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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back shelter. a turkish newspaper identifies them and police want to question about the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. from doha also coming up police in germany detain a suspect over the killing of a bowl garion jobless. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley announces she's resigning off to fit eighteen months in the job. and afghanistan is changing the way it deals with children accused of fighting with the
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taliban. the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was killed at his country's consulate in istanbul on the highest orders of the saudi government that's according to reports out of the united states the new york times article cites a senior turkish official has been missing for a week this is him entering the saudi consulate the last time he was seen alive and new pictures have emerged showing some of the fifteen saudi nationals whom police suspect may have been involved in these disappearance the images have been on the turkish state television network. of the men at the airport in istanbul text media reports say the group flew to stumble on two private planes on the ends of the consulate the same day the journalist was. that speech there and she joins
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us from outside of the saudi consulate in istanbul as we're getting more images of these fifteen men what do we know about who they are what they did. well according to turkish media who publish their pictures their names their date of birth and their specific movements and as you mentioned there are now c.c.t.v. footage being aired on turkish media showing them at the airport showing them outside here outside the doors of the saudi called. leaving in various cars again none of that this is officially confirmed but sources are saying that they believe some of these men were also involved in the saudi security forces like the davis about which is a turkish paper going as far as to say one of them was an autopsy expert now we've had a couple of leaks overnight in various publications including the new york times and the washington post the new york times going as far as to say that those men were
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waiting inside that. entered killed within a two hour period and more gruesome details saying that his body was dismembered by a bone soul that the group again none of this is being backed up by evidence which is why it's so complicated it's also an incredibly loaded political story but when you look at that footage that's being issued just come out in the last hour or so of the c.c.t.v. it also shows really harrowing picture. fiance just outside here standing behind the gates waiting for him because of course he went into there is a second visit in a week he went back to finalize divorce papers he previous been married in saudi arabia he wanted to marry his fiance and under turkish will to do that you have to prove that you're not married so this is why he was going in there he had been called back by the saudis also interesting we just briefly a report in the new york times saying that u.s. intelligence intercepted conversations between saudi officials previously talking
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about an effort to kidnap let's say the saudis it's unclear whether he was ever warned of those those reports of those intelligence reports and certainly still an incredibly concerning situation a lot of allegations none of it at the moment backed up by ever. it's eight days on here at maine's missing and absolutely just to remind staff to take us back to the beginning will binds us why it might be a target for the saudi authorities. when he left saudi arabia around a year ago self-imposed exile really in the sense he was concerned about his safety because he was becoming more vocal against the policies of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cited bad he had over the last year or so because one of the main editorial contributors to the washington post of course a major major respected u.s. publication who's based in washington and criticizing policies of the crown prince criticizing the direction that saudi arabia is taking regardless of you know there
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being a platform of reform so to speak that the crown prince is keen to administer to publicize that say that there is actually a far more clamp down when it comes to freedom of expression just recently i showed you was also quoted he was talking to b.b.c. radio saying how concerned he was that people that were even close to the saudi royal courts were being arrested not because they were dissidents so to speak but just because they had a different opinion of how their country should be run and what direction it should be going in so many people will tell you that this is a crucial change that is coming from the top leadership inside riyadh about targeting voices that don't really fall in line with moves that policies of mohamed bin so that might again having said all this we need to put a cap yet in place laura nothing has been backed up by evidence at the moment all these things are need by senior turkish officials whether it's in turkish media or in the u.s. media also that is because ankara doesn't have come out officially on camera on any
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point backing up these claims there and that's because this is such a loaded political story so again we're just going to wait and see if we will have any evidence at some point backing up these horrendous claims absolutely it will indeed stephanie decker reporting that from istanbul thanks very much stephanie. well roger shanahan is a research fellow with the larry institute for international policy he joins us live via skype from sydney good to have you with us all these leaks that a coming out and it's more and more every day what point do the turkish and the saudi governments have to a good knowledge this and address set you know yes it would point you can't keep on telling people they were investigating an incident without coming up with any concrete evidence that at a very minimum the amount of close circuit television our resources around the medicare issue. show you left the
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consulate as a series crime but in the absence of any kind of. evidence to show that then they have to come up with an alternate explanation so i think we're getting in the next few days to the point where somebody has to show a results of an investigation or some video evidence of exactly what occurred why do you think turkish authorities are taking their time over this i mean they clearly want the story to come out to pressure saudi arabia but we're hearing president keeping very tight lipped about is this because they want a chance for back tunnels to work their cause i mean what is the reason here. you know isn't this probably one of those those issues that national leaders have to face because they rather not face accusations that saudi arabia who encourage like to invest in the economy which is not doing particularly well but at the same time
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president of iran is on the opposite side of the dispute with qatar so this is a very loaded issue for our president of iran especially scott two issues yes a deal with one. a very. exhaustive investigation into exactly what occurred so as far as it is possible to know the events surrounding the disappearance of jamal khashoggi and then exactly what he does with that in order to advance its interests. to hopefully shine a light on saudi activities not to do it in such a way that the relationship with their riyadh will be terminated what it has significance of releasing these fifteen face days of saudi nationals who are reportedly suspected to be involved in all this while any of these men actually be arrested. well it's unlikely extreme given that they're
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all out of the country so. with you know if he surely has disappeared or even worse sane think you will. then the people who. was in itself one too probably postulate there are two reasons for that one they want to embarrass. secondly once the names and faces rather they're in a response it really constrains or ability to loose area right here so it's probably punitive as well as trying to send a message to reality ok roger and i will leave it there thanks very much taking the time to join us there from say welcome to fiance had to change angus has made a public plea to the u.s. writing in the washington post she says at this time i implore president trump and first lady maloney a trump to help shed light on jamal's disappearance saudi arabia especially king
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solomon and probably prince bahama been salmond to say the same level of sensitivity and really c.c.t.v. footage from the consulate general he she says is a valuable person an exemplary thinker and a courageous man who's been fighting for his principles i don't know how i can keep living if he was abducted or killed in turkey when the u.s. government has demanded a full investigation into his disappearance but there are growing calls in washington also for firm action against saudi arabia alan fisher has more. one week on since the disappearance of american resident jamal khashoggi in istanbul and the u.s. is still chasing answers i know nothing right and i know what everybody else knows nothing the u.s. state department insists it is pressuring the saudis were not going to make any judgments about what had happened to him the united states is certainly concerned about his whereabouts a senior officials at the state department have spoken with saudi officials through
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diplomatic channels about the matter we call on the government of saudi arabia to conduct a thorough trant and transparent investigation at a washington conference discussing come to events in saudi arabia concerned for the journalist disappearance bubbled under the surface one human rights activist says the u.s. must take much stronger action than just expressing concern i'd like to see the u.s. demand that the saudis produce them and if they can't produce some produce the detailed explanation including documentation c.c.t.v. footage whatever is necessary to demonstrate what did happen to him. donald trump has forged close links with saudi arabia his first foreign trip was to the kingdom when he entertained crown prince mohammed bin salman at the white house he boasted of significant arm sales he wants the saudis to help bring in iran's regional ambitions and to sell any white house middle east peace plan to the palestinians but politicians on both sides are more shinton see if what the turks are seeing is true and can should you was murdered in the consulate in istanbul the now has to be
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a significant change to us so the relations as elected leader we stand with you in the media in solidarity to making sure that this does not go unnoticed if this is true of the saudi regime murdered murdered journalist critic in their own consulate there must be a culpability and there must be an unequivocal condemnation by the united states one middle east expert says any change has to be well thought out but i do think it needs a retail operation or you. i think a very strong unequivocal message needs to be sent to riyadh that there are consequences for these kind of actions and that american support is not unconditional there's growing pressure on the saudis to come up with answers about what actually happened in istanbul and if they don't there's a growing number of politicians in the united states who see that most significantly changed the relationship between the two countries alan fischer
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al-jazeera washington and heater of bangladesh's main opposition party has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in a two thousand and four grenade attack against the current prime minister. is the son of former opposition leader. who's already in jail on this trial in absentia after he went in self-imposed exile in two thousand and eight from associate has seen a who is opposition leader at the time of the attack narrowly escaped but suffered hearing loss his lawyer says the timing of the verdict is aimed at keeping him out of upcoming elections police in germany have charged a man with murder over the death of a bulgarian journalist thirty year old victoria marinate who was raped and killed in the northern ball garion town of blues she's been investigating alleged fraud with e.u. funds involving businessmen and politicians her body was found in a park and showed signs of suffocation and blows to the head but cain has more from berlin. information about this case has been emerging in the course of the past few
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hours the german authorities confirming that they have apprehended a suspect a person in connection with the european arrest warrant that was applied for and procured by paul guerin the authorities looking into investigating the rape and murder of the thirty year old journalist victoria mad enough to be confirmed facts as i say all of those unconfirmed sources so far at least both here in germany and in bulgaria shining a little bit more light on what's this into this individual and what and his movements involve garia the suggestion has been that he fled the country on sunday of last weekend came to germany and there is speculation involved garrets because one of his parents lives in this country there's also speculation that when the authorities went to an address of his they found the mobile telephone of murdered journalist because he amount enough to the next step given that this is
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a european arrest warrant process will be extradition but clearly the individual concerned has rights and will be able to contest it if he wishes. to head to head on al jazeera press freedom under the press and with gentleness facing attacks and death threats. iraq's new government facing major challenges to pacify al gore residence and the oil rich south. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well this hour particular i want to start over here towards the peninsula where filk on the satellite image notice these clouds right here making their way towards the north well here in barcelona i want to show you some video that has come out of the flooding situation that they were dealing with on tues. day now the flooding caused
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many street closures across the city but it was also deadly over towards by orca what we saw at least five people killed because of the flooding situation right there and on wednesday we're still going to dealing with some very heavy rain across much of that area madrid you're going to be out of the rain twenty one degrees for you but as we go towards the next couple days that rain continues to move to the north and also over here towards the northeast so over towards italy we're going to start to see the ever low pressure really affect the coastal areas and with some some heavy rains as we go towards thursday night up towards the north though looking quite nice for berlin twenty three degrees few partly cloudy to clear skies is your forecast well here's those clouds as well affected the northern coast of africa and we're going to see in those clouds maybe some showers or two but some heavier showers out here towards the west towards morocco where robot you could be seeing a day of twenty five degrees there getting much better as we go towards thursday but love those clouds start to shift a little bit more towards the east and for tripoli a cloudy day at twenty nine degrees. the winds are sponsored by qatar and meese.
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when they are on line for humanity has been taken out of there it's going to require told you about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us on sat i guarantee no one has a back story like you asked this is a dialogue i'm less tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice mistress and that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring that into the south join the global conversation on now to zero. and again you're watching al-jazeera has reminded of our top story. new pictures of
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them are showing some of the fifteen saudi nationals the police suspect may have been involved in. these disappearance these images have been airing on the turkish state television network. of the men at the airport in istanbul she was last seen. a week ago. u.s. state department in the u.n. are calling for a full and transparent investigation into. washington says it's concerned about the whereabouts of the. police in germany have arrested a man in connection with the murder of a bulgarian. raped and killed in the northern town of she'd been investigating back to forward with a u. funds involving business and politicians. donald trump says he's investigating is considering five candidates for the role of a u.s. ambassador to the united nations to mickey haley's sudden resignation hayley says
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she wants a break from public life and has ruled out running against trump in the twenty twenty presidential elections mike hanna reports from the united nations. many in the security council disagreed with the policies that the us representative championed again but during eighteen months at the un nikki haley engendered a great deal of respect forming warm personal relationships with those she supported as well as those she so forcibly opposed the secretary general had a truly very good working relationship with her they worked. to get through some of the toughest moments i think between the u.s. and the u.n. some diplomat said privately spoken about haleigh's loss of influence within the trumpet ministration in particular following the appointment of mike pump aoa secretary of state and former u.n. ambassador john bolton as national security adviser but president trump says
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discussion with haley about her possible resignation had started as long as six months ago and unlike other members who left his administration he keeps open the possibility of her rejoining it we're all happy for you in one way but we hate to lose hopefully you'll be coming back at some point but if you want to just be a different capacity you can maybe pick if are all in here that are going to ask about twenty twenty no i'm not running for twenty twenty i can't promise you when i'll be doing is campaigning for this one so i look forward to supporting the president in the next elections the question now who's going to be the next ambassador to head up the u.s. mission just over the road president trump says he'll announce a successor in the next two to three weeks possibly even sooner signaling that he wants to make the announcement before those crucial midterm elections in just under a month well dana certainly a person i would consider as she is under consideration and the president's daughter ivanka i think of our good being granted all that doesn't mean that you
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know what i think or because good beer cues of no business. even though i'm not sure there's anybody more confident in the world but that's ok but. but we are lucky that numerous people the discussion put on hold as the president has yet another campaign rally to attend my kind of al-jazeera united nations. the mystery surrounding the disappearance of jamal khashoggi has again brought attention to the plight of journalists around the world nicaragua is no exception that the profession has become more dangerous in recent months as our money repeller reports from. assaults harassment and death threats have come to characterize the working conditions for many independent journalists and. may be might have been there yet but what we have a video journalist in managua recalls the moment he was shot in the arm was covering an anti-government demonstration only one batter. i tried to stand and
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couldn't contract and couldn't feel it i mediately thought the worst. moments after being shot other journalists rushed to winston's aid and drove him to a private hospital. winston says most of his colleagues have also been the targets of attacks. is winston's boss and the founder of one hundred percent news he says that since the unrest began threats against his staff haven't stopped said but only thing being a journalist today is a matter of life and death. we've been harassed shot at angry mobs sent by the government to intimidate us at one point you are under siege unable to leave the building for several days and we need only a few minutes last april in the city of laon a radio station known for being critical of the government who set on fire with journalist still inside. us for the flames are so big they burst through the front
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door and ignited the clothes on the attackers as well as a security guard. walking through the charred remains of his office fransisco tortoise an independent radio reporter showed us where men armed with machine guns explosives and petrol canisters stormed the building this is what is left of the offices of radio deal the fire destroyed the roof and practically everything else this radio station was one of the first media outlets to be attacked when the political crisis began but acts of intimidation and violence against the nicaraguan press continue. attacks against the press have left at least one journalist dead so far government representatives however have ignored our request for a statement on the matter as the political conflict drags on organizations like the interim merican press association are calling on the nicaraguan government to investigate and prosecute those responsible for attacks against journalists and
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their families went up and when i was. iraq's new prime minister. is expected to deal with the economic crisis that led to months of violent protests in the country's southern oil rich province and. it's home to iraq's only see important oil fields that produce seventy five percent of the nation's oil mamma dad joe reports from baghdad. the bustling portal provinces solve them. a crucial lifeline to the country's economy every day tens of thousands of tons of imported goods are offloaded at these docks more than three million barrels of oil field tankers destined for the global market while busted up pumps millions into government coffers every day but a little of that reaches its residents and i are totally neglected we have no clean water no electricity no jobs we keep wondering how we sunk to this level now it's not who where is the government for fifteen years we've been kept hearing these promises without action are still not seeing any efforts to save us from this
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misery in the impoverished suburbs of iraq's second largest city a simmering soup of garbage and roll see which is a common sight. there's grievances boiled over in early july when thousands took to the streets to protest what they say is government neglect but the protests what she get of the thousands of people got sick drinking contaminated water after five months of political crisis that out finally has a new leadership moments of the but i'm sorry a cut from all fun and out was elected president by parliament he topped the lobdell maddy a she and former minister to form the next government as prime minister the job is huge and the future. is central to their success feel her lover i believe that the current shift and politics in iraq however tiny is driven by recent events in basra it's important for the new leadership to understand that failing in basra is not an
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option and would mean total failure for them. calmed rising tension in boston the outgoing administration announced two months ago a multi billion dollar emergency plan to restore facilities and vital services in the region this time will the people of basra refusing to settle for what they call token improvements many say that unless there is many change in the political system under the new administration funds for development may once again end up in the pockets of corrupt officials. afghanistan's government is trying new ways to help young men who fought with the taliban some of the marines young as twelve and have been sentenced for offenses such as attempted suicide and possessing explosive devices there's no authority is using education and games to reverse what they say has been taliban brainwashing twenty reports.
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this is a former women's prison at bottom bagging kabul it's been turned into a juvenile rehabilitation center housing children the government says fought with the taliban we can't identify the children all start because they fear reprisals but the boys have either been charged or convicted of a range of activities including planting roadside explosive devices and attempted suicide bombing offenses they all deny mohammed is sixteen and he's serving a five year sentence for possessing a roadside bomb he says he was framed by family and his and claims he has no connection with the taliban. i have nothing to do with the taliban bad people paid the police to frame me but i did nothing. this type of facility is the first of its kind in the country it houses thirty four detainees age from twelve to seventeen and they are part of a new strategy by the afghan government to move from previous harsh detention
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conditions to a new more compassionate approach aimed at winning hearts and minds. we try and reverse the taliban brainwashing we are also using some of the same techniques but they only explain to the kids one side and we explain through education both sides and try to tell them that everything that they've been told is not true. once these were cells and now their classrooms boys are taught to read and write here and given an education they otherwise wouldn't get is designed to show what life is like away from taliban control in many ways they are more fortunate than children detained in other parts of the country. i am studying them getting to know all about good things now when i am released i will continue with my life. to marchmont aware that some of the juvenile centers have reasonable living conditions but we get reports of abuse in some of them because of a lack of education there is not violence and sexual abuse from orland officials
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say these methods are proving successful in eighty percent of cases but some would argue that the inmates have no choice but to comply but there are no guarantees that once they leave here they won't succumb to the pressures and circumstances that lead them here in the first place. lack of food in prospects can be a driving force behind a young boy's thinking and with the dye conditions in many parts of rural afghanistan it will not be difficult for the taliban to find willing recruits there are concerns if these new government methods don't work these teenagers could pose a threat in the future not only in afghanistan but also other countries to the. suicide attacks are global threat not just took down a stand and if we don't stop them here then they can happen in other countries as we have seen. it's hard to imagine watching them play volleyball that these boys' lives have been so marred by violence like many others they've lost more than their freedom they have also lost their youth tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul harker
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michael is continuing to build strength and is now in florida as a category four storm with winds over two hundred kilometers an hour michael is set to be the worst storm to hit florida's panhandle in over a decade and the strongest in terms of wind speed to make landfall in the u.s. this year that haitians have been ordered for hundreds of thousands of people. around here and these are our top stories turkey's state media have released new video of the missing saudi jealous jamal khashoggi entering the saudi accounts that the day of his disappearance they've also had footage of men believed to have been involved in his disappearance more now from stephanie dechen who's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. the bigger picture through all those reports the new york times the washington post and turkish media is that you had what they're calling a saudi hit squad of fifteen saudi nationals coming here and two planes booking
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into very close to that door they were all supposed to have been inside laying in wait when the saudi journalist went in to finalize some divorce papers because he wanted to get married within two hours they killed him they dismembered his body they don't know where he what next these are all allegations i think also we should bring this back to the fact when we talk about the politics this is a man who has family who has a fiance who these are horrific details coming out and no one has any evidence. the u.s. state department and the united nations are calling for a full and transparent investigation into jamal khashoggi is disappearance oceans and says it's concerned the whereabouts of the journalist reason germany have arrested a man in connection with the murder of a bald garion journalist old victoria was raped and killed in the north of town she's been investigating alleged fraud with the e.u. funds involving businessmen and politicians abandon the opposition leader has
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been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the two thousand and four grenade attack against the current prime minister. when was tried and absentia after he went into self-imposed exile in two thousand and eight his remain opposition bangladesh national party nineteen other people were sentenced to death. as the timing of the verdict is aimed at keeping him out of the country's upcoming elections and donald trump says he's considering five candidates for the role of the u.s. ambassador to the united nations often nikki haley's sudden resignation as he will announce his successor in the next two to three weeks. now with all our headlines and back with more news here on al-jazeera after the stream stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological
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disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. i am for me ok family could be here in the stream today the search for the dark site where our scientists what dark matter of research could explain about our universe this topic has definitely piqued the curiosity of our online community so keep your dark matter questions coming to them to us live on you tube or via twitter. on covering the world of dark particles could be the key to understanding the nature of matter gravity and what is holding universe together but after decades of research scientists have yet.


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