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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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with the revelations about a movie mogul named harvey weinstein in october of two thousand and seventeen the revelations about me to have now become intensely political and partisan they weren't political and partisan to begin with a lot of the people who were accused of sexual impropriety and misconduct were in fact liberal democrats like mr weinstein. but what we have been seeing is those that division it's not just between men and women it's even stronger between democrats and republicans and it merged with the partisan division of the country now and had a big effect and is having a big effect in the aftermath of the cabin all confirmation we have seen severe divisions in the country in golf congress for a while now we sort out in the twenty sixteen election but what has changed with the supreme court confirmation what is all this mean for the strength and legitimacy of the highest court in the land how does it affect the supreme court's reputation. the supreme court is the voice of the constitution the
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constitution of the united states is the location of sovereignty here we have no king we have no queen we have only the constitution the voice of the constitution is the supreme court and the supreme court therefore has been were guarded as an institution that should be above politics it really has never been above politics and it's often been staffed by politicians themselves there are very few politicians on the court right now but there are india logs and the court is very closely divided i think that revelation came through in two thousand when the court the supreme court voted by a very narrow margin to confirm george w. bush's election as president the reality is the supreme court is now just as partisan as other political institutions in the united states and that's a big loss for americans because the respect for the supreme court has already always been tied in to respect for the american constitution thank you now thank
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you very much bill schneider plesk honest joining us that with all the latest on now well another day of drama in washington. much more still ahead for you on this news hour from london international police agency interpol points the finger at china after its president goes missing. thousands turned out in france to express their anger at efforts to stop the last migrant rescue ship operating off libya. and in sports things get a little heated ahead of one of the biggest fights in history. i want to take you to another breaking news story now reports that a saudi journalist who went missing after visiting the saudi consulate in istanbul might have been mudded jamal khashoggi who wrote articles critical of crown prince
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mohammed bin so none hasn't been heard from since he visited the consulate on tuesday let's get more on this now from who is in istanbul any more details on these reports jamal. well we have been speaking to many different sources over the past couple of days to try and ascertain exactly what has happened who knows watson and so forth since the disappearance of kushal she is we mentioned the past couple of hours there was a growing belief that unfortunately may have possibly mean assassinated or killed by saudi operatives after he entered the consulate now there are more than one source within the security apparatus who have been speaking saying that they believe that's to be the case obviously until now there hasn't been an identification of a body there hasn't been something like that that has surfaced or any clear cut evidence however based on the. the testimony so to speak or at least the words
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coming from those sources the understanding is that the worst has indeed happened to journalists and he has been killed obviously in light of or rather in the absence of that clear cut evidence people will be waiting to find out more confirmation psychosocial authorities have said that within forty eight hours they will disclose all the evidence they have as to what's happened including c.c.t.v. footage not only in the consulate but also in the airports later on saturday evening the turkish security officials had told al-jazeera that fifteen saudis including officials had entered turkey on two separate flights the same day that went to the consulates and that those fifteen saudi nationals also visited the consulate they left also turkey since then and that's further maybe indication that they fled essentially
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a crime scene and that's what the consulate has been for several days now essentially a crime scene with police monitoring everything there so the developments have been that the turkish authorities have been. maybe release more information albeit through anonymous sources or at least sources that don't want to disclose their identity maybe it's a give a chance to the saudis to come out and admits what they have done because ultimately once it has been been confirmed the fruits of. there will be a massive diplomatic fallout if indeed he has been killed not fallouts will probably spiral pretty quickly into a crisis is going to ask you about what might happen next if indeed these reports are confirmed because following his disappearance we did a great deal of concern being expressed by shelby's friends by his colleagues by all those in. you know policy circles what my the international reaction
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be if he has in fact and made it. well that's a good question i mean if we were to start with the international reaction it really depends because up until now really there hasn't been any major wall power or government or leader who's come out and demanded from the saudis that they disclose his whereabouts location or guarantee his safety we have heard from international organizations as you mentioned like human rights watch and other journalists. rights organizations who have called for the saudis to disclose his location but we haven't heard any governments like the u.s. or the united kingdom to of saudi arabia's closest allies come out and express any sort of demand from that perspective so the reality unfortunately is in this day and age saudi arabia has been allowed to deal with impunity when it comes to human rights we've seen it in yemen we've seen it with even the arrest arguably or the detention of a prime minister around eleven months ago and there was no repercussions for that
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so maybe people won't be holding their breath at least as far as commentators are concerned that there will be some sort of backlash on riyadh regionally speaking that's probably the more significant one turkey its sovereignty there has been an affront made on its its does feel insulted it feels that there has been a crime committed on its soil and therefore will have to respond if the situation was that of a kidnapping or an abduction that could probably be averted in terms of his return but if indeed what is looking more and more unfortunately likely it is the murder and s.-s. a nation of journalists who had by the way turkish residency and was also engaged to a turkish citizen then that could probably spiral as i mentioned into some sort of diplomatic crisis where you would have a downgrading of diplomatic representation and obviously everything else that ensues from the popular front the hashtags on social media outlets like twitter and
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so forth have dominated the arab users over those platforms. over the past couple of days demanding his release there is a lot of anger right now being expressed by. twitter users and others in the are broad and also international express towards saudi arabia so on a popular front for sure there will be a big backlash against saudi arabia in pursuit of the crown prince mohammed it's a man who is believed was the person who wanted to see. these dealt with all right for now thank you very much. in istanbul. or now to our other top stories authorities in the indonesian city of palu or possibly considering calling off the search for those killed by last week's earthquake as hope fades of finding any survivors but president joko widodo has said all the victims must be found the death toll from the quake and tsunami now stands at more than sixteen hundred people with thousands more missing international aid has started to reach the disaster zone where hundreds of thousands are in desperate need of assistance and
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medical teams are trying to stop the spread of disease among those displaced well some of the more remote communities in central sulawesi are also finally getting help jamila alan duggan sent us this report from a city where whole villages have been obliterated by mind. this is what's left of leasehold. everything that she worked hard for it's gone after last week's earthquake but then the land the scene in the market was up to here i tried to run to my neighbor's house there i ran i ran into flowing much but i held on to a plant for a while and that's how i survived. john all good village in central sulawesi was home to around four thousand people little is left more than ninety percent of the village is obliterated it is hard to make sense of this devastation and
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survivors here tell us it was as if a ball came no erupted this mud surfaced fifteen meters from underground and then it started to drag homes and people in waves in waves of mud and rock four kilometers from their original location rescuers here tell us they don't even know where to start digging they fear half of the population here is dead homes schools mosques all swallowed by mud and rock hundreds of survivors are displaced here as well as many other areas in central sulawesi. we met a wide and sar in one of the mosques just outside the village wide tells us this was not his place of prayer the mosque in the village is gone his parents and brother died in the earthquake too but he says he is not alone.
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he store luan the gnomes humans like us never really know the real reason why this happened this disaster is a test for the fried food because the more faithful we are the heavier the trials are given to test us survivors is on the all give village to try to salvage whatever slept on their belongings some of them refusing to leave the devastated area despite the danger and certainty an act of resistance they say because they know their suffering isn't permanent chameleon duggan al jazeera seek essential silhouettes see indonesian. the international police agency interpol is os china to clarify the situation of its missing president's men hallway hasn't been heard from since boarding a flight to china from is believed to have landed in the country but subsequently
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disappeared the interpol chief held a number of security positions in china before taking on his current role his wife has been placed on the police protection in france after receiving threats meanwhile authorities in hong kong of refused to renew a work visa for a senior editor of a british newspaper prompted concern over freedom of speech on the chinese island which was handed back to beijing by the united kingdom over twenty years ago victim al is asia editor for the financial times as well as vice president of hong kong's foreign correspondents club blogspot fieri in beijing recently when it staged a talk by a dissident political activist or now in news from yemen where who's the rebels have detained a number of students in the capital sana'a sixteen female students were among those arrested for protesting against economic hardship basic foodstuffs have soared in price after three and a half years of civil war in yemen you see news agencies label the students mercenaries who are tasked by the aggressors to plant rumors and disturb public
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base or protesters in paris the demanding a rescue ship be given permission to get back to sea to rescue more refugees and migrants in distress the aquarius is stuck in the french port of musée off to panama withdrew its registration last week and has more now from us a. demonstrators in paris angry that the french charity ship with a mission to save lives in the mediterranean sea is being prevented from doing its job panama revoke the registration of the aquarius last week the ship to sail unless another country agrees to break the storage we. launched. it states to help us and to help us. finding a new rather than flag. at the moment we still haven't received any response since the state the aquarius has been docked in the southern port of maps say but this is where the crew would rather be if you will very likely requires began
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operations two years ago it's rescue thirty thousand people on the treacherous sea crossing between libya and europe migrants and refugees fleeing violence and poverty the crew says most of the survivors are deeply traumatized people who are actually caring for it's in their bodies. from their time so it's a conflict. zone environment where we're at since the organizations operating the aquarius doctors without borders an s.o.s. medicine and they say panama withdrew their registration under pressure from italy's government denies the claims but in june it closed italian ports to the vessel growing anti immigrant sentiment in europe is making work with the aquarius his crew harder the crew say that what's particularly difficult for them is that they know that every hour every day that passes out there in the mediterranean sea
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there are vulnerable people their lives possibly in danger and while the aquarius is stuck here in the port of mass say they can't help. it's disheartening to see that the loss of life that scene and the humanitarian crisis are not at the forefront of european politicians priorities and that's something that we call on all european countries to take into account fifteen thousand people have drowned in the mediterranean in the past four years most have been searching desperately for many other people take for granted a safe place to call home somewhere to build a life unless the aquarius is given new registration documents to sail soon the crew fear that many more lives will be needlessly lost with al-jazeera. still ahead for you in this news hour a day before brazil's presidential election and new polls suggest the far right candidate also narrow might win enough votes to of void a runoff the report from cameroon where
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a travel ban is set to come into effect to stop separatists disrupting sunday's presidential elections there and in sport we're now gets back to business on the field for his club eventis all be here with that story. well it's been nice and warm in central and eastern europe in particular this weekend clear skies and the legacy of what's in the southwest has been unnaturally wet particularly in italy with some flash flooding as a result now both these two items would change would only slowly for example start twenty degrees in vienna on sunday and about the same no way to the black sea coast it's cooler to the west although not that much in the wet areas still about the same low twenty's that rain i think will spread itself into the current the curation coast slovenia and up into the south of france and talking down behind
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a northerly breeze might suggest is going to get a bit colder and that will be the case as the rains presidents so briefly they'll be a northerly breeze but of snow on the top of the swiss arts and up about eighteen degrees in zurich and seventeen in london about nineteen vienna says a bit of a levelling out warsaw in places to the north sure the rio chill this time of the year now given that all the action is in place of northwestern part of the mediterranean that means the african coast is much quieter now by sunday so they'll be some cloud around the libyan coast back towards northern nigeria generally speaking it's fine unsettled and are about shows twenty seven degrees in tunis is back up to very warm twenty nine. we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life
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to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own shined a light on what they do and to have not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international space award two thousand and eighteen for more information go to ace award dot com.
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welcome back a quick look at our top stories there are reports a saudi journalist who went missing after visiting the saudi arabian consulate in as sample might have been murdered jamal khashoggi who wrote articles critical of the crown prince mohammed bin salmond hasn't been heard from since visiting the embassy on chews day. the u.s. senate has confirmed president nominee brett kavanaugh by fifty votes to forty eight it follows thirty hours of intense debate for and against the candidate who is subject to an f.b.i. investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by three women and authorities in the indonesian city of fallujah reportedly considering calling off the search for those killed by last week's earthquake and tsunami as hope fades of finding any survivors the death toll now stands at more than sixteen hundred. or in
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all the stories of following at least fifty people have been killed in one hundred others have suffered serious burns when a fuel tanker collided with a vehicle in the democratic republic of congo it happened near the town of kazan too close to the capital kinshasa roads in the central african nation and a tory a c. bad after years of war and neglect many villages have rushed to the scene to collect leaking fuel. meanwhile a ban on traveling by road rail in areas come into force in cameroon ahead of presidential elections there on sunday country's been rocked by a violent uprising by allophone separatists who threaten to disrupt the vote the separate is what the english speaking ne in southwest regions to be independent from the french speaking part of the country protests two years ago in the english speaking regions against marginalisation by majority french speakers turned deadly when the government launched a crackdown a heavy handed response by francophone president paul bia sparked an armed uprising
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by separatists more than four hundred people have been killed and more than two hundred thousand displaced the eighty five year old president has been in power for thirty six he is he's up against eight other candidates but as morgan now reports from the capital the opposition seems too divided to defeat him. but. one of the final rallies before polls open for some this presidential election opposition candidate joshua oshie is trying to gain more support to help replace president who has been in power since the one nine hundred eighty to who she is promising to tackle the major challenge of corruption card says saunders since last thirty six years of suffering its thirty six years too long thirty six years as an entire life don't let them know you when they say there is no money up there is a lot of money that is either poorly managed or stolen board and we will stop this sunday's presidential election will be the seventh since cameroon gain independence from france in one nine hundred sixteen and paul bia has run in all of them the
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eighty five year old is the oldest president in africa critics call him the absentee president because he's often out of the country has been accused of manipulating results in previous elections to retain power and he's accused of keeping a centralized system of governance that's resulted in a campaign by india speaking cameroonians for secession from the french speaking dominated government in his only campaign rally the president promised to crush the secessionist campaign. if he wins again. i don't we see still have to restore peace in the northwest and southwest regions which have been bruised by the abuses of the suspicions and give both regions all the satisfaction they're entitled to expect particularly them against the excesses of their so-called liberations one of the mine presidential candidates withdrew from the race two days before voting and to corruption lawyer a kerry moore now wants his supporters to vote for this man maurice come to leader of the opposition cameroon renaissance movement or m.r.c. president paul b.
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it will extend his thirty six yr rule over cameron well over seventy years if he wins opposition parties they will consider the elections rigs if that's happened and there's concerns of violence following election results despite several attempts to form a solid coalition against president beyond the opposition is divided some analysts see the division will make it difficult to see the president it's very difficult for them to be able to win in front of president be because he has been there for six years and many come or noons. we've. been if tired of the fact that he has been president for just. some opposition supporters appear confident of victory the election may be the start of a new era for cameroon or seven more years of what voters already know he will morgan al-jazeera. now to brazil where the far right presidential candidate jabil
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scenario has widened his lead over his left wing rival fernando had died head of sunday's vote according to a new poll could secure enough votes to avoid a runoff later this month but left wing activists are trying to unite to deny him a first round victory tour isabeau went along to an anti paulson are a rally. we're here in the city also polo where hundreds of people have gathered to protest against the possibility that jaded voice and i will become president next precedent they're asking those four and decided to vote for anyone except came here is the out who started this man had to tell him because it's. sexist. it's like the new hitler in the twenty first century what does it mean if president elect him president it means that. he. is a. nazi. take because if
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you look at it. it is sexist and. homophobic. places to say that we're able to get others to. marry mark. the last day of campaigning here in britain so. kate and i don't waiting around fifteen countries. the workers' party is expected to win in iraq seven. minutes appealed to me to go to the set for the film that's where you and a few of the story will come from in order to appeal to his voters to vote for him in this election even though that out of popularity has increased in recent days it may not be enough for him to win in the first round. now in india at least twenty three endangered asiatic lions have been killed by a red wire service
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a pos month the animals died from canine distemper virus and gear forest in india's drought state where the last remaining species live india's government is being urged to take immediate steps to save the remaining animals about the lions being kept in isolation while they undergo tests. remains of started two days of voting on whether to change the constitution to ban same sex marriage the vote has raised concerns that nontraditional families will be discriminated against the conservative group initiated the referendum in the influential remaining orthodox church is backing it saying it protects the status of the quote traditional family . here british street artist banksy is shocked the art world by seemingly destroying his own painting all while boasting about it on instagram quoting because banks he wrote about the urge to destroy being a creative one are sharing a video of his girl with a balloon piece being shredded by a secret device built into the frame and even barber has more. good move
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was. the crowd at london auctioneers suburbs can't believe what's just happened a work by banks has just been sold for one point three million dollars but at the same time a device inside the picture frame has partially shredded it leaving some but used others in it i think it's the thing we need this kind of shape and. it shakes the whole thing in the rebuilding is you know we thought you know both of the. stories for the notes you. this is what gill with blue used to look like she first appeared on a wall in east london but this gallery version was a canvas mounted on a board so the bees say the successful phone better was surprised by the story and they're in discussion about the next steps but experts say thanks to the stunt the pictures market value has already shot up. banksy who hides his identity started out small scale in the city of bristol but has since gone worldwide from this probe
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refugees piece in cali featuring apple co-founder steve jobs to this art hotel in the occupied west bank. and last year two images appeared near london's barbican cultural complex then are protected behind a film of plastic bank fees were inspired by the workers. who had an exhibition here at the barbecue but there's also a bit of politics you can read say no to street art banksy claiming that the institution was generally more keen to get rid of graffiti in the area you can still see small rodents like this done by banksy at various spots around the capital some people might smell a rat with the latest stunt perhaps it's what banks he's always been about staying in the spotlight while keeping everyone guessing. al-jazeera london joining me now is that an art critic and an art history lecturer at the hampstead school of art here in london thanks very much for coming to speak to us so why do this. it just
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brings so much attention to banksy again and it's a surprise and he likes to surprise us and he's always got his finger on the pulse and i don't think it's just a matter of him having an opinion about the art world the anti establishment of the art world it's also about him having a go at politics you know people are talking about what's going on in washington with russia and shredders and information being withheld and i think he's having a poke at world wide politics as well and he also drew some parallels on instagram he was speaking about a car and talking about this this to destroy here but by destroying your so creating so you're quite right relating about to because so one of the greatest artists of our time so he's also raising himself up to that great level but everyone recognizes this image of the girl with the red balloon the red hot chip balloon worldwide and to see it being half shredded it's like you know as the gavel
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dropped so did people's jaws and why and we can see the reaction there in the room as well and as you say this is an image that will resonate with people everywhere why but just tell us more about why you would he would select this particular piece of work all shining well if you know there's stories that actually perhaps are the bees had it for a few years and they decided to sell it now so maybe it wasn't really anything to do with him but also those stories that he had this frame made a few years ago with the shredder at the bottom but then people are saying will with this with the mechanics of it and the metal properties at the bottom of the frame how come it went through security there's all sorts of unknown stories to be answered it could have been part of this or it was it was a. banksy i think it was pure and down to banksy. but he's so clever you know what
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it got one point two one point three million three but but it's worth double that now and this is the only one and the only time that it will be done nobody other artists who will mimic him and try to copy cat cats him but it's been done now and he has changed not just the course of our history and giving extra value to a piece of art that's been destroyed so ordinarily you think it would have a value it's doubled in value but also he's changed now the rules for auction houses what the sub the beast do now does the sale go through will the buy a pullout not if he's clever because he'll double his money and that's what people love about banksy is that element of unpredictability and perhaps the message that lies in there in his work at a time when there seems to be so much well mess and chaos everywhere in the world what can we expect from him going forward that we have no idea what i mean that's
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that's what's wonderful about banksy you know lord knows what he'll do next but it will be another amazing stunt yeah hopefully not shredding too much more of his work expensive isn't it thank you very much. the renowned opera singer by with freddie mercury became the anthem for the one thousand nine hundred boss alona lympics has died at the age of eighty five. the superman i was admitted to hospital in barcelona last month and died early on saturday morning she'd been ill health for a number of years international singing korea spanned almost six decades by mercury's jet introduced her to a new generation of fans. so i have for you on the program they are. songs of change of thousands street performers converge on new york's famous high
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line for a unique performance. i'm done you fly marine one of the one thousand nine hundred ninety nine young women i meet a good number of young men from around the world look out for the olympic games there are one thousand two hundred fifty medals in thirty two sports up for grabs the sun the shining the games comments. the nobel committee has announced the joint with this year's peace prize. and now to move. to syria has been granted exclusive international rights to interview the winners after the award ceremony here in oslo in december the nobel interview on al-jazeera. in nigeria life you see beats. and boy is one of the.


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