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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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terry political and economic relationship with saudi arabia turkish president threat of tabor to one spoke for the first time about the case early on thursday costing doubt on saudi claims that the consulates video cameras weren't recording on the day she went missing turkish officials have also expressed their frustration at the saudis lack of cooperation citing their refusal to allow investigators to search the consulates the consul generals home and vehicles registered to the saudi diplomatic mission tucker security sources say they are certain that. was killed in the building behind me they released photos and the identity of the fifteen man hit squad they say killed the saudi journalist amongst the members of crown prince mohammed bin said a man's personal guard as well as the kingdom's or one of the kingdom's leading forensic experts and the former head of intelligence at the saudi arabian embassy in london turkey's police and security services seem to be delaying officially
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announcing the results of their investigation while decision is made on how to retaliate against saudi infringements of turkish sovereignty keech or that's appears to be finding some sort of consensus amongst turkey's and eyes and the international community. well we've also had reaction from britain's foreign secretary jeremy haun say that there will be serious consequences if the allegations prove to be true and really what we're hearing from all these leaks from senior turkish officials is that. entered through that door into the saudi concha that there were fifteen men that saudi arabia had sent on private planes laying in wait to court into these charges officials ready to get kidnap or murder him the the main narrative that they're coming out with is that he was murdered inside that consulate that his body i mean the new york times when as far as to say that they that they have to move to pieces it is horrifying information come all that we haven't been able to verify no one has but this is what is being leaked and
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they're now trying to really verify find out what exactly happened so i think and initially people were so shocked when you started to hear these leaks coming out thinking this is a story that is simply on believable it cannot be true and i think this is why there's so much interest in it it is so outrageous but again everyone just waiting for the facts for the evidence to figure out what exactly happened to mr bush and still we wait ok stephanie dick is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul thank you were i think it's ok that with our senior political analyst in london marwan let's talk about the americans first suddenly i pointed this out to alan before suddenly in the last twenty four or forty eight hours we have all of this action is it too little too late or is the u.s. on the right path now. well it's remains to be seen of course but there it is a bit too little too late in the sense that if this was say for example an action done by iran and its consulate in istanbul then we would have heard
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a different reaction from the american president and the administration but because it is an ally because the united states president did bet on this old man and his father since two years ago the response from the white house has been quite timid but now with the pressure from congress under pressure from the american media and as we've heard i have actually been quite pleasantly surprised if you will to see if the top of the main american newspapers and television stations so interested putting so much pressure on the american ministration to react because after all it is one of their own you know one of our own a journalist being. allegedly killed. by a state and if the turks are correct. the way he was killed this is of course worse than what isis would do because after all this all
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the arabia is a member of the united nations if this all plays out no one that jamal khashoggi has been killed that it happened at the hands of the saudis what happens to all these relationships u.s. saudi relationships u.k. saudi relationships arms sales all these things do you think these countries will follow through on their strong words i think something's got to give i think i can see a single. practical scenario that saudi arabia will get away with it it's just inconceivable. the only way that saudi arabia could remedy a certain aspects of this crisis that by the way is getting worse and worse with every passing day is that if they do come out clean and someone vest that responsibility and that someone would have to be higher up would have to be something like or someone like the crown prince because in the end of the day
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everyone understands that this couldn't have been carried out by some junior official in saudi arabia this is a common thing as a turk some others have claimed it happens. by an order from someone on the de facto ruler of saudi arabia is his crown prince from hamburg and so none and i think the bucs dustup with him so i think the only way out of this is for surgery but to do take responsibility and for someone to be basically fast with the responsibility and would have to step down or step aside in order for the relationships between saudi arabia and others like turkey like the united states like the u.k. to begin to recover from this horrific horrific blunder by by the saudis extraordinary stuff isn't momentous our thank you moments all senior political analyst in love and finally what have you found today because i mean this is it's messy yeah yeah and that's really evident on line the story really does
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keep playing out on social media mainly with the reactions but there are also protests on the streets like this one outside the saudi consulate in washington d.c. on wednesday some pretty gruesome depictions of what may have happened to him and we've also seen protests online with many demanding answers this cartoon by reynold philip showing how the world waits for news on the journalist asking where is he and others are not just asking donald trump to help but past presidents to people asking bush and obama to talk to their so-called best friend mohamed bin salamander cry. prince of saudi arabia to get answers you have a picture there with brock obama and here with george w. bush others are asking for answers for the sake of his fiance had kangas she waited for hours outside the saudi consulate the day he went in and she still waiting now journalist karim shaheen he tweeted saying that i keep imagining
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a final moments the reporting today has left me with ice in my veins he says i still have no words if you have words and you're sharing about them you can talk to us and include us with your hash our hash tag a.j. news grid thinks they we've got the latest updates page up and running as well on the coasts wrote the story because it's a false move real time updates in text plus all of the your reports go up there as well as editions of inside story discussions if you just search for the latest updates or have a look in the what's trending section i suspect it will be there for a good few days to come and as leah said to get in touch with us as well contact details coming up for you on screen go to newsgroup good idea to use twitter today a.j. english you can reply to thread the reason i say it's a good idea is because we are having some problems with the live stream i'm afraid at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera so if you can't access that you can always go to youtube as well a lot of you tube page plus not seven four five zero one triple one four nine is
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the what's happened telegram number. well moving to other news and there has been a dramatic failure of a russian rocket and its two man crew is they blasted off for the international space station just put it on the map first of all lift off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan as you zoom in it really does look like it's basically in the middle of the nowhere nowhere but this is an important space facility like she does him out a bit so you get a bit more context of where that cosmodrome is as a right in the middle of kazakhstan there but look at the pictures let's roll them for you now put them on the wall here actually so take off looks fairly normal everything's ok at this stage two astronauts illustrates the national and the cosmonaut on board but this happens to boosters fail you get that horrible looking trail of smoke there it leaves the crew to make what is called a ballistic descent they have to abort their mission that's the moment where it all goes wrong inside the american astronaut and the russian cosmonaut survived the
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emergency landing they are reportedly in good condition despite experiencing much higher g. forces than normal landings let's try to make some sense of it all with david brown an astrophysicist at war university joining us from coventry thank you for your time talk us through this whole thing what with these two men have gone through today. it would have been certainly an unexpected situation for them as you just said the booster rocket failed and some time it looks like after the first stage finished and it appears that something may have gone wrong with the separation of that first stage as it comes away from the rocket but it's really too early to say they would have had a split second very short period of time to make a decision as to whether to proceed or or abort the mission and as we know they they chose to abort and then they've made this this rather dramatic reentry and what do you feel miserable for the same injury story how much control would they
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have had over it it would have being controlled yes. they would it would have been controlled it would have been a pre-planned scenario that was either automatically controlled after the initial separation or in which the the two crew were able to position their module and then and then follow a pre-planned scenario ok what about the space program as i understand this is the only man and program which supplied the space station they were supposed to be going up for another one hundred eighty four days i believe there are other astronauts up there as well i mean this must be getting a massive dent in what happens with the space station. yes it's not entirely clear how the crucial jewel for the space station is going to going to deal with this obviously the soyuz program is going to be delayed and grounded while an investigation happens into exactly what went wrong and there are
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currently three crew on board the space station this point the most likely scenario seems to be that they will have to have an extended stay with potentially an additional supply mission. and then there may be some acceleration of testing programs for new man and capsules that are plans to come on stream next year an extended stay in space my goodness david from joining us from work university thank you so much. just want to show you this is a little fun and direct of peace actually found today at al-jazeera dot com the international space station of course just one manmade object up there in space and if you just scroll down here this timeline and run it back here actually if i can it takes you back through from nine hundred seventy four right up in till today and as it runs through it basically adds in all these satellites. which have been launched by different countries look at them all adding up there it's just a little reminder i guess that there is a lot of tech floating up there in space you can just search for what does it say
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at the top via satellite earth aurukun will do that if you hit the info graphic filter on al-jazeera dot com you should find that one pretty easily the i.m.f. and the world bank have approved plans for zimbabwe to pay back more than two billion dollars in debt this is a vital step to secure new loans to revive the economy the government recently imposed a tax on bank transactions that's been blamed for rising prices it's affected the health sector as well number of businesses have been forced to close and authorities have banned protests organized by the trade unions because on top of all this cholera epidemic. the challenges facing zimbabwe's economy come from a severe shortage of cash and that is historical unfortunately you go back to july two thousand and eight and zimbabwe's inflation already the highest in the world was that two hundred thirty one million percent which is impossible to understand really it led the government to announce that some shops could then sell with foreign currencies but there's
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a bubble in dollar continued to plummet and by january of two thousand and nine the government which you may remember was then a forced power sharing coalition decided to phase out the zimbabwean dollar which was look at five hundred million dollar notes stores were only accept in u.s. dollars euros and the south african rand but still that wasn't enough so by the november of twenty sixteen the government issued bonds notes a sort of surrogate currency which was pegged to the u.s. dollar and that lost value as well fears of inflation mean people tend to stick to the u.s. dollar or ego cash due to limits of how much money can be taken out of the bank let's make some more sense of it with how to retire so she's live for us in harare deja vu if we go right back to two thousand and eight when you and i reported on the elections then the problems just don't change all that they persist they just take on different forms. exactly and a lot of people are worried when you speak to zimbabweans they keep saying remember two thousand and eight we don't want to go back to those days and people are really concerned that could happen people were trying to protest today about the economy
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saying they really can cope and they were arrested by police some of them anyway and to talk more about those arrests i'm joined by. human rights thank you very much for talking to us why were people arrested and have they been charged thank you very much the reason for their. being the issue of the protests that they're organizing. unions was organizing protests. that are supposed to be done throughout the country today and also to present a petition in terms of the issues that. in terms of the spiraling conditions of the economy. that has been introduced. actually. planning such a march which was going to be a peaceful prosperous nation just to present their petition which was covering all the issues that they wanted to raise so first thing in the morning before the procession started to people. how many people have been arrested and how they've
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been treated by the police thank you very much i can confirm but we have seven people that have been arrested in. people that have been arrested in metairie we have the largest number of twenty people that have been arrested and received reports especially. assaulted by the police during the course of that is to. thank you very much for talking to us come on another worry for zimbabweans of course is the shortage of basic commodities in shops people line up for hours to buy fuel to buy groceries when you get to the shops sometimes you're limited to one item per person so basically one loaf of bread one pint of milk those who can afford it are driving to south africa mozambique zambia but so on a crossing the border find their groceries even coming back into the country but the poor really can't afford to do that a lot of people are frustrated some hope that they could vent their frustrations on the streets they want to do that because it is a bad public gatherings because of cholera but i can tell you people are angry really worried really afraid the country going back to two thousand and eight days
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with a chronic shortage is a basic commodities and fuel. excellence of harare in harare is how to. thank you for that les has been looking into this one internet connection it still seems to be ok you getting information out of there we are people seem to be like frustrating tweeting you know because they're in all these long lines and it's hard to blame really the financial crisis in zimbabwe does deep in the conversation online really does grow because like harry was saying lines are long at petrol stations and dozens of businesses are shut everything from clothing stores to pharmacies and fast food chains some say the closures are temporary others haven't given any given any indication if they'll open anytime soon now it's so bad that the food chain k.f.c. is literally out of chicken it says it doesn't have any more money to buy what it's famous for they say this is due to the fact that we are unable to source stock from our suppliers as they require us dollars we're doing everything possible to resume trade as soon as possible same almost pizza. pizza its branches as
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well for the same reason because they have no in gradients and we heard from one zimbabwe and who says that this new tax is especially affecting the poor things in dublin citizens are angry with the government this government created this cash crisis that we're in and so we've been forced to mainly use electronic transactions and now they introduce this transaction tax basically two cents on on every dollar that's transacted which disproportionately will affect poor people because there is actually a flat tax rate for large transactions that obviously the more wealthy will do so this is i mean this is a tax that fix the poor it's an empty pool policy to pay back this illegitimate odious government debt and we don't even know what this debt was used for by government. others are still talking about what many are calling the price madness
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or the spike in food prices one user here shared this picture with the caption that said goodbye green tea because it's literally going to cost her twenty seven dollars for one of those tiny packs and one user says to think only a fortnight ago or two weeks ago we're doing fine as a country not great but just find zimbabwe how did we even get here at which point did we get it wrong now understanding how all these monetary problems play out now and in the past isn't always easy but we found something which might help you it's from the al-jazeera archives zimbabwean presidential election back in two thousand and eight where anchor in harare took out the issues of cash supply and hyper inflation you may recognize it. this is a one hundred us dollar knight one hundred u.s. dollars if i were to take that to an official zimbabwean bank and exchange it at the official zimbabwean exchange rate i would get these four notes seven hundred
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fifty thousand dollars each that means my one hundred us dollars turns into three million. dollars now what you have to bear in mind is this is not a lot of money have a look at this this is a three hundred mil bottle of coke which i bought yesterday that cost fifteen million zimbabwean dollars at the official exchange right that cost five hundred us dollars five hundred u.s. dollars for a bottle of coke so what ends up happening here is that zimbabweans use the black market now because of the supply of cash in the country that can supply a lot more money on the black market instead of three million zimbabwean dollars i get three billion this great big wad of cash three billion dollars it turns my bottle of coke into a fifty cent bottle of coke which is far more palatable i'm sure the great i mean these one of these notes is ten million dollars they are printing off money all the time now obviously logic tells you if you print more money more notes into the market that means that money is worthless this three billion dollars might be worth maybe i need one billion two billion in
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a few weeks time. well i actually don't really know what you just said just looking at your hair. i don't need that you know i read a great segment it was great yeah great hair too. yes i had more hair back then. but still here skirted here with us on facebook libre but a bonus story for you now about haute cuisine in the us how it's using an indigenous ingredients and then later a twenty two year old american student detained for a week at israel's main international airport they say she's been involved in a boycott campaign against israel challenging the detention as well because she holds a visa to study the reasons hebrew university we'll explore that story next. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well plenty of clouds are here
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towards the eastern med you can see them right here on the satellite image anywhere from central parts of turkey all the way over toward syria down towards lebanon as well temperatures fairly moderate for this time of year so the clouds are going to remain and then in parts of northern iraq as well as we go towards saturday not looking too much of a change but we do start to see a little bit more of that heading towards the east and up towards tehran we may see a shower of two with the time for them of twenty two degrees now here in the arabian sea we are watching what is happening with our cycle and we've been watching the system for days as it was affecting parts of india has slowly moved across much of the arabian sea and that's the problem it is moving slow so getting a track on the storm has been quite difficult but as we go for the next couple of days we are seeing the storm making its way closer to the coast of amman and yemen and there is our map right there on friday brings a very heavy rain across the region so on saturday the rain will be affecting parts of the law we do think here in eastern yemen will see rain as well and of course in this part of the world that means flash flooding is going to be a major problem and then very quickly down here towards the southern parts of
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africa we are seeing mostly clear conditions across much of the area temps wise looks like this with durban about twenty two and rain in the forecast. we're. i have dedicated almost my entire professional life to the bench and fight against corruption and what i have learned is that we need champions we need also to shine the light on those shampoos and this award bridges that gap that existed in this. nominate your own version of your own child the light on what they do and do
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it not shine a light on your hero with your nomination for the international pacer war two thousand and eighteen for more information go to isa war dot com.
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i'm out of here at all comment what's trending as well everything to do with. number one that showed she hates and as i mentioned before there is a light to stop that as well you'll find a link anywhere to that for many about the shoji related material and more on that u.s. student held in israel that lee is going to have more on that shortly have a look for what's trending today. as a result com now a small bit of breaking news but significant to do with the this is turkish security forces sources i should say speaking to al-jazeera saying that turkey has definitive evidence about the killing of jamal khashoggi and where he was killed definitive evidence about his killing and where he was killed nothing more than that so we can't say about where it's happened but only that the turkish security
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sources are saying van you know where it's happened hopefully we're going to get more on that if they speak to our correspondents on the ground a little bit more a little bit later when there is some more information coming out that is coming from turkish security sources speaking to al-jazeera. moving on to pay. in florida now assessing the damage caused by one of the strongest storms to ever make landfall in the united states hurricane michel ripping roofs from houses pulling trees from the ground causing widespread flooding since leaving the state it has been downgraded to a tropical storm and is now heading for neighboring georgia and the carolinas in fact i've got a live satellite map here from windy dot com and you can see down the bottom left that the storm is broken up quite a bit it's over north carolina but as i run the animation and it heads north again you see it come back out of the genea and then of course as it comes out over the warm water starts to pick up strength again but luckily by that stage well out over water and gallica apalachicola i said it right this time andy looking
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a lot better than you were yesterday my goodness that was really coming down yesterday but while the damage. yeah the damage is intense i mean we couldn't get a clear picture come all as i spoke to you last night but this morning it seems pretty clear that panama city and mexico beach right next door of really being devastated it looks like tornadoes have gone through there are not a horrid kain there is extensive damage somebody said mexico beach is basically gone panama city a lots of damage there as well and we were on the dirty side of the storm here in apalachicola and really there was not too much structural damage here but this is a big problem here downed trees we've been trying to leave opulent you call it to go west towards where the damage is and it's really a no go because every road you go down there's at least one two or even dozens of trees down and it only takes one on these very remote roads to stop you getting anywhere so that's going to be a big problem for the emergency services trying to get into these places that have
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been really hit hard by hurricane matthew so far hurricane michael i should say so far we've got a two deaths reported but there is a feeling amongst the authorities here that that figure will rise as the emergency services go into those areas and start discovering unfortunately people that didn't leave but it seems at least in panama city in mexico beach people did heed those warnings they saw the sheer strength of hurricane michael and got out just in time . and the gallagher thank you for that update apalachicola florida here with me our resident are going to but you've experienced plenty of these in florida i am our lines writes being from florida and north carolina lived there several hurricanes and hash tag hurricane michael has turned into hash tag tropical storm michael and both have had their fair share of trends in the last day the video starting off strong as did the wind in the videos of the devastation took center stage on line is one of the most shared ones filmed in mexico beach hundreds of thousands of
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views as we see homes literally float away and then came the calm in the storm the eye of the storm passed over north florida and stephen mellon does posted a facebook live video of it clear skies there in the middle pretty impressive then there was more destruction just wait for it we've seen dozens of videos like this with people there to capture it just total destruction there at that tree now those who did leave their town are anxious to return to see what's left of it there were some trees down a tiny bit of roofing damage we did see one gas station can't be that it tipped over but it was just equivalent to a really really really bad thunderstorm and if you told me that just a few miles the other direction was he hurricane that. was just catastrophic. i never would have believed it i still don't i haven't been there yet i'm going back to panama city in a little while and. i've got to pick my stomach because i know what awaits me but
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it still doesn't feel real it's just like living in a dream if you're going to be in a hurricane michael or tropical storm michael's path since the text or tweet about what you're doing to prepare for what it did to your neighborhood are a genius good things they are back now to the latest on the disappearance of jamal khashoggi we talked about some information coming from turkish security sources and we've got stephanie decker with us in istanbul to talk us through that stephanie what do you know. well jazeera is being told by turkish security sources that they have told washington they've informed washington now of information that they have that they are certain that jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate there saying that they know exactly which location he was killed in that they have now share this information with washington and they're also saying that they're going to continue to inform their allies like great britain and others about these developments about these fightings in the
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specific findings in this is what we've been reporting also why it's taken so long a politically why we haven't heard this officially on camera why we haven't seen any evidence because it is so sensitive when it comes to bilateral relations between saudi arabia and turkey also getting the support onboard to you know we didn't hear from president trump for about a week first of all he said that he was concerned that he said he didn't really know anything and now a real upping also in language coming from washington about needing about this being a big problem about it being a very serious issue so now we're hearing from again security sources saying that they are confident that he was killed inside the consulate and they're saying they know exactly where they're not saying how they have that information but certainly if you look at the bigger picture here come all these leaks that we've seen come out escalating really in the last couple of days painting an incredibly terrifying unexceptable picture of what happened to this man he went into that consulate to pick up routine papers because he wanted to get married on a turkish will you need to prove that you are divorced he did have
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a previous wife so he was called back to the cold see that he had gone the week before he came back it was a set date under all this information that's coming out from charkha sources is that saudi arabia sent a group into this continent who waited for him and it's certainly horrific detail again i think we do need to wait for evidence but i think if you look at the bigger picture if you read between the lines it's an incredibly hard and concerning development that happened inside that consulate we're going to have to wait for evidence but i think this is. so sensitive when it comes to politics when it comes to relations between saudi arabia between target between the united states and between others but the facts are we haven't seen jamal khashoggi we haven't heard from him nine days later since he walked into that building ok that update from stephanie in a stand confirmation from turkish officials that they say they know about where and how jamal khashoggi was killed in istanbul more on that of course when we get it it
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is a fast moving story but we've got some other news to bring you now from around the world nearly seventy thousand people living in our group one camp near the syria jordan border are at risk of dying most of the syrian residents were displaced from areas of deir ez-zor and rock and homes activists say that rush are in the syrian government preventing humanitarian convoys from getting to them over the past fourteen days fourteen people have died due to malnutrition and no medical care a magnitude six point zero earthquake off the indonesian islands of java and bali has killed three people and caused widespread panic that's two weeks south to more than two thousand people died in a major quake and tsunami on the island of so the way see as many as five thousand more remain buried in the mud the search effort has been extended by another day after a government meeting the decision comes as the emergency response is being discussed at the annual meeting of the international monetary fund and the world bank which is happening in bali. is the head of u.n. development program he says there needs to be
12:33 am
a better system of preparedness for natural disasters in the asia pacific. but usually the first step is indeed search and rescue but alongside are ready begins a recovery phase in the reconstruction phase and at the request of the indonesian authorities. a number of our organizations are already engaged for instance to n.d.p. right now in preparing to assist with removing rubble and debris so we can actually create access you know access to some of the areas remains a challenge and then from there on really comes the recovery phase the assessment is done and then it build back better. option is often put in place because clearly the natural disaster risk continues and some natural disasters such as the earthquake it is a long term investment the infrastructure has to be built for this great persist and that's obviously a longer term project and tsunamis of early warning can do a great deal and we obviously invest in many countries a significant amount of our resources in helping countries not disaster risk management plans in place after that evacuation as
12:34 am
a management of immediate casualties and so on we learnt a lot also for example in the amount from cycle not as many years ago and you know where and it's toward the loss of life of today that would be unlikely to happen because the whole disaster risk management system is in place and that is what you would be p. in many countries does with governments to learn the lessons from pasta sauces and then put national plans in place that will set the precedent for a structure now in a first of its kind the case israel has held an american citizen it's a port for whole wheat and it has links to the b.d.s. movement that is boycott divestment and sanctions encouraging people and organizations not to buy is ready goods on account of the occupation of palestinian that leah is looking at that one for us thank you paula her name is lara class and she's a twenty two year old american graduate student and she's been sitting in jail in israel for a week now despite having a valid student visa she was accused of supporting a boycott divestment and sanctions movement upon arriving in the country now it's
12:35 am
the longest ever boycott related detention for b.d.'s b.d.'s case in israel but back in two thousand and seventeen israel enacted a law banning foreigners who quote knowingly issue a public call for boycotting israel this is what attorney had to say. hope that was the last speaks about activities her activity is clear she arrived to israel to study at an israeli academic institute she was accepted by the institute got a visa from the ministry of the interior now she's barred on the basis of google searches in which they found scraps of information she did or did not say and an organization she is allegedly related to or not what's important here is. the city and. the deal as it should be even if she is not a supporter yet she should not be asked to claim that it's illegitimate. people
12:36 am
have been campaigning for her release some even have set up a legal fund to raise money for her defense twelve thousand dollars race so far now others are saying that this is wrong a liberal anti democratic and self defeating is being held in custody until her appeal against her to porter's ordered is settled now we'd like to hear your thoughts on this you can follow along with their story as well for their hash tag a.j. news thanks apologized apologies to those of you who would usually watch us at facebook dot com slash around to see what the facebook live stream we have had technical problems today just checked in on you tube there are plenty of you watching there mohammad has said the saudis have blood on their hands and another mohammad has said the u.n. and the i.c.c. must investigate this is well and this is very much on the level of turkey and the united states at the moment and saudi arabia to a degree it will be interesting to see if it does spread out a bit further than that thank you for your comments and yes thank you for bearing
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with us with our technical problems. now i was going to say that for the team watching on facebook live we've got another bonus story for you now but we probably won't sing as we're having to go problems but what we have got coming up is sports in a moment with fara and we're looking at basketball that man le bron james. he has a new running buddy. on the lake is going to be the real deal this season that transmits .
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welcome back to the newsgroup a typed replay now donald trump speaking let's have a listen as we had in texas what actually came back the second time and then the third went out filled up came back this one went very quickly but it's tremendous destruction the areas where it as the path that it it shows is incredible the kind
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of destruction we've not seen destruction like that in a long time but it's. the rebuilding i could actually say the rebuilding process and the survivor looking process we hope we don't have too much of that the area most affected was hopefully one hundred percent evacuated but there's always somebody that stays in in this case they would have been in big trouble. but so far the reports as you know very good so i want to thank you for that and i don't know if you have any questions on the hurricane to city but have any questions john go there if you have enough time to focus on is a good way to yeah i do i have a very busy day today we're doing as you know we're doing having to do with copyrighted music we're doing right now the save our season active twenty eighteen which is a very important thing but i and yesterday i had a tremendous rally in pennsylvania and we had thousands of people lined up and i
12:40 am
just couldn't you couldn't tell those people and they were there for a day and a half before and i couldn't tell people that have been standing in line for a day and a half wanting to get into the arena that i'm not going i went there we had great control over what we were doing both an air force one at the white house and in florida and i think you're seeing we're getting tremendous marks for the job that we did and i wasn't going to disappoint thousands and thousands of people who'd been standing in line for in some cases a day and a half wasn't going to do the. but i think i think we've i think we've really really done a job this is a particularly busy day because we're signing a number of bills very different kinds of bills so you'll be seeing me a little while later i think it's with a couple of the senators standing behind me right now and you'll be seeing me in a little while and we're having lunch with jim brown one of the great football players of all time and a great guy and kind of
12:41 am
a western is coming at they're coming in for lunch and after that we're doing some additional interesting things but we have a busy day but i always have a busy day and the economy is doing really well the jobs are looking we think jobs are going to be better than ever we think records are broken already but we're going to continue to break the records so let's talk about the save our seas act if we could and again thank you all for being here i want to thank also the members of congress that are with us. that's senator dan sullivan who's been absolutely terrific worked along with sheldon whitehouse and these two have been spearheading something that's very important and we want to thank you both shelton think you just heard it here much you appreciate it really it is i know you work very hard and work well together and mr sullivan thank you very much for being here we appreciate it very much and we have secretary of commerce wilbur ross who worked
12:42 am
along with the senators and acting n.o.a.a. administrator admiral tim gallaudet you're here and thank you for being here it's a great job you do every year over eight million tons of garbage is dumped into our beautiful oceans by many countries of the world that includes china that includes japan that includes many many countries this waste trash and debris harms not only marine life but also fishermen coastal economies along america's best rations the bad news as it floats toward us i've seen. pictures recently and you have some some of you have seen where this vest tremendous unthinkable amount of garbage is floating away into our coast in particular along the west coast and we're charge with removing it which is a very unfair situation comes from other countries very far away takes six months a year to float over but it gets here and it's
12:43 am
a very unfair situation it's also unbelievable you are still with the newsgroup here on al-jazeera we just explained we get a live feed well that's not a live feed it is actually a recording of a. sort of small news conference like this if you like that donald trump is just given in the oval office and we expect him to be speaking about the case of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi but as you heard he's dealing with some other bills being signed today his rally yesterday also talking about hurricane michel as well so we are going to stick with this just because we can tell you exactly when he is going to talk about it but we do obviously need to hear the president's latest comments on jamal khashoggi so we're going to stay with this just for now it is a tight reply from only a few moments ago from the white house donald trump dealing with a number of issues at the moment i believe he's doing something to do with pollution but we are waiting for those comments on. the federal government's response to oceans waste by authorizing the national oceanic and atmospheric
12:44 am
administration to declare severe marine debris events which happen all the time it's incredible it's incredible when you look at it people don't realize it but all the time we're being inundated by debris from other countries this legislation will release spawns two states for cleanup and for response efforts we will be responding in very strongly the legislation also encourages the executive branch to engage with those nations responsible for dumping garbage into our oceans my administration is doing. zach lee that for example the new united states mexico canada agreement is the first u.s. trade agreement ever to include commitments by the parties to cooperate to address land and sea based pollution and improve waste management and i can tell you that dan and sheldon were very insistent on trying to get that into the u.s.
12:45 am
embassy a the new agreement that we have with canada and mexico and we'll be putting it into other agreements of the united states as some of the most beautiful beaches and oceans in the world and the coastlines are incredible as president i will continue to do everything i can to stop other nations from making our oceans into their landfills that's why i am pleased very pleased i must say to put my signature on this important legislation and again i'd like to thank dad and sheldon and all of the people the admiral and wilbur all of the people that work so hard over this was a tough one but it had great bipartisan support what was the final. and it was consigned unanimous. bipartisan do you ever think john could hear that bipartisan well that's pretty good can you imagine trump and white house in the same area etc they have a lot of respect in what the president said about the administration the trumpet
12:46 am
ministration doing a great wrong that's on the record story but really it will be global you mispresent we well what are the cars i want to thank you and i want to thank sheldon thank you should say we can check in. thank you was for the picture with him. and good luck with it and the things. that get this done properly. you were down to zero as i've mentioned before a type or. play of a recent. sort of it's a signing in a small news conference going on inside the white house oval office at the moment donald trump signing a bill to do with pollution is. also waiting for his comments on jamal khashoggi we are expecting him to say something as you know with donald trump it can happen at any moment so i am just actually going to go back in now on that say because he did
12:47 am
say he was going to take some questions let us have a little listen and yes that's right the one of the. right well that's what happens when you don't have entire control over your technology these pictures coming into us from the wire services donald trump he has made some comments today with jamal khashoggi and our team from london will be taping across that i've got a full of interviews coming up for you in exactly one minute's time i'm come all santamaria thanks for joining us.
12:48 am
brother leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of more modern feel and the events that helped fuel the violence of his final. lust for libya on al-jazeera. as pressure grows on saudi arabia over missing journalist jamal khashoggi reports of a saudi operation to your him back home. loan barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up the end in
12:49 am
that little town in russia suspends manned space launches after a soyuz rocket taking two astronauts to the international space station fails midair. a severe side glow in back to his eastern india killing at least five people and raising fears for the hinge of refugees in neighboring bangladesh this says hurricane michael leaves two dead and the trail of destruction in florida before moving on to georgia as a tropical storm and archeologists discover at least fifty eight ancient shipwrecks in an underwater graveyard increase. president donald trump says the u.s. has investigators overseas and is working with turkey in the case of the missing saudi journalist a judge. he also said washington is working with riya to get to the bottom of what
12:50 am
happened to the saudi government critic after he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second the washington post which is where he worked as a columnist is reporting that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sunline ordered an operation to your house back to riyadh turkish authorities have officially said little about the case the president had on his urged riyadh to release images proving the journalist left the embassy and the foreign minister says turkey will share a clear picture with the world after the investigation from istanbul hears john it . this is pictet murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the saudi consulate in istanbul doesn't only threaten tucker saudi relations its impact is reaching washington on wednesday twenty two senators from both the republican and democratic parties triggered human rights legislation in the magnitsky act and since a letter to president donald trump demanding an investigation into what's happened
12:51 am
if that investigation finds that kushal human rights were violated by the saudi government then the u.s. would be forced to impose sanctions and review its relationship with the saudis and if this man was murdered in saudi consulate in istanbul they have across every line of normality in the international community. if that did happen it would be held if saudi arabia took a u.s. resident emerging into a consulate and killed him it's time for the united states to rethink our military political and economic relationship with saudi arabia turkish president thread up taper to one spoke for the first time about the case early on thursday costing doubt on saudi claims that the consulates video cameras weren't recording on the day kushal she went missing turkish officials have also expressed their frustration at the saudis lack of cooperation citing their refusal to allow investigators to search the consulates the consul generals home and vehicles registered to the saudi
12:52 am
diplomatic mission tucker security sources say they are certain that. was killed in the building behind me they released photos and the identity of the fifteen man hit squad they say killed the saudi journalist amongst the members of crime prince mohammed bin said a man's personal guard as well as the kingdom's or one of the kingdom's leading forensic experts and the former head of intelligence at the saudi arabian embassy in london turkey's police and security services seem to be delaying officially announcing the results of their investigation. well decision is made on how to retaliate against saudi infringements of turkish sovereignty key to that appears to be finding some sort of consensus amongst turkey's allies and the international community jamaal of sharia law al-jazeera istanbul. well we have correspondents monitoring developments and is them and washington d.c.
12:53 am
let's start with stephanie becker who is in istanbul for us stephanie turkish security forces have told al-jazeera the clear evidence they have to have was killed has actually been shared with washington which of course is crucial what more can you tell us. that's right and they're saying that they know exactly where inside that. he was murdered and as you say they have now shared that with washington and they're going to share it with other countries like the united kingdom and other allies and they'll keep them up to date with their investigation the bigger picture is this barbara there's been a steady stream of leaks from ankara using the media really to get out what they believe happened inside that consulate that saves any official going out on camera we still haven't had any evidence but certainly the picture that is being painted is a grotesque one and it is it seems that the turks are absolutely certain about this it is also hugely sensitive when it comes to geopolitics when it comes to political relations but you do have the americans now very firmly on board if you're
12:54 am
listening to trump and the letter issued by the senators so i think we're going to have to wait and see how the next couple of days unfold it is it is a different step it is an escalation trying to put more pressure on saudi arabia particularly because according to the turks and we've also heard from the foreign minister they're not playing bowl when it comes to allowing the turkish investigators inside that building they've been asking that for days initially they had agreed and we've been here every day we haven't seen them go inside we keep hearing they may come in they may not and at the moment we understand that the saudis are being very difficult about it and it hasn't happened yet and that is something that they are very keen to do and just i mean just elaborate for us the investigators going in presumably it's not only crucial but there's a timing sensitivity as well because whatever evidence may or may not be there obviously the more calm goes by the more it's likely that that evidence might disappear. absolutely i was talking to sort of you know
12:55 am
criminal investigators with the previous ones who would tell you that you know off to nine days and if you have if it is true that one of the members of this team was a senior forensic specialist in the interior ministry of saudi arabia those are the allegations at least that they would have known how to clean it up again it's speculation but and the nine days they would have been able to clear up the scene so to speak another person i was talking to on the day when the news came out that the saudis were going to allow the turks in he said what it's been a week that was when they first initially said they would love the men and he said it unless the saudis were certain that they wouldn't find anything they would be letting them in so i think there's a lot of doubt that the investigators the target investigators could find anything but again this is all speculation this is all based on sources yes they are trusted sources but it goes to show that no one has been willing officially to go on camera yet and make these allegations and even just briefly even the official turkish news agency and a donor has been very quiet about this they have recently only since yesterday
12:56 am
really started to issue articles not using the language that he was murdered but saying that they were interested in these men in the evolvement the disappearance and i think it shows you again how sensitive it is politically and other will probably be able to talk more about that but the americans also will have a major role to play many people will tell you when it comes to the situation. absolutely stephanie thanks for that and of course we are now crossing to the fisher in washington i mean you know after a few days of the americans didn't say much now we can see the president trump is speaking about it certainly perhaps in more detail a moment more often and he said that they have investigators over there but that will have a lot of clarity as to where over there was a mean turkey did i mean the middle east or more specifically saudi arabia trump has been speaking recently just in the past few minutes what's he been saying. well. on the issue of the investigators over there he made that claim this morning
12:57 am
it's not entirely clear what he meant and we've asked the white house for clarification one thing to note is that because jamal khashoggi is not a u.s. citizen he is a u.s. resident and he was who is has disappeared abroad the f.b.i. doesn't have any investigatory powers unless they're called in by another country and in this case we know that the turkish foreign minister has said in the last few hours that there are no american investigators involved so we'll try and get clarification for that now donald trump has been speaking in the white house just in the last ten fifteen minutes or so he's holding an event tied into the federal response to the hurricane but of course with journalists in the room they did ask about the washington post columnist he says that the should have the reply as sort of the should have an investigation response sometime in the next few days and he's not happy with what has happened though he's asked about the idea of imposing
12:58 am
sanctions in saudi arabia he said he would be against that idea because he says that investing one hundred ten billion dollars in buying u.s. weapons there are some who would argue that it's not actually that figure and that the saudis have been talking about one hundred ten billion dollars for a number of years including during the time barack obama was in office and never seem to to follow through but we can take you into the oval office have a listen to what donald trump has actually been seeing himself. well look at adverse strongly we'll be having a report soon we're working with turkey we're working with saudi arabia what happened is a terrible thing assuming that happened i mean maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised but somehow i tend to doubt it and we take it very seriously. what we have it's not our country it's in turkey and it's not a citizen as i understand it but a thing like that should happen it is a reporter with the washington post and it's something like that should not be
12:59 am
allowed to happen something like that should not happen and we intend to get to the bottom of it. ok a couple of things to point out here first of all when donald trump says look i don't want sanctions on saudi arabia there are other ways to deal with this he didn't talk about what those other ways were but also given that the mage and skin act has been triggered by senators in the united states that essentially gave the white house the government one hundred twenty days to come forward with a report on what is happened in this incident and if senators don't like it then they can say these are the people we are going to sanction and these are the sanctions we're going to impose if they want to put a hold on arms sales to saudi arabia they can do that and it is very difficult for donald trump to overturn that so that is a question the donald trump we will have to consider in the next one hundred twenty days another interesting thing is in the last twenty four hours the torrent of some of the comments from senators both republican and democrat has changed and the
1:00 am
reason for that could be well what al jazeera is reporting that the turkish officials say they have shared their intelligence with people in the united states government that information could well have been passed to senators who know have a lot more information and want to base what they're seeing i think if you take lindsey graham just as one example who is perhaps don't trust the closest ally in the senate at the moment he said if it is true and the saudis killed someone in the consulate in istanbul that not only would that be against all international norms there would and i quote here be hell to pay so when you're infuriating and firing up senators like lindsey graham that donald trump really has to read the way the wind is blowing here there are many people on both sides in the senate who are determined that if it turns out that jamal khashoggi was murdered in the consulate .


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