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columnist for the washington post it published friday's edition with a blank section where casualties writing would have appeared. his fiance spoke to al-jazeera over the phone about what's happened last tuesday. into the cancellation i was wasting little the appointment was at one pm after a few hours no one came to me they were supposed to come and get a phone from me no one came i went to the door and asked security it was almost three pm security told me no one was inside and that maybe i didn't pay attention when jamal lifts i called the consulate a saudi man answered and he told me the clothes and that no one is inside and. as fears continue to pour over safety there is also concern about the diplomatic fallout that could occur as a result of his disappearance if indeed it is proven that the saudis have kidnapped him and or taken him out of the country which would mean that yahoo decided to use
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its diplomatic missions as the tension centers with little or no respect for the sovereignty of other countries would have to respond. to stumble. we've got a lot more to come here and there including eat it meaning. taking opera a mile high above the streets of the city new york has enjoyed a unique performance. justice is served a white police officer whose killing of a black teenager sparked protests in chicago is found guilty of. three tranquil arabian canyons. and in on can free room to use an affiliation gondola. allert is still stormy in the mediterranean and by that i mean flash floods thunderstorms hit cicely's hit southern italy more recently
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corsica and sardinia and the northeastern part of southern eighty four men beaches gives you an idea of what falls that it might be connected twenty four as it is going to come out of one or two thunderstorms hence the flash flooding problem and that circulation will continue to give showers in the same area it's really southern france maybe reached in the southern alps and still the islands in the next twenty four hours there is more rain coming in from the west that might change the weather in the northwest of france and the british isles where he colder and wetter the whole thing is swinging in which means the big conglomeration of these two systems cold air coming in we were currently in the british isles mark if you need twelve degrees and zero and snow on some of the arms of the swiss alps it's warm to the east just in the twenty's and has been unseasonably warm in austria for example still nine hundred vienna come sunday whereas the chill house reached the north of spain still twenty four in madrid well the same now though not for keppra
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tickly doff west africa's been hit by these storms recently that drifting away if you look at eastern libya the still dark cloud coming up could still be more showers to come. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. i'm his story for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the story certain demands see the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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time visitor take a look at the top stories here in. new warnings about the possible outbreak of disease with rescue workers continuing to find more bodies and body parts in the rubble this is the scene live in an area just outside the main city of. death toll from last week's earthquake and tsunami stands at sixteen hundred forty nine. president trumps pick for the u.s. supreme court has now really cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final vote on brett kavanaugh confirmation is expected later today republicans say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence to support sexual misconduct allegations against him police in france are investigating the disappearance of the president of interpol that's the international policing agency hallway as and being heard of
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since he flew home to china late last month he was china's vice minister of public security. he joined in to play. hong kong's immigration has refused to renew the visa of a prominent foreign journalist raising concerns of a comment on the city's press freedom the decision is being linked to an event that journalists hosted involving an independence activist an organist give it a go paul and has been at the immigration department the people of. i'm not going to jail very many are calling it a revenge tactic victor mallet vice president of the foreign per spawn and club had defied the beijing government and the hong kong government's objections and refused to cancel an event and evolving an independence activists are now so you said in the political party funded by that independence activist has been banned under national security grounds that's the first time that's ever happened and just weeks
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later when mallett went to renew his work visa wright was rejected here trying to encourage over the past few years to process this deterioration the freedom has been exaggerated and it just was very sad and we should bury. depression community . very angry about the section but we still feel pressed they are working with freedom and they should be respect the. true story the protesters are calling this a disgrace they say the journalist is being punished for not toeing the government line one is now this is an alarming development particularly for the media community on kong has always been a base for foreign journalists where they can operate without restrictions and the visa regime here has always been seen as transparent and fair to the financial times the amount of work says this is the first time they've encountered such a problem it was not believed a lot of heat from home people like me was born and raised in hong had never
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thought that one day the international media would be expelled from hong kong like that we believed. such things would only happen in china hong kong has semi autonomous status and enjoys freedoms not seen across the border in mainland china but since landmark twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the chinese government and hong kong's governments have made on presidents and moves to limit political activity and freedom of expression raising fears that it's just a matter of time before hong kong becomes just like any other city in china now to the u.s. whether it's been a number of high profile cases in the last couple of years in which white police officers of shot and killed young black men on friday one of those cases still the conviction of a white police officer in chicago from where john hendren now reports right here it's the verdict that for weeks put an anxious and divided city on edge we've been hearing finding the fan base and back guilty of second degree murder
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a white chicago police officer jason van dyke was found guilty of the killing of a black teen a crime that carries a sentence of up to twenty years in prison then sixteen times. what i've heard that there's more than one for each bullet he fired into a seventeen year old look one mcdonald in two thousand and fourteen van dyke was convicted of aggravated battery with a firearm the teen was armed with a knife later found closed and shown walking away on police video it was vandyke who emptied the chamber the only officer to fire when video of the killing emerged a year later protesters filled the streets the trial featured cheery sometimes testy testimony from the first chicago police officer charged with murder in decades. his attorney mounted in impassioned argument and dropped it and i thought
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. he'd be here today but prosecutors argued that van dyke had planned to shoot before he got out of his car one week doesn't know what never going to walk home that day. the defendant did i get that on the way to the seeing chicago which still bears some scars from the infamous one nine hundred sixty eight riots was prepared for an outcry the city's twelve thousand police officers were on alert many of them already deployed around the city as protesters began to gather at city hall officers had a one hundred fifty page contingency plan demonstrators had planned to shut chicago down if vandyke were not convicted instead they celebrate. everywhere across the country receive justice is happening the buck stops here. and we pray and we hope that this race in any charisma now only to the city of chicago but all cities across america. the verdict put the city police on notice
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that the residents or chicago will no longer simply accept police shootings of young black men john hendren al jazeera chicago. the nobel peace prize has been awarded this year to two people leading the fight against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war jonah hol has more from. at home they call him dr miracle denis mukwege again a congolese gun of color just who's helped countless women who've been subject to sexual violence as a weapon of war. belongs to the minority group among thousands of women and girls subjected to a systematic campaign of sexual violence i soon find is in two thousand and fourteen she's now an activist who speaks out for those women who can't or won't fuck eleven. he humiliated me every day he forced me to wear clothes that didn't
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cover my body i was tortured i tried to flee but one of the guards stopped me all those who commit crimes of human trafficking and genocide need to be brought to justice so that women and children can live in peace they are joint winners of the two thousand and eighteen nobel peace prize both laureates have made a crucial contribution to focusing attention on and combating such war crimes in its citation the committee described macweb is enduring dedicated and selfless efforts to end the use of mass rape as a weapon of war the more this prize is a big meaning that although it took time for the world to recognize us the world has started listening to women and not just listening to getting to know the problems that you face understanding our problems is not enough they must realize that when you commit a crime against anyone it's not right. both mourad and move quicker the committee
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said have endured personal risk and cost to combat war crimes and seek justice for victims in a year in which controversy has touched the nobel name itself both with rape allegations against a member of the swedish academy that gives up a literature prize and with calls for me on mars leader aung sang suu kyi to be stripped of her peace prize the two winners of the two thousand and eighteen nobel peace prize are likely to be considered anything but controversial. i asked the chairwoman of the nobel committee with a she and her four fellow committee members had decided this year to play it safe i asked to be believe that we make our decision on the mandate we have alfred nobel's will sometimes decisions are very controversial sometimes they are not but not comply herschel does not reduce game. the prize you know would them know. how to zero. voters in latin america's largest democracy go
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to the polls on sunday polls put the left is fernando a dad in second place behind his far right rival. a latin america editor lucien human has more from brazil's largest city. this son of lebanese immigrants to brazil could not be more different than the left wing legend whose place he is running for president of latin america's largest country less than a month ago former south america fed nanda her dad was leasing national was running mate a soft spoken academic by the side of the popular and charismatic former president but with lula now barred from running as he serves a twelve year sentence for corruption and dad has been forced to step into his shoes if he can. we have received a mission from president lula mission to look into the eyes of the people and remind them of the time when together we built
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a very different country. the dad was listened to cation minister and promises to return to the days when the workers' party implemented social programs that is didn't millions of brazilians from poverty that memory has helped transfer some of lula's popularity to had. especially on the industrial outskirts of sao paolo with the workers' party was born. to the p.t.s.d. part of the working class that gave us dignity before d.p. we had no access to credit cards we always took buses never an airplane. dice doesn't know much about had that only whom he represents. had dads because strength is also his biggest weakness he needs the support of these workers who are part of the hard core support base but that means he can't this isn't some self from a former president who millions of other brazilians identify with his country's worst
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ever a corruption scandal. that himself is under investigation for taking illegal campaign contributions in two thousand and twelve a charge he denies and although he's regarded as a moderate within his left wing party it's a hard sell. in the way i think a dog is no fool and would not be a toy in the hands of his mentor but right now he needs to stick to image to make it to the second round. but as his followers chant is had and had that is lula the unlikely candidate has little time to convince the undecided that he wouldn't be the puppet of an imprisoned former president you see in human i just saw. a city wide in gauge meant project involving singing is taking place in new york an elevated part known as the high line is the stage for a unique performance by the mile long opera group a thousand perform and sing about changes taking place in society. christine salumi
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has been that. the mile long opera consists of one thousand singers from all five boroughs of new york city and stretches through one of its newest and most popular parks. yeah called the high line it's built on what was formerly an elevated railroad track. the audience is invited to move between the clips and singers as you walk on the high line the different stories you hear were inspired by interviews with new yorkers from all walks. of. there's no musical accompaniment just the sounds of the street i really wanted to make music out of all these a thousand people singing their own individual stories and they sing them very quietly and if you walk by them you hear this kind of havens of all these things kind of colliding with each other and it sounds really beautiful and nice and at
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any moment when you're curious you can lean in close to one of the singers and hear what that individual story is and hear it a little better the land and. the performance is called the biography of seven o'clock up or be focusing on a time of day associated with change anyhow night coming changes. seven o'clock is that time of the day that one equates with stability and the whole i'm coming home to dad home and coming home to a dinner and this is very far from people's lives today but it's also this fantastic moment in the day where day turns into night where people change activities they go from work to something else. the city serves as both backdrop and protagonist by walking. in a performance that reflects a changing society in
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a neighborhood that's. literally been transformed by the park from a rundown industrial zone to a present day magnet for tourism an investment and now a very unique setting for an urban opera christian salumi al-jazeera new york. a spanish opera singer and months about by a has died at the age of eighty five she died in hospital in barcelona after being admitted last month by. the some years she's hannah jewett with the singer freddie mercury which propelled her on to the world's. toughest take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera indonesian authorities have issued new warnings about the possible outbreak of disease with rescue workers continuing to find more bodies and body parts in the rubble the official death toll from last
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week's earthquake and tsunami now stands at more than sixteen hundred president trump speak for the u.s. supreme court as narrative cleared a procedural vote in the senate a final vote on brett kavanaugh is confident confirmation is expected later today republicans say an f.b.i. investigation didn't find any evidence to support sexual misconduct allegations against him. police in france are investigating the disappearance of the president of interpol that sea international policing agency munk home way hasn't been seen or heard of since he flew home to china late last month he was china's vice minister of public security before he joined in the poll the twenty eighteen nobel peace prize has been awarded two years he the women's rights activists nadia morag and the congolese dr denis will quit again campaigns for the victims of sexual violence after spending three months as an eyesore sex slave mccuaig a runs
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a hospital in the democratic republic of congo dedicated to helping the victims of gang rape nadia merode sister says she couldn't be more proud of her for the. past the question and today we are very happy even if she were not my sister and this had been achieved by any it would still have raised our heads and made us happy any one of us receiving his prize is like shooting a bullet into the enemy's chest therefore today we have a very proud and pleased god willing she will always go forward and defeat the enemy we hope the rest of our women and girls who are still in the hands will be freed soon the u.s. secretary of state is in japan to discuss the prospects of a nuclear free north korea after meeting the japanese prime minister shinzo avi mike pompei is due to go to north korea for a second round of talks with kim jong on or
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a trip today those are the very latest headlines from us here about jazeera do stay with us because coming up next is the listening post. responding to criticism in foreign minister defends his government's tough policy on refugees you have three thousand five hundred fifty five refugees living in. taking out can you be a refugee after you while borders between five safe countries to zero. are still had over seven. very. controversial. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week round one of brazil's presidential election the outsider who's bypassing the mainstream media in favor of the social side and
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some of the stick that he's getting there when the trolling turns ugly and dangerous shocking stories from female reporters about the abuse and threats they get online a saudi arabian journalist living in exile visits the saudi consulate in istanbul he doesn't come out and donald trump accuses the chinese of election meddling in of all places des moines. here at the listening post when we've examined the media story in brazil we've focused on the conglomerates like global t.v. headquartered t.v. s.p.t. and the power that they wield this time as the country prepares to vote in the first round of presidential elections on sunday october seventh we're looking at social media that's because brazil is facebook's third largest market more than half of the population there is on whatsapp that's where brazil's far right presidential candidate both on audio has taken his political campaign balsall nado
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has been described by some as donald trump meets filipino president roderigo do tend to and like them he's. turned the mainstream media into its useful enemies both has a ten point lead in the polls in a country whose traditional parties have been stained by scandal a populist outsider has moved into the political vacuum our starting point this week is one of the primary battlegrounds in the selection the social media space in brazil. also not on one of the primary information tools affecting the some of his mobile phone. social media allows him to work without filters in brasil. but also they've
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done their mainstream media they don't think that what appears in the movies so. i was relying so much on social media is part of he said. i don't know what he's not a front runner by chance he's a candidate he's very strong who wants out plain social media people gets a lot of feeds not some videos from those who matter and it's no accident that he's leading in the polls. not only spent years in the national assembly as a fringe politician before becoming the leader of a relatively small party which he's taken to the right he's ex-military makes no secret of his admiration for the who into that ruled brazil from one thousand nine hundred eighty four to eighty five and he's running on a law and order to he goes into the first round of this election as the front runner consistently polling at over thirty percent. despite been the victim of
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a stabbing last month from which he says he's still recovering his critics called him homophobic the song. that's what happens when you equate film or sexuality with pedophilia so i thought it was thirty. eight and i thought that i can know or you go on camera and call a female political opponent unworthy of being raped. then there was the time he called for the sterilization of the poor in a country where more than fifty million live in poverty roadkill i think it was all of them was. both supporters are there don't find any of those things disqualified or they don't believe them when they're reported on mainstream news outlets because millions of them are getting their news straight from the can on whatsapp or from his supporters like douglas garcia the founder of the powerful
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a movement pushing balsall noddles agenda on social media. anything he publishes in social media gets amplified he was not the one to build the internet as a medium to propagate his political campaigns but it was the conservatives who found in the internet a medium to exchange information without putting their personal security in danger to disseminate the ideas that were so novel managed to integrate into his campaign is it will not be censored on social media unlike what happens on the mainstream where he has no voice. what is happening brazil is that social media it's. plain self outside the establishment and no matter how question they can easily of which there are supporters and they can counteract what is happening even though there is some information available their members of the scoops prefer to believe what their own candidates are what the people supporting their candidates are
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saying everything that goes against what they believe if it's mentioned it's fake news. brazilians aren't just on social media they are to an unusual degree involve the facebook numbers there are through the roof and when polled recently on whether they have used social media as a source of news over the previous week two out of three said yes that's more than twice as high as germany almost fifty percent higher than the us about one hundred twenty million brazilians more than one in two are on whatsapp news spreads quickly on whatsapp groups and since it's coming from friends family or the candidates themselves it's up close feels personal and it's twenty four seven a good couple of major t.v. is still important to brazilian but the flow of information about the election is much greater on what side t.v. is still watched in places where the internet is not so popular among the poorest
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segments of the population but the internet social networks and especially once sun have made the difference suffice for the fittings. and unfortunately a lot of it is misinformation a lot of noise ends up circulating people believe them because they're often from people close to them say family members you circulate these messages these video that is how it ends up becoming credible but it's a lie so not as political strategy is to spread fake he wanted to spread lies i mean she just. pinning the fake news charge on board so not all personally is difficult but there's no doubt that some of his supporters have been producing plenty of that kind of material in july facebook shut down almost three hundred pages and accounts run by a conservative political group known as m b l four as facebook put it hiding behind fake accounts misleading brazilians about the origin of the content and spreading
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misinformation fact checkers have been working overtime in this election but they are struggling to keep. up and have an impact many of them are scouring pro-ball so not all social media platforms for fake news and some of those platforms offer media watch services of their own focusing on the output of mainstream news outlets . chipping away at their credibility and in doing so defending the interests of their chosen can. i keep it was. rob and his team attack the traditional media and they use social media to say he's a victim of attacks from the left in a fascist racist homophobe they use it to say his critics exaggerate they use it to deny statements he's made and they also use it to spread fake news these lies have a devastating effect
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a lot of people believe this misinformation but not so up until four or five years ago there was more or less a belief that social media was. tool that was benefiting mostly left wing groups oppression i think. we have seen not only in the case of brazil but also in corrected in the united states how right wing groups particularly those in the fringe have successfully employed social media to present their ideas to form community and also to what they call is. one brazilians talk about the media establishment they're talking about global it's the biggest media company in latin america hugely influential and the bane of the brazilian left because it's conservative and has traditionally played the role of political king maker right wing candidates have always courted global. didn't
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bother knowing he was too far right for the networks taste and betting he didn't need it. indorse he hasn't taken part in any televised debates since last month's stabbing also not all says he can't doctor's orders not everyone believes that. the final debate of round one took place this past thursday three days before voting again. was a no show thereby showing he preferred not to appear on the debate and on globe of the most important one because he knows that he could make mistakes and expose himself to attack from his opponents especially given his controversial proposals. will just say just that in theory this stopping helped because he had a good reason not to participate in the debates look come on medical treatment but he tended to avoid them even before the attack. opiate of the shots so while his
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opponents were debating each other on global and he did an interview on a rival network which then revealed it was back before calling it a night though he spent a little time on facebook live talking to his supporters on the device that has driven his campaign change brazilian politics and the way it is covered this fall. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar with one of our producers not tarek this past week a prominent saudi journalist a dissident disappeared in stamboul give us the details behind the case for that journalist is jamal khashoggi a former newspaper editor and commentator who fled saudi arabia last year the fears for his safety he'd been banned from writing and tweeting by the saudi authorities and went into self exile in the u.s. here's what we know about his disappearance this past tuesday even though it's in
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the saudi confident in istanbul to take care of what should have been some routine paperwork his fiance was waiting for him outside the several hours later he'd get to re-image so she raised the alarm and called the police since then the consulate is issued a statement to the saudi state needs agency saying she left the building and that they are following up on media reports of his disappearance turkish government officials say they think he's been inside now give us an idea of what kind of things he's been writing about and where so much of her show she's work over the past year has been an english is a frequent contributor to the washington post and a critic of saudis powerful crown prince mohammed bin son met the crown prince is sold in itself as a reformer who's modernizing the kingdom in reality he's overseen a repressive campaigns to find its critics and potential challenges intellectuals journalists women's rights activists even princes in the rural fire.


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