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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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the more not substantiated the f.b.i. investigation which tried to look into his background was insubstantial so the whole process has come under question but there's no there's no doubt that the country is bitterly divided about this the polls indicated very close division with growing intensity both against brett kavanaugh and for brett kavanaugh out there in the country so would you describe this then as a victory for president maintain support for brett kavanaugh. and it seems as though his his choice has won the day now it is a victory for the president and his supporters are likely to reflect that they feel as if he delivered that's one of the reasons why a lot of conservatives particularly christian conservatives who have very little in common with president trump who doesn't exactly embody their values they voted for him because they wanted him to deliver he has delivered and the question is will their enthusiasm bring large numbers of those voters to the polls to as
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a payoff to the republican party and to president trump or will it deliver a lot of the critics to the polls because they want to change the outcome of the balance of power in both houses of congress it looks like they might be able to carry a majority in the house of representatives but it's the senate that just voted this confirmation and that looks like a very very tough job to change the majority in the senate you know it's so difficult to predict these things but what is the most likely scenario than from the midterms to you. the the most likely would be that the house of representatives has a narrow democratic majority possibly even a somewhat larger democratic majority because there are so many vulnerable republican seats particularly in affluent suburban areas among educated voters who have always been republican but can't stand donald trump on the other hand in the senate the most likely outcome is that democrats will not be able to claim a majority that's not certain but it's the most likely outcome simply because of the mix of seats only one third of the senate seats are up for reelection or on the
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ballot this year and those seats tend to be on the whole very unfriendly to democrats our own thank you very much for now bill schneider appreciate your time as always joining us there from washington as the senate confirms brett kavanaugh is supreme court justice and a very big and drawn out fight for that nomination thank you bill still ahead for you on the program we're covering other stories as well the death toll in indonesia reaches sixteen hundred but thousands are still missing after their homes disappeared under the mud. you know. you just got banksy painting by the elusive shreds itself the moment it sells and not an auction. life you see beads. on board is one of the. rights i do
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not need to be junk that is for. my nigeria. my nigeria your development my major cities this is my nigeria. my my gear on al jazeera. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we will be talking to the american p. . looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to the health care system to greece's and women's rights join us through i took to her for special coverage and analysis the u.s. moved to us on all jersey. they took an oath to preserve human life but when their own souls needed saving he's. going down you want to come no one came to their rescue until it was too late. three don't to describe the
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devastating journey that saw their families perish and exposed the brutal failures of european maritime knows oh could you do that italy's sea of shame on al-jazeera. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the moods of the goddess they. are says native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event.
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welcome back a quick look at our top stories this hour the u.s. senate has confirmed president trunk supremes court nominee brett kavanaugh by fifty votes to forty eight it follows thirty hours of intense debate for and against a candidate who is subject to an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by three women. all of the authorities need an asian city of palu are reportedly considering calling off the search for those killed by last week's earthquake as hope fades of finding any survivors but president joko widodo has said all the victims must be found the death toll from the quake and tsunami now stands at more than sixteen hundred people with thousands more missing international aid has started to reach the disaster zone where hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of assistance and
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medical teams are trying to stop the spread of disease among those displaced wayne hale reports from a neighborhood in polish city at the center of the disaster. most of this suburb of city is reduced to a vast wasteland of rubble and debris which is shrouded in the smell of decaying bodies when the earthquake struck the ground turned to mud and sank by several metres in a process called liquefaction hundreds of houses collapsed the search for the missing goes on but the government is considering calling off the operation that's unimaginable for people who want a chance to say goodbye to their missing family members. seven hundred month i hope my sons are still a lie even if i can't meet them again i want to see their faces for the last time even if they're dead i want to see them. mahmoud comes here each day and watches the search teams hoping for any sign of her children there was and again today the
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area they're searching here was the field at a preschool presumably people thought it would be a safe place to run to when the quake struck but the ground beneath them turned to mud and swallowed them up so far they've pulled thirteen bodies out of here. those with the grim task of searching the deep mud say they don't want to give up either but sometimes it's overwhelming. the most difficult thing when searching for bodies here is that there are sometimes you'll find a body but the area isn't clear enough to get it out it can be dangerous for us to some survivors such as this boy whose mother was killed come back searching for positions and memories of those they lost. the government says people who used to live here will be relocated at a memorial built to remember the disaster but survivors don't want their home to become a mass grave and want to eventually return. were son softball who were born
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and raised here we have to will this see the again because we have to survive and we are strong it will go on as the day draws to a close some of the few bodies found are brought out for identification. they may be some of the last from this area to have a policy of well. the one that. wayne hay al jazeera indonesia. so says of talent out there and that sounding officials flew into the turkish city of istanbul and visited the consulate on the same day a prominent saudi gen list went missing turkish prosecutors a widening their investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi it was last seen entering the saudi consulate on cheers day jamal is shall has moved from istanbul according to turkish security officials fifteen saudi nationals amongst them saudi officials as they've been described arrived in istanbul on tuesday and
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went through the consulates at the same time but he was there they arrived on two separate planes and have since left the country they left on the same day according to those security sources here in turkey that's leading some to fear the worst in terms of safety possibly even the possibility that he was killed on or essentially assassinated obviously there is no confirmation to this as of yet however it does appear that i'm korea has lost patience with the saudis in that they have been exhausting diplomatic channels to try and find a resolution through this to try and get the saudis to disclose the whereabouts. and now after several days of the saudis refusing to do that the target officials have come out with some of the information they have spoke to a senior official here who said that's within forty eight hours the turkish security services and the police will release all the relevant information with regards to the disappearance of prominent saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. at
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least fifty people have been killed and one hundred others have suffered serious burns when a fuel tanker collided with a vehicle in the democratic republic of congo it happened near the town of q sound too close to the capital kinshasa roads in the central african nation and a tory asleep bad after years of war neglect many villages had rushed to the scene to collect leaking fuel now the international police agency interpol is os china to clarify the situation of its missing president's men home why hasn't been heard from since boarding a flight to china from is believed to have landed in the country but subsequently disappeared interpol chief held a number of security positions in china before taking on his current role is wife has been placed under police protection in france after receiving threats meanwhile authorities in hong kong have refused to renew a work visa for senior editor of british newspaper has prompted concern over freedom of speech on the chinese island which has which was handed back to beijing by the united kingdom over twenty years ago that to manage his asia editor for the
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financial times as well as vice president of hong kong's foreign correspondents club the top spot fieri in beijing recently when it staged a talk by a dissident political activist. well now to brazil where the far right presidential candidate. has widened his lead over his left wing rival fernando had died head of sunday's vote according to a new poll also naro could also secure enough votes to avoid a runoff later this month a latin america and it's only seen human has more on both in our eyes on a likely rise to prominence. four years ago. a punk isman from an obscure ultra right wing party was considered anything but a presidential contender but a long running political and economic crisis in brazil has transformed him from an eccentric into a potential savior to millions of brazilians tired of crime corruption and liberal views no you don't reduce violence with flowers to be clear weapons don't cause war
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and flowers don't guarantee peace. the views of bullets are not a former army captain they can stand out from the rest he had buyers brazils and chile's former dictatorships condones torture and supports arming ordinary citizens he proposes obligatory birth control for poor people whose offspring he thinks wouldn't make good citizens i think that he walks on a very thin line of fascism because even though even though he's not outspoken fascists he does mobilize fascist sentiments in the brazilian society. this is not a says gays should be beaten into turning straight and that most women deserve lower salaries than men and should stay home to care for their children. but bulls are not all has tapped into the fears and frustrations of brazilians in antiglobalization anti establishment stance not unlike donald trump his supporters
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joyfully mimic most are not as favorite gesture yesterday with the gesture of combat against the criminals and corruption that has our country in tatters. but bullets are not a strongest support comes from here. brazil's large and influential christian evangelical churches they transcend racial and social lines an echo his belief that fundamental christian values are under attack especially from left wing parties even though she doesn't like his six just views brenda that outpost says. my main reason is because the family values the values of procreation between men and women because we are losing those values and as elsewhere here in the slums of rio de janeiro also how devout the show no mercy against crime has won him applause murder rates here in brazil have reached record levels and so many that we don't mind when he says things like the only good criminal is that dead criminals nor are
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they frightened when he promises to put members of the military in his cabinet. his running mate is in fact a retired general who does not rule out military intervention if necessary and yet nothing including a near fatal assassination attempt that hasn't allowed him to campaign for almost a month can seem to diminish wilson out his lead in the race to become brazil's next president see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro. hundreds of people have protested in paris in support of the migrant rescue vessel the aquarius docked in the southern port city of musée on fuzz day but might not be able to leave again as panama intends to revoke its registration that means they'll be no charity rescue ships operating off the libyan coast algis there is no one has more now from the french capital paris. well demonstrators here in paris all wearing orange shirts and t. shirt starts to symbolize the life jackets on the hall of the aquarius ship and
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they are joining the two charities behind the aquarius doctors out borders and s.o.s. measures are in him calling upon european leaders any country really to try and reregister you koreas because what happened last month was the panama withdrew its resident registration now the crew say they believe that is because of pressure from italy the far right government in rome has closed its borders to the aquarius it says it doesn't want any more migrants riding on its shores and there's no doubt that immigration sentiment has made the aquarius rescue boat a lot harder but this is a boat that in the past two years has rescued thirty thousand people out of the central mediterranean area a fifth of those children many of them unaccompanied under the crusade when we met them in march. what they told us was that every hour every day the policies they know that out there in the mediterranean sea there are people who could be in peril
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desperately would need a lifesaving assistance and for them it's very difficult indeed being stuck in that border knowing that they call do the work that they are tossed to do. well here british street artist banksy has shocked the art world by seemingly destroying his own painting all while posting about it on instagram closing because banksy rose about the urge to destroy while sharing a video of his girl with a balloon piece being shredded by a secret device built into the frame it happened just as the painting was being sold at a london auction house for a whopping one point three million dollars at the barber has mall. the world i think the crowd at london auction is souther piece can't believe what's just happened to work by banksy is just being sold for one point three million dollars but at the same time a device inside the picture frame has partially shredded it leaving some but used
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others in it i seem. to think we need this kind of shape and. it shakes the whole thing in the body. you know we talking about it to the. story for the next you. this is what gil with balloon used to look like she first appeared on a wall in east london but this gallery version was a canvas mounted on a board so the bees say the successful phone better was surprised by the story and they're in discussion about the next steps but experts say thanks to the stunt the pictures market value has already shot up. banksy who hides his identity started out small scale in the city of bristol but has since gone worldwide from this probe refugees piece in cali featuring apple co-founder steve jobs to this art hotel in the occupied west bank. and last year two images appeared near london's barbican cultural complex then are protected behind a film of plastic bank fees were inspired by the work of john michaud who had an
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exhibition here at the barbecue but there's also a bit of politics you can read so you know to street art banksy creaming that the institution was generally more keen to get rid of graffiti in the area. you can still see small rodents like this done by banksy at various spots around the capitol some people might smell a writes with the latest stunt perhaps it's what barnes he's always been about staying in the spotlight while keeping everyone guessing the zero. as much when everything we're covering including of course all the latest on our top story out is there a dot com is the address. secret look at the top stories now the u.s. senate has confirmed president trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh by fifty votes to force it follows the cialis of intense debate for and against the candidate who is subject to an f.b.i.
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investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by three women he will be sworn in on october sixth mimas before the confirmation started protest is interrupted senate proceedings to try and still the process. sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. vice president light pens had to wait several minutes before proceeding to the vote president thomas cast massive anger among women and survivors of section of peace. has been spending some time outside with protest and. they knew that this was probably going to happen despite their opposition to cavanagh that the vote was probably going to go against them and it did very narrowly but it did so as a defeat so you see a lot of anger out here but also you are talking to people all day they said you will this is great a wakeup call for the democrats you know that support the democrats they need to at least take the congress to see congress is completely controlled by the republican
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party right now in this course the white house as well so a lot of people say that this is their chance now to overwise and get to the polls in november. so says of told al jazeera that saudi officials flew into the turkish city of istanbul and visited their consulates on the same day a prominent saudi journalist went missing turkish prosecutors a widening their investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi who was last seen entering the saudi consulate on tuesday at least fifty people have been killed in a hundred others seriously burned after a fuel tanker collided with a vehicle in the town of kiss on two in the democratic republic of congo road in the central african nation in a tory asli bad after years of war neglect many villages had rushed to the scene to collect leaking fuel. international police agency interpol has asked china to clarify the situation of its missing president men long way hasn't been heard from since boarding a flight to china from eleven days ago. you're up to date with all of our top stories we'll have more on everything we're covering in just under half an hour's
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time that's when the news hour is coming up but now it's the listening post. i guess is difficult to say whether it's someone voting for someone if it really does matter when you need three things it's how you approach an individual enough that it is a certain way of doing it. in just a story and i out. brazil had the poles up to over seven. course. but some. controversial. hello i'm richard just britain you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week round one of brazil's presidential election the outsider who's bypassing the mainstream media in favor of the social side and some of the stick that he's getting there when the trolling
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turns ugly and dangerous shocking stories from female reporters about the abuse and threats they get online a saudi arabian journalist living in exile visits the saudi consulate in istanbul he doesn't come out and donald trump accuses the chinese of election meddling in of all places des moines. here at the listening post when we've examined the media story in brazil we've focused on the conglomerates like global t.v. headquartered t.v. s.p.t. and the power that they wield this time as the country prepares to vote in the first round of presidential elections on sunday october seventh we're looking at social media that's because brazil is facebook's third largest market more than half of the population there is on whatsapp that's where brazil's far right presidential candidate joe evil both on audio has taken his political campaign balsall nado has been described by some as donald trump meets filipino president
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roderigo due to unlike them he's turned the mainstream media into his useful enemies both still not zero has a ten point lead in the polls in a country whose traditional parties have been stained by scandal a populist outsider has moved into the political vacuum our starting point this week is one of the primary battlegrounds in this election the social media space in brazil. also not on one of the primary information tools affecting this summer his mobile phone. on. social media allows him to work without filters in brasil but done trust politicians but also they done trust their mainstream media they don't think that what appears in the middle east food so the five of us now is
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relying so much social media is part of he said. don't know what he's not a front runner by chance he's a candidate he's very strong on what south and social media people get to know succeeds not some videos from those and i don't and it's no accident that he's leading in the polls. not only spent years in the national assembly as a french politician before becoming the leader of a relatively small party which he's taken to the right he's ex-military makes no secret of his admiration for the one to that ruled brazil from one thousand nine hundred eighty four to eighty five and he's running on a law and order to he goes into the first round of this election as the front runner consistently polling at over thirty percent. despite been the victim of a stabbing last month from which he says he's still recovering his critics called
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him homophobic massage a mistake that's what happens when you equate homosexuality with pedophilia and so on but it was thirty. years that gave us the feeling i thought of democratic you know or you go on camera and call a female political opponent unworthy of being raked joy or the bit if. then the. it was the time he called for the sterilization of the poor in a country where more than fifty million live in poverty roadkill i think it was all of the worst. supporters are there don't find any of those things disqualify or they don't believe them when they're reported on mainstream news outlets because millions of them are getting their news straight from the can on whatsapp or from his supporters like douglas garcia the founder of the apollo a movement pushing balsall noddles agenda on social media. anything he publishes in
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social media gets amplified he was not the one to build the internet as a medium to propagate his political campaigns but it was the conservatives who found in the internet a medium to exchange information without putting their personal security in danger to disseminate the ideas that were so novel managed to integrate into his campaign is it will not be censored on social media unlike what happens on the mainstream where he has no voice. what is happening in brazil is that social media is. playing self outside the establishment and no mater how we can question what they can easily which their supporters and they can counteract what is happening even though there is some information available their members of these groups prefer to believe what their own candidates are what the people supporting their candidates are saying everything that goes against what they believe it's imagine it's fake
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news. brazilians aren't just on social media they are to an unusual degree involved the facebook numbers there are through the roof and when polled recently on whether they have used a social media as a source of news over the previous week two out of three said yes that's more than twice as high as germany almost. fifty percent higher than the u.s. about one hundred twenty million brazilians more than one in two are on whatsapp news spreads quickly on whatsapp groups and since it's coming from friends family or the candidates themselves it's up close feels personal and it's twenty four seventh's that they get up with me t.v. is still important to preserve the ends but the flow of information about the election is much greater on one side t.v. is still watched in places where the internet is not so popular among the poorest segments of the population but the internet social networks and especially once sun
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have made the difference suffice for the fittings. and unfortunately a lot of it is misinformation a lot of noise ends up circulating people believe them because they're often from people close to them say family members just circulate these messages these video that is how it ends up becoming credible but it's a lie so not as political strategy is to spread fake he wanted to spread lies i mean shit is. pinning the fake news charge on board so not all personally is difficult but there's no doubt that some of his supporters have been producing plenty of that kind of material in july facebook shut down almost three hundred pages and accounts run by a conservative political group known as m b l four as facebook put it hiding behind fake accounts misleading brazilians about the origin of the content and spreading misinformation fact checkers have been working overtime in this election but they
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are struggling to keep up and have an impact many of them are scouring pro bowl so not all social media platforms for fake news and some of those platforms offer media watch services of their own focusing on the output of mainstream news outlets . chipping away at their credibility and in doing so defending the interests of their chosen can i keep it was. wrong and his team attacked the traditional media a lot and they use a show media to say he's a victim of attacks from the left in a fascist racist homophobe they use it to say his critics exaggerate they use it to deny statements he's made and they also use it to spread fake news these lies have a devastating effect a lot of people believe this misinformation but not so up until four or five years
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ago there was more or less a belief that social media was. taught that was benefiting mostly left wing groups oppression i think now we have seen not only in the case of brazil but also incorrect in the united states how right wing groups particularly those in the fringe have successfully employed social media to spread their ideas to form community and also to what they call is. one brazilians talk about the media establishment they're talking about global it's the biggest media company in latin america hugely influential and the bane of the brazilian left because it's conservative and has traditionally played the role of political kingmaker right wing candidates have always courted global. didn't bother knowing he was too far right for the networks taste and betting he didn't meet its
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endorser he hasn't taken part in any televised debates since last month stabbing. says he can't doctor's orders not everyone believes that. the final debate of round one took place this past thursday three days before voting thing again. was a no show. he preferred not to appear on the debate and on globe of the most important one because he knows that he could make mistakes and expose himself to attack from his opponents especially given his controversial proposals. will just say just that in theory the stuffing helped because he had a good reason not to participate in the debates look come on medical treatment but he tended to avoid them even before the attack. opiate of the shots so while his opponents were debating each other on global and he did an interview on
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a rival net which then revealed it was back before calling it a night though he spent a little time on facebook live talking to his supporters on the device that has driven his campaign change brazilian politics and the way it is covered this fall. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar with one of our producers nuff tarek this past week a prominent saudi journalist a dissident disappeared in stamboul give us the details behind the case for that journalist is jamal khashoggi a former newspaper editor and commentator who fled saudi arabia last year the fears for his safety he'd been banned from writing and tweeting by the saudi authorities and went into self exile in the u.s. here's what we know about his disappearance this past tuesday even though it's in the saudi confident in istanbul to take care of what should have been some routine
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paperwork his fiance was waiting for him outside the several hours later he'd get to re-image so she raised the alarm and called the police since then the consulate is issued a statement to the saudi state needs agency thing she left the building and that they are following up on media reports of his disappearance turkish government officials say they think he's been inside now give us an idea of what kind of things he's been writing about and where so much of crucial g.'s work over the past year has been an english is a frequent contributor to the washington post and a critic of saudi's powerful crown prince mohammed bin sandman the crown prince saud unself a reformer who's modernizing the kingdom in reality he's overseen a repressive campaigns to find its critics and potential challenges intellectuals journalists women's rights activists even princes in the royal family have been rounded up and imprisoned and in his piece is quite shocked he spoke out against what was happening in the country but his criticism was always measured and
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following his disappearance the washington post published a blank column in support of its contributor it bull has shot jeans by line and the headline a missing voice on to washington now where this past week president donald trump accuses china of meddling in the upcoming u.s. midterm. elections then he goes on twitter and he points out what he calls propaganda ads in a newspaper somewhere in iowa what's the story so it's not often that a local paper like the des moines register becomes the focus of an international trade wall but that's what happened when it published a full page softly produced by another paper state run china daily that featured stories on the mutual benefits of u.s. china trade if trump has a point that this isn't just as an advertising designed to look like john ism it can be difficult for readers to distinguish between the two but the paper's executive editor carol hunter so the china daily was clearly mots and that quote
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iowans a smart enough to see this for what it is it's an advertiser buying access to an audience so describing this is election meddling is not just a bit of a stretch on the president's part it's also slightly hypocritical isn't that it is because while it's true that government run outlets like china daily or international broadcast of the g.t.a. and what to promote beijing's view to the rest of the world the u.s. government operates a few of its own news outlets that do the same thing u.s. is investing billions of dollars over the years in outlets like radio free asia and voice of america which explicitly to promote so-called american values and they're not slipping in since a local paper there on the f ok thanks dark. we're turning now to dispatches from what they call the virtual war zone a story about the perils of online journalism reporters have always had to defend their work but the trolling of journalists has grown commonplace and many female
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media professionals are dealing with the kind of hate messages that men will never see comments about their gender appearance sexuality the language can be ugly and violent threats of sexual assaults and rape have grown disturbingly common because for trolls hiding behind an online profile is not difficult and the anonymity of social media has made the dissemination of abuse and hate as easy as a simple click the listening post spoke with two journalists maria ressa in the philippines and segre rica goetia in india about their experience with online harassment and the impact it has had on their work and their wellbeing also talking us through this story hannah storm the director of an organization the trains reporters on how to stay safe both on and off the web. i you used to be a war zone correspondent but in a war zone you know where the enemy you know what you need to prepare for you know
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how to stay safe. in this new landscape. this is intimate you take it home with you you wake up with it it's with you all the time. i've been attacked as a communist operative a cia agent every kind of word that you can think of for. war and i'm all set. for an hour i mean you name it and it's been thrown at me. as a journalist i'm used to defending the worst idea but how do you respond when someone threatens you with rape when someone wants you dead inundated with the barracks are paid to the vitriol words calling you things like prostitute to a whole book with somebody else's sex slave that could just do things to you that
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are really sexually explicit women genesis three times more likely to experience online. trying to shame them into silence by calling them names by undermining the reputation and by trying to violate their oldest journalists in august of two thousand and sixteen rappler came out with a series of stories i call that the propaganda machine in that series showed that social media has been weaponized that accounts that are that are in the middle of this the content creators are working for government and it was all connected to anyone who questioned the drug war as soon as the series was published i started receiving an average of ninety messages per hour i'll read one to you is that all right so this one this one this is from a real real kid maybe maria ressa is dream is to become the ultimate porn star in
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a gangbang scene so it's not but it's there. second one is make sure maria ressa gets publicly raped to death when martial law expands to tucson it would bring joy in my heart. it's meant to tear you down so low that you don't have the confidence to continue reporting that's one and then the second is to make. yourself to stop you from reporting. stories that go against the government narrative all of it's just a day day to. rubbish and horror that female journalists have to experience but it's not just virtual it's very much physical it's very much psychological as well a lot of the journalists who are killed around the world get threats online so certainly the physical and the virtual to collide one of the issues for news organizations is trying to understand the severity of the threat and that's often
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a difficult issue when you go on online harassment or go online threats to figure out how serious do you need to take in the beginning i never used taken seriously because i thought it was just you know people barking on social media lunatics on social media crazy people who i didn't have to dig seriously but then i started getting some very serious threat. one of the first threats that i got was a threat of gang rape and it was a gang rape of me as well as my daughter who was in school and they said we know where your daughter studies we know what school she is and we know what time she comes out of school and we're going to grab her and we're going to a soul draw and we're going to perform gang rape you see what happens is that the bus and books are in threat and then deletes the account but having the lead to the
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account lots of other hand will then take it up and disseminate it so its purpose is served because it creates a kind of chilling effect you get very scared you tend to sort of selves and because you're scared of what is out there the. troll persists report. came out recently that something like thirty percent of the multiverse they spoke with had considered leaving the profession because of the impact it had on them something like forty percent of people of journalists have actually stopped writing about certain stories if we. in a situation where journalists are impacted on to this extent it's really really challenging to freedom of expression as well and then the threads get drawn growing and they kept getting more and more abusive and more and more followed if you're a liberal you're under it if you're a journalist you're under attack if you're a liberal woman journalist your public enemy number one there are women who were
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attacked on social media who are then attacked off social media the threats can be online and then go offline my colleague and good friend was actually shot in september twenty seventh team and a facebook user. to hit list of me and four other women saying that when one has been taken care of we now need to look at these five other women find out where they live and we need to systematically finish them all and this was and shared by numerous other facebook users now the reason why i take these facebook and twitter threats seriously is because you know this is exactly what happened and. she faced national media threats as you know ways to take it seriously but the fact is she was killed you know in the scary thing about goatees death of the modest suspect has said that i didn't know who she was i was just told that she was damaging my religion and so i can go so that's the level of brainwashing and fanaticism that
5:43 am
exists out there i don't think the government is doing anything about it actually i think a number of these tools were there on social media i actually followed by government minister i think social media companies need to do much more i would love it if people were engaging with me on my journalism or were engaging with me on my world but if it becomes a place for death threats and rape threats and for gang rape threads then i think it uses its meaning very social media companies need to have much strict restrictions on what is hate speech what is speech against women why. it is hate speech against minorities and the problem that i've seen is that they are in silicon valley looking at the world. that don't take into account the global landscape they operate in and when i hear mark zuckerberg say you know it'll take us five years. i just say you know we don't have five years in our country
5:44 am
people are getting killed every day in the philippines where i have seventy cases and could go to jail information is the core of our beliefs of our common reality and. we need to get back to a point where this kind of. use of information is mitigated. back to brazil now in the polarizing figure that is. tens of thousands of demonstrators most of them women marched on the streets of twenty seven brazilian cities last weekend to protest against a candidate who occasionally makes donald trump look in the light. the protest grew out of a facebook group that spread across the web called women united against pulse and audio which is four million strong the hash tag now the english equivalent not ham bo'sun at all actually built his political base online however social media is a sword that cuts both ways and being depicted online as the evil lord voldemort
5:45 am
from harry potter probably wasn't what he had in mind we'll leave you now with a collection of tweets and names from the not him campaign that have been doing the rounds and we'll see you next time you're at the listening post.
5:46 am
well it has been rain aplenty maybe where it's not wanted sydney area for example
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the cloud more or less off shore now but it's not gone completely the next frontal system sweeping down through victoria that we're really amount to much is mostly a cloud system it leaves walkthrough on for adelaide the second time on sunday we've got a breeze in sydney a chance of rain quite high brisbane's will be up a little bit back in perth for a steady twenty two now with a bit of cloud but not much strictly shop potential maybe in the middle but not much more than that i think the time we get to monday and you should have a couple of good days for new zealand there is cloud stretching across as you can see it's mainly cloud so yeah the two runs a possibility but mostly i think you'll just see nice bit of cloud architecture in the sky sixteen to eighteen degrees and that's the picture for sunday it's a little different but not much come monday there also shot up the western pacific the remains of the tropical storm zipping through your card it will leave behind of course i put is just for an identified not really a tropical storm by this time but the influence of it means
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a lot of rain for her car and on sunday the lesser will monday warm and sunny particularly in tokyo the not quite as hot on monday as on sunday. this is zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up the nomination of brett kavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme
5:49 am
court of the united states is confirmed the u.s. senate approves president trumps nominee fifteen or votes to force the age bracket have an eyes jussi be sworn in later on saturday reports a saudi journalist who went missing after visiting the saudi embassy in istanbul may have been murdered. the death toll from indonesia's quake rises to more than sixteen hundred we were poor from a district where mud swallowed up whole villages. were in. shock at sotheby's as a painting by the elusive british artist banksy shreds itself the moment it sells at a london action. with all the day's sport a late show you from manchester united eases the pressure on coach joe he's a marine you know at least for now thoughts on more later this news out.
5:50 am
of the u.s. senate has confirmed president trying supremes court nominee brett kavanaugh by fifty votes to forty. on this vote the ayes are fifty. the nays are forty eight. the nomination of brit m. cavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed the senate has spent more than thirty hours giving their final testimonies for and against cavanagh's approval for the lifetime appointment before the vote is nomination spot fierce debate after he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women well president trump has been quick to respond to cavanaugh's confirmation tweet saying i applaud a congratulate us senate for confirming our great nominee judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court later today i will sign his commission of appointment and he will be officially sworn in very exciting. republican senate
5:51 am
majority leader mitch mcconnell has praised the vote as a stand for what is right we stood up for the presumption of innocence we refused to be intimidated by the. mob of people that were coming after republican members of their homes in the halls. i couldn't be prouder of this than a republican conference. when as a confirmation vote a gun protest is interrupted senate proceedings to try to stall the process. sergeant at arms who. was president might pence had to wait several minutes before going ahead with the vote president speak has sparked massive anger among women and survivors of sexual abuse where dozens of people have been arrested while protesting the upcoming vote on the steps of the u.s. capitol the demonstrators were urging senators to vote no to his nomination saying
5:52 am
he is unfit to serve the court. among them on many women who have suffered sexual assault. we have correspondents monitoring events on capitol hill and outside the supremes first mike hanna and mike after weeks of protests hearings and uncertainty we now have brett kavanaugh being confirmed to the supremes court but it was by the narrowest of margins. it was indeed it's the narrowest margin in many decades for such a supreme court confirmation only two votes a margin fifty to forty eight now that is a number issue here because of course there are one hundred senators including the vice president who pushed the nomination vote what happened is that the only republican who was opposed to the nomination she voted herself present rather than know this in terms of an agreement with a fellow republican senator who was unable to cast his vote because it was his
5:53 am
daughter's wedding the softer noon so basically what happens in the system of hearing is that the vote margin remains the same that is two and therefore the situation is ninety eight votes it would appear on the count and not the full one hundred but certainly an incredibly divisive process divisions chosen right within the chamber when the vote was being taken and of course divisions being shown by the protesters who've been gathering outside just down the road outside the supreme court throughout the day indeed there were dramatic scenes inside the chamber itself as protesters managed to disrupt and delay the proceedings as mike as vice president might answer was trying to get through it what tad we've been hearing from senators now that the vote has gone through. well from the republican senators obviously they regard it as a triumph we heard from the senate leader mitch mcconnell saying that this is
5:54 am
a repudiation to all of those who were opposed to the whole nomination process but we've heard from the other side from the ranking democrat member on the judiciary committee dianne feinstein saying that this is a sad occasion however she added we've just got to get up tomorrow and continue to fight so certainly the divisions have been intense but it's all not over yet because there is going to be a massive impact on the midterm elections because of the degree to which these countries people have been galvanized by the bitterness of this nomination debate and there could be a major impact in the midterm elections democrats looking now perhaps to claw back their majority in both the house and the senate and senior democrats are already saying that should that happen there is a possibility that an investigation could be reopened into brit cabin are so certainly this is not the end this nomination process we've just seen. my kana with
5:55 am
all the latest from capitol hill and just some lines coming through here from the reuters news agency president with some more comments about judge brett kavanaugh he has said that he is a hundred percent certain that christine ford named the wrong person when she accused cavanagh in a testimony so those are the latest comments about the accusations from the president trying gable as all those outside the supremes thought so remarkable but perhaps not surprising comments from president trump what might their reaction be to these incendiary comments. yeah most of the protesters that are still out here and there are i would say a couple thousand at least here i haven't heard those comments yet i can tell you that by the president but i can tell you that is going to infuriate them we've been speaking to them all day they've been out here and they say two things number one
5:56 am
they've been saying all day they did not like the idea of judge have not going to the supreme court because of their positions as conservative positions that he has . on things such as a for sure and gun rights and what have you and also they say the overall republican party led now by president donald trump has disregarded the the accusations by doctors for many of the people out here have been telling us all day and that has infuriated them as well so these comments by president trump will do nothing to help placate the many people out here that are just very upset by this now confirmation. of kavanagh to the supreme court and it's somewhat interesting that the president would apparently say he's one hundred percent certain because you know as you remember when dr ford was testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee she was specifically asked how certain are you that it was kavanagh that sexually assaulted you and she said i'm one hundred percent certain
5:57 am
so there you have it it just leads to the total divisions that we have here in united states over this right now and thank you very much there in washington where protests have gathered ahead of the vote and still making that presence felt now it has gone through that speak to us political analyst bill schneider. bill it was the most to us supreme court confirmation for many as it might now be over but we feel the consequences of this fight continue to reverberate and just these comments we've had from president trump in the in the last few minutes saying he is such and that christine name the wrong person when she is brett kavanaugh. he never loses an opportunity to provoke and that's what he's done here he's kept the controversy alive his challenge the testimony of christine ford which he had done before but the issue is resolved the man has been confirmed but troubled let it alone he still
5:58 am
wants to incite division in the country which is how we got elected in two thousand and sixteen how do you see this playing out going forward to we which is speaking to our reporter he's out that with the protest is that saying that it's going to really and it jives them ahead of november midterms but actually beyond the politics could could we see quite a volatile few weeks and months going into the election with with more protests. yes we can't be should be certain what the effect will be because among the president's supporters they're really thrilled they love a good fight and that's what trump is giving them he's the only president i've ever seen in my lifetime or even in the history that i know of at least since age who jackson in the eight hundred twenty s. who has deliberately set out to divide the country and by the way president trump treats andrew jackson as a personal hero he said he hung a portrait of jackson in the oval office trump is a divider he succeeds four presidents in
5:59 am
a row who tried to be healers but they all failed clinton was a new democrat and the third way he failed bush said he would be a united not a divider he failed obama said there's no liberal america no conservative america he was wrong trump never pretended to be a healer and the aftermath of this vote he's certainly not a healer now. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has set out by a slightly one we've seen from anti cavanagh protest is to try and convince republicans and it says to vote the other way have only backfired could this whole thing have been approached differently by the democrats. well i don't think that can they control those protesters the protesters hope to control the democratic party they were enraged but one of the things that we saw happening here was that the me too movement which emerged exactly a year ago with the revelations about
6:00 am
a movie mogul named harvey weinstein in october of twenty seventeen the revelations about me to have now become intensely political and partisan they weren't political and partisan to begin with a lot of the people who were accused of sexual impropriety and misconduct were in fact liberal democrats like mr weinstein. but what we have been seeing is those that division it's not just between men and women it's even stronger between democrats and republicans and it merged with the partisan division of the country now and had a big effect and is having a big effect in the aftermath of the cabin all confirmation we have seen severe divisions and the country in golf congress for a while now we sort out in the twenty sixteen election but what has changed with the supremes for confirmation what is all this mean for the strength and legitimacy of the highest court in the last.


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