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lives possibly in danger and while the aquarius is stuck here in the port of mass say they can't help it it's disheartening to see that. loss of life that seem and humanitarian crisis are not at the forefront of european politicians priorities and that's something that we call on our european countries to take into account fifteen thousand people have drowned in the mediterranean in the past four years most have been searching desperately for many other people take for granted a safe place to call home somewhere to build a life unless the aquarius is given new registration documents to sail soon the crew fear that many more lives will be needlessly lost partner al jazeera say. romanians have begun two days of voting on whether to change the constitution to ban same sex marriage in the photos raise concerns that nontraditional families would be discriminated against a conservative group initiated the referendum and then the influential romanian
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orthodox church backed it up saying it protects the status of the traditional family nearly three and a half million bosnians are expected to vote on sunday in elections that are being seen as a test of the country's unity. and herzegovina government highly complex structure divided along ethnic lines that mirror a fragmented population david chase or explains the bosnian muslim village or pop group was within sniper range of the front line jury in the war of the early ninety's the scars and memories from those days still hold to it. they have a simple message for the politicians standing in these elections you've been lying to us for years no party is welcome in. comedy a solo act was distilling plum brandy with friends when we came to talk to him. he said he was looking for a job in germany young people are deserted villages like his forty percent of them
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are unemployed nationwide with that but if we run it today twenty three years after the war we are still inexplicably isolated we are forgotten like we're in the middle of nowhere the whole village is indignant and the sewage system is breaking down and they get all their water from pipes coated with asbestos. time and again they've been promised new roads if they'd all been fulfilled these dirt tracks would now be a metre thick in concrete. distrust in the whole political process here is now at a record high seven out of every ten registered voters believe these elections will be neither free nor fair bosnia's political system is one of the most complex anywhere in the world it ended the war but virtually guaranteed a failing state there are a dizzying array of candidates bosnian croat and serb one hundred twenty eight
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political entities fifty three parties and thirty six coalitions that all levels of government the process has been hijacked by political parties is controlled by the political parties and even those that are going to institution that are supposed to ensure that there is an integrity in the whole process are largely under control of political parties and to complicate matters even more the leader of the serbian entity inside the country is actually calling for its independence citing the heritage of the convicted a war criminal rather than carriage. we also must not fail our first leaders starting with mr courage who believed he and the people he led needs to build republika srpska to be an independent country election monitors in sarajevo say they have observed a record number of irregularities including bribes blackmail and threats to voters they described the situation as chaotic. failure to update polling records also
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means the dead will again be rising from their graves to vote whoever wins the people say they will lose again david chaytor al jazeera sorry a verb. now the british street artist banksy has stunned the art world with a daring act of self destruction not him but one of his best known pieces which was sold at auction and then the name babel explain the rest of your movie what was. the crowd at london auctioneers suburbs can't believe what's just happened at work by banks is just being sold for one point three million dollars but at the same time a device inside the picture frame has partially shredded it leaving some but mused others in full i think. we need this kind of shake. it shakes the whole thing in the middle because you know we talking about it and.
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storing for the notes you know. this is what gill with blue used to look like she first appeared on a wall in east london but this gallery version was a countess mounted on a board so the bees say the successful phone but i was surprised by the story and they're in discussion about the next steps but experts say thanks to the stunt the pictures market value has already shot up. banksy who hides his identity started out small scale in the city of bristol but has since gone worldwide from this probe refugees piece in cali featuring apple co-founder steve jobs to this art hotel in the occupied west bank. and last year two images appeared near london's barbican cultural complex then are protected behind a film of plastic. were inspired by the work. who had an exhibition here at the barbecue but there's also a bit of politics you can read so you know to street. claiming that the institution was generally more keen to get rid of graffiti in the area you can still see small
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rodents like this done by banksy at various spots around the capital some people might smell a rats with the latest stunt perhaps it's what banks he's always been about staying in the spotlight while keeping everyone guessing the zero. who's duet with freddie mercury became the anthem of the one thousand nine hundred sixty. five. last month and on saturday morning. it helped introduce her to a whole new generation of fans. still ahead on this. one thousand nine hundred ninety nine young women number of young men from around the world. games they're one thousand two hundred fifty. four.
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the sun is shining and the game's going to. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and we pointed out a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it
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united nations these people are deployed anti-riot. we are challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. where back with their support because paul writes. thank you very much we start in the english premier league where talk of joe is a marine being sacked may be dying down for now at the least it wasn't initially looking good for him on saturday against newcastle united the visitors so kates who no lead inside the first ten minutes. rallied in the final twenty minutes.
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levelled the score before alexis sanchez won it for the hosts in the ninetieth minutes i don't want that you find a good. home city. scene. this is not about. the food booklet of the season but the global love and the season we use and. all that on the old dignity the pressure is increasing on real madrid boss you lot to take down one stoppage time one of my money has it's now four games without a win for. cristiana rinaldo has put the right publications he's facing behind him for the moment he helped events us to an eight straight syria victory on saturday we're up against the portuguese scored their second goal and it's you know when when all that has been accused by american catherine biochar of raping her in las
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vegas in two thousand and nine he denies the allegations. the opening ceremony of the youth olympics is taking place in the audience time capsule when a series is the third some addition of the games which has previously showcased sports the one to be added to the main olympic program correspondent daniel is in the capsule for us. but i think exactly right who brazil rio de janeiro for enthusiasm this is obviously a much lower scale event the probably the first major international school to go but i think the argentina has hosted since the one thousand seventy eight world cup so they're very excited this thousands of people flocking here to the center of cyrus you know slightly chilly evening here they're very excited about it certainly there are venues all over one osiris most of. have been adapted from existing venues where the two new venues being built where they're trying to keep its baby lowkey to try to incorporate the bad news that they've already got into the games
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and to try to make the games as inclusive as they possibly can to the whole population to study rivaling rio in some ways that tried to make them very much their own games as well. weare now just hours away from the big qana mcgregor verse is a gold medal fight both fighters made white ahead of their huge u.f.c. title fight in las vegas mcgregor is a former to weight champion but he's the challenger for this one so he stepped onto the scales first and he came in comfortably inside the seventy point three kilos limit. that was happy to turn the light weight champion has struggled to make weight in the past but he hit the limits exactly and that means the fight is now official. they nearly started fighting on stage during the faceoff but their entourages managed to keep them apart it's said to be the most watch mixed martial arts fight in history with a predicted three million pay per view says subscribers. i want to thank you.
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but you know ways around the world because of you guys these why. not know you love god and your own. now most of the pre-fight attention has been focused on mcgregor but what we know about cubbie bwelle he was born in the mountain village of silty in dagestan in one thousand nine hundred eight the region was played by fighting after the collapse of the soviet union but his father set up a gym in the ground floor of the house and put on his older brother on a strict training regime to day all over douglas town people can sell a copy by legend and are backing him to beat mcgregor yeah i mean. of course i'm always for copying is like a home person for us i'm now waiting for the american backing. if copied
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looses i will have to cry for. if you should move to her we were going to do a little i personally think that habib will tear him up but mcgregor is also strong he has been performing for many years the fight will of course be interesting. here at school i tell the children they need the english language knows that it was useful to him even in battle you need english. fifty for being there with this victory we will also make a gift from ourselves we will call the school in honor of habib after all he is such a famous person and the school at the moment is simply called general education the school that we have to name it in his honor or meanwhile a championship belt has been fought for and defended in boxing iran details of mexico was trying to take the w.b.c. superfly white title of thailand's saw. it when the distance the tight fights retaining his belt in bangkok on a unanimous decision. world champions new zealand have signed off their rugby
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championship campaign on a high note beating that old rival south africa in pretoria after a tense first half the springboks established a thirty thirteen lead but in the final fifteen the all blacks showed their class came fighting back to win it thirty two thirty with the last play of the game coming into this much the kiwis had already won this year's competition the third in a row that is always sport and i will have more later on. and that is it for this news hour back with another bulletin of news fear in just a moment so. what makes this moment this give we're live in for so unique. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid motley plausible that is
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a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or near the light so. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight up here is the two state solution no bid up from britain's on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. here are fluent in world news. in major life you see bede's hot. on the fretboard is one of his writes i do not to know all they need to do just that is followed. by nigeria is sucked up
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by nigeria is your development manager is there cities this is my nigeria. my nigerian on al-jazeera. i mean this is different not that whether someone is going for someone's favorite spot a weenie tree i think it's how you approach an official and if it is a certain way of doing it it's a conscious. story and try out. sources tell al-jazeera the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi may have been murdered in the kingdom's consulate. in johannesburg one on come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as the u.s.
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supreme court justice after a deeply divided senate confirmed his a point it's. also not him protests in brazil against the far right from trying to go ahead of sunday's presidential elections all about plus. i'm andrew thomas in the village a bit because roads out the polish city in indonesia we just flown in on the first helicopter to reach this remote village bringing in eight people here is desperately needed. so sources have told al-jazeera the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi may have been murdered inside his country's consulate in istanbul turkish prosecutors a widening their investigation into his disappearance after a group of saudi officials flew into istanbul and visited the consulate on the day shoji went missing he was last seen entering the building on tuesday however the
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reuters news agency says a source at saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul is denying the reports because she was killed at the cones that's the latest now from jamal shale he is in istanbul. talker's occurs officials are now dealing with the case of demand such oshie as a murder investigation late on saturday they had said that they had information that fifteen saudi nationals amongst them officials had flown in on tuesday on two separate flights had gone to the consulate the same time that such ill she was there and then they had left still now there has been no disclosure of the whereabouts of his body however we do understand that a funeral will take place in the coming two or three days or whether that's going to be a funeral with. body president or whether it will be a symbolic one we'll wait and see on sunday president rajab tehran is expected to address this topic for the first time and we are expecting as one source told me
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a very strong quote unquote response from turkey with regards to this front on their sovereignty essentially a crime taking place inside turkey by foreign nationals with what would seem to be impunity and i think our would not want that to go away unchallenged obviously it is very challenging for the turks because they do enjoy strong diplomatic relationships with saudi arabia that is one of the reasons why turkish officials did not comment right away off to the disappearance of kushal g what i understand from speaking to several of them that they were exhausting all diplomatic methods to try and find some sort of way out of this crisis but in light of or rather in the absence of any reciprocity or goodwill from riyadh it seems that they are going to disclose everything that also falls in line with information that al jazeera has that there will be within the next day or so or video material and other evidence being disclosed by turkish security officials which will show how for the show the
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details of the assassination of the crime that has been committed so as far as obviously the case of this saudi journalists concern it is extremely sad news that he has been killed and aside from that there is obviously also a lot of concern with regards to the diplomatic fallout that's will undoubtedly ensue. we're just going to have a look back at the circumstances surrounding the journalist disappearance jamal khashoggi last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul around one pm on tuesday trying to secure paperwork so he could marry his fiance who was waiting outside on friday turkey's foreign ministry summoned saudi arabia's ambassador to ankara over his disappearance and later that day the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman said of florida's would allow turkey to search its consulate in fact saudi arabia invited a group of journalists into the stoneville mission on saturday trying to show was not on the premises turkey meanwhile has announced it will release c.c.t.v.
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evidence in its possession within forty eight hours if an explanation from saudi arabia isn't forth coming so let's talk to ryan graham now about this he's in washington d.c. the d.c. bureau chief in fact of the online publication the intercept. the escalation ryan seems to be quite extraordinary here it's quite one thing to have a journalist disappear but now if these reports are to be believed this is quite extraordinary. right there are a couple elements that that make this awfully extraordinary and one is that you know jamal khashoggi was known to so many people in the world of journalism and you know the rise of mama didn't sound and has been characterized particularly in the united states with an ability to manipulate the american press and so to then assassinate a washington post columnist you know it cuts directly against this is
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a virginia resident somebody currently residing in the united states to be killed then in a separate country a different ally in turkey and so you so you have you know you've you've kind of attacked journalism the united states and turkey all at the same time so to what degree do you think then would if it's confirmed would the united states intervene because we know that the united states donald trump in particular has a very cozy relationship with saudi arabia at the moment. so there are two different. you know there are multiple factions within the united states that matter it is possible that for somebody like jared cushion or that this is a that this is a bridge too far you know you've already seen people like thomas friedman who are one of the. biggest promoters of in sound and in in washington in new york you know
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calling on him calling on him to release his friend now that you know if it's confirmed that he's been assassinated you that relationship is finished and so as that relationship was severed the relationship with your questioner is frayed and if he doesn't have that then he loses a lot of his ties to donald trump now the structural relationship between trump and the saudis is still there whatever financial relationship might be there as is still there and the joint admiration for joe just a lot of strength would remain but there are also in this country democrats and we're having an election here in zero in november and democrats are already condemning if true the assassination. that took place on tuesday and when they are in power they will have significant influence over united states policy towards saudi arabia so a a strategy of linking up soley with one person donald trump is not a is not
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a long term active strategy spoken to a number of guests in the past few hours ryan who knew jamal khashoggi to varying degrees one of them had known him for thirty years in fact what was your relationship with him how well did you know what did you what did you make of his work. you know i had meyers work you know i've known him i guess for about the last year he's only been in the united states. since last since last fall so i haven't had a chance to get to know him terribly well personally. and it appears that i won't get that chance if it's true what what happened in the in the consulate on on tuesday but he was you know he was he was he was well respected and and you know well known among people in washington that that write about foreign policy and and he was also somebody you know he's often described as a dissident. but but you know he he wasn't somebody who was always critical of
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saudi arabia you could tell that he he loved his country and he saw you know the writing that he was doing and what he and what he was doing in washington as to the benefit of saudi arabia he thought that it was constructive you thought that he was providing constructive criticism and that's and that's similar to been salomon's approach to a number of critics who agree with him on most issues but might have some some differences on an on on some tactics and and they're you know they're in prison they're tortured and they're assassinated and then so these these are not genuine and these are not genuine enemies though they're treated like they are yet you know the first fifty say that he's not necessarily a dissident just a journalist ron graham actually there's no such thing as just a journalist i shouldn't say that ron graham thank you so much for your time to appreciate that thank you. now we're moving on brett kavanaugh president trump's
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supreme court pick has been sworn in after a contentious senate vote senators spent more than thirty hours giving their final testimonies for and against the nominee who'd been accused of sexual assault as mike hanna reports from washington d.c. kavanagh's appointment cements a five four conservative majority in the court for years perhaps decades. britta kavanagh has been sworn in as a supreme court justice off to successfully going through the nomination process the clerk will call the roll xander but earlier the focus was interrupted repeatedly by shouts from the public gallery sergeant in arms will restore order in the gallery an indication of the deep division within and without the senate chamber. kavanagh's and tire performance of the debate that lasted through the night only one democrat voted in favor one republican opposed nomination a vote to confirm judge kavanaugh today is about to worry dark chapter and the
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threat of history and turn the page toward a brighter tomorrow the confirmation passed by a narrow to vote much in the nomination of brit m. cavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed i i i i i throughout the day protesters gathered outside the supreme court the vast majority deeply opposed to the appointment of brett kavanaugh and feel the impact he will have on the court the supreme court is critical to our democracy they make choices that impact our lives our futures and our children's eyes we are not going to say here and just lie down and let this country metion get us down we're going to get right back up keep fighting and get that change that we want even if it's not president trump those saw a different picture of the gathering the tweet before the vote was taken womenfolk of annoy and many others who support the very good man are gathering all over
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capitol hill it's a beautiful thing to see he continues and they are not paid professional protesters who are handed expensive signs big day for america this bitter nomination process could have a major impact on the midterm elections that take place next month an opportunity. for democrats to call back a majority in both the house and the senate. but even this would not change a simple stark fact with this second successful confirmation president trump has pushed the center of the court firmly to the right by kana al-jazeera washington. president speaking at a rally in kansas about cavanagh's confirmation. i'm just a few hours ago the u.s. senate confirmed judges.


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