t.o. moderation was rolled there were all these licenses yes right ok facebook told us this backlog was cleared by the sixth of april and they are doubling the number of people working on safety and security. base of course is relieved for them because they have time we have five hundred. thousand hard and i feel far from wi-fi replies these i've weighed more than many other things. undercover reporter is being trained in how to deal with content relating to self home. so some examples already cite us now from any material promoting self harm or suicide
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gets deleted in the first one we have four of them caught they are really your friends or my boss i'm ok let me say wait so be very serious i mean maybe right. so these are. i believe. any material that shows self harm but doesn't promote says is called self harm admission and gets left almost without a warning so. if you are going to send a check or if you go over on a sound resources like riders. with home admission the user who posted the contents of the sensor message called a checkpoint containing information about mental health support services. or means of research and life resources to help. people get over.
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i think that probably around sixty five percent of my scars tribute to the impact social media has had on me. there's definitely a bit of a rush of adrenaline. amazed that in the blood was a release because it reminded me that there was something inside of me and that i wasn't as empty as i felt one of these fine. totally fine so your recent checkpoint. were. somebody that i met who had facebook she used to regularly post pictures of herself harm before they were healed and before there was a scar and i would look at her picture as there was also
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a group that i used to follow on facebook. and that i was surrounded myself with people that were south hamann it would encourage me a lot more it became a bit of a competition and that after all i needed to do. that. i needed to know how of where south. on the other person. for the. birthday of the floor. was to moderating a reporter comes across graphic images of self. over the third point mugu for those quotes or look good i'll read it over the sofa for good news but it has. no promotion. the first most immoral. but has both because.
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it's not a private you can see the people of a badly cut themselves as old scars there so this isn't just a one off and they're cutting themselves that's not appropriate that's not ok misery loves company so if you can get out there and you can actually see people doing the thing that kind of is a representation of their misery there might be something. attractive in that and no track team to a mind that isn't functioning how it should be. or more your. thoughts to look for promotion new diverse our nothing more than what we do to who is gone to school to throw the book or the remote or we are. praying for a year over year. do
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you think that really justification for for allowing your images of yourself it's not really and i know there are healthier ways of doing that it's not that we don't want to listen to them it's not that we don't want to help them in the long run it's. not a healthy thing to do you know this needs this level of of harm needs proper professional intervention and putting stuff out on social media is not professional intervention. or work. through. the heroin. or. even the drugs. or the mother or. i just think it's something that's going to be hard for other people to sound who
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haven't experienced this i think that self harm is something that's so complex that . it can't be characterized in a guideline or in a room and it can't be understood by somebody who doesn't understand how it feels to do that look at the images itself. now i know. i'm strong enough for it not to affect me but i'm not strong enough to take the rest of it i believe that it wouldn't affect me completely believe that but i'm not prepared to take a chance. there's actually a very strong valid interest from that person if they're expressing distress to be able to express their distress to their family and friends friends through facebook
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and then get help and we see that happen every day that individuals are provided with help by their family and friends because the content stayed up if we took it down the family and friends would not know that that individual was at risk. honestly the juror really thought boy are the two so if you're two are both so dirty. it's like they're going to be pretty good we will do jewing the training session on self home the issue of child uses comes up so we don't actually own a car or was there a meeting you know underage facebook's rules state that no one on the thirteen can have an account you have over the lot but i think they are still in the know this. yes so is the airline we ignore ok i refuse go see where the cover. gets. so poker quote so if you follow them somewhere in this quote you both milker
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. yet let people know what. i've. personally aldridge don't we just like it and i were going we don't know what the underage. facebook told us they only investigates a user's age if someone has reported them as being under age. much of the content reported to facebook's u.k. moderates as relates to hate speech so i'm sure you're out there but. oh right no don't pay for that we all have our own myspace or to write about what our personal opinions are. for movies when mom appeared before the u.s. senate he was questioned on facebook's hate speech means our goal is to allow
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people to have as much expression as possible and i don't want anyone at our company to make any decisions based on the the political ideology of the content facebook say their rules are intended to protect certain groups from being abused or attacked on the platform or through. there are more of them for her to look forward to. but we found moderators were sometimes told to ignore disturbing content before. we voted for of course you're going to run for more water. than ignore the current florida law with your correlation you don't go all the hoops to go. through throw you on the border for the use of force more golden rule that you shouldn't do thought it was your form to be called in service to go. so for this one should be for this is
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a revolt for those who go through her. facebook told as the picture does in fact violate the hate speech rules and they're reviewing what went wrong to prevent it happening again in order to create a service where everyone has a voice we also need to make sure that people aren't bullied or or basically intimidated or in the environment feels unsafe for them but some things not everyone gets the same level of protection i kind of instinctively think today but there is a delay. all reports are is moderating the colemans says back to run countries. it's been posted to the video with the caption the film to muslims in the us. the top two. or. three zero zero zero immigrants mostly an immigrant if you do that most of them you take the suction but it doesn't
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sums up our. facebook amounts uses to say more abusive things about muslim immigrants than it does about muslims. they are still muslim or even if it is mostly members system muslims this is was an example there are. other exactly like don't make someone retarded it was you. who for three. percent of their thinking were. physical inferiority if you like most women would go to school for that so. people are debating very sensitive issues on facebook including issues like immigration very currently and that political debate can be entirely legitimate that's why you allow people to say muslim immigrants get out of britain but not muslim get us britain we're trying to distinguish that between hate speech which is against
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a class of peace you don't think muslim immigrant get out of britain is hate speech you get there this is something that we've looked at in a lot of detail these very hot it this is right on that line is a hate speech right on that line we've not defined it as hate speech if you are again expressing a view about the government's immigration policy. we discovered that some far right pages receive special protection on facebook. that very same will think this casting by saying that they write the british children. the britain first facebook page had more than. two million followers when it was deleted in march while we were filming after its leaders were convicted of racially aggravated harassment. earlier taken down zero they're now the wrong group or your order of mall or form the more local we've been tracking that page since it had three hundred thousand followers it ended up with up to two million followers at one point before that
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page was polled the question can be asked why did it take so long and about another break us to from here it was pretty much oil market for you just so much for the phone to stroll. over north for lucian to learn to look for it. followers generally revert facebook if a page has five pieces of content that violate facebook's rules our reporter was told it should be taken down but britain first was a highly popular facebook page these pages a shield it and can't be deleted by ordinary content moderators at c.p.l. . it was never met the threshold before it was taken down. oh i think. it is just that to me from the feel good it is outstanding. what is actually me. but when he said i should have to go to another you have to use them and make them . to sometimes like. you know just depends on what it is britain
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for if it's very very hot but. when shielded pages have contents that breaks the rules they're put into the shielded review queue so they can be assessed by facebook itself what does shooter of you actually main jury. will be doing computer from her go through before pages are a lot of followers you don't want the reader you just. want people to sure they're together for reuse or show her for fear of argument or for them physical tools or for triggers are yeah look like other prefer stuff here are some of the if it's a large page sure do they get so special consideration no order for. facebook special consideration appears to also apply to follow right thing it's only robinson but children are being killed they're being killed if they're not being bright destroyed in books now well from their being but shouldn't i mind and see
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said there's now so i can't so that's the future project of my shins in march this year robinson was permanently banned from twitter but his facebook page is still active this may he was jailed for contempt of course following a facebook live video he posted outside a course in leeds. one of these patients comes up time out of some logs is there any point me looking for the content. yeah. but don't worry too much about the interests of those those people's emotions it's still like you do you do . you have to do the talking of the video just going through this shield to church of god you know anything they're. welcome. with nine hundred thousand followers robinson's faced.


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