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issue of the trump administration this whole hearing remembering as well that president trump got through a nother supreme court judge or search earlier so this will be the second of trump's picks for the supreme court which would significantly alter the nature of that supreme court certainly its political allegiance regardless of the fact that justices say they have no political bias we heard in britain kavanagh's a statement to the senate earlier that yes there is some political bias very clearly in this particular judge but one must also look as well for some sign of nonpartisanship within the senate and this is only one of that we have seen a republican senator break ground she will be voting she says she will oppose the nomination at least some of mccuskey however she says as well that she will not record a no vote when it happens she will record a prison for the reason for this is that another republican said don't senator is
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attending his daughter's wedding this afternoon so he may not be here for the vote so as a matter of courtesy she is going to in effect stand in for him even though she opposes the nomination very confusing some of the issues within the u.s. senate it really is a great deal making it all very clear for us mike many thanks for joining us there from washington d.c. . lucas is a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham and he joins us now via skype from birmingham scotty's surprised after all that's happened brett kavanaugh is still likely to be voted to the supreme court. no i'm not because the goal of the white house and of the g.o.p. leadership was to ram through this nomination before november's elections on most at all cost and even though that was delayed and should have been delayed because of the sexual assault allegations the white house and that leadership move to actually prevent any effect of investigation put pressure on any undecided senators
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and the decisive move was susan collins of maine who if i think she had opposed kavanah would have doomed the confirmation she either chose to believe or she gave way to the pressure and that means you will have a fifty one to forty nine vote today which will put him on as the ninth supreme court just do you think this whole issue is going to have any impact on the midterms and you think any republican votes as might punish that policy for the us i think it's bigger than the midterm elections i think you're going to see a decided shift in american politics in the next generation and here's why i say this whatever effect this has and four weeks time on the elections you know whether or not you get a boost in women who are upset by this decision so it favors the democrats whether republicans rally around the front administration but i think beyond brett kavanaugh even beyond the question of a partisan supreme court is this idea that women need to be heard that the issue of
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sexual violence needs to be understood and dealt with that the wall of shame the wall of fear cannot be maintained what we see the past couple weeks says in order to get kavanah through republicans and mainly the white elderly men on the judiciary committee affectively said to want to cues or christine bossy for we don't believe you. the other women who have raised allegations against kavanah were not even interviewed probably by the f.b.i. dozens of witnesses were not interview and i think while that gives you the short term victory at least for the republicans of getting cabin onto the court it does two things one is i think every decision he makes will be scrutinized to see in fact it's rather not a lot of them but more importantly i think women are one for political office i think women will rally and i think you're going to see a shift in american politics which is beyond democrats and republicans so that all
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men and all women deserve respect and don't need to be pushed to the side that deserve not to be pushed aside for the sake of party politics very interesting indeed scott licas thanks taking time to join us live from birmingham thank you. still ahead here on this closing human rights groups calling the saudi arabia to verify their case and of missing. you could be inside syria and a couple of steps here in iraq i'm some of the job aid and i'll tell you what the iraqi security forces with the help of the with the coalition are doing not just to man the border but also to boost in the local economy. and support when all day returns forgiven denying allegations of sexual assault called they have the latest . saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi has now been missing for four days he was
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last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on tuesday saudi arabia says it will allow tacky to search the compound after rights groups called on riyadh to verify his whereabouts. gave the go ahead saying saudi arabia has nothing to hide so shell has more from istanbul. there is a growing belief among some circles that she has actually been rendition kidnapped by the saudis and taken out of turkey glassy a renowned saudi opposition figure who's been in exile in london for many years he claims to have information of how the saudi authorities managed to kidnap and smuggle. out of turkey obviously until now there has been no independent verification of the whereabouts of turkish authorities have been tight lipped they haven't responded to crown prince mohammed bin laden man's offer. have the
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consulate searched it seems that they're trying to use some sort of back channels to find a solution to this crisis because whilst the raise concern right from the saw about the whereabouts of the well being there is also growing concern about the diplomatic fallout switch will happen as a result of that because up until now both ankara and riyadh have enjoyed good diplomatic relations finally there have also been caused by human rights watch and other human rights organizations to have questioned the release they put the onus on the saudis because ultimately the last place where he was seen was entering this how do you consider that is essentially to saudi territory albeit on turkish land and therefore the saudis it is up for that to them to confirm his well being and to release him and confirm his whereabouts as soon as possible. interpol is asking china's government if it knows where the presence of the and satele police agency is on the whole way hasn't been heard from since he flew home to china from france
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late last month so who is way well he was previously china's vice minister of public security is nomination to pull in twenty sixteen was criticized by rights groups over his china could use him to pursue dissidents abroad. work directly under joe young who was then one of china's top leaders but joe is now in prison after running foul of chinese president xi jinping is anti corruption campaign trying to correspondent brown has more from beijing. well so far china's government has said absolutely nothing about the disappearance of monk home way the first chinese citizen to become head of interpol state controlled media is so far not reporting this story either and any mention of his name on social media is being deleted that is i think a reflection of just how sensitive this cases but in hong kong the south china morning post newspaper which has connections to the chinese government has been
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offering more information it says sources have told them that mung was taken away after his plane landed in beijing it's believed he left france on september the twenty fifth and that he was taken away to an undisclosed destination and that he was now quote under investigation although it's not specified what he's being investigated for now before monk took up his position with interpol in two thousand and sixteen he had been a vice minister of the public security bureau that made him a very powerful man now some important context his boss had been a man who was jailed three years ago for corruption joe young man who'd been basically the j. edgar hoover of chinese politics the securities are of china and then in two thousand and sixteen another vice minister of public security was also jailed for
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corruption so there is a pattern emerging it is quite possible the monk found himself on the wrong side of the political divide in china at a time when president xi jinping is intensifying his anti corruption crackdown. protests have been organized across france and elsewhere in europe in support of a migrant rescue vessel the crew of the aquarius is trying to renew the ship's documentation last say off of panama revokes its registration last month credited with rescuing almost thousand people at least fifteen thousand migrants refugees have drowned whilst trying to cross the mediterranean in the past four years. when those protests in paris france russia was seeing people coming out from the streets a petition tell us what people there are saying. we see the protests behind me wearing orange hats to symbolize a life jacket and the equerries itself it's called is orange making yet to cool on
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europe while any country great to try and read. the aquarius that is most it's black it's white to be in the sea but we were only aquarius meeting the crew on friday in the port of mass and i can tell you those real sense of frustration amongst the people i spoke to work on the boat because they said they every hour and day that they all that they are on a boat to be out see helping people rescuing people you could be in peril in that said mediterranean area well joining me from one of the charities that wants to waste midgets i need is sophie route so you feed now the aquarius states registration was great stood by and of all animal withdrew that registration how do you feel are you the aquarius gets not one big cycle again obviously we cannot imagine that set up various won't be sailing again that's impossible for us so we
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announced a huge call to the european states few days ago asking them either to help us to convince and i'm not. we stroke parties flex states iowa to help us by provide. yes i'm not there let's take a look down one are not to want any flexi that would be up there use to go back to that central need to run which is his it's mission basically and which is absolutely necessary. when we're talking to some of the crew on the aquarius yesterday there was as i said that sense of frustration knowing that there are people every day trying to get boats across the mediterranean how important is it that the aquarius can do what it is be doing up to now obviously this is an essential i mean people keep trying to cross make its run in sea and obviously they keep telling us there are no or a few. ships you money's humanitarian ships working in the midst hirani and so
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he's obviously a really really necessary for us to come back because it's he's i will mission i'm recreating a space mystify me more than three years ago first to france and germany and then he turned into a long because we were supported by the soviets sites who is also. who also think it's a scandal that we cannot speak and that it's to run and to provide urgent assistance to these people who keep on trying to address the c n e t is not reasonable to believe that because we stop because we are nuts there anymore they would they will stop it is false the numbers can so it's all so and last year we had one for the people that are trying to plus two for us and now it's one on each eighteen people that's not us that's really not possible and this is why when really you reach that you and states you. are providing
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a whole system of assistance are at least i don't wish to continue our mission all right so if you're out from s.o.s. medicine i need thank you very much indeed and you heard it there a very strong message to european leaders any country really to try and support. the work that they heaped on it it dos it's humanitarian work it's not political work and they say if they are not to see nigeria people will simply die and you heard earlier as well thirty thousand people being rescued by to querulous in the past two years since it's been operating about five from paris thanks very much to . opposition leader has been jailed for ten days for alleged links to a housing scam and twenty fourteen treyf was arrested on friday in lahore and his attention means he'll not be able to campaign for his party by elections next week hundreds of activists from his practice on muslim league now was r.c. gathered in support outside the court is the brother of else a prime minster know why sharif who was released on bail last month as he appeals
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his conviction on corruption charges there is actually a state japan to discuss efforts to achieve a nuclear free north korea after meeting from inception. was due to go to north korea for a second round of talks with leader kim jong un the u.s. wants to progress on denuclearization which it says the north koreans agreed to when kim jong un and donald trump met in singapore this year. have been a number of high profile cases in the us in the last few years in which white police offices of salt and killed young black men on friday one of those cases saw the conviction of a white police officer in chicago john hendren report. right here it's the verdict that for weeks put an anxious and divided city on edge we've been hearing the band day and back guilty of second degree. a white chicago police officer jason van
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dyke was found guilty of the killing of a black teen a crime that carries a sentence of up to twenty years in prison then sixteen times ok but i've heard that there's more than one for each bullet he fired into a seventeen year old like juan mcdonald in two thousand and fourteen van dyke was convicted of aggravated battery with a firearm the teen was armed with a knife later found closed and shown walking away on police video it was vandyke who emptied the chamber the only officer to fire when video of the killing emerged a year later protesters filled the streets the trial featured cheery sometimes testy testimony from the first chicago police officer charged with murder in decades. his attorney mounted in impassioned argument and dropped that knife. he'd be here today but prosecutors argued that van dyke had planned to shoot before he got out of his car why mc donalds was never going to walk home that night.
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the defendant did i get that on the way to the seeing chicago which still bears some scars from the infamous one nine hundred sixty eight riots was prepared for an outcry the city's twelve thousand police officers were on alert many of them already deployed around the city as protesters began to gather at city hall officers had a one hundred fifty page contingency plan demonstrators had planned to shut chicago down a vandyke were not convicted instead they celebrate. everywhere across the concert recedes police injustice is happening the buck stops here chicago and we pray and we hope that this gives some inspiration encouraged me now only to the city of chicago but all cities across the mere. thought of the verdict put the city police on notice that the residents or chicago will no longer simply accept police
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shootings of young black men john hendren al-jazeera chicago. ok all weather now and has rob brittany's from central america which is suffering from some pretty destructive flooding is a dangerous time of year because the rains are coming so if the sun and in doing spin up cyclons and that's an interesting potential at the moment and a look at the satellite picture across central america now as a bit of a rock band of plans you can see us for much except behind me is that she her record in the specific rig knowing that and i and look at the bright white top there are two areas that may develop into tropical sockets. if you like any attempts and just this one that's just south actually south of honduras and this one here north of honduras much higher jobs but both are crossed as a thunderstorms of already produced a certain amount of rain in nicaragua just in the last twenty for us minor flooding but annoying flooding all the same you got up to sayit depths and those figures hundred seven to be the old thereabouts but a couple days before and this shows
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a potential was in pretty destructive flooding in costa rica haven't got the figures but it's going to be two hundred millimeters i would guess and of course it runs through soft tissue sort of red it easily eats away so the position then and we're talking about saturday now is this small potential of circulation but look at the dark green it's the rain will be the thing here not where winds are despite weather not least to develop the rain will continue and it's heading straight for this southern part of nicaragua and i suspect we've got another one or two hundred millimeters of rain to come and he saw what happened in costa rica or. well thanks very much so i had hair on al-jazeera. didn't i think that your. emotions run high end japan as a famous face market is forced to close down. new questions about media freedoms in hong kong as a well known down this is refused a work visa. and a small things got
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a little he says ahead of one of the biggest fights in history colby have the latest. were. i have almost my entire professional life to the dimension of trade figures corruption and what i've heard is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges a gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own shined a light on what we do and to have not shine
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a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to peace or war dot com. what you want is their hands reminder of our top stories this hour information government is considering calling off the search for victims of last week's earthquake and tsunami turning some of those areas into mass graves doctor's own slow ways the islands are issuing new warnings about the threat of disease as more decaying bodies are found in the rubble. is present donald trump's pick for the
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supreme court brett kavanaugh as narrowly clears a procedural vote in the senate. senators from washington d.c. voicing final testimonies for and against cavanagh's approval a final vote on his confirmation is expected in the coming hours. and it's paul is officially asked china's government for clarification on the status and well being of the president of the international police agency home way hasn't been heard from since he flew home to china from france late last month. more now on our top story the devastation in indonesia after last week's earthquake and tsunami and the first days of the aftermath aid agencies struggle to get food water and other supplies to the displaced now they've started reaching people under thomas as well from. around the city now i have to go through some most people who need it many thousands of people are still living out in the open air or in tents they're afraid
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to go back into damage times it's like that happens it's all because of the risk of optus jokes but they all get seen now plenty of drinking water plenty of bugs that food like rice and noodles here in the city yeah it has to offer is a different case when you go at some of the provinces there's been a big operation at the airport old ice saturday as there was friday trying to assess from the villages the health even if the villages themselves haven't been damaged counsel for mistakes he said they need supplies to come in now you talked about the search operation there's an acceptance here now not yet but by all the rescuers that we can see that they're no longer looking for survivors is no chance anybody still alive more than a week is a can see not be struck but they all still looking for bodies there at the shopping center in the center of town at the railroad hotel which was completely destroyed by the earthquake thirty three bodies will be taken out from there excitable number they bring out each day when the old one so far on saturday while we were there in a two hour period on friday yesterday they brought out three inaccurate alarms and
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that already was lower than the day because you can see how the number of bodies windley as they're digging into that rubble. even a rocks west an atom bomb dess as a struggling to rebuild their lives months off the defeats of i still says attacks in the area still continue sporadically which it's a lang rebuilding efforts on the return of many residents and reports on the iraqi syrian border. this road leads to the syrian capital damascus i hope i'm is the last iraqi town before entering syria and all to the last place where i see fighters were pushed out from. that's why security forces here keep an eye on who goes in and out with. the term is secured by dozens of checkpoints by. still there are small groups which pop up here and trying to disrupt security and stability of the town. just a third of all crimes quarter of a million residents remain because of security concerns and slow reconstruction
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said to much more commom to what we're wasting for basic services to be restored but so far nothing's happened we call on the authorities to speed up play work to bring us walks and electricity and in the everyone knows that we have no services we depend on private generators it cost ten dollars per ampere and we can't afford it most of us are unemployed and we can't find jobs. iraqi forces know their long term success after isis defeat depends on providing solutions in these remote towns and villages in. the people witness eyesores destruction atrocities that's why it's key to strengthen the relationship between the forces and locals and we admit that security forces sometimes have flaws but the ministry of defense intelligence and military establishment are closely monitoring whoever tries to do bad things and to create the relationship between us and the people the fear and lack of opportunities are shared across. the vast desert which was ruled by eisel and even
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in the greener pastures on the banks of the euphrates. these women told us that their relatives went missing in their isis and it's a struggle every day to put food on the table further upstream is the syrian end of the river euphrates very. still hold a few pockets the syrian democratic forces are not side and the iraqi security forces on this and have been able to clear almost all areas from isis but the question remains whether they'll be able to maintain the peace after winning the war. this meter fluctuates with the wind instead of electricity the biggest challenge here is rebuilding stripped underground cables and power generators for copper and brass now millions of dollars are required to restart just this substation which used to cater for three districts and nasi or me at this and people on a daily basis keep asking us how we have progress in restoring the power grid people are fed up from displacement and want to go back home they want incentives
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and hope this is only achieved by getting power back people in a time see electricity and water of life and they need it desperately in conversations their worries outweigh their hope but in the end they say hope is all they can hold on to osama bin. time on the iraq syria border. hong kong's immigration authorities have refused to renew the visa of a prominent foreign journalist raising concerns of a club press freedom assistance being linked to an event the journalists host said involving an independence activist in august there were paul and has been the immigration department where people are demanding answers i tell my family i'm not going to jail here and many are calling it a revenge tactic victor mallet asked vice president of the foreign correspondent club had defied the beijing government and the hong kong government's objections and refused to cancel an event involving an independence activists are now so you said the political party funded by that independence activist has been banned under
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national security grounds that's the first time that's ever happened and just weeks later when mallett went to renew his work visa wright was rejected here trying to encourage over the past few years to process of just deterioration of freedom has been exaggerated and it is one reason us and we should. international community of a home grown people always very angry about the section but we still feel pressed they are working here with freedom and they should be respect the. true story the protesters are calling this a disgrace they say the journalist is being punished for not toeing the government line going now this is an alarming development particularly for the media community on kong has always been a base for foreign journalists where they can operate without restrictions and the visa regime here has always been seen as transparent and fair and the financial times the amount of work says this is the first time they've encountered such
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a problem with i believe a lot of heat from home people like me who was born and raised in a home had never thought that one day international media would be expelled from hong kong like that we believe that such things would only happen in china hong kong has semi autonomous status and enjoys for. adams not seen across the border in mainland china but since landmark twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the chinese government and hong kong's government have made our president and moves to limit political activity and freedom of expression raising fears that it's just a matter of time before hong kong becomes just like any other city in china. chris chang is as her director at hong kong free press that's a nonprofit online newspaper he says the case sets a dangerous precedent on press freedom in the region it was a very first time at least for the reason moment that we heard of a journalist being not able to use these it renewed in hong kong there were cases
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of people who were not able to get into but never the case of a journalist who has been in hong kong being more or less expose from. being main point of this is that during the talk and therefore before to talk the activist party was completely beyond. the talk so what's legal what whatever mr bout mullet what's legal so that the government has to explain why it's still legal for not renewing this is but the government has said it will not usually not comment on individual cases so we will probably never have been official on what was the reason at least fifty people i think held in the democratic republic of congo after a tanker truck crashed into another vehicle it happened near the town of cause sun so in central congo province it was placed several other people burned and there's
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considerable damage at the scene of the fire. third as in last in america's largest democracy are we headed to the polls on sunday as on the most divisive elections in brazil since the end of the military dictatorship three decades ago polls put leftists fernanda had second off as far right rival jabil solara or less america has more from sao paolo or. this son of lebanese immigrants to brazil could not be more different than the left wing legend whose place he is running for president of latin america's largest country less than a month ago former south america fed nanda her dad was leasing national as running mate a soft spoken academic by the side of the popular in charismatic former president but with lula now barred from running as he serves a twelve year sentence for corruption and dad has been forced to step into his shoes if he can. we have received a mission from president lula mission to look into the eyes of the people and
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remind them of the time when together we built a very different country. dad was listened to cation minister and promises to return to the days when the workers' party implemented social programs it was didn't millions of brazilians from poverty that memory has helped transfer some of the popularity to had. especially on the industrial outskirts of sao paolo with the workers' party was born because. of the working class that gave us dignity before dipping we had no access to credit cards we always took buses never an airplane. dice doesn't know much about had that only whom he represents. had dads because strength is also his biggest weakness he needs the support of these workers who are part of the hard core support base but that means he can't this in some self from
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a former president who are millions of other brazilians identify with his country's worst ever a corruption scandal. that himself is under investigation for taking illegal campaign contributions in two thousand and twelve a charge he denies and although he's regarded as a moderate within his left wing party it's a hard sell. i think no fooling would not be a toy in the hands of his mentor but right now he needs to stick to image to make it to the second round. but as his followers chant lula is had and had this lula the unlikely candidate has little time to convince the undecided that he wouldn't be the puppet of an imprisoned former president. at least twenty three endangered lions have died in the past three weeks in a national park in western india conservationists say in fighting
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a rare virus with the main causes for the deaths india's government is being to take immediate steps to save the remaining animals thirty of the last remaining five hundred lions are in isolation undergoing tests to bands famous fish markets close its doors off of all the eighty years supplying take his color world more than twenty million dollars of fish is bought and sold some of it of i will turn prices every day a new side will open in a week but as maria one hundred pours many of the fishmongers believe it is contaminated inconvenient and unsafe. to kids the market where a single tuna can sell for more than a million dollars this ritual has played out here for more than eighty years wholesale it shifts the onus of japan's top sushi restaurant carefully inspecting bluefin tuna using techniques hund over many years.


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