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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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a lock in the votes of the vice president mike pence will have the accosting vote within the senate so it does appear that this confirmation is going to go ahead but certainly the damage that it has done to the country and the impact that it will have on the midterm elections will think will have to be seen briefly mike if he is confirmed as we expect then what he's on the supreme court bench. is it the end of the saga after that well no it could just be the beginning of another round of saga remembering that he is the second justice to be nominated to the bench by the trumpet ministration such have been being nominated earlier but what we will see as i said a massive impact on the midterm elections voters likely to be galvanized by the partisan nature of this debate what one might see as well is post those mid-term elections should the democrats get a majority in congress then there is likely or there is the possibility of the
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house of representatives taking some kind of action reopening the investigation into britt kavanagh so certainly this is not something that is going to go ahead go away with this nomination thank you for that mike hanna live for us on capitol hill let's now go over to gaven elizondo has outside the u.s. supreme court where there are protests underway gave it seems again spread kavanagh's a nomination and confirmation tell us about what's been happening. yeah there are protests there are well over a thousand people outside the supreme court here in washington d.c. right now the vast majority if not all of them want their voices heard they are all against brett kavanaugh and they're here to have their voices heard despite the fact that it appears that this is a foregone conclusion now based on what we've heard from the senate yesterday that he will be confirmed to the supreme court lots of protesters here and i want to bring in three of them right now come on in ladies this is kelly moore and victoria
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you're all of college students from california but you're studying here in washington for a semester thanks for joining us first kelly tell me why are you here today you know what we woke up this morning and we said we cannot not be here this is such a big moment for women especially victims of sexual assault we want to stand in solidarity with women and also you know there's power in numbers that power in groups and also the supreme court it's so much bigger than women it affects people of color as women of color it's like it affects our friends our family like it's important for us to be here it is you see a lot of people here over a thousand people here as well and a more a hanes let me ask you why does the supreme court matter so much for you the supreme court is so important critical in all of our life's they make decisions that impact our personal lives our futures are for our children it's critical to understand that this is not just
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a political party issue this is not liberal versus conservative this is an issue of civil and human rights democracy is at stake in our voices deserve to be heard and it's a lifetime appointment kavanagh's on the going to be on the supreme court for a lifetime appointment so that's why it's important to i would assume because it's not just four years eight years and it's forty years that will be all of our lives our children's lives impacted if all lives are supposed to matter so much and let's act like it for victoria i want to ask you it looks like. kavanaugh will be confirmed if the vote happens as we expect it to happen in a few hours what's next for you guys in your opposition to cavanagh i think a lot of this man's holiday is that we might be winning this battle by another round on the track of this long war i think now because of this you're going to see some of my resistance from young people like us who are going to turn out to vote her registering thousands of voters to vote on our college campuses who are joining their clubs at a local democratic organizations and what's next is getting more civically engaged
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getting our friends to vote getting them interested in the issues and you know we're actually making a change one got a lot of time as thank you very much for joining it we appreciate it thank you so much there you heard it just heard from three young college students all here among the more than a one thousand people all protesting want their voices heard the vote isn't expected for another few hours but they say they'll be out here all day and perhaps even into the early evening if necessary gabriel is on tonight for us outside the u.s. supreme court in washington thank you now if you've missed any of the twists and turns of what's been the most divisive u.s. confirmation hearing in years is a good refresher on our website the cavanagh controversy how we got here and what happens next also on a discussion program inside story has been looking at the impact of the contentious nomination and what it back effect it could have on the upcoming midterm elections that's on our website at al-jazeera dot com and we're getting quite
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a few comments on this story and not have you divided on this as has been the case in the u.s. a one comment here from what's on cavanaugh from a viewer who says while i do not agree with sexual violence on any level i don't think it's fair to judge a man based on what he did when he was a boy and now the comment from victoria who says i'm concerned that him being a judge will allow people to think that it's ok to lie in court off in a court and that justice is not based on truth that's what i'm going to. and about to victoria says how will all it's be respected anyway thank you very much for your comments you can keep them coming on this and other stories we're covering on the news great all the different ways to get in touch with us. on your screen right now don't forget to use the hashtag news great let's head to brazil now and we are less than twenty four hours away from one of the most consequential elections in recent times in brazil one hundred forty seven million voters i expected to head to the polls to elect their state governors and
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a new president all eyes on the presidential race however five candidates hold the best chance in a vote that's been described as the most unpredictable in decades the controversial far right candidate is in the lead according to opinion polls and this is despite not having campaigned in the last few weeks after he survived an assassination attempt trailing him is the former mayor fernando had he was picked by the workers' party after their main candidate former president lula da silva was brought from running because he is serving time in jail for corruption also from the left is a democratic labor party's ciro gomes is an experienced politician and a law professor and then there is geraldo mean who is running on a platform of privatization and social program cuts finally this former environment minister marina silva the sustainability network's candidate is a strong voice on green issues let's go live to our correspondent there is a bow who is in south palo the stronghold of the workers party candidate for nanda
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had to reset tell us about the mood in her dad stronghold ahead of sunday's vote. well the state of how low is a place where the workers' party you were last party and from now on the law that's party that's the place where it was born but when you start talking to people more and more of them say that they will vote for most or not as something that seems to be happening all around the punter latest polls show but not always expected to win in around fifteen states and for them and why that is expected to win in seven states and this is something that has forced that to travel to the northeast to buy in order to try to convince those who used to follow the law to vote for him wolf for now those votes have also been increasing in northeastern brazil that is the stronghold the real stronghold of the workers' party and when you talk to people here those who voted for you in the past they say they're afraid of the possibility
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that a person like the eatables and i don't could make it to power they say that he's a person who is a racist who is not in my or of brazil's former dictatorship and they're afraid that they could lose many of the benefits that they won while i was in power fernando had to resign i was forced to step into luna's shoes rather quickly it took a while for the workers spondee to decide whether or not i was going to run or not has he been able to inherit soon as popularity. while he has obviously had very little time and this comes again and some say that in the very beginning the strategy of the workers' party succeeded and in a way trends fairing nor does votes to him but that did not last in the long run mostly because from the very beginning the strategy of the workers' party has been to say that voting for have died is like voting for you and that is something that
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works in some part of the country but it doesn't work everywhere there's lots of people angry in this country with what happened during the governmental with a car wash. russian investigation with dozens and hundreds of people in jail because of it and that's why many are saying that they won't vote for the workers' party the other problem that happened is that the left of the center left is divided with with a mighty and also with us since dilma rousseff was removed from office. since she was removed from office there's been a vacuum in brazilian politics this vacuum has been filled by you towards her now too. four years ago. a punk isman from an obscure ultra right wing party was considered anything but a presidential contender but a long running political and economic crisis in brazil has transformed him from an
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eccentric into a potential savior for millions of brazilians tired of crime corruption and liberal views no you don't reduce violence with flowers to be clear weapons don't cause war and flowers don't guarantee peace. the views of bullets are not a former army captain they can stand out from the rest he had buyers brazils and chillies former dictatorships condones torture and supports arming ordinary citizens he proposes obligatory birth control for poor people whose offspring he thinks wouldn't make good citizens i think that he walks on a very thin line of fascism because even though even though he's not outspoken fascists he does mobilize fascist sentiments in the brazilian society. the sonata says gays should be beaten into turning straight and that most women deserve lower salaries than men and should stay home to care for their children. but bulls
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are not all has tapped into the fears and frustrations of brazilians and anti-globalization anti establishment stance no one like donald trump or the philippines rodrigo do that they his supporters joyfully mimic both or not as favorite gestures gesture with the gesture of combat against the criminals and corruption that has our country in tatters. but books are not as strong as support comes from here. missiles large and influential christian evangelical churches they transcend racial and social lines and echo his belief that fundamental christian values are under attack especially from left wing parties even though she doesn't like his sexist views. says childe vote for. me and my main reason is because the family values the values of procreation between men and women because we are losing those values and as elsewhere here in the slums of rio de janeiro
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also matter how to show no mercy against crime has won him applause murder rates here in brazil have reached record levels for so many that we don't mind when he says things like the only good criminal is a dead criminal nor are they frightened when he promises to put members of the military in his cabinet. his running mate is in fact a retired general who does not rule out military intervention if necessary and yet nothing including a near fatal assassination attempt that hasn't allowed him to campaign for almost a month can seem to diminish wilson out his lead in the race to become brazil's next president c. in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro. one is now speak to my son toro he's a professor of political science at the state university of rio de janeiro and he's via skype from rio thank you very much for being with us so jay of course tomorrow is the candidate who has massaging istic fuse he's made racist homophobic comments was that thousands of brazilian women on the streets protesting against him quite
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a controversial figure and yet some polls predict he could win the election in the first round how do you explain this. what's happening in brazil bozo now is the result of five years of deep political and economic crisis in this country people are very angry with the stablish mantra of the traditional political parties because of the corruption scale those because of the recession we are facing the worst economic crisis in thirty years many people are unemployed and they are afraid they're not going to find a job anymore they are afraid of the future and there's also the issues concerning crime and public security and most of our became the symbol of this feelings of anger with for all these bad things although he is of course inciting a hating citing violence and this is creating a very serious threat to the brazilian democracy so brazilians. have
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a dissolutions against the politicians you think they're suffering from the same thing that america suffered in twenty six thing exactly there are lots of things in common in with brazil and united states in two thousand and sixteen with the election of trump but when i was not around he's a worse version with much less commitment to democracy and he's turning back to the ghosts of the military dictatorships in latin america which is something that we are not able to overcome and you know so it's we're really talking about a frat to the graphic state in brazil one another at an american congress did you think the assassination attempt against him helped him did it boost his popularity . i think that at the end of the the justice initially didn't create so much change in the company perhaps it did helping him a little bit but not not merged in the general brand was very clear before and
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after in the trend was the rise of abortion and he's gaining lots of all because the traditional liberal and conservative parties are not attracting voters anymore and they are basically choosing bush for now because they fear the return of the left so there is this very important core of the rejection of the left of the workers parties. is getting so many people to the most american that it became one of the main reasons of this rise of the far right in brazil thank you very much for sharing your views with us santoro thank you for your insight and marcy center is a professor of political science at the university of rio de janeiro brazil is upcoming election has also been plagued by fake news and widespread this information rail is here to tell us more about that that's right following a social media like for he says has been huge in this year's election especially for jaya porson r.-o. who was confined to a hospital bed for a chunk of the campaign season has been extremely active on twitter and facebook
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posting videos about issues and messages from supporters and fernando had done social media pages are also active he posts every few hours but in brazil the platform that really matters is whatsapp more than half of the country use it with thirty five percent relying on whatsapp for news and that makes people very susceptible to misinformation. we are combating the heavy weight lifting news and lies on the internet today alone we have seen more than fifteen thousand pieces for example many brazilians said this picture on whatsapp when former president lula the silver was still running in the election the caption says that his son owns this plane a sign of the family's luxurious lifestyle but in fact is actually fake news a watchdog group called come program approved of the plan that the plane is and always has been us and that's just one of the many examples
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a comparable is doing to debug news at the moment the group says fake news runs wild the jury in the electoral season and says voters should be skeptical about what they read is team of journalists work to verify a story spread on whatsapp and then they publish the results on social media and many other fact checking groups have also cropped up in brazil like a toss social team a spoke to one of the journalists. only to say phone. but fellow provide. sexton fowles now us let us even created this bots called the team out which is a fact checking machine that helps you catch fake news online so you can follow it at for team of bots and if you do that us know about your experience or if you know any other examples of deep bunking groups is the hash tag aging is great thank you very much raina and more on the role of social media in brazil's election campaign
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in this episode of the listening post it looks like it looks at how social media has driven the campaign and how like donald trump bolton has turned the mainstream media into his useful enemies and if you get a chance also check out some of his most controversial tweets what i considered his ten most outrageous quotes have been comprised on this page including this one pinochet should have killed more people and also if i am president i will leave the un. if you're watching us on facebook live a bonus story from a social team about a controversial slum hotel in india and still ahead on the news great protesters demand answers over the expulsion of a prominent journalists from hong kong. thought of a new clampdown on press freedom to stay with us.
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out of the shadows a developer of the southern caspian had been pretty big recently i'm pretty sure i've been flash flooding around the higher ground this part of iran as a whole mass is moving slowly northeast was change of season really than the forecast the line of greatness which suggests clyde a potentially showers even to the south and lying back through iraq bitterly to say the reliable there but the occasional showers possible certainly has been disturbance in the eastern med recently the low temperatures are slowly coming down the chance of rain is still low but the no longer impossible to the south of that though it is a dry picture of the arabian peninsula for the next day or two it should be draws no preventing breeze are other humans not overly high but coming up from the arabian sea quads possibly this will be a cycle in developing there for incoming cat eventually rain not into tuesday most likely in solar after it's all gone quiet again satellite doesn't reveal very much in the way of anything coming out of the sky either
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a few showers still in north and maybe just touching something madagascar forecast wise well it's a thirty one in botswana twenty six in cape time so it's warm but it's also dry the not the picture you want to see at least in cape town. we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this.
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nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and to of not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com. i am. i am.
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the head i am looking at on our website at www dot com and not surprisingly common law and the contentious confirmation of president tom supreme court nominee at number one also trending the search and rescue operations in indonesia which continue a week after the earthquake and tsunami that struck. and the devastated areas may be mass graves at number three china tight lipped on interpol's chiefs disappearance and we have more on that story right now for you on. china's civil liberties and human rights are once again under the spotlight into paul. to clarify the web and wellbeing of its chief men home way family in france say they haven't
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heard from him since he flew to china last month french police already investigating his disappearance mang is a former chinese vice minister of public security a china correspondent edgin brown has more from beijing. well so far china's government has said absolutely nothing about the disappearance of monk home way the first chinese citizen to become head of interpol state controlled media is so far not reporting this story either and any mention of his name on social media is being deleted that is i think a reflection of just how sensitive this cases but in hong kong the south china morning post newspaper which has connections to the chinese government has been offering more information it says sources have told them that mung was taken away after his plane landed in beijing it's believed he left france on september the
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twenty fifth and that he was taken away to an undisclosed destination and that he was now quote under investigation although it's not specified what he's being investigated for now before monk took up his position with interpol in two thousand and sixteen he had been a vice minister of the public security bureau that made him a very powerful man now some important context his boss had been a man who was jailed three years ago for corruption joe young had been basically the j. edgar hoover of chinese politics the securities are of china and then in two thousand and sixteen another vice minister of public security was also jailed for corruption so there is a pattern emerging it is quite possible the monk found himself on the wrong side of the political divide in china at a time when president xi jinping is intensifying his anti corruption crackdown
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adrian brown in beijing there and in hong kong a special administrative region of china the immigration department has refused to renew the visa of a prominent foreign journalist raising concerns of a clampdown on press freedom the decision is being linked to an event that journalists hosted involving a pro independence activist in august to get a palin has been to the immigration department where people are demanding ounces. ok i don't want to. go to jail very many are calling it a revenge tactic victor mallett asked vice president of the foreign correspondent club had defied the beijing government to ban the hong kong government's objections and refused to cancel an event involving an independence activists or not so he said the political party funded by that independence activist has been banned under national security grounds that's the first time that's ever happened and just weeks later when mallett went to renew his work visa right it was rejected here trying to encourage over the past few years the process of just deterioration of freedom has
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been excessive rate and it is one reason us and we should. do international community of a homegrown people always very angry on both the section but we still feel pressed they are working with freedom and they should be respect the. what used to story the protesters are calling this a disgrace they say the journalist has been punished for not showing the government lying boy was now this is an alarming development particularly for the media community on kong has always been a base for foreign journalists where they can operate without restrictions and the reason regime here has always been seen as transparent and fair for the financial times the amount of work says this is the first time they've encountered such a problem it was not believed a lot of here home people like me who was born and raised in hong had never thought that one day the international media would be expelled from hong kong like that we believe that such things would only happen in china hong kong has semi autonomous
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status and enjoys freedoms not seen across the border in mainland china but since landmark twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests the chinese government and hong kong governments have made on precedented moves to limits political activity and freedom of expression raising fears that it's just a matter of time before hong kong becomes just like any other city in china. a christian is the editorial director of hong kong free press which is a nonprofit online news source he says the case sets a dangerous precedent on press freedom in the region. it was very first time this full reason moment that we heard of a journalist being not able to have his visa renewed in hong kong there were cases of people who were not able to get into court but never the case of a journalist who has been in hong kong being more or less expose from. being main
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cone of this is during to talk and for a while before to talk the activists policy was completely legal the talk is so what's legal whatever mr about mullet what's the go so that the government has to explain what is the legal grounds for not renewing this is but the government has said it will not usually not comment on individual cases so we will probably never have an official answer what was the reason now a lot has been said about human rights and civil liberties in china a different perspective in this opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com salvatore a bonus a specialist in global economic structure argues that while china may not be democratic it is increasingly free he says that freedom of press no choice of everyday activities the freedom to move may not equate to gold standard freedoms like the freedom to advocate the overthrow of the government but they're probably felt and appreciated by vast numbers of people an interesting perspective read it on our
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website at al-jazeera dot com. now we often talk about the dangerous effects of climate change droughts wildfires and rising sea levels but what about the human impact has been looking at how climate change is affecting everyday life in bangladesh that's right for the millions of children around the world are struggling to go to school because of financial reasons or war in their backyards in bangladesh climate change is the culprit once in rains have become increasingly unpredictable himalayan places in the north are melting and river banks are eroding taking away land that people depend on the telephone bill area near the pub more river has been hit particularly hard to come in around one posing five hundred families have lost their homes because of river road among them at least twenty percent left the village for good. now up to five metres of riverbank can
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disappear in a single day that's according to government workers there already more than nine thousand people have been displaced in just five years and the un warns twenty million people in bangladesh could be made climate refugees by the end of the century now intel unveiled the floods can be so bad the children can't make it to school so students at the university of dhaka came up with a solution this school the playground and also the sliwa are all on a boat. if the children come and go to school or for lack of transportation the school food cool to them and that's. by design the school library trainings and. the kids don't have to worry about being absent from school even if there's flooding many local schools get inundated floods but this is a continuous school and it goes on around the year. while today there are more than twenty floating schools in the area and at nights they used to teach adults about
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new farming techniques to survive the changing climate and this is all part of a broader effort in bangladesh to deal with climate change the government has already invested in more than four hundred million dollars in two flood embankments floating farm technology and also water purification stations so if you are currently in bangladesh and know of an innovative project to solve environmental issues get in touch with us is the hashtag aging is great or you can to simply message me directly or him a helmet ali thank you very much for that time now to take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour at least fifty people have been killed in the democratic republic of congo after a tanker truck crashed into another vehicle it happens near the town of santo in the central congo province police say at least one hundred people have burn injuries and there is considerable damage at the scene of the fire turkish prosecutors are widening their investigation into the disappearance of a saudi veteran journalist. was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul
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on tuesday sounds arabia says it will allow turkey to search the compound after wives groups called on react to verify his whereabouts found prince mohammed bin salman gave the go ahead saying saudi arabia has nothing to hide. people in iraq's western anbar desert are struggling to rebuild their lives months not a defeat of eisel the army says attacks in the area still continue which is delaying rebuilding efforts and the return of many residents al-jazeera is a sum of been jetted reports from time on the rocky syria border this road leads to the syrian capital damascus all time is the last iraqi town before entering syria and also the last place where i see fighters were pushed out from. that's why security forces here keep an eye on who goes in and out with. the term is secured by dozens of checkpoints by. still there are small groups which pop up here and
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try to disrupt security and stability of the town. just a third of all crimes quarter of a million residents remain because of security concerns and slow reconstruction said mark to market money to what we're wasting for basic services to be restored but so far nothing's happened we call on the authorities to speed up play work to bring us water and electricity and everyone knows that we have no services we depend on private generators it cost ten dollars per ampere and we can't afford it most of us are unemployed and we can't find jobs. iraqi forces know their long term success after isis defeat depends on providing solutions in these remote towns and villages in. the people witnessed i suppose destruction in atrocities that's why it's key to strengthen the relationship between the forces and locals we have with the security forces sometimes have flaws but the ministry of defense intelligence and military establishment a closely monitoring whoever tries to do bad things and to create the relationship
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between us and the people. the fear and lack of opportunities are shared across. the vast desert which was ruled by eisel and even in the greener pastures on the banks of the euphrates. these women told us that their relatives went missing in the rice will and it's a struggle every day to put food on the table further upstream is the syrian end of the river euphrates very. still hold a few pockets the syrian democratic forces are not side and the iraqi security forces on this and have been able to clear almost all areas from isis but the question remains whether they'll be able to maintain the peace after winning the war. this meter fluctuates with the wind instead of electricity the biggest challenge here is rebuilding isolate stripped underground cables and power generators for copper and brass know millions of dollars are required to restart just this substation which used to cater for three districts a nice your me at this and people on a daily basis keep asking us how we have progress in restoring the power grid
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people are fed up from displacement and want to go back home they want incentives and hope this is only achieved by getting power back people in a time see electricity and water of life and they need it desperately in conversations their worries outweigh their hope but in the end they say hope is all they can hold on to osama bin job it all does era and time on the iraq syria border pakistan's opposition leadership has been jailed for ten days for alleged links to a housing scam in twenty fourteen sharif was arrested on friday in lahore and his detention means he will not be able to campaign for his party ahead of by elections next week hundreds of activists from his pakistan muslim league now osprey gather in support outside the court he is a brother of all said prime minister now washer before was sentenced this year to ten years in prison for corruption. u.s. secretary of state mike compare is touring east asia as he seeks support to move
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forward on denuclearization in north korea his in japan to coordinate strategy with the prime minister shinzo abi compare with then visit north korea for his second meeting with leader kim jong un came and u.s. present donald trump agreed to denuclearize the korean peninsula at a summit in june but there's still no plan to put that into action now as president secretary of state tours asia his wife first lady malani a trump has arrived in egypt it's her last op on her maiden tour of africa which has attracted a lot of attention online but he is back with us what are people saying about this story well first of all folly is flotus in africa twenty eighteen which is the main hash tag we're seeing online and it's melania trump first solo trip overseas she landed in ghana on tuesday then travel to malawi kenya and then finally to egypt the trip as part of her the best campaign which aims to highlight u.s. programs on women's and children's health but there's a soft diplomacy at play here too aiming to put her in the global spotlight and
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draw attention away from criticism of her husband's policies. but the first lady's trip did not come without controversy she raised some eyebrows when she wore all this pith haft on safari at nairobi's national park a fashion choice in kenya is being seen as a big bear on the global stage of the helmets came about in the late nineteenth century and was mainly worn by british offices in africa and in india it's seen as a symbol of oppression and also colonial rule. now it's unclear if mondale was aware of this meaning but many online are talking about whether she may have missed the mark here using the hash tag flotus in africa bingo now polina tweets her directly saying this doesn't sit well with us africans who advised you that you have kim who says milan you're wearing a pink helmets on her trip to africa is more than a silly story choice it's a reflection of her outdated understanding of africa now president trump has come
12:38 am
out in support of his wife saying alon is doing really well in africa the people love her and she loves them and it's a beautiful thing to see but trump and self has also been criticized for comments he's made in the pos related to africa from insults to mispronounce ations of the country's name to be joined by the leaders of go too far if yo gonna beauty. nigeria syria go uganda and south africa them beers health system is increasingly self-sufficient and it seems that milan his trip to the constant may have just brought back the same issues to the forefront now in egypt's manana told reporters that she wishes people would focus on what she does and not what she wears it's not the first time though that she's been criticized for her attire she got a lot of attention when she will this jacket that says i really don't care do you
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and this is when she was visiting a detention camp in texas when hundreds of immigrant children were separated from their parents at the us mexico border. well what do you think does it matter what the first lady was let us know use the hash tag eighteen is great thank you very much we're here you're watching us on facebook live another bonus story this time about the special techniques iraqi teachers are using to help children deal with trauma and in sports is a furphy fight we'll tell you how wrestling baz as a nine year old helped one man secure one of the biggest fights ever in las vegas.
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or since. on counting the cost this week why people in brazil feel that the next president can save the economy and what that means for the rest of latin america and drugs
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above me why the world's big drug companies charge such high prices for their prescription pharmaceuticals counting the cost on al-jazeera. i jones here now with the sports and we're counting down to that huge sea title fight that's right yes we're just hours away from qana mcgregor's stepping back into the octagon for the first time in two years as he takes on habib known my comment of in las vegas by fighters made white on friday mcgregor is a former two weight champion but he's the challenger for this one so he stepped on to the scales first and he came in comfortably inside the seventy point three kilos limit. and then it was have the lightweight champion has struggled to make white in
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the past but he hit the limit exactly and that means the fight is now official. they nearly started fighting on stage during the faceoff but their own managed to keep them apart so it's set to be the most watched mixed martial arts fight in history with a predicted three million pay per view subscribers. i want to say thank you oh irish plains you know a place around the world because of you guys these writers have been don't let us know you love the how your made you know a to do thirty five hundred was. because he was of course plenty of celebrities a following this fight rapper drake showing his feelings for mcgregor as he dragged himself in an irish fight for the way in alongside the fighter
12:43 am
a boxer floyd mayweather jr her beat mcgregor in the ring has won her baby but mcgregor is a warrior and white backed down a rugby player and boxer sonny bill williams is in the camp though in show you think tori s my brother but what better indorsement is that than one from the king of self-confidence football a lot on it remove it. i think i think i'll be ruined because if you cared sure it doesn't lead to a loss you will make yourself heard in the ring and and you don't only suffering makes you give up in a way that looks very bad but the thing you're going are one story in here have two rounds on to it to knock him out into the knock him out it's over for me u.f.c. fighter dan hardy is covering the fight as a journalist in fake as he told us that there is genuine dislike between the fighters. i just wanted some people want to narratives they want to store it it's
12:44 am
a get i'm going to board with i'm just following today then. very difficult to go forward when it's just you know to fight to shake hands and be nice to each other and i'm going to show up on the night with this kind of engagement you know to us they've got to make the most of it as a promotional team at the end of the day and we always forget they're only here it's about these fights about what they do and when you've got something as valuable as that you've got to you've got to create a narrative around these events and let people know these real drama between these guys and they genuinely don't like each other and that's going to feed into the fire. also the pre-fight attention has been focused on mcgregor but what do we actually know about babe when he started fighting early with some unusual training methods this is him wrestling a bad cub as a nine year old back home in the north caucasus republican darkest on. no one has one of the greatest wrestlers and u.f.c. and this might help explain why i have i was born in the mountain village of sylvie in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the region was played by fighting off the collapse of the soviet union but his father set up a gym in the ground floor of the house and put have been his older brother on
12:45 am
a strict training regime including that but today all over dagestan people consider habib a legend and are backing him to beat mcgregor. crimea is no. of course i'm always for could be he's like a home person for us i'm now waiting for the american battle. if copied lucis i will have to cry for our country. probably organisers earlier i personally think that could be able to remap but mcgregor is also strong he has been performing for many years the fight will of course be interesting movie zero. here at school i tell the children they need the english language. it was useful to have even in battle you need english but i do love you still. be there with this victory we will also make a gift from ourselves we will call the school in order of happy but after all he is such a famous person and the school at the moment is simply called general education the
12:46 am
school we have to name it in his honor or ok to worry about with more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now it's back to folly thank you very much john about it for today's show remember to keep in touch with us on social media old times hashtag a.j. break from me twenty back to one whole team thank you for watching and we'll see you back here at city of fourteen or fifteen g.m.t. tomorrow. she's seven years old she's kind she's cool and dad is the best friend. to ghana codd to make their dreams come true is.
12:47 am
viewfinder kicks off its asia series with china's little rock star. at this time on al-jazeera. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail.
12:48 am
or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the on the events that helped fuel the violence of his far. from lust for libya on a zero three. the death toll from indonesia's of quake rises to more than sixteen hundred we report from a district where mud swallowed up whole villages. a low i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up.
12:49 am
protesters converge on washington where president trump supremum court nominee is expected to be confirmed by the senate thousands turn out in france to express that anger at efforts to stop the last migrant rescue ship operating off libya and shock at sotheby's a painting by the british artist banksy shreds itself at the moment it sells for more than one point three million dollars. authorities in the indonesian city of palu are reportedly considering calling off the search for those killed by last week's earthquake as hope fades of finding any survivors but president joko widodo said all the victims must be found the death toll from the quake and tsunami now stands at more than sixteen hundred with thousands more people missing international aid has started to reach the disaster
12:50 am
zone where hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of assistance and medical teams are trying to stop the spread of disease among those displaced. we've had some cases of diarrhea are reported from our medical teams and also some skin problems we're at the same time providing basic medical services to affected populations we're also doing campaigns on health and sanitation and bringing you know awareness among the affected populations on what to do and what not to do in these crises so that you know they're avoided from some major diseases in this disaster andrew thomas has been following the aid efforts in palo and sent us this update. around the city now i have to go through some most people who need it many thousands of people are still living out in the open air or in tents they're afraid to go back into that damaged finds it like that happens it's all because of the risk of all of the shocks but they all get so now plenty of drinking water plenty
12:51 am
of food like rice the noodles here in the city. for the different types when you go out to some of the provinces there's going to big operation at the airport all day saturday as there was friday trying to assess from the. health even of the villages and the damage to the council for mistakes he said they need supplies now you talked about this is. the next sentence here now not. the rescue and that we can see that they're no longer looking for survivors and i challenge anybody still alive. there's a tsunami struck but they all still looking for bodies there at the shopping center in the center of town at the railroad hotel which was completely destroyed by the earthquake. so i get out from there every number that i bring out the window. while we were there in the two hour period on friday yesterday they brought out three elaborate alarms on that already was lower than the day they have
12:52 am
a number of bodies. digging into that rubble well some of the more remote communities in central sent away so finally getting help and support from city well whole villages have been obliterated by mud. this is what's left of with these. folks. everything that she worked hard for it's gone after last week's earthquake but. the mike was up to here i tried to run to my neighbor's house there i ran and ran into flowing but i held on to a plant for a while and that's how i survived. zone or give village in central sulawesi was a home to around four thousand people little is left more than ninety percent of the village is obliterated it is hard to make sense of this devastation and
12:53 am
survivors here tell us it was as if a ball came no erupted this mud surfaced fifteen meters from underground and then it started to drag homes and people in waves in waves of mud and rock four kilometers from their original location rescuers here tell us they don't even know where to start digging they fear half of the population here is dead homes schools mosques all swallowed by mud and rock hundreds of survivors are displaced here as well as many other areas in central sulawesi. we met a y. e insider in one of the mosques just outside the village wide tells us this was not his place of prayer the mosque in the village is gone his parents and brother died in the earthquake too but he says he is not alone.
12:54 am
he store lou on the nose humans like us never really know the real reason why this happened this disaster is a test for the feet food because the more faithful we are the heavier the trials are given to test us survivors is on the all give village to try to salvage whatever slipped of their belongings some of them refusing to leave the devastated area the spite the danger and certainty an act of resistance they say because they know their suffering isn't permanent. duggan al-jazeera essential silhouettes see indonesian. the u.s. now where a final senate vote to confirm president trump supremes court nominee is expected within hours senators have been giving their final testimonies for and against
12:55 am
brett kavanaugh is approval in a thirty hour debate that is due to wrap up in about four hours is a lifetime seat looks all but confirmed after he won the backing of key senators despite an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by several women well as the senate continues its debate thousands of anti cavanagh protesters have gathered outside the supreme court demonstrates is a senate has to vote no to his nomination saying he is unfit to serve the court among the protesters are survivors of sexual assault we have correspondents wondering events on capitol hill and outside the supremes courses well let's start with mike hanna who's on capitol hill my take us through what we can expect to see happen today particularly after that debate is over in about four hours. this indeed will what has been happening for the past few hours has been that from
12:56 am
half past ten yesterday morning when what is called a closed to vote was passed that sit a time span of thirty hours within which the final decision has got to be made senators have been talking throughout this time many stayed overnight in the capitol to discuss and debate this highly divisive issue but we do know from what various senators have said that it's all very clear that rick kaplan out will be nominated as the supreme court justice likely by a vote of fifty one to forty nine it's gone largely along partisan lines here although one democrat has crossed the floor in effect and will be supporting the republicans he says and one republican says that she is opposed to the. nation however in a very rare move she has posed paired her vote with a fellow republican senator whose daughter is getting married this afternoon so lisa murkowski will not vote no in the vote she will simply register present so
12:57 am
that it will not affect the vote in any way but all appear at all appears very certain that the vote will go ahead with that of the vote will succeed and that bridge kavanagh will become a supreme court justice it's been the most amount your process of confirmation for a supremes court nominee that we have seen in many years in the united states are there concerns about the scars this will leave behind. indeed yes it's been such a divisive process and a divisive process very much along partisan lines there was already a huge division between republican and democrat but this has been accentuated by this incredibly divisive debate and we are not going to see an end to it it would appear this is going to have a massive impact on the midterm elections that take place at the beginning of november number of people have been galvanized by the bitterness of this debate now
12:58 am
coming out of those midterms a possibility of a democratic majority in the house and possibly in the senate now we have already heard from the democrats who would be the traditional leader in the house should the democrats get a majority and he used to really on record as saying that should that majority happen then there will be an investigation reopened into the case of brit kavanagh so the vote of the confirmation is not likely to in the saga it is a saga that is going to be ongoing for months possibly years to come thank you very much mike hanna on capitol hill gabriel elizondo is in among the anti cavanagh protesters outside the supreme court we've been speaking about have bitterly divided senate but of course we have seen public protests over this supremum court confirmation is brett cavanagh's admission to the supremes court should that go ahead likely to exacerbate these divisions.
12:59 am
absolutely without a doubt i mean we've seen protests here in washington d.c. for a long time now against brett kavanaugh and even though it appears that it's a foregone conclusion that he will go to the supreme court there are more than a thousand protesters here right now outside of the supreme court wanting their voices heard and one of those i want to introduce you to right now step in for me this is a culp twenty seven year old from west virginia you came to ours this morning just to be here why i just feel like i have to let my voice the heard i have to know that someone is hearing how frustrated we are are about this whole situation you do not want brett kavanaugh on the supreme court what's the main reason for you my main reason is definitely the sexual assault claim anyone who is. for any kind of job interview and has a possible sexual assault should not be considered for that job and it appears
1:00 am
though that all the senators are going to vote the way they said yesterday and it's a foregone conclusion that he will be in the supreme court behind me for the rest of his life it's a life term a lifetime appointment how do you feel now i mean what do you feel dejected do you feel energized what is your mood today i definitely feel betrayed by our senators and people who didn't listen to our voices but anything else you've just created a generation of very strong empowered women who are going to fight and we're going to do what it takes to make sure that this doesn't happen any more in the future the supreme court's an important position in this country why is it so important for you the supreme court particularly well the supreme court is a lifetime appointment so he's in there for good on top of that it's a system of checks and balances so if we have a republican friends and our public can run supreme court and we also have the republican president we don't really have much of a system of checks and balances things are going to get it go and do what they want to jail very quickly your shirt says march a vote winning this is clearly energizing.


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