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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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hard profile feature in much friction and. al-jazeera investigations cricket's much pixels for us coming soon. the u.s. finally speaks out about journalists. as the last photo of him entering the saudi consulate in istanbul images. right now nobody knows anything about it but these are pretty bad stories that i do not like. i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha also ahead as brazil heads into a presidential run all voters seem more divided than ever. retreating from the front line the delicate deal to prevent more violence in syria's last rebel held
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province and we'll tell you about a government decision in zimbabwe that has met to fuel and food shortages. donald trump passed for the first time voiced concern about the fate of saudi journalist the us president says he's concerned about the fate of the well known writer who is also a u.s. resident the washington post has obtained what it says is the last known photo of entering the saudi consulate in istanbul a week ago it's yancy has very friday it. is believe the journalist was murdered inside the consulate the saudis deny any link to his disappearance. his concerns before he vanished she was interviewed by the b.b.c. in london three days before he went to the saudi consulate take a listen. when i hear of an of a list of
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a friend who did. nothing worth to be a twisted make me feel i shouldn't go i'm talking that friend of mine who were who was arrested all of even talking maybe he was talking. critically over something and that in the in a dinner party right that's what we want to be what we are becoming in saudi i mean right when i used to that recently a sword a columnist an economist who was close to the royal court got that listed and that's good many people because here we are talking about somebody was going off of the government right right i don't even want to use the term this is a descent at this int he said and then this isn't i mean the people who are out of this and even being dissidents right they just have an independent mind right and you know i don't call myself an opposition right i always say i am just right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind. well the u.s.
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secretary of state is asking saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into disappearance. reports from washington submitted because i don't want saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has been missing for a week and for the first time u.s. president donald trump has addressed it and he's not happy i am concerned about it i don't like hearing about it and hopefully that will sort itself out right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad stories going around i do not like that the u.s. government has mostly remained silent on reports saudi arabia might have murdered. saudi arabia denies any involvement late monday vice president mike pence tweeted deeply troubled to hear reports about saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi if true this is a tragic day by incidents journalists across the globe is a threat to freedom of the press and human rights the free world deserves answers
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the outspoken journalist was a u.s. resident and well known in the halls of power here in washington from his big platform as a columnist at the washington post where his writing was often very critical of saudi arabia's government particularly crown prince mohammed bin solomon to show his disappearance now as many people in this city demanding answers i think it's very disturbing. it's very unnerving we just need to get clear facts from both governments senator lindsey graham tweeted we agree if there was any truth to the allegations of wrongdoing by the saudi government it would be devastating to the u.s. saudi relationship and there will be a heavy price to pay economically and otherwise he means that there's going to be reexamined nation of the relationship of aid by the military by the united states on military sales to the saudi government and there's going to be once again a distance between the united states and that government it's now clear washington
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has joined the chorus of coals to saudi arabia for answers on the growing international scandal his disappearance gave rosendo how does it go washington. well the un is also raising concern for jay and other journalists who are coming under attack we're very concerned about a number of recent cases of reports cases and reports of violence against journalists. including the murder of victoria marie nova in bulgaria the disrepute of disappearance of jamal. both publicly and privately the secretary general has often raised this issue with member states the secretary general's position is clear a free press is essential for peace justice and human rights for all he reiterated his call it all governments to strengthen press freedom including ensuring that there is justice in me countability for crimes committed against journalists let's
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not speak to there is. following this story for us from istanbul he joins us now live let's start with the latest jemaah is now seen the last image of jemaah as he entered the saudi consulate last tuesday why has it taken so long first of all for this picture to be released. willfully as we've been saying from the beginning when we're missing seven days ago now the initial response that appeared to be the favored route that the turks were taking was to try and be a bit silence initially and find a way out of this by dealing with the saudis through kind of back channels and diplomatic routes that seems to have been to no avail the saudis have not been forthcoming in providing any information fact they doubled down and said that they have no idea where jamal khashoggi isn't even tried to claim at some point that he had left the building twenty minutes after entering and it was up to the turks to find him so what the terms of the now is they've said well here is
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a still from entering we've now established categorically that he entered the saudi consulates the ball is now firmly in the saudis courts to prove that he existed obviously this comes just. a short time after the saudis bizarrely claim that even though the consulate was equipped with c.c.t.v. camera or entrances and exits that these cameras didn't record on that day and therefore they have no images of it so the idea i think it's very clear now especially also when we look take into consideration the tone of president richard early on when he was speaking on monday the turks are losing patience with the saudis there is a growing demand here and around the world to hear about what happened to jamal and that's why they released this picture right end after almost a week we're now hearing from from other governments from the u.s. and other western governments how might an international pressure impact
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investigation will it make a difference. well this is this is the thing i mean if people for that maybe this was going to go on this was going to go under the radar it's become very apparent that the audacity of trying to do something like this has really resonated not only in terms of the press corps around the world but also now we're seeing governments forcing force to talk about it because it is a matter of public interest as a matter of public interest because he was a journalist as a matter of public interest because consulates are meant to be diplomatic places where you go and process things not true killed or kidnapped in iraq and therefore there is that concern that's forcing that how that's going to impact i think now the reason a lot of a very big spotlight on the saudis that they need to come forth with on sers the turks themselves who have been told by for example my parents the vice president of the u.s. and others that they should also give information i have so far and some information
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at least they've. shown that the responsibility isn't on them that the did enter the saudi territory i.e. the consulate in istanbul and therefore this growing pressure i think is true for saudi and one last question before we let you go the washington post for which jamal khashoggi has been writing for is reporting that his fiance is being a question by turkish police do you know any more about that what exactly are they looking for right now the police interrogator. i think they're looking for any possible leads that could help them questioning that issue within the in the realm of a suspect who would be more sort of established right and he sorts of information i was having a discussion with some of the journalists earlier today one of them pointed to an important fact to charge for example may not have any of their minds d.n.a. on record and therefore they would be looking for something like that would they
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would need in the in the hands of this is the saudis and some or and that was living in the u.s. you hadn't done any maybe medical treatments you're in is the bill that would have allowed for that so those are where the questions are going right now the trying to get as much information as possible in order to establish things further ok thank you for that tamala shi'a live for us in istanbul an investigative web site has revealed more details about the second suspect behind the poisoning of russian double agent sega scrape in the u.k. belling cat says russian dr alexander meskin traveled to solves very using a different name it says michigan is employed by russia's intelligence agency the u.k. accuses him and a man identified by the website as anatoly chip leader of trying to kill script and his daughter would be nerve agents know the chalk in march. brazil's far right presidential candidate. says he won't be toning down his
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rhetoric ahead of the second round of voting easily won the first round on sunday votes an hour has supported torture and is against gay rights you see in human reports from rio de janeiro. secondary school students in rio de janeiro stop the traffic to try to stop what they see as a major threat to democracy in brazil even though i think it doesn't like indigenous people block. the scenarios fascism his regressing to nine hundred sixty four when he heard a dictatorship we need to move forward look back to the future of latin america's largest country will be decided in less than three weeks in a runoff between ultra right wing presidential candidate nat'l and fernando had that the candidate of the discredited left wing workers' party. the underdog is clearly had died a moderate former education minister who stepped in at the eleventh hour to replace his mentor former president lula da silva. in twenty days of
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campaigning we were able to get more than thirty million votes and take a little known candidate it into a runoff on the strength of our political platform. but my trade anger against lula was serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption is had dad's eighty's he'll but it's an uphill battle it's a very long uphill battle has to find some way to connect to this people has to find a way to put for his own message to to disentangle himself from miller's image but the day after the election had that first move was to visit lula in prison also nat'l who has a commanding lead says he won't back off from his most controversial views like supporting torture shooting criminals on sight and vilifying gays in women's rights groups. i can't suddenly turn into a peace and love joey said bull sonata in a radio interview i can't violate myself that way i have to continue being myself.
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already disturbing signs of intolerance reminiscent of a different time are emerging at this school for example parents demanded that a novel about a family that was forced to go into exile during brazil's military dictatorship be taken off the curriculum arguing it was too leftist and at brazil's national university chapters dealing with human rights were found ripped out of books and thrown on the floor crowded hour in brazil has never been more polarized and given an unprecedented barrage of fake news on social networks international observers warn the campaign could get uglier before it's over see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro. still ahead on al-jazeera suffering in silence the less obvious cause for palestinians trying to fight against israeli occupation.
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from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there for most of us across year of this plenty of fine settled weather but in the north a quite a lot of clouds you can see it has a working its way across britain and ireland then across scandinavia before making its way eastwards towards russia some of this is giving us some fairly heavy rain the worst of it is i have a pulse of scotland and along the western parts of norway further south are mostly fine and dry for many of us until you have down towards the mediterranean hey we've got lots of thunderstorms at the moment and they'll be intensifying as we head through wednesday so wednesday looking like the wet today for some of us with that system also pushing a bit further north through more of france as well so very heavy downpours out of this during the day that system is also affecting us in the northwestern parts of africa as well you see the showers there making their way through parts of morocco into out geria loss of thunder reactivity all miss and it will stick around as we
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head through wednesday maybe for morocco it might brighten up for a time before the next system works in but that system will just be edging its way eastwards over more about geria a bit further towards the south of the many of us here this plenty of showers as you'd expect all gradually rumbling their way towards the west we've seen some fairly lively ones around the west coast of africa recently they'll be plenty more as we head through wednesday and cameroon is looking very way. there with sponsored by qatar. where they are on line for humanity has been trying to get out of this there's going to be this we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on the set i guarantee no one has a back story like yours this is a dialogue around this tired of seeing negative stereotypes about native americans and everyone has a voice resurfaced and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the so join the global conversation on how to zero.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the washington post has published what it says is the last known image of jemaah entering the saudi consulate in istanbul a week ago. believe the saudi journalist was murdered inside the consulate the saudis deny any link to his disappeared. donald trump meanwhile has for the first time voiced concern about the fate of the well known journalist who is a resident of the u.s. the u.s. president is calling on saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into his disappearance. brazil's farai candidate is promising to overhaul latin america's largest nation after leading in the first
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round of the presidential election. to combat corruption and privatized state companies if he wins a top office in the second round. a deal between russia and turkey to prevent a syrian government offensive in the last rebel held province is moving forward on groups are pulled out of heavy weapons from the front line in creating a twenty kilometer dilute demilitarized zone this was a condition to avoid an assault on the province which is home to three million people as in a harder reports. the turkish army has reinforced its observation posts all around the province which borders turkey and serve additional troops to patrol a planned militarized zone to separate government forces from opposition fighters the demilitarized zone is being established after a deal between russia and turkey it's aimed at preventing a possible syrian government offensive against it lived the last remaining rebel controlled province in syria turkey's task is to free the zone from heavy weapons
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and so-called radical groups the state news agency says the syrian opposition and other anti-government groups have completed the first phase of the withdrawal. so. there is so surely. the day. turkey's president. says turkish intelligence agents an adlib are playing a major role rebel factions allied to turkey hold a third of the twenty kilometer deep buffer zone but the rest is controlled by what the international community labels radical terrorist organizations because of their links to al qaida among those groups is how a sham it controls the majority of the province and the planned zone and it has not
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officially declared whether it will withdraw its weapons and fighters by october the fifteenth regardless russia seems satisfied president vladimir putin said turkey is treating the agreement seriously and fulfilling its commitments but moscow is accusing the so-called radical groups of trying to create provocations to torpedo the deal october ten and fifteen are deadlines for their deals implementation russia's president vladimir putin is already calling the zone effective ruling out military action in the near future. doesn't want an armed confrontation with turkey that's why it's afraid to publish the reject the deal it's still trying to reach a peaceful solution turkey wants to prevent armed conflict but it's challenge is to implement the deal but tension is growing between the hate a sham and turkey backed rebels there could be more incidents of armed confrontations if the so-called radical groups refused to cooperate turkey has signaled readiness to use force against those who don't comply cited for their baby
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out. and al qaeda commander accused of planning attacks in egypt is under arrest in neighboring libya he. faces a possible death sentence if convicted he was seized by troops loyal to warlord highly for half time during a raid in the libyan city of derna out-i self declared libyan national army is backed by egypt's zimbabwe's president says a new tax on bank transactions is a painful but necessary measure to revive the economy is a mess and one god was for is common sense a impose a levy which has led to the reemergence of fuel queues and food shortages are reports from harare. it's perhaps another signs the economy may take a long time to recover some people have been lining up since saturday to philip because the central bank governor says fuel shortages are because of the introduction of a two percent tax on bank transactions that means products now cost more and
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suppliers are buying less it's little shortages and many disappointed customers it's up to disappoint him because everything is at a standstill gondolin a business. groups in the world. the worsening economic crisis is compounded by a critical shortage of cash the last time lines were this long was back in two thousand and eight some people would sleep in their cars for days hoping to get fuel government officials are telling the bobbins not to panic but some people say they are worried. in some places fuel has started arriving but it's still not enough. others are stocking up on groceries these days brit is in short supply and usually doesn't last long on the shelves in some stores customers are limited to two items per person to prevent hoarding and panic buying.
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their. even. behavior person change with people uncertain of the future. certainties of command shows very big pressure increases prices a tripled in just a few days it's a question of increase and capacities of my future as my featuring more fill of those shelves because it's just a decision to mount it is there some speculation that's causing some panic buying but again these things are not controlled they will be no shortages. but increasing production needs foreign currency us dollars that banks say they don't have enough of some importance by dollars on the black market at a premium sums of the could be more frustration and hardship before things get better. now is a red letter day in south korea in fact it's
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a special day for all letters because it's the korean alphabet day north and south korea share a common alphabet but their languages have grown apart during the decades they've been separated with relations warming again recently the south koreans want to create a unified dictionary rob mcbride has a story from seoul there can be many countries that have a national holiday to celebrate their alphabet but then as koreans will tell you their unique alphabet invented nearly six hundred years ago by king say john the great is worth celebrating it was created with the aim of allowing everybody to communicate with everybody else in korea through the written word and the spoken word but the seven decades of separation after the korean war has not helped that process. the division has been causing the divergence of the meaning and even the usage of the language between the south and the north. our different events visitors have been learning that while north korea has been holding on to more
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traditional words the south has been adopting words from other languages for example this in the south it's cold. but in the north it's. quite literally finger ring bread and when you take a shower in the morning you use what translates as hair water over in the south was simply sand. with people from the north from the south already not understanding up to a third of every day words the others are using academics have been working on a common dictionary as a possible solution to language difficulties were clear to see at the recently unions of families separated by the war and trying to communicate again after decades apart consider the prospect of reunification and you can take that problem and multiply it by a nation brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as the new justice of the u.s.
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supreme court it follows a better nomination process and accusations of sexual assault against same that prompted an f.b.i. investigation and protests by women's groups against the appointment before the swearing in present donald trump said the allegations were all made up on behalf of our nation i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure those who stepped forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness decency and due process mr president thank you for the great honor of appointing me to serve as a justice of the supreme court. i've seen first hand your deep appreciation for
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the vital role of the american judiciary i am grateful for your steadfast unwavering support throughout this process and i'm grateful to you and mrs trump for the exceptional overwhelming courtesy you have extended to my family and me mr president thank you for everything. what a state of emergency has been declared in some areas of the u.s. state of florida as hurricane michael approaches one hundred seventy kilometers an hour winds are forecast to storm the gulf coast on wednesday as some homeowners fill sandbags people living near the sea are being urged to move and it's. now more than a decade of blockade war and economic collapse have taken a huge toll on the mental health of palestinians in gaza recent protests at the
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border adding to the stress nearly two hundred people have been killed and thousands injured by israeli life fire harry fossett has a second rate or two not three part series on global mental health issues. the recent friday protest in gaza near the border fence with israel. the israeli snipers shot more than fifty protesters killing one as usual many suffered leg wounds. with the chaos a small group broke through the fence into israeli territory. tell us how you me says he was one of those who got through he had his leg amputated after being shot during a protest in april but he keeps going back his family says he wants to die he's even written notes to be published after his death and i wish i lost part of my body why should i live either let me out of gaza to get an artificial limb or i'll keep going to the border al-jazeera filmed with a toilet just after he was injured following him through surgery he was defiant
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then but his family soon noticed changes in his behavior his mother says he became demanding and prone to outbursts of temper at home but it's worse she says when he goes out i have already because the men have a very eyes and i used to be a normal mother now i live in fear a soon as he leaves the house i start getting anxious i keep trying to convince him not to go to the border but he doesn't listen. gaza's health ministry says at least five thousand palestinians have been injured by israeli gunfire since the start of the protests in march sixty eight have had a leg amputated psychologist somee a waiter is helping to research the effects on their mental health related trauma from a to experience sometimes the british in and sometimes unfortunately if they will have it on the war on that they will develop a kind of facade that ideation of the so that. the acute this is but one factor among many in gaza is a broader mental health crisis the world health organization talks of the huge
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effect on mental health of the israeli blockade the last twelve years have seen three was mounting joblessness rising dispair. the w.h.o. is estimated that up to twenty percent of the population likely to have serious mental health issues and last year the number of psychiatric patients visiting government linked mental health clinics was up nearly seventy percent on the year before. four years ago an israeli airstrike killed used. oldest son mohammed and destroyed who now who was a pair of caravans not far from the border since she's disarmingly frank about the depths of the depression she experienced while i've got to their level got it i thought about committing suicide several times i wanted to die rather than live such a difficult life but because of my religious beliefs i didn't go through with it. she is a counselor three times a week he says the sessions make him feel better but still he keeps going back to
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the border very full sit out zero gaza and in the final report in our series on world mental health we go to sweden to look at an unconventional approach to help those who need support that's on wednesday right here on al-jazeera. well again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the washington post has published what it says is the last known photo of jamal has showed me entering the saudi consulate in istanbul a week ago turkish investigators believe the saudi journalist was murdered in the consulate the saudis unite any link to his disappearance u.s. president trying meanwhile has for the first time voiced concern about the fate of the well known journalist who is a resident of the united states is secretary of state microamp ale is calling on sanjay arabia to support a thorough investigation into these disappearance now showed he hinted his concerns before he vanished he was interviewed by the b.b.c.
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in london three days before he went to the saudi consulate. recently a saudi columnist an economist who will screen to the royal court got the listed and that's good many people because here we are talking about somebody who is close to the government right right i don't even want to use the term this is a dissent dissent dissidents the dissidents the people who are even dissidents they just have an independent mind until you know i don't call myself a new position to say i'm just a right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind and investigative website has revealed more details about the second suspect behind the poisoning of russian double agents a script in the u.k. belling katz says russian military dr alexander mesh can travel to solve very using a different name it says he works for russia's intelligence agency the u.k.
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accuses him and a man identified by the website as on a totally chipping or of trying to kill script and his daughter with the nerve agent the chalk in march brazil's far right candidate is promising to overhaul latin america's largest nation after leading in the first round of the presidential election. to combat corruption and privatized state companies if he wins the top office in the second round of the election later this month brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as the new justice of the us supreme court this follows a better nomination process and accusations of sexual assault against him that prompted an f.b.i. investigation and protests by women's groups against the appointment of say with headlines on al jazeera the stream is coming up next year to stay with us. the consequence of. using drugs he served in the marine corps for mentioning. that just doesn't go away. living out of his truck for the last couple years. as.
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follows a group of us veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream the president and kosovo say they support the land swaps as a pall towards a new dawning relations but the proposal is dividing opinion imo it could be bad today we'll ask whether changing the borders within the western balkans will promote peace or deep in divisions send us your comments about twitter and our live you tube shop. kosovo is recognized as a.


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