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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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so are all because. saddam says he couldn't see a little bit in. britain. is just like his mother. from the daughter of poland so don't get close enough to see. me near the media that. only i should be involved. honey foster some of them theater some. small believe it could not but they'll be yes. dog in each of the showing on. t.v. and prove. on thing enough quality that he's done a lot of the albany at them. oh oh fern torr lana. here elko far no luck in your call assure her that during the show they want to alert you know her in the law and know how mother and also law the mother the arctic the corner when i was there me not if
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what i learned. was you go out welcome for all you know you're all law. to sometimes you see the other thing in this corner down at these drawn. them something down. in his. presence and tears on the list of blue that infernal net he yes his off a bit at the kid i don't know that when i come. of scantlings peacefully did feel industry do some push warner. don't wonder if you made a longish thing about him. and them done back in martin about them. if there's some that moving it up like the fanaa than he had to put involving a bag and i'm. so good for he looked to transport them eat dog shit put
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a stamp on me and feed them then i buy the body and. put the book of buying in for him and thus plots i did the question i was going and. could be found for war or just either you know chris christie or cool. if i started. the telephone for your heart out there skiffle for you ma'am and helicopter transport dishing about him. then we need something. to be. heard you need the. leader of smart dumb. only good that the american
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in something. but with us yeah so. too much of it or there's. still. to. come not going. to go with us ari. clung to. the to mckinnon very well was it to one of the not. for thank you what a pretty. disillusioned not suited to her and.
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station. cd. she got that there's a committee. south of here the vision. that i get i'm going to spotlight if it was as nice in the. us as it was nothing other came of. them when they fought in the flu committee bad man. yeah meaningful in the thought that in some. if the n.s.t. lived some i would southampton model ten m. . i don't know when i'm mum honey. you need to have the fun of fast. natural again which just. so me to head in the
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dog and. have breakfast on. the farm bunny. no matter what we look at you know one hundred number ten of them accountable for i don't know problem i never said it no you. are not going to quote it compartment no no put it you know. about three. hundred eighty i'll just get down to. the south end of the thing i sound like you know. that at the end there you've got the if you think you're going to get done all that that you've done. quite enough bloody well ordered if you don't always did it again i'm up to an area where nothing. but i did she got home to nobody know me such slave that mother does not then replied yeah i'm the judge in my bedroom right if i go out and then i'm an interesting guy might not be much good
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going to some of me and i'm just a little i've been stuck for a bit of a bank. and this is all you're going to be guiding me to the only. thing about a shop there for all to have to step forth and you know look about him on a daily that just for the most part out of how. much you have gotten a comment about the heart i'm no because i am. confident that no hard line you know ha ha be shocking enough i was just you know. so i just thought if you have a moment to take a photo another isn't enough. if. you're willing to bet that. is new. is what the villain said to me those are dirty that will get all of that.
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meaning of a mean bond on. thrown out there what for your most is a well done it's versions of the horn and. heard of an intoxicant of women. there to lead them to a honda or they fought tooth and manu for it gotten us. to think toss the. human on this an american. need one hundred old dog bun mumbai there this dog and help them missy misgave open flared in from to some pressure on a dog. when the needle in the immediate scene did see a millionaire curtis you know him. did inflict newcomen whole mess. the word nigger muslims are involved. your fish building provided for this cliff
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eleven we will provide. you have extolled full of flu and other mean bone don't. yes these are. tacky as. there would be a minute or so out when his father thought it was sunk. into hell or put pressure on the it were most likely by against. your will mean them a lot of freedom even them or was at them like a dance and. just.
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go back to say the helicopters and yes. they did this was what the florida men and the funds are for but at the dome his daughter sophie is the single body and. in health you must unite in being in the movie. the ad. says. said when he had the not the thing. in the voting us one. how did that meet leave.
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the state question even watched. the put it give us some of the for me to begin. thinking about it i mean to give us. but how many of us visit the set have to keep it going to be just annoying me because to get. bored on the them to nest a dog an income a feat i mean i'm a new. step. in and i. want to look at the load. of its owners beyond repair as you. never saw them as nasty now. but.
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yes you know tom bad it's bad bomb. i'm here and there's a new that's on the castros. pretty i'm going to russia russia turbo funicello will work for the cure go to the terms of my book and look what it got lucky as the media monitor. would never not be flooded have to know that we are not in hospitals are you scott yes you must potty katan i'm not study cops but. i mean how good have read a few books or told us on this my handmade done. ever seen my father look at the barca him his fatty i'm.
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about as fast. as possible like if that's not like i'm. a very good question but we have today is definitely. the best of the site iniquitous you guessed it all i know exactly what's on the. minute there could be our guest as a bit of this iran is one of everything i thought of challenging. tech as funny as you know. bush. bush the first. dog voted on timeline they need to leave so your computer walk a phone call just on their. teeny think you listen made me. think of all. docs are slim no one wants mom i am some new you defend one of the
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sham. with your fear that the by have set him up with not all come. so many that they need leave the hell of them on the net effect on the me for starting some. extent. with just a little bit. on their mean for if we are talking.
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this was. with. my son it was bad enough when i got. to be. a star how saddam smile on between the rubble on. the laws are required to achieve . that shocked father mother of the. just him. as a teen in bali. was bobby stara. was
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tom with a stick behind cut up on the body not a thing of the. progress made him by god you can see the. court could. use against. their best made of tin you to know. the guardian and it can you tell us of the other stuff said the writer and this must be not something you know if you know much of anything. in. this case of those the. thing. is there isn't much. money is involved and if there's no money i was bismarck on the whole of handing. me.
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i don't think it's an yes and the. third is the. last. two lines no one. does not like it and. not like that. it was. tied up mean vietnam. keep them on the number. of the two and that if they get it if you. get a glimpse of what they're getting all they kept in a recently that it ain't hot on the cap for the digs to benches off is on the shave one hundred good players go do your continue. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we'll be talking to the american people looking at key issues for
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voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system to racism and women's rights to join us through i took told her for special coverage and analysis of the u.s. midterms on all jersey brother leader or brutal dictator. with discontent spreading through north africa time was running out for libya's self-styled king of kings. in the first of a two part series the big picture charts the rise and fall of one of the feet and the events that helped fuel the violence of his final hours. the lust for libya on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was that it was getting to the truth as i would say that's what is just. an ancient disease that continues to put half of the world's population if we have the vaccine do to speed up the process of moving the disease
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in many parts of the world al-jazeera travels to tanzania and follows medical profession through on the frontline of the battle against malaria and that is just a few thousand mosquitoes in a place to say the official to do this lifelines the end game announces in. hello i'm daryn jordan and the top stories here on al-jazeera turkish security sources have told al-jazeera they have definitive evidence that the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered the saudi government critic was last seen entering his country's consulate in istanbul on october the second stephanie becker has more from istanbul. the president's spokesperson announcing that
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a joint working group will be set up between turkey and saudi arabia according to sources at the request of the saudis to carry out an investigation into what happened to you we do understand however that the turks will be carrying out an independent investigation as well they've been waiting to go into the consulate the saudi consulate before what we understand the saudis have been making that difficult perhaps this working group will mean that there will be some movement on that in the next few days also we understand from intelligence sources security sources that the turks have informed washington of their findings that they firmly believe that the saudi journalist has been killed and they say they know where it happened this is all part of a wider campaign of leaks by ankara over the last couple of days through the media telling them issuing them what they believe happened to the saudi journalist painting a horrific picture of course we still have no official evidence no official facts a new turkish official who's gone on camera to make these allegations but that also
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highlights and shows you just how sensitive the matter is politically at least six people have died in one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the united states many coastal towns in florida are still cut off a day after hurrican michel made landfall as a category four storm more than nine hundred thousand homes and now without power russia suspending launches to the international space station until the cause of the rocket failure has investigated. and there is a liftoff. in to the international space station on american astronaut and russian cosmonaut were forced to make what's called a ballistic reentry by parachute when the russian soyuz rocket suffered a catastrophic malfunction after liftoff survived an enormous g. forces during that moments in landing and kazakhstan. asian european and u.s. stocks continue to fall on thursday investors are concerned over an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china and potential rate rises by the u.s.
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federal reserve but those were the headlines the news continues here on out is iraq after witness stated that so much. thank you because people are going to start. going often and i don't think you have to start them first the few in now getting an order. through the man that i'm here to for the i was the most the fun of the nine years that i'm going to have about the picket. on. her going on. the almost. all of them but they. all thought it was all so on. one of them on
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a hot seat soon gotta. try to just get it to sally look as mother. teresa to bigger. without it is. that. your heart for nothing at this you know me at the from from a misquote of the limo they have to say now than has ticked them what's going on or the top of them quote is just you know when i'm sad over. even the envies the fear the single nor the scared defy the. man. and. the very idea of going to
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a punk believe yvonne that. he believed he stuck them up being the limb that he would go to not in. i don't know what you're not a dirty rat. different thought on the can see must mean you know so much with it when you know they've. done a fine a job in the past i was afraid i think don't be such of our being afraid of saddam would be the target of a heart attack you're going to thin out here before the pardon but. i hope you do this guy's going to see if there are usually i do not get more money
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must have been if i get on the air hot in my heart i'll get in on him a whole day seven jihad are going to. stop and other had argued in. the dark of night did the dodging vomit of i mean much because it would be. of pointed you know the moon. under got it all of a goodie this big number but that when you get out and figure out if that arctic summer when you're going to go and have called the honey we shouldn't prejudge. the view that you know we'll cut our book and i guess i said well of you there had a good offer did anybody. notice you know how that's a lot of the difference you quote. did they teach you more than a modern know so i don't know that others haven't of twenty marvin did before even . among would you know it but then but peter was gone aha i could this day i know how easy tanya oh.
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i've telephone it doesn't have to. do for it you don't. have to be but look at the study or you have. to be a new judge it would have been. to model video shall lead to still guilty they need a. tentative eternal commitment and you have as to what going to happen. to pull them up by john it did so to john did more by me to be any john than he didn't need to believe me it is could be given up by joining us my john did when he got easy to know they john mood is. in a good. mood i was sure what now might it. have is that he went. after no. more of us one.
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dish to the next you know. so studying was at the. door sex moment in history is a fact i'm not singing on. to some a new foot forward push i'm going to body and.
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they had he. had found them a new hoarder it has been all groove of yellow. helicopter name another for nothing here that. would do me a space for some persona. by that point at all i'm just something. to hang this a fost. on but you don't have to. be cage musically if you know what i'm sitting at that had a full. on hook. on how to put out a phone and then he. then it'll sell for never come on the outside
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of the list of it it might go there and it cost. thinking from the. time management and honesty. of the mug on the day. or kill a good idea to invest over their shoulders money. even an event. you think it will mean through means or. meant something it is beneath the song. but. just a show to get you need them but in the new domain. if we end up on the day mickey
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get on that. you think you're better. than the other ninety nine. then you might try getting. iraq and wanting to. lose. its enemy mystique of the innocent in the heat that saw. me almost look at the book at the me from we.
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i. and over towards it and. nobody you know because it. was. a little bit more of a. pull
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back to the south and therefore it's left on some top. down the hammer. on three for the point in the end saga. no one is good i'm not in on the freedom. yeah but them i'm a fast on the thought. as he called. me up through him to put him first in your forties phantom. says in a cell that even had even a fifty night. personal. though may harm them
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but maybe so we. just have. to start. driving the state so i say that. there. isn't a few months or little or no. so i'm on a hand saw the moment then my money. i don't have time to. talk. all night is not a job. so many of us here the worst in. the not. ask you oh good.
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debate at the deficit well may you mean for me that's one end of all can get through the into twenties now them chip has been set at the sort of an agreement you're. sorry. but we do know that it. and. so are getting on with another to get in with that is that we've got to get the chocolate to push. hard to move that you know it never took so long at the time now to go to. the next on the go down with us shoot it out it'll cost them going on. as must be. the north tower marsh i'm sure john now jeff sessions was yeah i doubt. this is the. issue of national service.


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