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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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and of his final hour. the lust for libya on a. this is al jazeera. along welcome i'm peter dhabi this is the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's given the all clear to go into the saudi consulate in istanbul as it searches for clues to the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi. this is the last time he was seen a security camera image emerges of him entering the consulate one week ago. new details emerge about one of the men accused of traveling to the u.k.
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to poison a former russian spy. in sport quarterback drew brees has made n.f.l. history the new orleans saints player going past peyton manning's want to break the all time record for career passing yards. we begin this news with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkey's foreign ministry says saudi arabia has now given permission to search its consulate in istanbul turkey believes he's being killed but there's no evidence of that yet the u.n. has also expressed strong concern over the situation and is calling for an investigation in a moment we'll go to our correspondent jamal sheil who's standing by for us in istanbul will also speak with a un special rapporteur will be joining us out of new york and our correspondent kimberly hellcats will join us from washington with american reaction wrapping up
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the day's developments first though is stephanie. it's an ominous image. on security camera video entering the saudi considered last tuesday his fiance who accompanied him to the consulate has verified it it's the last time he has been seen in public just a few days ago the saudi journalist spoke to b.b.c. radio when i hear of an of a list of a friend who did. nothing worse to be at least it makes me feel i'm talking that friend of mine who were who was arrested all of even talking maybe he was talking. critically over something and that in the in a dinner party right that's what we want to be what we are becoming in saudi royals we're not used to that recently a saudi columnist an economist who was close to the royal court got that listed and that's a good many people because here we are talking about somebody was close to the
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government right right i don't even want to use the term this is a dissent dissent dissident then this isn't i mean the people who have this is not even been dissidents right they just have an independent mind right until you know i don't call myself an opposition right i always say i am just right that i want a free environment to write and speak my mind turkish sources say they believe he was killed inside the consulate saudi arabia categorically denies that saudi authorities have now said they will allow turkish investigators inside the consulate to continue their investigation but this opposition member and human rights activist says he is skeptical anything will be found. it seems like a professional job it's already been seven days the saudis weren't sure about themselves they would not let the turkish authorities in. after almost a week of silence the u.s. president and
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a close saudi ally had this to say right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad stories going around i do not like it the u.s. secretary of state is asking saudi arabia to support a thorough investigation into the disappearance the saudis did give a tour of the building to a group of journalists on saturday the consul opening a small cabinet and what appears to be a fuse box in an effort to show. was not there there are a lot of allegations and much speculation about what happened to jamal khashoggi here inside the saudi consulate but turkey hasn't yet provided any evidence to back up their belief that he may have been martyred here and saudi hasn't provided any proof that he ever left the only thing we know for sure is that jamal khashoggi entered the saudi concert a week ago and no one has seen or heard from him since stephanie decker al-jazeera istanbul. well the pace of international reaction to the whereabouts of rights and journalists picking up as we go on with this news program the u.k.
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foreign secretary jeremy haun being quoted by the reuters news service saying that he has met the saudi ambassador to london to quote seek on says over the fate of the journalist he's also saying if media reports are correct about the speculation to give us into a bit of clarity on that the speculation about the fate of the writer then we will treat the incident seriously that's the latest from the foreign office and point all in london and also mr hunt saying of saudi arabia that friendships depend on shared values those comments from jeremy hunt coming after the european union also today speaking out its foreign policy chief for the rica maga rini saying she fully supports the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei owes coal for saudi arabia to investigate a short she's disappearance. let me subscribe one hundred percent what secretary one player said just a few hours ago. we are fully aligned with the u.s.
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position on this we expect that investigation for despondency from the saudis authorities on what has happened our correspondent following the story for us live outside the saudi consulate in istanbul jamal went to the relevant authorities get full unfettered access to the building behind you. well i mean after the foreign ministry here said that they had been granted permission by the saudis to enter they didn't give a specific time are so and that's going to happen but we can expect it's you know within hours i would say because obviously the longer this continues to go when this investigation doesn't come up with significant evidence being disclosed at least to the public the more of an issue it becomes and becomes more of a burden both on the accuser on the accused as far as the targets are concerned it's been several days now since they said albeit through unnamed sources through
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police sources that they believed it was. a case of murder that it was a murder investigation and it's now been a week since the saudis have failed to produce any evidence to show that the model she was not pictured and so in that door right there are seven days from now they've failed to show any evidence of him ever walking out and this is where people are waiting right here in details we're hearing more information but we're not seeing much in terms of actual tangible evidence will the investigators also be allowed access to the diplomatic vehicles that reportedly left the building. mr khashoggi missed that meeting with his fiance when she was getting ready i guess to wait eleven hours for him when he didn't turn up and also crucially will they get access to this diplomatic plates van that was seen all reportedly seen leaving the scene. well that is a crucial question in
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a lot of the investigation as well as the. reporting now is focusing on those vehicles as well as a few other details still trying to paint a bigger picture of the information we have four of us peter where what we've been told by security sources was that there was these fifteen saudis amongst them security officials who flew in on the morning of that fateful tuesday they came on two separate private jets they booked into a hotel not far from fearful four nights but only. never even spent more than twenty four hours in istanbul they went through the consulate the same time that was they are and then left shortly after in several vehicles some of those vehicles went to one direction all of this once another and some went to the consul general's home just a few hundred meters away among them as you mentioned
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a black violence inside one left the building behind us which was reportedly loaded with some sort of boxes or containers as was said and that is something that people are wondering what exactly was in those containers that was put in them. these this is all information that's been given to us by this arc's by the authorities they haven't given any evidence as to it so we haven't really seen specific c.c.t.v. camera footage or pictures or traffic camera video all of these vehicles were still waiting to find out the only thing they gave us was some flight numbers of the aircrafts that came in and allegedly left. one via cairo to saudi arabia on the other true true by that's the information that we have been given so far but. peter what people are waiting for is an information now one week on is much much too long to get some sort of evidence as to the whereabouts of
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a man who was not wanted he didn't have a criminal record he wasn't suspected of anything who entered their innocently looking to process paperwork but never have come out jamal thanks very much. let's bring in now agnes kalama she is the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary execution she joins us on skype from new york before we get going with the meat of our conversation agnes cullum are just to say we don't know where he is we know he's not walking the streets of istanbul we could be talking about extra we could be talking about extraordinary rendition back to riyadh we could be talking about being held against his will perhaps just to be clear for the sake of clarity on that generally from your experience how often is his kind of voice his journalistic voice silenced. in that fashion i think it's extremely unusual or and that. we consider.
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that as a disappearance of that mr cashel he has extremely seen is fair and as requiring serfdom was. in or out a response hundred part of the international community i am he send to where the various political leaders from around the world to say about these disappearances and understand just that the current situation already amounts to a serious human rights for your nation we do not need to wait for information as to whether or not he has indeed be keen and to react with the foremost. around his disappearance it surfaces by omission of international convention it's a violation of these he also says that right it says it's so bad relations so against arbitrary detention that many people are vibrations and picket in his
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disappearance it's all to talk about evolution of national sovereignty so surely we do not need to wait for the outcome of an investigation by saudi arabia to already raid is our last channel of violence against him is there something of a disconnect here between. perceives this individual and how the rest of the world sees him because you can condemn a crackdown on dissent which has been his journalistic footprint for a long time now without being a voice of dissent yourself and occurs to me that's a subtlety to his predicament or the situation that he walked into that would apparently appear to have been lost on other people across the middle east. all aware and first of all a crackdown on dissent is absolutely not acceptable and you know it and we see in the end though the right to freedom of expression and
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a right to freedom of association the right to disagree with your government is very much enshrined in international human rights but further than international human rights it's enshrined or we societies so societies work secondly an eco question in the interview that you are you you showed earlier describing to say as an independent for he said i thought it was such a telling wave oh i like what's happening right now in saudi arabia we're not talking about dissent we're not even talking about tests here we're talking about people speaking their independent mind in a respectful fashion for the media had told us for sure media and being released and heard and that's where the chorus at that it's not dissent it's independence of mind that makes it he seems to you were talking there about turkey's sovereignty
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what's your reading of the way that the turkish prime minister erdogan has been very very measured here and it's taken until the past ten minutes literally the past ten minutes to get a headline grabbing comment from the u.k. foreign secretary because there is a highly profitable relationship based on arm sales between london and riyadh so is that part of the the jigsaw that the backroom boys and girls are folding into how do we react to this. so as such assistant to the disappearance oh mr cashel you must. must get through the strongest reaction on the part of those the don't and i have already made that point second. as fast turkeys they do need to to investigate what has happened it has happened on their territory so it's extremely it's is very serious about your nation they are
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they and to every tear of their territory and of national sovereignty they're in a children's the same line of what's happening in the u.k. raise the atlantic. brush there are a lot of foreigners spy and so you know we need to look at this very much out of combat tangled certainly in terms of the other reactions i want to highlight the fact that the washington post twenty star question it was a being a con and has now put too many of these columns online so that people can access it i want to encourage the family corundum to access its current to reach where she had to say to spread the use of words and to spread the words of all of those that want to speak with an independent mind out of saudi arabia whole out of sight sell gary we need to multiply the the impact of those voices and we need
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to continue being on the edge and tribute to mr cash and his independence by highlighting what he had to say when t.d. dan webster said and went to rot before he gives the appearance given your expertise in this area can i just push you for the next minute or so into an area of speculation and if you don't feel comfortable talking about this we totally understand do you think and this is extraordinary rendition do you think he is. as we speak alive but in saudi arabia do you think he's alive but in a third country or do you think something very bad happened to him when he was ushered into or a secondary room an ante chamber someplace inside that consulate building. it's not that i don't want to respond to your question is really that they do not have the sense of it. as as you pointed out whatever they are or so i took this is
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pretty exceptional more of what has happened here that's why i really need to react in the strongest where we can where we do not right now is that is these are key and that you know and there are branches of international instruments that have been developed over the the years against the disappearance of anyone because disappearance is within the human rights family within the human rights. violations is considered as one of those words scullin of a malicious because of the intense immense pain and suffering it is imparting all not only the victims but also the families there is not no knowledge of their whereabouts there is no not one norse and that's why disappearance is an extremely powerful methods of repression by governments around the world in that case the man
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we stuck actually was disappeared why it was in into saudi consulate in a foreign country all of these and those two in combination makes it for indeed an extraordinary situation to eat you know it may be a rendition it's certainly an unforced disappearance and we mostly are reacting against it before the worst may happen this story this compelling strange story clearly breaks down into two equal hearts this what's going on in istanbul in turkey in real time and then there's a complete lack of lack of noise of any shape or form coming out of serbia on this beyond the. niall's of we didn't do anything wrong here if you were percolating this daron into telling your bosses at the united nations what this says is
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a boat the crown prince in rio about. reacts to people or countries that it feels threatened by what would you be saying about that particular aspect of this i would say what we have already said when my colleagues are there special porters including on freedom of expression have already said that there is a very important tolerance if at all of critical of voices of independent voices that covers a branch of a speech farmer artistic speech poet are increased to more political or speech it covers a woman's trade sex to be used it covers activists working for freedom of association and for far right to just try its e-commerce clerics secret bellicose
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business people and you know of any form of dissent at the law meant is simply not being tolerated and as mr kushner it was highlighting is intended not just dissent just speaking independently there is an attempt to crash. to sixty four to prevent to silence any form of independence of mind in the country agnes come out there in new york thank you so much for your time and thanks for joining us here on the news hour ok from new york let's go to washington and talk to our correspondent kimberly helka kimberly to get the sense there that the state department and the trumpet ministration is kind of playing catch up with this. certainly the president was when we saw those the nischelle comments from him on monday but it seems to be on top of the story now particularly not just the state department also on capitol hill of course just expanding on some of the comments from the state department that we've been talking about throughout this
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program really notable thing in that statement coming from the secretary of state mike pompei o is the fact that the united states is not only calling for a thorough investigation but also that it be transparent that the investigation results be shared vice president mike pence saying that the free world deserves answers and i think it's notable what we've heard from some very senior republican senators for example bob corker who chairs the foreign relations committee saying that he has raised this with the appropriate channels in terms of the saudi ambassador and the united states will respond accordingly another tough statement coming from senator lindsey graham saying that if there is any truth to the allegations about the missing journalists this would be devastating to the u.s. saudi relationship there will be a heavy price to be paid both economically and otherwise so i think it is safe to
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say that the united states is watching this very carefully as events unfold with respect to the investigation as there is a general growing concern over the fate of the journalist in this kind of situational do this is utterly and completely unique of course kimberly does the state department does washington use back channel lines of communication here because we've seen m.b.'s the crown prince inside the white house we had a big cardboard check when donald trump did a deal with saudi arabia one of the first trips if not the first big big set piece foreign trips with donald trump when he got the job in the white house when he became u.s. president he went and spoke to the saudis. right i think it's important to back up a little bit and look at the u.s. saudi relationship it has been one that i think it's safe to say since nine hundred thirty three when the different channels were restored between the two nations that the u.s. has been willing to turn a blind eye to some of the more controversial aspects of the kingdom we saw that
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shift a little bit under barack obama but as you point out there was a reset push when donald trump came into office sensually his first trip the first foreign trip was to saudi arabia to to riyadh so certainly there was a high priority put on the relationship and is sensually it was one that had been the case in the past that is as long as the oil keeps flowing we will ignore some of these controversial aspects that's why i think it's important to note the statements coming out of congress coming from very senior republicans who control congress right now the fact that there is. a sense that there may not be a willingness to turn a blind eye in fact if i can just quickly show you this newspaper this is a national newspaper in the united states it says here what happened to the saudi writer i think it's safe to say that the united states is watching watching very carefully it has devoted a very large section of the column of the opinion page of the usa today newspaper
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to this issue that something that we don't typically see it's also we should point out was reaching out to try and get an answer from the saudis or even a response they usually do a point counterpoint they were unable to do that they say instead they relied on some statements made last week at a royal compound in riyadh from the crown prince mohammed bin solomon where he said that the missing right are not inside the consulate he says the prayer and premises are sovereign territory we will allow turkish investigators to do whatever they want if they ask for that of course we will allow them what we have nothing to hide that is what members of. congress and the state department as well as top diplomatic officials are trying to determine whether or not those statements are true and where the whereabouts are wanting a transparent best occasion and the results of that investigation made public kimberly thank you so much continuing coverage of course of the events as they continue to unfold. out of istanbul riyadh washington london as well and indeed the
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european union throughout the coming hours here on al-jazeera. developing story plenty more still to come here on the news hour including retreating from the front line the delicate deal to prevent more violence in syria's last rebel held province plus in support we'll tell you about the olympian dance their way into the history books. and investigative websites has revealed more details about the second suspect behind the poisoning of a russian double agents script in the u.k. belling can't that's the name of the web site says a russian military doctor alexander miche can travel to salzburg using a different name and says michigan is employed by russian intelligence russian intelligence agency the u.k. accuses him and another man identified by the website as an atoll each a pita of trying to kill script al and his daughter yulia with the nerve agent
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nabil chalk in march let's get more on this from our correspondent lawrence lee who's live for us in london laurence what other information did we get from this website. well i mean they've they they seem to have his whole life peter to be honest from from the tiny swampy little village right up in the far north of russia called leaguer where he was born to the medical specialist medical school in some petersburg where he studied things there was submarines and. and the communal flats he lived in over the road from that medical schools of the point in time when he was approached by the g.r.u. to go and work for them car insurance documents which which they had which say he registered the car to the g o u of course as in moscow as phone numbers his entire military history as well dating back to. the early two thousand onwards when when he was working in the breakaway public of moldova a place called trans nestor and ukraine as well where he was where he was
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apparently working in the cover in the east and the point in time in twenty fourteen where he apparently was made a hero of the russian federation just like his is called raid colonel chip leader and the reason why he was made a hero of the russian federation they think is because he helped square all the ousted president viktor yanukovych out of ukraine to exile in russia during the second ukrainian revolution and so they have all of that and they matched up the photographs with him from his passports facial russian recognition techniques they said seven or eight people in the village of lawyer lawyer way came from who said yes that's our man he's our hero of the russian federation so he better than divide not just by the website but by people in the village where he grew up as well so they say they are one hundred percent sure that he's not alexander petrovitch all but alexander miskin a doctor in the g.r.u. and another hero of the russian federation sent a murder circus cripple in salzburg and this website laurence belling cat this is
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this is what an amateur investigative website and have we heard any reaction to that from the u.k. government. well what the u.k. government has paid enormous tribute to the absolute wonderful work they insists that bella got into is independent and has no informal or formal link with the british security services and indeed the member of parliament who was there briefing all these journalists said isn't it amazing that his open source journalism can prove so successful by people doing it in their spare time as volunteers when clearly trained journalists and indeed the british security services couldn't actually but then to fire these people in the same way and so the british government is maintaining that this is an entirely separate organization doing its own thing and has come up with these startling conclusions some of which while actually all of which play entirely into the into the british argument that there is a malign influence inside the russian government trying to do these things but also
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the g.r.u. is really amateurish and can't do things properly and can protect that entity even of its own spies i don't know lawrence if you were listening to the conversation we're having on this program with the un special rapporteur just before we came to this chat with you but she she mentioned this she mentioned belling cat she mentioned souls break in the context of what's going on now in istanbul we do for journalists seem to be living in weird times where a third country can either allegedly or actually or try to stage some sort of incident in another sovereign state and then in effect believe they can get away with it i'm just intrigued as to how that's being reported or reacted to in europe in the u.k. . well look i mean i think you know i think the court of public opinion in this country decided about ten minutes after these two men appeared on on russian t.v. claiming to be tourists going to soulsby that it didn't sound like
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a very likely story at all and in fact it was pointed out at the belling cat briefing today that michelin if that is his name claimed that he didn't want to couldn't travel to saul's bree in the snow because because the weather wasn't very nice and yet he comes from a village in the arctic north of russia where it's impermanent frost for eleven months out of twelve and so you know i think there is a sense the the people here think the russians basically are telling. huge huge lies and don't really care very much about what people think of it because they know that there's there's absolute limits what the british government can do the cons arrest these people or get away with what the russians if you assume that they did do it on the streets of souls really isn't the same as whatever the saudis did to be in the saudi consulate which is their own territory inside istanbul but i think if you know if there is something potentially that there is in common it is a sense that you can do what you feel like without people necessarily be able to do
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very much about it lawrence thank you. there's been a suicide attack of the campaign offices of a politician in afghanistan the opposition candidate son of mohammad was among eight people killed in the explosion in the province of helmand eleven other people were injured. as our correspondent in kabul for us on the news of hashim just give us right up to date what happened here. so basically peter the suicide bomber managed to get into the house of the country date salam mohammed who was holding a campaign talking to people about his. political agenda and about his future plans the bomber blew himself up killing the candidate his bodyguards and some of the visitors the place the attack took place in the provincial capital of helmand let's go gar which is
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a taliban stronghold and taliban controls about eighty percent of that area it has issued a statement saying that it would consider anyone who takes part in this bill that in this election the in the upcoming elections is going to be held on the twentieth of this month as a target and peter this is not the only attack that took place today here in afghanistan in the northern province of jos that taliban launched a major military offensive to take over the nine security forces were killed that thirty taliban fighters were killed local commanders are asking for more help from the central government and from the united states of america to try to break this season which is being imposed by the taliban. thanks very much. ok let's pause for your weather forecast would start looking at it is now a hurricane let's take a look at it then it's already worked its way past the western parts of cuba and
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this is what it did to us so lots of very strong winds there were some wind damage also lots of heavy rain which as you can see did cause a fair amount of damage we have power outages here as well now that system is going to continue its journey northwards as we head through the next day or so here it is over the past twelve hours you can see it's now moving away from cuba but still plenty of cloud trailing behind it so for western cuba there's more wet weather phil to come but we're already seeing that cloud just in the southwestern parts of florida and we're going to see more of that storm as we head through the next twenty four to thirty six hours so this is the track we're expecting it to take it's heading northward now currently it's a category two hurricane on the five point sufis simpson scale but we're expecting it to strengthen before making landfall so we're expecting it to be a major hurricane a category three and it is likely to cause quite a bit of damage most likely place for us to see the damage is across the panhandle
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of florida that's where we've got a hurricane warning at the moment and across this region we've also got issues of warning for a storm surge as well that could be up to four meters and all this region is very low lying around the coast so it could cause a major problems particularly because we're seeing around three hundred millimeters of rain as well as that storm surge peak. steph thanks very much still to come here on the news are suffering in silence the less obvious scars for palestinians trying to fight against israeli occupation. mind your language had decades of separation between the koreas affected their shared alphabet. and the sports news with an d.v.l.a. dodges make them move in the major league playoffs and he's here with that story in about fifteen minutes. were. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the
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bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this you. know meet your own version here on shine the light on what they do and do it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international base a ward two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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welcome back this is the news these are the headlines turkey's foreign ministry says saudi arabia has given permission to search the consulate consulate in istanbul that's part of the growing investigation into the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the washington post has published. the last known photo of him entering the consulate a week ago the saudis deny any involvement in his disappearance. donald trump has for the first time voiced concern about the fate of the u.s. residents the president's urging the saudis to support a thorough investigation and the un's human rights office is adding to the chorus of international concern. and the second suspect in the poisoning of the russian double agents in the u.k.
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has been identified by an investigative website the website called belling cat it says russian military doctor alexander michigan. using a different name the u.k. accuses russia of being involved in the case but russia has dismissed those accusations. a deal between russia and turkey to prevent a syrian government offensive in the last rebel held province is moving forward now armed groups of heavy weapons from the front line in creating a twenty kilometer demilitarized zone this was a condition to avoid an assault on the province which is home to three million people zain holder reports. the turkish army has reinforced its observation posts all around province which borders turkey and send additional troops to patrol a planned demilitarized zone to separate government forces from opposition fighters the demilitarized zone is being established after a deal between russia and turkey it's aimed at preventing a possible syrian government offensive against adlib the last remaining rebel
4:38 pm
controlled province in syria turkey's task is to free the zone from heavy weapons and so-called radical groups the state news agency says the syrian opposition and other anti-government groups have completed the first phase of the withdrawal. i. wasn't. sure. and the day was. probably a. matter of. turkey's president. says turkish intelligence agents an adlib are playing a major role rebel factions allied to turkey hold a third of the twenty kilometer deep buffer zone but the rest is controlled by what the international community labels radical terrorist organizations because of their links to al qaida among those groups is how
4:39 pm
a sham it controls the majority of the province and the planned zone and it has not officially declared whether it will withdraw its weapons and fighters by october the fifteenth regardless russia seems satisfied president vladimir putin said turkey is treating the agreement seriously and fulfilling its commitments but moscow is accusing the so-called radical groups of trying to create provocations to torpedo the deal. october ten and fifteen are deadlines for the implementation russia's president vladimir putin is already calling this is only effective ruling out military action in libya future. doesn't want an armed confrontation with turkey that's why it's afraid to publish the reject the deal it's still trying to reach a peaceful solution turkey wants to prevent armed conflict but it's challenge is to implement the deal the tension is growing between high at the hague a sham and turkey backed rebels there could be more incidents of armed confrontations if the so-called radical groups refused to cooperate turkey has
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signaled readiness to use force against those who don't comply seven for their beirut a new york times investigation has found a top campaign aide to donald trump requested the manipulation of social media activity during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential elections rick gates allegedly tried to hire an outside company to create fake online identities the goal was to amplify divisions among us to trump's rivals for the republican party nomination an israeli company that's called cyc root offered to spread false information about mr trump's opponents the company is run by former israeli intelligence officials say a group was not hired and it's uncertain of the trump campaign acted on the proposals. brazil's far right candidate who won sunday's presidential election but not with enough votes to win right now his second round rival is fernando how the left leaning workers party in latin america you see in human from rio de janeiro.
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secondary school students in rio de janeiro stop the traffic to try to stop what they see as a major threat to democracy in brazil even though i think we both know doesn't like indigenous people black. ball scenarios fascism his regressing to nine hundred sixty four when he had a dictatorship we need to move forward not back to the future of latin america's largest country will be decided in less than three weeks in a runoff between ultra right wing presidential candidate. and fernando had that the candidate of the discredited left wing workers' party. the underdog is clearly had died a moderate former education minister who stepped in at the eleventh hour to replace his mentor former president. in twenty days of campaigning we were able to get more than thirty million votes and take a little known candidate it into
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a runoff on the strength of our political platform. but more i'd heard anger against lula who is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption is had bad eighty's he'll but it's an uphill battle it's a very long uphill battle has to find some way to connect to this people has to find a way to put for his own message to to disentangle himself from miller's image but the day after the election had that first move was to visit lula in prison also nat'l who has a commanding lead says he won't back off from his most controversial views like supporting torture shooting criminals on sight and vilifying gays in women's rights groups. i can't suddenly turn into a peace and love joey said paul sonata in a radio interview i can't violate myself that way i have to continue being myself. already disturbing signs of intolerance reminiscent of a different time are emerging at this school for example parents demanded that
4:43 pm
a novel about a family that was forced to go into exile during brazil's military dictatorship taken off the curriculum arguing it was too leftist and brazil's national university chapters dealing with human rights were found ripped out of books and thrown on the floor around the hour in brazil has never been more polarized and given an unprecedented barrage of fake news on social networks international observers warn the campaign could get uglier before it's over you see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro japan is pledging to help develop five countries which lie along one of the longest rivers in asia the me kong flows through cambodia laos thailand and vietnam the leaders were welcomed in turkey by the japanese prime minister shinzo are they all agreed to push forward more than one hundred fifty projects in the mekong region they include expanding airports and loans and building roads in miramar as well as upgrading postal services and using
4:44 pm
information technology to improve health care the focus was on three main areas effective connectivity people centered societies and environment and disaster management japan and strengthening ties as china expands its investments and influence as well michael paine is president of the shin get sued news agency he says japan wants to promote peaceful development and to make southeast asia less vulnerable to china. i think that you know if if there is going to be an impact in the longer term this would be just one step not the first step and not the last step and i think that that's private that way by the participants certainly among the countries in southeast asia there are still many tense relationships not all of the governments get along with each other and there's also cases of many refugees and people from one country across the border another so there's always a potential for for problems in that sphere from jan japan's point of view of
4:45 pm
course they have no particular horse in that in that race so they're more interested in just trying to promote the peaceful development of those countries with another eye on the fact that they would like to strengthen southeast asia as a whole to make it less vulnerable from japan's point of view to sort of chinese penetration more than a decade of blockade war and economic collapse of taken a huge toll on the mental health of palestinians in gaza nearly two hundred protesters have been killed and thousands injured by israeli life i am sorry for snow as the second report in a three part series on global mental health issues. a recent friday protest in gaza near the border fence with israel. israeli snipers shot more than fifty protesters killing one as usual many suffered leg wounds. and had the chaos a small group broke through the fence into israeli territory. a telephone yumi says
4:46 pm
he was one of those who got through he had his leg amputated after being shot during a protest in april but he keeps going back his family says he wants to die he's even written notes to be published after his death and i was a lost part of my body why should i live either let me out of gaza to get an artificial limb or i'll keep going to the border al-jazeera filmed with a toilet just after he was injured following him through surgery he was defiant then but his family soon noticed changes in his behavior his mother says he became demanding and prone to outbursts of temper at home but it's worse she says when he goes out i have a value because the men have a very eyes and i used to be a normal mother now i live in fear as soon as he leaves the house i start getting anxious i keep trying to convince him not to go to the border but he doesn't listen gaza's health ministry says at least five thousand palestinians have been injured by israeli gunfire since the start of the protests in march sixty eight have had
4:47 pm
a leg amputated psychologist somee a waiter is helping to research the effects on their mental health related trauma from a tick experience sometimes they brush in and sometimes unfortunately if they will have it all the war on that they will develop a kind of that ideation officer that. the acute this is but one factor among many in gaza is a broader mental health crisis the world health organization talks of the huge effect on mental health of the israeli blockade the last twelve years have seen three was mounting joblessness rising dispair. the w.h.o. is estimated that up to twenty percent of the population are likely to have serious mental health issues and last year the number of psychiatric patients visiting government link mental health clinics was up nearly seventy percent on the year before. four years ago an israeli airstrike killed used. oldest son mohammed and
4:48 pm
destroyed her home now home as a pair of caravans not far from the border fence she's disarmingly frank about the depths of the depression she experienced while alive at the end of that i thought about committing suicide several times i wanted to die rather than live such a difficult life because of my religious beliefs i didn't go through with it or tell us how you meet she's a counselor three times a week he says the sessions make him feel better but still he keeps going back to the border harry force it out his ear or gaza and in the final report in our series on world mental health we'll go to sweden to look at an unconventional approach to helping those who need support that's where the here on al-jazeera. it's a red letter day in south korea in fact it's a special day for all letters because it's the korean alphabet day north and south korea share a common alphabet but their languages have grown apart during the decades that they've been separated with relations warming again of course just recently the
4:49 pm
south koreans want to create a unified dictionary rob mcbride with more now from seoul. there can be many countries that have a national holiday to celebrate their alphabet but then as koreans will tell you their unique alphabet invented nearly six hundred years ago by king say john the great is worth celebrating it was created with the aim of allowing everybody to communicate with everybody else in korea through the written word and the spoken word but the seven decades of separation after the korean war has not helped that process. to snowden the division has been causing the divergence of the meaning and even the usage of the language between the south and the north i different events visitors have been learning that while north korea has been holding on to more traditional words the south has been adopting more loanwords from other languages for example this in the south is called bone that. but in the old it's.
4:50 pm
quite literally finger ring bread and when you take a shower in the morning you use what translates as have water over in the south will simply stand. with people from the nolt on the south already not understanding up to a third of every day words the others are using academics have been working on a common dictionary as a possible solution to language difficulties what really it's a c at the recently unions of families separated by the wall and trying to communicate again after decades of pots consider the prospect of reunification and you can take that problem and multiply it by a nation still ahead here on al-jazeera older sports the west african country of senegal is celebrating an olympic first and d.c. with a story on the other side of the plague. it's
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
time for sports with andy thank you so much beautiful n.f.l. history was made on monday in new orleans saints quarterback drew brees became the league's all solemn leader in passing over hold it's in manning's record of seventy one thousand nine hundred forty yards and here he is doing it in impressive fashion breeze with a sixty two out such down pass against washington since winning this one forty three tonight saying not only did the thirty nine year old right manning for forty did it in twelve you would get. reason is eight think on a full season now he's standing in the science can see thousand and nine when that scene won the super bowl he has four hundred and ninety nine touchdown passes only
4:53 pm
manning brett farve and tom brady are ahead of him his career yards total now stands at seventy two thousand one hundred and three has at least eleven more games left this season to add that record breaking total. i don't think it could have happened in any better fashion than it did him to have then that moment with my teammates on the field the office of why. i mean it just it played out even greater than i ever could have imagined when something like this happens and i can. you know ever there's so many people that that are responsible for that we can be a part of that it's a makes me happy you know make me proud in amazement stream really great for the l.a. dodgers have advanced to the next round of major league baseball's parsis and they beat the atlanta braves when a car hits a three run home runs to lead the dodgers to a sixty victory meant the dodge's closed out the series three one day advance the national league championship series taking on the milwaukee brewers. this is going
4:54 pm
to be great both box lots of work hard to get to the situation you know they're both to go bob clubs facing off in the championship and. you know we're talking about them play baseball. keep doing what we've been doing all year and you know hopefully we can come up up on top defending world series champions the houston astros of all so advanced they beat craven's reach the american league championship series cost price three run homer in the eighth inning helped them to an eleven three when. you know where the reigning world champs and we really have a good a good ability to show up for the day so proud of our guys the work they put in the winner here we have a short window for us but as you can see you know our guys are pretty hungry to to advance. well the boston red sox locked so the closing in on that date with the astros but colts had a single a double trouble and a home run as the red sox thrashed the new york yankees sixteen. another joke rich
4:55 pm
is looking good to see i'm still in a record fourth title of the shanghai masters jacket she's already won wimbledon and the u.s. open this year after covering from a long term elbow injury the world of the three beating frenchman jeremy shockey here in straight sets in a second round match djokovic also in with a chance of finishing the year at the top of the world rankings. astray as matthew have done has picked up one of the biggest wins of his thirteen year pro career he knocked out with them a seven dominant team in three sets taking the decider in a tight right. now shrank as cricketers are looking to hit back after the disappointments of their early exit from the asia cup they're getting ready to host england in a five match one day international series heavy rain is hampered preparations out of wednesday's open and done brewer england are the world's top ranked team at the moment while sri lanka lost to both afghanistan and bangladesh at last month's asia cup but it seems building up to next year's world cup. when you go back to two
4:56 pm
thousand and fifteen when you look at the england side the struggle especially. during the world cup saw that same thing happened to us at the moment so anyway did that thing after the two thousand and fifteen world cup so that's what we're looking nearly feet feet can be the number one side in the world in this series that will be a great dawn turning point was pressuring number one people want to chase you and us you know once you get there i think that's when the hard work really starts because you know bit of a target on your back in this country to keep in proving and trying to stay this really tough challenge that bring to the same pressures the first ever gold medals as an olympic event for breakdancing have been awarded known as breaking so it's followers the sport is debbie sing at the youth olympics in one is aries dances and lots of creativity personality technique variety and musicality the world dance
4:57 pm
federation hopes it will eventually become part of the full impacts. and the international olympic committee has officially named senegal as the hosts of the twenty twenty two youth gangs the west african nation will be the first country from the continent to stage any olympic events senegal's was the only bid to make it through to the final stage of the selection process with nigeria botswana and soon is forced to drop its what did this is it to bring your decision as a novelty in the history of the olympics it honors our country and our continent that is why i want to pay tribute to botswana nigeria and tunisia who had submitted their bids at the same time a cynical. ok looking for now and he thanks very much let's just dip into a live feed of pictures coming to us out of the turkish city of istanbul because turkey is given the all clear to go into the saudi consulate in istanbul as a search for clues as to what happened to jamal khashoggi more news in
4:58 pm
a couple minutes we'll see that. the cricket world isn't about match fixing i mean you have to think why would he give me any guess then he didn't bring the media into the hague it was no big bang bang bang there al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms to my analogy a very hard profile figure in much fiction in international cricket you know this al-jazeera investigations cricket's matchboxes the phone is coming soon. she's seven years old she's counting she's cool and dad is the best friend. to get mad they whack to make their dreams come true. do you find kicks off its asia series with china's little rock star.
4:59 pm
at this time on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic trying to behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things seem pinned to realize you witness history in the making. imagine life you see beads. and boy is one of the ways. i do not see the junk that is followed in. my nigeria is sucked up by nigeria is your development. is. this is
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my nigeria. my mind on al-jazeera. turkey has given the all clear to go into the saudi consulate in istanbul as it searches for clues to the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi. we should all be here in doha you're watching al-jazeera live this hour the other top stories new details are emerging about one of the men accused of traveling to the u.k. to poison a former russian spy. in afghanistan a suicide attack on a key politicians home. also ahead retreating from the front line the deadly.


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