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we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. turkey's president challenges saudi arabia to prove that missing journalist jamal khashoggi left the consulate in istanbul. and lauren taylor this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. scientists give their strongest warning about climate control so far make drastic changes now or face disastrous global consequences. is being called racist and homophobic the leader of brazil's far right movement is one step closer to becoming
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the country's next president. one child's cry for help is heard but the fight continues to save the thousands still starving in yemen . hello turkey's president has challenged saudi arabia to prove that journalist jamal khashoggi left the consulate in istanbul last tuesday richard says turkish officials are looking into casualties disappearance very he was murdered inside the building saudi arabia insists it has nothing to hide. reports from istanbul. almost a week has passed since she went missing and still no evidence has emerged of what has happened to him turkey's foreign ministry summon the saudi ambassador on monday for the second time and police formally requested permission to search the saudi
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consulates in istanbul speaking from budapest president. called on saudi authorities to release information on jamal's fate but. consulate officials cannot save themselves by saying that he left the building don't you have cameras if he left you have to prove it with footage of those who asked turkish authorities where he is should ask what happened to them. she was last seen entering this six story building last tuesday saudi diplomats there insists he left shortly after his fiance waiting outside sees she hasn't seen him since when asked about the consulate surveillance system the saudi consul general said the cameras didn't record so there's no video of casualty entering or leaving turkish security sources have said they're dealing with a murder investigation after concluding that special jihad almost certainly being killed inside the saudi diplomatic mission president or one had told reporters that he was personally following the case but there's been a notable silence from saudi arabia's and eyes news of the united states the
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european union or the united kingdom have publicly put any pressure on the riad ali the united nations however has spoken out if it's proven. and it does seem at this point that this is what the turkish government believes that jamal khashoggi was murdered in the saudi consulate than at the very least i think i i would like to see the international community imposing some consequences on this brutal brutal act journalists gathered again on monday outside the saudi mission in istanbul in solidarity with their missing colleague and to denounce the saudi government if i thought that's a great find of the. take way out of this crisis then the continued refusal by saudi arabia to cooperate or to the disclose of any information that would lead to subtrees whereabouts or well being is fast proving them wrong. to stumble at
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the disappearance of jamal khashoggi is shining a light on the growing risks involved in journalism around the world the past two years have seen a string of high profile journalists murdered of course. victoria marin over looks like the latest grim statistic in the dangerous world of journalism her body discovered in a bulgarian town where she was investigating the corrupt misuse of european union funds she joins the likes of daphne carolina blown up near her home in a car bomb john ku's yak shot dead outside his home in slovakia and if turkey is right jamal khashoggi allegedly murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul all of the reporters intent on exposing abuses he was silenced when impunity runs that over ninety percent most people think it's it's likely they'll get away with killing a journalist and what often happens is maybe the killer gets core but the intellectual mastermind the person who planned it the person who paid for it the person who
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instructed it they get away scot free and indeed many of them become political leaders in different countries around the world or certainly people with a high up in business or high up in corporations. globally mexico remains the most dangerous place in the world to report from followed by all the countries in the middle east and asia where war has made journalists likely to be targeted in the same way as enemy fighters in fact the number of reporters dying has actually dropped since a peak two years ago but only because reporters are simply stopped going to places deemed too high risk of course there are some journalists who only plan flight routes they don't fly in airspace is of for example countries in the arab world if they're flying for example it's east asia they will fly by finland they will avoid at all costs any airspace whereby an airline will be ordered by government to land this is the journalist and they kidnapped in a few days ago i called the fake is the enemy of the people and they are it isn't
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much of a surprise that there's been virtually no international response to the bizarre disappearance of jamal khashoggi when any number of world leaders in the u.s. and elsewhere claim journalists are the enemy of the people. not only is there a dwindling political defensive free reporting but increasingly an apparent acceptance that digging for stories may result in physical harm. in the end it's about democracy or whether it matters. lawrence lee al-jazeera. time is running out the world's leading climate scientists are warning of an environmental catastrophe unless urgent action is taken to tackle global warming a nobel prize winning intergovernmental panel on climate change says warming needs to be capped at one and a half degrees celsius but as it currently stands the world is set to pass this
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mark by as early as twenty thirty years when rising sea levels with up to ten million more people exposed to the risks of flooding and you can say goodbye to coral reefs which we wiped out but also mean more heat waves with four hundred twenty million more people affected the ability to grow vital crops such as rice wheat and maize would be hit many more food shortages so what can people do to make a difference or some to suggest simple things such as buying less meat in a few a dairy products and choosing locally sourced food using public transport and driving electric cars would also make a big difference and taking fewer planes for business travel but even barber has our report the threats been clear and present for many years climate change caused by human activity is putting our very survival in peril now the un's climate change body says concerted action needs to come much sooner than previously thought early action to eliminate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions it's possible they are
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options available there are signs that mitigation is going on but if this is to be achieved there's an urgent need to accelerate. three years ago at the paris climate change conference many governments gave themselves a pat on the back they pledged to take action to limit temperature rises to one point five degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels now the experts say they're failing and time is running out the i.p.c.c. says meeting that one point five degrees target requires a forty five percent cut in carbon emissions by twenty thirty and alarmingly zero net carbon emissions by twenty fifty with steep cuts in other greenhouse gases like methane it's a question of whether we can make certain decisions in the coming years with the benefit of fisheries going to be our children and grandchildren and the. coming generations the i.p.c.c. says by the end of this century global sea level rises would be ten centimeters lower with warming of one point five degrees compared to two degrees and the arctic
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is likely to be ice free in summer around once a century at one point five degrees but at least once a decade if warming reaches two degrees none of this is academic faster action will reduce flooding giving people living on the world's coasts islands and river deltas time to adapt to climate change then there are the millions affected by drought many on the african continent we need to look at climate finance and strategies that ensure that we sort of speed up climate climate action related to issues like our culture our food security livelihoods and migrations and that's because migrations and migration is no longer a choice for lots of people in the continent it is now in moscow because of global warming the i.p.c.c. report says renewable energy must account for at least seventy percent of electricity by twenty fifty compared with twenty five percent now to stay within the one point five degree limit carbon will have to be sucked out of the air by
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machines installed on the ground and billions of trees will have to be planted and they'll be tough choices between using land for food or for biofuel crops we've been shown the solutions now it's over to our politicians and to us letting barbara al-jazeera. brazil's far right candidate. is celebrating his success in sunday's presidential election where he gained forty six percent of votes he says he'll stick to his tough talk when campaigning for the runoff later this month and has already begun to talk hold talks with other lawmakers in congress about forming a coalition government to his abode joins us live now from sao paolo to his house sunday's result be received. well brazil is a polarized country a divided country and that's evident on the streets and on reaction about sunday's results on one side there are those who would do anything possible so that the
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workers' party will never make it to power again especially after the corruption scandal in this country the car wash operation bad i have many many people here angry on the other side there are those who will do anything or vote for anyone that won't allow a person like vote or not go to become brazil's next president many are fearing for brazil's democracy but on the other side are the markets and this is a not a surprise his whole brazilian reality soaring stock exchange's up especially after o'donnell has announced that his financial advisor as a liberal economist from kabul university also matter has already said that to many of his policies will include privatizing state owned companies to reducing the press and self the state in the economy mohmed other very liberal measures and obviously the markets seem to be liking that very much and bear in mind the gap what can one hundred do to try to turn this around. well it's
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going to be a difficult fight for for a man to adopt in the next three weeks there's seventeen point difference between both candidates and the campaign has already started today with that number that visiting former president lula da silva in prison we're hearing that he's trying or he's announcing that he's going to distance him. well formed the former president a bit and be more independent this is what's being suggested that he's going to move towards the center in order to convince those who do not like the workers' party who do not like the corruption that happened while the corruption while the workers' party was in power to vote for him also had that has been a very clear message that is that that he's fighting for democracy defending democracy that the next election is about brazilian democracy and he's already started to talk to some candidates like for example who came in third. in others so that they would could move in his voters to vote for him tears of of thank you very
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much indeed. there is still ahead. nationalist who wants to break up bosnia herzegovina is set to take power after sunday's election. we have an exclusive report on the drought in afghanistan that's forced more than three million people to flee their homes. how they were about half way through continuous rain in highland scotland from the massive cloud above my head that could leave a thing up to about two hundred millimeters of rain possibly maybe more than that it's ridiculous right but it's falling of the last not the most active weather in your part from the few showers down here in the west and that rain which will carry all next twenty four hours if anything maybe conglomerated and then start to feed themselves back up through march say that's where the rain valley and give
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a line of right through western fronts and that is an indication of increasing wants to southerly wind twenty five in paris twenty two in london all this time i've been standing over what's effectively a quiet part of europe central and eastern europe and right up through scandinavia and she quite warm again seventeen in stockholm now of course lends itself to similar sort of split around the mediterranean western side means plenty of showers at least some cheese day for morocco possibly for tunisia they've just been north as tensions start to rise it is still a fair amount of cloud to be felt here and without too much the breeze elsewhere i was talking about high twenty's to tripoli benghazi city one in cairo otherwise apart from the clouds a dry and quiet environment throughout north africa. the consequence of more i'm not sure exactly rochelle's he served in the marine corps
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for nine hundred eighty nine hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. a little out of true for the last couple years. his home was al-jazeera follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. on al-jazeera. on one of the top stories here. turkey's president has challenged saudi arabia to prove the journalist jamal khashoggi left the consulate in istanbul last tuesday
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turkish officials believe the journalist was murdered inside the building saudi arabia denies these allegations. the world's leading climate scientists are warning of an environmental catastrophe and less urgent action is taken to tackle global warming they say rise above one and a half degrees celsius will lead to millions of people being affected by flooding heat waves and food shortages. far right candidate has won the first round of brazil's presidential election taking forty six percent of the vote he says he'll stick to the tough rhetoric in campaigning the runoff vote on october twenty eighth . a certain nationalists who want to break up bosnia-herzegovina has won a seat in the presidency in sunday's elections the office must contain one one bosniak and one crow at each holds the rotating position for eight months it's a legacy of the dayton peace agreement that brought an end to three years of war in the one nine hundred ninety s. they betrayed two reports from sarajevo. the night sky above sarajevo was lit up by
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fireworks and the streets filled with the sound of celebrations as bosniak and croats welcome to day a new president. but in the serbian capital a band you luko. welcomed his own ascension to the stage of international politics by singing a popular love song. in the cold light of day though the realisation was sinking in that a serbian nationalist who wants to break out of bosnia herzegovina will be the first of the rotating presidents to be in power. at the seminar i really don't know if i can even bear to see the name of dr but i think kate is coming to power so that's another four years of misery and poverty without jobs pensioners are abandoned without anything i mean it's a catastrophe. has promised the serbian entity of republika srpska will break away from bosnia herzegovina he's also said on his first day in office he'll write
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a letter to president donald trump to demand the abolition of the office of the high representative it's a key part of the dayton accords which brought an end to the bosnian war and is meant to protect the country's constitution. in a break with tradition miller ad the door dick will talk to his fellow members of the presidential council here in the eastern suburb the so dominated suburb of sarajevo and he'll do it by video link. in sarajevo a scottish artist and photographer opened this exhibition on the eve of the polish it's made up of old election posters he called it disintegration he first came to the city in one thousand nine hundred ninety five as the war was about to end and i think what we've ended up with in the country is this sort of cycle of provocation going on it's not progress on is not growing a country from. some political analysts say bit by bit the new serbian president
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appears intent on demolishing the institutions of the country refurbishing the facade outside parliament these masons may be wasting their time david chaytor al-jazeera sarajevo the un is appealing for seventy million dollars in aid to help combat a severe drought in northwestern afghanistan there's been no rain for months and crops have failed three million people have been forced to leave their homes with many now living in makeshift camps to anybody who has been to one of the worst hit areas the province of but case. in the barren in the hospitable terrain of northwestern afghanistan life is a challenge at the best of times but the drought that is so obvious this region has made survival even more difficult in the meadow about the when they met them about we haven't had rain here for nine months it's devastated our community. but luis province is said to be one of the worst affected in the district of cali nor more
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than one hundred twenty thousand people have arrived in this one area the lack of water cause their crops to fail so they abandon their homes in villages muhammad his wife and four children walked eight hours in search of water and i should not not british and here we had nothing we couldn't stay near to man and it was hard that we had in our child's. u.n. agencies are bringing in supplies but so many people are arriving at the camp they can't keep pace with the demand. the number is much much bigger than we expected and there are sources we have is even much less than what we expected so a woman talent is actually to get the necessary resources to the scale of the response the un raised more than one hundred thirty two million dollars to tackle the emergency but that was based on estimations made months ago now the number of displaced people has swelled to more than three million and another seventy million dollars at least is needed this emergency is now into its fifth month and still
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these people are not receiving the humanitarian aid they desperately need a cold winter is approaching and that will make a critical situation even worse unless help comes quickly so you can see from some of the shelter around when people are basically. out in the open that's fine when it's twenty eight twenty nine degrees centigrade during the day and only. fifteen at night but soon temperatures will be subzero here and people will die. phones could take weeks to get through and the pull of this camp don't have decent shelter sufficient food or time. many children are showing signs of acute and moderate malnutrition winter is just a few weeks away these basic shelters will offer little protection in temperatures which can drop to as low as minus ten degrees and many people complain that the afghan government has done. little to help but the local government says the huge number of displaced people is putting
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a strain on resources. my didn't but we are giving one million liters of water a day and our water table has dropped to thirty meters at this rate we will have no water within six months the international agencies need to get people back to their homes and feed and water them there in an area with significant taliban presence that plan depends on money and security no one can promise either for now the struggle for survival for drought victims goes on tony berkeley al jazeera but greece province northwest afghanistan hundreds of thousands of children in war torn yemen remain on the brink of famine two weeks ago we reported on two year old son his parents in the who controlled north couldn't afford to take him to the capital sanaa for treatment he is not getting the care he needs after a report was seen by the hooty health minister better smith reports from neighboring djibouti. he's just skin and bone some have son is two years old
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he should be walking by now he has severe acute malnutrition and a range of related complications after million children in yemen earn a similar condition to bassam as a consequence of the war now into its fourth year between the yemeni government backed by the saudi and erotic coalition and who the rebels some of them has long we can't ignore the siege and they're. just silence on our airports i mean under part of the day they're full and that led to their suffering from malnutrition. who the administration's health minister saw some store in al jazeera two weeks ago and ordered his rescue from northern yemen. and he was brought to the capital sanaa for treatment along with five other children condition might improve or he may need more specialist treatment outside yemen and that is where the health minister is influenced and it's. santa airport is closed to all but a handful of u.n. flights the saudi u.a.e.
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led coalition battling the who these shut down yemeni air space. over the legacy of the closure of the airport is a crime a basic rate of yemeni citizen in patients according to this that this text file them either by the ministry of health there are more than thirteen thousand five hundred dead the patients that could have traveled abroad for treatment yet there are more than ninety five thousand patients that need to travel for medical treatment the un's special envoy to yemen martin griffis told al jazeera on september the twenty seventh that he looked forward to announcing the reopening of some airport next week well into the second week of october and the airport remains closed bernard smith al-jazeera djibouti. forces in libya have captured in our kind of command accused of masterminding a series of attacks in egypt it was apprehended in a raid by the libyan national army in the eastern town of downer the l n a is led by general hurley for have to be backed by egypt
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a former officer with egypt's special forces is facing a death sentence in his home country a deal between russia and turkey to avert a military invasion in the syrian province of idlib is moving forward syrian rebels removed all heavy weapons from the front line creating a demilitarized zone some twenty kilometers long to diminish our ization was a condition to avoid a full scale battle in the province which is home to three million civilians so in a hotter has more from beirut. the turkish army has reinforced its observation posts all around province which borders turkey and send additional troops to patrol a planned demilitarized zone to separate government forces from opposition fighters the demilitarized zone is being established after a deal between russia and turkey it's aimed at preventing a possible syrian government offensive against adlib the last remaining rebel controlled province in syria turkey's task is to free the zone from heavy weapons
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and so-called radical groups the state news agency says the syrian opposition and other anti-government groups have completed the first phase of the withdrawal. i. was. there is surely. and the day was. probably. very. turkey's president. says turkish intelligence agents an adlib are playing a major role rebel factions allied to turkey hold a third of the twenty kilometer deep buffer zone but the rest is controlled by what the international community labels radical terrorist organizations because of their links to al qaida among those groups is how a sham it controls the majority of the province and the planned zone and it has not officially declared whether it will withdraw its weapons and fighters by october
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the fifteenth regardless russia seems satisfied president vladimir putin said turkey is treating the agreement seriously and fulfilling its commitments but moscow is accusing the so-called radical groups of trying to create provocations to torpedo the deal. october ten and fifteen are deadlines for the implementation russia's president vladimir putin is already calling the zone effective ruling out military action in the near future. doesn't want an armed confrontation with turkey that's why it's afraid to publish the reject the deal it's still trying to reach a peaceful solution turkey wants to prevent armed conflict but it's challenge is to implement the deal but tension is growing between high at the hague a sham and turkey backed rebels there could be more incidents of armed confrontations if the so-called radical groups refused to cooperate turkey has signaled readiness to use force against those who don't comply. beirut.
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a major mopping up operation is underway in nicaragua following widespread flooding doctors fear water contaminated with sewage will cause disease under reports from. floodwaters have begun to recede in the nicaraguan capital more than twelve hundred families were evacuated from their homes after several days of heavy rain. boy. for on hilla a resident of. returning to her house has meant facing the daunting task of cleaning away the mud and assessing the damage to her modest home but. my yard and things i no longer have the animals chickens to flood water to keep her things and . just down the road one of on his neighbors is drying clothes in her backyard which is flooded with water contaminated by an outdoor latrine.
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the not contact with floodwaters can increase the risk of communicable disease and government workers have been providing medical attention to anyone who might be exposed to dangerous pathogens. and when a person is bare foods her home is flooded or someone has a room somewhere they can easily be transmitted to that person off the psni this can be lethal. i don't know the government has also been quick to deliver food and supplies to flood victims local officials have set up twenty five shelters around managua to care for the displaced we are at a shelter in a neighborhood just outside of my now what many of the families affected by the flooding have been staying here for several days are being given three meals a day they're being given clean water but they are growing impatient to return to their homes. with the rain finally gone in the water subsiding life in this neighborhood is slowly returning to normal with donated mattresses and home supplies on their backs and helen and her family are anxious to finally sleep in
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their own home and that means cleaning out the mud and water that's still left on the floor and if they are not here i don't know how i'll find a way to clean this he. might end up a little dizzy. and a good reminder you can always catch up with our web site out as they're called. top stories for you knowledge zero of turkey's president has challenge saudi arabia to prove that the journalist jamal khashoggi left the consulate in istanbul last tuesday. to one says security and intelligence officials are looking into these disappearance and have a human responsibility to find out what happened crowds are gathered outside the building to call for information on his whereabouts earlier turkish officials also for permission to search the consulate building fearing he was murdered that
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stephanie decker aspirations from istanbul saudis had to prove that jamal khashoggi left the building it's all about proof now what the latest developments are these that the turkish president sorry the turks authorities have summoned for the second time this week the saudi ambassador so harsh words i'm sure will be discussed there and then also they have also for access to investigate the saudi consulate of course you know a diplomatic mission is under the saudi jurisdiction here in turkey but of course the chain of events that turkish officials are describing are incredibly concerning but everyone is waiting for the evidence the world's leading climate scientists are warning of an environmental catastrophe unless urgent action is taken to tackle global warming a nobel prize winning intergovernmental panel on climate change says warming needs to be capped at one and a half degrees celsius as it currently stands the world is set to pass this mark by twenty thirty this will lead to millions of people around the world being affected
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by flooding heat waves and food shortages. far right candidate joy or both sonar has won the first round of brazil's presidential election taking forty six percent of the vote he says he'll stick to the tough rhetoric in campaigning for the runoff vote on october twenty eighth he's already begun talks with other lawmakers in congress to gain support as his party will not be able to govern and no. certain nationalist to oppose his bosnia as a state as want to share of its tripartite presidency jurado dick who has close links with russia has urged bosnian serbs to secede saying bosnia has failed to turn out for sunday's vote was fifty three percent of those that are just to stay with. the stream is up next more news for you after that.
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hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream the president of serbia and kosovo say they support the land swaps as a path towards a new dawn in relations but the proposal is dividing opinion imo it could be allowed to they will ask whether changing the borders within the western balkans will promote peace or deep in divisions send us your comments your twitter and our live you tube shop. kosovo is recognized as a state by one hundred and sixteen countries but neighboring serbia still considers it to be a rebel province that first broke away during a war two decades ago.


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