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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the accident occurred on a rock at that how did lindy incident free history this is very bad news on the other hand the emergency rescue system got excellently and this is good news. in fact two investigations are now underway one looking into what happened and another criminal one to assess whether there was any foul play or negligence involved in the rockets construction rush or is also grounding manned soyuz flights the work course of international space missions until more is known about this catastrophe that will have knock on impacts of course the crew currently orbiting on board the international space station will have to stay there a while longer and officials will be looking at whether resupply rocket flights can actually take place but thankfully there was no loss of life in a launch failure that could so easily have been fatal rory chalons zero mosque or it's going to the u.s. now what hurrican michael has killed at least six people after making land flock landfall in florida it's pushed on northeast across georgia and into the carolinas
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both of which are still recovering from hurricane florence just last month many coastal towns in the northeast of the state are still cut off twenty four hours after the category four storm hit and residents are being advised to stay where they are unlike most hurricanes michael didn't drop to a tropical storm until it had traveled more than three hundred kilometers inland and the gallagher has more now from the coastal city of a political one. well as night fell here on wednesday it was difficult for us to get a picture of how much devastation hurricane michael has caused but it's a clearer picture now on thursday and it really looks like panama city and next door mexico beach got up saluted devastated by this storm they were in the eye of the storm that's where it came ashore and it looks like tornadoes hit those communities and not a hurricane we've seen roofs ripped off schools absolutely leveled hospitals of being evacuating patients is
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a very serious situation in that specific area here in apalachicola we're on the more powerful side of the storm the damage is limited but getting around is almost impossible because you have situations like this where there are downed trees downed power cables all over the place eight hundred thousand people without power across this state and states north of here so this is a very serious situation and hard for the emergency services to get to the places they are now most needed. well meanwhile at least five people have died in india after a cycle made landfall in the eastern states of addition and under pradesh three hundred thousand others have been evacuated from low lying coastal areas heavy rain and strong winds have downed trees and caused widespread power outages across the true states neighboring bangladesh which is also home to around a million range refugees right now is on alert boats have been ordered ashore and some ferry services have been suspended. indonesian officials say it could take up
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to two years. after it was devastated by an earthquake. a final search for survivors. the rescue effort. officials believe up to five thousand people are still missing. that. you're watching. the program. and.
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hello there we're still quite a few thunderstorms over the central parts of australia this big massive cloud is giving us showers and there's a chance of seeing a few in alice springs as we head through the next few days there's also the chance of seeing more showers around this eastern coast as well so for some of us in queensland and new south wales it will be want to showers at times towards the south those should be largely fine a dry force in melbourne twenty two maximum temperature looks like we'll see move rain there for perth as we head into saturday the temperatures will be dropping off to now over towards new zealand lots of cloud lots of rain with us currently see this swirling mass that's across the top of us now it's gradually working its way away from us though so still some outbreaks of rain for friday but by the time we get to saturday most of us it should be seeing some brighter and dryer weather and christchurch will see the temperatures make it up to around fourteen degrees up towards japan we've seen some heavy rain recently but that's not trying to move away phil a little bit of residual cloud and quite a few showers in the eastern part so expect
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a few in sendai maybe one or two in tokyo but if we fast forward to saturday we can see that even that begins to clear away it's really not that warm behind it though a maximum temperature in sendai of eighteen degrees much in what we're expecting in seoul beijing a little warmer at twenty one. china used to take half the world's recyclable rubbish but not anymore with garbage generated by one point four billion people they've got enough of their own but where does it go when he lifts the lid on china's war on waste and how does iran. where ever you are.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera turkish security sources say they have definite evidence that missing journalist. was murdered turkey has also announced a joint investigation with saudi arabia russia has opened a criminal investigation after a rocket bound for the international space station failed shortly after takeoff forcing the two man crew to make an emergency landing and at least six people are now known to have been killed by hurricane michel in the midwest when it hit many coastal towns in the northeastern florida. the un committee for child rights says added to the pressure on saudi arabia urging it to immediately stop its
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bombing campaign against civilian targets in yemen it also wants those responsible for unlawful airstrikes during the three year war to be prosecuted the other a bit of down to those that nearly twenty percent of the deaths of civilians are children so that's one in five civilian killed is a child under eighteen that's a lot of children. so you know this is why we were concerned about the air strikes but not only the israelites i think we also mentioned to them in the dialogue the aerial and naval blockade well this follows the airstrike which hit a school bus in august killing dozens of children the students who survived are now back at school taking part in morning drills and attending classes last month the saudi led coalition accepted responsibility for that airstrike the u.n. estimates that five hundred thousand children have dropped out of school since the war began in two thousand and fifteen. with said after
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we lost our dearest schoolmates and we are worried that the enemies will strike else school. we tell the enemies the talk last night's blood won't be in value and that will avenge them by get you know g.k. should we will avenge them by learning thank god who saved me from a strike from the hands of this ramdisk crime ukrainian president petro poroshenko is hailing a decision that gives his country's christian orthodox church full independence from its russian equivalent calling it a victory a service to mark the historic move has been held in the capital kiev this follows a decision by the e.q. menocal patriarch in islam was the spiritual leader of three hundred million orthodox believers worldwide russia's orthodox church is now set to break away from is the ball in the biggest split in christianity for more than five hundred years andrew symonds reports now from kiev. they're all of one faith but there's
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nothing spiritual about what's going on beyond the silence of prayer and thought leaders of the orthodox churches here are split they're either pro russian or they want independence and a break from being answerable to the orthodox patriarch in moscow. as a church we try to be independent from moscow not because we don't like russia or so or something else but we see how a russian empire through centuries use also books church in our land as a tool of imperial policy in this sacred place to the faithful the archbishop's words sound political that's because they are there's a potent mix in ukraine of religion and power politics you only have to look around the corner here to see the sort of messaging that's going on violence and death.
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more than one hundred protesters were killed in the my down uprising of twenty fourteen that led to the fall of pro russian president viktor young a covert ch then came russia's annexation of crimea and the conflict with pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine now in its fifth year. ukraine's president petro poroshenko stands accused by russia of pushing for orthodox church independence from moscow to boost his chances of winning another term in elections next year in moscow the patriarch eight sees itself as the mother church and it says independence for ukraine will be a catastrophe. it's an artificial establishment and every time politicians meddle in church affairs it leads to pain suffering and often bloodshed because religious conflicts supported by politicians are the most violent and tragic we know that from history and from what is happening in the middle east. here in
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ukraine not all orthodox church members are in agreement with what's happening. it doesn't matter whether it's a russian or ukrainian church it's hard to see how believe a stat conflicts such as this one either her or the church should report it. as a state ukraine needs faith as a pillar to hold on to said that we understand who we can be in the future. what of the future ukraine's president is declaring a victory while russia warns of religious conflicts and ruth simmons. an american student has appeared in an israeli court to appeal against the city to bar her from the country over her political activism laura was partly of palestinian heritage has been detained since arriving at television airport on october second she was traveling there on
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a student visa to attend one of israel's top universities harry for such reports now from occupied east jerusalem. after nine days in detention lara carson was given a glimpse of the intense interest her cases generated the twenty two year old has been denied entry to israel since her arrival at tel aviv airport the israeli government says while studying in florida she led her university branch of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement which advocates economic and cultural measures against israel she says she's no longer an active member to minister the strategic appears together with minister of interior have decided that b.d.s. is not about actions it's not about attitudes to that thought. he thought pattern it's unfortunate that in that israeli democracy. we have two ministers here say if you believe in p.d.f. . and if you think it's legitimate you have no right to our custom had been
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accepted for a masters course in transitional justice at jerusalem's hebrew university she'd obtained the necessary visa at a time the university has joined her appeal in the israeli court laro customs legal team argues that there's an inconsistency in the government case that an active campaigner for the organization that advocates boycotting israeli academic institutions would hardly pay one to come and study on its campus her case is the latest of several incidents of detention and deportation involving left wing activists and commentators in july jewish american activist ariel gold was deported despite possessing a student visa over alleged proof b.d.'s activities in august left when u.s. journalist. peter beinart who's advocated boycotting products from illegal west bank settlements was detained and questioned on his way into the country it's concerned even diehard supporters of israel in the u.s. two leading such voices arguing in the new york times this week that israel should welcome b.d.s. activists without restriction israeli government however says
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a qassam will only be allowed into the country if she publicly repudiates the movement with looking at that picture yet i believe that mr constant meets those criteria based on her fact in the actions but your decision of which she was a senior peter guber several years our custom says she would publicly condemn the b.d.s. movement but neither will she advocate for it if allowed to study in israel of course stance on sunday ari force it out his era occupied east jerusalem wall street has continued its the client for a six that day with both the dow jones and the s. and p. five hundred closing down about two percent on thursday that's their lowest level since july and that's on top of falls on wednesday which saw stocks suffer their worst losses in eight months the seller follows investor fears that the u.s. will hike interest rates and global growth will stalled earlier european shares hit their lowest point in more than twenty months and then china's stock markets
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plunged to their lowest levels in four years the number of mexicans in the usa slowly shrinking with more people heading home than crossing the border into the u.s. for migration policies and increased border security under president trying factors but some believe that mexico's improving economy has led to more opportunities back home to home and reports though fund of rural state of law. just a few years ago public would have had little choice but to migrate from a small village in the state of what to miscues north or like many to the united states now there's another option because first cucumber plant. it's good to live in mexico this is where we're from we go to the us and they don't want us there with. liz himself or attorney migrant set up with his brother mario sixteen years ago it one greenhouse from full employees now they have seventy five not only three
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but when we started it was a battle to get people there are very few because they all immigrated but now they come to work in. the plant is yet an outlier in a poor state where many of pools to head to the u.s. to look for work or their families depend on the remittances that provides but nationally the panorama is changing little by little we're no longer in the years of the mexican migration boom in fact the population of mexicans in the united states is very slowly shrinking as more return home than head there. it's not easy for attorneys twenty of the local workforce authorities are giving them some help with their pool welcomes mix can documents and in some cases plans to start businesses. some firms like the cucumber plant along with others especially cool centers groups are profiting from the efficient of the bilingual labor. but to many returning workers the sticking point is the low pay or sylia is earning less than
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one hundred dollars a week in the cucumber business would head back to the states and the better salaries in a heartbeat free crossing the border got easier all safer. but we work in the fields and the money is in a knot things are expensive and the children need it to keep up with their studies i really suffered to pay for my son's university. the hope is that in the future miss consoler reason opportunities. continue to rise people of the young like pablo . john home of. divers in the greek islands have discovered a massive ship graveyard sixty meters below the sea so far the remains of fifty eight wrecks have been discovered on the seabed dating back from ancient greece all the way to the twentieth century much of the cargo is remarkably well preserved and untouched since the ships went down i would call it probably one of the top
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archaeological discoveries of the century in that we now have a new story to tell of a navigational route that connected the aging mediterranean and this was the focal point this was the place where they were all crossing by each other. a woman who bid more than one point three million dollars for a painting by the british artist banksy which shredded itself at the moment of seo has actually gone ahead with the purchase the unnamed european collector said that she was shocked when the bottom half of the girl with a balloon was sucked into an in-built shredder but she said she quickly realized she was the owner of a piece of art history so the bees auction houses the reclusive artist has authenticated the artwork and given it a new title love is in the bin but a very expensive thing. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera turkish security sources have told al
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jazeera that they have definite evidence that saudi journalist. was murdered he was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul october the second the father of four was once close to the saudi royal family but became a critic of crown prince mohammed bin sunline and kara says a joint turkey saudi team will be formed to to investigate his disappearance well meanwhile republican senators say the u.s. should stop arms sales to riyadh if it is found to have had a hand in her disappearance earlier the president though said he sees no reason to block the multibillion dollar deal. spending one hundred ten billion dollars purchasing military equipment and other things. if we don't sell it to him they'll say well thank you very much we'll buy it from russia or thank you very much we'll buy it from china that doesn't help us not when it comes to jobs and not when it comes to our companies losing out on their work but there are other things we can do let's find out what the problem is first ok. russia has opened
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a criminal investigation after a rocket bound for the international space station failed shortly after takeoff the two man crew an american and the russian survived after making an emergency landing in cassocks town at least six people are now known to have been killed by hurricane michael in the u.s. when it hit many coastal towns in northeastern florida many homes are still without power and people are being advised to stay where they are. in the season officials say could take up to two years to rebuild the island of sulawesi after it was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago rescuers are conducting a final search for survivors in the city of palu as up to five thousand people remain missing authorities say more than two thousand people are now known to have died and at least five have died in india after a cycle own made landfall in the eastern states over and under pradesh. as
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the news for now one use in half an hour coming up next one on one east. designation state sponsor of terror tell us what that designation means how bad is that the full suit on. the sudanese foreign minister i'll do deary mohammed ahmed told to al-jazeera. china used to take half the world's recyclable rubbish not if. they've got enough. the government has now declared. what you do with the garbage generated by one. billion people. on this episode when he used to live on china's rubbish crisis.
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we've traveled about an hour outside by jane where the problems china faces managing its weist are on the stock display. the stockpile here is the result of shared bikes games and gone wrong. the bicycles were dumped here because they were quite straight. this is just one of all the many bicycles don't think grounds gotten across china there are a symbol of a culture for juices and throws a y. on massive skyll and whether it's bicycle plastics or industrial waste it's a problem that's getting bigger and and bigger
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. china's government has now declared. the question is of. no way. the problem is china faces an. aging population much the same as a strong h. diet a city produces twenty five thousand tons of flights and. twenty years ago. of food korea's is.
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food delivery is known here. in china's b cities you can order pretty much anything from a. single cup of coffee the next to nothing. the . food. dreamed of following his father and grandfather into the army but a disability possible now the twenty two year old is serving his country in a different why.
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every day he prices against the clock he's job. views. you know my. outcomes. are. trying. to have some. bad. job for you so. you don't buy. these newly
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popular online delivery services helping to generate vast amounts of plastic white across the country about twenty million orders of my h.d. i finally from two major companies producing around sixteen million the plastics untidiness. i was to reach you need to be traveling to be. rubbish right chimley when knows all too well the challenges faced by a country where more people are getting wealthy fast he's someone made this they don't have the basic infrastructure for first amendment they just she's one of
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china's most energetic environmental campaigners i did i change the windows tiger news to see where a good buy. rubbish ends up. on the city's outskirts. historically china city is also sends their ways to the countryside but gradually the farmers from the fields because we have more and more not all staff. we've come to one of beijing's biggest and oldest dumpsites homes of both a landfill and an incinerator and these is about as close as we can get this is it . the first time i came here it was almost ten years ago now so he is going like a beauty. in the past this landfill contaminated the
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groundwater as far as four kilometers away locals also worry about a missions from the incinerator. over the years i have visited over thirty facilities including a man feel as anything major trying to. see how this facility is heavy impacts the people of lights and people are suffering from the pollution. with all it's sustainable waste my time and we don't have theater. in its war to reduce weist china has one of my advantage. a vast network of rubbish because we take much of the recyclable weist out of landfill and incineration. verilog. the all.
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the usual vivian no. one gene dong. it is one of one hundred seventy thousand a rubbish scavenge is part of the informal recycling industry that currently handles about a third of the city's garbage. on my brand work a lift home province and years ago wang lives on the fringes of the capital in a brick shack with no electricity or running water. wang and his wife took in their nephew eleven year old monk and after the child's father became ill. now true. others i'm a man. by
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. wang is committed to giving his nephew and education. about what here. now look at all of the old order is. lost a lot when you're. a one is taking me with him to collect volatiles on a demolition site covered with plastic mesh to keep down the dust it's worth. the real money and rubbish comes from controlling turf. well connected collectors cut deals with the big residential compounds pining for exclusive rights to handle
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their wife's oysterman the. children. you don't want to know so you don't know as i why do you not go to war with just one man. well there's no easiest way to make a living at the best of times but it's not even ten am it's already getting up towards thirty five degrees. and then there. is a little to the. pier and sure. there's a. well there's a window there's in what. we know is in the wash as you saw your. what. they're not what would have you put your. one at. the rubbish
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because a highly effective according to channel a wind whose study them closely they can recycle whatever the market can deal with we weed the field we're going to found out they recycle like almost a ninety percent of the recycle. various food much much higher in any of the most countries. they rely on recycling through this family. through. a. day long and attends a local school set up for the children of the city's migrant workers it costs around two hundred dollars a year in phase. but even in this marginalized community the rubbish because nephew is at the bottom of the pack.
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sure. the rubbish collectors might be efficient but the future is uncertain. most like one gene dong come from outside the city. in recent crackdowns beijing has tried to force them out. recently wang has heard that the buildings around his home a slighted for demolition and the fees he is could be next. generation with no intention of anyone. let him off one says it. isn't often that even if it. was only doing. the right.


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