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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and yet so it was a country that really did love exists in terms of suffering to the united states france and u.k. were actually running the affairs behind the scenes. can get greece granted permission for britain and the united states to build military bases in libya. and when point was discovered and believe in sands in one nine hundred fifty nine british and american companies were first to be granted concessions. libya would now experience the transformative power of oil. libya began to lead the change from one of the poorest countries in the war to one of the richest in africa. before the oil the extended families and the tribal leaders had their sons in the army because it was the guaranteed for
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their future there was no business after the oil having a small store anywhere would give you a salary better than going to lawn. or you money it was shifting gears establish order. as the arab world was in thrall that evolutionary times embodied by one man above all egypt's leadership the last. there was a huge wave of bank out of business and massacres and military coups were taking place in iraq in syria in sudan and nasa was inspiring young arabs to go into the army and then plan and plot military coups to change regimes to change what nasser used to characterize as reactionary illusions pro western regimes the army and the nationalist and activists students began to educate against the monarchy and the elite.
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agitation would turn to revolution on september first one nine hundred sixty nine degrees the susie was ousted while receiving medical treatment in turkey. the group of military men we posed the king where headed by a little known twenty seven year old officer called my mother the best. and if. you feel. it if you. want to. keep it moving. it was riding in an anti west end anti imperialist way. the first thing he did is he terminated the agreement for the military bases
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brought an american base in tripoli and its base to. it was a very popular movement because anti-colonialism nationalism call for. more egalitarian society or more modernization but it's not a coincidence that only two of the twelve members of the consul that led the coup in one nine hundred sixty nine came from an eminent and it is background most of them came from a lower middle class background. by taking these nationalist calls there was very popular. also above all you will come very strongly in a side of the bill a scene called for justice and palestine. out of nationalism support for the palestinian cause against israel and the colonial mission to drive with an interest out of libya these were the pillars of the new regime headed by mama defra
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who having promoted themselves to the rank of colon and look to make even greater changes. he took over the banks the italian banks and bulky dome bank from became a sensor back at the same time he was very willing gauged with his people locally so he would physicist finishes he would visit towns he would meet people almost every day at the same time to reach of change inside the lives of people in terms of office structure building holds building the schools building hospitals clinics and so on so forth to never stop. they had a very ambitious a plan for nationalizing some big businesses and also taking over the oil industry . in march one thousand nine hundred seventy the gadhafi regime created the state on national oil corporation the n.o.c. to take direct control of oil production and distribution. the n.o.c.
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replace the libyan petroleum corporation moving the administration of oil from benghazi in the east where the vast majority of libya's oil fields were located to a new permanent location in the west in tripoli the heart of gadhafi is power. three years later he nationalized fifty one percent to four assess of foreign oil companies operating in libya. than in one nine hundred seventy three broke out between israel and egypt along with syria an embargo by the oil cartel opic against country support. the israelis lead to a quick drooping of the price of oil. for the remainder of the decade get deaf ear would use this new money and new power to lay out his vision for a new libya. what was his ideology which did he set out to achieve exactly for the libyan people at the time object was actively speaking of course
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when one of the deaf a came it came with the same rather that of the loss of which is. still akio which is liberty or freedom socialism and out of unity and also he wants the same thing that he did a liberate palestine of course the citizen it's with the libyan people and also the same time he had to do since i was a very simple person that he would go and he would sit with his students at the university and he would drive his own car so here's a person he's from them he's from among them so he gets a lot of support at that time what are your personal recollections of what he was like he was a doctor which of course said very simple and he came with no ideology he found what the street wanted and he had a lot of love i remember he came to the university with discussing with him the law of the of the student union and he came with the military forty. so one of
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the students told them hey you know that in the in the in the university business nation you're not supposed to come in with this kind of uniform so he took his volkswagen went back to his place changed and came and spent the night with us to the three o'clock in the morning and we ate together my car only that we made there so. i think this is the origin of that is the simple guy. he does a lot of thinking he has ambitions but at the time he was not vicious i actually recalled as a young boy three times when i met with the deaf ear interacted with him in early one nine hundred seventy i was in high school in tripoli he came once to our school in his own yellow folks fighting alone no security no bodyguards he drove all the way inside to our school yard and we always came around and surrounded his car he
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came out we met with him we started chatting with him he was so modest and down to earth and wanted to be directly in touch with people he was like that. seems a very popular person at the beginning we did a few years became very unpopular and that's the question what changed him how did he become that brutal autocratic rule in libya who i think i think believe clearly i mean he especially of a different the loss of he became he is that he is the leader of the arab world and he's entitled to it. he started with of course eliminating his group but i would have the discus thrower the council supreme council of the revolution. and of course he wanted to do something new first of all he cancelled the constitution and this is happened in one thousand nine hundred three not so here and knows the cultural revolution and of course based on the he put so many of the students who
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ever in any direction enter into britain to prison but he did something before that it tried to bring all the intellectuals to libya who ever have an opinion and he wouldn't speak to be able to categorize the who they are and wish the election they are and so one thousand nine hundred three he imprisoned everybody the communists the socialists the islamists and all of them including by the way including one of the hundred he was was one of those whereas a president in seventy three guess what everybody else as a band. they look for and it is a shame i live here so what was the effect the significance of the five political points he declared and you are in one nine hundred seventy three at a time when you were received well he found a dissent growing up dissent inside the r.c.c. dissent in the army and he was not at the time with that grip on it so he went to war and he also as we would all leave power we give it to the people civilly to the
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civilian so he went there and he deceived them so they're all out but he is the leader of the new revolution the popular revolution and then of course to make it sound revolution it took us to jail so do you think he has always had that idea of becoming a dictator or was this a reaction to a threat to his position and power that changed him i think he said there was growing this is no more well look he didn't know more he never had the education or experience to make him a democrat for us i'm not in power. or so i am with democracy i don't know if i'll be in power although i practice democracy now where i live but it will clear terms as a nation thems is that's what's made him really brutal let me complete the idea so he had surplus of money that he never thought of and here he saw politicians from everywhere i saw the head of the liberal party in england came and tell him. you
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are the one who teach us about freedom on libyan t.v. because he was treated well they're using these sorts of things changed him i think i think if you go back to the few years before the coup gaddafi was a very dominant figure with all his companions and colleagues which he gathered around himself to to actually do the to do the coup he was not going to accept criticism he was not going to accept anybody even from the closest of his colleagues who actually did the coup with him to force him to change his mind or policy and anything and i think his his it was in his personality and his in his character almost to be autocratic and to be dominating and he will not give in to other opinions so the precipitations for a dictator were were there in his character and as as things moved on and he started getting challenges not just from his own group adam how was and was adamant
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a military coup attempt in december one thousand nine hundred seventy nine hundred sixty nine story and then the student movement were very expressive against him i remember used to come to terrible university and the students were very vocal very brave telling him look you and your colleagues the army officer you should go back to your barracks we want civilian route so as he had rejections from the students from intellectuals from army officers he started to become very pruett to protect his dominance as his control over power. basically. took a firm grip of the country every aspect of the country's life and i think that there was the first clear sign that gadhafi was heading to be an absolute dictator of libya. despite growing isolation libya continues to pursue policies which are
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a unique mix of strict muslim rules and marxist ideology. gadhafi established the gym area faith of the masses a system of people's committees and the general people's congress this was part of good faith heard the universal theory that he laid out in his green book he himself would claim to have no official role in the gym area but would remain the commander in chief of the armed forces and go by a new title brother leader. i think it was it was tore certain war and successful experience to a certain limit it was not completely independent system from gadaffi is not resident of saudi and above look it there's all about nick and he's not a minister not the prime minister and he is the leader of the revolution which is kind of ongoing a process that never ends it was they looted and subverted and became a way of really and has seeing the mobilization and cramping and
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punishing dissident forces in libyan society. the army was burst their two deals were burst the student union was burst the other independent out sociate in were burst and everything became either you are revolutionary or counter-revolutionary and you could see that the informal institutions the security apparatus the secret police the art of the so-called revolutionary committees began to dominate the formal institutions of the state what gadhafi is actually daring is working very hard today to create a personalized centralized state in which really there are no proper institutions and he is the center of everything. good that he was hollowing out libya's political structures all roads to real power would lead only to him and all dissent brutally repressed. the whole power became his home and that's why he
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start really become a very vicious against anyone who will even voice anything different from his opinion. the mahdi think of that he will be in prison if you're not in prison you will be hanged in the streets. that's where libya have seen probably one of the most vicious hand in term pain scale ever haven't was if you're in the month of ramadan that used to be done just around the hoop and that is t.v. broadcasted and they've handed those young people in their own cities or to show them and also the same time to go and they destroy their homes. while mom will get their fee exercise brute force at home is authority didn't
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extend to wider arab affairs. following the. in one nine hundred seventy gadhafi had seen himself as an apparent to advance spun out of prison but not a success and what he said that had sidelined get their feet during the war with israel and ignored the libyan leader as egypt fed in line with western interests signing a peace treaty with israel. good then few took this as a personal insult and a betrayal of the arab cause. he's a leader with few friends in the area the man who dreamed of uniting the arab world is perhaps discovering that no one shares his vision any more isolated and overlooked the good than a free would turn away from the arab world and find a new cause in an old fight.
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where on line for humanity has been taken out of its goals as if we're talking about numbers on a spreadsheet or if you join us. i guarantee no one else has a back story like yours this is a dialogue and i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice this ferguson that's your comments your questions i'll do my best to bring them into the south join the global conversation. whether someone telling. the truth it's how you approach. it is a certain way of doing. there's the designation state sponsor of terrorism tell us what that designation means is that will slow down. the sudanese foreign minister.
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mohammed ahmed talks to al jazeera. in the lead up to the u.s. midterm elections we will be talking to the american people looking at key issues for voters from immigration to economic struggles to health care system to greece's and women's rights join us throughout of told her for special coverage and analysis the u.s. midterms on all jersey. here in doha with the top stories from al-jazeera turkey's state run news agency says the saudi delegation has now arrived to investigate the disappearance of the journalist. meanwhile france has become the latest country to its voice to those calling for more information on her show g.'s fate peres says any investigation must be both transparent and thorough there are media reports that he has proof she
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was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul a t.v. presenter. dedicated his show on the arab satellite channel to his missing friend she was supposed to be a guest on the show instead it featured his photograph i was horrified because he assured me. when we were in london that there was nothing to be concerned about. he said on friday the he had been to the consulate there is see them very well although they were initially surprised to see him. and promised them if he came back again a few days later they would issue him with the papers he was after. so he felt. it was ok but apparently they are prepared for him detained american pastor at the
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center of a diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and turkey is back in court for a case hearing andrew bunsen is accused of being linked to groups involved in the failed turkish coup in twenty sixteen some charges have since been dropped he's now accused of espionage. pope francis has accepted the resignation of the archbishop of washington cardinal donald wuerl has been accused of knowing about the actions of abusers during his time as the bishop of pittsburgh thirty two priests who worked under him during that time were accused of abuse in a recent grand jury report though he is resigning as archbishop of the u.s. capitol he will stay on as a cardinal. at least thirty people have been killed in a landslide in eastern new ganda close to the border with kenya a river burst its banks on thursday sending modern deborah down a hillside in the district of the government a sense in rescue teams to that area at least eleven people have died after a major hurricane hit the east coast of the united states the day after hurricane michel made landfall many coastal towns are still cut off those are your top
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stories so far up next the big picture then the news out of see that. going to get their feet resented being sidelined in arab affairs now at the beginning of the one nine hundred eighty s. he'd look to the wider world for a new purpose. he became literally a guinness everybody especially in the arab world because he felt that all of them have betrayed the are up close and he is the champion of the articles and alec has not i thought of it in the other. and yet. it is that is a possibility although obviously. i mean the outside of this area is that. it is that. there is so that's why he starts supporting
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a lot of the movements in different parts of the world he was accused of supporting so many different there a civilization or from. irene in the u.k. to gates in italy or monday learned south africa at the time when it was all the good that me and people like him and castro and yes i actually talked about mandela negative was a different and supported him. get their feet might have seen himself as a champion of a global and team period a struggle but for much of the west he was a supporter of worldwide terror. and then in december one thousand nine hundred five similar opinions attacks on airports in rome and vienna claimed the lives of one thousand civilians including five americans. the following year a west berlin nightclub was bombed killing three people two were american servicemen why do some german the president of united states european intelligence
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agencies suggested palestinian groups based in syria where most likely responsible for the attacks for the u.s. however the blame squarely evening please be seated with one man gadhafi is longstanding involvement in terrorism is well documented and there's no reputable evidence of his role in these attacks. good every of course was already huge degree reacted as is a minister as it turns. if you say is a terrorist everybody will agree so it's easy to troy the mud the same in the twin stick and he did deny it didn't say that we are behind it but he didn't deny that idea and began to say this is a war against colonialism and imperialism the leaders of the western world have called you a terrorist about your government is a diverse government reagan is the biggest terrorist in the world this mad dog of the middle east has a goal of
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a world revolution muslim fundamentalist revolution. reagan named them the mad dog of the middle east so. when the same naming him as the mad dog of the international zionism movement. of course it was very. it was the lowest of the law of the global sea. in april one thousand nine hundred eighty six diplomacy between the united states and libya came to a violent end. the day we have done what we had to do. if necessary we should do it again. you know i did states decided to punish him once and for all actually by trying to kill him. they send huge inner planes and bomb locations
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in tripoli and his own house his own as quarters and all in biro office but don't we also have that last specific means that including children including babies. it is a clear and the blunt attempt by the nicest leader of the free world to assassinate somebody because they don't like him could affy was from the arab world and was a suitable person to fight with because after all khadafi had alienated almost everyone. so he was a perfect foil for the regular ministry. get deficit potations as the artist sponsor of terror was to once again make him the prime suspect when one nine hundred eighty eight an american airliner was brought down over the scottish town of lockerbie killing all two hundred fifty nine people on board.
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the evidence for libya's direct involvement in carrying out the local the bombing was less than conclusive but in one thousand nine hundred ninety two pushed by the united states britain and france the united nations placed severe economic and trade sanctions on libya but its alleged involvement. that led to so many assumptions of life if it's so many. kind of pinching sanctions economic sanctions political sanctions even believe twenty tough was was a kind of accusation in itself libyans completely world now enclosed inside their country and they suffered for years because because of his actions. after the look or be bombing this sanctions came in and that's really it's gadhafi hot button i think hit the libyan people heart the duffy was locally affected by the embargo itself it is the libyan people who are there have been affected first
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and with that his grip on power really tightened as he was looking to be an international leader supporting all these different groups around the world well by that time the libyan situation in libya became marginal for him is now part of a big international struggle is fighting against superpowers and he's not also a puppet of the russians easy's are against communism and communists are libya out of prison so now he is a part of international struggle you know the libyans were mazar for him and he got engaged in a. battle that became you know like the snowball against the west and the west was working against him and that affected the libyan population in an egg very negative way because it was more dictatorship more oppression and everybody against me created an enemy he created when he started with you know supporting what he called
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the liberation movements so would you say he was in joined because he was accused of a lot of terrorist attacks in vienna and rome in berlin and he never used to deny any of it if felt that libya was too small for him he wanted a bigger station so he tried with the arab unity uniting the whole as we say from the gulf to the ocean from bahrain to morocco and he failed with that so now he wanted the whole world to be a stage so he started supporting the revolutionary movements all around the world i recall somebody telling me and this is exactly accurate information that in the eighty's there was a camp in libya supervised by something called the international revolutionary metabo this camp had seventeen thousand trainees military trainees from thirty five nationalities where the question is losing including irish was was he. a reason is that the latin america to asia to all over the world
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was he doing that because he believed in it as a revolutionary leader and so on or as mr b. series said he created an enemy he needed the sort of enemy i think both i think he suffered from grandiose illusions that actually could rule the world he could change regimes all over the world and these regimes become the emulate his own model and he will be like the mouse to tongue of them you know. that's one thing the other thing i think he enjoyed this idea that this this this this man of the popular man of the masses all over the world is taken on the in. period list he's taken on the biggest imperialist in the world which is the united states when the terrorist attack and berlin happened rather reagan called the mad dog of the middle east so did the west needs someone like a daffy. to be an international villain as well was what was in it for the west i think they want to make an example of gadhafi in the region that if you go beyond
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your limits that it clearly wouldn't come and attack you in new york in your place so i think that the fifth course that i think personally i think he is the one who created this for himself because he thought that he has become a real big player in the world stage and of course he does not have he does have that power or the or or what will allow him to do such a thing there and i would like to add to this why did libya came up and the agenda of the americans nine hundred seventy nine one thousand eight. i was part of the libyan opposition and i had a meeting with. foreign agency american for ages and see you know it was imposed on me and they said we would like to help you at the time when reagan won the election i can tell you at the time the war between iraq and iran hiten and iran threatened to stop all the oil supplies from the gulf libya for the united states
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and for europe is an oil well to kill entity it's a supplier when the supply from the gulf is under heat libya becomes important for the united states they want to topple him go to another regime that would bring libya back to good relation and higher order production and better relations is the same thing now it was convenient for the american foreign policy to find a maverick like gadhafi and pick him as an enemy and put all display more international terrorism and all the mischief is around the world on him and i recall after the lockerbie nine hundred eighty eight and we all know now with outside that lockerbie wasn't just libya component there was iran involved there was a group based in syria involved and if you have to be a bad boys you become fight with the weakest one and this in this case it was good
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a few because at that time it was not convenient to pick a fight with iran and it was not convenient to become fight with syria so that says gaddafi played that role for conveniently played that role for the west especially america. def eventually handed over the two libyan officials suspected of carrying out the look of the bombing but the sanctions remained and fueled increasing dissent against the regime. one denies ation the libyan islamic fighting group formed by major he didn't return and. from afghanistan in the early one nine hundred ninety s. plotted to kill libya's leader and replace the gym area with an islamic state. it failed. crushed by good deficit curity forces many of his members mostly hailing from the biggest eastern region where locked up without trial in a squalid conditions in a brazilian prison in tripoli. in june one nine hundred ninety six after
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being denied access to their families and to lawyers and mistreated by guards protested some revolted some escaped. in the chaos an estimated one thousand two hundred seventy prisoners were allegedly shot dead by prison guards and the orders from gadhafi is intelligence chief. though the facts of the incident remain contested it became one of the most notorious episodes of the good definite era. that was one of the ugliest massacres most brutal massacres under the regime. and i think in the long term the time to do regime twelve hundred and seventy but isn't that skilled they have twelve hundred or seventy families many of them were from benghazi. the families of those killed in abu salim prison in one thousand into six started to voice their the months. those demands fell on deaf ears.
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the fallout from the alleged massacre that was in prison was part of a growing discontent simmering in libya. but could def in you it was his troubles with the west not least the u.n. sanctions which threaten his authority at home. but then in two thousand and three the us invaded iraq and changed the course of libya's future. real change in course happened just after the death of saddam hussein's son and mosul are they. were killed by the american special forces. that f. is wife at the time she told them you know if it's you you are free to do whatever you want i don't want this to happen to my kids. the logic of this so-called
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war on terror led by the united states meant that the man labeled a terrorist could now be a friend of the west libya has begun the process of rejoining the community of nations. and colonel gadhafi knows the way forward. gadhafi had been warning western powers for years about these dangerous islamist terrorists and the problems of islamist terrorists and complain that nobody ever listened to him and suddenly the world work up to the danger and the enormity of the problem and suddenly would be useful to have an ally in tripoli. get deaf you would renos his support for illicit groups worldwide give up his nascent nuclear weapons program and pay compensation to the families of those killed in attacks for which libya would take responsibility. he would also introduce a limited program of reforms led by his son safely islam including the eventual
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release of some of the political prisoners held that it was still in prison. with that all sanctions were to be lifted the israeli. libya was now back in the international fold. all of a sudden what reagan called the mad dog this this but this sponsor of terrorism all over the world this supposedly developer of little weapons became a good guy that governments like the british government and the american government could do business with. leading the way to do business in tripoli was british prime minister tony blair blair's visit in two thousand and four accompanied by representatives of u.k. industry culminated in the so-called deal in the desert that included an exploration agreement for anglo dutch it royal dutch shell worth more than six
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hundred million dollars like libya's rehabilitation was revealing this truth the west top brass looking after his own bottom line reaching out the hand. today. we do not forget the past. but we do try in the light of the genuine changes happening to move beyond that. one after another western leaders went to libya offering the hand of friendship multi-million dollar business deals and the kind of legitimacy mommer get their free had long forgotten from u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice to newly elected french president nicolas sarkozy tripoli welcomed the west and the west jump then. get that he went almost hundred eighty degrees in his relations with america bill really out of the fear of what the united states could do to him it was very dispersed time to have a good relation with united states and i think that what happened after that is source
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of them coming out from that hole in the ground i think a message very clear came to him from the red states this is what's going to happen to you a list you do this and this because they want a political victory for them and the condition there that you give up your nuclear program we started listening from cheney people and we used in order that let's start something called the a constructive engagement with libya and they said one condition that he gets rid of the worse a weapon of mass destruction not because he's going to use it but because they might. go to a terrorist group and then we saw can do lisa rice visit in tripoli we saw a lot of world leaders like berlusconi like so cozy. yet it's started looking great formed and i think tony blair and george w. bush and i remember this very well it was very convenient for them because of their failure in iraq because of the big lie that saddam had w m d's what did tony blair
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come out to say say look although we did not find them in iraq but actually we found them in libya and we managed to get rid of them in libya without a war so yeah so to lurkers and to promote that as a success story and it was very convenient for both for gadhafi to remain in power and to to be you had billy tatum and for tony blair and. george w. bush to actually show some sort of a success against the background of their failure in iraq. we saw a stream of western companies coming back to the view including british as well as american oil companies martin. who lives in very rich before you came back child came back. and then they take him to going to external of allowing him to visit with him and he was there in france and paris would circassian signing
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the agreement with. the military company using the oil companies and all of that so no plea definitely to buy himself with the will to fully deal with the truth to be accepted in the west. but this gadhafi was getting closer to the west he was alienating himself from the arab world the rest of the army a lot of sobs are doing well. now. and then. now this and i bother that. he has a clash with king abdullah of saudi and what he's trying to imply that he's just above out of the americans there was also a bad chemistry between him and prince how much of. there was real bad chemistry. there never felt comfortable with him.
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why did duffy burn bridges already charred across the region he continued to build bridges reaching out to sub-saharan africa. in two thousand and nine mama to get their feet was elected chairman of the a fricken union he mediately vowed to pursue his vision of pan african unity including a unified african army and the single african currency all part for united states of africa later that same year get their female his first ever visit to the united states of america and took the stage at his maiden united nations general assembly a millennium of just eleven about me yes. yes yes yes other than i did they. don't. know some as. well as.
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far from having been rehabilitated the man called the mad dog of the middle east by a us president was showing his true colors and baring his teeth at those who believed they'd brought him to heel. they were trying to rehabilitate him and the international community but if you see his speech in front of the arabic summit and also in the. in the u n it seemed like he didn't change when he called the security council the council of terror but he came to the united nations i think that's what he. destroy all of the hope that those countries they had in this show the so the real gadhafi that he is a person he thinks that he is above the united nations is above the world and he is a person who can't really dictate how this world would work and i think that was the point was they clearly this guy is no hope in him and of course there is no
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hope at least for the libyan people we knew that for forty years this is what this person has done he has no interest in it but to be the dictator to be the a thirty year old regime that he has created a lie i remember when he came to new york before coming they did the client the visas for some of his delegation and when he came there they treated him bad the white house treated them bad even for the dinners that president obama called for he was not invited and he tried to challenge obama but doing a dinner for african leaders and of course nobody showed up to his dinner you know so the i asked one of his assists in a live i won't say his name and he told me well it was fear told me gadhafi took a talk talk out of fear it was almost impossible for gadhafi to change he's still branding america as imperialist and the biggest enemy of the world and at the same time is were can with the cia helping them in their anti terrorist war i think that
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he was never going to change because if each if he changed that means he would finish. he set up the financial and economic is with us which is to the west as like well but even in his heart he never actually trusted the money never believed in anything. by two thousand and eleven the people that he did ruled with an iron fist for forty two years were showing dead distrust of their brother leader standing guard for what they did believe in and the gains the injustices of the gadhafi regime. we started to see small scale protests eruptions of public discontent so there was a slight sort of shift and i rang up. but really by twenty and i haven't had expectations from real change i had been dashed and people and realize that there
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was no real change coming. change was to come. dictators were to fall in tunisia and egypt. leaving get their feet supposed to resistible winds sweeping through north africa and. libya was in because of a seismic up evil. one that would bring calm ahmed and get their fees ruled and lived to a grisly end. seven years after moammar gadhafi is controversial rain came to a violent end libya is frozen in time. competing forces each running for power and influence continue to disrupt a broken state that time forgot. in the second of a two part series the big picture asks who is to blame. the lust for libya
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on al-jazeera. from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil tis of southeast asia. while the rains assure themselves that throughout south america the satellite picture is a good spell of cloud thickening through buenos aires has been significant rain near rio and more is showing itself in bolivia and increasingly in paraguay now i think we'll see the development just south of progress through southern europe northern argentina and southern brazil all together this general area in the next day or so good part internal parts of brazil is looking dry but he look to the west
9:47 pm
the pacific coast look a lot wetter i mean it's possible we'll see some rain in lima a pretty rare event i must admit is certainly that is the right time of the year to see that sort of thing now i know for constant those have some big showers in colombia been a massive cloud to the greater antilles cuber in jamaica sherif to haiti in particular but there's more white talk cloud now running through costa rica into was panama but i think that's was where we'll see the heaviest rain now has been creeping southward to sun so now we'll take it into panama as the heaviest rain for the next essay would include jamaica cuba and haiti. the remains of michael are still visible in this cloud they're off shore now and it's stopped raining in all these states so weather wise it's a better position but you know what's on the ground the weather sponsored by cattle and weighs. more than seven decades ago a country was split into really big but did anything and now at the time combine
9:48 pm
when shouted enough thank you all it took was a pan a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled it's seven two hundred have been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. this is al jazeera. peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes reports surface that say turkey has proof the journalist jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate. the turkish
9:49 pm
prosecutor recommends the release of an american pastor from house arrest following allegations he was involved in the twenty sixteen failed coup. villages flattened and dozens dead in uganda after rain triggers a major landslide. and with all the sports hussein bold kick start sees football career with a goal for the central coast mariners for the details later in the program. let's get going a survey delegation has now arrived in the turkish capital ankara to look into the disappearance of the u.s. based journalist jamal shoji he was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second reports say there is proof he was killed inside
9:50 pm
france has become the latest country to demand more information on his fate the government in paris says a transparent and thorough investigation is required in the meantime business leaders are cutting links with saudi arabia over the disappearance of the c.e.o. has pulled out of a major investment conference shuttle to the jet in a few weeks that's despite the saudi sovereign wealth fund. being a major investor in the company shortly we'll cross live to our white house correspondent kimberly who's standing by for us here on the news but let's get the latest from stephanie who's saw it consulate building in istanbul there have been comings and goings do we know who the people well we've seen the most movement that we've seen in the last week really a bunch of black mercedes not diplomatic cars with normal turkish numberplates arriving here about an hour ago we counted probably around fifteen men some people
9:51 pm
we spoke to will said that two of them they recognized the security forces as security workers for me and graeme to see that we can confirm that it seems it may have been a sort of a first team ahead of that delegation you were talking about that came from saudi arabia that are currently in ankara but again that's speculation what is what is real is that there is a lot of activity here in preparation of course is these are serious allegations serious information coming out particularly overnight i think explosive information that the turks have or geo and video recordings of what exactly happened inside that building what exactly happened to the saudi journalist and this is some of those details. they are explosive allegations the washington post quotes turkish and u.s. officials confirming that turkey has or geo and video recordings that prove he was killed inside the saudi consulate you can hear his voice and the voices of men
9:52 pm
speaking arabic an anonymous source tells the paper you can hear how he was interrogated tortured and then murdered another source says men could be heard beating. this is a crime the reason it is a crime that it is during one of his appearance is not going to happen and that killing. so many of them and one of his appearance and if you if it's true that he was assassinated inside him to see and they would also be responsible for extradition. so there is a possibility it's clear to the kingdom of saudi arabia it is for them to review his fate his were awesome this time saudi arabia has remained silent since its initial statement left the consulate shortly after he arrived and that the accusations of murder are a basis for revelations that turkey has video evidence of what is alleged to have happened is ramping up pressure on the kingdom if true it would explain why turkey was so quick to conclude that he was killed inside that consulate but it also
9:53 pm
raises questions as to how turkey had access to what exactly went on inside the diplomatic mission congress been using turkish and foreign media to get its message out feeding through a steady stream of leaks of what appears to have been an unprecedented sequence of events of a well known and well connected saudi journalist who returned to the consulate to finalize paperwork in order to get married never to reemerge and i was horrified because he assured me. when we were in london that there was nothing to be concerned about. he said that on friday he had been to the consulate there to see them very well although they were initially surprised to see him. promised them if he came back again a few days later they would issue him with the papers he was after. so he felt.
9:54 pm
it was ok but apparently they are prepared for him on thursday night turkeys presidential spokesman said they had agreed to set up a joint working group at the request of the saudis to investigate the disappearance of mr. saudi delegation has arrived in turkey on friday for that purpose turkey's been waiting to search the consulate and also the home of the saudi consul general they need the saudis permission to do so but it seems if the latest reports are true that the turks already know exactly what happened. and stephanie if this ends up being a close up for renzi conversed a geisha and they want to get into the consul general's office as well which is just a few hundred metres from where you're standing right now and also there's this report saying that they want to find. cheese paul walsh because that would have been sitting up with his phone because there's no easy way to say this is an apple watch
9:55 pm
all the phone will then be able to tell somebody who's looking at it when his heart stopped beating because it's a heart rate monitor as well. yes if you set that up definitely i mean they do want to access the consulate they want to access that the home of the consul general because when they tracked those diplomatic vehicles that left this area they drove just a couple of hundred meters down to the home of the consul general are remained there for some time so the turks investigators are very keen to get into both of those buildings but of course they need saudi permission to do that so we're going to be watching now whether because there is this saudi delegation as part of this joint working group whether they're going to allow that to happen and yes of course a lot of questions being asked to hallow turkey has access to or dio and video one of the theories out there is this story about his apple watch because he left his phone with his fiance because in many of these consulates and diplomatic missions you do have to leave your phone outside at the security gate so there is possible
9:56 pm
g.p.s. tracking and all those kinds of details this is all part of the investigation but at the moment certainly they have been able to get into those buildings it's been quite some time it's been ten days now and was as we've seen there's a lot of movement inside and out so if you're talking about any crime scene i think we need to question what can be found at this stage but i think we're guard less if the turks and they seem very very certain about the information they have peter if they have or joe and video that i think they're ready know exactly what happened ok for the moment thank you very much ok let's move now to the backlash against the arabia. and occasions a number of companies all stopping plans with the saudi government to appeal to state sponsored conference called the future investment initiative here's just some of them new york times journalists on twitter saying they're canceling their involvement moderating discussions at the conference the founder of the virgin group richard branson says if proved to be true it would be difficult for the west
9:57 pm
to do business with the saudi government he suspending two tourism projects he has on the go with the kingdom and discussions about investment in his space companies . the co-founder of a.o.l. and chairman of case foundation steve case tweeting that he's putting plans on hold to speak at the conference no one person however who is going to the conference is the u.s. treasury secretary steven you can president will trump has appeared reluctant to take punitive measures against saudi arabia despite pressure from both parties saudi arabia and turkey he's opposing halting a multi-billion dollar homes deal with three out we are concerned about what is the status of mr bush and although i haven't had direct conversations with the saudis i know other people within the executive branch have in those discussions are underway i am planning on going away at this point if more information comes out in changes. we could look at that but i am planning on going. white house
9:58 pm
correspondent kimberly helka joining us from washington so kimberly the symbolism there pretty clear on the one hand we've got the magnitsky act which has now been enacted they've got one hundred twenty days to begin to do something and yet mr trump's one of mr trump's main guys is going to go to that conference. yeah that legislation you're talking about an outlaw of course the magnitsky act is essentially human rights legislation here in the united states that pressures the white house through congress to actually issue a report to congress what happened to the missing journalist and compelling them to if it is a grievous and complies of this law then to issue tough financial sanctions at the highest levels of the saudi government so bad is what the groundswell is on capitol hill but it certainly contrast to those comments we just heard from the treasury secretary steve minutiae who is attending the conference that we have been
9:59 pm
discussing but so many others not attending the latest just to add to that long list peter that you were reading out the world bank president jim yong kim not attending the saudi investment conference scheduled for october twenty third add to that list c n b c the broadcaster where the treasury secretary was appearing that we heard from just a moment ago and the list is going on and on in terms of the economist the financial times with each hour it appears there is a new person pulling back or a new organization pulling back from their financial relationship but right now at least with the saudi government what is important to note in all of this is something else that was said in steve interview there that you played a clip which he expounded on that one of the other points he made is that you remember when donald trump went for his first foreign trip to riyadh in may of twenty seventeen they set up a terrorist financing center the treasury secretary said in that interview that he
10:00 pm
sees saudi arabia as a triffitt partner for combating terror finance that they've been very effective in combating terror but many people taking those comments as somewhat ironic given the accusations that saudi arabia is now facing we are getting these reports kimberly of a three way investigation u.s. investigators working with people from riyadh working with people from do we know as far as the u.s. is concerned i guess the cia useless state department how that will play out. yeah we're getting little bits and pieces you have to read in between the lines often from these public statements coming out of the state department coming from the treasury secretary moments ago when he gave that interview he said it looks like there could be some information next week add to that the president when he spoke from the oval office yesterday saying that you know there are waiting information there will be a report out soon add to that the secretary.


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