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be unprecedented for that to end up in a court case but of course it's really important is important support for the for the country for the people that we can't allow this sort of stuff to go on if if what we're saying is happened then that just is not acceptable and it needs to be stopped and we seem to be moving in soon and an era where our countries are doing things really are outrageous actions that we we haven't seen for many many years so so you know that there are other possibilities that could have happened and the stumble the turkish police will want to investigate those but getting access to the embassy is going to be impossible for i would say there's other bits that might be useful as well so any c.c.t.v. cameras of the area not just attach to the embassy there be other cameras of our. c.c.t.v. cameras in the airports where they've been travelling through and of course on the route as well so so there's lots of other evidence that can be collected but the difficulties for the investigators are enormous well some c.t.
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is some says it even for this has already been released and it has to be said that the saudis have agreed for turkish investigation team to go into the consulate building now elements from this just briefly were because we're going to reach the end of the program very soon. it's very difficult to reach any conclusions but i think the bigger picture in all of this is that you have a saudi regime at the moment who is not accepting any kind of pretty even though jamal history has always said that he was neither. he was not in the opposition and he was not in the dissent camp. so but it's a bit scary if that if any of this comes out to be chewed and they could be so far reaching. i think. it was a loyalist he says that he has loyalty and you know. legions to the king he was
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critical of b.s. . but this makes it even more dangerous for him because the m.b.a.'s and the saudi monarch in general does not want to have to give ideas to its followers that they can defect or criticize because they don't send a strong message that you cannot do that and you would have if you would pay heavy price if you do then you will have a wave of defections so that's makes it more dangerous than being just a dissident like myself and i was a target myself for abduction and other activities hacking spying going to mit and the reality is that what i wanted to add is that i think the police the police police police i don't behave please. what what. police should look at i know they cannot go inside to behave please so is that they could they could look at the refuse the garbage if you kill somebody you need to
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put a huge piece of plastic and that's very hard to get out of plastic so the plastic might have gone with the trash with the garbage you know they can get in the case of russia here when they had to evacuate the consulate in san francisco they burn stuff so if there is a fire in the in the fire place that will people in this time of the people will notice that there is a fire they're burning plastic or wood or something else so those things have to they have to look at that because they can find evidence i think i think now all eyes are and investigation and they stumbled but also everybody from the white house are to you and around the world want to get more clarification from the saudi government that will probably take a few days if not a few weeks to come but we have reached the end of this show thanks to all our guests i met chris philip and subh i have jose and thank you too for watching you can. see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page does facebook dot com forward slash
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a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is that a.j. inside a story for me about the jaime and a whole team me here in doha by for now. sweden has his home. in northern iraq his homeland. from which he ran. camera in hand he retired. to film he was tiny taste to run. a
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story soon transformed by a chance encounter. the gal who saved my life i witnessed documentary on mountains here. i'm. not you. know some of the i like. this is al jazeera. and this is the news from al-jazeera it's a very sad situation it's a very bad situation and we want to get to the bottom of it is us president saying
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he has discussed disappearance the highest levels of the saudi leadership church maybe it's also released pictures of fifteen saudi nationals suspected to be part of a group allegedly to abduct or kill shoji and in other news four hundred thousand people have been ordered to leave florida as hurrican michael moves closer. and pull the new york yankees that have been knocked out of the major league baseball playoffs the boston red sox beating them for create a yankee stadium to reach the american league championship. however enough today's a very little reaction will statements the u.s. president donald trump says he has spoken to the saudis at the highest levels following the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi trump told reporters at the white house that he wants to get to the bottom of what happened to the critic
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of the saudi go. i would be certainly consider that in fact we have a call in to his wife his wife wrote us a letter. addressed it to my wife and myself and we're in contact with her and. we want to bring it to the white house it's a very sad situation it's a very bad situation and we want to get to the bottom of. it i don't want to make i don't want to say that i hope he's not i hope he. will have to find out who did it but. people saw him go in but they didn't see him come out as they understand it and we're going to take a look at it it's a terrible thing for you if. i'd rather not say but the answer is yes. it is probably. going to. be you know. i would say fairly quickly i would say fairly quickly they're in touch. maybe to speak to the
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first lady because they're in touch and she'll be most likely coming to the white house where we're going to go get it it's a terrible break this is a bad situation we can have later this happens to reporters to anybody we can't let this happen and we're going to get to the bottom line. as well as donald trump speaking we've also had u.s. secretary of state might pompei i was speaking to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman trying to find out some information about jamal khashoggi earlier turkish media released video that appears to show it to show g. walking in to the saudi consulate in istanbul eight days ago also these images which show the arrival of what they say is a saudi killed him effectively on the same day at istanbul's international airport and also the washington post which showed you wrote forces u.s. intelligence intercepted communications of saudi officials who were discussing a plan to detain her sochi and lure him back to saudi arabia must say that the u.s.
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has denied any advance knowledge of cash oh geez. disappearance ok jamal is in istanbul outside the saudi consulate will be with him shortly but i'm starting with kimberly how could the white house because kim leaves only a few hours ago that you and i spoke and he said the movement was fairly slow now suddenly president trump talking about talks at the highest levels that's right we've got a readout from or a statement we should say from the white house press secretary sara sounders giving us a bit more clarity on the diplomatic channels and back channeling that has been taking place well there have been few public details until now what we understand is there have been two telephone calls by the trumpet ministration to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon the first call both we understand took place on tuesday but we are now just learning the details of these calls the first call took place between the national security adviser john bolton and also the president's son in law jared cushion or we do know that jared does have
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a relationship with the crown prince dating back many many months when they met here at the white house as part of mohamed bin solomon's goodwill tour here in the united states and presumably he is now using exerting that friendship in a relationship in an effort to try and get more details the second phone call with the white house is calling a follow up call took place at the hands of the secretary of state mike pump aoe again speaking with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon we understand the crux of this call was to request information and to press for a transparent investigation now sarah center saying that there is still ongoing efforts for more information and that the press will be updated when those details become available for the moment though she is saying that in fact the white house continues to monitor the situation what do you think of the sort of level of talk that there has been or appears to have been kimberly because i think there was a lot of concern in the lead up to this that because the white house because don't trump a particular wall so close to the saudis that he actually wouldn't be critical enough
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. certainly there is that concern and it's not just this white house the sort of level of. relationship between the u.s. government and the saudi kingdom dates back decades and it's deteriorated somewhat under barack obama but you're right under donald trump there was a reset push when he had his first foreign trip in selective riyad as the location there's no question that there are strong ties between the kingdom and this white house and the president is one that likes to feel in control and after covering donald trump for as many months as i have. you get the says that he doesn't like the uncomfortable situation he's in right now where he is being pressed for answers and he doesn't have information what we had initially expected from the audio that we were hearing from the oval office chat with reporters in the last couple of hours that seemed to be that the president himself had made these phone calls now
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it appears he has had his high level staff make the phone calls instead perhaps reserving that as a last resort given that there are these strong ties between the kingdom and the white house but the president himself also having invested relationships it doesn't appear that the white house has used that card just yet reserving that for later perhaps that right now what we know is that the secretary of state is adamant that the white house needs information and that this needs to be transparent and public that seems to be the tact that is taking at this hour thank you for the update kimberly how could that the white house in washington d.c. now it's istanbul jamal shale signed the saudi consulate jimbo. welcome others you know as every day goes by more and more information is coming out from the turkish officials albeit there during this our friend corey them the latest information as you mentioned there was the identification of fifteen saudi
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nationals who they had mentioned to us a few days back but they didn't identify them this is the hit squad as we understand amongst them is the head of the forensic team the saudi defense forces amongst them several special forces officers as well as the former intelligent intelligence officer who was based in stationed at the saudi embassy in london united kingdom. based on these fifteen people based on the c.c.t.v. footage obtained of the man during the concert at the same time jamal official q was there based on the traffic camera video of the vehicles that are registered or to the consulates and the movements or suspicious movement there had raised in the fact that these fifteen suspects only checked in for four four nights at hotels but they actually stayed for less than twenty four hours in istanbul so they flew from riyadh on private jets some of them true. stayed for less than twenty four hours
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and flew back and based on their profile as well as other information and evidence that the security sources say they have but haven't yet released that is why they concluded that he was killed in the building behind me i learnt from one of our sources that they have some sort of evidence which points to loud screaming and shouting taking place off the jamal a tricky went in that there was some sort of a struggle and then there was a sudden silence drop some of what we have in terms of information here stephanie decker's reports. turkey's sources say these men arrived at istanbul airport with a mission to either abductor or kill. they flew into is stumbled on the same day the saudi journalist was due to return to the consulate to finalize some paperwork they're suspected to have been inside the consulate when hushing he entered the building around a quarter past one local time on the afternoon of the second of october a turkish newspaper has published the pictures and the names of the fifteen saudi
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nationals that the turks say were part of the so-called saudi hit squad the new york times goes into further detail quoting an anonymous senior turkish official saying ankara believes he was killed inside the consulate at the orders of the highest level of the saudi royal court then gruesome detail the question he was killed within two hours of this moment and that his body was dismembered by the saudi team with a bone saw in what seems to be a deluge of leaks the washington post then divulging that before his disappearance u.s. intelligence intercepted communications of saudi officials discussing possibly detaining him out. it is unclear whether he was ever warned i'm very surprised that one would would confirm this by letting the information know now the fact what has been intercepted is also notable because if true and there are now seem to be
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in creasing and disparate bits of information that corroborates or substantiate the other pieces of information it would be a shocking act and teske lee glaring one which there were were intelligence operation would be really in cock up and were someone into your own consulate and then murdered the person and. while you know that your entrance is an exits are all being videoed is. astounding. this new information seems to be destroyed with the attempt by the turkish kurds to russia and saudi arabia turkey your question was a mistake on camera and the evidence has been presented to back up the. story with me and. her surgeon his fiance had teacher and is seen here waiting for her fiance outside the consulate and she's written in the washington post the u.s. paper has contributed to pleading with the u.s. president to clarify what happened to her fiance and also in the saudis to release
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security camera footage she says she doesn't want to believe that he's been killed stephany decker or jazeera stumble. now aside from that information that we mentioned there both since the news reports and what i was outlining earlier come out there have been other reports that have. surfaced in the past few hours the reuters news agency was citing that based on british intelligence source that that source had been tipped off by his or her saudi informant that apparently what was meant to happen was that this hit squad was actually coming to kidnap but after it's had drugged him been true much over those that's killed him i whatever that does seem a bit not to add up with the information we have when we talk about the makeup of those fifteen saudis that came when we talk about the way in which the operator of the turkish security believe here that that was not the case that the purpose of
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this was premeditated murder but as the finny mentioned out in the report and as we've been saying over the past week this is such a politically sensitive issue because the moment the turks go on record with the you haven't said that there's some proper police press conference of some sorts that's has to be accompanied by a political decision what will turkey do with regards to its relationship with saudi arabia with its close the embassy down with its spell the consul general will downgrade his representation and all of that will depend on what kind of narrative is essentially sold to the public because despite the fact that the police you have been giving information the reason lack of transparency in the sense that there's no independent investigation taking place obviously that sharks will see no need for that because this is a crime that affects their land and the saudis will be seen wouldn't want something like this because it happened in their our territory so to speak in the sense that it was in their diplomatic mission but in the absence of that we will have to depend to a great deal on the official narrative and that official narrative seems to be the
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reason why it's dark so far still haven't come out or fischler with everything because that's will depend on their route diplomats or correlation ship with saudi arabia will depend on what's that narrative is in the end thank you jamal shell outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. well of a gathering outside the washington post friends and colleagues of jamal khashoggi spoke out demanding answers they say only saudi officials. the records surrounding jamal's parents if corroborate. would represent. a new low. on the part of a sovereign state in another state. turning a consulate into an ab a trois. sovereign territory in another country has diplomatic
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immunity. so that business can be undertaken not that crimes can become it. the saudi government has an absolute responsibility to account for itself. jamal was to saudi newspaper and he was suspended twice for speaking his mind. and was also the head of a t.v. station. and he was the station was shut down within twenty four hours because he wanted the station to be independent and he wanted to speak his mind. was bound from tweeting and writing in two thousand and fourteen because he wrote in support of the arab spring. and if he. died for the ultimate. for the. his insistence that he always want to speak his mind well it was also
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a protest protest outside the saudi embassy in washington d.c. and alan fischer was. well you can see behind me the remnants of the protest that started at midday here in washington d.c. outside the saudi embassy it brought around twenty or so people on to the streets what was interesting though was the number of people who stopped to find out more about why there was a protest and also the man featured in the picture well joining me here know is medea benjamin one of the organizers with code pink medea we've heard that donald trump has invited jamal's fiancee to the white house he says he's going to ask some serious questions how do you think do you think that's an important positive move absolutely i think that's a fabulous move i think it shows he really cares about this and he's determined to get to the bottom of it and certainly the united states government should be able to do that the f.b.i. should get involved in the investigation and i think that. this is a good sign that the government is taking it seriously thank you very much indeed for joining is medea also with the midterm elections not being far away there are
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many people here who are saying that this is the perfect time to put pressure on to politicians to ask them about their stance and so you really are and how they approach this case do they want answers from the government do they want the united states government to put more pressure on saudi arabia and the coalition that organized this protest say they'll continue to highlight the issue and continue to bring their protests right to saudi arabia's front door here in washington d.c. plenty more ahead of you this news hour we'll be telling you why bangladesh is main opposition party is leaderless for the second time in less than a year also escaping one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit florida in more than a decade. and in sport roger federer forced to go the distance in shanghai santa has all your sport a little later. now
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to other news al-jazeera has been given access to a report not yet released. by a panel of u.n. experts it shows the united arab emirates is violating sanctions imposed in somalia and eritrea support on its they continue legal construction of an emirate base in somali dance coastal city of berbera it was the seizure of weapons and military equipment coming through yemen the full story from imran khan. the report has been prepared for the un security council it says that criminal networks in the u.a.e. are using iran as a transit point for illegal charcoal exports that have on their somali based on group an estimated one hundred fifty million dollars. pledged there and affected state within a state and they collect taxes in all major towns. they also run a. justice so for many citizens of somalia in even. barely. court meters away their report was written by the somalia and
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eritrea monitoring group a un body that monitors sanctions in the region and it says charcoal is shipped from somalia with fake country of origin stiff it gets to ports in iran where it is relabelled a product of iran and put on the small boats to port in dubai the authors of the report say both iran and the u.a.e. did not substantively engage with them when they raise concerns of chuckles modeling. has been trying to overthrow the somali government for nearly a decade now and despite losing territory it still controls a significant chunk of the country and levies taxes that fund its attacks one checkpoint is said to earn the group ten million dollars a year the somalia and eritrea margarine group also says that in some areas al-shabaab has faced a katie taxation system that is more geographically diversified and systematic than the federal government the u.a.e. is named in the report for breaking other sanctions that include smuggling weapons
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bought from serbia and croatia into somalia and yemen the u.a.e. is also building a military base in neighboring somaliland despite calls from the federal government in somalia to hold construction saying it was a clear violation of international law the report says work on the site continues somaliland is a region of somalia that declared its independence in one nine hundred ninety one following a civil war and remains under recognized by the international community the u.a.e. is yet to reply to the allegations its u.n. ambassador says they cannot comment because the report is unpublished iran can't. now parts of florida are already seeing flooding as hurricane michael begins to lash the coast it has gained strength it is now a category four storm with sustained winds of over two hundred thirty kilometers per hour it looks like it'll be the worst storm to hit florida's northwestern coast in over a decade and the strongest in terms of wind speed to make landfall in the u.s.
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this year officials also are predicting a potentially dangerous storm surge of up to four mate is around the height of a one story house so let's go to andy canada who is in i'm going to try to pronounce this correctly again. what you say and do because i've just picked up on where you are. well we're in apalachicola bay here in florida's panhandle and hurricane michael slammed into the coast line here and hour ago we're still getting buffeted around by extremely strong winds gusts of up to three hundred it's now lashing rain obviously not too much structural damage here in appalachia color itself but the big concern the authorities have now all those storm surges could be predicted up to four meters we've already had reports here that we've got a storm surge we're not too far away at the moment that's the big concern because as the storm gets eric and michael. in lot it's not just going to affect these coastal people it's going to push up and keep on pushing on all the way inland that
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poses real dangers to all those other low lying communities this storm just to give you a sense of how powerful it is and the hope is that it will weaken now that it's hit landfall is that even by the time it gets the state north of us if you look at it will still be a category one hurricane something that that state hasn't seen in the decades a strong this is the prime time of the most probable storm thing is since eighteen fifty one so things are still unfolding the storm is still blasting this coastline three hundred seventy five thousand people who are under mandatory evacuation order a lot of locals you can see them driving around here i've actually stayed and hunkered down they're really putting their lives in danger because the search and rescue crews won't be able to come into these areas until the storm has actually passed and that will be some hours before they can actually do that so three hundred seventy five thousand people under mandatory evacuation order we don't know how many of actually heeded those warnings assuming this is known going situation that will last for hours and now is this storm this massive storm continues to back
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the florida panhandle ok good work and in apalachicola in florida. now at least nine people have died after flash floods hit the spanish island of the clean up operation is now underway is floodwaters up rooted trees buried cars and mud militaries had to be deployed to the area to help with the cleanup. the leader of bangladesh's main opposition party has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in a two thousand and four grenade attack against the current prime minister. tried in absentia because he remains in self-imposed exile the court sentenced nineteen others to death for their involvement in the same attack and reports. in this crowd a some of those injured in an attack in dhaka more than fourteen years ago. still angry one of the chilling thought if you have one not a good one must be taken back from london and he must get the punishment which was going by the court and no one should be all must be punished to recruit him on fled
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bangladesh to london in two thousand and eight and now leads the opposition bangladesh nationalist party he was tried and convicted in absentia the criminal conspiracy and multiple counts of murder for the two thousand and four attack. as then opposition leader shaikh a senior addressed a crowded rally in the bangladeshi capital. but the grenade blast killed dozens of people and wounded more than five hundred including has seen a who suffered severe injuries and won and she went on to win a landslide victory in two thousand and eight becoming prime minister. her rival can lead a zia the former premier and leader of the now opposition bangladesh nationalist party was jailed for five years in february for corruption she's to wreak rahman's mutha. the court case over the grenade attack has taken nearly fourteen is with fifty two people accused prosecutors say they'll press for rahman to also be handed
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the death penalty to former ministers and two former heads of the country's powerful intelligence agencies have been sentenced to hang alongside fifteen other suspects. security has been tightened across the country following the verdict. whatever is needed to be done to provide safety to the people we will do it no anarchy will be tolerated everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. elections in bangladesh are planned for this december rahman's lawyer says the timing of this verdict is politically motivated that he wanted no witness has stated that was involved in any quantity or undergone meeting for that but he has been sentenced to life imprisonment wrongly his party is demanding the release of his mother and an interim government in order to participate in the polls. al-jazeera a lawyers representing iran have made their opening remarks at the un backed world
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court in the hague trying to win back two billion dollars from the us government iran says the americans are violating a nine hundred fifty five treaty which the us terminated days before the case began . after listening to u.s. legal counsel spend hours accusing iran of masterminding decades worth of global terrorism so it was a ranch turn to address the international court of justice at the hague complicated legal arguments boiled down to one thing iran's lawyers made the case that the judicial legislative and executive branches of american government had together fabricated the legal backing for a glorified smash and grab to take two billion dollars belonging to iran central bank reason for exemptions were given to satisfy the dumbest occasion. and designed for us government to facilitate. an expert on the seizure of any have been hearing and hearing and companies
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a sense they also argue that blaming iran for terrorism in their opening remarks was a political stunt by america's lawyers to distract the court from the merits of the case before it the united states' approach seems to be that the rest some states that it considers so bad that they should not be allowed to put their case and to answer the defenses of the other side in a court of law well that approach does little for the rule of law or to encourage the peaceful settlement of international dispute and it is legally untenable iran's defenders use the phrase international law dozens of times pitching the idea that internationalism is more important than an america first approach especially in cases being heard at the world court it was a stark difference from the u.s. challenge to the court's jurisdiction in the matter and demands for
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a dismissal on day one of proceedings lawyers made the case that a twenty six thousand law that allowed u.s. citizens to sue foreign powers over attacks on u.s. soil was specifically written to hurt iranians. and that protection for iran central bank under the one nine hundred seventy six foreign sovereign immunity known as f.s.a. still applies mr president members of the court. the united states has gone from being the model nation for the north state immunity and respect the secretary to call status turn out last night that has departed from its founding vision of the nine hundred seventy six fs i add it's taken two years to move this case from the docket to the court room in iran's lawyers urged judges to move quickly to resolve what they say is an american violation of international law that has already cost iran billions of dollars today's rebuttals begin on thursday zain bus robbie al-jazeera to iran still ahead here on this news hour it is world mental health day
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but the focus is less on awareness and more about how you can maybe help yourself and support belgian police target some of the country's leading football clubs out of a fraud investigation sonas here with bass a little later. hello again and welcome back we are going to start this hour hour across parts of the nose a lot of clouds across turkey as well as over here across the eastern part of the med now the next few days the clouds are really going to start to thicken up in our forecast map you can see here from aleppo all the way down towards baghdad temperatures arranging for about the high twenty's here over toward syria as well as the high thirty's here across parts of central iraq over towards tehran though not really looking too bad you're expecting to see a temporary few of about twenty seven degrees here across the gulf what we are seeing doha twenty thirty six degrees that's not too bad for this time of year
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riyadh a little bit warmer as we make our way across the central areas coming down in terms of temperature by the time we get to friday but as you can see here across parts of the south do cross parts of oman we are picking up quite a bit of clouds and we are going to start to see the rain falling across southern part.


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